Gay bottoms

ATTENTION ALL GAY BOTTOMS! Stop doing these things...

ATTENTION ALL GAY BOTTOMS! Stop doing these things...6 Dec. 2020
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Attention all gay

Attention all gay bottoms! It's time to stop doing these things so you can become an even better bottom. In the gay world we know bottoming can be tough, so I made this video to help you understand how to enjoy bottoming more and how to be a better bottom. There are things that bottoms don't do which they should, and things that they should stop doing all together. This video discusses gay male grooming, gay relationships, gay tips and tricks, gay bottoming advice and more! Remember to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel for more videos and leave this video a BIG THUMBS UP, thankyou!


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Comments (20)
Joseph Crosby

Love the advice. It's great for guys like me just starting out
Keep up the good work and thanks

Mohammed Nafee

Thank you for these advices. You are my type ???

billy carroll

Firstly thank you for your work ! May I ask if anyone ‘s lucky enough to service your banana more over your Peach ! If ever in Palm Bch love to treat for lunch or dinner ! Billy

Jose Ferreira


Avi Datta

And bottom but 17

Michael James

You're free to feel however you want in this life, but just like you're free to feel however you want, I'm free feel however I want. I don't hate gay people. I just think that if everybody were gay, we as a civilization would cease to exist. It's for that reason, I feel it's wrong.


Thanks for the advice

Chris Cavender

Great video as usual. I’ve learned a lot.

Jose Ferreira


Stephen Brenland


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taegi lover

Does this work for girl bottoms too??

Davide Frison

Hi, thanks for all your videos. Please can you make one where you explain how to grooming. The products, how you shave ecc.
Thanks a lot???

Freddy Hoyt

Thank you for the information I love your videos cutie

Avi Datta

I don’t eat bad at all have some treats but like I commented on one of the videos , I’m a pro bodybuilder

Charles Wright

Thank you for all the advice I'm going to try all that when my boyfriend comes and sees me

Jose Ferreira

Bom ???

d- manz

I don't know why I keep watching these videos, I'm not even sure if I'm straight, bi, or even gay

Steven Williams

Hey there, I'm from California 40 yrs old single gay,, you?????,.

John Moon

I love your tips especially riding that top into town because riding a guy is my all time favorite position I can c*m hands free that way. But I already knew all your tips but thanks for emphasizing for sure I ain’t no lazy bottom lol

Mario M

Thank you,Stephen.Great topic!!!Love from Brazil.


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Comments (100)
Elle Blue

Can't relate ? still virgin

Lil Jesus

Zac efron, hemsworths, jonas brothers, supernatural guys, Stephen and Robbie smell, michael ealy, drake, M&M, Machine Gun Kelly, Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pit, Matt Damon, Channing Tatum.... to name a few

Andrew Unknown

I'm bottom and top depends on my partner's


Team vers ??

Mimi Mafora

Hakuna mathata?
FYI:this is how it's actually written, I'm South African??? it's two languages in one phrase, believe me I'm not happy about that?

Alexandre Eymael

I Mike it`

Crimpson Star


Broken Beta

Would be team vs technically be team Switch?

Suresh Samaroo

I’m bottom




As a vers i have the personality of a top and a bottom. Its complicated ??

Kiri Sunshine

I used to be a top.. but now I am the most bottom I can ever be. Even though all of my friends say I have the bde in my relationship ;-;

Me Myself

Team verse

futurevvaves :

I love how a fisting joke came up for a split second.

Gavin Schubert

Team bottom

Sean Hunter

Bottom, but I have rarely done it. Because I don't really get out much! Just being honest!

Simon Xue

If all tops are this camp, I will start dating butch women.


Team bottom

Ashis Roy

well am basically from Calcutta West Bengal man things here are so segregated bots will only hangout with bots and do bitching and stuff and top will only hangout with tops do drinking and talk nasty about bots .... geneder roles playes a very vital roles in gay relationships in conservative india one have to the feminine one and another the masculine..... but really bots bitch a lot they got all tge range of gossips about who sleeping with who who is a gold digger who cheated on who who is a slut,
and man bot years and top years are very different ... a bot is considered to be almost 35-40 when he actually is 25 so the prine age for bots probably 18-21/22 and for tops its like if you can maintain yourself you can put it up till 50 ... and there is a concept of sisterhood among bottoms although we know all are bitches whould stb each other for the right dick. Sisters often meet up call some straight or top strippers have some breezer and call it a ?

Anthony Cano

Teamverse its all about the love

XxisaiahXx 300


Hardcore YaoiBoys

I see Dion, i click

david layman

Damn Matthew, no make up or shiny hair. YOU ARE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jake Hunziker

theo james is my daddy thoooooo


I found this on my recommendations and.. It's very cringy.. I don't like gay people

core is awesome


big husky

I'm a bottom not a top lol

Nathan Mcneal

Team bottom
Spread the love, like I spread my... Well... You know

Abdelkader Elbachir

I am a masculin verse with a lot of body hair my dick is not that big but you know I got some moves ?


Team top

Alaskan Tea

Omg, I can't believe Dion is in this video XD


i think im bottom

Thulani Thamane

All of those guys are soo NOT top. They could be just vers

Ye Ye

"Something I like to call the chocolate swirl and were not getting into it"


Lucy Buchanan Barnes

Hakuna Matata top

Elle Blue

Can't relate ? still virgin

Commie Pesticide

1:50, I can relate?

Avocado Animations

I’m sad because the San Francisco pride parade is tomorrow and i can’t go

John Lammi

min :40.."tops or bottoms in the gay community"............. How about tops and bottoms outside of the "gay community"?


Verse toppp

drink my soup bitch

2:20 I'm dead ass laughing

lucas tran

i’m a vegetarian bottom and i don’t regret it

Aljohn Estrella


Subramaniam Mahendthiran

Top but I, certainly do not act like this::))

Tyler Scott



Good video

snipsnap the Best

Y'all gay

Julie Berry

I’m verse I enjoy everything and a few years older than me like around 20-21 but 19

Zarin Bellberg

I'm vergin bottom☺

Volt1c ghost

YOUR MOTHER??????????

nailsandcrafts _

I'm a gay as bottom

l u c I f e r

I'm a top...BUT IS A know being a top is not about going "it" its how you transgender self...stuygvfcg HDfgvdrh

agee isbell

Team verse!

Tyson 007

I'm bottom and top when your fucked every day what's the difference

omer frnd Omers

Top only


hakuna matata damn how'd you know

Kara Frantz



never had sex though offisly

Gay God

Im team verse ???☺????

gabriel silva

Lmao these guys need an upgrade

just leave

Imagine being a top-

Stalin's Moustache

He said Jesus


I can't imagine myself ever dating anyone who would deem themselves 100% one thing or the other. There is no benefit to seeking out a limited relationship.



Passa Tempo

where are all the top men?

K Adventures

I’m a bi girl

Kyle’s Jeep Adventures

Team Top

Graciela Reitz

My Emilly My Lions Park My Daggo

Arie Bilyeu

Um I'm 12 but I want to know everything


"yo motha"

Adrian j. Bueno

Team Bottom all the way

Nikki Notes

This dude lookin hot

Michael Schultz

I'm bottom but some tops are to lame

Maria Beasley

Im always the top because I have a long slong and I also have extreme dominance issues cause of some stuff that happened when I was a kid but hey love is love ????❤️

Trace Ford

I'd bottom for Idris Elba and there are definitely more bottoms than tops.

John Lammi

why are those who are being interviews so unintelligent and shallow?

DanKing12 The GaMer

Guys what's a top

Robert Petsch


Young but Retro

Nobody mentioned John Barrowman. Im usually a top but id let him do me

Joel Wolff

Team switch? X3

At this moment

this is so weird!


pp jolai and zima thank you fore coming
why are you gay

CarlosOmar Araya

My theory why there are so many more bottoms than tops is that in our subconscious we are attractive to be under a dominant situation. Man who like masculine want to be dominate, otherwise you will be attractive to a women

Ismael Reyes

#Bottom ???

Stephen Vogt


Whidi Syaputra

I bottom definitely just for michael fassbender. Have you seen him on Shame? I mean...
And also be vers for matthew goode, matthew boomer, and Tom Hiddlestone.
For Hemsworth brother, common, i'll top all of them, Duh~?

Ralphael Reynolds

Theirs alot bottoms

Eric Rollins

Team bottom


Imma top, or both, cause I don't like to bottom very much because I like dominating XD

Aayushi Bajpai


Gif Gif

Team Verse

Lee Hansen

I need topping badly

fxbdcdd orsmth

I'm a bottom and I'm reconcidering it 'cause this tops seem gayer than me ?



Carter Noonan

Top. My boyfriend is both.

Dylan Koiv

More bottoms in the gay community, definitely

Kanha Soni

I'm top sex ke liy Kewal cg


Bottom teen boy over here

Jack Schissler

I’m a BTM. I cannot top, I don’t stay hard enough to top so I BTM and I’m OK with that.

Bannedfrom Youtube

Cowboy sounds better than bottom to me

The Gay Tops and Bottoms of Youtube.. (tea)

The Gay Tops and Bottoms of Youtube.. (tea)3 Jan. 2019
15 496
DanDTVSubscribe 438 721

The Gay Tops and Bottoms

The Gay Tops and Bottoms of Youtube.. (tea) We decide which you tubers we think are tops and which we think are bottoms... We just want to give our thoughts on what we believe happens behind closed doors with some of these you tubers aka: Jeffree Star, James Charles, Troye Sivan, Manny MUA, Shane Dawson, Todrick Hall,Rhodes Bros,Joey Graceffa, Tyler Oakley, Daveywavey and more! Do not forget to subscribe And follow us on Instagram!


Hansy's insta -

Comments (42)
Iván Solis

Your Katya's T-shirt... TOP <3

I don’t like my Opinions either

Okay Im shook and it’s literally only 10 seconds into the video

Tezzy Young

I think you should all have a giant orgy and then we'll see.. Oh, but make sure Jeffrey is on the door!!!



김 석진

Interesting hahah


This was hot, lol.

Jarren Lumpkin


Marko Simić

90% of gays are bottoms imo

sand hanitizer

5:20 lmao



Lance Norton

Iam a bottom ,which I love but I can be a top,and looking for someone to in my life



Tommy Crawford

Davey definitely is sexually fluid. And what I mean is.. I'm sure he's had a lot of sexual fluids in him. Nasty!

Danie Calles

I'm subscribing

Kari Lari

They’re all bottoms


Todrick is hung af. Don’t ask me how I know. He moves like a top but I’m convinced he’s a bottom. Again, don’t ask me why I know. Lol

Friend of Dorothy Zbornak

They're all bottoms!!!


People who only bottom or top lose a lot.


You should do this but with the Ru girls lol

Eata Peeta

Manny is a bottom, he’s said so on videos with Jeffree. Jeffree can be verse (he’s even been with women), but Nathan is a top, so by default Jeffree’s currently a bottom. James is a bottom and finds the idea of topping repulsive. Troye sings about bottoming so he’s a bottom. Shane is a top. Tom might be into bottoming but his husband is a total ? bottom, so if Tom bottoms, it’s not at home.

As far as Joey and Tyler, I always assumed they were bottoms. But I don’t know anything about them, so that opinion is all allegedly, my conspiracy. ?

Andres Ortiz

I think danD is vers and hansy a top just guessing am i right?

protector ofmypeace

Glad I came across u guys channel after this video I had to hit the subscribe

Felipe Sambugaro


aljon ynion

how bout you two.. what do you do behind close doors.. ?

Ivanna I .

The YouTube community needs to know whose living the lavish top lifestyle.

Chelsey North

Personally I think Tyler is a top, Troye is a bottom, Tom Daily is a bottom and Shane Dawson is a top


I think you are both bottoms who use those double dildos or invite some friends for fun.
3:35 Isn't Troy Sivan a child?
4:40 Gurl, no - he is a power bottom. A snowflake like him would never.
5:30 Ryland is a little baby? Ew, he looks older than Shane - if not for Shane's bottom problems I can easily see him topping Shane.
6:00 Also ew. He looks like akward teenager, but like in his 30s.
6:30 He also is a child, also he doesn't feck to my knowledge, even if he probably is a bottom-vibing.
7:00 He is actually a top.
8:15 He is vers.
9:50 He is a worse power bottom whore than Joey Graceffa probably.
11:40 He is vers I think or at least bottom, because he is a messy one.


But were we right..?

Mitchell Conner

James Charles is a power bottom 100%

mercy omo Godfrey

And what Abt u guys....I think both of you are bottoms and verss

Violet Fluid

lol troye is a prissy bottom, he is just salty about it. his bf is a softie so he lets him top sometimes but we all know the tea

Abby Gillman

fun psa but troye is actually a top !! :D don’t judge a book by its cover


Discount Jeffrey star


I really would like to see all youtubers you mentioned here commenting if u are right or not ????

Liam Brant

You two are sooooooooooo ADORABLE OMG ???? I can’t!!

Richrd Ruvalcaba

Tbh I feel like jeffree is verse

El Niño



Hansy is all bottom and DanD is vers/top? Did I guess right?!?


This video is dirty and inappropriate. AND I NEED MORE OF IT!! ?


Top and btm are simply preferences... I think at some point a gay men will feel the urge to do both but have gone through enough to know what they like more and either do that specific thing more or stop doing it all together... hence All Gay Men Are Versatile

Dorama Oficial

ijaskbdnasduikbhas I love this video

riem higazi

I know this is meant to be fun but if the sexual preferences of women were discussed like this, it would be considered gross and misogynistic. I heart you two but this is yuck.