How does a man feel when he is in love

The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight

The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight25 Sep. 2014
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Blue Man Group - I Feel Love

Blue Man Group - I Feel Love17 Feb. 2008
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Blue Man Group - I Feel

Blue Man Group - I Feel Love

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костя фаткин

Офигительное шоу

Jaii Bon

Does anyone know the name of the singer?


She's adorable! This is ace!

Rézina ch.


lord Celtic frost

She is the definition of "happy to be here"



Van Allen

When I saw this for the first time live on stage there's only one word I can think it's "spectacularly electrifying"...... I feel love.....


Pure fuckin entertainment!!! I watch this oftern and it makes me have cold chills every time.

Sean K

Man the first time Annette hits the chorus I'm still blown away every time. Such power.

Håkan Nilsson

I like blue and Tits and this, Amazing Song. Perfect. Thank YOU, All.

Erik Waterson

And it's sad how no one remembers that this is a cover of a Donna Summer track.

Tom Rankin


Taras Kornienko


D Mack

Annette is just fantastic... venus hum are very much under appreciated.

daniel florin Condurache

what is that song they are doing before she comes to stage? familiar but cant place it


This should seriously be recreated in a future Mad Max movie.

Дорожите Временем

прэлестно !

Samuel Cruz

He visto este vídeo unas 10 vezes y no me canso . Dona Somers


Man, that stage is so alive it could get up and walk away.


....No Comments..............

Rick Brasseaux

6:47 I've listened to this few seconds repeatedly over the years. Very few musical moments that come anywhere close to her epic vocal talent. The drum slam is an added bonus.

Kelvin Ramos

A cute girl made me remember this song. Thanks

Angad Singh basu

Back when corona don't ruin shit

RockCat Moe

Does anyone know what song it is supposed to be at 1:02?

phoenix blackburn

Is 1:09 an actaul song cause if so what is the name

Gedas As

1:04, which song ?

Calm Kenny

Good to come back to this once in a while.

Carlos Gerez

Saludos desde Argentina

Shan Timothy

How can anyone not fall in love with the singer?


Début pattern Whip it de DEVO

Stephen St. Hill

When I first heard this I was awestruck by Jimmy Somerville's voice. Watching this version has made me pause and appreciate the music in the background.
This rendition is brilliant. While Jimmy is still my favorite vocal, Annette does not disappoint. Everyone is having an absolute ball.
What credit to the plumber! Art and engineering comming together. Who wouldn't love to have a go.

Kristen Tomaino

Man! What a performance! I wish I was there for that one! If I was, I would've been out of my seat for sure!

Tony Losinski

Wow I must have seen this a hundred times it just gets better, long may Donnas music live on

G.P. D.

Those dimples!

Joseph DeLuca

With glasses she resembles Lisa Loeb.

Donald Banks

I like their reaction to the audience.

Joe Tursi

This is the craziest, most fun filles 8 minutes!!

Mai 0808

Amazing!! Must see them!!

Cute pilot Annie


Jim Sutherland

Holy flying drum strikes, Batman!! 6:55


I Feel Love actually starts at 2:39

Joseph DeLuca

Saw them live in '07. Best damn show I ever saw.


I can't for the life of me remember the title of the second song they played.

Человек Из Кемерово

Help me please . Нужны средства ?. Много денег . Мир стал на колени .

Stalker 513

Це дуже круто

Robert Ivain

Annette Strean from Venus Hum rocks it, but the beaming smiles and bouncy attitude it is obvious that she also groks it, totally in with the overall concept and great vibe. Her smile and vibe should be prescribed for depression. The backup band is totally off the hook electrified, they have totally bought into the concept and are clearly enjoying themselves and projecting energy. The two guys looking over their equipment totally made themselves part of the act. Annette's energy is infectious, she projects that this is the most fun possible to be had and shares and projects that joy. I always enjoyed the innocent attitude of the Blue Man Group and their gentle often self effacing humour. Even the playful way they squabble with each other is great fun and is not mean spirited. They heal the soul.

Boy Thee

kind of like a trent reznor take on that song. really wild and driving and fun.

john lewis

What an amazing voice she has

Alan Willey



Still excellent in Sept 2020

Klayton Von Kluge



About the group Venus Hum: the name comes from the rare heart condition, known as Venous hum, which Tony Miracle was diagnosed with. The condition results in him perpetually hearing his own heartbeat in his ears. While a venous hum may provoke consultation with a health care professional it is entirely harmless.

Mark Keywood

Pure energetic class

sand blastskin

Annette Strean makes me smile! She is amazing!!

Donald Banks

They're geniuses,who else would have thought about using PVC pipes to make music ??.

DiZ agro

What plays in 1:55 , my mind is blowing, whats the name of song. Help

John Tiggleman

I've seen BMG twice in my life...I need to see them again...hopefully, they will tour again once this overblown reaction to a frigging virus is over.

Erik Truchinskas

I always wonder if during shows anyone on stage ever seizes up when the strobe lights start


wonder what Giorgio Moroder thinks of this?


Edward Van Halen signature jump at 5:05.
Now I'm off to listen to Fair Warning

Dat Tran

What is the opening track's name?

Donald Banks

They're the originals, all the others are just bad imatations.

Oleg Shyshkov

damn, what a crasy band of drummers!!!

Sheen Thisma

When I saw them perform the beginning skit in the video live I yelled out “Play Freebird!” as a joke. The guitarist started up the guitar intro while one of the Blue Men lit up a lighter in response. Another one of the Blue Men responded very quickly by putting out the fire with a real fire extinguisher. Good times.

ᛞᛖᚨᚦ ᛏᛟ ᚲᚺᛁᚾᚨ

She reminds me a bit of that twitch deer guy.. Except this one is lovely

Donald Banks

I would love to see them in person at a concert, I wonder if they would ever come to Memphis.

Rézina ch.

Jste fakt nej nejkrásnější na světě!!!

Daniel Puckett

Who was the the guy that did the rock an roll horns in the audience at 1:09


Seen the show live and it is a great experience. High energy from start to finish.

Indred Kold-Fusion

This song is, was and forever will be Donna Summers!!

jim w

Hi, better when played loud

John Hodge

Donna Summer would be proud.

Dennis Hofmann

Whats the 1:52 one?

High Plains Drifter

Venus Hum Yum Yum


When I first heard/saw this show, I was young and dumb. I wanted more Blue Men and missed that they're the ultimate band to have behind you

SuZet Rides an Andalusian

If you get the chance to see them live, do it. You'll have a lasting memory of joy!


What’s the second song they start to play, the one after “Whip It” by Devo at the beginning...? It seems familiar but I just can’t drag the name up out of my memory.


What can I say.........F"cking awsome........

Ivan Ruffini

Donna Summer smiles from heaven.

митя гагарин


schmol mario

wie heist des lied von denn wo im lied ai ai ai vorkommt

Nemanja Basa

6:54 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the basss

scott never

no wonder plumbers get paid so much

Jennifer Schaake

I love her!

Sparky Mick

5.34 it’s insane


Only band with more members than the knot.

Carlos Gerez

Temonnnnn por Diossss

nic che

playlist 11

Cute pilot Annie

Aww thanks Kelvin <3

Wayne R.

Ahhh the days of Pre-Covid......

Сергей Елисеев

Знаменитая песня Донны Саммер зазвучала иными красками....более хулиганистыми что ли....как если бы её исполняли гаражные группы...:) а дева похоже поймала кураж -жарит и жарит....

Djurindol Podvinje

2020 i dalje cine

Joanne McCauley

probably not the video to watch at 2am,,,on a work nite


Is it just me or is Annette lip-synching? Still exceptional...


Que cantidad de energía increíble!!!! Fantástico show!!!


Cyberpunk 2004



Mingo Martinez

Does anyone know the name of the song from the first sample?

kurt braden

One of the best cover EVER.
Wild headbang.

Thomas Garz

Super ❤️???

When A Man's In Love He Feels No Cold

When A Man's In Love He Feels No Cold8 Nov. 2016
54 551

I tune I learned off of

I tune I learned off of Chieftains 9. Filmed in Prospect park, Brooklyn, NY.

Get an MP3 of this video for just $1:

Camera: Bob Barrick and Carly Hambridge

Audio: Carson McKee

Sorry about the wind at the end. Just when you think you're safe without your dead cat on...

Comments (73)

This is somethis different. But I like it! :)


wow very good! i like your videos! :) Sometimes im hearing your music on my way home after work


YOUR IRISH? Great song I love it josh!♥️?♥️?♥️?☘☘☘

Doeke Bekius

Soft boiled eggs


Excelent, Josh. Nice video :)


Close to pure drop ;)

Gohan Henry

that was so good, i enjoy the outside feeling and birds chirping


Nicely done, my Mothers cousin is the flautist in the Chieftans, I often enjoy watching your uploads

Harry Wixley

really love this ! great voice

Jeanne Mac


elisa louise

You captured so well the Celtic soul......probably you have Irish ancestors ! :) Gorgeous !!!

Stas Gasilin

When a man's heart is singing
Look for a woman
Not so far, ah-ah, ah-ah
She is not so far

It is her who made him happy
It is her who made his heart sing
And she can make him happy even more
But she can also break his heart

When a woman is crying
Look for a man
Maybe he's already very far
And she can't get him back again

It is him who made her cry
When he ran away
Oh why, oh why, oh why
Why didn't he stay?

Eric Layton

God Isn't real

BlaziN Gaming

I thought this was a pretty cool idea. No BS about this one. You're literally walking down a trail and killing this song at the same time.


you are hoock!
en mi lengua, ¡estás colgado!... ¡Pero con mucho respeto!

Henry O'Farrell

Very nice!!


sounds like an Irish song.Ive heard you doing Traditional Irish before, where do you get your influence from.BTW fantastic as usual

Dalton Fitzgerald

As lovely as your voice is sounding, you should get some voice lessons from a good ol'-fashioned bel canto teacher -- shoring up your support a little would really help you tune those melismas. ^_^

Jon Wall

Harry Potter of music for millennials


Your voice seems perfect for a gentle giant cover, is there a hope?


Wauw. Just wauw.

Linda Perry

This makes me think you are going to be in a musical. You sound just like an Irish person, to be sure, to be sure.


Even in the midst of such beautiful scenery, Josh remains the spectacle of pure beauty in this video. With the godly duo of his gorgeous locks and his angelic singing, Josh sets out to create a new ocean composed of water extracted from the wet panties of his fangirls. What a lad!

Joshua Shuffman

Brooklyn, huh? I don't live there any more, but you'll want to check out Barbes. It's not a great money gig, but it's where the serious musician-kids play.Nice pipes, btw.

Bat man

Finally! Great job!


I was not expecting this... I came for guitar music... but this was fantastic!
Irish ballads like this tend to be a bit repetitive, and this is no exception... but I found it relaxing and intriguing.
thank you josh.


"Bravely bold Sir Robin rode forth from Camelot..."

Reserved Hogs

Cool shit Josh


Only a little cheesy ;)

Blue Sky Flyer

Sing Enter Sandman while walking the same path. The juxtaposition will entertain.

Giovanni Ciurlia

Can you do a your version of All the Time are Changin by Bob Dylan?

El canal de Tomy: Videojuegos que compartir

could someone post the lyrics pls?

Big Snow

Beautiful surroundings


excellent choice


"I stole a kiss it was no miss" I'm surprised the tumblerinas haven't taken over this comment section yet you misogynist pig!!!1111. rape culture proven, patriarchy proven, case rested..... Kidding of course. Beautiful as always.


You sir, were natural-born a musical instrument. Lovely sound, lovely setting.


such a bonechilling walk. thx josh!


Looking good Josh.

Andres v

Hey Josh. I'm a music major and I'm writing a research project about an artist that inspires me. Would you mind if we converse through email so I can write my paper about you?
Great video as always

Fredrick Mayo

beautifully done, scene reminds me of Muir Woods in California. There is a name for the use of the voice as a musical instrument and you did it well.

and then i said

[Jack Nicholson face frozen from that scene in the Shining]

Sweet smelling breath could be diabetes by the way... just saying.

Jens G

ahahhahahahahah this is funny

Nikki B

oh wow.

Joseph Simpson

I pity the woman who sets her heart against your will, surely your mercy or our Maker alone can save her

Giovanni Padovani

Very good performance, Josh!

Dan Hamelin

Beautiful Voice, makes me want too learn this song so i can sing along or harmonize.

Lorenz Pate

church song ?


I think you just got hotter. ?

Leandro Anjos

Nice Man!

Volker und Wally mit Freunden

Very well sung,

Zaouch walid

you are undoubtably intelligently tallented! may your youth be well harvested !

Sofia Blakey

How did you record this?? It was beautiful!!!


Trump won!

Frank S.

Did you use the Zoom Q2N?

Steve Hogan

Dude, grab your guitar and wash the BS off. Maybe a decent attempt at some Jimmy H or even some Mark Knopfler, something, just get that crap off of you right now. What are you thinkin?


Dang, I used to walk that same exact trail when I lived in Brooklyn. It would've been great to run into you :)

Javier Busquet

Amazing as always man, keep it up!

Cihan Yıldırım

Where are you from Josh


THANKS josh turner for back


Josh, is your hair longer in the back? When you walked past the camera at the end of the video, your head looks like it sticks out in the back, kind of like a "hammer head."

Cave Treasures

That's for you my dear Malinda... :-)

Alexander Lee

lol he's just wandering around singing about parental consent as that guy rides by


Liked the song, loved the singing. I'm curious as to where you shot the video. Was it here in Indy?

Rowan Jongedijk

you seem to be good at everything! by the way would you suggest trying to learn mandolin or banjo? ( with a guitar background) cheers!

Ellen Duffy-Martin

Your voice suits this song really well - you're so versatile and your talent is incredible!
Gorgeous setting and camerawork, too.
In summary: everything in this video is gold.

Geaisbour _

Is there a studio version ? Without leaves all around.

Jesse Miettinen


Zoran Cikovac


Gerry Cassidy

good man yourself Josh, Go raibh maith agat {thank you)

Marco Loconsolo

You're a really really good singer and guitarist... but you'll have to smile sometimes... you're always so sad...

Enzo Del Bono

Now that's different...

Chris Cooper

Good job Josh all the best from the UK

Buddy Martin

Cool Josh! Is this recorded with the new Zoom you recently showed off? This looks and sounds good. Buddy