Guys nuts

The many ways to hurt your nuts. Guy takes several painful hits to his nuts [Damage Cam]

The many ways to hurt your nuts. Guy takes several painful hits to his nuts [Damage Cam]30 Dec. 2008
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We show you some of the

We show you some of the ways you can hurt someone in the buts

Damage Cam's Sam helps Blake and David make their show, Hazardous, but after failing to get more members they have agreed to help out with DC, so you will be seeing them alot more

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thats obviously not real... who the f**k would do that?

Maral Gucluer

I need this but I’m a girl then maybe I want it really really hard I love pain

Hany Hesham


Uyen Vu

You guys killed him!

Jimmy Rodriguez

He will not have children.

boys are cute

Straight guys do THIS. And yet gay is weird


oh man the railing hurt my nuts

Pro DimiD

i love how stupid they are.. and the victim is brave! :D

Bjarke Buchwald

are u guys nomal?

Luca International

Poor defectors who suffers the blow and who gives it !!!

The Rainbow Minecraft San Andres

i like the railing 2


you fricking idiot im going not subsrime to your channnl because you are stupid if you make anthor video of this i will tell everone you garbge idiot

Ady Bryson


Nathanial Haynes

These dumb asses are gay


u guys are some whackass mc's, RESPECT

Daryl Brown

Funny wedgie


wow this is so cool..... only to white people



2019 DE

Theg'old kick was a classic, followed up with the vintage ringtap.

the black shuck

Me naked in shower slips and hits my balls ouch that hurts dont think I'm gonna have kids again


Why hit your balls on purpose


In the words of annie lennox....why?

john sipple

stupid kids am i right

NORRIS NUTS RECENT TIKTOKS (END OF 2020) || Norris Nuts Fan 28

NORRIS NUTS RECENT TIKTOKS (END OF 2020) || Norris Nuts Fan 2831 Jan. 2021
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Hey guys! This video is an

Hey guys! This video is an updated Norris Nuts TikTok video because I haven't done one in a while. I will try to post shorts throughout the week as well as one big weekly video which could be one of these or an Among Us video of some sort. Next weeks video is going to be an Among Us with my friends video but with a slight mod to the game. Stay tuned to find out what it is!

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Homemade Protein Bars ? Easy & Healthy Nut-Free & Gluten-Free Recipe ?FullyRaw Vegan

Homemade Protein Bars ? Easy & Healthy Nut-Free & Gluten-Free Recipe ?FullyRaw Vegan30 Jan. 2021
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Disclaimer: as I mentioned in the video this fruit is not a cure for cancer. Please always consult with your doctor for any medical or health issues. Do your own research as needed!

#vegan #recipe #protein #plantbased #healthy

Comments (82)
Christian Carlos

Hi, Kristina. I find it highly difficult due to my background, social, economic conditions and other reasons to become fully raw vegan. What advice do you have for this?

Carrie Kennedy

Thank you for making a nut free recipe! I'm allergic to nuts! Can't wait to try these!

Amanda Vasquez

I’d love to know the macros and calories ????


They look so delicious. I can't wait to make these protein bars. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. ?


I'm so excited! I have 5 kids and I would love to find healthier options of snacks for them ♡ much love from oahu


Wow Christina I haven't seen you for a while were have all those beautiful curves gone??

Stevie Armando

They kinda look like a chocolate brownie, I’m gonna make them look like footballs for the Super Bowl?

wellwisher 7

Love you Kristina❤

Queen Goddess

make a video in arabic! :) its so cool u know so many languages!! much love! ?

Ankita Gamit

Just love your receipes and your new home please upload your home tour @fullyrawkristina

Kaylene Peters

Thanks, that'll help me be less nutty. I'm thinking of trying that as sort of granola one day.

Elen Czar

The amount of protein for the amount of dried fruits ? can't even think of it

Алина Кононова

4:50 food


♡ 30% off Sunwarrior's Plant-Based Protein, Supplements, and Magnesium:

Maria Ponce

You lost olot of weight!


Hope you feel better, send you lots of love ?

Vanessa Leppelman

How are you feeling since your brown recluse bite?????????

Laura Wedel

Hey Kristina, where do you get all you jewellery? I've been wondering for quite a while! They look amazing!

Theo Duval

I’d rather just peel a banana



Gojiberry Terri



I’ve actually been shopping for a vegan protein powder... does anyone have recommendations please? I want something not super processed, hopefully healthy, just to get some extra protein ?

Marta Haro

I guess you could also put these in the oven? They look sooo delicious! Can’t wait to make them!

nicole smith

Looks amazing

vegan FQ

I've watched you for a long time, and I mean this in the nicest way... is everything okay? You look very skinny and almost ill.

I hope things are okay.

Cindy Eyler: Spiritual Mentor - Healer - Travel

Yum those look yum ???

Kristin Chesser

Wonder what temp and how long you would put them in the oven?


snickerdoodle ? thats an actual taste, the more u know ?
i heard it in some weird memes videos and thought they were making fun of something similar sounding ??

Healthy Living With Chris Gault

These look awesome! So much, Kristina!


You look grate ♥️

Malgorzata Misztela



Love Sunwarrior powders! My favorite is the Beauty Greens Collagen Booster! I bought it after seeing one of your vids where you recommended it! Thanks


Больше русских видео

Hannah Burke

First! ??
Those Protein Bars Look So Yummy! ?

TJR MinT Cooking Channel

These look great, awesome recipe. I will be trying these for sure!

Orlando Luzzi

You know what would be cool if your boyfriend cash to the 21 Day Challenge to go fully raw that would be cool

Carry B

can’t wait to try these! ? love you, Kristina!

maxine oliver

Wow, that's amazing for those bars to not have nuts in them! Love the dehydrator!!??


YUM! Gonna try this!
Kristina: You haven't been as bright, energetic and happy, lately, it seems.
HUGS!! ?

Jo Green

Love your recipes. ??

Leslie B

Are these powders organic???

Denise Poirier

Hi ...we don t have have those yellow mulberry over here ...can you tell me what else i could replace this with ..does the dark blue ones do the same ?? thank you ???

Gudrun Scholz

Could you pls link your fav food processor ? ???

Blue Victoria

Why you look extremely skinny?? I like your recipes and color of your smoothies since Texas

Zephy's Homestead and Garden

So yummy! My next project. Now I have to figure out how to dehydrate off grid!

Karla G

They look delicious ? thank you!!

Francesca Bosco

Those look amazing??????


Thank you!! ☺️? Looks delicious!! Keep shining, no matter what others are thinking or wondering about. ??

Salma Nassif

this will come out too sweet for my taste.. how can u be healthy and crave that much sweetness. most of it is dates and dried fruits.

Lady eCommerce

Hi Kristina, those protein bars look yummy; I'd probably pop them in the oven at a low temperature for now, because I don't have a dehydrator at present.
I have a video I think your going to enjoy watching and there is a big Thank-you in it too.... enjoy.... @ZAms

Bull McCabe

Your losing to much weight x

Lexus Ivana

These looks absolutely amazing Kristina! I never seen someone make fully raw food as good as you. Can't wait to try these ?



Vegan Duchess

Yum I love snacks like these ?thanks for the recipe

Prof. B.

Next step: Just breathe in the goods...


These are fruit bars; definitely needs more protein to support the title.


What a beautiful kitchen

Letty 45

Looks yummy.

A heart named Lee

happy you exist. ??❤??

Sandi Tollette

Kristina are u trying to relay a message to your viewers that life with Cash isn't going to well ? I've lost count now how many times u have made a comment about how Cash is eating up all of the food from u _ I & other viewers have noticed your extreme weight loss now. Also in another video Cash seemed to get upset & defensive when u said something about how the food he was cooking looked like real meat __ I don't think u meant to upset him, but he sure sounded really defensive & I thought maybe it might have caused u to feel a lot of anxiety too. But in another video Cash made a remark about u " baby sitting " a drink, u had made for the 2 of u _ that makes me wonder too if maybe u are wanting to be very thin for him, I've seen other women do that when they are in love with a man. If u are having problems in this relationship, I can only imagine the pressure a person would feel to make it work after buying a lot of land & right in the middle of all kinds of landscaping & all of the wonderful plans u had for this beautiful property _ hope u are ok Kristina.

Christelle w.

I will never stop asking for a video of your raw vegan carpaccio! I will be patient!


Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)


ahhh the echoyness ??

Oluwabukola Okanlawon

1st here today.

The Pearl Of Kings

Can you make Figaro protein shake ?

Anamaria Angel


Yummy Food Secrets



If you want to skip to the recipe 4:50
Not to be rude. The beginning is long winded. Great video and recipe. ❤

Wellness Girl

Recipe instruction starts 4:46

Stevie Armando

Thanks for sharing!❤️

ChocolateWorld Aesthetic

Notification Gang??? WE LOVE IT?❗


Yaaay! I'm so excited, thank you


Welcome back lady! You look great!?

adriana helena


Jennifer Schmidt

You've lost a lot of weight. Hope you are doing well

Jena C

You really are the best advert for Vegan life ?

Stardust 88

You re glowing!! love these energy bars ! ????????


Looks so good, thanks ?

Yvonne Davis

Yum! I make something similar with carrots and raisins. I choose to use no protein powder or sweetener, I use nuts instead because I like them for protein. Enjoy!

Swift Swift

Amazing ?????????????????

Swift Swift

Thanks for doing this ??????


These protein bars look amazing, can’t wait to make them. Thank you for the recipe Kristina!?