How to build big quads

3 UGLY Truths About Building BIG QUADS

3 UGLY Truths About Building BIG QUADS7 Oct. 2019
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Ciro Strizzi

steve, i have back pain when doing squats, but i can row and deadlift no problem (i'm following stronglifts) so i replaced squats with leg press. i think that my back pain derives from poor ankle moblility, and i'm waiting to have enough money to buy a pair of weightlifting shoes, that should fix the problem. my question is: will leg press have any carry over to the squat?

Jaden Stoudt

Idk if anyone noticed but Steve is wearing a shirt with Saitama's fist on it.

I deduce that Steve likes One Punch Man and might have seen numerous other anime.

Case closed!


After looking at your body measurement chart, I’m pretty on par with the others except quads(20.5")?. So I’m doing something for quads everyday to bring that up.

Gambit Lopez

Is that a... one punch man shirt?!


i was triggered at 2:38

Antonio Hatcher

Would you be willing to do a video programming a 5 day hybrid split that’s like “Upper,Lower, then pull push legs” ? I’ve been trying to program or find a good routine for that

Patrick Rodriguez

The ppl who wana comment and talk shit dont know shit anyways they would know certain shit works btr for sum ppl n not for others!!! ?????

Tony Taylor

I just find sqauting or box sqauting works to be honest I had skinny arse legs before started sqauting I've litterly got quads like Mike Tyson but I must admit I always had huge calves I'm so gifted I think leg wise

Kam Mak

Squats got me strength. Leg press got me big quads


Maxx Chewning ought to see this video lol

Fred Carter

3x5 three times a week is 45 reps...

Terry Pappas


Tech Droid

Pls share ur full day eating

Youssef B

1: Don’t skip leg day
2: Squat
3: Repeat

Nick blackmon

Awesome video. Thank you for being so informative and honest. I'm looking forward to leg day tomorrow and inputting your advice.

jamie t

There are so many lifts that hit quads. Why limit your self? Hit them from all angles and all ranges, just like you do every other body part.

Steven Rye

1. Play competitive hockey
2. Squat
3. Eat

Worked for me ?‍♂️?

Jon Gray

Just good info.. possible topic- guys 55 plus recovery times when 5 day program wears you down.. gettin old ain't easy..bless n carry on bigun..

Wei Meng Yong

In my opinion, glutes and hamstrings should be trained more than quads in order to avoid muscular imbalances, and most importantly injury prevention. Learn that from AlphaDestiny and Eric Bugenhagen. Moreover, with quads being too big, this will make the upper body look smaller, narrower. In general, building strong quads is essential, but a decent size should be enough.

A Bull Terrier

5x8, 2x per week 80 total reps on squats per week. I also do 3x10 leg presses and calf raises(calf raises suck) also 2x week. My quads are exploding. Your legs are designed to support you all day. Volume is key. I also throw in Bulgarian split squats once a week 3 sets of 8. Its really helped my squat numbers go up.

European,world,english champions Ynwa

You don't need squats to build big legs.

Darrell Doan

The soreness is what gets me, I have a very fast paced factory job. I can’t afford to be to sore, or I’ll risk my livelihood. Any suggestions to that end?

Nigel Helmer

I love supersetting walking lunges with leg press. I like starting with the lunges, I do from the leg press out 7-8 lunges per side and back then a set of 12-15 on the leg press. I find it burns like a mf'er.

Great to do after a good squat routine (1x12,1x10,1x8,5x5,1x8,1x15-20)

WOLF PAW UK - Kaden Thompson -

Awesome advice. Can i ask your age ?

Mauricio Rangel

Here’s what I’m trying, lunges, squats, one leg weighted squats assisted, hamstring machine, back kicks.

Aman Rc

3 ugly truth about calves


I squat 5x20 once a week.I am sore for the rest of the week

Francisco Bz

But Squats are enough! Just kidding go ham on legs ????

Jonny RedBear

420 views 69 likes... nice

Meme Farmer

Step 1: SQUATS
Step 2: AND
Step 3: OATS
Step 4: REPEAT

Abelardo Ruiz

Its horriblem

Erick Heera

Can u do a video about how to do conditioning. Aka farmers walks, sprints, jump rope.

Like how long and how much rest between sets. And for the Carrie's how far and how heavy. Thank you, for the content.

Dominic Cefaratti

Why does he keep saying 3x5’s what kind of program is that?!


I see that Saitama Tee, glad I subbed to this channel.


love your "ugly truth" series. saw your shirt and realized i hadnt subscribed--fixed that little problem now


I’m here for some more (ugly) truth

Joseph Williams

I like supersetting hack squats with leg extensions.



Tom McGivern

Plenty of room for a nice power rack in that space Steve

Martin Camilo

I used to have big quads then got injusted and they just never got back to how they were pre injury ?


I'd say always supplement squats with unilateral work. Bulgarians, split squats, walking lunges, reverse lunges step-ups, sled pushes, band resistance, etc. There are plenty of options, and you can adjust intensity according to the volume of your squats.

Drew O’Ryan

I just started a routine mentioned by Mountaindog and Eugene Teo

Squatting everyday (on top of your 1 real leg day a week) for 2 weeks, 6 sets working up to a 3RM and then deloading completely not squatting for the next 2 weeks

Shea Doherty

Box jumps. Squats. Lunges. Leg Press.

Bruno Soares Rodrigues

Hey, Steve! Please, make one about calves. How to optimally develop, how much development to expect, ideal rep ranges and optimal volume, etc... Calves are a big problem of a lot of us.

Jay Parker


Nikola Dimovski

20 to 30 rep squats every set with moderate to heavy weight will bring complete uper leg development

Felix Grossbointner

These truths aint that ugly tho!


Love that shirt!!

Dizzyd 73

Good advice?

Island Mike

I have trouble driving home in my car after leg day..


Wow! You still do jump squats. I'm impressed.


2 sweet potatoes

Krys Burke

4x6 squats, 3-4x8 of heavy leg presses, 4x10-15 leg extension.

Karl Taylor

Quads , squats what is this madness continues curling 35s while shouting reps for Jesus

Curtis Washington

What are your thoughts on sprints to build quads and legs in general???

Hot Enough

By far the easiest way to build any muscle is to eat a lot of calories everyday and atleast 1.25 grams protein or more per pound of bodyweight. I always grain faster then every1 and its because I eat more then the other guys who complain they don't gain fast enough. I gained more in 6 weeks then others in a year or more because of this. Just saying to me , food is more important then lifting your ass off for muscle gain. Just my experience

Juan Pablo Ortega



My legs are slow twitch. 25.5in legs at 10% bf. I'm just saying some people grow bigger legs on high intensity lower reps. Great video, and very informative though!??

Bruno Soares Rodrigues

Hey, Steve! Please, make one about calves. How to optimally develop, how much development to expect, ideal rep ranges and optimal volume, etc... Calves are a big problem of a lot of us.

Anton Nystedt

Here is a video idea. Can you build solid muscle through rock climbing

Koruhan Danoglu

Definitely agree with your statement about adding another exercise. There is only so much volume you can do on squats until your knees or lower back give out. That is why it makes sense to add another less taxing exercise to get the most volume in while remaining injury free.


I suffered imbalances when doing squats only. I need to do unilateral work to maintain left to right strength balance (I had several previous leg/hip injuries that aided the development of the imbalance). So I always recommend some unilateral work, this can be any of the one leg squat variations, Bulgarian split squat, lunges, loaded carries etc. This helps keep the leg strength more balanced and also aids back health (as a regular cause of lower back pain can be leg strength imbalance).

Daniel krome

Well said my brotha..Straight to the point and without bullshit. Respect.

Zeus Megabeard

My once-weekly leg session is walking lunges - pyramid up in weight for 5 sets, beginning on bodyweight initially. GVT back squats - 10 x 10 with a strict 75 second rest between sets. 5 x 8-12 leg press and finish off with 3 x 12-15 calf press.

Felix Grossbointner

Ugly truths about big hamstrings!

Balanced & Healthy Lifestyle

You absolutely nailed it. So true, very true my man

John Douglas

Front squats, zercher squats....the further you shift the weight forward, the more quad dominate it will be.


Stretch thoroughly after especially leg workout. It helps reduce that soreness a bit.

Badass King

Squats , bulg split squat and Romanian deadlift

Jake Lamparella

That shirt ??


Topic idea. Figuring out NEGATIVES for specific body parts I cannot find any for quads or traps. Is a negative dead lift even possible lol. Leg press is literally the ONLY negative for quads and it makes sense that it's needed to develop amazing quads. So any other negative exercises would be appreciated for things other than shoulders, biceps, triceps, and chest. Are negatives and sticking points different because I see a guy do a negative squat and it looks like he's just squatting. He's like nah it's different because I'm pacing and pushing at different points. I'm like nah you're just going slower and faster at the opposite times you're supposed to desend and ascend. Slow on the way down to the sticking point and fast up is not a negative squat.imo.

Massive Iron - Steve Shaw

COMPLETE muscle and strength coaching service:

COMPLETE weight loss coaching service:

THE Massive Iron Book:

Build a BIG Bench Press:

Power Muscle Block Workout:


Instagram: @bendthebarman

Mike B

And the fourth ugly truth: some folks just have relatively skinny quads no matter how much work they put in. I’m in that group.

Nick blackmon

I used your suggestion today for leg day and felt a huge difference. Thanks again for the advice

Ionut Alexandru

3 ugly truths about building big calves many guys are struggling with this

Moritz Stein

you just have linked a tom platz workout video. its the only way.



Cade Derrick

Buddy do you even lift?


More than any other muscle group it's going to be hell..... (looks at the calendar) CHEST DAY!


100 reps?
I see you're not wearing that shirt just for show.

Kris Seifert

Steve let's talk about grip strength...? I understand that their are different assisted devices to help with that i.e. claws, gloves, straps and so on. I personally think it's part of a strong foundation. Reason is simple, if the weight doesn't stay in your hand you cannot complete the exercise. So want can we do to make this better? Thank you for your time.


I like Dan Johns approach of front Squats for the heavy low volume, then back squats for high volume

Fatboy Barbell

Squat squat and squat more


What about those of us that can't squat because of lower back pain?

Magnus Emeritus Engen

I always squat when I get in the gym. That is when I truly feel I am working out. Doing upperbody stuff feels too damn easy in comparison. So when I am done squatting my real training is done. Overhead press, benchpress, pullups and pendlay rows are easy peasy in comparison.

Scott R

love the pain of squatting. love the pain of bodybuilding.

How To Build HUGE Quads Naturally

How To Build HUGE Quads Naturally24 Aug. 2018
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Comments (100)
Boss Trading

Fair enough, but where's the proof that 6 years of squats, leg presses and hack squats don't yield the same results? This argument is backed up by 1 person's experience, and zero science.



I go to the gym four days a week and this is my schedule:
- MO: Chest/Tri's
- TUE: Back/Bi's
- Wed: Legs
- FR: Shoulders/Tri's

But I want to try it your way. How do I best plan this in my schedule? Wednesday squads and another workout start with squads (for example Monday)?
Aren't you too tired to do Chest/Tri's afterwards?

Simon Eggersdorfer

what rep/sets do you recommend for 2x "leg day" per week?


it horse leggening!





Cris Beltran

Genetics will

theo turner

I like Alan he's legit.not some phony pompous ass, he's the real Massive Iron Steve Shaw.they tell the raw truth.and back it up by showing themselves work out, right on.

Dan Skinner

I can’t remember ever wanting legs that look like his


Squats are overrated

Christopher Brinkley

I agree. I want my body to be a fucking weapon.... thank you Alec for making it ok to be strong. I was starting to be " self conscious" about myself.. I'm ok brothers in iron.


Alec, you should practice your scripts a bit more before you film your videos so that it comes off more natural. You looking away from the camera at all times is very off putting.


i swear ive been getting weaker on squats. only squat once a week, i know i should be adding another squat session in. what rep ranges and weight percentages should i be doing to build strength/size?

Natty Fatty



4:05 "The only thing that exist now is the barbell." This was like some beautiful poem or something ...

Error Error Error Error Error Error

One day i will have a garage... So i can build my garage gym!

Naturally Balanced Bodies

I switched back from a split routine to a full body based on the fact that I wanted better leg gains, I do fully body 4 times a week with 1 full day of rest and the long steady state cardio on my non lifting days (usually running but I prefer lower impact like swimming which is off tha table cos if covid) basically as a calorie burned and heart pumper and my legs have grown a fair bit over this year in my home set up over quarantine


I'm getting scooby1961 vibes


I like your content and advice, but it's a little out of place for you to be talking about bros with chicken legs when yours have that "marshmallow on a toothpick" flair going on. :D


7:50-7:55 idk why but I laughed when you said that


Been doing back squats twice a week, but only 3 sets of 8, then 3x8 leg curls and 3x8 standing calf. I guess im gonna try 5 sets of 6 back squats next time twice a week, especially since my squats weren't improving much in strength.

Pranav Gainz

Yup. This information is legit. Squat is the most valuable lift to me. I'm a powerlifter. Doing double squat session today and I've got decent quads. A natural with big legs are the real athletes.


You didn’t talk about how your structure is better built for squatting than many. You can squat near upright. My femurs make me have to bend in half. Therefore squats work my glutes much more than quads.
I feel like this is comparable to you criticizing Alphadestinys bench progress and blaming it on leverages.
Your leverages are pretty good for squats and thus benefit your quads well.


Hiya Alec. That video of Greg Nuckols you're talking about, do you maybe know the title/have the link?

Mind of Zyzz

I have one leg stronger than the other when I squat. HOw do i fix this?


your quads look weird af. thick above and thin around the knees

emmy lite

The barbell squat is a total body exercise as opposed to a leg exercise and there in lies the problem . Why would you want to make the torso a middle man so to speak between the resistance and your thighs ( quads , hams , glutes ) when the purpose is to develop your thighs ?! That's makes no sense at all ! There are far better options to develop your thighs such as dumbbell split squats which are a killer and many underestimate them , leg press , dumbbell leg curls which are again a killer if performed correctly .

John S

I cant do squats I have a bad back, do you think belt squats build same size?

Luke ET

Those are some of the scariest looking quads I've seen on a natural good job lol

Oscar L

What do you think of high volume belt squats?


Squats and Hamstring Curls are my GOAT legzercises. I like doing calf raises, and my calces have gotten stronger, but I don't know if I should keep training/is it even worth the effort.

Pratik Chaudhari

How about a pendulum squat machine or the one where you are tied to a cable?

Ajay Konnur

started squatting twice a week legs have become big .on 160 kg high bar squat @ 81 kg bodyweight .

Davidsir Black

Not to though shade just a serious question. Do you think the reason Jeff Cavalier has a relatively weak deadlift because of the lack of squats that he does? I remember him saying that he has knee issues so he stick to mostly lunges and deadlifts. So in your opinion do you think that’s the issue?

Roni Merta

WTF your physique is beautiful #nohomo

Moustapha Moussa Bouh

Great youtube channel. You're a beast

Jolt The Sloth

boring fucking video. No one wants to just sit here an watch u flex. Show us something. Show us what you are talking about.

Jerai's Natural Fitness

Eric tranevsky disliked this

Kevin Vera

Great video! You inspire me sir, cheers from Peru ❤

Harris Ashraff

that's a ton of good info there bro...what's your opinion on belt squats.. especially for a person who has a back injury....???

Pratik Chaudhari

Also I noticed personally that a better muscle to mind connection established with a time under tension lift like leg extensions used as an accessory to the squat is very helpful.


Man, I appreciate your work ethic and physique...but you cited what sounds like a study with horrendous research design. The investigator acknowledged comparing two uncontrolled populations and scratched his head at why one group squatted more? Universities need to consider revoking PHDs

Leo Sanchez

your body is deformed. lol.

Dylan Morgan

Every day is leg day.

Tejas Dubey

Squats and lunges

Greg Johnson

Front squats.... and deep


Would low bar squat be sufficient for quad growth ? Or?

Pratik Chaudhari

Lol sorry for the bombardment in questions. How do you feel about plyometrics (weighted), like jump squats?

Cero Ashura

Your legs look enhanced my man, good job!

Static Frequency

Your legs look terrible. Haha

ben saltigerald

This channel is a hidden gem


Squat, hold it when parallel then start jerking off. Watch quads grow shun!

Zidan Mozumder

What's your opinion on 20 rep breathing squats? I usually do 5x5, but I tried 20 rep breathing squats for a month...I intended to go 3 months but after the 4th week I gave up cus' it's fucking mentally I could never confirm if it's a good growth inducer.

Bug's 10s

this guy is the next erc B, in terms of page growth.. glad im here early

Klr Dto

Hi... ur videos are great...
What would you recommend as warm up routines for squats


my biggest dream is to one day able to squat pain free. I've 2 years trying everything to be able to squat pain free, i've learned good form, i've good mobility, i've corrected my anterior pelvic tilt which helped me to deadlift pain free now, but still no matter what i just always get hip pain when squatting. I've noticed that when back squatting even when my bar path is straight and weight is in the middle of the foot, my hips want's to go under the barbell, even when doing low bar squat. I've asked my brothers whom are very experienced lifters to check my form and bar bath etc, and they say it all looks good. Like i said i've been lifting 2 years now and about less than a year doing deadlifts and i can deadlift 3x5 160kg but i can't even squat 80kg... squat feels the most unnatural movement there is. I can bench more than i squat...

Pedro Rocha

Hey, Alec! Great advice! I was wondering if sets of 8 reps in the squads would be effective as well....

Natural Journey

Nice legs. But what about the calves?


dude is wise


Fuck squats! Seriously. I gave this exercise "one more last chance" so many times, and it never worked for me. Once I quit barbell squats and switched to hack squats and leg presses, my quads suddenly started to grow. The myth about squats being the ultimate mass builder has to die.


Great video mah nigga :)

Sōsuke Aizen

Your quads are absolutely phenomenal. Now work on your calves.


So basically get a huge back squat and front squat.

Mike Gubisch

The real question lexx little natty?

Andrew Medley

Kinda looks like you just filled your legs with oils


So does that mean multiple variations of the squat are all that are needed? Back squat/front squat/SSB/Spider bar/Duffalo bar etc. to grow big quads? Or are you saying that those should always take main priority? Are moderately loaded barbell/dumbbell lunges/heavy leg presses not needed for strong and functional legs for any kind of sports? Very curious cause I don't wanna be wasting my time in the gym doing unnecessary exercises

Carl Carter

Ur legs looked deformed.


Need some calfs to go with it damn. Im 14, dont hit the gym, and I got way bigger calfs.

Unknown YouTube User

Ur legs almost look too big tbh especially on the lateral part


AMEN brother. I lift 7 days a week with 1 rep maxes on barbel and body weight exercises. My legs grew like mother fuckers, now i need new pants every month.

Patrick Trossbach

Great video. Thank you!

chris rocco

ahhhh calves?

skadi man

Nice video! One question: this way of training should be on a surplus? Or i can do it and see results on a defecit aswell? Btw, hows your diet at the moment? I want to be more informed on how to have that lean but muscular look. Atm im doing a defecit and its been great, but once i reach my goal i will want to gain more size without fat. How should i approach that?

Leo Sanchez

no chest? dude you know shit about fitness. just delete your channel.


Squats, walking lunges and reverse sled pulls.

Who Cares?

I want those deformed legs.

Vic-Man VS el Mundo

Hi Alec have you ever tried the hip thrust? Is it true that it is the "main lift" as Bret Contreras says? Please, I would like to hear what you think about it. Greetings from Ecuador ?

cliff onator

Why are they so big on the side but not the front

Jacob Velazquez

I dont think its the fact he doesnt train properly that his quads look so weird. Its just his genetics imo ie insertion points


Ur legs have bad insertions


Quads look good but calves are lacking.

Simon Gustafsson

high rep heavy partial squats for sets, 3 times a week (minimum) and I always increase 0.25kg each session. Works the best for my thighs for strength, endurance and mass ! :) Great motivator

Nayrb Divad

The most growth I’ve ever seen on my legs is from squatting everyday for 3 months. Nothing else has ever been comparable!

Daniel Dimov

I think it doesn't really matter what rep ranges you're using. As long as the muscles become capable of producing more force over time they most likely will get bigger too. The thing is that the volume required to keep getting bigger and bigger is also increasing over time. Not to mention the need for varioation. From time to time you should switch exercises to prevent injuries. I'm not saying squats don't work but after a while your tendons might start getting pretty beat up. Same goes if your only doing leg extensions.

I am human

Friends try hip belt squats with brutal intensity and then reply.Its more challenging than the classic barbell squat

zee zoo

You ain't natty

Sean Sullivan

Now it’s time to do the calves!

Carl Carter

Follow advice on that bird chest.

Andrew LoflandSW

is it normal for advanced athletes to be able to do linear progression?


Long story short.. get stronger on squat = bigger leg muscle


Naturally? Fuck off

Masshole Muscle

This guy is a good example of someone who is actually natty in my opinion


Tendon thickness. The end....

Ethan Chaney

Heavy ass squats

Leon Wallace

Those legs are freaking insane

Daniel krome

Walking Lunges are no joke...they are a pain in the ass of the best workouts for legs....walking lunges with 70 lbs on each side have increased my legs from 20 inch to 23 1/2 in 13 months....still on process....


Those aren't even legs those are fucking tree trunks

Dostthouevenhoistgoodsir 87

So wtf happened to the rest of you? You look like a crackhead except for your oddly shaped quads.


Do you have to be in a caloric surplus?

I am human

Hey alec can an intermediate/ advanced lifter deadlift heavy 2 times a week?


It's like your trying to be ugly , anti aesthetics

My Four Favorite Exercises To Build Massive Quads

My Four Favorite Exercises To Build Massive Quads25 Feb. 2019
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If you want more structure in you training and are looking to get a stronger, leaner and meaner lower body check out squat protocol!

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Comments (100)
Niten Thakur


rui kosta

If you actually studied muscle mechanics when you go below your knee level you activate more glutes NOT quads

Bryan Larrimer

Thank you :)

Pablo Iglesias

I love that a woman is amazingly in charge...beautiful work out...brilliant..thank you

Petr Buchel

She definitely got “massive” quads using this “sectet” exercise. How bout all the drugs you inject to get your massive quads???

Prentice Thomas

HI sexy wh'ere my new ? ONE


I liked all of them very much :)


My knees are hurting just by watching this.

Sore knees tomorrow that's for sure.

Personale Personale

Bona sei?

Piotr Genderka

Massive legs, You definately knows what you are doing. Just want to point to plate under feet - put it up front and grab to something while you squat you will stretch your muscles and ( after few minutes of stretching ) instantly get deeper squad. I have found that sollution helpfull when I tried my strength in olympic squads.

Shayna Nay

Why in the fuck isn’t there more videos of females wanting to add muscle mass???!!!??‍♀️? t

fede rica

Do you use any drug?

Re No

Hey stefi we can work out at the local Jewish center together

Dan Chan

What stack are you on?

luke mckee

Thank god you dont have to isolate them allthat would be alot of work 2:29

Karen Gadsden


Fit Life

You are so masculine !!

Jaylin Roebuck

Had no one mentioned the flex of working out in Yeezys

Johnny Ochoa

When I see you my heart says what up gorgeous.?

Jacqueline Kilkelly

Your legs are to die for, m'am

Greg Lewis

Do. Need. To. Change. Rep. And. Set. Range

Bill Fabian

Not your color.

Michael Tuckerman

I like that have gone accent


I’ll be ur baby

Zoman Zombie

My Babyzz!! My fav! ???

Dewayne Lindsay

Impressive but why though? Unless you are lesbian. What guy wants that. Maybe a DL guy

Aslak Randers Pehrson

just skip the intro if you don't wanna do it. Just get right into it.

Mark Troddyn

That guy looks very feminine.....?


I like your traditional "What's up my babies"...even though I'm a crazy 63 y.o old git female powerlifter! Love the videos and inspo.

Jonathan Forrester

Some exercises can be great for building muscle and simultaneously really dangerous for your joints. "There's no movement that's necessarily bad for you..." Wrong. Incorrect. There are some movements that regardless of how cautiously you perform them put you at serious risk for injury, a risk so high that it's not a matter of if but when your joint will be compromised. You're a young person, and healthy, and I know you made this video with the best of intentions, but if people do goblet squats the way you've shown them in this video, they are guaranteed to get hurt. I know you don't want that. You should edit this video. Extending your knees that far past your toes puts tremendous strain on your patellar tendon, and it's only a matter of time until it tears. I really hope you modify how you do the exercise and that you and the people who emulate you don't get hurt.


Chirstmas Hams quads is my go-to goal after watermelon crushing quads

Francisco Sifuentes


Ali Md

Tell us whats the best workout for the middle leg ?
In that case, I imagine, you should change your place with that guy.

Johnny Ochoa

Morning Stefi,maybe try what up Quads.Since it’s the topic of this video.Whatever the topic is,just mention it before.??

Anatoliy Strilets

Just start from 0:23, skip that introduction


Wot up my lova big time

Magnifico ego

Pareces hombre no mames!!

Cod only sniping Fitness at home

What’s up ma homies


“What up my babies”???

Michael Rhodes

What do you suggest for sets, reps, load, & rest period duration?

DJ LeechCraft

Follow advice @ 6:51

Trevor Walker

Whats your cycle

Jelani Reynolds



what up my chicken legs!!!! New intro. rsrs


Why do you block people for saying that you are not natural?

B. Ben.

what's wrong with the video..only 480 Quality ^^ ?

tay Ya

l skipped the beggining which was lots of hello in foreign lunguages.

Joe Papa

Please be you enithing you do will com out cute


What up Dog sounds so natural for you ? hilarious.


I’m watching this to see which exercises NOT to do lol

thomas goff

Stick with what's up my babies it's so nice to be called baby ?

De Kunstcafe

Why?.... Why do women want to be masculine?

Juan Lopez

eres una belleza!

Oswaldo J Fernandez

Why isnt the guys legs bigger? He is really strong.


I'll try those, thank you


Sup... my lover...xx

Abraham Benzaquen

watup dog

Lily Plaza

Introduction is awesome no matter what because you are awesome! Thank you for this video I have chicken legs and I want to get HUGE quads :)

Jelani Reynolds


Artem Pik

Sounds like everyone loved the ‘what’zz up my babies’... since most of our quads look like baby quads compared to your momma ones ?‍?‍?

Ricky DaVincii

Am I either I going blind or is the video abit blurry. Other that. I love it!!?


I love..what up my babies


Lots of drugs.

Swing This Kettlebell Club

@stefi cohen i think you will love my #somersaultsquat exercise for quads if you havent tried it.


I love hearing the Under the bridge in the background

Amber Huff

What’s up my babies!!!! Definitely


But why would you want quads like that

Jack Mott

It would he great if lifters could be more open about how they actually get huge muscles. Part of that is on us, the fans, to lift the stigma.

Daniel Proulx

Is there a reason you suggest doing raised heel barbell squats per Hayden did in the video (barbell behind neck) over standard front squats (barbell on shoulders in front of neck)? I feel like that would be more similar to dumbell goblet technique while allowing to add more weight. Please weigh in Stefi and great video.

Harry Sookraj

god, I love a muscular woman and i just don't know why


maybe show your quads, shorts maybe?

Hotlinecooking G

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Its roid heads like this pretending their results come from only hard work and diet that has always ruined the ordinary peoples perception of weight training, especially women as they think theyre gonna look like a dude once they start lifting serious weights.

Rude Sword

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brandon causey

This is a trans woman, right?

Ronin Janjira

Tan hermosa y inteligente

Papa Capra

“Sup Bitches” That’s my fav intro

izzy san

Is that a man wearing a wig or a woman wearing a man's be face ?

Fredrik Svärd

Im not a "dog"

Amir Singapore

Hola, could you please tell me what is a good exercise for glutes other than squats and lunges?

lee lunk


StudLove Atl

I used to have quads like urs! ?? I stopped working out in my late twenties. Now I'm 42 and my knees aren't as great because of hormonal issues and the effect on my ligaments and tendons. What can I do to regain my glorious quads (I have cellulite and no definition). I've been on the gym for 6 weeks now, can't see much change. I guess I'm scared of my knee slipping. How can I build my thighs to take the pressure off my knees and build strong legs?


The type of lady you have to marry...

Imyour Trance

thanks, very informative

Joseph Leighton

How bout 'Hey Chubbs'?


Call us Cohenians

Priscilla Chaparro

Awesome exercises! Thank you ????cant wait to Try these yay??‍♀️?

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"Hello, my babies!"


beginner style vid... :/

Joseph Scott

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Candy Watson



Intoduction: Hello couch potatoes watching me workout.

Jeff Lowney

I like whats up dog lol

hanna jeggings

I just started doing sled drags and pushes! SO MUCH FUN!


Tbh these are great.. I don't see much recognition for the goblet squat variation even though it feels like your quads are on fire everytime you do it.

nalla swann

Hello Stephi, Congratulations for your very good videos. So, I have a knee with a lot of osteoarthritis (I no longer have a meniscus). Would back lunges be good for me? Apparently this exercise is less damaging to the knee than the traditional lunges. Thanks ! :-)


I thought the first exercise on the list was going to be the steroid injection maneuver

Stefi Cohen

Hi I made a mistake: I mean to say the only ONE of the QUADRICEPS muscle group to cross two joints. Sorry! I’ll be better. The camera still makes me a bit nervous.

Shreyosi Banerjee

I love to train quads omg ?