Fat men having sex

Inversion Gameplay Walkthrough Pt. 3 - Sex w/ A Fat Man!?

Inversion Gameplay Walkthrough Pt. 3 - Sex w/ A Fat Man!?8 Jul. 2012
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Comments (9)
Like a Boss

IM subbd to all channels ima fan and im ready for yo vids

Brandon Smith

Ayee thats whats up,idk if you play any Xbox360 but i got Gta 4 on it and i know alot of cool stuff to do so if you wanna,you can hit me up wid a friend request ( BALLIN SMITH21 )


Imav y don't u try Saints row 3 u can download from my account if u want its fucking AWESOME

Coach Reed

good shit my dude..im have to get this game from watching your videos...keep them coming

Jonathan Kennedy

Cool game! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Lmfao gravity sex haHa. Keep it coming man


Crazy how i watched this 5 years ago, and i still think about this 1 video all the time. I had to come back cuz i always think about how funny this walkthru was and it was never finished

Slimbo Pitts

? I’m about to mess around watch this whole series, shoutout to growth, all love ?

Brandon Smith

You should play some assassin's creed or GTA,Would be awesome!

Fat Black Guy Makes Love To A Cheeseburger

Fat Black Guy Makes Love To A Cheeseburger11 Feb. 2013
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A for fun video we made

A for fun video we made back in 2009.

Comments (31)

Good lord the cheeseburger is underage

rudy arriaza

Top 10 Anime Love Scenes

Adam Ferguson

That's my question too.


What is this I don't even. 

Alex Yuille

he's needs help

Izzy Frizzy

Bro u want a scholarship to Harvard? 10/10 movie

Midget Boy

3:52 to 4:08 is censored



Fairy Lights

WTF is is weird but hilarious at the same time

Christon Pitchford

A cheeseburger tho


I don't know how I got here, and at this point, I'm too scared to try and figure it out. I lol'd however. Nice work gents!

George Barnes


| Exitos xD |

Wat the fuck


What the hell did I just watch? 0_0

Angeleena Johnston

That's is the best thing I ever seen funny to the extreme


I want to be that cheeseburger

Teecup 18

Haha wtf


Why is this on my recommended?

michael ross

Damn thas nasty

Will Steckman

I can't stop laughing!!!!

John Bellamy


Craig Playz




TheMariaShow //TMS

well This is werid


I need song name


Lol u funny

Jonathan Peter Jensen

True that cheeseburger is

Joaquín Rosales Alcayaga



You just watched: Fat Black Guy Makes Love To A Cheeseburger

shaliyahfits 3797

I cannot????????

Skyler Sunn

so funny

Best of Fat Jokes (Part-2)

Best of Fat Jokes (Part-2)10 Jun. 2020
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Comedians on Fat People /

Comedians on Fat People / Best of Fat Jokes

Video Features:

Norm Macdonald


Mike Myers


Tom Segura on Comedy Dynamics



Ricky Gervais


Gabriel Iglesias


Louie Anderson

Bill Burr


Social Media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelaughplanetofficial/

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiI_jyH_0yttWG-m5fBYGmA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/laugh_planet

Website: http://thelaughplanet.com

Contact us: [email protected] (For credits / Video removal / Promotions)

#FatJokes #Comedy #LaughPlanet #BillBurr

Comments (86)
Bryan Liguori

How did I go this long without seeing any Gabriel Iglesias? Freaking hilarious ?
Louie Anderson too!


This is the biggest motivation booster for fat people to work out :)

Pete Odun

This is entertaining

Cory Klein

"can you help me out with a sandwich"
"sure, where is it"

Josh Downs

Man old Bill Burr sucked

KingLouie 45

Oh how i miss old snl

Ignácius Dvorský

But Bob The Bear Hite was also from California... :D


7:34 who is that man plz help

Slime in a Box

2:02 that’s the clip I was looking for!


Love fat jokes, because I used to be fat.

Thomas Dunne

why is norm mcdonald considered so funny? i dont get it hes kinda funny. is it one of those you had to be there things?

Aston Kruger

2:20 They used this one for GTA IV!!

Jake Blues

Salad is a warning that food is coming
Alcohol because no good story ever started with a salad

Big Mike

I thought beyond Damn! would be the type that are carted around on forklifts. The type they have to cut the side of the building off to get them out.


Im watching this while eating a 450 calories cookie. Yumm!

Lit Life

c'mon guys
being fat is the hardest thing to do .you have to eat lots of shit.


lol those Soprano clips had me in tears

Souhaib Boukadjar

Bill burr's feminine voice gets me every time ! ??

Jake Not Jacob

Broad jump? Killed her lmao


Enjoy it before YT removes it to appease the minorities

Sean Scanlon

Norm is looking a bit rotund himself these days. ?

dmonarre dmonarre

Completely irrelevant to the channels intent, but it's an ideal segue:

stan warner

I've been dragging around 50 pnds. of extra ass mostly do to diet coke... seriously I stopped drinking that shit and lost 40 pnds.


My brother is so fat he uses bologna skins for dental floss.

Jmillio FGC

I gots keto diet add before this ?


“ DAMN “ ???


America: *exist*

Rest of the world:

Peteryarckey_ 69

Heart me comment and u shall be happy

Russell Dodd

Real comedy here folks.

Fly Straight

Do you have an issue with George Carlin bro?


The fat Latino isn't funny.

Mathew Garcia

as a fat person this is funny

AK 4o

And a big ass that follows her around everywhere ???

Bug 91

This is the most offensive shit I’ve ever seen

Gold Wing

Burr killed his stand

U Tangbe

Damnn Ricky Gervais 2:22 ????

mukul raheja

How the fuck is Ricky short n round Gervais going to make fun of fat people???

Victor Velazquez

I mean she wasnt wrong its a hormonal disease lmao

Ítalo Trivisan

If there's a part 3 planned, you should definetly put Deon Cole's "do big girls get kidnapped?" in there. It's not the title of the video, but it's from his Netflix special.

Matt F

Could someone remind me of the name of the guy at 8:00 please?


Ricky Gervais - 'They complain.' THEY!!!

Ronald Eichler

Nice joets! I haven't wore them since grade 7

The Enemy

That outro tho


I eat myself out of breath, but not with food. ???

Magic man

Ricky Gervais for president of Earth

Danny_ DeCheeto8

“Oh I’m so fuckin ill!”

Matthew Fox

That outro is pure aids man

chris miller


D. S. Parent Sr

How did we get through two videos so far without John Pinette?

Matthieu Saade

The dude at the beginning ..... Imagine that today , the level of hate that would rain on him . While back then we would just laugh


The funniest thing Tom Segura did was destroy his body trying a layup


A fat guy making fun of fatter guys

Go Mango

Ticky Ricky not funny to be real, guy is an idiot.

Oh yea 34

Big, healthy, husky, fluffy and DAMN LMAOOOO that took me out

Ochoa Tv

Its cool to make fun of fats but not homosexul trans none of that


damn never seen Norm so young before

Tiberius Kirk

2 fat people disliked this video. Lol ... it’s me, I’m fat people!?

Lame Jackson 03

Lemme enjoy this until Feminist come.

Magic man

I love that expression Burr has.. just disgust and embarassment.. awesome, lol

Michael Goodemoot

But seriously, children who are obese is child abuse.


Fluffy: You need custom clothes for all the wrong reasons!

Benjamin Kozoolin

Good stuff, and thanks for putting the ads at the end ??. It’s good that way so that those who think you deserved compensation for your time can offer it

Almahdi Alsharef

That fat Spanish guy is so overrated he's not funny at all

Pankaj Bairagi

This video inspired me to drop my BMI from 32 to 21

MadLad 489

Ahhh fat jokes

apathetic marsupial

Calling fat people fluffy is like calling a turd chocolate.

joe papi

28 fat ppl mad ??‍♂️

T Rock

Commercial free comedy? What planet is this? Oops, a pun.

Toby McGroby

Fluffy dude reminds me of Pablo Francisco, his Hot-Topic voice, & his Gary Coleman style Cajun food eating taxi driver


Bill Burr creams my corn.


Alcoholism is the best disease...Norm MacDonald

Deadman X

0:10 can anyone tell me where is it from

Bryson Cherry

Broad jump joke.?


Personally I embrace my fatness by writing poetry about it:
I’ve always been health conscious
In both my mind and body
I tend to see the doctor
If I’m feeling rather groggy
I noticed just the other week
I’d put on lots of weight
To see my caring doctor
I didn’t hesitate
He made me stand upon the scales
And weighed me there and then
I said, “There’s something wrong with those
I can’t be twelve stone ten!”
He looked at me and said to me
“I’ll give it to you straight,
You’re eating far too much these days,
You need to lose some weight....

Bi- Han


Julio Sanchez

Fat people lives matter !

Peter Donahoe

More please! Love fat jokes/truths.

dmonarre dmonarre

Dear god, the Sopranos clips in there makes you a hero!

Kunal Jadhav

what movies are those scenes from?

Stalin's Moustache

When you're obese you're brain is tuned into a larger diet,your brain is focused on eating a lot of the time. It takes a mental toll and ends up leading anxiety,depression,etc. It is a disease just a different kind. Love the humor though,but that is a common misunderstanding

Magic man

Gabriel is funny.. but he tells his jokes like he's talking to kids.. I can only do so much

preston nguyen

I've never met a happy skinny person.

Tired Lyfe

Feel weird saying this but I kinda enjoyed that last 1 minute of outtro music. LOL

Jason R

I’m not getting fat with this ending music dammmnnn

Daniel Wolf

You should put some jim gaffigan on these

Paul Green

4:54 doesn't matter how many times I see that scene it still cracks me up ?