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Why do men look at other women?

Why do men look at other women?10 Apr. 2019
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Why Do Men Look At Other Women?

I was out at dinner the other night, and I couldn’t help but overhear a group of women talking about “Why do men look at other women?” And by “other” women, they meant why do their boyfriends look at other women.

IMAGINE: You’re with your boyfriend (or husband) in your favorite restaurant, having a great time together. And out of nowhere, an attractive woman walks by your table. You look on as the man you love turns his head, scans her up and down, and his eyes linger just a little too long on her chest, or her backside.

Suddenly there’s a surge of emotion in you… jealousy, anger, pain, insecurity.

A rush of questions runs through your mind:

Does he want her?

Does he think she’s more beautiful than me? More desirable?

Is he attracted to me anymore?

The reality is that ALL men visually appreciate women. (I’ll explain “appreciate” in a bit.) ALL men do this – not just your guy, not just players, and not just cheaters.

EVERY guy looks at women.

In fact, even at the very beginning of your relationship when you thought it was all exclusive romance for each other, he would still occasionally see women that were attractive and glance their way. It’s simply a fact of how men function.

This topic comes up quite a bit in the emails I receive, as well as the conversations I get into with friends. It got so popular at one point that I spend a few days just researching this topic completely in order to explain it to women.

RANT WARNING: This is a topic that comes up VERY frequently for me. It’s one of the biggest points of contention in some relationships.

I also have a lot to say on the topic as I understand BOTH men and women’s point of view about this. So please be aware that I may rant a little bit as I go through the reasons why, as well as explaining why you don’t really have to be worried.

And so, with that, we ask:

Why Do Men Look At Other Women? – And What To Do About It!

Now, I need to start out by explaining a few things about what you DON’T know about why men check out other women. It’s important because you may have some assumptions that are faulty. I want to clear these up first…

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW #1: Men are not trying to disrespect you…

A common misperception that people hold is that, if someone is doing something that hurts or offends you, they’re purposely disrespecting you.

When it comes to why men look at other women – I want to explain to you that what YOU think is disrespect is actually only your interpretation of his actions.

What I mean is, men almost NEVER intentionally set out to disrespect you. No more than you would intentionally try to be needy or clingy with him, right?

In fact… most people never even consider if what they’re doing is “disrespectful.” It’s simply NOT the first thing that you check in your mind before doing something.

We are all just busy living our lives out – trying to get by, have some fun on the weekend, and not get into trouble along the way. We don’t agonize over whether something we’re about to do is considered “disrespectful.”

People almost NEVER set out to be disrespectful. It’s only seen as disrespectful by the person who feels like they were disrespected.

In the end, we’re all just trying to get our own needs met.

Unfortunately getting our own needs met is everyone’s first priority. We start with our own needs, and then move on to YOURS.

Is it rude for men to look at other women?

Well, if he can’t get control over his scanning behavior while he’s with you, yeah I’d say that it can quickly become rude. He should be able to rein it in a bit.

Let me ask you: Have you ever TOLD him that ...

To find out what you need to ask him - WATCH THE VIDEO!


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Carlos Cavallo

Dating Advice Guru



Why do men look at other women?

Comments (86)
Debbie Howes

Nature of the beast. Looking & gawking are two completely different things. Hey I look at a good looking man too doesn't mean I want to sleep with him, rather I appreciate the beauty..don't forget ladies men are looking at you too!

xjabs cjksa

Be glad he ain't gay

Mary Oliver

Ok so here's the thing. At 54 years of age I've learnt that women need to reprogramne their brains to appreciate male 'beauty' more. Remember we are hard wired to pick the best looking male out there - so go have fun girls! ?

Steven Vargas



If they want to oogle, just let them go.


I struggle with this from time to time, there are pretty women everywhere and I get insecure at times. But if I’m honest with myself, I do it too. I look at handsome men and women all the time. I’m not imagining them naked or anything, that’s disrespectful(to my husband). But we are human and notice other humans. We need to remind ourselves that, especially when we feel they are checking someone else out. I know not everyone can appreciate the beauty of another person without feeling like cheater, but realistically if there is mutual respect, it will never go past a look.

maries tel

I strongly disagree, looking is different from scanning their body

Brytanika Gonzalez

Carlos, I will be honest, I used to be one of those woman who got mad but I found out it was in fact because I was secretly insecure. Now I will be the one to point out a beautiful woman and share that experience with my husband. I'm showing him that I trust him and I'm secure with myself and our relationship. I know it's really hard for some woman to do but you can do it ladies and you'll find that your man will not only appreciate you more but respect you more.

Zamudio Beauty

F this! Its BS! I’m not tolerating it. I’d rather be alone than put up with my husband gawking in front of me and my niece in public. There are men that don’t stare. I’ve seen it. I’m not threatened because my husband tells me I’m his true love and I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever met. But then he stares at other woman????? I’m curvaceous. I can make heads turn as well. He doesn’t like me flaunting it so I don’t. Because I respected him enough. But for him to turn around and gawk at other women, ENOUGH!!!!! I find woman attractive as well. I find some men fine as hell!! But I learned not to stare to respect my husband. And he can’t do the same for me. I call BS!

Tammy Atkins

Sorry the bible tells us if a man looks at a women with lust they have committed adultry , totally disrespect to their wife's and girlfriends what nonsense that people have no self control


Sorry but I know of MANY men who CAN control themselves and DON’T look at other women in an obvious way when with their partner. And in every case, they are particularly smart men. Men are not animals. Yes we all are still greatly affected by our caveman brains. But we also can rise above it easily. And in case you didn’t know, women are visual too. They just link emotions more easily to actions. So they see how it will make their partner feel. And so don’t. And smart men, can easily do the same.

Free Bird

Then men should not view their women as disrespectful if they do the same. But we know that's not the case. We simply don't allow ourselves to be so inconsiderate in the presence of our men. That consideration doesn't cross men's minds.


Self control is something everyone needs. It is different. A man doesn't NEED to check out EVERY woman. If you are in a committed relationship, that is it. You have your person. Stop looking elsewhere. If men want women to have control of their emotions, you damn well better make sure the men are controlling wtf they are looking at. I'm tired of people making excuses for men. Just because you do not intend to hurt/disrespect someone, doesn't mean you didn't. The solution is not to be more sneaky about your behavior, the solution is to stop looking at other women like you don't have what you want right in front of you. When men do this, they are putting their woman in a competition she never asked to be in. While some women are okay with this, a lot are not. After you express this concern to your man, and all he does is become sneaky about it, that is so much more disrespectful. You know you are hurting your woman, and you DO NOT CARE TO CONTROL YOURSELF. I also do not like how women are nowadays. They are sexually objectifying themselves and I think its sad, they are feeding into the bullshit. Control yourselves or don't get into a monogamous relationship. Most infidelity starts with "just a look", "just a convo", "just this" and "just that". So no, you shouldn't be checking out other people in a relationship. No way to justify it in my opinion. "you have something the other woman does not have-history-connection" He can have that with other women. No one is exempt from the possibility of connecting with someone else. So saying that is just something to say to make someone feel better.(maybe) Definitely not reassuring. Lastly, women shouldn't have to tell their man how to be respectful and behave. They had parents for that.

Nhemraila Palanggalan

Thank you for sharing this, it drives me crazy thinking over and over again why he's looking at other women. Now I understand :)

S Smith

I really like Carlos videos! But, I have to disagree on this one. In my experience, the guys I could trust almost ignored other women. They treated any interaction with other women very businesslike. The men I found out that i could not trust, looked at other women and there interactions were more flirty. Two guys that acted this way ended up dumping me for that woman! Yes, she was a big threat and he was untrustworthy!

Widad 2017

"One day i caught My husbund looking,i slapped him immediatly .


Evolutionary science are you kidding g me? This is 2020 dude. We have evolved in case you didnt k ow. Which means we are smarter hopefully. Otherwise men would never be able to keep a woman.

Francine Gray

I'm usually with you 100% on most everything, but have to make a serious point here. A refined man has some discipline. The so-called "high value man" has something called discretion. Doesn't mean they don't notice, but they handle their impulses properly when with their significant other.

We, as women, don't fix ourselves up to go on a date to be ignored, made the butt of jokes, compared to other women. We don't want our men to be visibly noticed as sloppy in their treatment of us. Seems even you, Carlos, don't realize how important this is to women.

Let's really drop the usual line of women being "insecure" -- what we feel in public when the gaping is too obvious and continuous is DISRESPECTED! We feel foolish in front of others who notice, and especially those women who play it up to get attention. And HE responds with no self-control! Side-boob chick responds to her target, and she sees him right away. Meanwhile, we feel it signals to others in the room that our man isn't into us, or that his behavior is sloppy and we're tolerating it. It's just not cool, and male "evolution" is no excuse!

BTW, agreeing with Mary Oliver below - we really need to pay attention to male beauty much more than we do.


That is such a copout excuse and that's bullshit
Men like women all have choices. Stop making excuses, men just want to have their cake and eat it too and if that's the case then they should stay single until they decide to act mature and to control their own eyes hands body etc.
If he does it after you've told him how it makes you feel upset then hes just a piece of shit. Thia guy is a guy ie hes going to try and convince every woman out there that men cant help themselves and that's bullshit!!
And guys let me tell you this. If you do that and continue to disrespect the woman of your life just know that by doing that you will not be happy cause if shes not happy in the relationship and happy with your choices then your not going to be happy in the relationship. So just do the right thing if you want to keep the relationship and be happy but if you keep disrespectful towards her then you will never be respected! Respectful behavior deserves respect. Disrespectful behavior does not. ? and let me state also there is a difference between glancing and going out of their way to check out her entire body. I'm talking about a man that is looking at her every crack and curves. Not just glancing to avoid running into someone people. Thank you

Ali Arsenal

I feel all those feelings. My husband has been glancing at the young woman at a supermarket lately. Everytime we went there, he does that. And I also noticed he would offer to get the price of those foods I buy because that girl is on that department. So, we stumble with that girl today and he still does that thing even after I told him how I hate it. It's like... if that girl would date him, he would leave me for her. What would you suggest? Apart from that, some women he glance is not that pretty so I'm not that insecured. For that woman on that supermarket, yeah I do because she is younger than me and kinda cute.

Steven Vargas

Men and women look at ass

Atreyee Chakraborty

I don't think it is normal. Then you will also say that sleeping with other women is also normal. Do you know how cheated we feel every time our men check out other women? They can control it, if they are sensitive enough to our feelings. Please do not call it normal.

nofy bn

No, you don't understand both. Wrong. IT IS DISRESPECTFUL. PERIOD. It is not my interpretation, it is FACT. Looking at women will get you in trouble, so not get in trouble along the way? Bull. They can rise about it, they choose not to. Men don't "appreciate" women.

Anonymous One

Womem also look at other men too..i friend's don't be feeling to secure you men

shirley feltham

Thanx Carlos I agree somewhat with what you say but if tables were turned so that it was us checking out the guys when with our partners how would they react ???

Steven Vargas


Julie foreverlost

This video is dead on. Except I say "its because men are programmed to be reproductive" that's just the flat out truth! so yes everything else and everything you say on this video is absolutely correct. But for me since my husband is addicted to porn and is a sex addict it's kind of hard to not get what you mentioned "into defensive mode" when I notice him checking them out? I put blockers on our TV code past numbers ect. I've had to get rid of our internet plus I had to cut the cable cord to our antenna TV. But he'll go as far as to looking at female clothing catalogs, recording the 1-800# commercials late at night with his cell phone that doesn't have any minutes and is somewhat broken His old phone. he'll go as far as pausing the history and watch history on YouTube even though I've got it set so he can't look up certain videos, but I can't put a restriction code number on it. Yeah so for my situation it's a little hard to not actually honestly get sad when I noticed him looking. It's even more heartbreaking every time I search and look and spy on him somehow I always find something, something that shouldn't be there. Recently it was stealing the mail, my female clothing catalogs. His old phone was a smartphone and it cost to much to watch those videos on those phones. So he couldn't pay for one for quite a while cuz you don't have a job . And then he broke it finally one day when we got in an argument and I found more on it. I've been asking him to get rid of it for over a year now. But now finally he has a simple flip phone that only has minutes and text messages. But I find a flash drive here and there once in awhile, or a catalog. You name it I always find something, always finding something. Can you do a video on this one Carlos? A little deeper when it comes to this kind of problem. I never had a clue until it happened to me and I studied and researched it. I hate technology!!! I can definetly say that. In the beginning of our relationship almost 6 years ago now, I was never insecure around him. I thought I had finally found that perfect relationship not completely perfect but pretty dang close. We did everything together we never wanted to hang out with friends all night or on the weekends. it was always me and him, and we were fine with that we're both content. I thought our relationship was built on being each other's best friends, being companions. I didn't think it was all about sex, let me clarify that he was not deprived of it either. And we dated for a year before we got married been married a little over 5 now. But now? Am I insecure? yes I am! I'm 47 years old and I still look like I'm in my 30s. Never had a problem attracting a male or went without boyfriends. So yeah my security level is really low these days, with him that is.

Sonia Richard

You know what ladies? Stop being classy and respectful...look at men too! Will See now who is insecure! Im so fed Up with their primitive brain thing of an explanation!

Anonymous One

I like looking at other men.J Park with no top on etc



Liz Rain

Women don't check out other men?

Mel Mel

Thank you sharing, it helps put things into prespective.

Tea Time

OR...women are insecure because men look all the time, even when we give ourselves to him whole heartedly and physically. Insecure is not the answer like all men try to throw at us. Men make us feel that way when they look and like and follow other women.

Kiera Williams

This helped. Thanks!

Linda Wal

This video i do not agree with. yes time to time...but do not like when i check out other men (even when I check them out very little and only time to time) I think women are insecure because men do it all the time because society allows them to and even encourage it. Is disrespectful and annoying. Whenever I check out other guy too my men were unhappy with that..why it should be ok for me??? pain is pain...for "both of us"... .I think men should keep it at minimum in front of their gfs.

tracy Hebbert

Yes told him and he told me im crazy im mad im insecure, i cry at how he sees things. IT hurt alot

Rob Brouwer

Men do not need to look at women when they are in a relationship. The temptation is always there but it is a mans choice to indulge in it. A man should definitely look when he is single as a woman should but when he finds a partner he does not need to continue. A woman can also look and is just as tempted but chooses the relationship. It is RUDE & INCONSIDERATE whether the man is with his partner or she is not around. A secure man decides whether he is taken or not. This video makes men look back and downplays the situation.

alexandria maquinana

What if he kept looking at the girl ?

Help Desk

Imagine you being my therapist and I m really on my period. Damn you gotta be licking down there and murmuring those soft youthful words in my ears.
You are one dirty schoolboy Carlos ;{0}


What will happen if a woman looks at another man?

chitra patel

Like what is this ? A man defending and making excuse for their shit behaviour ? Ridiculous and he’s like I’m neutral ??

Anonymous One

My partner sees photo's of women in underwear in the daily paper he buys...he knows they will be in there and it hurts me but still carries on buying it everyday of the week.Says he will never change the paper for a different one.I'm thinking of ending it...i can't live like's too miserable.a thing to have to deal with on a daily basis.


This video was bullshit

Honey Baby

This made me sad ?? I've been so emotional lately it's pathetic lol

Brandi Miller

Oh... ok so I’m just supposed to accept it! Right?
Not no but hell no! If I was checking out another man he wouldn’t except it! Why should I have to accept him mentally cheating on me?

If I love myself and value myself I will remove myself from people that make me feel jealous and insecure! It’s not her fault because she’s just minding her own business... but the problem is HIM!

I am a married woman but if I catch him looking at a woman! (Yes he’s probably done it) but if I catch it I’m done with him and he knows it too!

I told him if I catch you looking at other women I’m leaving you and I will find another man that night I do not care!

I have a son with my husband too! If My son ask me why his dad and I are not together I would make a trip to go see his daddy in front of him and tell him I want you to explain to our son that you have wondering eyes and that’s why I can’t be with you! you didn’t consider my feelings when you did that so I’m not going to consider yours! Then I’d look at my son and tell him Let that be a lesson to you! If a woman loves herself at all she is not going to stay with a man that makes her feel jealous and insecure!

I’ll do it just to let you know that you are not the only man in this world and if you have options I do too!


Men have a choice too, to disrespect their partner and relationship, or control themselves, they are adults, they know what they are doing and what it does to us, they just do not care!
Why is it always us catering to them and making excuses for their messed up bullshit behavior??

Carrie Haines

? this was soooo me!!! ? Lol. I do understand now. I was extremely insecure! Growing up as a kid I went through some tough times. I grew up thinking that all guys wanted "one thing" so, I was scared of them. Of course that is true, that all guys do want sex, but so do woman. And, we are visual too. Just not in the same way. Does that make sense? Lol. Idk. Thank you for sharing.

Mwadjuma Mukamfizi

Hahaha I was going to dinner with my guy i swear this guy who was taking me to dinner see a guy walking on street he turn his head took at her I am lik are u kidding me lol I really wanted to slap him but I was like don’t rude the date so I let it slide lol we had awesome date I will rather him doing it in my face instead of sneaking

Jennifer Villarreal

Men should respect their women, who cares if she got a big butt or she’s really attractive or whatever. Being a good boyfriend/ husband also shows faithfulness in what we see and observe PERIOD.

sara dwyer

So men still are cave men, nice?

Anonymous One

Also please don't think to yourself women are that much different to men on the visual attraction of a man or other men.I can tell you now as a woman i most certainly notice other men..all the time actually.


Why shouldn't they? Why does a dog chase a cat?


Oogling and commenting ,gross behavior,rude and foreshadows whats to come.

Latisha Williams

I expect fit men to look at women. I, as a woman, look at other women. I look at me too, but I don’t stare at other men’s crotches while in the presence of my mate out of respect. Looking and staring are two different things. At some point it becomes more disrespectful than insecurity for the woman.

Vana Phill

Men are visual! Deal with it! Help him look at pretty girls.

yogitha mohan

You know what you should do some yoga , meditation and correct your “evolutionary wiring of brain” and stop supporting the content that men can see other women . What a 15 minutes of lame excuse? You love your lady , that’s it ! You don’t need to see other ladies and moreover u can ask ur needs to ur lady rather than being a jerk and watching other girls like a jerk ! I am not supporting this content. Instead of that make a vedio of preaching on how to correct the wiring and release of dopamine ! When man is born it’s coz of Nine month of struggles the mother suffers ! Whenever a female gets periods she bares the cramps and also we have to adjust this crap truth ! Why can’t men adjust their wiring and respect these facts ! Change your thinking !!! It’s not any evolutionary wiring nor crappy theory or process . It’s just a disgusting and fucking lame excuse for 15 minutes. Grow up boy !

La belle Camilla

Thx for the awesome video that you shared with us, I have a question for you Carlos, my question goes like...let's we suppose to see each other this weekend turn out 2 week's we watched a movie and he went out to get something... and I go to look for another movies guess what I found guys????? a women naked picture on it what should I do, should I talk about it or should I keep quiet?????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Pip Mordo

Well women are also hardwired to chose taller, muscular and wealthier men. I wonder how my partner would react then


I'm so sad that heterosexual women should mate with the animals. Nature made a bad mistake. I protest that opinion that women should learn the tricks to get what they want and deserve.

Karen L

My bf looks quickly but he does it over and over again. I get angry because he should be able to look once and then stop. He says he doesn't realize he's doing it. Could that be true? I don't believe him.

Mo Person

This is an ad


Women, time to embrace your “biological impulses” and openly look at other men. All hell will break loose ?

Barnzy Barnzy

I told my man that when he sees me looking at another man it's nothing bad, it's my inner nature to the physical attraction that other man has... ?

Sharleen Placek

Why dont we just say the truth, that it not true that men are wired differently because women can act the same way. Many men and most women do not act this way, so therefore, it's not about being wired differently it's simply the fact that many men use this excuse to be selfish and narcissistic and in this day and age many women have become selfish and narcissistic too.


What do MEN think of a women checking out other guys when she is with him? ...he is Not good enough and the other guy is better. So there you go.

Sha Bamm

Why wouldnt you think woman dont have the same built in craving? Lol

Da Pam aka Measure Twice

You did an excellent job in this video. EXCELLENT! Thank you ?

Kelly Andersen

Thank you for helping me understand. I feel some relief!


If they can look and not resist then we can get emotional with other guys????

Ann Stark

I just look at other men back the same way period! Take that asshole. He will learn or he wont .

Cyn Dee

How about the ones that spend more time with porn than with his able and willing woman? Can you do a video on how to deal with men who have porn addiction please!

Ms Howell

Absolutely not true. Class is Class...Either your man has it or he doesn't No Excuses. Respect is Respect. Self discipline is demanded of us all. If u don't want a lower classed life don't marry or date a lower classed fello.

terry smith

Woman are hurt and what men do not understand is that their woman becomes distant. It would be better at home if they put that outside energy into their relationship and checked their partners out more. A man does have control whether he looks or not. When I am with a woman I really care about I am not as tempted. I rather go home and be with her. We have a better sex life too! There are only so many times you can be disrespectful. When a woman looks away and tries to pretend it isn't happening all that has an impact on your relationship. Come on guys! Cut the crap and be true to your partner.

Marsha John

This is BS. I’ve studied it. His view is based on old research.

Pat M

Bullshit! That behaviour is to make women feel insecure, and to boost those men's ego. It's disrespectful and women should not tolerate it. Men are not wild beings without brain or feelings. If he checks other women frequently, maybe he is looking for someone else...

Rob Brouwer

Correction to my previous comment below. Very last sentence. This video gives men an OUT and that is wrong. It downplays what men are doing. A man has to decide what he wants, whether to be single or taken.

cece h

Hi Carlos. I ve been In a relationship for 2 years. And my boyfriend have been going on a rant with me. Accusing me of calling another guy baby. When I was calling him. Is he going crazy or doing this for me to breakup with him. I sent him a music video this morning and I never heard back from him. Should I reach out to him?

jenifer empenio

hello Carlos cavallo!
from Philippine

Asim Anand

My suggestion to women start staring at other men.. if there are beautiful women then there are handsome men too . just start doing this and let them feel the way you feel

L 611

Mandatory to look at other women? Lmao! That's bullshit lol And then its the woman's fault?

Much Dutch

No. Not every man does this. It isnt normal so dont try to justify a bad habit. It IS disrespectful. It DOES have to do with his choice. Unbelievable.

Real Talk New York With Janique

I enjoy looking at other men especially if they have a sexy body now I am free to do it openly

JEM Topaz

This is a sexist answer. Of course it's his nature, and yes it releases endorphines. So what. What about the women. This causes distance.

June Gerber

For all you guys "struggling" with this lust thing....... let's compare apples to apples here.
Men are visually stimulated.

Woman are stimulated by physical and/or emotional touch.

A man looks at a woman and (within 3 seconds) has mentally decided if he would or would not want to have sex with her.
(anyone who doesn't believe this is the actual mind processes of a man - is out of touch with reality)
If the answer is yes it's because he determine that she is attractive/hot/sexy/pretty/cute/etc. (pick something).
If that particular man decided to tell his partner that he thinks the other woman is attractive and women are smart enough to know that he has made that determination based on his conclusion that he would be willing to have sex with her.

Men want the luxury of being visually stimulated and feel they should be allowed to do so without judgement.
Here is where the apples to apples comparison comes in.

We, women, are stimulated by physical and/or emotional touch so in order for us to have a similar experience to men's - we need to have some sort of "interaction" with the men we find attractive.

So men - Wise up and recognize that your partner is probably jealous because she hasn't given herself permission to "interact" with other men for the physical and/or emotional connection (i.e. massage, hugging, intimate conversations, quality time, etc.) she would need to experience a comparable feeling to what you are getting out of "noticing" how attractive other women are.

The next time you are feeling so sorry for yourselves for being misunderstood by your partner - realize that she doesn't misunderstand you at all! She GETS YOU!! That's what pisses her off! And if you don't want her to be pissed off - give her complete permission to go get a full body massage from the hottest man in town and spend the rest of the night with him sharing her feelings. That experience would (most likely) put her in a similar mindset as you allow yourself to go into every time you look twice at other attractive women!

ONLY if you give your partner your blessing for her experiencing a similar mental rush ( in a way that pleases her ) to what you get from getting turned on by 'looking' at other women, can you give your own self permission to do what you do!

Men you aren't stupid - you are just selfish!
Either STOP sharing your own minds with other women - or start sharing your woman's mind with other men!
If you don't want to do that then let that be your motivation to just stop!!
It's a choice! That's it - A CHOICE!!

Pinay Trucker GIRL USA

Thank you for sharing this video! Helps me understand better.. I remember when I first noticed my man starring at other woman, I got hurt but now I just ignored it.

Zhihui_Jamly Miller

yeah right. men's nature is thinking with their dick. well. women nature is emotional driven, ladies, let's fantasizing some other hot guys when we have sex with our partner, than emotional attach to other guys while with our partner n not paying attention to our partner n not caring how they feel as well. ask them to understand, cuz that's our nature. How does that sounds to you Carlos?

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Military Wolf

I thought I was a girl, but it was like I was wrong

nursyafiqah mzbd

se hee looks so much like Ailee, and jinkyu.. are you yong junhyung’s twin? hehe i am a huge fan of them both so now i am a huge fan of se hee & jinkyu too!! ❤️


The editing of the video is HILARIOUSSSSS!!! ?? I can't stop laughing at Hoseung's acting on the gf bf shopping. Give the editor a raise!


Not only is Hoseung cute, but also really funny.
That part, 9:10 ? Husband material.

19EEE1025 Simran Sodhi

Can we appreciate the fact that Jinkyu at least knows that there is a colour called burgundy and has an idea of what it looks like?
I've had guy friends call burgundy maroon and brown...

Avantika D.

How does this guy know so much about women....hoseung u r every girl's dream ?

El Lorenzo

Men : struggling to remember color like trying to memorize chemistry table
Women : which colors make her looks more prettier

Kur Norock

It's easy to understand all of these. All you have to do is say "The girl thinks this way because women are just irrational adult children."

Itz Shadin

I've been watching this series for the longest yet I still don't know the different between the "Red Brick & Red Wine & Red" lipstick colours lol


Love you guys!!!

Dian Sari

4:10 this is so true. My brother always do this to meet his friends. He does'nt even take a shower. His body odor is the first thing you have to smell in the morning until he finally take a shower before go to sleep. Gross human ever!

James A

2:40 aw that's horrible... bull.


Sehee has some of the best reactions, plus she is so beautiful.


I'm hearing Jisoo's voice lol

Moo Cow

Bro. The stool.


I thought Ho seung's point about girls noticing more details about each other was actually probably pretty true but it got shut down pretty fast.

cookie s

The girl in blue t-shirt voice is so husky


Hee jae and Se Hee are so pretty face hair outfits everything i mean girls actually do like complimenting each other but they r so prettyyy fr .

Leticia Moreira

i see what men see. a seat instead of the clothes

Hanifah Fauziah

Hoseung is so cute ❤️

Alyssa Rose

I appreciate the fact that he used the term “Crescendo”.

-A band kid

Zohal Malestani

Hee Jae is really beautiful?!

Lima Pongen

The frst meme is not for Korean guys ????

poul tiongco

jin kyu looks like hes been smoking weed ?

Jhoy Camille U. Hernandez

Is it just me who thinks that the girl with blue shirt sounds like Jisoo of BP

John Ezekiel Gabriel Fernandez

Very well said 호승

Saem Dean

Hoseung is sooo experienced when shopping with girls ?

Chloe Lim

I cant stop browsing this channel rn

Kakashi Sensei

Ho Seung knows the right way to compliment a girl 11/10

Ship Incognito and Anonymous

The girl in blue jumper looks like Sana from Twice like seriously. (not that kind of serious lol)

Piotr Miszczak

Men can see 3 colors: Cool, Gey and Shitty


How many got into a argument after they filmed this? Lol Guys save yourself the stress tring to figure them out.

Sharay ytfhj

Really, the thing of colors, I'm a girl and I don't really use any specific color, like ''eggplant'' wth is that HAHAHAHAH

Flemming Pedersen

Very interesting videos to watch , i really like Se Hee , she looks really beautiful .

pratimaa gurung

that girl with the blue top lowkey sounds like JISOO from BLACKPINK.


commenting in crescendo

D Na

Then.... I'm a guy??? 555555

Jade Mchugh

Ive had to, HAD TO follow these guys on Instagram. So much fun to watch!

Metshet Abraham

9:22 beautiful ?

Bea Manlangit

About the colors,it is because us women have double 'X' chromosome and men have only one.

Muhammad Ihsaan

The guy beside the white top women looks like korean yuki kaji?

Varsh Ni

Jinkyu reminds me of BTS Suga.. SO MUCH!

Yooo immabrawler

I ship the beast and seehee


I don’t like fake person.


Some things are just so universal ?

Mohd Haziq Mohammad Zawawi

Why I keep hearing Jisoo ?

Dovla Cro

8:42 How to end shopping fast:
SHE: Do I look fat in this dress?
HE: You don't need dress for that.
P.S.: No sex next few weeks.


1:30 We call that kind of thing shit testing. That's not cool, ladies.

Tony Giardina



i just knoow Hoseung's girlfriend will be the luckiest

Nikki Nguyen

the complimenting technique

Ms Trabajales

I didn't expect the lipstick coming from the breast pocket


Hoseung & Sehee ❤️

Ragini Rawat

That cow ? animation thing at 2:40 w/ his 'hmmmm' ????????

Shweta Bhattarai

I was Wondering Where I heard HeeJae's voice..then I remember HeeJae Sounds Pretty Similar Like BLACKPINK's JISOO..


Jin gyu's tendencies and reactions remind me of Chanwoo from iKON ?

Aymen DZ

Mad respects to whomever edits these videos !

injun moomin

hoseung looks like jinho from pentagon? STAN PENTAGON

Carla Ruíz

I don’t know why but the girl with bangs and blue t-shirt has a very similar voice to Jisoo from Blackpink ?


The cow going across the screen lmfaoooooo

AaRaR 4 lyf

Hio seung: mmh.......
Editor : "enter cow images"


a woman wants an outfit to fit her mood and the occasion

Diane Sheldon

My husband always calls the chair in the changing room area the “sap chair”. Because it’s for the poor saps who got conned into going clothes shopping and have to wait around.


Ho Seung and Se Hee's chemistry is no joke. They are hilarious together LOLOL!!! I cant even with Ho Seung acting two different roles hahaha And the crescendo of praises! Boy is he experienced in this ;)

Yenny L.

Best pairing on the channel are them

Joann Huggins

2:40 the cow...???????

Nisha Chakraborty

The girl in blue sounds like kim jisoo

Bonti Rani Toon

The color topic is really true when I say its navy blue but there goes my Dad and my brother saying its not navy blue its black. My gosh my life with them ??

Esmond Goh

6:30 them9ments they say that, I think of Rain

Rhea M

These are the best pairs! ?


The animal sounds XD


I'm a girl and I relate to the guys side more...

jk • 전국아

I’m with Jinkyu! I’m a woman as well but JUST SAY WHAT YOU MEAN

Jun Hao

Girls are always complicated at mostly everything


Hee jae is such a queen


2:41 Mmmmmmmm???

Chloe Price

I think that you should say what you feel, otherwise it’ll be confusing. Goes for both genders. We’re not mindreaders. Like Jinkyu said, what if the girl keeps declining? You should leave her alone cause you might end up doing something wrong if she actually doesn’t like it. Thank you for making these videos! I have already watched several!


I love this channel a looooot??


Girl: “How does it look?”
Hoseung: “Looks Great.”
Girl: “How does it look?”
Hoseung: “Pretty.”
Girl: “How does it look?”
Hoseung: “Totally COOL!”
Girl: “Do you think this looks different?”
Hoseung: “Yeah it looks different!”

Kayra Rivera

Is it weird that I think like boys and I’m a girl???

jung hoseok

he looks like yunho?? ateez one??



Rose Escritor

1:08 If I see them together, I immediately click the video.

Mark Anthony Alub

Ho Seung and Se Hee is the best partner of reactor


Why do I enjoy these so much xDDDD

Baka Jelly

bodybuilders be like why need a toilet when any mirror can flex ur body LOL

kim lisa

1:16 , which other girl felt him a bit annoying cause he could not understand a small thing ?

Ashley Dunna

I’m leaving this here for myself 4:32 don’t judge me

나는하지 말라고 말했다내 이름을 보지마

Hee Jae's voice is exactly the same of Jisoo from BLACKPINK at 1:20

Puddin' Tane

Hoseung, that beast giving relationship advice. Hilarious.


Am I the only one who thinks that taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom, or any bathroom, is really weird?

lariah bell

Sehee and hoseung are very compatible, I just love their duo

Rebeca Rathlef

O meme da Nazaré hahahahahahahaa


watching this I realize i transcend gender

r v

that cute "stop it stop iit !!!' at 1:52 AWWWWWWWWWWW

Suraj Mehetre

I have a question
if he is your boyfriend why would you lie about wanting to go home

Eric Lwk

this channel really does a good job representing men and women

Violent Serenity

Jinkyu I feel you, man.

Red Raid

Se Hee I love you???

Gfriend My love

The only thing I cant relate is the bathroom selfie and shopping
I never took a selfie in bathroom and I normally will go straight to the sofa when I went shopping with friends ??
I’m the type who will just grab what I want instead of hours contemplating

How men and women view sex differently

How men and women view sex differently11 Mar. 2015
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There's new evidence of

There's new evidence of just how differently men and women view sex. The "Sex and America" survey appears in April issues of both Esquire and Cosmopolitan magazines. Two thousand people shared opinions on everything from sex on the first date, to chivalry and even sexual assault. Esquire senior editor Richard Dorment and Cosmo executive editor Leslie Yazel talks about the different responses.

Comments (5)
Melanie Evans

The values of the lady in the green dress?

born free

Feminist are so dumb. There are biological differences between men and women. A scientific fact until 2018.

Melissa Gomez


Shaphiah Ross

I am sorry but I am a woman, no matter what sex you engage in you mix energy but to me it is an art not an intimate act.

Melanie Evans

Whether she is “empowered” or not, he wants it more often than her generally.