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How to Use Fing

How to Use Fing31 Aug. 2017
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Fing is a great

Fing is a great application when you need to find the IP address of a device on your network.

Here is a quick view of how to use it.

For more info watch that second video I made about Fing : https://youtu.be/yeugPhRKwdA

Filmed with that camera : https://geni.us/PMAnx80

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Buddy Webster

really....this app is worthless

Bendy The Dancing Demon

Funny intro by the way fing can also be downloaded on amazon.

Mwana gaming

now they shall be no mercy for my sister


Can u help me?
My cousins was connected to our wifi and i hate when they come to my house coz the internet is slowing down.

I want to block them

II BlessHerKekz

How can remove devices from my wi if


Hown do I scan my network on the app with my phone when I'm out and not connected to the network???


How do you unblock a device

Kingon Ree ree

Ho pubblicato

Skenderbeg Serbian Illyrian

Bro what is internet outages? It says" internet outages 20 in the world" what does that mean


Can you look at someone's website ip they visited?

womens wellness

thank you for the great information ~ this is off the subject of FING but what can you suggest for me ~I am on a public RV Park wifi, so I have no access to the router. I am trying to get better reception in a small building I built next to my RV ~ It has radiant barrier insulation and double insulated walls and I think it is impacting the ability for me to connect to WIFI ~ what can I do, or buy to improve my wifi connection without having access to the router but on a public system .. ..

Yt Vxtuo

How do you turn internet on that has been turned of

Hamza Adel

But how to get the removed device back to internet

Azhi Aziz

please how can i unbloak users i blocked before and now i want to unbloak can some one help


Hi,Can U Help Me?My Neighbors Are Using My WiFi, Atleast i think they do,When I Scan My WiFi It's Shows Me 7 Things,my Phone,My Mom's Phone,My PS4,My Generic (router)and other thing,but also an Samsung Phone And Xbox, That's im sure in 100% it's their,so how do I know?

Jai ッ

Idk if I trust it with all my IPs

khalill bm

Fuck you bitch


Brother keeps using tik tok so annoying so this the only way

Rubix cube

It only shows generics why

leo dean

I dont have fing though

suprise pikachu face

How do you remove the device temporarily?


do i use the permission thing

Sunildulal.342 dulal

How to block digicom net wifi hacker


It says mac addresses unavailable why?

Mz1 HD

How to block people from your wifi

kim Justine Estrella

why does it not scan all the wifi user?? please help me!!

Shaymaa Amer

But not all the devices show up when I use Fing ☹️


Is anyone here for fing youtuber?

womens wellness

how do you get rid of someone who has discovered you mac I.D. and is interfering with your time on the computer ~ Is this possible?

mon voisin

J'ai accidentellement appuyer sur WAKE ON LAN mais je ne suis plus capable de remettre le wifi pourrais tu m'aider sil te plait

Riyad mia

A flag video


Pls make video how to make a baby xD!


It didn't work


I didn't learn anything, what does this app do? What is it for? How to use it? The buttons? Etc

Kayden yap

How come it only shows my phone and my wifi router but I have a bunch of other devices connected too?


Im lazy toi watch the vid cuz im in school how do I kick people out of the wifi?

Elie KabbabeH

Dude , your English Sukks big time ... next time speak softer and pronounce the words so that we can understand what da Phokk you're saying .

David Nkwa

You are sure a legend hours of searching , you solved my nas issue in split seconds

syaikh ardan jabeer

how to unblock network was deleted

Corrupted Blade

can you change your device's MAC by using Fing?

Hamza Iqbal

Its not showing device name its showing “generic” ?

wahab wahab

why the devices on my network it only shows "Generic" it doesn't show what type this device is !


That one that one that one that one ??

mrpoopy mcnugget

Does remove device like bans the device? I need some help

Farzana Islam

I can't find the block option

xX2CHRIS3Xx 69

I tried deleting everybody but when i refresh it every device that was connected appears again what should i do ?

Synaptik 91

Is there any reliable way of getting an ipv4 adress from a mac?

No Comment

000that one264that one that one

ramro channel

Wifi user block kase kare

chapsforlife gaming

When you kick someone off dose it say name

Shedy Prince

This is the most useless video av ever seen ??

Fatima’s Live Life

what does it means when it shows some under named Generic? thanks

Yousif Abdullah

Help, I deleted my sister phone how do I let her reconnect her phone to the WiFi

sandip aryal


Samreen Samreen


Gelo Raymundo

How to fix if mac adress is not available?

Shine Your Inner Light

I am renting a furnished condo and the owner indicated he had a RING doorbell that was not functioning but it lights up so I believe something is off. I downloaded the FING APP and it shows my Amazon firestick and his Apple TV products and his computer and my computers. There are two devices with no names running on the network that have the same icon circle in dashes with a dot in the middle. The first is dp-620404NT and the second same symbol and dp-549400S4 both say Online and first seen on Wed, Sep 4, 7:.... are these cameras ? I am open to any advice to see if there is a hidden camera in the condo I am renting. Thank you !

Trappz 2k

Question if u remove someone from the WiFi can they join back

Thamr 12

Does it affect on internet connection speed?

When instead it it turns slower!


0:02 hahaha

Sask5788 8

The intro was scary and weird ??

Ramon omaR

How come my router sees my Raspberry Pi as 'raspberrypi', but Fing sees it as 'generic device'?

Wizzy Boy

at last i can block my sister from using my hotspot when i turn it on for my pc

Hao 1412

How to block device from conacting to your WIFI

mohamed irsad

Phone Dada capture app illaya


i kicked everyone off how do i bring them back

Randy Wilson

How can i track the websites that the unknown people are visiting? Help please?

Veronica Vila

How to block my wifi users plss answer me

Kingon Ree ree

Ho pubblicato

Leslie Glen

What does it mean if several devices are listed as "generic"? How can I find out which ones are which? I suspect my AppleTV is one (for example) but I have several listed...

Mada Lalej

the MAC addresses of each connected devices are not showing. HELP !!!

Jenny Cabusog

Hey bro , please help me to fix my phone can't connect wifi , I also do to change wifi ip address and it's connected but nothing to use it "no data" how can you help me? Please bro I really need it to fix

Noufel Gaming

Can i block people with this app


Please reply

laal land

After removing a device, how can we unremoved it ?


Will it permanently disconnect that device from your wifi?

Seema Gosavi

Its not working

Theoneandonlysomia M

i remove it but then it comes back why ?


I think he is mad


Is it possible to watch school camera’s with this?

cody hasula

How can i block hackers or users

Living Word

you legend

Andrei Santos

tem vírus fing 4.1.2 eu reiniciar GT2 bloquear


I subscribe to your channel

Fling App - Social "Experiment"

Fling App - Social "Experiment"1 Jul. 2015
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Also this makes me want to hang out with you weebs


Still with the beans

Vivian Baladji



blue snowball all the way

App Review! - Fling!

App Review! - Fling!24 Mar. 2015
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A quick review of the

A quick review of the picture messaging app "Fling". Fling lets you send or "fling" text, pictures, or short video to 50 random people around the world. It's a way to have one on one conversations with people around the world. It is anonymous so you get the good, and bad that come with that but over all it can be a unique way to speak with people in other countries you would otherwise never meet.

Get the App @ flingapp.co/

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Jay northstar

What the fuck I tried to sign up for a 10 service it charged me 60