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Top 10 BLACK MALE MODELS3 Apr. 2020
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#Models #ModelingTips #BlackModels


Black models face a lot of scrutiny and discrimination in the fashion industry. Nonetheless, the surge of black models, especially those of West African descent continues to rise. Many of these models are extremely vocal and speak out openly about the (lack of) representation of black models in the industry. This triggered Ashley Chew’s #BlackModelsMatter movement which, in turn, has inspired this video as I list the top 10 black male models who are working in 2020.

How to Start Modeling


One of the best ways to become a model is to start by attending agency open calls or doing an online submission as some of the models listed in this video did to begin their careers. Most of the Top Female Models in the world today are represented by IMG Models, DNA Models, Next Models, Society Model Management, and Elite Model Management.








▪️[eBook] How to Start a Modeling Career:



▪️Top 10 Female Models:

▪️How to Build a Model Portfolio:

▪️How to Start Modeling:

▪️How to Submit to a Modeling Agency:

▪️What Modeling Agencies Look For:

▪️Model Industry Lingo:

Comments (100)
Dajuan H.

We love to see it, so amazing ?!!!

Khadim Bamba

I want to be a model lol

Lee Lowry

Nicholas Kodua

laelson jesus



They are all dark skin ??

Ken Stankey

Kenya ?? its been my dream becoming a model

Michael Leonard

A Video about the most famous/successful agencies would be great
Talking where they are based, which (famous) people are signed by them
What kind of models they represent (fashion, commercial,...)

Thanks :)

Mike S.

Nice Video

Willie Lugo

Do a Hispanic please :)

Dario Werbowy

I think the biggest black male models are rob Evans and Tyson beckford forever


Thanks to valuate the black men models and allow next generations to be proud. From Lyon, France :)

Carlinhos Hair

Great!!! Im from Brazil!! And a love modelos negros!!!


Alpha Dia looks the best imo

Willie Lugo

Fresh Pepper, when all this is over, you should do a Pepper Army meet up. It’d be so cool to hangout with you, along with others.

suraj kamble

Alpha dia is best back model


all good. but where its Salomon Diaz?

Wise Naturalbodymaker

This guy is the number 1


It seems the sweet spot for hight is 6'1 - 6'2.

Dark Phoenix

I'm only 5'11 and a half so definitely not tall enough.

K Morgan

David Agbodgi


malick bodian

Gwayneth Llevares

Can someone be scouted even though she is from a different country???

Toya Marie

Can we for a moment appreciate the fact that they are all continental Africans. We need to see more of this

Erik Posadas

Do this for other demographics! Great vid

Scott Floyd

You really give great advice. I tell everyone about your page

Phila Mlaba

Cheikh Tall

Cons Mercado

Martial arts? Good luck its gonna mess up his face just like what happened to mickey rourke


Do girls latinas


Cool content ❤

Willie Lugo

Wow I like this video

mustafa elemine

wow! I hope one day I'll become famous model :) my favourite one on the list is Rachide Embalo

Cocoa Manz

My fave will always be Alton!! But please could you do one for the models who don’t have the general male model physique.

Alexandria Kingsman

Omg do top British Norwegian model's love to see that amazing perfect beauty :);)


Number 10 looks like my brother

ana telemaque


Godchild s

But theses guys dont really look Like A modeL. I do tho ?

steven atilade

awesome,but why we not seeing NIGERIANS


Wow this is great thanks. Would love to see more black male video types. It was pretty inspiring

melvin owino

FP u inspire me

Shelly T

I wish my son would model.... He's so shy

gerard lead

Nice video brother! What’s your own height and weight?


my top
1-alpha dia
2-alton mason

Seventy Can Dance

I’m here for it ?

Carolina Porto

This is literal perfection.

Xhang Acosta

Nah. Not in the list. FP ?

Abhinav Agrawal

Do brown models too please !

Rich Smith Fit

Suggestions for great skin care products for black men?


wish you had included khadim sock, jeremiah berko and ottawa kwame but your liston the money.

Seeing Beyond & Through with MONTE

Great video. This proves that in the modeling world. There is no such thing as light skinned privileged.

Peter Valtrain

Black bon travail

Shalom Osei-Bonsu

the world needs more Nigerian, Ghanian and Kongolese models

Слава Славный

Senegal, Senegal and Senegal too. :)

celine saummya

Why the black models are so gorgeous I'm in love with their charm ?

Hendrix Cole

You forgot about me :/


Sem duvida...Guine bissau... Hum... Melanina inesquecivel... Tal e qual a cor do meu filho... ❤️❤️❤️


None of them stood out to me as model material. I think back to models like Shemar Moore and Tyson they were the real deal.

Wise Naturalbodymaker

And this

marlon byrd

#10 sways, #9 picker, #8 totte, #7 stacker, #6 realm, #5 silence, #4 noted, #3 dates, #2 ruler, #1 washer Rainer,.

Peter Valtrain

Vrf rmt mw svp blakc


The way you Americanize their names ?????

Nakia Brown

No surprise there with the success of the Senegalese male models, they have a sizable population in Milan, Italy. I was in Milan prior to the pandemic, and they were super nice to me. There I was an African American from Brooklyn New York, in a foreign country where I don't speak the language. The Senegalese immediately gravitated to me, it felt great. They spoke very little English, but it was enough to have a conversation. I was very impressed, and felt connected to them, despite of our geographical location.

Amirah Sultaana

dapper_dan14 my favorite male model


Do this for other minority races

Tameka Thompson

Hi, my son is really looking to model his 16 years old how do we get started?

Hugh Roberts

Thanks for sharing this very informative

Shawn Williams

Nice! Good to see people of color on top! ?

Fourteen model management

We love what you are doing! Would you mind sending us an email on [email protected] we are working on a new app for models that we'd like to show to you!

prod. polaris

Yes Adonis! ?? on est là!!


You know this model Aj Harris?

victor eduardo

Porque me apareció en recomendos

Mojo K

Would be on that list soon ??? watch out 4 me

Black Route

Senegal = dark glowing skin, tall and slim.

Utkrist Nepali

Top 10 short height male model video please ??

Balder Flame

David AGBODJI...i like the

Samuel Gurung

Please do Asian male models please ??❤️

JLD Reactions

I don't know what's in the water in Senegal, but I have met some drop dead gorgeous Senegalese men and women.

Abbu Zain

I am model whats number 252617888604

Victor Robinson

Africa is all the rage...



Aizat Ahmad

Hope u will make a top asian model too

Marc Edwards

That shit hot?????? model life

Who Dis

Senegal absolutely destroying everybody. What a country!

Subramaniam Mahendthiran

Alpha Dia::)))

David Ames

What’s the soundtrack tho

Sheikh Sheikh

Well for ur Africa??

Fuck That Halilintars

Theyre so blacc theyre so darcc

Anthony West



Be honest. How hard would it be for me to be a model. I’m 178 cm that’s a little over 5’10, male,17, think I stopped growing

Pipe Mosquera

I hope to be soon on that list representing Colombia

So Chiella

Armando 38 where? It’s hard to pick favorite but maybe David because of his hobbies & outspokenness. Big up to my Senegalese brothers too!

Dario Werbowy

so, you didn't put your name? Ha


I luv everyone on this list. Fernando Cabral is however my favorite followed by Adonis Bosso and Malick Bodian

Rebel Room

Yes thank you fresh I'm a Senegalese model in Argentina and my favorite male model ever is Alton ??? ????

Samira Adiva

2:44 Wonderfulllllllllĺ


Nao conhecia nenhum deles, video otimo pude conhecer mais modelos maravilhosos


David is my favourite ??


Congrats to these men, but it seems to me like the industry has fetishized a very narrow black male appearance among a multitude of shades and features. I would like to see a more varied representation of black men.

Abdoul Ly

Senegal we out here❤️??

Adam K

Can i be male- skinny model? Because i am so skinny and i can't gain weight

The Look

The Look3 Jun. 2020
1 261 931

Created in 2019, “The

Created in 2019, “The Look” uses historical references and contemporary stories to highlight the bias experienced by Black men in America. The film helps to build empathy, change perspectives, prompt personal introspection, and bring people together for conversation. Produced by Saturday Morning with Anthony Mandler and Malik Sayeed, the film is used as an educational tool at institutions across the country. A discussion guide and background on the inspiration for the film can be found at

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Seth Pierce Beats

How do handsome guys watch YouTube videos?

Professional Gamers

Love from India ❤️

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“Stay with me for the 6 & 7 mints”
And the video is 8 mints?

3pt Rowdy

This man telling nun but the truth except on the sponsors

Spooky ninja

I have the same ball deodorant i should use it smells soo goood!


shiiid, i’m bout to look fine as hell ?


1.Expoliate lips with sugar syrup or toothbrush.
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Percy M'bola

Dude you are a salesman ?????

Agent EagleT

I can't believe I was already did that

Pro soccer fire

Females at the ball part: ???

The Only Gordan Freeman


kufesteezz official

Need help

Benny Garcia

the sugar scrub literally works my lips are smooth now?


It seems like a great idea to take a cold shower in freezing winter temperatures

Rlly great

zubaer shahriar

I like his acting though.....

shyamen 8

8 minutes hhmm

Azwad Daiyan

You live in which country?

Cherry .J

The way that he casually said “powder ur balls” LMAO ?

Abdul Latif Haruna

It is very effective

Siphosakhe Mvuyane

If Miguel had a twin

Emmanuel Boima

Kindy share the link for the fragrances please. Am new here

mango um!!

Me when he said shae hands my xprpnavirus

Mike Malone

The generic brand of the "aplha.m" channel lmao dude tries TOO hard to copy the other guys channel even the way he talks and moves LMFAO I'm surprised he didn't say "spicy señorita too! ?

Rohan More

Thanks sir

Arijit Mondal

Love from india

chenui Scott

Thanks Jose. I got my crush with your tips.thanks


So what if i put that thing on my genitals and i receive head would she taste the thing

Innocent Shreyan

hay sup!! can i get a reply or a ❤ back ??

Neo Bambo

This guy looks like Miguel


I’m from the Caribbean bro cold water is all I know???

Shingi Gareth

respect bruuv but i ain't gon look good just for women imma do it for me

Nancie Kezy

Mix water with sugar???

asif hussain

You guys need lota

Ravita L.

I'm a did i get here...

Tornike Batoni

How actually should i use sugar scrub?

rwambukirana Freddy

You are very hurry bro english is very dificult

Yandel Gaming

Am I attracted?

How You Do

Bruh he just calls himself handsome

PAldEN Gaming

Fuck up ur video ???

Ivana Tica

Im a girl but why did i click on this?

AVD 08

You are not handsome


Anyone here searching for time savers??

iTz_Hbk Rayy

Havent watched one of these in years ive been missing out

Domestic life



i live in greece how can i take the produkts pls answer me

haytham maatoug

Haha, last perfum name is significative: " assuré" means in french "self confident".
Guys : just be clean, healthy, self confident ( because you live once ) and you'll get what you deserve ( social recognition, love, happyness ). Don't be paranoid on how you appear, you are not supposed to be a model.


This is pure foolishness

Ljay Shotta

Imma start talking cold showers


I'll never understand why many people say girls like idc bout girls bro this for me anyone trying to change for a girl already lost

YT Tomar

After all that if still u r vergin then press dislike button ?

Waqar Khan

5.04M sub

Divyansh Goel

You are really the best on YouTube
For fashion tips and tricks



Mitch Ubiteb

I won't use cold water. Even in winter.

PickleGod Uno

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Kirabira Devis


Life In Reality

The way you tell the tips is the most helpful ❤ Im down

Hi Bum

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i feel like he says finally like everytime he gives a point lol

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too noisy

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I'm gonna try the powder thing though?????


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