Female erection

Erection Male Perspective vs Female Perspective

Erection Male Perspective vs Female Perspective22 Feb. 2012
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Men and women have different views on the 'lasting erection'. Men want to have longer erections. Meanwhile, they can be fighting an uphill battle if women don't know proper touch and technique for his pleasure. Teach her how to make you last longer.

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Donald Wilson

yea thats the way u do evry time u are near a man ''STOP GET AWAY IT HURTS AHHH''

Eric D

No words are necessary. It's all body language!


Fuck you.

MsCode ™

this has to be the weirdest JOI video I have ever watched . ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Michael Garcia

..I Went To A Club After Leaving A Seafood Restaurant And I Drank A Couple Of Beers At This Joint And I Was Enjoying The Live Music When A Hottie Came Up To Me And I Got Up From My Table To Greet Her And To Ask Her To Join Us In Our Table...But At The Moment I Got A Full Erection And She Noticed It Right Away As I Was Blushing ...All She Said Was It Like's Me As She Smiled :)

Lance Anthony

She’s a hottie


Nice.  Thanks for your video.  Helps a lot.

Video of Barack Obama showing his erection to female reporters on airplane

Video of Barack Obama showing his erection to female reporters on airplane13 Oct. 2016
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Why is this video leaking

Why is this video leaking out now that Obama is a few months away from stepping down? Wonder if CNN will be outraged.

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Female Erectile Dysfunction and the Broken Orgasm

Female Erectile Dysfunction and the Broken Orgasm16 Mar. 2017
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Taboo subjects, 3D

Taboo subjects, 3D printing, interviews about orgasms, dropping stuff on my head...this one is a much watch.

- Links and Sources -



https://www.instagram.com/micthevegan - @micthevegan

My Erectile Dysfunction Video:


Physical Female Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms:


Clitoral Erectile Insufficiency Resource:


3D model of clitoris:


Clitoral Anatomy Resource:


Growing body of Evidence that FSD is vascular:


Clitoral diameter for penis cross section comparison:


Penile Dorsal Artery "The dorsal artery with the average diameter of 1.9 ± 0.02 mm"


"Microarchitecture" of the clitoris https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1167479/pdf/janat00128-0003.pdf

Rabbit experiment:


Clogged Uterine Arteries Study:


"Fatty streaks are found in the aortas of nearly all children by the age of 3 years."


Heart donors "An atherosclerotic lesion was present in 136 patients, or 51.9%."


"...there has been a dearth [scarcity] of research concerning the physiology of female sexual dysfunction" http://www.nature.com/ijir/journal/v9/n1/pdf/3900258a.pdf

80% of people with chronic low back pain clogged arteries:


Unequivocal disc degeenration in 11-16 year olds:


Minor ED can trigger anxiety:


Whole food vegan diet unclogs arteries study:


Clitoral Blood flow in Elite Athletes:


Artery thickness: Omnivores: (0.74), Marathon Runners: (0.63) Vegans (0.56).


"Miraculously, while my previously non-existent sex drive came back with a vengeance...."


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Morgan S

This video is making me go vegan!

Chris Bowling

haha, awesome topic man!

spread the word, go vegan, get your sex drive back ladies ;) lol

Noeliah Bananah

could you do a review on the documentary that is on YouTube 'Carb-Loaded'. I am very interested in hearing what you have to say about the points made in this film.


00:44 Well, you are off to a scholarly start, LOL! As a middle aged female, I found this topic intriguing--it never occurred to me that the clitoris can experience circulatory deprivation the way the penis can--and your survey and further explanation of research on female sexual health useful. TFP!

Megan Lean

what a fascinating video!

Fanny Bass

You make me laugh so much!

M a r i a A n g e l o v a

This video needs to go viral!!!!! ???

Marissa Vogel

Sometimes, women experience pelvic floor dysfunction after childbirth and these pelvic floor muscles are the same that contract during orgasm! I've found that the actual positioning of your body during sex makes a huge difference but sometimes there's anxiety around "trying too hard" to hold posture. My absolute favorite solution has been the Bowchair... it helps with positioning and movement plus gives me the chance to get more creative with foreplay sans all the anxiety. It's a total relationship-saver investment! www.bowchair.com


Hi Mic, I love your videos! I would love to know your take on: SALT. There seems to be no 100% rule about it, there are as many researches that claim that too much salt leads to hypertension and cardio vascular disease, as there are researches claiming there are no correlations between salt and heart problem and even that too little salt is related to heart disease.. How does it affect other parts of our body long term? there seems to be no research on that either? If you have some knowledge on the subject I thinks lots of us would really appreciate it :) Peace!

Pier Paolo

Wow! After a 1 y.e.a.r of frustration Fx48 Solutions ErectileDysfunct,onPills ( google it ) really worked. Igot an erection after 15 minutes and was able to put on a condom without rushing or worrying about losing my erection. It..was so nice.


Frank discussion about human sexuality is essential. Thanks for another excellent, well researched and thought provoking video.

Leif D

damn this video made me horny?


This is so great! Refreshing.

Kevin Mann

All vegan women

God Emperor Meow

Mic the Vegan curing everything fucking problem possible better than actual doctors.

Fredrick Goodwill

Can you please do a video on racial IQ differences?

Nicholas Baker

How do you efficiently/effectively do your research on these topics for your vids? I feel like I have so many topics for you to cover but you obviously don't have time for all of my and everyone else's inquiries (Upvotes so he can see this please).

J. Fabricio Elías

Great video!

Isabelle Zablocki

I can concur to the veracity of this video as a woman.  I remember starting to go dry getting close to menopause and now after being on a whole food plant based diet for a while, I am very well lubricated. (I passed menopause just fine).

Skye Sprik

I love your beautiful curls

JD Life

Wait, what? There's a possibility that I could even have vaginal orgasms if I stay vegan? (note to self. Gotta drop the oils too.) Woohoo. So, much to look forward to.


Love the ad for stents before this video lol btw did you buy the clitoris model for this video specifically or did you just have it laying around????

Cher-Ami Rose

Thank you for sharing this sensitive subject. I agree that the research should NOT have been done on rabbits...

Picco bow

ooooohh myy!! MIKE‼️❤️U r the uñtimate feminist and a decent one at that? kudos to u!!

Alyssa Spivey

Why do you have that lmao

jay s.

The name of the book is Reavers ED Black Book. Google it for a complete method to totally eliminate ED forever, and yes it's free to download.

Amanita Castanea

I've been vegan for 10 years and I feel sexually dead. I have no sex drive whatsoever. Maybe some people are just asexual.


Great job!

Benjamin X

What is this Im a virgin

Ellen McGrail

At 5:40ish, you talked about how fatty streaks exist in children already by the age of 3. I've been on a whole food vegan diet for 3 years now, meaning that for 18 years I was a meat/dairy eater, which likely means I had a build up of fatty streaks (even though my bmi has always been quite low and I was very active). My question is are you able to reverse and get rid of the fatty streaks in your arteries? Or once they're there, are they permantely there?

Baylee J

You should do a video on water fasting!


Thanks for this informative video. One small criticism: one of the throughlines of your argument is that the medical establishment has ignored women's sexual health and physiology, ostensibly because of institutional sexism and bias/prejuidice. Because your argument is predicated on that fact, I think it's unwise for your video to climax (pun intended) on the suggestion that women are all capable of orgasm through penetrative sex if only they tried/went vegan. There is a long history of women being maligned/told by doctor they're not "doing it right" because a penis has to be involved/penetrative sex is the only valid way to orgasm. I know it's just an anecdote and interesting on that level, but it's jarring, because you're a man telling women there is "still hope" for them to have what for many is a unicorn (a male ego validating unicorn) by changing their diet.


Please anyone interested in why its easier for women to have a hands free vaginal orgasm with all natural (males who are not circumcised) please read the book Sex As Nature Intended It for free online. Circumcised penis also contributes to female sexual dysfunction (more easily creates soreness/strips moisture/too much friction/not wanting the same kinds of thrusting a women naturally wants, so it feels more out of sync). It is not completely responsible, there are many factors involved in why women have troubles orgasming but we cannot forget about the elephant in the room.. Where was this study done? In the USA?


Now that I know golden clits exist, I want one.

Tori Ross

I just want to point out that you gave no such "this may be too uncomfortable for some people to watch" disclaimer at the beginning of your MALE erectile dysfunction video. I really appreciate you making this, but please treat female sexuality the same as you would males'. They're different, yes, but one shouldn't be "taboo" while the other is directed towards "the general public." I respect you and your videos a lot, I just hope you keep this in mind in the future.

Morgan S



Whole food vegan vs vegan diet for unclogging arteries?


Really liking the blue background at 0:45.


Wow this is amazing! I already knew that for men erectile disfunction was a tell tale sign of blocked arteries but never thought about it meaning the same with women. I've only had an orgasm with sexual penetration ONCE (when I was 30 I'm now 31) and it was when I got high from marijuana (was very stressed at the time due to owning a business), I just felt really relaxed and I guess I had good blood flow too. I've just started my Whole Foods Plant Based Diet (3 weeks so far), hope I can eventually achieve an orgasm again through sexual penetration.

Amber N

So jealous! I've been vegan over 2 years and still haven't seen that change =/

Flávia Prazeres de Matos

being vegan is also better for you vaginal health, seriously, your period gets better too, everything gets easier!!! ???


Your videos are amazing! They are so informative and make so much sense!

Popa Doc

Everyone Ever Tell You Look Like El Lead Singer In Coldplay.

SomeGuy OnTheInternet

Hahaha you said vagina! :P

Harley Quinn

Having the condition is such an interference in trying to date someone new. After the first failed night, boom he's gone! No interest in putting in the patience to help (me) gradually get comfortable with two bodies intimately melding together.

johnny roe

haha funny stuff, and sad at the same time

The Intention Adventure

YO. This is the most liberating enlightening information. Period. Can't thank you enough for being willing to put in the work to address it, and it baffles me this video doesn't have more views. I think maybe it doesn't have more views because the subject is not on people's radar, aka not an idea that pops into their heads as something worth asking a question about. It breaks my heart/angers me that we just accept so much lack luster living as normal, like "This is just the way life is." I'm like, "NO, this is how life is when we don't learn to ask better questions!" Levelin up, peeps!

WatchDominion . com

What can I say?

Flash Man

Wait why do you have a 3d printed clitoris and why is it gold plated?

Micki Babe

wATT ???

Brandon Kennan

those eyes... :o

lazy fukin puddin

Wow, I didn't know this. Thanks Laci Green!


I was wondering if you could do a video about the absorption of proteins in humans bodies. My nutritionist keeps telling me that the animal proteins are absorbed almost fully, where as vegetable protein is very hard to digest.
Thank you for all your hard work!!


I love how much attention your videos are getting man. Keep on getting it!

One PunchMan

do you have a study or an article showing how much of animal livestock farms
are raising their livestock in rather good conditions. Hard to argue with someone when you don't
have actual figures on how many animals live in horrendous situations.


Mic, I'm a new vegan and new subscriber to your show. Thanks for the great information and professional, fun way you present it. Definitely better than some of the vegan drama shows i've found.

Fall H.

This is so real. I'm almost 30 and I've been having broken orgasms or no orgasms and no libido on and off from I was 20. And it has definitely caused issues in my relationships over the years. I've been accused of being satisfied elsewhere and also of not being attracted to my mate -by my mate of course.

Righteous Red

Lel when the green screen dropped.


I'm dying from the Penguin bit.


I love that cute curl that sit on the front of his face, makes the video 10x better ?

Harold Marton

Works like a charm. No complaints. No headaches. No adverse effects. Just a boner like i was 20. Buy this product. It works. I keep Prolargentsize capsule next to me. I have ordered third bottle of Prolargentsize capsule from their website.


Since I went vegan, I've completely lost any sex drive whatsoever :-( Don't know if it's related.


Total lightbulb moment watching this. So much makes sense now.

Faith Whatevers

Since becoming vegan, my sex drive has been off the charts. My boyfriend is getting tired of being in the bedroom ?❤️
I used to think I just didn't like sex, but gladly that's not the case ?

Komyob Komyob

im not attracted to anyone... except anime characters, is that asexual?


holy fucking hell this makes so much sense, oh my god!! any details would be TMI but .... yo smth i thought was random or just psychological now seems to be the cause of me going vegan, WOW.

Steph Pierre

Interesting techniques, very interesting, and yeah there are many ways to fix erectile dysfunction and get hard at will. It's about cascading your body with those male hormones that stimulate your true virility. This way you can get gigantic pulsating erections, like it should be. Everything is explained in Mario Volpstein's website.

Ahmed Sharif

Erection size is important for both women and men. I want to have a big one. Therefore tried capsules. After taking 3 pills a day in less than one week I was having harder, longer lasting erections. No size gains yet, because I am in second week, but I think it's too soon to tell. Just write “ Prolargentsize “ on Google. Vey very important for the women.


Wow!! I can say this is so true! I have sexual dysfunction and have been eating pb for 3 days now. Let's just say... Sensitive lol


I noticed that u changed the thumbnail pic before I got to watch the vid. Did u get complaints? The other thumbnail pic of the gold clitoris definitely totally pique my interest. I didn't know what it was until I read the title. Sad, especially since I have one! So many studies done on men's issues and so little on women's. This is such a great topic, honestly! Thank u for covering such a sensitive topic. And you must have had to do a lot of editing too! I know I would have a hard time not cracking up. Glad u didn't knock yourself out while changing backdrops : )


Hey Mic! As someone who is currently is trying to become a whole food vegan i`d like to know why its very important to remove salt from your diet. You don`t seem to have a video about it and I could not find too much on it through google. I do know it has some negative effects on your health but most of them is somewhat minor. Is it that just removing salt is better then having salt or is it a big important thing? Thanks!

Living Foods Network

It's difficult to orgasm after a large (raw vegan) meal.

Reynard Ryans

Its still amaze me just how a lot of people don't know about Erectodom Secrets even though many people achieve total control over their erectile dysfunction with it. Thanks to my personal pal who told me about this. I've achieve total control over my erectile dysfunction.

Maïté Mériaux

To anyone who hasn't had a chance to experience vaginal orgasms: try kegel exercises, it really helped me!

j vall

poor bunnies ??


do men have an equivalent to vaginal orgasms?

JD Life

I suspected this, but hadn't run into any research about this yet. Thank you for posting this. I feel even more hopeful and inspired on my new Whole Food Plant Based diet.

cloud the mime

do a video on black strap molasses!


Thank you so much for making this video. I feel like the world does not take this problem seriously as, like you said, its something you cannot see like you can with male erectile dysfunction.

Floy Benson

Has anyone tried Erectodom Secrets? (do a search on google) We have noticed numerous awesome things about this popular erectile dysfunction treatment.

Michelle Rhodes

Great video. Thank you for bringing attention to this topic. Even if it did make me slightly uncomfortable.

Narc Goggles

I can DEFINITELY attest to this. The only changes I had other than walking around the hospital/NICU (which is not much more excersize than I already do walking around doing things in the house), was I went mostly vegan about 2 months ago. And yeah I was pregnant and had a preemie so had to have a csection which I don't believe he was even big enough to cause any noticeable change in my vaginal tightness or anything of the sort. I'm pretty sure if anything I've gained muscle tone somehow but not so much negatively affected.

Still in transition into veganism and steadily seeing results even when I was eating chicken sporadically. At this point I eat meat maybe 2 times a week tops and have had some awesome orgasms I'll say that much. Lol! And getting better each time. There's definitely validity to this even if anecdotal in some cases. Anecdotes give insight regardless even if not quote unquote "factual" or in a peer reviewed study. It never hurts to hear people's experience. That just shows you're curious about the very real individual human element of the study itself : )

TruthSeen NotHeard

I thought it was calcium not cholesterL causing plaque clogging arteries? Hmmmm

Potato Queen Bean

Thank you for this! Before going vegan, I definitely had all of those symptoms and I was only in my early twenties. I was also going through a lot of mental health issues and in a bad relationship, but also eating constant fast food and junk food. Also, can't believe this is the first time I've ever seen a model of a clitoris! Lol.

Im curious if you've heard about the Cheerios campaign to "save the bees" by sending the wildflower seeds for free to whoever signs up? It makes me upset to see a company that profits off of honey (Honey Nut Cheerios) and now they want to save the bees... it's bizzare and backwards. If they wanted to save the bees they could very well stop exploiting them. Would love to see you talk about this.

Thanks for always putting out great content. Been following for a while and I enjoy your point of view :) xo

Emily Doyle

I never had any issues before i went vegan and now about 1.5 years down the track and here I am suffering from vaginal dryness. Can get aroused but not wet at all and the cause is still unknown as to why its happening.


That exploding salad during the anonymous woman talk was absolutely hilarious.

Trinity C.

Hey this is some good advice, thank you. Also, you should try going through Ava Fortsmire's website. No matter how long it's been you can find a way to naturally boost your libido and feel things you never thought were possible.


your info is INSANE! SO WELL RESEARCHED. Many many women have impeded orgasms... athleroscerosis causes impeded sexual functioning....and most women even as tennagers have athlerosclerosis. GO VEGAN!!!!!

Emeline Regottaz

Hi, I have very severe lower back pain, do you think going vegan could help with that? Thank you a lot, I love your content.

Melora Beecroft

When a woman is nursing a baby it can have a real effect on libido. Hitachi magic wands really help. I do notice a positive effect from eating plant based, and not drinking alcohol. This is pure anecdote, but sweet potatoes have a real effect on me.

Diego Markez

♥♥♥Star Buster Natural male enhancement♥♥♥ pills is great. ..just got it tried it...last all night ...was harder than I ever been in years...Damm wish I tryed this year's ago but I have it now..


Its been a while since I got my female penis hard

Antony Zhang

Hi there, have you considered Erectodom Secrets yet? Just do a search engine search. On there you'll discover a great tips about how exactly you can solve your erectile dysfunction problem. Why don't you give it a shot? perhaps it's going to work for you too.

Luna Lavin

Can you perhabs do a video on Candida?
I've been having an Candida overgrowth for years now and I just can't seem to get rid of it... I tried a lot of prescribed cremes which all worked but only short term, the Candida always came back... Garlic and stuff didn't work either... I looked online a lot what to do but it always says to cut out sugar(like fruit and starchy stuff) which duhhh I won't do :0 I'm just so lost and frustrated and don't know what to do ??


do you now say that if you have sex your healtier or what point is made, i don't understand the point (i'm dutch, i do not Always understand the point) i have enormous problems with sex, its like i make myself sick, while i make myself think i don't need it, while i only feel the need for it, its aaaaaa, it makes me psychotic, i don't know how to name it otherwise and i don't know how to overcome it, helpless

Nina De Jong

Thank you so much for making this! While I still have never had an orgasm from penetration I have seen a huge change in how I enjoy sex, it used to be a painfull or dull experience. I thought it was going off the pill (which definitely upped my sexdrive) but this makes a lot of sense! I do still suffer from lower back pain. Maybe it's time to ditch the oils.


Does Erectodom Secrets (search on google) help me solve my erectile dysfunction problem? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this popular erectile dysfunction treatment.

Akash Goel

At least his hair looks better in the latest videos.

Vegan Buddhist

This is probably a weird question but was your friends sexual partner circumcised?


Rabbits have a clitoris? Hmmmm. The more you know!