How to know if a girl likes you at the gym


6 OBVIOUS Signs Your CRUSH LIKES YOU24 Feb. 2019
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Comments (100)
win ter

Sadly i dont post on social medias and also im ugly


Ok so basically theres this girl that i liked and we liked eachother for 2 years then we drifted away and now we have gotten closer again and i always find her staring at me and wen i look she looks away, another good girl friend of mine that is best friends with my crush also says that she always talks about me (in a good way) and that she says im the best boy out of my group .One time i put out my hand to mimic one of my friends and she put her hand on mine. She also smiles at me whenever she sees me. She compliments and teases me. But i am still not sure if she likes me. Could someone please (preferably a girl) tell me if she likes me and if this is how girls flirt.

adam fultron

Here's a grand idea, what if she told me

António André

0:56 well, nowadays people just say late because they can't sleep and have nothing to do, so they go on insta and like everything that it's fairly decent

Asha Sawant

Where can i buy the shirt he's wearing?

Jack London

No flipping way! These tips work, I have a girlfriend now!

Yo Mama

Haha, I love how well he integrates the ads Into the video

Casey Nzohabonayo

It doesn’t work for me because I’m from Europa

Frank Upson

I like the shirt !

Thejazz collusul

My crush wear contact lenses........... good luck pupil dilation

Hippna Gaming

I texte her i like you....
Reply:- i respect you as a person BUT


I knew it ! ! !

She doesn't like me.

saravshktiman JACK

Hello teacher of men i am vivek from India nd i am sending my love from india in truck??

Stephanie Lake

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Otman touil

Why a girl in my hight school she says hay every time she sees me and she lafs crazy when she is next to me and why she punsh me every time I ignore her and why she gets exited when the teacher put us together in the same room


Hate girls! ?

Ezra Gulas

1 like I'll tell her

Noah Schoolfield

Hate to say it but all girls act like they like you if you look good or are funny enough, but they just want a lot of guy friends for their ego. They do all the signs, but friend zone you, and then, they still flirt!!

Daniel Campos

What does this mean I followed my crush she followed me back looks at my story’s like in the night I noticed that doesn’t like my post doesn’t comment but when I check who viewed my story. I always see it in the morning so she watches it in the night but the thing is she has a boyfriend though I should stop

Elliot Alderson

il create a list KINGS OF SEGWAYS
1) Linus
2) Jose

man of steel Goodmanll

I get noticed a lot for how I dress and fancy I am and how hard I work and train a lot in the gyms too.

Ghost draws

I think i stared at her eyes too much

Bilaal Abdunaasir

You Know What Bro In Our Country Our Crush Don't Have Phones Just We See Her In Our Class

Colton Savri

I may have just messed up BAD with this chic. SOOO MANY OF THESE SIGNS AND OTHERS have been happening and I went from not caring too.... I just woke up and realized. DAMN HELL she is cute, it's not too bad cause I'm sure I can turn it around but... ANY ADVICE!!

The Singtarist

Hey man, tell something more than instagram, my crush isn't on social media.

Namtab Nibor

Her lil brother told her I like her and she likes me back

Francis Dzigbede

Can I have your watts app number
I love your videos

Farhan Hasnat

yah she likes me but I dont :(


Chepe ??


idk how but litterly none of the tips apply to me bc of how bad my luck is :'(

1 if it looks like shes digigtially stocking your social media:
both I and her are introverts and dont really use social media
2 if she gives you that shy look
theres never a long enough time frame where were around eahother for her to do that unless were moving props around or performing
3 if she starts meeting you at random locations
like i said before she and i are introverted to the max so even if she would be trying to do that the only place shed find me is chik-fil-a at 8pm on wednesday
4 if her eyes are dialated
yeah right like id make eye contact with someone
5 try to flirt with her
if i cant even make eye contact how the hell am i going flirt
6 if her body language is open to you
I only really talk to her whilst were either carrying props to and from set or in a scene where in a set position in the backround.

id like to be clear these tips are great and they would definitely work if i knew how to socialize like a normal human being outside of the internet.


Jose: high end = Walmart


Bro I have a crush on this girl
And from the things that he said I feel like she likes me back but to scared to ask her
Because I feel like she's gonna reject me and that already happened to me so now I have anxiety issues

Jesus Marquez

This has happened to me it makes me feel a lot happy and I have all classes with her

Jesse munyi

How did this work out for you ?


Why should I spend money and be someone I’m not only to get a chance for getting a gf wtf lol

asad Qureshi

You are the best man brother thank you sir. may god always help you.



I love God

Jesus loves all

Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight

Yeah my crush have never showed me those signs....

Salvador Miranda

She wants to bang

I think I got friend zoned

Texas Rangers Report by CFM

I'm the reason this video has 1M views

Midnight Pro

Idk but my crush and I telling each other pickup lines for like 15 minutes and she started it

Emily Nyamweya

Anybody named (dante)

Majax Jax


Ubaid M

I need to stand out
By getting a haircut in lockdown???

Nikhil Thakur

Thanks bro

Junior States

How can I have those?
because am from South Africa


this guy is desperate for ig followers

Barack Obama

Yo Jose,

You like us, your pupils are dilated

Manty Lancer

Some 6 months back, she showed disinterest when I tried talking to her, I also distanced myself and didnt talk to her or see at her for next 6 months. Now since last one month when she notices me around she turns towards her pc and gets busy with the work and doesn't look at me, while when I look back to her there's slight dullness in her eyes. Now she is not at all looking at me, whenever we come across she always look down.
Does she hate me?


For ONLY $30 you will receive a pair of sneakers, socks, a T-shirt, and a jacket for your first month's box!

Sibusiso J Radebe

What if it is someone you never intended to have a crush on?
U suddenly think about her while asleep

Conor Howley

Make more of these


4:35 she might on coke

Nicole Rosales

I don't even know why I am here, but I love how angry you look all the time lmao. Like you can see all the guys that don't have the guts to buy nice clothes or ask the girl out and you're absolutely hating it and can't stand it in your eyesight even one more second


nothing manly about high waters.

Pushplata Sagar

That jacket looks good


me: hello

911: what is your emergency

me: I have a stalker

I'm RIPley



She kinda does all of these..but ik I'm just very garbage idrk I feel very bad..

Ash Lokhande

He is copying the alpha m guy


1:20 welp she dont like me.. she does it

Wissam Houraibi


THL Apollo

Problem is it’s 2020 now kinda hard to get the girl I like ?. Only I can say is #4 is kinda true about her. Gut instinct says she prob likes me back but idk how to ask her over snap without making it look weird or bland and dry just like ay I like u wanna hang out when I can’t even go out, ya boy doesn’t even drive or I like u I wanna get closer.

Noob animates

Bro l can't get to the site it says 403 forbidden.What should l do?

Marco Guse

Socks........ :] ;]

Midnight Pro

Jose- don’t worry about the price only 30 bucks. Me- I wish i had $5


I just realized that I’m stooopit

Priixy Contendo

What if it was a guy and guy or girl and girl? WWYD?


Oh heck yeah all these for to mine i guess a few like 10 likes AMD ill ask her .

hasanco99 Productions

My crush always watch my snap stories

David DaCosta

This guy's son must be a beast

SillyGuy 1234

Thanks for giving hope. ?

PB11 Zaildar

My crush bloked me is she trying to hard to get?

SeulGee Samuelu

I think a smart girl that has a crush on a boy she wont do what your telling us boys right now


I don't stalk her because in case she takes my phone and looks through my search history. She isn't going to see her own name.

Carly Batey

Me:I don’t have social Media
Teachingmensfashion:omg call the FBI


stop yelling at me :,)

y e

Blue sus


Imma be so confused the day a woman tells me she likes me imma think I’m on punkd lol

NBD &__MR_SilentBear

Luv vid hope it works right lol

Devean Salas

This videos late at night really help!

Manuel Kopp


Combey Man

1k likes will tell confess my feelings to my crush

Juan Enrique Pineda

Bruh i swear the ad takes up t half the video


yup that bigasss arrrow

Dark Knight

Yo so I'm at a friend's house and his mom invites her best friend over. So her best friend brings her kids. One of her kids is 18 and really beautiful. So they stayed a couple nights caues we where at the lake having fun . The last night we where hanging out at the dock me her and my friend. I said anyone wanted to go swimming and hang. And the girl said I do. So we get in the water and talk. But we had like this huge floatie (like the one you go tubing on so it was big) we both hop on it and start looking at the stars and stuff and she asked what's your favorite thing to do. And from then we talked for like hours we started at like 10pm. And we stayed there till like 230am becaues my friend turned off the dock lights and so we got out. She went inside to change. And I stayed outside caues I wanted to sleep outside on the sofa . She came back out side and said can I have her number so I told her it but she said she forgot she was grounded so I handed her my phone she put her number in and stuff. And she stayed out there till like 330 or 4. And she said you should come in side so I did she was sleeping on a pull out bed and I just slept on the ground next to her and we kept talking. Long story short. We wake up and I think her parents know that we kinda like each other so it was awkward the next morning. But we said are good byes and a couple days latter I text her . And say hey how's it going. To see if she's ungrounded. But she isn't and still isn't so I haft to wait longer. And I'm not too good with girls so I don't know if she likes me or not lol. But it was like a magical night tho

Rafay Malik

Nothing is there in her.
I failed☹️

Prakash Patel

Someone on Instagram keeps liking all the things that i like. Also adds / likes posts from people on my followers list. What kind of stalker is this and What does this mean?

Anas Tabat

But i post a stories in social media she don't look it but she do a story in same time Who have a solution ?


so my school has a uniform i have to wear...

what do i do to "stand out"

Pardon Me

For the first tips: what if she does not follow me on social media

Tej Cham

Me staring into my crush's eyes like a fucking psycho looking to see whether her pupils are dilated...

Tilak Mishra

Yeah and you get friend zoned after all these signs ????

Bappah Nameer

Once this guy starts with his adverts it just offs me!

Kas Perex

Meanwhile....Google watches....

Alex John

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Pranay Kumar Rabha

Love from India

Lil Raj

I can't believe this!!!!!.....I am the 1 million'th viewer!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrian Antoine

Covid stopping


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Today I talk about how to

Today I talk about how to tell if a girl is checking you out!


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Comments (100)
Jaxson Weatherman

I’ve been checked out before but I never noticed. huh? weird but normal for me. that must mean something

Jimbo Jones

I wish you were checking me out

Jack Sugden

I would have no idea if a woman was checking me out, as take no notice of women, I look at the ladies, seldom check them out as such, even if I see a women checking me out, wouldn’t take any notice any more, no point, as been single for some years now, I’m now 64, better to be single.

Adrian McCullagh

Coco, how do I get a girl to fart in my face?


what if she makes eye contact , smirks then looks away?


I’ll be forever single?


What if I have a mask on


What if you keep looking at them and you see them looking at you and when you leave you catch them looking at you when you leaving and turn around

a car ethusiast

I was at a store, a girl looked at me from a distance, and when I caught her, she would look away suddenly, but at some point we started to stare at eachother for 3 or 4 seconds wich felt like 1 Minute, is she checking me out?

Michael m.

Like that no angel..and feeling those words..truly felt..fact..thank you.. ❤..

The True Monarch

Oh shit I had a really hot girl that looks at me every minute. Thank goodness

Grzi7 Hheeth

Shes trying to manipulate you into chasing her so she can reject you.

Greg Anderson

Chicks are weird and a lot of them play mind games.. I think im very attractive and have been told so but dont get that many girls who flirt

Dankstarwarsmemes On tik tok

What should I do in maths my crush looks at me if i talk to my friends or while I’m working and I’ll say what she smiles and says nothing and then in the hall she will always say hello

Sideshow BOB The SnakeBOY

here is a question. this girl in a local shop who's worked there for years and i've never taken notice of her started smilling at me constantly. i came away thinking it was just her personality and that's how she greets customers but every time i would go in it kept happening. constant smilling and would do this thing with her head where i'd ask something and would nod but in a excited fashion which weirded me out. she'd also wish me a good day aswell. would make small talk aswell. i couldn't suss her out so one day i made the stupid decision of adding her on facebook because the shop have my details as i've given them to her for a store card. it sat for a month so i took back the request then my friend added her as a test he's just a randomer to her and she accepted. couldn't make sense of it. so stopped going to the shop a while because it played on my mind


Ye a girl was keeping on looking at me when I was playin badminton

paul Tubero

if ya wallets big enough, then she's definitely checking you out ?

Ed Ram

I am so confused, when i go into a place, girls open their mouths half way and look me in the eyes, I workout a little bit but I do not look like those guys from the magazines, anyways, they always stare and they seem like they are about to eat something that is bigger than their mouths! they smile like a little puppy that is afraid. I am tall and a little bit muscular. I am confused because I always get that look from younger girls.

the rtg

Hi how are you ? ???

Chris Rock

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Nicholas Parks

sometimes when girls show me very positive interest and I start to know them or hold normal conversation it never goes anywhere so I dont bother to read signs again they dont know what they want

KJ Rodriguez

U are beautiful and intelligent COCO , rare combo these days. kudos for you

Day mon

They look at you because they own you a debt...

Gabriel Manzanares

I love you coco


Video starts at 2:00 min

Chris Rock

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Z Vill

Got that cotoure look going

John Gonzalez

OMG you are beautiful I love your hair and your beautiful self.

Mevon Cars

No angel do u want to be a part of illuminati or something like devil worship


I just kept checking my shirt because I thought I spilled something

Nicholas Peter Grigorov

That's lucifer on you sweater

Pedro [007]

I like a girl I think she likes me too but my friend likes her too and I don't know if I tell him I like her


A girl was looking at me during my pe


This was STUPID!!!!

Paul O'Hara

I had a woman stare at me for an entire year at university but I never spoke to her.

Cowboy c

What to do if the girl looks at u with no facial expression

Son Kuregu


Lofi Wurld

Felt a girl was checking me, constantly starring, always seemd to go where i was in gym. I plucked up all the courage and complimented her, she said she had a boyfriend but appreciated it?? guys just go gym and focus on your workout lol don't let someone else's attention games confuse and embarrass you haha. If they like you, ideally it would be obvious and they might start smiling at you. Anything less and just leave it!

Chris Rock

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Billy Manning

You are so quirky it is cool.

Foil Grim Timmy

You look at things you like

Ix Base

Thanks a girl in my class kept checking me out so I asked her out she said YES

j r

i really wish girls would just stop playing these stupid games thinking guys have to do everything, and just approach the guy shes interested in. most guys dont approach girls anyways some of us guys are way to shy. plus a guy is always going to be interested in girls around him, girls should already know that.

8k world

What is she talking about. Wasted

Minty Fresh

So it’s a new year and a new class for me and I noticed one girl keeps looking at me and she is like waaay out of me League and then she has a locker kinda close to me and I heard her friend say “he’s mine” and then my buddy said what (my name) to her and she goes nooo but then the whole of the next class the girl who I first noticed kept looking at me and I made good eye contact with the girl who said noooo my friend so I really don’t know what to do now because I think they are both into me and I don’t know who to go for because they are both friends and i don’t want to ruin there friend ship by one of them getting annoyed at the other because she dated me so I’m kinda stuck rn

Joyce A

Girls check out girls.

Jareese Cooley

Yes angel?.


The looking/staring eye contact is definitely the best way to tell if a girl at the gym likes you for sure. You have to understand you’re at a gym, so nothing else is going to work because it’s just not the right environment for picking up dates. Nobody is going to ever approach so the best and only indication of attraction at the gym is staring/looking at people. You have to pay very close attention to that. If your gym has mirrors on the wall and you look through the mirrors and you notice the girl constantly looking at you through the mirrors, she’s without a doubt interested for sure. If it was just an accidental stare, you’ll notice when you look in the mirror she will seem to be more focused on her workout. If she’s not interested, you’ll almost never catch her staring/looking at you. If she’s interested, you may catch her looking at least a few times. 1 look is not enough to tell but if you’ve caught her looking a few times she’s into you.


MAAAAANNNN I JUST FREAKING WISH WOMEN WOULD START APPROACHING US MEN THIS SHIT WOULDNT BE SO DAM DIFFUCLT!!! I say this because this chick at my gym (I think) she be checking me out because we always look at each other and I cant really tell if she likes me or not! sometimes I don't want to look at her because I don't want her to think I am a dam creep which I'm not! I also want to approach her, but still I don't want her to think I'm a dam creep! This is why I wish women would just approach us more if they like what they see and stop being so dam sacred thinking we are going to judge them!


Me: must get closer
Crush: gets closer
Hug, kiss
Friends: oh my, are u two already boy and girl friend?

Gta4 officer

Well BASICALLY on the last DAY of 4th GRADE AND she was staring at me without blanking and she was staring at nothing except for me but now in 5th GRADE she still looks at me and I probably seen her TODAY out side of SCHOOL

Der Finder

I'm a very shy dude. Currently in 12. grade and it just happens more and more that girls are looking at me and it really freaks me out because I'm so unsecure and I'm not sure how to deal with this.
2 or 3 years ago was the first time I noticed something and I asked her out but I got rejected. (We talk normal to each other atleast so not too bad)
So naturally I'm thinking I dont want to Go trough this again but then again If I dont do anything I'll never know :(
I wish girls would make the first step more often but I can understand why they dont want to iniate :L

Hemant NavKumar

who is listening to this in 2019! #bs


Hey coco you haven’t uploaded a video in a long while .. everything okay ??

Camille Lo

She looks at you more than the occasional normal glance
She has a positive response when I look at her (smiles, adjust her hair, sits cute..) instead of a negative (looking away, angry face ...).

Ali Faqiri

Thats good to know

jada 133

I couldn’t tell she had a mask on

Sammy sess

I think you are amazing...

Arjun Nara

You look like fox Kristin

laxman singh mehta

Your eyes are Soo beautiful

Bryanbro2414 489698

These comment are wild ????i can’t take the video serious no more ???

Dominik Stobieniecki

People stop saying that she's beautiful, she already knows that and please change the record

Chris Rock

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MaestrO Frags

If only girls take not a beta i just know for sure il fk it up if i do

Kenny Ward

Im invisible no matter what i try

Jenna Nicole

I love that hoodie.. So cute! ?

Larry Collins

I Haate females like DONT FUCKEN Stare at Me Ok.... unless I say it’s ok ? shut piss me tf off!!!!!!!!!! ????

Brian Jenkins

if your at like a walmart and you run into a employee or notice the same employee and youve seen eachother randomly from time too time and during one encounter the female employee stares at you and admits too doing it because you looked recognizable and realized its you or the same dude that she thought it was and she does it almost every single time and remembers you from the first encounter or first time you ran into or saw said employee is it possible that she has a attraction towards you and if so whats the percentage chance of that. this has hapenned too me recently so thats why im asking


I know the girl but I never talked to her , but whenever I saw her she used to stare at me without even blinking her eyes until I cross her and not even a smile on her face .
What does that mean ? So weird I should say .

Please explain what does that actually mean ?

Suáve -

Ok who the fuck gives the death stares at someone if you like them..

General Dream

I’ve seen a girl in one of my classes looking at me or looking at me in the corner of her eyes. Like a solid few seconds just looking at me and I haven’t made eye contact yet with her when she’s looking at me. But I’ve noticed it as I’m looking past her direction over at my friend to say something or look at something...what should I do? I’m pretty sure she likes me I just haven’t talked to her and don’t know how I’d start

man of steel Goodmanll

One girl was sort of staring at me while I was working out and training in the gym. I thought maybe she, was impressed with the way on how I was working hard and getting it in An leveling up to all challenges ahead of me.I didn't think anything of it so I just went along with it I guess and she was older then very pretty and seemed to be asian or hispanic I assume.

Anthony Dalomba

99% of girls that do all these things don’t shoot their shot after.


Yea there’s a girl that keeps looking at me in my English class ?


This is rambling foolishness

ryan Talley98

So what’s your love life like

Rajat Giri

This has really helped me ??

Chris Rock

I was being cheated and abused, I had to know the truth and needed proof. i saw a post about a private investigator ([email protected]) Through Gmail , by a friend. i contacted them and they took care of my needs. they hacked her iphone and gave me all information in all her social media account, facebook,instagram, Whatsapp,and email account. I got all I wanted as proof . I am glad i had a proven truth she was cheating . I recommend them if you need can contact them also on whatsApp : +1(213)290-4041

coolest kid

When does the vid start

Jack Mehoff

I'm in love with the coco, I'm in love with coco...I got baby lotion I got baby lotion

Isaiah Woods

Leave a like and ur crush who looks at u will say hi LMAO.

Bread man Chubbz

There’s this girl that always looks at me in class , like she stares at me , when I was goin to the bathroom she was walking my way and I looked up her , I caught her staring at me and the after schoo she was walking with her friend and I was pass them and I caught her staring at me , this is every day , wha dis mean ?


Haha I feel like an absolute A-hole due to the number of times a woman smiles and I don't respond because I feel like I have a goofy smile ???.


i walk in the room and then bam all the girls start looking at me explain in a video what that means

vinay pant

You look very pretty. ...requesting you to keep your ascent clear. very difficult to understand the English u speak


2:36 If a guy is looking away quickly or looking angry, it’s because he doesn’t know how to approach you or he’s shy. He might also be afraid of being rejected.

Justin Finch

If you ever get a comment from Jason Paul and a phone number thingy shows in his comment.

Don’t Call It!


Video starts at 1:07

Jayy 2litt

It’s crazy this just happend 2 me at work


Ive cuaght eyes with a female that we both didn’t have interest in eachother it just happens we then started looking at eachother more and more thats just a weird vibe thats happens sometimes we then both looked angry the last time we looked at eachother ? uhh miss school


lol Why does it always seem to fall to the guy to approach the girl. How about instead of standing there waving your hair or making subtle gestures, why don’t you just go and talk to him? I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with a guy approaching a girl, I just think it should go both ways. I mean, why the hell not?! It’s better than just standing there trying to catch his attention. Trust me ladies, us guys are just as intimidated as you if not more so, because we get rejected way more often. It’s not a nice feeling. And normally when you’re in a public place, it’s very hard to tell if a girl is actually flirting with you, especially when there are several other handsome men in the room. Playing with your hair literally means nothing. For all we know, you could just be fiddling around, or worse still, you could be trying to catch some other guys attention. We’re not mind readers. Also don’t expect a guy to walk up to you when you’re surrounded by your group of all-female friends. That is extremely awkward and uncomfortable. Just think, would you approach a guy if he were surrounded by all of his guy friends? Maybe some of you would, but I’d say the majority of you would not. For most people, that’s a very intimidating situation.
Once again, I’m not saying that a guy shouldn’t approach a girl, I’m just saying, don’t expect a guy to approach you just because you use some subtle body language. Not saying that we don’t notice your body language, but odds are, even if we notice, we probably still won’t approach you because we’re unsure if you are actually flirting or not, and we don’t want to be called “creeps” or “stalkers” for approaching you in the event that you weren’t actually flirting.


can't wait to you upload another video beloved :)

Juan Vazquez

A.D.D. much?

I leave mean comments

How many men have you slept with, COCO?

Ignacio Proudly!!

I gotta tell ya,, I get this body signals from women I know but they are married how in hell its possible this is happening ? Lol I don’t wanna go back to bang any pussy ..I’m tryanna be good now ??‍♂️

Justin Ancelet

I can tell that ur totally checking my out thru the camera right now.... Allllright... I feel more handsome already... Lol

Mugen Saverem

Never take dating advice from a woman guys. Don’t believe try this bitches methods out. See what happens

Lil Que

Well F*ck and Sh*t, time to break their heart

Hilbert Chisholm

Hi how are you

Hm hm

shes looking at your double chin, pimple, etc


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Natalia Jiménez

HAHAHA who carries a pen in their gym bag? Lol

Bob Singh

TID yo. Brah workout

Salman Bilal

Keep it up?

Shreyash Acharya

Sexy babe


Ha ha haaaaa ??

abc def

I love this girl.

Rana Jee

what is girl name



Ajit Yadav

Ap dono ki jodi mst hai

Moestafa Eldin Hussein


Green Life

Chubby goddess

Salman Khan

Your jus amazing actor sir....

Adnan Ab Ab

HahaHha Very good

Nazma Glorie



What's her name

ALI Ali mohammadi

just her boooobs