Girl talks about other guys

Why Women Talk To Multiple Guys!

Why Women Talk To Multiple Guys!30 May. 2020
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Anthony Hall

The first 3 minutes describe me a lil bit too well ?



Darren Upton

Yes ive been used. Lesson learned and never again.

Ronald samuel

Man dont be claiming these bitches when they young they for everybody


Tryna hear your opinion on women still stuck on their ex

Calvin James Jr.

Most women are obsessed with attention

TheChosen Beast


Anthony Kiprotich

I was one of those guys girls talked to but not sleeping with, till I discovered this channel.


She belongs to the streets man get that bread up now & boss your life up so you can stand out in life

The Afi Kingdom Podcast

Truth nothing but facts pimpin?salute bro??self validation is ? know your the shit before you even leave the house! Women are equally to children in their logic of thinking and decision making??


What’s that intro/out to song? Shidd fire

Mont E

Full Vid On No contact and everything about that. Bro

Prodigy Bankks

Mystic: Focus on you and the women will 2 ?

Carlos Rodriguez

What if they block you out of nowhere on snapchat?

Indigenous Queen

A female of high value doesn't believe in having male friends for validation. I invested my attention in one dude to realize he's talking to different females lol which I understand that men/women should keep their options open to find the best one and not get dragged down to one. He's right, you shouldn't invest in one person or you will suffer from attachment and bending backwards for the wrong girl. Just focus on the things you love to do that make you happy. The girl who's invested in you won't make you an option and will give you the freedom to choose what you want and she will be fine with or without you.

Alex Ramos

Not every girl is like this, unless you fuck up and push her away then yes

Shawn Williams

Facts... Women will buy likes, comments, and followers on Instagram that's how low their self esteem are... Ever seen a girl post a pic in 1 minute she gets 100 like and she's not even famous? They buy those likes and comments lol


Cause that's their Nature!

(Why Else??????)

Juan C


Robert Drake

"Don't be insecure that she's talking to other dudes" Deep

It's your guy Pablo

We here... hungry for insight

Ronald samuel

I KNOW SOME HOES OUTTA TEXAS THEY ALL BE SHOWING AFFECTION every time this man video start i be singing along?


Never stop doing these bro

Producers United

Lot of important info on this one ☝️


Mystic dropped the mic on this one. They never had the external dialog...... Mind blown...

Weese Bowski

Don’t be catching feelings! Simpin ain’t easy mane... It’s just my turn!

Caleb St Clair

I haven't seen Ryan William in the comments in a minute damn,

King Sed

On time‼️

Jonart Moreno

These 3️⃣0️⃣4️⃣ ain’t it fellas get secure the bag ? furthermost & stick to your grind an purpose ✊??

Producers United

Sponsors lmao so true love how u described this ??

Carlos Rodriguez

The Sigma

Javian Johnson

Fellas, if you’re single then you should ALWAYS be talking to MULTIPLE women! I’m so happy that I learned this at a pretty young age ??


quality stuff no cap.


Better not be waiting on restock! Get your orders in line mystic ??

Chi-Beze Erickson

Ooohhh, thank you, Mystic!???? This opened my eyes up so much, you don’t even know.?

Hakim Green

Yoo I Have A Question The Girl I Like She Blocked Me On Twitter For No Reason All I Was Doing Was Liking Her Posts And I Havent DM Her Or Nothing I Was Just Chillin And Focusing On Me But She Didnt Block Me On Instagram I Dont Get That Lol ???‍♂️

SuperChiko 2.3

You're a legend my friend


Dude...all women are like that! Why men cant worry about women, just stay on your grind fellows!

Fabian Martínez

Mystic I need some advice on what to say and how to just keep the convo going if u don’t really know the girl, like say y’all just followed each other on the gram, and plus rn u can’t ask for a date so should u just ride solo and wait or how can I get a date with her when there is no where to go


You just a option dude as soon as you gone she gone hit up home boy that’s why you never get comfortable with a female


This nigga said they sponsors ?

RJ Okemow

The man, the myth, the mystic!

VeRa Clone

Your hoodie strings are getting on my nerves

Robert Drake

"I know some hoes out of Texas They All Be Showing Affection" ???

Bobby Roybal

Can you send me a bottle of your cologne

Antwan Darelle Fenton a.k.a Fantom


LiveLit. tv

I was that dude...

Promise Stroud

I have a question I slept with my girlfriend cousin but she just want to be friends she don’t want no relationship right now

Joshua Chung

I’m dating with a woman who has a boyfriend, she’s living with her boyfriend but she’s already cheating her boyfriend now. Would she abandon her boyfriend who was with her for 4 years for me? I don’t know.

HipHopXS News

Focus on you and the women will too.

bint bint


Tony Bland

Make a video about why your girlfriend never post you on social media ?

Kevin David

Gotta get that 10 min ad revenue ? btw love your vids mystic

Desmond Davis

I was that simp who would drop everything and invest my little change or w/e, thinking I had a baddie. I was just an emotionally manipulated confused simp in a situation ship.
One night she got more tipsy than me and she just flat out said that men ain’t shit to her but baskets with eggs in them and when one runs out of eggs... on to the next.

Broke my widdle heart it did, but I’m better now. I’m the motherfucking Godblessed Golden Goose ?

Mariano Valenzuela


emilio perez

U just explained narcissism 101 people who need validation to feel like they still relevant.

Greg East

Like Nora from She’s Gotta Have It

Da Saturday

One day I’ll collab with WinningwithWomen everyone like this so he can see ?

faisal alam

Where is the tree bro!?

Rick Jones

I just order the cologne bro I’m excited

smeefy zeus

You need to fill up that list b4 Yiu fill her guts... Big fax?

Javian Johnson

9:04 WOAH WOAH man hold up playa, I NEED that video man ?

Skinny Lounge

Idea: When you guys arent together and she finds out about other girls that are your friends and she wants to be with you

Alex Ramos

My girlfriend is super clingy and shy. She only been with one dude

Lance Buenaventura

Aye mystic bro what’s good.. your cologne sold out. I’m trying to see what it smell like

Moneyonfleek _

Bruh u look familiar remember your faces from years ago but forgot what platform

samuel hakim

Anyone try out the cologne yet? Feedback thanks

Jayson Burns

If a girls got it like that she gotta be good looking and maybe I dont mind being hustled a little as long as I'm getting what I want...not much gets by me and if I'm letting here slide that tac bell is def worth it you know what I'm saying....

Greg Powell

They way I look at it their problem not yours!

Eloah Elohim

I will never be alright with this and thats why I choose to be single. I think it's disgusting that a woman gives herself to multiple men at the same time.


Mystic always know what videos I need


I like the fact that you explain the emotions we actually go through. It’s relatable. Even down to our concerns. But then you encourage us, help us realize our self worth and drive us to constantly better ourselves. “Focus on you and the women will too”. That really does have such powerful meaning and depth. Thank you so much for what you do. It’s given me true perspective.

Fun Master

Man I don't know iam following what you saying and it just working not only with women but with me thank you for existing!


2:14 that was me (being used by male and especialy female friends)

Chocolate Chip

I freaking appreciate the insight Mystic!!

Random Views

We winnin' fam! We winning with women ??


Men Give Love,, Women receive love so they constantly need it. Simple as that!

Eric Morrow

Drop that block video

Good Guys Getting Put Off When a Girl Talks to Other Guys. Are They Insecure?

Good Guys Getting Put Off When a Girl Talks to Other Guys. Are They Insecure?23 Dec. 2013
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Comments (15)

This is sad but true man thank you I'm finally woke.


I am that guy with a big kind heart. I hate it this about myself. You are describing me 100%! Its killing me! We havent met in person yet die to this corona virus but man I need to change my thinking.


Let me acknowledge my appreciation for your channel you really do know what your talking about

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Hi my Friend,

I have learnt here, some things, but still:

I have invited my past friend, to social office, where a woman refused me after 2 months when I asked to be BF, then he came and talked BS to stop me from trying again. I feel she is my second half for life. I‘m also Anonymous and homeless,.I make now an app for Android for cash, she knows it. Is she interested in me or him as he is her age or she observes me 2 be sure or she is goldigger?

Tony Savage

Someone finally put it into words


Very true words. that's what i want to tell my girl. but im afraid of her feeling a different way if u know what i mean.

killjoy the clown

Fuck bitches


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Jerry Seinfeld

Now I know why i feel this way, thanks for the video. GOD, i’m a loser.


Dang this guy calling me out lmao

stan jovanovic

Wise man

Margaret Mccafferty

Smile more dude, anyway I love your videos, they are helpful

me Cook


Awakened sky

It’s not ownership but it’s about loyalty & not crossing the line or embellishing on others ....

Edwidge Whatsosons

First of all, you have to know if the girl has a dog. If the girl has a dog more than likely the girl is sleeping with the dog, or has slept with the dog. If she hasn't slept with the dog yet she wants to. If she wants to she's at least kissed the dog. Dogs carry tapeworms on their mouth. Always see if she has a dog and if she has a history of dog sex before considering even giving her an hour of your attention. Thanks.

Why A Woman’s Options Shouldn’t Concern You & How To Prioritize Your Time As An Entrepreneur

Why A Woman’s Options Shouldn’t Concern You & How To Prioritize Your Time As An Entrepreneur16 Feb. 2019
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Comments (100)

My motto is fuck these hos ....literally and figuratively...that mentality will always keep you on track...don't love them more than yourself.


What does it mean when a girl tell you she is toxic?

Paul Orlando

The Bedzone lol!

Michael Walton

That's so true whatever he has been saying. Thank u so much for helping us to better understand these women. Appreciate that bruh.

lucky cat

I know you act like an asshole but bro you just trying help #goodheart

Gerardo Busmente

Multiple streams of income !

The TopShottah

5:00 am smoking a back wood this man spitting facts

Crazy koons



I will always need this video.

Jay Jay C

AMG is gonna die a legend, but its good to know & be aware of her all of her options. These bitches carrying STIs, they dnt like to mention

Sigma RPP

100 hippos ? that had me rollin

Edgar G

ok got it


Had a chick call me during this video. I let it ring.


Well she gotta get it from somewhere....

Best line ever!

Natalia Rentner

True , I do that ( shit test) if he loose patience or get aggressive he is out

fk Sara

Long ass hand rub

Royal Jai

All i can say is that you are the man and because of you im making better decisions.......

Jason Rosati

The guy she’s banging ain’t commenting on her IG photo. The guy she’s banging ain’t even following her.

Patrick Isles

You're the father I never had.

monkfit motivations

Dude you on your shit highly appreciated.

Truth Be Told

I had to search and search through the archives to find this video once I read the title I knew this was the video I needed to hear

Kobi Lord-Michael

We can live without attention and validation ooo please we are not plants ?

Alex Harris

Nigga you the GOAT.. Point blank ??


100 hippos cthu

JinBo Himself

Because they got vaginals thats all

Victorious Fighting Buddha Bro

Never make a woman your purpose.

J.Inks TV

Wouldn't you say this is enough reason to absolutely never commit?

Julio AQR

what do you think about the black pill community? can you talk about them please

Alex Zamora Clips

Savage!!! ???

Eleazar Saintius

AMEN this guy gives me renewed life daily.

Nate Ramirez

U fucks with this community

Steven Loredo

He’s on to something

Eat To Live Spiritually Mentally Physically

All facts?

JinBo Himself

I fuck women so fucking hard ???

Kris McCauley

You’re a legend

Gary Steele

Good video bruh

angel alvarado

I look at hot chicks as porn stars waiting to be discovered. 9 out of 10 i dont care about what options they have as long as i get mine.


"They wouldn't be in the friend zone, they would be in the bedzone" ??

Manuel Ortiz

Bro! Literally you give in general another way to think! Mindset....
But there are lots of dudes they say shit that it makes sense....not in this world and era!

godfrey phiri

You’re changing a Simp’s life a year later. But I am glad I found you after making so many mistakes so I can understand u better. Love from Zambia ??

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Mega Mane

"I'll be your sunlight my sweet angel!"


Yeah I’ve made a lot of mistakes. No matter how much I wanted to believe these girls be different than the last it never ends up the same. I really needed to here this. Much appreciation.

Brandon Mann

“I got a bunch of hippos , I don’t even want them “ ?

Ashutosh Sharma

12:50 to the end, this was profound.

Waniyah Yahawadah Yasharalah

I Agree O Israel:It's business before pleasure!

charles Lawrence

keep up the great work?love the advice

Krug Ant

Deadset primo advice and encouragement bro.

Jamal Valdez

"I got a hundred hippos that want me" ??

fk Sara

Long ass hand rub lol

Dan Pwmy

This makes all the sense in the world.

The search for 67

I’ve gone out of my masculine frame this week. Feel like a little bitch, got to keep myself in check again. Thanks my bro

Crazy koons


Tha Oogla

My man over here spittin straight FACTS!!!

Mr lee travels

Yep this is true I got more options than my girlfriend cuz the girls that want to get with me want to be with me the guys that want to get with her just want to fuck.
And she is so smart that she knows it!

Dale Traverso

Exactly if I'm trying to get with her I dont care about her options..only her baby father if she got kids

Ben Brenizer

“I got 100 hippos that want me” love you AMS ?

Romaro Covington

I never worry about their options I don’t give a shit but fasho they worry about mines backwards shit

k baby

I been watching ams fa bout a year dude change my perspective on women I got a few questions but Ionno if he read these comments

Gîdea Cristian

This sums up 90% of the red pill videos on YouTube! Keep in mind what AMS said in this video an you're golden ?

Ra808 Beatz

I’m convinced it’s not he don’t want a gf...women want alpha but not arrogant and gaylike alpha ijs

EJ Asifor

"The bed zone"... I like it


I agree 100% but its still like an American saying they don't have a lot of food options because its all junk. Its true, food options in America is straight trash, but its not comparable to say an Afghan surrounded by sand.

Kobi Lord-Michael

Ill soon start teaching Alpha Female strategies


This help me alot.


Keep the intro, It always makes a sleazebag welcome.

Teresa B

Women don't date to disqualify a man women date to find THE ONE

Ki Phelps

???☘️??‍♂️thanks for the advice

Tyrone Harris

Them attention whores st8 going okay so if a 100 niggas tryna talk to one bitch you think she going to say no to each everyone? I’ll wait

Kevin Asante

Dont even need to watch this video. If her main option isn't me shes wasting her time. But I'll watch anyway since you always drop some knowledge.

Leon Tan

How does AMS make money from YouTube if he get's demonetized for language?

View Film

I would think if you want to be a great writer you need to prioritize it, not leave it to the last.

Jeffrey Byrd

? that’s real bro.

hadi shamson

if i had 100 hippos, i would reply whenever i feel like it. uhh so thats how it feels. I mean only men approach, hippos dont. They just happened to have ur contact. Now i understand why women would reply like that. Its either ure bed worthy or dont bother creating a "bond", "rapport" hahahaha.

Randy Brown

If you wanna play the game he is right. If you are a purple pill man like me. Then parts of this shit sounds crazy as hell. But he ain't wrong either once again if you, play the game with those hoes.

Amun Rah

100 hippos lml

the eel

This is one of the best videos he did

Joe Will

I got 100 ? ?

max 360

Women have loads of options sadly those options are mostly beta ass lickers who she uses for validation.

Benjamin Stima

this is so true i like it

Ruben Bell

Damn big bro it's all about me and my purpose,,,,,,,,,, I just need to strengthen up my game

kia smith channel

U damn rite brother!!!!

spiro maroulis

Bro you are hilarious with your delivery!! LOL.. Your vids are dead on point!!


most girls are still stuck up on their first ex who cheated on them

Marcus Aurelius

Hungry hungry Hippos!

Anonymous RydR

This is what I don’t understand. You state to not compliment her but if that what she wants why let her get it somewhere else ? I’m a little lost

JinBo Himself

But now I decide what type of women I should date

Man 91

That was an excellent video.

Alex Anthony

what if shes getting from somewhere else, you didnt properly detach, she could be, probably is doing that. My question is why do you care, who ever that guy is providing validation in the MOMENT. She is going to drop him, stop caring her nature will not change, move on or take what you need. Best of luck.


Yeah, she's not interested in 99,9% of the guys, but having so many options inflates her ego so much, that even though she's like a 6, just any high value male isn't enough for her, she thinks she deserves Brad fkin Pitt. We're out here raising our value for 5s.

Gerardo Busmente

I know right :D


I got a 100 hippos that want me. Damn that made me drop my phone. I need a new phone AMS

C Trey

Like plants needs sunlight and water ??making think about my weed plants them some thirsty lol bitches


Fundamentally sound video

shane ubebe

It don't mean a motherfuckin thing

berkay bas

i needed this vid bro

The Forum for Tomorrow's Leaders Org

No 'what's up fellas'? wtf...I'm offended broh.


. . . But how do you know he's in the "friend zone" ? . . . This has always been my biggest problem in relationships, "the male friend". . . Because I know he's after that vagina just like me. . . He's just approaching it in a different way. . .

JinBo Himself

Alpha male have alpha females options

Mike cool Cheese harry

They should teach this in highschool ?