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Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend (YouTube Version)

Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend (YouTube Version)25 Oct. 2009
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Trouble – it will find you

No matter where you go

Oh, oh

No matter if you're fast

No matter if you're slow

Oh, oh

The eye of the storm

Or the cry in the morn

Oh, oh

You're fine for a while

But you start to lose control

He's there in the dark

He's there in my heart

He waits in the wings

He's gotta play a part

Trouble is a friend


Trouble is a friend of mine


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Rufnanee Mobile



Februari 2021 ?

renz lopez

Sinong nkikinig sa 2021????

shrul. gnwn

2021 tiba tiba pengen denger lagu ini :( indo mana nih

Ampai Wongtapaeng


Adohhggdrr yang paling utama dan aku akan terus i


giáp nguyễn

Jan 2021 still listening

Nuri Shinta

bkaca² mata dgr lagu ni, tringat masa lalu???
dlu hp ku nokia ketupat, sring bgt putr lgu ni breng tmn

kisses Gaming

My older sister always sing this song when a was 5
And now and 15 and i can't still forgot this song

Samir Hassan


Shanika De Silva

From easy a anyone?

RoddiReideo Official

How about people watching in 2021?

mutia sari

How many people watch this song in 2021


2021!!!!! who still like this song!!!


Man, this song brought back some memories. I had a colleague who sat next to me at an old job who didn't know the words to the song, just the "trouble is a friend" part and would randomly sing that out. It was pretty hilarious because he sang it with such a straight face.

Adohhggdrr yang paling utama dan aku akan terus i

Reelae ini seed mam ...

deckofcards, deceased

Martin Blackwood singing about Jonathan Sims

Tuấn Anh Lê Vũ

2021 vẫn còn ngheeeee

Shahrul Ahmad

2021 still best watching ??

m hadzre




lostwind AL


ugly fojushi

Don't deny it we all search for this


VERY First English song that I can sing when I was a kid
Wow its been so long

Ainur Zulaikha

2021 here!

Gilsharia Sara Nur Arifah

2021 and i miss her song ??

Adohhggdrr yang paling utama dan aku akan terus i

I right forever ilook dostn itu my live

fairul anuar

Anyone 2021


this song reminds me of a vampire


2021 still watching



Raphael Sumagaysay

i miss this i singed this when i was 4 years old

Qalesya Emiko

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??
みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン

Adohhggdrr yang paling utama dan aku akan terus i

The dear green cross si aja.

Ari Goss

Grey's anatomy brought me here...specifically season 5 episode 7

lenae world

กว่าจะหาเพลงนี้เจอ จำชื่อนักร้อง&ชื่อเพลงไม่ได้ เจอ29/1/2021

Irene Lina

This used to be my SHIT


We live in 2021 boys


this song literally brings nostalgia to my childhood

MR mrj

Feb. 2021 who's with me?

dody armanto

My stoic absent minded and deadpan humor loving roommate from college always listen to her song and that makes me feel weird when ever i listen to her song, that dude is so weird i really confused when her girlfriend came to our house in my mind i questions how the f that dude got a fing girlfriend like that she so bubbly and smile all the time and then 10 years later they have 2 kid who knows man god really is work in mysterious ways


Still the same vibe

Adohhggdrr yang paling utama dan aku akan terus i

I cloudn Reed children ia now

Royaha Aris

Why lenka youtube no data

mawii valte

who's here in Jan2021?❤️❤️

Jisan Al-Mahmud Ornob

she looks a lot like Michel Jackson.


The Cog is Dead lead me here.
Isn´t it funny how a cover song can often lead one to discover a song you never knew existed.

Eko Muldiyanto

Awakening first February 21

Kiệt Nguyễn


errik h

ini lagu jaman pas bandel2nya, berangkat jumat malam, pulang minggu sore.
pantang pulang sebelum petang hahaaa...



amen asif

How many oh oh oh?

raz lor

i miss this song

Akbari Bari

How many people are views in 2021


Am i the only one who can not open her Lenka Tv channel

Meon Taring


No Name Cat


Abdul rahmat


wey rush

is she david505 twin

Jessica 2208

11yrs ago and now 2021 I still listen to this song <3 uwu

Thịnh Thái

I listen this song in 2015

Ira Zahara

Lagu zaman kuliah 11 tahun yg lalu, yang msh play lagu ini 2021 you are BEST :)

Howlyn Zapanta

I saw this tiktok dance


Siapa yang nonton pas 2021

YourMom Amy


Aku datang dari 2021

Edo Nyengled


Firdausz Ramlan

Anyone 2021 ?

Squatter Squad

trouble is a friend??❤

Adohhggdrr yang paling utama dan aku akan terus i

Bocah apa cah lu orang turun aja buat bising croZz


february 2021 and im still here

Furkan Yavuz


mohd mhthirr

let see how many people watch this in februari 2021

Adohhggdrr yang paling utama dan aku akan terus i

Cahce... Bless...

ศิริพร เทียนสมจิตร


Cẩm Ly 700K Vào Timbanvn xyz

04:25 Ài ái ai xin cho em thương em nói em yêu anh ài ái ai. ?

ejal lumus

Watching this now January 2021

Adrian Pimentel


fangirl xuyenidol

Hi..From Việt Nam with love =))

Era Dakeda


Sara Lia

I forgot this song's tittle so i search au au song and yeah here i am


Love from Washington D.C.❤️

Adohhggdrr yang paling utama dan aku akan terus i

I am cry me love Bein

Andri adie





Yg nonton di tahun 2021 angkat tangan??

Freyon Avan Juguilon

I just rememberd thisi i tought lenka madenit andni was right

Bronislava Pribulová

oh my goddddd, so much flashbacks ?
I actually had this weird feeling, when I heard first tones, like inner goosebumps oh my godddddd ???



Jinming Sun

coming from tiktok

Adohhggdrr yang paling utama dan aku akan terus i

Tele paste....



Lyra Pendon


Ajax Khan

That was good time of my life.

Sâm Nguyễn Thị

Why is number of view small

dini ahmad

Mantul bner dha


enserio puedo morir y seria feliz si escucho esta canción x última vez

Venom 95

If u see what i see what u know what i know oh ohhhhhhh ??

Rama Puspa Satria

nostalgia malam malam ?

Toxic Takeaways - The Problem With Ross from Friends

Toxic Takeaways - The Problem With Ross from Friends19 Nov. 2020
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The Take is launching a brand new merch line! Check out our limited edition designs available on the Merch Shelf now before they’re gone: | Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer, is one of TV’s original "nice guys." Yet ever since Friends ended in 2004, we’ve been able to take a more critical look at Ross, and spot some of the many red flags we once disregarded. Through this retrospective lens, we can see Ross as an example of male fragility. He’s a guy who’s so preoccupied with proving that he’s a ‘man,’ he often ends up overcompensating and even hurting others in the process. And yet, after ten seasons of questionable behavior, Ross ends up getting his dream girl anyway. Here’s our Take on the many Toxic Takeaways from Ross Geller’s story, and the lessons he can teach us about how not to be a good friend.

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Comments (100)
joey hext

I think Ross gets a lot of flak unfairly. I think most of the points in this video are fair, but also, a lot of his behaviours are understandable and human, if not justifiable. For example, his paranoia that Emily might be a lesbian is understandable given the trauma of losing one wife to another woman.

Sophie S

Biased analysis of Ross,a psychopath vice

Jan Mots

TBH I never liked Ross...

Paul Ricciardi

I've always hated Ross. He was one of the worst characters in TV history. Joey was the real "Nice Guy" on the show.

Patrick Greene

I hated Ross and I enjoy being validated.


The word 'toxic' is really starting to annoy me... Sometimes a joke is just a joke. For example, 'WE WERE ON A BREAK' was one of the, if not the funniest jokes of Friends.


Even as a High Schooler I could feel something was wrong about their relationship. I just thought why would Rachel keep coming back to Ross. But as an adult I came to understand how dangerous it is to find yourself falling for someone as narcissistic as Ross. Their manipulation and putting your self esteem down so much that really you think that’s what you deserve.

Kate McCrea

The Ross and Rachel ship is one of the worst in modern history outside of Big and Carrie when it comes to straight ships. I'm not including Harley and the Joker in this because she's technically Bi. But they'd be on the list as well.

Tecna Fairy of Technology

Yes Ross was toxic. So was Rachel.

madison asf

unrelated but i love Janice sm. she was almost always there for chandler and was nice to his friends even though they were all terrible to her


It’s almost as if it takes situations from real life and blows them up and exaggerate them for entertainment, but your a media channel so I’m assuming you already knew that


Everyone on this show was toxic. How about we’re all degrees of toxic but always learning. Twenty years from now our modern day “enlightenment” will be criticized.

The Take

The Take is launching a brand new merch line! Check out our limited edition designs available on the Merch Shelf now before they’re gone:

Kaitlin Bishop

What I still don’t get is that since Ross didn’t want Sandy with the whole homophobia and insecurities thing to be the nanny, why hiring that girl nanny Molly knowing in the end she was gay as well. Am I only one that doesn’t understand that.

Philosophy Channel

Terrible analysis. Ross's problems come from not being alpha enough. Rachel pushes him around, he's been intimidated by her since high school, and when he was clingy it's because she was definitely checking out Mark and then just lied and acted like Ross was paranoid because she is actually the narcissistic.

Rachel is a bitch who was totally into her colleague Mark and uses Ross. She probably got pregnant on purpose because she couldn't stand that Monica was getting married.

Sure, Ross can be whiny, but that's his problem, he needed to man up.

Monica and Chandler are a terrible couple, she should have been with Richard. Monica was the most mature of the group and needed someone older to keep up with her level of maturity.


I get Ross truly has some character flaws, but I don’t think using Phoebe’s accidentally stealing a kid’s cat because she thinks it’s her mom counts as a good example. He even tried to be patient with that until he got frustrated because she refused to listen to reason. I also feel like people often overlook Rachel’s flaws too. They were super toxic to each other. ??‍♀️

Katherine Kennedy

I never really liked Ross. That being said if perfect ppl were the only ones allowed 2 get married, b in a relationship or have children there would b population crises. I get the vibe that if The Take ever wrote a tv show or movie it would b a bunch of very dull, very unrealistic flawless ppl, making all the right decisions and swanning through life with ease. And somehow they would still make a video about how damaged all their own characters are. I would love 2 meet this stable picture of health, I’ve yet 2 meet anyone who didn’t have at least a leetle bit of damage.

Paulina Franco Payá

Honestly, since 2004 when the last episode aired, I have always thought that Rachel got off the plane to tell Ross that she loved him but in no case gave up her opportunity in Paris, I assumed that since Ross had tenure, she would take the year to be with Rachel and Emma. Logic!! ..
I do not know if it's too innocent of me. But in no part is it proven otherwise for me to assume that they stayed in NY

Jonnafe Rosales

Okay, now do one for joey who just got dumber by the end of the series and how he treated women like trash and how he took advantage of Rachel's vulnerability after Emma was born, that instead of reassuring Rachel of Ross's commitment towards them, he just somewhat agreed to Rachel's baseless fear of Ross abandoning her and Emma...and for God sake, it's a tv show...of course characters will be stretched for entertainment purposes, it is necessary for a nice storytelling. Perhaps, Ross and Rachel were toxic to each other but admittedly without them, I dont think friends could last to 10 seasons. Every central arc revolves on them, just rewatch all the the cliffhangers.

Jeff Link

Wow!! Proof that you can make anything mean anything you want through the magic of editing!

People that view the world like the person narrating have their rose colored glasses duct taped to their head. They will only see the world one way and often can’t see their own hypocrisy. This is a horrible review and totally skipped over other parts of the stories to make up their own point.

Not going to waste my time pointing out all of the fallacies in each point. I do find it interesting that people who do this type of writing focus on very specific random details and not the big picture or the events leading up to another event so their point looks like it’s solid. It’s not.


Hypotheory: Ross is actually a deep closeted male with insecurities against homosexuality.

Emma J

That list was such an ugly and nasty thing to do. I wouldn't be able to unknow that

peace van

Maybe it's his ex-wife Carrol is the reason why became so fragile! Like she cheated on him with another girl and dumbed his ass for her. I feel like that messed with his head! He was constantly reminded of it, as his wife and her lover became "life long partners"!!! Ross definitely needed therapy!

Mehul Bali

Crazy Ross haters only see Ross's flaws.... They won't see that every character have flaws....

Joey - Man who get women into bed and will not call them again... Got mad at Chandler because he (chandler) kissed Kathy while he(Joey) himself was cheating on her..... When Monica invited him for Lemonade he opened all his clothes because he thought she wanted to have sex.... He see women as sex object which make him womanizer.....Heborrowed a lot of money from his friends came up many times throughout the series, but each time, it was usually brushed aside by the other characters. This is because they never truly expected Joey to pay them back. Chandler and Ross, in particular, both lent (or gave) notable amounts of their hard-earned money to Joey, which he would use on his lackluster acting career by purchasing more headshots or enrolling in specialty classes....It's a beautiful thing for people to financially support the passions of their friends, but in return, the friend should work tirelessly to return the favor. Instead, Joey sort of fumbled throughout his career and spent most of his time flirting and hanging out at a coffee shop.

Monica- Extremely controlling, bossy for example when Chandler quit his Job.... He didn't wanted baby at that time.... But Monica still make him having sex so she can get pregnant without asking what he wants.... Her brother marriage was destroyed but all she cared about is having sex with his best friend..... season 9, the gang decides to play the lottery. Like many people, they hope of hitting the jackpot. They all pitch in and buy a whole bunch of tickets. In fact, Monica and Joey go together to buy them. They all have high hopes of winning. Of course, soon their greed threatens the friendship. However, they lose the tickets when they fall off the roof. They soon realize that Monica bought extra tickets. These tickets were just for her and Chandler. She bought them when Joey wasn't looking....Monica's greedy side reared its ugly head again. She wanted to keep the money all for herself. When her friends find out she seems not to care. Instead, she claims she'll just buy new friends and pay for their plastic surgery to look like her friends.... She wanted to spend all of Chandler money on wedding....

Rachel- She destroyed most of Ross's relationships....She does not wanted to be with him but also didn't wanted him to move on...She doesn't even knew what she wanted.... She made Ross breakup with Jill while she herself dated his best friend (Joey) and father of Ross girlfriend...She told Monica that she and Ross broke up but didn't accepted that they were broke up when she found out Ross slept with Chloe and labeled him as cheater... While he didn't cheated...

Phoebe -She makes fun of everyone’s beliefs. Prime example, Ross has studied evolution for the whole of half his adult life. She didn’t believe in it and mocked Ross for it. She taunted him and made him give it up and suddenly when he did, she loses respect for him....Being truthful is important and all but not at the expense of your friends’ feelings. The one where she called Monica high-maintenance and Rachel a pushover. Not even bothering to come up with an excuse as to why she can’t/doesn’t want to help her friends...,..Blabbing her mouth so easily. Monica having lunch with Richard. She could never read the room. She assumes so fast and starts running her mouth instantly.....She points out everyone’s flaws and expects them to suck it up but gets bloody upset when her flaws get pointed out. When Rachel mentioned that she didn’t want to run with Phoebe because the way she run was funny, she got upset......She got upset at Ross for something she has no idea about only to find out that it was because of a dream that never happened in real life.......She constantly mocks Chandler and Monica’s relationship. Always making playful sexual advances towards him....She shoves her beliefs down other people’s throats. Not allowing Rachel to buy from pottery barn only then to be a hypocrite by buying the lamp form pottery barn by making up an excuse for it......Believes that her dead mom’s spirit is in a cat. With so, when she found out that the cat actually belonged to a girl because Ross called her out on it when nobody else was willing to, she got upset and accused him of being a bad friend.

Chandler-Some of Chandler's least redeeming moments come from his friendship with Joey. They're best buds, but Chandler can kind of forget about Joey's feelings sometimes. When Joey buys Chandler a golden, engraved friendship bracelet, Chandler only notices how hideous and tacky it is. While he learns his lesson by the end of the episode, we can all learn from his mistake, too. It's about friendship and the thought, not about money or looks.... one mistake that he'll never live down. Fans will remember when Chandler drunkenly fooled around with one of Joey's sisters, is invited to their family dinner, and then can't remember which sister is the one he's supposed to be dating The basic lesson here is to not date or hook up with your friend's sister, but the bigger lesson is to be more cautious about your decisions, and that these kind of situations can be pretty hurtful. Not cool, Chandler. We're sure he learned that women deserve more than this kind of drunken escapade...... Also when his best friend marriage got destroyed all he cared about having sex with his(Ross) sister....

Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam

The "Rachel's just a waitress" line pissed me off the first time I heard it as a teen........ But hearing it again after 22 years in the bar & restaurant industry? Makes my blood boil.

Lan Turner

true but he's still funny asf idc

RageGamer 15

Why do people hate Ross? According to me he's one of the best ?❤️?
I don't like Phoebe instead. I mean she's good but kind of forgettable

David Vanpee

Am I the only one who had no problem with Ross character

Alen Combs

Is it a coincidence that Ross and Chandler (followed closely by Monica) were the funniest characters in the show while being the most screwed up? Say what you will, but Ross was hilarious, and his flaws were the reason he was so funny (and fun) to watch. Joey was the most annoying except when he was screwing up on a job and then was funny.


Damn, so many Ross fanboys in the comments. Did this video strike a cord? huh??

Brandon G

Hes also incapable or being wrong and will lie to someone's face over the tiniest things instead if admitting hes in the wrong he lied to joeys face about kissing Charlie

Sophie S

Purposely declaring him evil and ignoring the selfishness of all other friends

Tecna Fairy of Technology

The money thing isn't Rooss's fault. He did a kind gesture along with Chandler and Monica. He wasn't toxic then.

Rob Evans

You understand that this is a character right? The idea is to portray the character and their behaviours / archetype so that the other characters can interact with each other and produce the entertainment and elicit emotional responses from the audience? The "problem" is actually not the character, it's that anyone thinks we need any of this spelled out... it's kinda obvious. If you don't think it's obvious and feel the need to explain it to everyone else, that probably says more about you and your perception of others' intelligence than anything else.

If you modified the character based on all the points that were referenced, you wouldn't be able to script the angst, turmoil, arguments, emotional ups and downs, face-palm moments etc. You may as well watch a blank piece of paper because it will be a pretty boring show without the annoying characters, antagonists, stupid decisions, narcissistic behaviours etc.

Let's take any show, remove the "toxic" behaviour from the characters and then see how interesting the show is. Sopranos without the violence, unreasonable anger, narcissism? BORING. Game of Thrones without the violence, unreasonable anger, narcissism? BORING. ETC ETC.

If your point is that these are not behaviours you should look up to or emulate, well duh.

YashRaj PaperCraft

Dammit. I'm literally Ross. But I like to be alone, and honestly, I'd rather spend time with myself than such toxic and retarded friends anyways.

Jonathan Rolle

I just wanted a wife . And I want a million dollars.

Sougata Mitra

When his divorce lawyer said he needed therapy, he was right.


Ross is the guy who swears he loves but then cheats, blackmails and sets up. Nice guy to be away from


A lot of analysis to summarise Ross is a complete dillhole. Chandler was the coolest male friend. Him and Monica were a much better couple.

Esra Ülker

this makes me so mad


"I don't cheat! That's not me." Outlines several times when he cheated, physically or emotionally.

Silver Dandy

holy sh*t i am literally ross what the fvck???

Billur Aral

We all know Ross and Rachel broke up once again - this time for good, hopefully - some time after the finale. I mean, nothing changed. All the problems that lead the other break ups are still there.

Captain Ford

Charlie from Marriage Story reminded me of him, I did not like his character at first lol


I hate when these videos get so ""woke". Cringey.

Bruce Klorfine

"Ross from Friends" was not toxic. "Friends", the show itself, was toxic.

Tomas Vera

Damn, I feel like a bitch. Everything that they say about him I identify myself with it, like everything. I feel so bad, Idk what to do

sunnysolaris23 Bakerstreet

Thanks! I'm watching Friends for the first time and Ross annoys the crap out of me! And no matter how big he screwed up, the group is always acting so appeasing towards him. Rachel is the only one who calls him out from time to time and merely because he managed to push her buttons again.

al fatcat

Their content used to be so good until they became insane, extreme feminists.


Ross is gross the show would have been so much better without him. I can't stand Friends nowadays and he's the reason why. He's exactly the type of straight guy i avoid like the plague (ahem, corona) nowadays.

Lyly asdfgh

Honestly, I'm tired to see everyone jumping on the bandwagon of trashing Ross like he's the worst fictional character ever created just because of retroactive woke trendiness, when everyone on friends has made as many mistakes as he did.

He was written in the nineties and honestly, yeah he has toxic masculinity problems, but guess what? That doesn't make him a monster, just makes him a product of a society that taught him this values. Also, toxic masculinity is a common problem today, imagine back then!

And it's not like he doesn't get punished for his mistakes and learns from them.

He's insecure and a victim of his own toxicity that he learned from his father but with time and experience he becomes a better person (just like everyone else on that show).

So, please can we stop with the ross bashing?

Sorry for the rant, he was one of my favorite characters

jude anne *the candor channel*

I really like this narrator's voice. I'd enjoy hearing more of her...

Warren Chapoton

We all would have blamed the condom first. Even Joey was upset as a consumer.

Pink lover but still Sarah

I agree Ross could have left with Rachel, why did Rachel have to give up her dream, for palentogists also exist in France. Their is no easy answer but he could have considered moving to France

jude anne *the candor channel*

Originally I disliked this video.

Now that I've finally left my own more aggressively abusive Alpha male narcissist, I see more merit in it.

But let's remember: The show rarely dramatizes how Joey's numerous conquests felt when he ditched them the morning after, leaving it to Chandler to tend to their confusion and wounded feelings...


Ross was just, gross. I think Joey was the one of the best characters sure his behaviour towards women was degrading, and he wasn't smart. He was genuine person.

Jasper Sorrows

My head canon us that Rachel leaves ross after a while of his manipulation and takes their daughter to go and live in paris after worling to get back to that stage in her career


Friends is the most famous international tv series in India, when I finally watched it, I was disgusted by all the three guys.


With respect to David Schwimmer, because his acting on the show was hilarious, Ross is certainly the worst protagonist in the history of sitcoms. I used to think it was him and Sheldon Cooper but I finally binge-watched TBBT recently and realized Sheldon is kinda my spirit animal in the fact that he gives zero Fs lol. But still, I realized that Ross was a real douchebag when he got in his feelings about Rachel being with Joey — despite Joey approaching him about it — and Ross had no problem stealing Joey’s girlfriend later in the show just because she was a colleague. That’s pure BS. And to me he seems like the worst parent. I never got the sense that he truly wanted to spend time with Ben; to me it just seemed like he was using the boy against his mother for most of his appearances. With Emma, it only seemed like he was trying to be Father of the Year only because Rachel was her mother.

Margot Wilson

I always hated how in the friend group that Ross was the nice guy while Chandler was the funny guy and Joey was the hot guy

When Joey is the Nice and hot guy because he is WAY nicer than Ross was
He did so much for Rachel and the baby
Wanting to marry her so she wouldn't be alone
and genuinely cared about his friends like when Chandler kissed his girlfriend. He made Chandler run after her when she broke up with him and completely forgave him
While Ross was still jealous even after Rachel wasn't his girlfriend for a long time

Kei Tsukishima

Why don't you dissect your perfect lead girl? Rachelle Green?

Hmmm Toxic Takeaway List?

Lan Turner

ur just taking a bunch of funny clips and using them as evidence he's a bad person ? like the show wouldn't be funny if everyone was perfect all the time calm down lol

Ted Struthers

Yes, because a comedy show about well adjusted, perfectly appropriate people who aren’t fumbling their way through their twenties would be entertaining... ?

Evie Drew

I really felt bad for Rachel she deserved better Ross always made it seem like she was the bad guy in every argument and that she wasn’t good enough and she was in the wrong just because she didn’t have “a clever enogh job”

Anagaby Sanban

Some of the arguments were very misleading from what really happened. Don´t get me wrong, I don´t like Ross for those very reasons established here, but many points in the video were very unfair.


If Ross were normal, he would be neither funny nor interesting to watch.

The death of a bachelor

I believe that David's scrip said "psycho in a thriller" more than "paleontologist"


I won't take this. Every person has their own pros and cons but that doesn't make one a toxic person only if they are not compatible with you. Just because you can't be with them doesn't make them wrong. Everyone has different perspectives.
And just like this Ross and Rachel were totally meant to be together for those who saying that they didn't like their pair. Just because you don't like someone doesnt give you a right to call someone toxic. It's just that sometimes great people are toxic for each other just because of their differences doesn't make any one of them toxic.

T. D

Yea I always thought Ross was a prick an when it comes to it I don’t like Monica either I like the geller parents but not a fan of either of their kids

Kiran Sahni

Lol, this is the most stupid video and take I have seen. I don't like Ross much but omg, stupid lol
It's like saying that a normal human is perfect , ofcourse he had "minor" issues, that's the perfection of friends, they didn't try to make unrealistic 'hero' characters, all characters are normal and behave how a human behaves after tragedy lol


I was engaged to a Ross for 2 years. He tried trick me into marrying him & he did the same with the girl he got with after me. I guess it didn't work out because one year later he actually did trick a girl into marrying him. But to be fair the whole feared of another divorce was put into his head by Phoebe taunting him by labeling him "The Divorced Guy" They all had some level of toxicity, Joey being the least. It's interesting that you guys say Ross is a Narcissist because he & Monica 's mother seemed to be a narcissist/toxic person herself. She plays favorites with both her children. Look up the Golden Child & the Scapegoat Child & Narcissist parents.

David Meiers

HATED him throwing the break in Rachel's face in the finale after she proved het love by sacrificing a major career move for him. What a total ass.

Nirawit Karnjanasomwong

It would be interesting if you do the Take on Cece and Schmidt relationship. I have mixed feelings about these two. In the first half of the show, they were simply one of the most toxic couples ever but in the second half, they were literally sweet and near-perfect.

Alice Michaelis

Ive only seen a handful of episodes of this Friends but its such a popular show, that i feel like i know the main characters too much.

YashRaj PaperCraft

I'm kind of like Ross. But I am only friends with colleagues, and my childhood friends also eventually came into my profession .ie. Mechanical Engineering. I cannot stand stupid and shallow people like Rachel and Phoebe, and hence I usually don't make friends with women. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. actually taught me that I should never make friends with people who are not like me. I don't need to change myself, I'm happy with my life, my career, and my friends. And such friends actually drag you down, I cannot imagine what heights a dedicated paleontologist like Ross could've achieve had he had some self-respect and cut Rachel out of life forever.

Quinta Douglass


Nico Bones

I would feel some sympathy for Ross' situation with Carol and Susan and how he reacts to it all under other circumstances. Bottom line, they said, "Until death do us part," and then Carol left him for someone else. I know, the fact that she's a lesbian comes into play there, and she can't live a lie, but in any other situation in which one spouse leaves the other to be with someone else, we'd definitely sympathize with the bitterness of the one who was abandoned.

However, Ross himself is a cheater and, as you said in the video, highly possessive and manipulative. For this reason, any sympathy I would typically have for him basically dissolves.

The Diminished

I don't get these vids. Friends is a sitcom, not bible study. It's meant to make us laugh at people in their late 20's - early 30's still beying immature.

tash eve

i always hated the way ross treated Phoebe as well as rachel and the others. she had very spiritual beliefs and he could never keep his mouth shut and respect them, he had to butt in with his science and skepticism. i hated the episode where he snapped at phoebe for believing her mother’s spirit was in a cat. she clearly finds comfort in her beliefs and quirks, which i think she has every right to given everything she’s been through.


I personally, hated Rachel the most, then Ross.
Honestly the other 4 were so much better characters that ppl should actually look up to. Ross and Rachel should never be the inspiration for someone's personality in their adulthood.

MovieJunkie ForLife

Leonard from The Big Bang Theory also reminds me of Ross in a lot of ways. For example, the episode where Penny has an ex coming over to crash on her couch was a huge red flag and it's an episode I find hard to watch because he gets his way in the end.

william ones whannell

Dr darcia narvaez, a woman telling men about their toxic masculinity, hhhhmmmm no (edit) the more I watch of this video the more I see you are using advocates of gender theories. Shy men or men for that matter that dont like feminism is because feminism doesnt want equality they want total male submission

flower_ girl

I felt like Rachel n Joey were far better than Ross n Rachel.

Albert Fredriek

I don't understand what women expect us men to do. We want a woman in our lives, it's our biological drive goddammit. There is nothing toxic with wanting to date women. Jeez what has our culture come to these days.

Anastasia I

"Using her to complete his idealized vision of himself" perfect!

Wynn Wynn

Please do one on how toxic Joey is to women

Jenna Ellis

Since when did characters on shows have to be role models for the perfect human? Aren't we as viewers supposed to distinguish the good and bad in characters, the same way we do with real ppl?


I’m in a Ross and Rachel relationship.

Elijah Clark 1916

In one way or another, most of them were toxic. The only exception was Chandler.

Ross: Though he's a good friend and does his best as a father, he's super petty, just has to have the last laugh.

Monica: She's super OCD and judgemental. There's also a controlling aspect to her too.

Rachel: A spiteful, spoiled, vindictive person who feels that she needs the last laugh.

Phoebe: Constantly brings up her rough upbringing in hopes of getting sympathy or undermining somebody else's problems.

Joey: A loyal friend, but very predatory in some ways.

zeth 1706

women: always judging and you will never make them happy

Joseph Jacobs

Wowee Misandry, The take are the toxic ones, fawning over a good show. Moral vanity, so evil


*All* the main characters in Friends are incredibly flawed people when you break down their personalities, that's what makes them interesting -- because people in real life are flawed and never perfect as well. Anyone who thinks this just applies to Ross is blinded by some kind of bias or wasn't paying much attention.

M. Martin

I am Ross, just not as tall and without a PhD and without an apartment in NYC...

Wilfred Dale

Honestly, Ross and Rachel are made for each other. They are both toxic.

RageGamer 15

Rachel is much more in my opinion than Ross (cruel too)

Nico Bones

I've disliked Ross for years now. He's definitely a false nice guy.

Supergirl Video Clips

Wait a minute, you manipulative snake. You literally glossed over the good things he did especially at 8:00

He adviced Rachel to go to Paris when she said she wanted it. He didn't plan to get her back until she came to his apartment and they kissed and slept together and he realised they have a shot at getting back together.

Karina Imbert

We must consider that it is a series that was filmed in the last century, where social awareness and acceptance related to certain themes that we enjoy today was not even thought about; I am not saying that their aptitudes are justified but we must take into account the time and the social environment of that time. Also knowing that each character has an individual personality and they are not perfect, I think what makes the series so good is that each character is exposed from their best to their worst versions. It would be very basic, boring and unrealistic for them just focus on how good people they are... just say :)

George Makaliʻi

I always hated Ross. In fact, of all the friends, I hated Ross the most. This analysis of Ross is EXACTLY the same analysis I have had of him! He's a character that just perpetuates the notion of "toxic masculinity" who is a narcissistic condescending possessive entitled asshole. Him ending up with Rachel at the end of the show with her getting off the plane, to me, was the WORST decision the show could have made. Ross didn't deserve Rachel. Ross doesn't deserve anyone. Ross needed to learn to grow into a healthy, loving, caring, functioning HUMAN BEING and work on himself BEFORE getting into a relationship.

Anton Binnig

I feel like it would’ve been easy to write the end in a way, that shows Ross growing in a person. Had he offered to move with Rachel and Emma and they got together in Paris that would’ve been so amazing.

The Problem With Friends With Benefits - Sessions Ep. 2

The Problem With Friends With Benefits - Sessions Ep. 21 Jan. 2016
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Claudia Loyo

Better than ydy




I disliked the movie in order to make it exactly 300 dislikes..
Problems of having OCD

Karen H

somebody give that rich friend a hug

Takiko Nair

is it me or does she sound a little like demi lovato? idk... maybe it's just me lol

Danny Garcia

What's with steelo's voice?


It's Steelo Brim!

Mout M.

So, is friends with benefits like a commn thing? When did this kinda relationship started to exist or did it always existed? Is this more from western culture or does other cultures engage in this type of relationship too?


Oh Chris...I legit feel your character...sans actually going to therapy and being jobless :/. #stillkindred

A. Angel

eeeewwwww cruiser board


That ending was perfect xD

Mayra Valencia



i have been dating my fwb for 2 years !

Sally Rasmussen


Sergio Arangio

All I got from this is that therapists never give you straight answers.

Ailin S




madison sokolowski

who’s here 2018?

Rutanga Katjivena

oh my freakin amazeballs

Khadija Abi

I didn't expect Steelo Brim! love that guy!

Kane Moffat

she's a fucing heartless spychopath


Stop buzzfeed :(

Invested Viewer

I didn't know Gru became a psychiatrist


Does the therapist have a neck?


"Do you ever think people just tell you the things they want to hear?"
Thing is that we all live in our own little bubble and live our own unique lives. The only perspective we will ever have is our own. Sharing our experiences is all we ever truly have to offer each other. Life on this planet is rather pointless, so enjoy what you can of it.

Rutanga Katjivena

steelo is deep yoh!!!
lol #notice the sarcasm


your always gonna get hurt when your a sidehoe

Khadija Abi

seriously tho, I'd love to have a boyfriend. Friends With Benefits is something I'm okay with tho


"I say you ghost her" lmao that's terrible !!!!

Evette Heim1

I tried friends with benefits...I'm not meant for that...I'm too monogamous and get feelings for them...I get myself hurt...I'm about commitment but I'm afraid of marriage

jill ian


Matias Sanchez Blanco

why is everybody trying so hard to get a wife/girlfriend, isn't there more to life than that?

Gigi Drummond

Ha ha ha - just keepin it
1000 !

Maria Foteini

"Yeah but i am the hoe...and i wanna be a housewife" lmao i'm loling irl

Butterkeks Gangster

Music by Steven Wilson - whooooooot? thumbs up


Love this !!!!

jesse pinkman

The therapist looks like he belongs in a David lynch film.

Big Bung


Ashley Martinez

Love Chris and Brittany!!

Citlaly Ireland

You are the business!!! So hot huerito??

Michelle Emanuela

I am not trying to be rude or make comparisons, but I am enjoying this way more than You Do You. This moves so well in the same amount of time.

Some One

Wow. Truth.

Mya L

"Who's Gus?" Lol


I need his job!!!

Israel Dmgz

Exactamente eso me pasa a mi ?


"yea, but i'm the hoe." lol story of my life


Oooh, tell her how you feel. Do it. Yes! Such a good series! :)

tyreece ved

love the fact that they included 2016


Don't get into fwb unless you are strong and know you won't get attached...I got into fwb and caught feelings and when he broke my heart :(

Sinnita Gounden

this is not what all "friends with benefits" relationships are like ?

Karim Angulo


Juana Roa


Ashley Christine

I relate so much to this guy lol We have the same friends

Logan Cai

Does anyone else noticed the two other guy's personality. They are the talkative personality who really doesn't listen to what other people have to say, let alone, a chance to express one's thoughts. It reminds me of politics, where no one in the room listens to each other and just states their opinion over and over.

Valerie Abena

"I'm..the...hoe. I wanna be a housewife" lmao


this hairstyle looks good on him.


Why is it written 9568 likes and not 9k?

Ken Toths

Hope there is a girl like that in the Philippines!

Sabrina Cecchin

Oh my god the black guy's voice is so nice

Fizzy Izzy channel

Where do I find Sterling from Ridiculousness


Mee right now


"its 2016" OK dude I know its January 2nd but let's take this slow


omg I love the therapist



Pearlynn Wang



role reversal

Jennifer Duquette

OMG ITS 2016!!

Makeda’s Wrath

I refuse to pay a therapist with no neck. Lesson to the wise: NEVER BE A FRIEND WITH BENEFITS!

Alberto Castrejon

The part about the friends saying what they want to hear to make themselves feel better really got to me, its something I do to make myself feel like its not a big deal and it helps me sleep at night but hearing it from someone else point of view it reminds me of how sad I am, how much I miss her and how I just say things that stupid things just to keep my spirit up

The Cowboy

Friends with benefits normally never works out. What usually happens is one person, sooner or later catches feelings for the other, feelings that are very rarely recipocated, and thus somebody gets hurt.

Lor I


Briana Griffiths

STERLING!! I never expected him to be in a buzzfeed video. ?

Alexa Mendoza



Does anyone know where to find the song, Movement, from the ending?

Andrew Bell

this is so damn good would froth for a full tv show of this, protagonist is so easy to identify with


Sopranos anyone?

Gage Cutts


Sadie Delin

why can't men just enjoy the FWB relationship. It's fun, no drama, very little responsibility

Alli Mitch

Oh sh!t! It's Steelo! I'd pay HIM $275 to bring him froyo

Mason Adams

I'm in love with this series


20 likes and i'll tell my fwb that I have feelings for him...

Caoimhín Ó Caoimh

I hate Buzzfeed, but I have to admit, this was good. Take this and run with it.

Tgirl Lannister


Svetlana Kerrigan

Am I the only person who thinks that friends with benefits is degradation?

William B

Officially in love with these vids


I love this lol


Lmao...exactly why I don't do friends with benefits. Too selfish for that.

Brynn Wiens

The black guy definitely got hurt before ?


umm this is weird I'm in this situation and I like I don't care that much but same time I'm like I rather get a real GF:/ idk what should I do guys

Camillia McCown





Omg! That just happened to! :( I don't want to be a ho either....I wanna be a housewife.


Lmao the black dude is funny

Kenpachi CG

That is garbage.


my baby steelo! ??

Jasmine M

I feel like if you're friends with benefits you still shouldn't sleep around with other people.


he's the side chick but he wants to be the wifey

Luna Moon

I that guy was a Midgets



Baylee Horan

Yes jack in the box reference ??