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7 Sexy Things Women Should Be Allowed To Say

7 Sexy Things Women Should Be Allowed To Say6 Jun. 2015
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Because no one else is

Because no one else is going to speak on your behalf.

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Comments (100)

"virtually everyone will have an sti at some point in their lives". WHAT??????????????????/ i dont understand?


Buzzfees has gotten so sexist against men I can't fucking stand it


It's funny how I'm going through buzzfeed, procrastinating my std packet homework I need to do before I go to sleep... Oh well


Were women not allowed to say these things before?

ruslan mam

This goes for males too, wat?

Rachel Lowe

this applies to both men and women

Shaza Khalid

I love that you put a hijabi woman

Yun Ni

What is x and y ? ???


Welp. If you want to see anti-feminist crybabies losing their shit over something that is not the least bit threatening, this is your thread.

Elii Daly

So lesbians need protection? How


i like her lauhgin at all this.. :)

yusuf kuf

Fun fact: Even if you use a condom, you can still contract HPV.


'Talk dirty to me ;33'

' when were you last tested?'

'...what ._.'

'Here's my ENTIRE STI history. Enjoy ;3'



"virtually all adults with get an STI in their lifetime" LOL wwrrrroooooooonnnnngggggggg where is that statistic coming from???

Not Myname

Okay I have a problem, WHY DOES IT SPECIFICALLY SAY WOMEN? this should apply to any gender

Goddess of the Devil's Lettuce

Videos like these need to be shown in sex ed. It would be a lot more useful than learning how babies are made and why we should wait until marriage...

Not a Walnut

Yes, it can be applied to men, but there's nothing wrong with a video being made for women.

Beck Pronk

How can you get an std when you don't have sex or only have sex with someone you know they don't have an std? I'm not a person who sleeps around with everyone and on top of that still a virgin.. :/


Another assumption video. These "feminists" assume the worst things that barely happen anywhere.

Casey Vee

OK, what the host here is saying is that women have complete control, and that men have no say in anything.

Nini Le

All these whiny ass piss babies who call themselves "men" are pathetic.


I love BuzzFeed but something about this video really angers me. I don't know why though. Where's Freud when you need him.


I can't stop listening to the jingle in the background. Does anyone else remember Luke McMaster's song "good morning beautiful"? The bit at the end, after the video proper is over and the jingle is just finishing up, is exactly the same as the bridge in that obscure song from 3 or 4 years ago. Same measure, same chord progression with the same rests in between, even in the same octave. What a wierd thing to notice. I'm going to go listen to that song now. See you!

Nick dominic

who disallowed women from saying any of this


This whole X and Y thing is new to me.


How is this only for women? This is for people in general.

Joshua Buchanan

no people need to start speaking on your behalf I mean whats the worse that can happen nobody or nothing is stopping them from doing that I think it should work like thi

Awesome Tiger

This wasn't what I was expecting. I expected it would be stuff women should be allowed to say in public. I feel disappointed.

Margarita M.

You can say no at any point of any reason
NO! D:<

Emily Larson

this is so important

Kyla D.

I don't want y but I do wand x (the drugs)


I already learned all this from BDSM people

Simpiii !!!

At 00:33 what she ment by x and y ??

Meet the Binders!

"Virtually all adults with get a sexually transmitted disease sometime in their lifetime" starts video with vague untrue statement. You suck


is this 1980 again?
do people still live these misogenous existences in "the west"?
if so, i'm shocked


Sexy? Apparently the things I call direct and fairly sensible are the standard of sexy.

Ewan Cartwright

Ha ha, right, people are always saying "No bitch, you ain't allowed to say no!" Like everyone, it's flat out not socially acceptable in our society to say no to sex. Completely


"virtually all" wtf does that even mean


This is for men too.

Mary Elizabeth Parker

You know if you remain a virgin until marriage and so does your partner, you cannot get an STD, right?


and why aren't they allowed to do these things? are these things against the law or something?

rawabi aljabbary

Omg i love the fact that you put a hijabi picter

frederik kallesoe

exactly why is this "7 things women should be allowed to say" and not "7 things that you should be allowed to say"


i do not understand why the title narrows it down to one gender instead of saying someting like:
"7 Sexy Things Humans Should Be Allowed To Say"
furthermore this title implies that it is not allowed and it is. maybe one might not feel comfortable if one says them the first time, but first times are often like this.


7 Sexy Things Women Should Be Allowed To Say 
"When was the last time you were tested?"


what am i watching? im 15 :D

Daniela Caballero

I don't like the way she keeps smiling


Most of these are the same thing

Jessica B.

"Don't say yes until you feel comfortable saying no."

Unless your into the really kinky stuff. In that case, don't say yes until you feel comfotrable saying horseradish.


This is great advice for EVERYBODY.

James Gray

Misleading title - women are "allowed" to say all of these things. Thumbs down to this femtrash channel.

Rafael S.

when you're having sex, sometimes you have to think about your partner too, you can say that "I only want to do this, not that", but saying this allows your partner to say the same. Imagine if men only did the things they wanted in bed, woman often wouldn't feel satisfied

Sam Williams

Loads of women say this already :/ and so do men. Its not new to say these and Ive never hurt of women "not" being allowed to say the. C'mon buzzfeed ur losing ur touch a bit.

Theodor Brekke

The title does not correspond wit hthe title that she says in the video....

Rose Y

Virtually all adults will get an STI at some point? That's not even remotely true...


Wow, sorry ladies - I had no idea that you weren't allowed to say these things -_-


Why do guys think decisions about sex are the same as basic things in a relationship. You don't NEED to have sex in a relationship, but if she says she wants to talk or meet your mom or go somewhere with you,you go. Forcing a girl to do something she's not yet comfortable with sexually is NOT the same as forcing you to have a conservation about (dare I say) feelings.

Malik Mcfadden

Why doesn't this apply to guys


Hate to jump on the bandwagon here but this definitely should apply to everyone. I know women have our hang ups in the the bedroom, but so does the entirety of humanity.

drew dennen

It should've been titled "practical things for anyone to say during sex" these are nice practical things but I was expecting something more like "oooh dirty boy, lick my butthole!"

oz kevin


Alisha Meraki

... Not what I expected


The moment when buzzfeed has started to be like internet explorer

Anthony M

"Virtually all sexually active adults will get a STD at some point in their lives." Dafuq?

Carson Hunt

The std fact is true for the most part.
80% of the county I used to live had an std. And half of them that had one didn't know.
So even asking "do you have an std" you'd still get a no from them, then bam, you got em.
Herpes is most common cause I think for the high rates.

Lastly this video was nothing but common sense.
Trust me u can't just ram it up her ass with no repercussion. (Well you could but she's gonna be angry for a while).
So no shit Sherlock, talk about new things. No means no, blah blah blah.

Jarkko Y

I'm glad my exes weren't aware of that that they were not allowed to tell me these things /s

Bishop Vidal

why did i click this video

Ginger Gingercat

"7 Sexy Things Teenage Girls Should Be Allowed To Say".  There, title fixed.  You're welcome.

Tea Em

"Virtually all adults will get an STI" I don't think so Hun. I'm saving myself for marriage because I am worth the wait and so is my future husband.

Bigor Shpella

All kinds of sex before marriage is fornication!

Rory Triscuit

Everyone should be willing to say these things.
And not everyone gets an STI at some point ... unless maybe they received "abstinence only" education. Some people know to get tested regularly and use protection. o.O
Sidenote: Nothing about this was sexy.


I wondered what so many people could have possibly thumbs down about this video... then I looked at the comments and was like, "Oh yeah... it's the Internet."


Im just gonna re-name this video "7 Sexy Things Everyone Should be Allowed To Say". Seems a bit unnecessary labeling it towards one sex.

Freaking person

None of these things are sexy.


How about you don't sleep around?????? Like??? If you don't want an std?????? Also i don't believe that virtually all adults get an std. Only sluts and fuckboys do.

Rita Lukea

bUt wHaT AbOuT gUyS?!?

Quick Clips

Just because buzzfeed labels this as 7 things WOMEN should be allowed to say, doesn't mean us guys can't say them as well.


1. I didn't know you're not allowed to say these things as a woman.. ?
2. Doesn't this apply to literally everyone?


Da fuq.  Who says women aren't allowed to say this?? Will like the gender police come in and be like "no ma'am freedom of speech doesn't cover sexy things"

M.E. R

That std comment was stupid as stupid can get. Asexual..? Horribly rude.

Matthew Crowder

Do women really need this video to know that they can say these things?

James Sebastian

This is not just for girls even men can say these, what happened to equality, buzzfeed?


Woman with a hijab was out of place. Might as well use a nun next time.

Husanpreet GiLL Gill


M Kki

Y'all complaining are the ones who'll end up with std cause its a "deal breaker" to even mention them/ the possibilities etc. enjoy!


Crazy feminist want a toyboy

Ben Kaller

When were you tested is so sexy


Feminism makes me hate the world even more. Thanks Buzzfeed.

Sam lee


sean love

Don't think the title should just be for women but for all ✌


Why does it just have to be women should be comfortable say? It should be "people should be comfortable to say"

Caitlin G

Title in video is much better

Laura Sanchez

When she said, "I don't wanna do X" I was like, are people really into doing X before sex.. I've heard about doing it but Damn dude, I didn't know it was that much of an issue. I didn't understand what she was actually try a say for a good minute afterwards. Lmao I feel dumb.


Whoever thinks feminism is involved in this your fuckin stupid and need to stop thinking to conclusion just cause it says women on it. And women are not the only ones who be feminists stupido! Y'all need dictionaries for next Christmas ?


Her fake smile...

John Stepp

shouldn't both parties be "allowed" or ENCOURAGED to say these?

Señor Deadbeat

Not forcing and trying new things are kind of the same. You don't want to do it that's why you haven't try'd it

Freaking person

what would happen if a man asked a women "when was the last time you were tested"? Bye the way it's not called "anal" it is called sodomy.

bah cue

i cant believe people would actually need somebody to say this.


this was such a stupid video ever guy knows this

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Comments (100)
max li

I’m straight

Fizzy Fran

Won't i friendzone her if i tell her that she's my best friend?

Elfen Lied

1:18 LOL

Jack Davies

I always end up creasing at these videos like hahahaha

Eru Paine

6:56 , wait for him to say “7 sexiest thing to say to a woman is...” and then tap on 6:56 over, and repeat?

Dimitris Villiotis

Girls, not feminists. Just want to clarify...

Your Mothers Boyfriend

This thumbnail is gonna get a few guys killed...

My Alt

2:00 bro no,,, they dont do squats and sh i mean at least not in my country, here if they have 74-78lbs (talking bout small girls) they say they are fat even tho they are just like a stickman and we all are like wtf bro u a stickman and u still say u fat at 74lbs ? these girls are so weird they dont understand this weight thing....

Magdalena Kawka

Awful, just awful...

Freddy Zapata

Number 1 advice from a gentleman to another, never talk about how amazing your woman smells cuz now more than 6.5 million subscribers want to smell your woman's armpits

Madhav Pisal

Yo,Alpha you are ridiculous but,Thank you.

Devin Wall

Intro lmao

future tech

This scent we could not find in india

Even amazon also

Michelle Morgan

Good grief you're annoying

Parsa Hosseini

I love our little secret ??


6:56 you can thank me later

Jonesllewellyn Hame

I tried telling a girl that she looks pretty and she got angry


Those lines just makes me think.. i just want sex idc about the rest.. thats not love lol


what if ur gf IS the super hot friend...


This guy can sell a mule as a Ferrari

Exticey Nevahba

Most of those things are validation I agree with some of them just not all.

Tech Fusion

DUDE ARMPIT!#@#@@#@!


I went from looking for pickup lines to buying cologne....

100 subs without a video


nick steakley

I think I heard the prophet speak! His commandments to bro code has been spoken!

Adrian Kamo

He's the fun uncle

Jonathan Munoz Gonzales

6:56 hahahaaaahaa

Khalil l

Brand of this denim jacket??

Sean Welling

It's her natural scent Alpha. I get it's intoxicating.

lotus kidd

I get the armpit thing its jus that feminine smell all women have


Buddy, lose the ear-wear. And the acid washed jean jacket.

Tech Fusion

If i say that line (ass) in india , im goin to jail

Jameson Barker

her body HER BODY lol ?

Troy Truong

Im 36yoa. Been using axe spray. My only cologn bottle ran out 2 years. Didnt care for cologn. Went to cologn store. Told the clerk that ive been using axe. She and the female customers started laughing. Does not matter which brand. As long as you are not stink, u r good. Axe smells nice too. An expensive brand does not dictate whether the smell is always good.

brad kaml

Like how when you make references it goes to a guy named brad, since that's my name lol. But for real you give great advice and it's good common sense stuff that as men we typically don't think of. Also he's got great products for us at affordable prices worth checking out. Great channel

OffBrandEmKay R6

If she’s short say she ain’t compressed she’s thicc

Jorden Pimblett

He's a creep he's in his 40s and there grand children to him

nick monaco

do you lick her armpits? lol

000 ooo

Boooomb dude.....???

Draven Hankey

Believe it or not your videos help man. Thanks

Siddarth Salaria

This dude is just

Faijul Anam Efat

I feel you bro!! I lovee my girls smell too,I don't know why but even without deo!!!

The Sebastian show

Your gonna get me in trouble I say this to all woman so they can leave me alone back in school when I was late for class before COVID-19 lol ?


Ur not good in acting like a girl ?

Taz Graff

So, little tidbit since he mentioned his wife's armpit. Human are naturally drawn to smells they enjoy. So much so that we even instinctively choose mates off of body odor.

Benjamin Dunaway

I am really good with flirting with girls but Alpha is teaching me way more about girls it seems like I am just going to watch the rest of

Hot Ice MC


true victory3

U deserve a GOLD TROPHY for your lovely sense of humor

Giovanni Barrera

Yo alfa your ridiculous but we love you??

Steve Roberts

You're basically telling us to shower women with compliments and put them on a pedestal. That's right out of the beta friend zone playbook. In her mind that equates to "he wants me." Then she gets bored with you because you're no longer a challenge so she moves on to your best friend, Chad. Indifference is key. Women want you when they think you don't want them.

bein LIVE

Title should be changed to 10 lines to say if you want women to loose interest in you

Francisco Marrero Negron

hello my friend I really liked what you reported interesting but you are not alone about liking the smell of your girl's armpits I also like that natural smell of mine ?? I think it is her natural pheromones from all her parts that They smell rich and seductive to the natural, I am Latino. I can tell you I love it and I think it is important to make them feel good in every way, praising them and telling them what they like to hear how beautiful they are since they are beings of beautiful feelings and do everything for whom they are. make them feel special and sexy brother success.

Alonzo Montgomery

This guy is funny

Ace_ C

Instructions not clear
I told my gf that she is sexier than her sister and now she won't talk to me.....I did exactly what alpha Said at the beginning of the video


Too bad I could not have had all (or at least some) of this info about 35 years ago.

Abdul Moeed Sohail

Who else likes Alpha’s videos before even watching em? ??

Santiago Martinez Stiengruber

I bought Rebel a month ago before watching this video ? Damn Alpha you did it again!

Ruth Perez

I would not like it if a dude said I love your ass I will find it offensive and probably slap the crap out of him

lmkk dvd

this lines are for simps


Me :Nice Ass.
Girl : what a freak

Miguel Jr

MAN, i thought i was the only one who loved the smell of a girl's armpit.

Archis Marathe

Me: Nice Ass
Christian mom: did u just call my a donkey, you unholy being?

Siddharth Kumar

Actually I watch his video for his comedy really excited and amazing ????

nina kdo

Those lines really sucks Please don’t say that to impress a girl ??

Ali Kareem

I spilled my friends beer
My friend : 2:11

Ghost Shadow

I wanna smash the like so money times sadly YouTube let me do it once

PureSkillzz yt

who it this Brad

adriana silitonga

I'm a 47y.o. single female doctor..
I just looove your channel..

Can't get enough..
Sexy senioritas..etc..
You are hilarious, dude!!


yo alpha youre rediculous i love you

Davi Ruela

Hey Alpha, you could make a "girls react" to these videos haha, should be fun!??

Maratha Warrior

Damn, there was a girl at the gym near me and I was checking the youtube feed, suddenly I saw Alpha M's thumbnail, and I said nice ass when she was near me, she freaked out and walked away, Alpha m, you suck

Tech God

Been watching your channel for a while but when you said you know not to say that cause you a subscribed I went down and subscribed ?


6:56 ?

Smurfeco 2.3

If she decided to cheat on me with my friend brad than she was never the one and belongs in the streets . NEXT .


I knew that brad gonna stab me in the back

Tpz Defy

Bruhhh what is 6:56 ?????

hardik patel

Alpha I changed myself bro spicy handsome rita ???

aoun bassem


Kristian Ivandic

Worst thing is that for us Slavic people is that this sounds like utter shit but on English its really good

Jazzie isalookieloo

O my gosh my guy does the same thing he like my armpits coming out of the shower.... sorry babe I love you if you see this.....

abbyboii_ru 07

Yo alpha ur ridiculous but I luv u ?


If your gf asks you if her friend is beautiful just say:
-Yes she is cute, but not as beautiful as you. There is a reason I chose you ;)

Andre Leverette Jr

The hump your leg part LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???????????????????????

Avinash kumar

Love with alpha?

Samir Habib

how about some Alpha hair tips for your followers with African hair

Mallikiah Jamesons

So I been watching ur vids for a while and I finally added and started to talk to the girl I’ve like for a long time

Natsu Ichijo2

6:55 nani

Payne Bius

Told her that her hair was nice and she FaceTimed me instantly

Punith Ramakrishna

All this are affensive in india??


I stg I’m the same way too


His wife after watching this video : oh so this is how you do it ??

Chrischi 1988

You shouldnt sound to needy to say some of the things.

Gucci Snek

No one:


AlphaM: æss

Witt Cannon

Dis man loves BO

Benjamin Barry

6:55 WTF??


Im going to meet one girl at this week, we have been co-workers before, like three years ago. I saw between us already something but i didn't do anything so question is, should i be a man and do these things to her, what our god aka AlphaMan is showing to us, even we haven't saw each other after that?

Sofiane Ladraa

U crazy haahahahahhahaahah min 6:56


I was listening to this video and i looked back at the video on 6:55 made my day.

Tom Burgess

Pheromones bro. That's why she smells nice to you