Growing male breasts into female breasts

Growing your own Female Breasts

Growing your own Female Breasts25 Nov. 2015
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Not so long ago, people

Not so long ago, people looking to feminise their breasts were left with only two options; in-plants or out-plants. Thankfully, there are now hormones and drugs which are safe and effective to use.

Available in a variety of forms, these will allow you to develop your very own female breasts and nipples, helping you to achieve that feminine body you’ve always desired.

If you’re considering hormones, there are two things you should consider. Think of them as the golden rules to growing your own breasts…

The first is that the stronger the hormone, the faster your development. Secondly, always take an anti-androgen alongside any female hormone.

Without getting too scientific, anti-androgens cancel out male hormones, so your body will react to the female hormones positively.

Taking hormones will mean you’re able to grow your own female breasts, but how can you take them?

There are now a wide variety of ways to begin your hormone treatment including:

Transdermal treatments

Oral treatments


Nasal sprays

I know from experience that you’ll want to see results straight away but remember, hormone treatment isn’t an overnight miracle. There’s no hard and fast rule to growing your own breasts, it takes time.

It’s the same process a girl would go through during puberty. So, have patience and you’ll reap the rewards.

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RIP, Stephanie Anne Lloyd.

Misty Johnson

Good one, thanks. If you're willing to try something that can unleash your body's breast growing powers, you can always try one of those methods that promise DD breasts lol. Or, maybe something more reasonable and achievable, like the alternatives mentioned in Mika Klopsworth's breast guide.

Stephan Greiter

For a long time I have the desire to grow breasts.
Can I also order the hormones online?
And which hormones should I pay particular attention to.
I am grateful for suggestions and assistance.

Vortex Killer01

I’d think I’d like my breasts to be smallish, like still big enough to be proud of, but small enough to not get in the way, like mid teenager breasts! Yeah, that’s probably the best I can explain it, I’m 17 and just starting my Male to Female journey. ?