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G Force off-ride HD Drayton Manor

G Force off-ride HD Drayton Manor26 Apr. 2012
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With all that twisting

With all that twisting track, it's hard to believe that this Maurer Söhne x-car beyond vertical lift coaster only has three inversions. Two of them are part of a coaster element called a Bent Cuban Eight, which is unique to this type of coaster.

Check out the on-ride video we posted to see what it's like to be in the front seat of this thrilling coaster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUToGQInCak

Drayton Manor is located in Staffordshire, England.

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Comments (40)
jamie L

what if the lift gets stuck..........

isthatj.s Music

i am going drayton manor tommorow
thanks for giving me a rough idea of what rides will be like :)

Steve Linn

This ride just doesn't seem all that cool to me.

jamie L

one train!? thats shocking.. the carrage arnt even very big :L


This was my first ever inverted ride. :)

Harriet Churm

I love g force

Jemma Louise

hey costerforce could you please go on the apocolips that you stand up on at drayton manor my friend has never been to drayton manor and she wants to stand up on it. i told her it was scary but she wants to see it for herself so if you can please do it - I DARE YOU! thanx


LOL I saw some people on this ride, they didn't scream at anything, but at they end when you go back in the station they screamed for no reason! :P

Adam Brooks

This one might not be around that long?


is the beyond vertical lift an inversion?

Jack McGregor

this park does!!!!!! apocalypse g force shock wave what more do you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony Martinez

This park really needs a major coaster...

Logi Bear

G-force my hole G-force my hole


Ur right itsa great ride



Chloe Baugh

I went on it ages ago

Mason Ashton.

Van so do r


Cooler Überkopflift bestimmt interessant zu fahren.

Jack McGregor

this s not bull shit its great you idiot

Mason Ashton.

Sorry I meant can someone tell me why you don't fall out it goes upside down with on lap restraints???

Coaster Dave

r.i.p its closing permanently soon


This ain't no 'Rip Ride Rocket', more like 'Sheila Blenkinsop's Horse & Cart Extravaganza™'

Jack McGregor

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh great ride but terrifying

Matthew _TheRobloxGamer

Why does the trains look like Windjammer from Knotts Berry Farm.Did they re-use it?


One train makes the queues horrendous supposedly.

Chocolabtastic Smith

R.I.P G-Force. A real marmite coaster. I hated the first slow inversion, it was painful, but the rest of the ride was pretty cool, if a little short. I’d love to see a new coaster at DM to replace it, but can’t see it happening any time soon.


A pity it’s getting removed...


The seat belt is cool

Tara Capewell

im so scared to go on roller coasters someone help:L


its happened i like and they had every down upside :S


My first upside down ride! Loved it!

Steve W

What was the first steel single loop roller coaster in the USA ? Just wondering.

Paige Callow

Not really i went on it its more fun than scary :)

Jack McGregor

ive been on this ride it was awesome i screamed all the way through though :(


stop screaming it's so annoying !!!!!!!!!!!

Steve W

That's cool but way too short & slow


god the opening 40 seconds all I could here was AHHH!!!! AHHH!!!! AHHHH!!!! AHHH!!!! AHHH!!! AHHH! SOMEONE TELL THAT KID TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Grace Beames

David Chodor

@wwwcoasterforcecom what time is the bent cuban eight??

Ayron Gors

Short ride but seems fun!

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