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GPS G-Spot Cream in 30-seconds

GPS G-Spot Cream in 30-seconds11 Aug. 2020
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Teresa C

"X" marks the spot! Best thing ever for women!

Miss AKay

YASSS I totes need this though!

Carrieann Holmgren

What the heck is this voice thing? I would never buy this with that computer voice.

heather Miller

I just tried this product for the first time big waste of money will never by this again thats for sure. All it feels like is a peppermint was put up into you. No tingling at all and i applied with fingers plus added on to dildo to get deeper and nothing. Gotten better ones off amazon

New GPS G-SPOT CREAM | Pure Romance

New GPS G-SPOT CREAM | Pure Romance9 Jan. 2020
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Amel Alvi ⇦ ???? ??? ❤️

I loro stati di salute❤️
rispettivi prevenirli
per avvicinarsi troppo
Mensile Cabal? Al giorno d'oggi, tuttavia, si e olturasizbi?
Быйылкы трандинг тасмасын өткөрүп жибербеңиз!
кайда гана болбосун, сиз андан ырахат алсаңыз болотjdhd

KTessier Art

THIS is a genuinely cute/great commercial. I love this. Nice job, Pure Romance. Very cute!

Jamie Nash

What kind of car is that? Kinda looks like mine ?

heather Miller

I just tried this product for the first time big waste of money will never by this again thats for sure. All it feels like is a peppermint was put up into you. No tingling at all and i applied with fingers plus added on to dildo to get deeper and nothing. Gotten better ones off amazon.

yomy corde

I Wish it would be in spanish ?

29 Songs That Only Use Two Chords

29 Songs That Only Use Two Chords30 Jan. 2021
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Start learning the piano

Start learning the piano today with your free trial of Skoove: ?

It's fairly rare for a song to be based on only two chords. But what is particularly interesting is that, when you do find an example of a two chord song, it will almost always be using one of only a handful of chord progressions!

Listen to "Running Man" on YouTube:

Stream my new EP "The Longest March" at Spotify:

or download it at Bandcamp:

An extra special thanks goes to Vidad Flowers, Jon Dye, Austin Russell, Christopher Ryan, Toot & Paul Peijzel, the channel’s Patreon saints! ?


Comments (100)

Kingston Wall - Take You To Sweet Harmony

Chucho Cotes

Lila Engel - Neu = Best one chord song ever.


I to IVmaj7 is really nice, has a vi quality to it but it's confident where it's at

Cameron Hill

Vitamin C by Can. In a similar way to tomorrow never knows, most of the songs hangs on a Ebm, and a couple of time in the song a wild Bb (or maybe Bb+) appears.

David Castellanos

Now, songs with just one chord.
As Keep on chooglin' by CCR.

Gary Navat

C6 = Am?

Mbak Yu

Melody is king!!!! The beat also help

Hans Berggren

Thank you, David! Your videos are amazing, you really boost my knowledge of music! I have a suggestion: could you make a video on songs with only one chord. You could start with George Harrison's "It's All Too Much".

Emlyn Williams

One of the best singles ever On the Road Again by Canned Heat is just one chord.

Yougig Studios

Johnathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner

Cookie DTW

Something in the way by nirvana

El Científico

what about tequila? well, then i release... that song is "I and II", that's why doesn't fit here, but really good video dude! love it.

Canadian Soul

One of the best vidoes I've ever seen :) congratulations

Real Ghost

Would have been cool if you distinguished the functions into major and minor as they were written down (ii=minor 2, II=major 2) because that plays a big role in their function. Every major key has a parallel minor key where the parallel chords have the same or at least a simililar function (C maj and a min for example). That is also the reason why ii and IV or I and iv have the similar function. They are parallel chords.

Markus Dittrich

What about Eleonor Rigby? It goes from C to Em in the chorus and from C over Em, Em7 and Em6 to C in the verse. Is Em kind of substitute for the dominant G?

Winston Jones

“Sweet Dream Baby,” by Roy Orbison.

M Bo

What constitutes a chord change is when there is bass movement/chord movement. You’re talking about C and C11, same bass motion/feel in Beatles song so no change. Bb in bass could theoretically feel something’s changed, but I think a different triad altogether is chord movement.

Julian Baldwin

Don’t forget What I Got by Sublime!

Luke Bradford

Stop Whispering is a super underrated song.


Thank you so much for Tomorrow Never Knows! The Bb chord with C in the bass works perfectly on an acoustic guitar.

Sebastián Rojas Guzmán

Nice video! Isn't the "vi - V7" actually a "i - VII"??

Carlols Margom

Dua Lipa "Be The One" only two chords

Jacob Häggberg

"Hymn" by Barclay James Harvest.
It's E and Asus2 all through.

Great song and it sounds amazing with the 12-string guitar.

Charles Duzzie

Dreams .....,. I wish that I knew what I know now.....(Rod Stewart)


Donovan "Season Of The Witch"...


Very interesting post. I feel like extensions that do not alter the central triad structure should be notated, but don’t constitute a “Change”. However; they could if the extensions form a leading tone melody.?

marea alta

What about 505? ii to iii

Jamie Duffy

I find it strange you refer to the progression as ||: vi -> V :|| instead of ||: i -> bVII :||, especially when used in a song with only two chords. If we never hear that major one, it seems pretty obvious that first minor chord is the minor one. i (or I) to bVII and back is quite common in rock/soul/funk/etc. And in this context the bVII doesn't have nearly the same dominant function pull as a V does in a ||: I -> V :|| progression, so calling them basically equivalent doesn't make sense. The ||: i -> bVII :|| functions much more like the ||: i -> v7 :|| in "Falling" by Alicia Keys, so it makes more sense to label it subdominant. This a solid video otherwise, but I think you missed the mark here.

Adam Henry

“We gathered in spring” by midlake is an interesting 2 chord song to check out. It goes from The I chord to II sus4


In the key of A major the I - V progression is A - E, in the key of E the I - IV progression is E - A, so you would expect both to work.

Luís Amarante

listen to "Ela Partiu", from Tim maia, much of the music are just two chords( Dm and Am)

Bill Singer

"What I Got" by Sublime. G and D
Lots of kid songs like Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider

Michail Luuko

Not a number of chords matters but all elements of a composition.


Fire on the Mountain - The Grateful Dead
Covered in Rain - John Mayer

Both great 2 chord songs

Sachin Tulachan

love buzz by nirvana has just one chord

André Benites

Not only there is a fifth and a fourth, but there are also one tone with the upper tone being minor.


Am G
Em D

Too bad the example that comes to my mind is from my native language, Portuguese-Brazil "Para não dizer que não falei das flores".

But I have encountered many more with that pattern.

Also 1 chord songs like "put the lime in the coconut", (Now I see people use C7 and G, but I used to play only C7). Also, from Brazil "Sossego" by the great Tim Maia, only with C7.

Benjamin Kelsey

"Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant springs to mind.

Richard Russell

You notated Dreams (Fleetwood Mac) as going back and forth between IV and V. I've always heard it as a non-functional harmony of back and forth between I-II. You point out the Am in this song's instrumental break, which does indeed indicate a tonic chord, though. The real variety (tension) in this song is the addition of 6ths and 7ths to the basic chords during the chorus. It's an interesting musical trick.

It reminds me very much of the song All Along the Watchtower, which is a three-chord song. (Perhaps off-topic, but I think it lends support to your case as they are the exact same three chords.) The sheet music shows these chords as F, G, and Am, and the song just cycles up and down around those three chords. (I think it is easier to hear in the Bob Dylan original, although I love the Jimi Hendrix version!) Which chord is the tonic — or even a sense of the "home" chord? If the progression is I-II-iii and then back down, (Maj, Maj, min) you've got a Major II chord, just as is found in the Fleetwood Mac song. Following your suggestion on Dreams, however, perhaps All Along the Watchtower is back and forth along IV-V-vi. The expected "tonic" chord of C is instead replaced by the (vi) A minor chord. I suppose the question is: Are we projecting functional harmony on to something that isn't supposed to have a functional harmony? I think it comes down to how your ear perceives the chord changes.

Thank you; you've stretched my thinking of how to hear these songs, although I suspect the way I've always heard these songs is probably going to stick!

Jacob Collects Cards

Paperback Writer has a three cord progression with G, G7, and C


Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric - cunning in that the vocals do a kind of blues I to IV move for the chorus making it seem like more chords. It also has an errant 2/4 (I think) bar in the chorus that I could never get my head around as a teenager :-)

Dave Drummer

Can I give you a suggestion? For comfortable viewing on a screen that emits light, always use light content on a dark screen. Don't make viewers stare at a glowing white rectangle. Otherwise, fantastic content, well edited.

M Hoppy

Love the running man song. Thank you david.

Mike Shannon

Mississippi Fred McDowell frequently used only one chord.....

Gui Porto

Van Morrison’s “Slim Slow Slider” is also based on a I-IV progression.


I can think of two New Order songs with two chords - Temptation and Age Of Consent - sorry if these were already mentioned :)


Whats that song at the end? Its so beautiful!

David Perkins

Wouldn't 'Dreams' have started on the tonic (C) in order to 'get' to the 'IV-V' section?

connor larkin

Thanks for the video!

Thee Scoob

Would River Of Deceit by Mad Season count as a two chord song? I find myself only playing two chords when I play it on guitar... but i can’t really tell from the original recording

Jamston Julian

A great one is We Will Not Be Lovers by The Waterboys

Alex Whitton

using classical theory to analyse contemporary pop music cough CRINGE

Guy Paquette

Helen Wheels by Paul McCartney only has one chord!

Bokan' Mark

So useful, thanks!


Once again another great video giving us a lot to think about!

Reverend Hellbilly

I like that tune of yours.cheers


and then theres Tomorrow Never Knows


Where is 'Call out my name" by The Weeknd?
Em, Bm


I assumed this time we won't see a Radiohead example... I was wrong

Pierre Léonard

Another well-known example is "Feelin' Alright" by Dave Mason from Traffic, covered by Joe Cocker (C7 / F7).


Probably this is a stupid question but here it is: if a song only has two cords - V and vi, what establishes the tonic? At the end this could be I and ii and not V and vi


Some John Lee Hooker songs are based on one chord only...

Jacob Marley

Excellent Video. Thought provoking introduction to harmonic theory. I loved it. Looking at simpler progressions reveals something about progressions in general and can then be extrapolated to more complicated ones.

Nahuel Gonzalez

Crimson Queen by The Warning is Gm and Dm only

Tony Aguirre

So I guess Giant Steps with 26 chords wouldn't be on this list?

Do'be Eeeval

Truth Hurts by Lizzo consists almost entirely of C-Am, which is interesting in that it lacks a dominant or subdominant. Although the song does go to F two times throughout. Both times the F is used, the lyrics convey a similar sense of cruelty.

Ni Vac

Nirvana's Something in the way has a different two-chord progression (iii I). And Radiohead's Stop whispering is a typical I IV song, but those great guitar arrangements bring eternal life to it.

Austin O Keeffe

A band from my own city - U2 have a song called Bad which went down well at live gigs which had power and emotion and captured the audiences for 10 minutes, BUT only has two chords.

Paul H

Fire on the Mountain by The Grateful Dead moves between the V and the IV and never resolves to the I

Henry Barbosa

505 by Arctic Monkeys.


Among these, I -> IV seems like the key to a hit. I wonder why this is.

Paul Taylor

What about two-chord songs like Pass The Dutchie (Musical Youth) or Seven Ways To Love (Cola Boy) - and lots of others that have that wistful kind of melancholy feel? What kinds of chords are they using?

Prog Mind

Se io fossi Dio (If I were God), by Giorgio Gaber, is a "two chords song", but..
There's no song among these that has the same marvellous words...


Tomorrow Never Knows! One of the most influential songs in pop history.


This is an excellent analysis. I think from my own perspective, I’d consider C11 as a different chord to C major. Only because I’d lump tonalities of chords into 3 separate categories Major Minor and Dominant.

Brian Hunt

Shoutouts to blue jay way

Nicola Del Bono

Several U2 songs are either only or mainly based on two chords, actually always the same ones A and D, such as: Bad, Forty, AllI need is you...

John Noir Smith

Yeah, I've got a few of those


"Silence is Easy" by Starsailor is anchored by two keyboard chords all throughout.


Surprised there were no songs using the iconic phrygian, i-ii♭movement.

Also, I'm curious, at what point would you say a C6 chord is an inverted Am chord :O I love using the ambiguity between I and iv chords in my own music


"psycho" by post malone also uses a i-iv progression, if you need more proof that i-iv's have all the urgency of a shot of cough syrup


Dude I was thrilled you mentioned Tomorrow Never Knows. I’ve been on about that Bb sample for years, giving it that second chord. Good stuff. Also, Running Man gave me some nice Zero 7 vibes.

L Fr

Why do you insert a commercial with your voice in the middle of the video ? Not very elegant.

John Noir Smith

Me and a friend of mine used to try and challenge each other to only use two chords for songs. We even said it was a genre all by itself, and called it "OK pop".

I still find songs that classify as "OK pop" to be very interesting, and how much you can do with so little, but I rarely make them anymore.


Pretty well done video, good job, keep it up!


I wouldn't really count a third chord thrown briefly in the middle of a song, so I'd have to include Roadrunner as a classic two chord song. 1,2,3,4,5,6 ...

baba yaga

Pretty much the entire Mavericks catalogue

Sam Rosen

Leray by trippie redd

Sean Dougherty

Do you have sheet music for your song Running Man?

Simeon Stoilov

Yeah lady in black has also two chords

Ryan Magness

I think paperback writer is more a V7 going to a I rather than a I7 going to a IV

Alejandro Fondebrider

"since we've fallen out" by the Burns Unit has only two chords, I and IV.

Alexander Farrugia

Coldplay - Politik has two chords in most of the song.


What about 1 chord songs. I think about "Andy" by the Rita Mitusko...

Jeff Jolly

Thanks for that fascinating insight into how these chords work together ?

Eric Tomson

For the first time I have to disagree with you. What you present as a « vi - V » is actually a « i - VII ». I mean, when you hear « am - GM », you’re not in CM : you’re in am.

Dave Nevins

Good job David.

Minor correction: paperback writer actually has four chords but they just don’t play them in the middle of the chorus where they are doing acappella. The chords include C, G, a minor, D

Kevin McGurn

What I Got by Sublime.

Alejandro González

The vi / V could be also seen as i / bVII


Michael Cretu fans over here?

Sebastián Morales

I don’t think [i - bVII] and [i - v] should be analyzed as “functional harmony”, they are really just Aeolian in my opinion. Love your content!