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? Ghosting | A Coach Red Pill video

? Ghosting | A Coach Red Pill video24 Sep. 2019
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Comments (100)
Weston Blanchard

Bold of you to assume women have guilt.

Torago Flint

Bro you're a YouTuber. So you may know more about this than I do. But I spend most of my day watching videos on YouTube. And most of them are educational like yours. What I found is even when I subscribe to a particular Channel that I still don't get the recommendations from that said Channel. I do not know how YouTube comes up with its algorithm. But I'm under the assumption that there's just too much going on for them to be able to place your material in front of those who might enjoy it. In other words I'm saying the system is overworked. There's no reason why someone should have to subscribe like and jump through a whole bunch of Hoops just to see the continent that they want. And YouTube knows this because there are channels that I never subscribed to but I do watch almost all of their content and they're new stuff pops up all the time.

Weo Talks


Nick Rides your content...but you’re getting a bit desperate...

Daya Tom

Ghosting after establishing a connection and spending substantial amount of time bonding is ABUSE.
No excuses accepted.
Borderlines and Narcissists ghost intentionally to inflict pain.
When you view human beings as a part of the "sexual marketplace" you know something's very wrong there.
Women aren't objects. Neither are men. Where is empathy?!?!

Justice Martinez

I don't understand ghosting or cheating. If they don't like the person then break it off. That simple

Jay C

Ghosting when you've been with someone a while is wrong


Ghosting is for cowards. Fuck them

HotSnot TaterTot

Don't let it fade away. Be strong enough to say goodbye.
I expect it from women, but as men we should be better.

Jackson Doss

Preach this gospel coach!

Realist 555

Ghosting is worst form of rejection.

Crom Craft

Ghosting is immature.

Don't do it. Better to a jerk than a pussy.


Just ghosted by my fiancé who was living with me and planning a future together.. same night she’s on tinder.. heart ripped from my fucking chest.

John Wells

Could YouTube decide that there are so many options available to them and then suddenly ghost you??

free your mind MGTOW

This girl I'm dating she doesn't treat me well and is very self centred and selfish, she seems like a narcissist or has BPD or whatever it is, I have a feeling there's something wrong with her mentally, I'm a tired of her and I feel like ghosting her would that be a bad thing to do? Or should I do it because she wouldn't understand Anyways and show what karma is since she doesn't treat me well or value me.

Dude Orino

you have nearly 70K views in a week I wish they would throttle my account like that

Fight Club Hamster

It’s like when you go to a restaurant and there are soo many items on the menu you end up not ordering anything.

Johnny Guitar

Great points CRP ?

Kiki jones

Coach your the man

lifeby vikk

Yea true YouTube ain't sharing..a friend recommended this channel


As another contributor previously said ghosting is the highest form of disrespect and I completely agree with that. To all the cowards out there I say I hope you get what you deserve. And no I have never ghosted anyone in my life nor would I ever do such a thing.

Al D.

Relationships are a pain in the ass.

Taras Wertelecki

Ghosting is yet another example of why women are disappointment cloaked in a mirage, surrounded by a delusion, wrapped in pretty packaging. Ghosting has turned me off towards ALL women, because when women ghost men, those men have NO options. Fuck them. I will not pursue any of them.

Emilio Bermiss

If a woman ghosts u . Then she was not for you did not respect u. So later 4 her. So many fish in the sea of women for real

t laww

Thanks coach


Been ghosted numerous times, because of that, I treat all women the same way. Flaky women who do not have the courtesy to say up front thanks but no thanks, and therefore are not worth my time and effort to even approach. I treat them as through they do not exist. If they are going to use me for attention without reciprocating in any way, I would just as soon give them no attention, no validation, no consideration and no satisfaction. A woman who will never have any interest in me is dead to me, she does not exist.

Rudy Tucker

Abundance mentality Spin as many plates as you can manage and most importantly STAY ON YOUR FUCKING PURPOSE! It's very hard to be needy when you have a bunch of women you are seeing.


Got ghosted after two years relationship. Now I feel like I can’t even trust any woman.

Michael Esposito

It's hard to hurt people's feelings. I ghosted like twice in my life. Now I give people closure because it's fair and I strive to do right by people. I'm growing as a decent human and I will like to keep growing. I been ghosted. Sure it sucks but I take it well. Live and learn brothers.

Rodolfo Robasto

Dude I like your videos I'm sharing it to my fb account

Mrinal Sesungkur

Ghosting is better than entertaining a conversation unwillingly. Why should one tell you that they are not interested to talk and provide an essay to explain why?

No need to apply big words to state petty things. Its just that the person didn’t feel like knowing you and the sooner contact is cut the better.
Its something that happens and there should be no hard feelings for anyone.
Both should carry on with their lives.

It all depends on what one understands by neediness. From my personal experience chatting is a very inadequate way of communication. I personally prefer a one to one conversation as i believe its the only way for effective communication to take place. Without being able to analyze one’s body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, vibe, aura and eyes, communication is not effective. That is we miss out on very crucial parts of a conversation thus the message is not recieved properly and meaning is often distorted.

That’s when one’s behavior can be interpreted as needy even when that’s not the case. This may result in disproportionate reactions from other parties and take unfavorable turn. This may unfairly affect the course of the relationship between the two parties.

Neediness does not necessarily come from not having options but rather because of the person not wanting any other person. Sometimes there may be much demand for the guy but he only want the girl who no longer wants him.
As the guy, who has throughout his life fulfilled his silliest desires to the greatest ones, he cannot understand why this new situation is not ending happily as usual.

So he ends up trying all sorts of ways to keep up with the winning trend and eventually reaches the point of no return. In the process he went from the once the rejector to the rejected.

I believe it was a well needed situation which brought me some well needed humility and its goopd to be back on land.

The Galactic Emperor

I live in a town where the vast majority of young women are beaten up skanks. My friends are either blue pilled to the max or spend all their time drinking beer in the pub. I want to meet someone, it's invariably on the web. There is no social connection and, to be honest, that's just how I like it. When she's gone, she's gone - and gone forever. I enjoy intimate connections, but I don't need 'em.

Luke Henry

Ur old and a nazi lol

Marcos Morales

Yeah... I've ghosted girls a lot. Is just that I'm busy or the girl becomes intense and is like, yeah I like her but things aren't going naturally.

Harish Moolchandani

The person who is ghosting you is a coward. They don't have the courage to respectfully end something. They feel they are superior to you. Be grrateful that such people are gone from your life.

Irredeemable Deplorable Covfefe

I ghost on women IRL. Fuck’em

seraj alhorani

No one gousts me because I have no girls contacts in first place


Wow I thought you were going to ridicule how shallow and vapid it is to ghost on people yet you admit to being part of the problem. Like a little bitch, ur as bad as the rest.

Black Son Goku

7:52 9:30 noted 15:01 15:18 16:12


This is the most psuedo intellectual, pointless channel I've ever had farted into my recommended. The comments are exactly what I'd expect them to be. It would be sad if it wasn't so scary.

Jackson Doss

You nailed it coach!

Wayne On The Trail

Dude, you crack me up and make a lot of sense. I'll share some of your videos on fb !

Black Viking

I always make sure I have a couple girls. If one girl starts responding late to my messages or doesn't respond at all I just delete her number and forget about them. I only deal with women with high interest in me, saves me time, and prevents a lot of frustration down the line.

Audrey Walter

It's like all your videos is mainly for the men
Men men men ...u always talk men are superior to women women are like tools u use and dump...I just hate your videos.. if u r a relationship coach, then talk to everyone...stop what u r doing

Mariana S

Only a coward and cruel person ghosts

No Name Bleach

With the way these females are now a days. You’d be better off if u hit it and ghost them 1st.

Thabiso Maleka

If you get ghosted, delete the phone number & move on ?‍♀️

half unlit

Ive had it done to me, and i have certainly done it to other girls. Doing it online is understandable, since interactions on here can be essentially worthless. However i do find it weird when a girl you are actually seeing in real life, having sex, THEN ignores you for no reason. female hypergamy could be to blame. But also I take some accountability, I rarely discuss relationships with women and imply that this is just casual sex, with out it being too serious. Or hes right sometimes it just happens, people get busy, people lose interest, i get it. Its not really a big deal. half the worlds population is women. move on dude. Plenty of times i was in relationships where i was happy for years and thought, this would have never happened if that girl never ghosted me. accept the path you are giving in life. Also one little gripe i have with this video is that you suggest to increase your options by going online...meanwhile you have a whole ,video on why you shouldnt online date- and i AGREE. if you want to avoid ghosting and all that bullshit AVOID online dating. Ghosting happens less when there is more physical interaction (sex and romance) at least that is true for me.

Troy Nelson

I've ghosted and been ghosted. Unfortunately it's part of the dating game these days.

Big Jag Off

Women dont act like women anymore. I ghost all of them. I ignore their body language and play stupid. Then they eventually go away. A woman will never approach a man because all of them are cowards. They keep dropping hints and body language. If I ignore them, they go away. Im not interested in post wall age feminists. If they are over age 25. They can get lost!

Darth News

Ghosting aka The Irish Goodbye

Rod Karolys

I've been ghosted more than I'd like to admit. I don't like ghosting others though. I prefer just telling the girl that we are not compatible sorry and goodbye. I don't like screening calls and cringing every time the phone rings.

Gavin Waterman

What comes around goes around. Women are glued to phones, headphones, masks and drama.


I guarantee you for a FACT that no one who ghosts people in 2019 feels any guilt about it

Siya Nkosi

There is nothing wrong with ghosting. I don't mind it

john shoultz

man if you already f*cked her you should want her to ghost you , that saves you the trouble of doing it to her. what the hell is wrong with dudes today ???

Sir 13

Texting is toxic to a relationship. Avoid it.

Vasyl Vasylenko

Like & comment from me to support your channel, fortunately can't share it because I'm from Ukraine and have no friends who speak English, U make great content, keep going.


I had something like that happening, but it wasn't ghosting, it was that she blocked me on WhatsApp. She actually unblocked and then blocked me several times.

At first I was annoyed and weirded out. So I might still respond to her. But when not blocked I would just send her some link to a video, to troll a bit. I just had to wait until she blocked me again.

In principle I could have contacted her on Facebook, but I realized that it wasn't worth it. Too crazy for me. Besides, she had some golddigger questions that I didn't like. I am happy that she keeps herself out of my life.

Now I don't care at all, I have quite a few women interested, and I don't have to be needy. (These are correlated, coming from a fundamental difference of how I present myself.)


I've had women who've done dirty nasty things with me like swallow my cum and be my cum bucket regularly ghost me it's crazy because my dna will be forever in her body

Mrinal Sesungkur

You look like you are the one having been ghosted on and you wished that the guy had regretted it but he didn’t and it pains you so much and feeel so unwanted so you are trying to give ‘advice’ on how to feel after ghosting to your future ghosters


In reality ghosting isn't a big deal at all. When you meet someone you're supposed to be with for the long term or for the rest of your life you know. There are no doubts and there is no ghosting whatsoever. Everything comes together naturally. Most people come together to be f*** buddies and they know it. Maybe they will pretend for a while I could could be something long-term but deep down inside both people know where things will end up. I think people enjoy lying to themselves on both sides so they get hurt because they slightly believed in an illusion that they knew wasn't true to begin with. And when someone ghosts you it's perfect because you realize where you stood in their life to begin with. When a fake person leaves your life it's one of the best things they can do for you. We have just been trained to have low self-esteem and not value ourselves so we get attached to people who don't value us. Once a girl or guy starts playing games drop them immediately no hesitation ghosting should not affect you if you have self-esteem and self-respect.

Dalima Nazario

Hey Mr CRP , at your time there was the GHOSTING method, but now a days we have the BENCHING method which is whoring by excellence☝?, love u coach?


I got ghosted by a middle school crush (not in middle school) but years after high school I saw her at my job so I approached her and the convo went well even got her number . So I text her because I was still working and after 1 reply never heard from her. I’ll admit I felt hurt thought I had a chance because this chick was gorgeous and I didn’t have the balls way back to talk to her so I thought of it as a second chance then again I figured she had options and just continued on with my life. I like to think that in the near future our paths will cross but it won’t be her seeing me work a minimum wage job but rather seeing me walk out of my Maserati and her pretending like nothing happened and the smile on my face and knowing I have way better options than her. Fellas focus on yourself make big bank and don’t get attached to these hoez.

eadie kalwenya

you are a master at your subject. Professor


Attention all Men get your t-shirts here:


That joyness in your voice. You feel so bad, lel.

Delphino Delphin

My coach I have improved my Game thanks

Geo 33

easy you ghost when you have options so if your ghosted your not the priority


actually what is happening in the world right now is affluent or western societies are slowly treading towards genetic suicide where men and women lose interest in continuing their gene pool and all these narcissistic predispositions or shortcomings are guaranteeing the extinction of people who could potentially damage their offspring due to their character......its like a karmic feedback loop since many from this generation or earlier suffered in dysfunctional families so they're reluctant to consider that and try to fill the void with mindless materialism......the west is going to be littered with ghost cities and high roller touristy places similar to the industrial dust bowls when all the moolah dries up


Women and employers behave the same way on ghosting


Don't ever feel bad about being ghosted by a woman. Don't say anything bad about her to anyone you know. It would only make you sound like a weak guy. Just keep your mouth shut and let her go like she's never been important to you at all.

Hazmat Huskey

Fuck a bitch nigga


Also cause she not 100% single. She was just mad at her man at the moment.

I’ve had that happen countless times. ?

tac at tac

Bhuda says : When some one ignores/avoids you, to never trouble them again.

Albert Alvarez

Pick up on the app spoon to get ur content out there even more


Well, I've never heard of you and the algorithm put you in my path so I think it might be pulling you some new viewers.

Speedy Final Mile Eric Moss

The crazy girl is on this list.

Darren Hawkins

What's up Mr.Red Pill,this evening I was invited to go out to eat and when the bill came she tried not to cover the bill so I ended up paying my portion of the bill now it's time to ghost her because I don't mind going out to eat alone.

Absentee Lover

Ghosting is not new. Prior to the internet, it was called a "disappearing act."


Ghosting is passive rudeness. This is especially clear online when you see that messages are viewed. It's just making a fool out of a person who texts. Disappearing without explanation is the easiest way to drop away someone who is not interesting anymore. But as efforts, resources had been spent for a "ghoster" and this had been accepted, then ignoring is stupidly dishonorable. This text has been firstly written in Russian on September 18, 2019 (6 days before this video was uploaded)) as a comment for an article on the topic. Just when an intelligent girl after taking her to a couple of paid events (that were interesting for both of us), after accepting my not expensive, but certainly pleasant gifts and after her not refusing to go to the next event (an art exhibition in that case) simply stopped responding on the eve of the proposed meeting. And she wasn't ill or smth like that. Is it decent? Is it her free will, her attitude that must be respected as an honest? It is the freedom of unscrupulousness, consumerism.

David Costello

Thank you boss,I see

Dante Nájera

You're an asshole, dude


Painful but true advise as usual. Thanks! Will share as much as poss.

aqw mba

Imagine 1 million subscribers reached in this channel = mgtow/ redpill/ men community as whole raises

RJ MacReady

Ghosting is why I will never, ever, use eharmony or dating sites again.

Void Dweller

Ghost people before they ghost you. Reverse psychology.

Ashok Revanna

Man...the timing of your videos were exactly how things were unfolding in my life...


Why is it that YouTube is doing that??? I don’t get it

Ronaldo Chanco

Can you upload all your videos on Facebook coach ?


I've been ghosted and I wasn't even needy


Common compadre = Doggo

Paul Fenton

Sharing Coach!!!

Jose D

Coach "Goat" Red Pill


Bitch Led me on turned me down. Instant fucking ghost. It is a tool. Use it wisely.

Dr. Who?

The only time i ever ghost women is when i kept things real with them and they'll go around it and act as if i didnt tell em how i felt, now i gotta just disappear since letting her know this isnt gonna work, had to do it the other day, i was getting to know a chick for months now, she recently told me shes 5 months pregnant by her first boyfriend who just got outta jail, she seemed very excited telling me about this as if we're friends, i played along and outta nowhere poof! Lol didnt even leave her on seen, she was doing great to no kids but wanna pick from the bottom of the barrel wow smh glad i never took her out that wouldve been a waste..

Emilio Bermiss

Hate being put in a situation where I had to it.

Max Mustermann

I ghost my relatives. They are boring af and not worth my time.

Chris Gross

I’m glad he did this from both sides. I find some of his videos annoying but I can agree with this, in a relationship and friendship type of way. I’ve been ghosted and told that I don’t give enough attention to the guy and they got bored. I try to give a man his space to not seem clingy but some guys like clingy I suppose. I’ve also ghosted friends due to them only wanting to talk when it suited them.

Trenton Montgomery

Honestly, I feel like it's better to be honest and let a person know why you don't want to be in a relationship with someone or continue spending time. It's shady in which we live in a shady society that has people wanting other people to be real with them yet, they can't be real with other people people. Ironic!!! Women nowadays will go on a date with a man that they are not attracted to and ask for a man to pay for their food. All in the same breath of not texting back, ghosting the guy without expressing themselves on why they don't want to continue. To each his or her own but, I find it quite rude. I don't think men or women should do that.

Online Dating Rant: Ghosting!

Online Dating Rant: Ghosting!1 Jul. 2019
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Comments (6)

Sometimes interest isn’t reciprocated immediately. I didn’t online date but I did meet my man via social media and at first we didn’t speak consistently because of life and we were also talking to other people. After awhile it became “huh I like talking to you more than anyone else. Let’s give you more attention.” The fact that they come back around shows he recognized he wanted to get to know you more.


The ghosting thing is because they are testing their other options or they have someone already... I don’t do online dating but they do this in normal dating as well??‍♀️

JW Van-Minimal

Guys are funny. That's why they on dating sites. Lol


Yehhhh soo apparently that online dating thing hasn't changed in a year. I usually get ghosted for longer or altogether. I haven't gotten a date in months (pre Covid)

JW Van-Minimal

Hey gurl.

marian coger

Hi Danni, I didn't experience it yet but the idea of ghosting someone sounds like something children do. With that being said, they are probably immature dudes who do not deserve to get to know you.

Dating app THIEVES & 'ghosting'

Dating app THIEVES & 'ghosting'19 Mar. 2017
161 346
VloggerySubscribe 438 721

Any revenue generated from

Any revenue generated from this video will be donated to a womens' charity for abuse survivors.

Two stories from the YT community that happened within 12 hours of each other that I covered on Twitter first:

Equipment I use:



Comments (100)

And as we all know, everyone on Tumblr always tells the truth and no one has ever lied for attention. And if he was as bad as you say then call the fucking police, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. For some reason because he cheated you guys seem to think it's okay to call him a rapist because "he must be that sort of guy".

Lauren Gamble


Liliths Son

I'm sorry that you and your friends have to deal with that !(u rock Emma!

Oliver Seddon

emma going savage is the best fucking thing

Jorja L33


Katie Marie

"boo-fucking-who" I love Emma. SO MUCH.


I hope that if I ever see the man who sexually abused me as a child, that I have someone exactly like you by my side.

Becca Measor

say it again for the people in the back!!! seriously this video is so fucking powerful. go you. go females. go positivity.

Holly Chadwick

while i agree with most of what your saying and am by no means forgiving alex day and 100% agree about the copy right issue, i dont understand your aggressive and personal revenge approach that you chose for this video. Now, dont get me wrong im not criticising, merely just trying to put forward the idea that spitefulness and bitterness leads to nothing, all this video achieves is stirring drama, bringing up personal issues you have between your friends (and i can only hope you talked with dodie and carrie before this) brings youtube down the the childishness that i thought it had finally managed to shake in the last few years. i wish this video was informative on how to combat and tackle such issues rather than just 'gossip'. the content is important, but i expected a different video from you really

Eleanor T

'B-But they-they stopped talking to meeEe. They s-dropped me. I-I- Sniff They- I don't have any friends leeEeft' Love it


Emma, you fucking queen


damn, never want to be on the wrong side of you :)

Nik S




mars margaret

honestly he's STILL posting videos and i am so upset. so many people who were kicked out of the community because of them being a PREDATOR keep on trying to shove themselves back in and it is disgusting.




Emma trying to come across intimidating is very funny to watch.

Miri J


Klara Roberts

Ha i love emma!! Earlier my friend kicked my closer friend from a group chat for no reason! So i left and said not to add me back until she was added. Ha he hates me now but DONT MESS WITH MY FRIENDS!! NO IF U HURT HER I DONT WANT TO EVEN HEAR UR NAME!!

Bunny Seris

Alex day still has a channel


you look great Emma; never noticed ur eyes

Mysterious Chocolate Chip

Fuck yes

Fleur Elise

YAY Emma's being savage to those who deserve it! :D

Jessica Burton


aoife Hello

I absolutely loved watching Alex day and if he was still making videos I still would. He did bad things in life but on camera omg he was a comedy god and he made me so happy with every video X

Ally S

Once a misogynist always a misogynist. Always. They never ever get it. Ever.


Jesus christ she's such a self righteous piece of work

Pascale Thobois

God bless you for this video. I left the YouTube community at the end of 2013/ beginning of 2014 and missed all this happening. Thank you for being so open and honest and for STANDING UP FOR YOUR FRIENDS.


My goal in life? To have a friend like Emma. Emma you are an absolute inspiration and I can only guess from this video a brilliant friend to have on your side!


No prisoners.

Claire Joksimovic



Oh and because I didn't put any of this in my last comment. Isn't it totally great how he lost his book deal, record deal and like 100k subs due to allegations only... Like sure he cheated and that's wrong so I get that his friends might not want to talk to him or whatever but he lost prettu much everything because some teenage girls who want attention and like hopping on bandwagons


Emma I was about to write out a comment about my thoughts on this video. Instead I think it's best just to say I'm glad Dodie & Carrie have you in their lives.

Savvy Johnson

I need Emma as a friend. She is so protective, it's so sweet and amazing.


its been over a year and im coming back to this video cause watching emma snatch people's wigs makes my entire week


Wow. Talk about a strong independent woman. Your significant other must be terrifed of you. ???


Jesus Christ, Emma, I just fell even more in love with you.

Usama Khan

I love Emma when she’s pissed.

Malachi Leo

this video makes me feel fuckin empowered

Trinity Kirby



Wow. Talk about a strong independent woman. Your significant other must be terrifed of you. ???

Sir James

The Alex Day thing is sad.. I think it would be nice and maybe be the better person and help Alex out.


Alex Day was probably referring to other people in the article... not vloggers (Youtube Community)

Niamh Corcoran

This is a really interesting video and not to criticise but I kinda think you should be emphasising him as a sexual predator more than someone who has cheated. Like that's predominantly why he was effectively removed from YouTube because of his abuse of power and manipulation of very young girls. He also has admitted the stuff in his videos I think? But really enjoyed it nonetheless x (not that I don't have enormous sympathy with Carrie obviously)


I do love you Emma, but I think everyone's being a bit ott with Alex. Did he cheat on someone, yes. Is he the first guy? No. Will he be the last? No. Is it a shitty thing to do, of course.

But I want to know where the difference is between someone who is charming and manipulative. Because he was someone who was quite charismatic, and people who have charisma USE that to get things. Is that always manipulative? I mean, yes there were girls coming out and accusing him anonymously of inappropriate sexual contact. The validity of which was never questioned by the community.

I had a close personal friend in high school who had an allegation made against him. That during lunchtime when we were participating in a school club that he'd inappropriately touched a couple of the girls. Now I was in this club with him for months, and I know that I saw nothing of what they described. What I saw was actually more the opposite, I saw 2 girls always trying to flirt with him, and having their advances rebuked. They took this slight and made up a narrative. One which they couldn't even agree on the month in which the "assault" happened. One which the events couldn't even be matched with each other.

My friend was released by the courts. But just the stink of the trial has ruined his life, he never finished high school, and didn't go on to do anything he dreamed about doing. So I am always sceptical of accusations unless their stories check out.

Marissa Longo


Augusto Telias

Wow. I never got to see this video cuz I found Emma's channel later in the year and this was already private, and now I had it recommended in my feed. And I'm so impressed of how powerful Emma can be. She's absolutely pissed off —with every right to feel that way— and basically destroys with facts the subjects in question, without any shame or fear. Really powerful, indeed; this is why I always come back to Vloggery (and I'm glad you put these back on, Emma).

PanicAtTheHippo !

GO EMMA WOOOO!!! Alex Day is a prick I'm so glad Emma called him out and explained why he's a poo


You'd think the dating site would at least use a different thumbnail if they were going to steal Dodie's music video. I mean, of course it's completely wrong to steal from Dodie and I'm not justifying it but the website wasn't even at all subtle about it. WTF were they thinking?!

Beth Reid

Emma you are an amazing role model

PatchPaw Art & Cat Rescue

why would they steal her video!!! omg I'm so shocked

Liliths Son

Dude wow ?


I love you. ... This is like the first video I have seen of yours. (I know living under a rock much?) and all I have to say is WELL SAID!!!!

My Life As An Imposter

I like her. She's got moxy.

Hario Dinio

I wish i had such a strong minded, loyal and just friend like you.


i feel like i have been waiting for this video for 3 years! this has cured me from all ills! ?


Glad you stated that Alex was never convicted of anything.
I'm glad he's still making videos.That's just crazy that some people believe he shouldn't be allowed to be on Youtube based on allegations.
Alex is not gone, just because you apparently hate him doesn't mean he should have no right to express himself anymore.That's just facism.

seonghwa in utopia damn

Alex Day is a twat

Liliths Son

I'm a twin !

marte jara

okay yeah this is a totally immature comment for a serious video... but im wearing the same shirt as you as i watch this video for the first time.

Jonathan Sawyer

What I find annoying is that some of Alex's music was actually quite good. Just a shame he is a f**ktard.

Aminah Baker

Well done Emma. No better way anyone could've put it.

Bob afett

or what you'll make a youtube video about them? ooooo snap don't fuck with emma blackbook. It's funny now 'cause your videos now get the same amount of his, both washed up losers ayy lmao


I'm a simple fan. I see dodies music vid tumbnail... I click. also gr8 vid


* clapping throughout the entire roasting of everything fucking go *

Catie Chapman

YAS emma

"I'm taking no prisoners" ???

Jasmin Taylor

"Don't fuck with me."
Christ almighty the goosebumps...


Doesn't matter if he changed or not, he doesn't deserve a second chance. Trust is one of the most important things people have in friendships and relationships, it's not something that you can just get back. Once you break that trust, it most likely will be gone forever. Betrayal is so hurtful and sometimes that feeling never goes away. He still sound manipulative.

Emma Planas

Fuck Her (the app) as a transgender lesbian woman I have gotten some bullshit for tying to find love on this app


I'm shocked that someone I used to watch was outed for the things he's done. But I can't take someone serious who hasn't grown from his past, he doesn't deserve anything good.

If he was okay in the head and nature, he would make videos explaining what he's done, if he's matured apologise, etc but no, he cheated on Carrie, and pressured lil girls todo stuff and manipulated and HE'S the victim?


emma will forever be my spirit animal

Maya N

Emma yessssss. OMG i'm so in ore of you right now. Thank you for taking no shit. :))


I'm just confused as to why he's verified on twitter

Alcinda Gamgee

If I was Alex Day I would have changed my name, changed the way I looked, and dropped off the face of the Earth. He's never going to make a living on social media as "Alex Day" after everything he's done.

Liliths Son

I pushed a girl once ?

Andressa Buss

All I have to say is that clearly (should be from the fact I don't even have a profile pic) am not actively a part of Youtube community or whatever. STILL, I love Carrie with all my heart from what I see her doing and the beautiful work she brings to the world, but she's too sweet and I am SO glad someone is there to protect her and be a friend like you are to her, so thank you!!!!!! And a million thumbs up for this video xx


Yes emma yess!!!

jas ¿

I have a question, If a "friend" of yours is being really toxic, like always trying to say thy have it worse then you or doesn't treat you seriously ever, would stop talking to them or just ignore them, would that be ghosting?

Beth Reid

Alex Day was a very big influence for me when I was about 11 years old, Carrie was also someone I admired hugely and once I heard that the person that I looked up to the most had done something so horrible I felt mortified. I have been waiting for this video for years Emma its disgusting that he never got prosicuted and he just tried to move on. Thank you

Dani Gabrielle

I am sooooo happy Carrie and Pete found each other. Like I am to this vid I was late in becoming a Hopeful so Carrie was with Pete when I started following. However I made myself aware what that scumbag did to Carrie & its unforgivable as Emma said. And Dodie? Go get what you deserve girl! You worked hard on that song! Emma, Carrie & Dodie are so lucky to have you as a friend.

Grace Metzger

I wish I had a friend like Emma. Honestly... it's #goals

Amber Gutzke

Amen. ??
Damn, I had almost forgotten about the slime ball. I still don't know how he's gotten away with this for this long or why he still doesn't get it.



PatchPaw Art & Cat Rescue

Omg how rude

Joseph Strings

Emma pls reprivate this, you're exposing yourself as a bully, and are only picking on alex because he has a lot of haters and is an easy target and doesn't know how to stand up for himself

Kezza Wilson

Regarding the her app, I've found that sometimes people in minority communities feel that they get a free pass.




just rewatched this again and i still fucking love it!!! Emma took the words right out of my mouth!This is probably one of my fave vids ever! :P


"F**k it. F**k it. F**k you." ICONIC

Girl Please

Just for the heads up, a copyright infringement is not the same as theft, it's actually impossible to steal intellectual property in the U.K. (Oxford v Moss) and copyright infringements to the best of my knowledge are a civil matter


I love you Emma


Hate is not good.


I really hope Alex sees this video.

Emmy Noir

Fuck Alex Day

Alex Everett-last

I thought "ghosting" was when you were having sex with a girl, then you sneakily let your friend take over, leave and then wave at her through the window...

Jessica Luk

everything in this video was so direct and on point ??


Didn't Carrie cheat on Charlie with Alex though...

Will Dalby

Hmmm comparing cheating to murder... Christ. People scapegoated the shit out of a talented guy who made some mistakes. Move on.

Shannon T.

H&M shirt spotto!