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What You Can Do For Prostate Health - Tips from Urologist Doctor Jordan Grant

What You Can Do For Prostate Health - Tips from Urologist Doctor Jordan Grant7 Jul. 2020
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Urologist dr Jordan Grant

Urologist dr Jordan Grant explains what you can do for prostate health.

Watching this video you will learn some excellent prostate health tips!

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Malek Malek

Great talk.maybe Jordan kan give his opinion on avoiding a sedentary life for prostate,and if one can walk with no underpants under his pants.the testicles are hanging out of the body for a reason no ? I read it has to do with the testicals have a slight lowe lower temperature than the rest of the body.i know also cyclist have this problem,hours on end on a bike they're but even becomes numb from bad bloodflow.

Jma. 82

Great video.

Jeremygu willard

100% pelvic floor syndrome
Is no joke. It literally can cause all kinds of urinary symptoms. I have bad anxiety and ptsd, I’ll squeeze my pelvic floor so tight it’ll raise my psa
Slightly, cause spasms, sore groin, urination frequently..

Jeremygu willard

TRT has helped tremendously with my pelvic floor syndrome

Rahul Chauhan

Dear Steven, plz suggest something for good hair... Many Thanks


Avoid high insulin and insulin resistance. Even if you are not obese it’s more common than you might think

sequi- tur

Pudental Nerve Damage ..... ditch your toilet!

Cool Dude

how would I know if my slowing urine stream is related to prostate versus urinary cause? I'm planning on starting low dose tadalafil soon

Mike Lindner

For men it always comes back to the prostate and cardiovascular system

The Lifting Dermatologist


Beniamino Cerulli

Hi, in your opinion SAW PALMETTO can cause lower libido, softly erections and correlated symptoms?

Billy B

prostrate health tips most useful
full viewed?Au?left our like for you

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I hope I will never have problems with my prostate ?
Great interview!


Many years ago had Chronic Prostatitis, the drip. Allopathic medicine, antibiotics did not resolve. On a whim went to a Traditional Chinese Herb doctor. Given a herb concoction to drink. Cleared up problem, never went back. I suppose any Chimatown should have a few of these guys.


Getting great results with moringa tea take 2 times a day no more pain


Do not let your pelvic floor get to loose or too tight gents.

Prostate Cancer Will Hit 1 in 7 Men

Prostate Cancer Will Hit 1 in 7 Men10 Sep. 2015
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With September marking

With September marking National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and the kick-off of the 2015 NFL season, the Urology Care Foundation and the NFL have renewed their commitment to driving prostate health awareness, as well as teamed up to highlight a Public Service Announcement (PSA) focused on educating men about prostate cancer and encouraging them to take charge of their health through the Know Your Stats® campaign.

The Know Your Stats® campaign is a rallying force to connect, educate and inspire men across the country to know their prostate cancer risk and talk to their doctor about whether prostate cancer testing is right for them.

“It is important for men to know their risk and talk to their doctors so they can determine if prostate cancer testing is right for them,” said Richard A. Memo, MD, Chair of the Urology Care Foundation. “Having the tools and facts empowers individuals and their doctors to make informed decisions.”

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in America, affecting one in seven men. Odds increase to one in five if they are African American and one in three if they have a family history; however, the educational tools are making an impact. More men are talking with their doctors and getting tested, and fewer men are dying from the disease.

To view the multimedia release go to:

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