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Fast Mental Multiplication Trick - multiply in your head using base 10

Fast Mental Multiplication Trick - multiply in your head using base 1022 Feb. 2013
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This mental multiplication

This mental multiplication trick uses the idea of a third number - a base number - to help us multiply two numbers in your head. This series of videos first looks at multiplying numbers near 10 using base 10. The second video looks at multiplying using base 20 and 30. The third video looks at how to apply this mental multiplication trick to numbers near 50. The forth video the investigates ho to easilt mentally multiply numbers near to 100. Continue your mental math multiplication abilties here! To support free math by tecmath onPatreon (thankyou): To donate to the tecmath channel: To donate to the tecmath channel:

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amares yokees

Help os mach in the Covid 19 time when vi want to learn Something good

Thirumalai balaji

Hahahaha!! Recommended after 7 years ??


bruh its 2021 and they still didn't teach us this wtf its a W for online classes and tests with camera

Claudiu Chitic

There are a lot of ways to multiply in your head. The one I found easiest and always stuck with me is to simplify any multiplication by adding together two easier ones. For example if you have 118×210 that is just 118x200+118x10 which is really easy to calculate.

Justin Hodgins

I am in love. Haha seriously though....

heja belli

Lütfen, Türkçe altyazı ekleyin


try doing 4x6
this way

Jane Watts

this video is frustrating because I want to learn the mathematical principle but the narrator is speaking so quickly
it comes across as mumbling.....can't understand a word he says.....

Online Creation Hub

I m 6 year plz support me I teach kid


All the examples have numbers 3 or below, why would you show something like this without examples of how to carry 10's over when it adds above 9. Show and example of 278 x 88 please because I've tried it amd its a mess and does not work

Rxvenge B

Does this only work for 2 digit?

Voice of Reason

so with 19 X 19 it seems to work using +9 for both giving 280 +81... with 99 X 99 it seems as if you have to use -1 for both giving 9800 + 1 (99-1 = 98 then -1 X -1 = 1).. it seems as if I have to solve it to figure out whether to use +9 or -1.. is there a rule to remember here?

Umar AlFarooq

Oh my God!! Amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!

Ollie Ollie

It’s way harder than the original sum


The only weakness of this method is "Show your work."

Jay Patankar

You are making money on patron using the ancient Vedic mathematics without even giving due credit. Shame on you.

୨ ୧

I need an "Australian English" tutorial before this. Can’t understand the shitty pronunciation.


when yoou multpily two of the same numbers ending with 5 (25x25 for example), take first number (2) and multiply it by itself plus 1 (2 x (2+1) =6 ) add 25 at the end: 25x25=625

75x75= (7*8) & 25=5625
15x15= (1*2) & 25=225
and so on

Brighton Chou


No New Normal

Going into negative numbers..... asking for failure

MachoMachinMachin MachinMachin

The last example is 15 x 15. This is raising 15 to the power of 2 ("squaring" 15).
Turns out that there's an even better and faster trick for "squaring" a number that ends in 5 (that is, multiplying a number that ends in 5 by itself).
The trick for this is to use the number without the 5 at the end and multiply that number by 1 more than the number and then attaching 25 to the end of the multiplication result.
For example:
15 * 15 = (1*(1+1)) and attach 25 to the end = 225
25 * 25 = (2*(2+1)) and attach 25 = 625
35 * 35 = (3*4) and attach 25 = 1225
45 * 45 = 2025
55 * 55 = 3025
125 * 125 = 15625
Notice that they all end in 25 because it is merely attached at the end.

Bob G

What the hell?!
All the way through high school and 5 years at uni and I never was shown this technique?! ?
It's so simple and intuitive!!
I'm actually kinda angry I was never shown this at school.

sander van de ven

i knew that 13 times 13 was 169, decided that was close enough

الحمد لله ربّ العٰلمين

Does one really needs this for base 10?

global attraction GA

Woww amzing sir..plz make more video


9 x 9 my brain: 41

Samuel Gaming

U helped me with my homework thnx bro

Petrus Rossouw

Real good method if you can remember the longer method.
My method is simpler.
14 x 13 = 14x10 + 14×3 = 14×10 + 10×3 + 4×3 = 182
9×18 = 10×18 - 18 = 180 - 18 = 162
15 × 15 = 10×15 + 5×15 = 10×15 + 10×5 + 5×5 = 225
Basically break down the number on the right to be 10 or multiple thereof and multiply with on left.
Work out what remains on the right, and multiply on left. If this 2nd multiply is too complicated, repeat previous simplification.

I do similar for the simple numbers i cant remember, by substitute it with a number i do know and the just add.
E.g i forgot 4x8 but i know 4x6=24
So 4x8 = 4×6 + 4×2 = 24+8 = 32

Ben y

I need some mathematicians to show a proof ofthis method?


too complicated



Suong Thol

This video sharing is really good. I have a math video similar to yours.


I was already good with my mental math but you now gave me a 2nd option on mentally multiplying fast.

Thank you :D

M. R.

My grandson learned this in 2nd and 3rd grade.

Jose Augusto Daros

Thank you!

keith burnett

This makes learning mathematics interesting!! Thanks ??

shyana cooper

This is amazing! So helpful. I never was good at mental math in multiplication now I am. Thank you.

Ahmad Hajj

Omg this is amazing

Joe Uoe

Sound still very very complicate to me. I learned in school: I should calculate 14 x 10 which is simple because it needs only one single nill to add = 140. And than I multiplicate 14 by the leftover 2 = 28. The result is 140 + 28 = 168 (making a total where one side is having a 0 in the end is simple as well). This works with bigger numbers also very well, 'cause you can use x time 100, x times 10 and the leftovers. So my bases are ALWAYS 10, 100 and so on. Sorry - was in school in Saxony, where one tried already for a long time to bring everybody up to his highest achievable leve.

Clubby GamerX

2.5k people who disliked it they are foolest

Karl Andrei Hufalar

195 Yes

Dale Bsker

Great video but dude, BLOW YOUR NOSE OR SOMETHING! Bad tone, neat accent.

Gustav Holmberg

1 000 001:th sub

Riley Gein

Anyone else remember learning the "hands" trick to doing your x9 multiplication tables? Life saver in 3rd grade haha

Mobile Terrarian

I remember thie trick from a vendor before when i asked him why he doesnt use calculators

Frankie Dog Turner

Very good.



vava nz2020

This is ancient Vedic Mathematics. A few thousend years old knowledge from India.

PISQUE1969 Francis

There are a number of ways to do these problems, and for a person who has an interest in numbers, this is enlightening ... I'm always open to find new ways(I studied Speed Math in College) ... I understand the importance of "knowing what you're doing" ... great

BUT does teaching this in school particularly garners interest in numbers, among those who basically, don't like math?

The EGGHEADS always had ways to do things that often would others' heads spinning ...

Is this teaching supposed to stop the spinning?


Stop blaming your teachers and learn what a curriculum is. They can't just teach whatever they want.

Diya Singh

O bhousidi wale dada lockdown no study because only semester .
After starting study again for revision . revision samajte hai kya hota hai. Suru karna padega because 18 months after gate 18 month after upsc + bpsc.

Jamal Yusupov

I think ur calclator is regected

Karl Andrei Hufalar

Answer 168 I'm Not Copy Your Answer

fools zone

17x12=17x(10+2)=170 + 34 = 204


Me to calculator : how u doin



SHAHID logo Artist

Wow!! Thank you so much sir???

arthur daniel Pop

realy nice... but youre nasal voice it's realy hard to bear dude...

Nika Abesadze

How you get 300?


but we have calculator and alexa.


1k more to 1 million !!!!!!

Eva Dugina

so it works like: 10 base: 10 (10+a+b)+ab.... 20 base 20 (20+a+b)+ab.... 30 base 30(30+a+b)+ab. 40 base... and so on, right? cool anyway!!! thanx!

Ollie Ollie

Why make it complicated


I always stick with the same formula and try my own sums but I am always way off

john ward

i just take the 10 out of the first 14 number and x it by the 17 which give us 170 and x the 4 x17= 68 and add them to get 238. but i have a photo memory and can see the numbers in my head.

Disha Mudgal

I wish vedic maths was our actual basic maths...every single person would start loving maths why humans wants to make everything complex ;-;

taima te pairi

An thats cool...i loved math but very slow but now i older i se how this guy make it faster and nice way to explain...awesome.


The way I would do it is take 4 away from the 14 first, so it's only 10x12=120. Then use the 4 afterwards, so it's 4x12=48. Then add both answers up 120+48=168. That's how my brain finds it easiest. But schools sometimes want you to show your work their way and it messes people up.

Sufiyan Sajan

Thank u sir

Payel Das


Sarah Ahmethodzic



oh wow

Jack Sparrow

Fascinating work with numbers. Thanks


Isn't this just the distributive property?

King Dale Brabante

Please make your voice more clearer

Arindam Chakraborty

Just learn and remember 16 Vedic Sutras.

Saleem Mazhar Khan

Why vedio specking is v. fast like machine, is it for only European.

Paul's Youtube Acc

I was interested but on the 100th time of hearing i was so dumb* I decided to leave
*I think these are really easy ones to do in your head

They are not easy in my head but thanks for the condescending tone

Peter A

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Have a blessed day!


AMAZING!!!!! January 4th 2021, Shortcut lesson....starting with basic facts ...doubles


You got some tricks for partial differential integration?

Horny Step Mom - Videos

Difference between 3years and 10minutes am kinda thinking that teachers have a secret conspiracy to torture students and not telling them the easy way thank goodness your a secret agent to come save us right? RIGHT? Lol

Artsy Drawings

i'm so pleased with myself

Mohamed Abdullahi

I don't understand.
May be you are huring up or may be I am rother drinking.

Eva Dugina

(10+a)(10+b) =100+10(a+b)-ab= 10(10+a+b)+ab... it works...

Martin Liu

memorize 100x100 multiplication table



Narayan Somaiya

This is Vedic Maths. Its only origin is India, most of the science we know was known to Ancient Indian people before anyone else knew. No offence to anybody...btw.. guys like you help world to know this type of treasures

Nika Abesadze

18x16 how?

Henry Dale

I loved your maths and it really helps with my multiplication at school!! THANKS!!!

Nats J.v.R

Example: Q 9x12 (my mental trick is 10x12-12 :)

heja belli

Way canına çok guzel bir kanal
Keşke türkçe altyazı olsa

Notorious ROSCOE

COOL! Liked. Subscribed. ?

Armand K

Same as technology, they try to find the easy to get ...

Texan21 -

Awesome, it’s just that you’re 50 years too late. Wish I had you for a teacher- yesteryear. Thanks mate.

Marco Zhang



A number represented with a dash in front of it is a negative number. I.e. -9 is a negative 9, never a minus nine. My college math teacher would have immediately failed you for saying minus nine!


it's saddening to think that teachers don't teach this method instead we learn it through youtube or by just finding out ourselves.

Martin Kuliza

the way i do 14x12 IN MY HEAD IS....

14 x 10 (because i use something quick and easy)
this gives me 140
and i'm left with 2 lots of 14

so.. 14 x 2 is also easy..... 28

i add 140 + 28 168 Piss easy
in my opinion this is faster and less to remember than what he showed, but hey... Each to his own



Percentages made easy - fast shortcut trick!

Percentages made easy - fast shortcut trick!18 Nov. 2014
4 159 575
tecmathSubscribe 438 721

Percentages can be done

Percentages can be done mentally as quickly as you can work out basic multiplication.

Use this trick to work out percentages instantly. To support free math by tecmath onPatreon (thankyou): To donate to the tecmath channel: To donate to the tecmath channel:

To support tecmath on Patreon:

To buy tecmath mechandise:

Comments (100)
Maria Ramirez

Im 11 and school is so easy so decided to watch videos of math that would be hopefully more challenging, I hope I get into a magnet middle school

Tokyo Girl

This makes me so angry!! My life could have been so much easier if my teachers had told me this ???

Charles Sunmola



moein kasraei

جای دین در لیبرالیسم جز ان نمی تواند باشد .
زیرا یک قانون محکم تاویل انرا اثبات کرده ،چک و چانه هم ندارد .
هر راه دیگر بروید کله پا هستید .
دو نوع حکومت هم بیشتر نداریم یا لیبرالیسم که جان از تاویل گرفته و یا فاشیسم که جان از فلسفه گرفته اید ئو لوژیک است تا نابود شود

Ayoub Charef

Wow i never learn this on school but on youtube i do

csn • 48 years ago

wow. whats the point of school when theres this out there.


Very helpful, than you very much

I am sky

A number increased by 12% gives 146. Find the number.
Whats the answer?????


Good job

Peter Cimpoesiu .

So much mumbling it’s hard to hear

Lynda Wallis

Thank you so much. I thought I was stupid but clearly not. Always knew the simplicity in life works. My brain feels nice and relaxe. You have a calm influence too

Lillian Vera

Thank you. ?

marianna cerullo

What if there is no number ending in 0?

cheese McBreeze


james kim


Martín Chara

the subtitles are way ahead of us by understanding at the same moment

Chee Ziyan

I learn it 5mins on youtube while in our class I learned it after 3 days ;-;

Rashad Robinson

I know I'm late. But I'm having a problem. I gave a friend of mine this problem
Whats 37% of 347. He got 136. But using Google it Gabe 163. So what's the issue?

Mary Cummings

where's the promised link?

Aden Aden

thx this is supermegaultra ez peasy hold the lemon no squeezy sauce now!!!!!!!! thxthxthx

jessica DaCosta

No you are telling me all this time going to Maths class it wasn't making any sense

soboro sunny

or for example
20% * 18
cross out zeros
then it will be
2 * 18
which leads you to 36
then apply 20% as .2 (no zeros allowed)
and then put the decimal places back toward how much spaces back .2 (or any decimal your applying with)
so it is one place to the left so
change 36 to 3.6
its more logical but I find ur way easier

Adrian Soto

Does this apply just to numbers with “0” at the end?

Sue Elliott

Some Aussie knows his math. Thanks mate, pretty good

Storm Ridley

Thank you for showing me how to do this I have learning difficulties I also have a thing called dyscalculia which a lot of people called number blindness but I can follow what you're saying and I can now do this equation thank you so much.

Abi Fisher

Wait what ?

• Hxyley •

The people who disliked are the people who never passed their SATs or GCSEs


What if the question was like 82% of 167 what would u do if u had no zeros

Kylie Collard

Thank you for making this easy to relearn !

Christian Montalvo

Wow you made it so much more easier thank you

Fran Porter

Where were you when I was in school? WOW!

• G a k a x y •

What if there's no zero's?

Short tube

Congratulations many of math students like me saved extra 20minutes in exam.. Thank you tech math

Julius Thomson


Rob Veggett

OK, how to quickly calculate in the head something like 16% of 41? Is it like this: 1.6 x 4.1 = 6.56?

Advait Shukla

This video just saved my life..... Whew now I don't need to worry about the test.

Bilal Bouhaddaj

1 year at school learning percentages :[ haven't learned 5 minutes in youtube I learned how to do it

Dennis Russell

I just really cannot wrap my head around how you get the answers like yeah I understand 30% of 12 equals 3•6 I get how you got 3 but where does the •6

Sebastian Torn

I did 65% of 82 by doing 50% (41) + 10% (8.2) + 5% (4.1) haha

Anjon Das Joy

What is the difference between 90% of 90
90% on 90
Do you tell me....

+8801723072471 (Whatsapp)

mustafa gm

Thanks for the help

Sophie Hoban

so your telling me this is it...

Mick Navel

Thanks yet again.

anna podolska

thank you so much!!!!!!

david r10


Ryan Chataut

thank you so much !

Gar Will


Asad Ullah Roomi


Phumelele Mngadi

I am so annoyed that this was so easy all along, why didn't the teachers teach us Maths this way ??

WeeklyCODMobile Gaming

I am here cuz of school

A l i s i a

i spend 3hrs trying to figure this out in class but 5mins on youtube and now im a master , do we actually need school?

marianna cerullo

Hears what I thought 50% of 40 was: 20. Am I correct, I don't know until late a few seconds

Zayed Alshahwani

what app do you use to write this?

B_ rad

All ends in zero.
How about 44% of 2500??


this is super helpful im really happy im getting this thank you very much

Tony Baker

I would do it slightly differently :- (13 X 5% is 65%) therefore 5% of 82 is 4.1. so 65% of 82 is 4.1 X 13 = 53.3

The Twin Shunters



I could never do it this way because I gotta do it the "correct way". So that crosses out any other way or shortcut there is because I need to do it their way. Hey, at least I'm not like some people who already graduated because I'm still in middle school. That's one good thing.

selam Sw

if you tray is eyse

Musa Khan

Thank u mate this helped so much

Marie Photography

.30 x 40= 12
.20 x 180= 36
.50 X 40= 20
.20 x 18= 3.6
.30 x 12 = 3.6
.40 x 15 = 6
.65 x 82= 53.3

sami kadri

Thank you the first time I got that ????

Abdelrauf Raja

Amazing excellent so nice & so easy
Nice quick tutorial

Julie Bullock

I'm 56 and for the first time in my life I now understand!!!

Houda Lamouz

Waw man you saved me just 1 hour before my exam . Thank u ?

Meli Olivares

Love it !

Tanya Tolentino

2020 ..❤

Bella Joseph

This is sooooooooo helpful i learned this in 2 minutes thank you so much.

Vincent Chukwudi

How can I get the difference between 22 1/2% of 36 and 30% of 10

trix bueno

wow thank you!

Fatima Zahra

Btw thx this vid really helped

isshy alam

this is the best video


I'm in my class rn and I've learnt more maths in this vid than 11ys of school

toge inumaki's salmon

the maths ad really catches you out huh?

winter sheth

How did you get the 6?!?

Ed Burns

Always struggled with maths but totally feel robbed just drop the zero "mannnnnn" ?


You’re amazing.


30% of 60
30 X 60 = 1800
1800 ÷ 100 = 18

20% of 130
20 X 130 = 2600
2600 ÷ 100 = 26

65% of 30
65 X 30 = 1950
1950 ÷ 100 = 19.5


schools literally suuuck!

Peace&B O&Love

Guys , the super easy way . 65% of 82

Just take 65/100=0.65 *82=53.3

That’s it guys ?

Leontina Tshibasu

What if I got 3.5 of 127.29

Supreme High 4.2 Gaming

Hey I’m in 6th grade and not ready for my sats can anyone give me a link to a video that shows how to do something like 24 percent of 76, cause the percentages is always something like 10,20,30,40,50,60, etc etc, I want to do things life 24 or 49 or 62 please

Somewhere Unimaginable

bro this is the best short cut I ever seen

arosha mustafa

An even easier trick is, if you have 15% of 200. Take both numbers and multiply them, then take your answer and divide it by 100 because *per*cent per hundred. I swear it will work every time

Clare Flack

I'm more confused


Thanks so much this helped a lot

Ifeoma Okafor

This trick don't work :(

¿ • L o v e l e e L e ï l a W o l f i e • ?

I am actually feeling so much better now in math thanks to you?I actually understand what you teach and omg how much i wish i had you as my math teacher? I actually studied for a math exam using your videos to study from and i am feeling good about the exam and i only left about 3-4 questions empty but the rest of the whoooole exam i finished! Maybe i will get some of those questions wrong and i maybe wont get the grade i want for it but for once i actually felt good for a math test, so thank you so much, you really helped me and tomorrow i have a precent checkpoint and i am preparing myself for it!

Food Lover

Im on my accs but this really helped me now ik how how to work percentages out

Ziaul Hasan


HappyPlayzy ?

wow I still don't understand ;(

Arvind Garg

Thank you


this is so helpful,,, your voice is so nice as well its comforting honestly,, this really helped tysm


What about something like 4% of 375


Nice Video Thanks for The Maths TIPS!!!!!!!!!!

trichelle matthews

Omg l learnt this is 1 minute!!!


I owe you soooo much...

Literally this has been my math subject for about a week, but I’ve just been using a calculator bc of remote school and you can get away with that stuff. Now, I have to go back to school and my 2 brain cells can’t handle this. I even had a small panic attack. And then I remembered that the internet exists and here I am now, finally somewhat understanding my math topic. (I was actually thinking of breaking a finger so I could skip school)

Santiago Tamayo

Thanks so much for the extra help my teachers at my school didn’t teach me that method and now I feel robbed I was really struggling until I saw this video so thanks so much from the U.K

BoysCanVlog 2

I like these tricks. Really fast.

Ngozi Njoku

Susan better get this channel verified before it hits 1 million subscribers

Memorized Deck - Impressive Card Trick Performance/Tutorial

Memorized Deck - Impressive Card Trick Performance/Tutorial30 Jan. 2021
8 453

#magictricks #cardtricks

#magictricks #cardtricks #memorizeddeck

Deck I Used (Orbit V6 Playing Cards):

Hey everyone! This is a sick mathematical principle that allows you to divine any card taken out of a shuffled deck! It takes some practice to do quickly, but it is definitely worth trying out. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!


00:00 - Performance

04:01 - Tutorial

Comments (91)
Braden Edwards

You could also force them to pick a number card by saying, “Don’t pick a face card because that would be too obvious”

Martin Roberts

One for my performance. Thank you.

P Brokenshaw

Really clever, will use it

Güngör xxx

Wowww great Trick??

saurin shodhan

My respect for you keeps getting more with every video!

Kashika Jain

It is the suberp trick I have ever seen

Aryan Ajmera

1st like

Miras life


Atharva Phad

After the months i saw a card trick that actually fooled me great principle dude keep more coming ??

Daniel Oludayo

I love the way u explain the card tricks
U re very understandable
Keep the good work going bro????

Me The Magician


Aaliyah and Aaron Show

Your card tricks are very cool , awesome and easy to do.

Indian Magician


ashay jain

Indians smiled when you said "mathematical trick" ??

SOT tp

I understand the entire methode but you said that the spectator thinks about a number card.
But in the video they pull a random card out of the deck?

Soo... Where is the thinking part of this Trick? Bcs they chosen card is a random pull, that means we can't Manipulate them with Sentences like "Think about a number" Or smth



Shameek Seejiram

I love your content Nathan♥️

Brett Woffington

Denno Senshi Porygon 0:34

Aayush {Passion Unleashed}

If somebody ask who's the best and the most relatable Card Magician on YouTube to learn
Then it's this channel !

jo breath

Thanks so much! I have been following you for long time and I can say that you are a true Master! this trick for its simplicity and power really impressed me ... since yesterday I started studying it to understand the different possible applications.

For example I tried to divide the whole deck into two piles, putting a sign between them, for example a Joker; we construct the sum of one of the two piles so that it gives a total of 10 (therefore equal to zero) the second pile contains the rest of the total and it will be this that will be used to make the spectator choose the card; in this way we will have to count only about twenty cards to know which card the spectator has chosen. While we will go faster (for the pile where we already know the zero quota) in the phase of memorizing the cards. after knowing which card is chosen by the spectator, we will join the two piles and ask the spectator to insert his card at any point in the deck ... at this point we can choose any type of ending we want.

To start the performance we show the entire deck of cards, to point out that it is already mixed and with the excuse of removing the Joker we divide the deck into two piles resting there on the table. we will ask the spectator to choose one: if he chooses the one where we already know the total, we will ask him to mix it further and keep it aside because we will use the other pile; vice versa, if he chooses the pile that we must use to make him choose the card, we will ask him to mix it, extract the chosen card and place it on the table; at that point we will be able to start our phase of memorizing the cards with the pile from which the spectator has chosen his card, continue with the other where we already know the total sum and continue as described above.

Just one more thing: Who is the creator of this trick? and which is a best book to buy?

Thanks a lot again!

Theo Barham-Wiese


Kadir Doğan

if you want to force a number , you can say : think of any number between 1-10 . okay got it? if you get it , i want you think any suit . got it? okay so if you get it , take the deck and take out your card and then put it in your pocket or on the table ( it depends on the moment).
you're okay now. you can do the trick . it's really nice . i liked it.

Krishnajith C Vinod

Impressive trick..I think it is Charles Jordan's right??

Randa Yehya

Hey how are you can you make a vidio about angles of classic pass plz

No Left Turns

wow - great trick!

Shridhar Sawaikar

Very nice trick?? Can you tell the logic behind how it is always 10- grand total ??

Rehaan Jain



I have fooled family and friends with so many of these tricks you teach! Thankyou!

1999 Girl

Is this your original effect

Bob.J. Duia

?????when you remove a card and you check the deck, you know what card has been removed because you are looking at each card's

svg TrapGod

East or West

North or South

Mafiki Mike

Can i do this trick without the face cards

satvik singh

The return of the king

Stephen Jones

You could make this an "any card" trick like this: If they really make a free choice and your sum ends up zero (indiciating a 10 or face card), then remember the bottom card as a key card, cut the cards (or have them do it) and bury their card. As you "hunt" for their card (you actually spot it quickly) then announce, it's a face card or "I think you picked a high number" then reveal their card.

trickn arts

finally im here in 9 mins :)

Anoushka Singh

I can't do

Nerdicorn 3.14

35! I love your vids so much btw

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I'm always waiting for your new uploads??

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First ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you

Angad Singh

I have been waiting for this kind of video

jop jop

Good trick. Btw I don't get how the spectator picks the low value card he's thinking about.

Thirumammal Kanakarajano

The people who liked this video before watching it, like this comment

Max Rooney

Please sub to me a million card tricks

Pathmasiri Jayathilaka Gamage


Machorius 67

Nice one!

str84ward a

Awesome trick. Do you think you could this as a gambling demonstration like tell the story of mathematically knowing a card? Obviously I say story. Or and card demonstration?

Cherubin Roxas

This the eazyyyyyyuyy magic trick everrrrrrrrrrrrrr holy

reyki 05

Very impressive & very genius magic trick. I really enjoyed watching it

Philip Nguyen

Sorry it is so boring. Audience goes to sleep.

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Personally, I don't like math. But I can use calculator right

Barry Abkin

Great trick. Thanks for sharing

Preeti Sinha


Louis Fournier

What is your favorite trick to show people

vinu thomas

Can do a q and a

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nathan pls tell me which app and which font do you use for making thumbnail

Magic Eric

Pretty cool Trick, guy! I'm deeply impressed

ياسين عبدالمجيد


Kellen Roy


Arctic Wolf

I am sorry, but the way you flip over your deck looks kind of awkward and clumsy. I think it is better to stick with orthodox flipping over.


There’s so many different endings for this hahaaaaa it’s so cool

YouTube Roamer

Hello Nathan

Bimal Bhuiyan

So cool!!!!

Aref Feyzi

I’m of course appreciate you for your great tutorials but if you don’t mind please put more advanced tutorials thanks

Naman Goyal

Waiting for new upload only


Amazing technique

Fun with DIA


Satvik Balakrishnan

Fooled my family with this. Could you make a video about how to set up a full card routine for it to be like a full magic show.

Indra Bhattacharya

One of the best tricks I have ever seen. Please keep uploading this kind of tricks which doesn't require any sleight of hand.

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Pls pin this comment plssssss. Your the best magician tutor that i always watch


I love your videos, keep it up

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Can u teach dribbling cards


Really cool! Thank you.

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King of card tricks?

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You are the god of magic

The Card Maestro

I m completely impressed! This has such a cool effect and its so easy too. Great,just great.

Trent Allan

I'm telling u, u could fool penn and teller with that trick?


You can fix the face card problem with count jack for 11, queen for 12 and king for 13 and work in mod 13

Eli Nan

Not fan of math-based tricks but still I find this principle very impressive and useful ?? thx for sharing bud!


Hey Nathan should u perform a card trick on the same person more than once

Lara Marjieh

Such a cool trick!


It is a very impressive card trick whoa good job!!!

Yuan carlo Sayson alcuetas

Thats cool how r u finding out this things

Card tricks Forever

I love this ??

Divine Magic

can u make a video of how u edit ur vifeos pleaz?

Martin Tedder

Great trick! Weirdly enough the counting was easy and quick for me when I tried, my downfall is finding the cards in the spread out deck. I end up staring at this random collection of cards causing a horribly awkward silence..."what was I looking for again?"
I'm guessing I'm somewhere on the spectrum...

Tang Tang

Plot twist: a magic trick that u actually memorize the whole deck

Eetu N

Great video !!

Mohsin Khan

That was really impressive