How to make a easy sex toy

How To Make Cheap Home Made Sex Toy

How To Make Cheap Home Made Sex Toy20 Jan. 2017
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This is how you make a sex

This is how you make a sex toy at home.

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Krasimir Ivanov

You no ok in brain man

Chiyase Chiyase

2:24 ??

nazaar azazael

i tried but now i have aids wtf bro


You just saved me 3000.Rs and the trouble of receiving a mysterious package discreetly.

#ReX #HyDrA

Hhhh 2:22 when he say enjoy tour life????


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Sohail Ahmad


Kalyani Snehal

You can't get pleasure in this


This design is not good.

1. There are no holes for air exhaust, 2. the end of the condom is not fixed, it will go out in place with the penis, 3 there is no clear fixation of the structure, 4 sponges are likely garbage in view of their rigidity.

zucced lemon

Wheres my dishwasher


Lets give a big F for this guy

Jdkdj Bxdkxjdn


raj nandi

r u a fucking idiot. u bloody fucker

Kartik Kalia

20 condom leke aaya hu
3 din me khtm kruga

Sanjay sinha Sinha

Plese land vi banoo

Ty Waters

Please share more ideas!

SomeOne Special status

Its Enough For Me?

testesteron tedavisi

towel one is best man

jenett cabalu

Dami nang jakulero

Munger Productions

Bro- I still use to watch your videos ( Big Fan )

Saif Ali

Share this link and be a chattoor of your class

Muhammed Nayaz

It's not enter inside


Deep dark corners of internet

simbu raj

Ur fool ?

jiayi zhou

what fuck?

Akusobi Chinedu



Basically you're fucking spongebob

Paul Hooson

I think I lost my erection watching this...But, more seriously this was a fun video to watch for entertainment here...

B. krishnakamal

Chootiye????? !! Ma-baap ka paisa barbaad kar ke ye sikha school college me ?? ??????..abey itne paise me asli girl mil jaati hai aaj kal..?????..
ccd me cofee -65 /- , mcdonalds ka burger - 60/- , baskin robbin me ice cream - 75/-..kuch bhi khila ke try kar le.
Soch agar ye video tere ma/baap/behen ne dekh liya tera kya hoga kaliya ? Kya batayega unhe ? ..."Mai logo ko ye muth marne ka device banana sikha raha hoon"..

Tamil TigerZ

Go get a gf lol


its too expensive :))

Sushilvery nice sweet song Pandey

Pura maja milega bhai



Just John

I need to tell you something, I did not know that you knew her

Young Dollo

This foo funny ??

Nissam Sali


testesteron tedavisi

fuckoff man

محمد الماجدي

مايصير بي ينشرك

Voice of Koch


Abdul Narayan D

You still need a hand!

Cristiano Sanchez

you can use it for about stik it on my moms car exaust for she goes to work?vroom vroom instant hack


Para jomblo suka konten kaya gini??

Van Peng

Have you tried it before..hahaha

Sam albrighton

Dose this work with car sponge ?????

Gamalier Rosa

If You Like the video do shit with your Friends

Aditya Barman

Ge for great effort


If you learn with this practice never to ejaculate/ or once in a 100 times/than you became a tantric master et get supernatural powers.

Orly Orsolino

Wow. I'm from Philippines


other people: thinks of there crush

me: oouu sponge bob.. you’re gonna get punished for making my patties cold

MA Ali


Shivam Satghare

Bro get married

Jerry Seinfeld

I'm 19 my Instagram id @mysterious_suraj
We can have some fun?

Hamba Allah JVS


LGBTQ Malayalam Stories

get a girlfriend.

Tomas Obrucnik

lol :D


I bless you dear!!!!????


"You can use this for legit anything"


Did anyone try it, is it useful?

I like china

Im just gonna stick to sandpaper

qari qari


tiktok trending complitatio

Thank you sir rapr krne se accha ye istamal kiya jay

Mk Editz

Hath se hilao yrr
Sala kon in chakkro me pdega

Hadi Faridi

Tight rubber band because of chotti lulu

Cristiano Sanchez

wrong this is made for weeny washing?


The rough rub should be inside. Lol

cs go

Bhai land ko ragad ke chekna nahe bananhe....


Masturbation best weast of times. Same feeling

It's Cosmic

Can't stop laughing bro! LMAO

MarGuy Thatguy

use the abrasive side

Νίκος Καλογερόπουλος

It really works!

hyderabadi ??

Oh what the Fuck!!!

Merry Adhadi

instead of putting condom in between the sponges, just put it on your thing.

don michaels

I broke it!!! went right through

Hristo Vargolomov

Cheap?The preservatives cost 4$

Sunil Maharana

You bastard

Johnny Tremendo

Le pandour

Choco Manger

Looks like you still have to hold it and move it with your hand(s) anyway, so what's the point? Just use your hand(s).

Vibes PH

I can't put my dick?


Enjoy your life" lol wish I saw this when I was 12


Wtf just go to the strip club if your a virgin?

Solo Madrid

Stupid ??



Orchlon Enhee

Hahaha nice shot guy

Raushan Parmar

Mera desh badal raha hai aage bad rha h?

humza khan


Arvind Pathak

Very easy,,thanks

narender singh

Lodu hai tu

Sivanen Madalamootoo

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Robin Mollik

Its very good idea


Howz this not viral yet?

Arjun Pandey

What if the condom tears while stretching it over the sponge ?

ZTEmax Gaming

Thanks bruh!

Ram# Minz

Sala Laura nhi gusta he ... Isme.... money lose

s sunil

Don't use condom, for more better resalt use rougher sponge area???



Joy Sins

Very easy it's really nice .. I used to use hand gloves instead of condom.. but now I will use condoms only


the funniest part of this video is that he actually made it and film it!

OCULU games & craft

Live the intro ?


Jajajaajaj gg

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XxDapper wolfxX

Nooo I dropped my lip balm while writing this :(


I was just joking looking up random stuff like wtf


how tf I get here?

Brittany Ferguson

My only question is ...where can I find his toy?

Ynna DlaCrz

"Hey man! Been a long time, what do you do for a living?"
"Yeah I make fake dicks and vaginas"

Wily Syiem

I like

Knewton 219


Maryam Alshehhi

Why did I click on the video again?

Cheryl Stait

Vibrator me, I'd like to endorse my product my husbands product,. Mr Stait


They don’t use gloves???

Lee Lee

Lol no speaking in this one

just catz

I’m deleting my history after this

Melden Sarmiento

I use eggplant

F r a n c i s

I really wanted to watch the video but i couldn t ! The background music was so ANNOYING!

Kendall Childress

They let me watch this but not how the sex toys are made.I feel bad for the people who actually work at the factory

Idontknow WhoIam

when did I even subscribe here?


Oh it's an ad

Astrology of Style

i find this oddly satisfying lol...

Aga Rząca

Best job ever

Sonia C.

I thought this channel was supposed to be family friendly

Paloma Lopez

I find it so cool how they make it I just want to keep watching it haha watching the pigments mix with a silicone is satisfying.

claire is rare

What is this happens
Child: "Daddy where do you work"
Dad: "......"


Thank you for providing more variety

Jasmine Johnston

A boy once took what he thought was just a vibrating Lightsaber toy to school for show and turned out to be his mom's vibrator!

Nicole Opeku

i am disturbed at how satisfying this is

Keren Ramos

I remember when Refinery used to put up good content, now I just feel like I'm watching buzzfeed

Winona Daphne

that pigment looks like house PAINT LMFAO

Lucia Napoli

que acabo de ver


Take ur kids to work day is gonna be a mess

Jenny Bagley

I love how this Chanel is so pg friendly...... oh wait, never mind!

Yogi Yogi

mister minta nama2 bahan siliconnya dong

Daniella Orozco

They have probably seen some stuff by now

jieun kim

How did I end up here

Farmer Scarecrow

It's 1 AM, why am I here


The only nasty thing about this video is them handling them w out gloves. Those lady's nails looking extra rough ? ladies clean your toys before use


A friend: “sooo, where does your mom work?”

Stuart Lee

I've always wanted to know how plumbasus were made

Ce Nonya

"What do you do?"
"Oh I'm a technician in a lab."
"Wow! You're my kind of guy! I love smart men. What kind of work do you do in the lab?"
"Oh, I make vibrators."