How to tell if a girl is having an orgasim

How To Tell If She Is Faking Her Orgasms?

How To Tell If She Is Faking Her Orgasms?29 Jan. 2021
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How To Tell If She Is

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How To Tell If She Is Faking Her Orgasms?

What are the signs she's having a real orgasm? Can't all the signs be faked?

While there are lots of people who can fake a lot of things, some of the actual physiological signs of a genuine female orgasm are pretty hard to make up on the run. For example, a woman will experience flushed skin immediately prior to climax, which is a sign that more heavily oxygenated blood is closer to the skin surface which is a precursor to climax.

Often a woman's pupils will dilate...again, a completely NON voluntary reaction to ecstatic sexual pleasure.

An increase in respiration and heart rate CAN be faked...but it's usually not! and is the simplest sign that she's really excited...and her body is approaching the tipping point.

Other women have some more distinct physical reactions to the excitement of climax as well...including "goosebumps", rapid muscular contractions, and other signs that are pretty impossible to miss!

What about being really vocal, or loud...or physically wild and expressive. Is this a sign she's really having an orgasm?

Honestly? While this can be my experience, it's usually NOT! In other words, while some women can "pretend" to be really excited and go through the motions of putting on a show...most women won't, and will simply TELL you they climaxed if they want to fake it to get it over with. So if she really IS very seemingly turned on...and is being really expressive, in my experience, it's a really good sign her excitement is genuine, and her orgasms are most likely going to be real as well!

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Robin Diaz

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How To Know if She's "FAKING IT"! (8 Secret Ways to Tell)

How To Know if She's "FAKING IT"! (8 Secret Ways to Tell)17 Feb. 2020
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80% of women fake it 50% of the time. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is telling you why she is faking it, signs if she’s faking it, and how to help her not fake it.

According to Wikipedia, between 25-75% of women fake it all the time or on a regular basis.

Why does she feel the need to fake it?

Your ego is one reason. Another reason is the sexual positions don’t stimulate her. A third reason is pe . Age is another reason — younger women fake it more than older women because they aren’t as comfortable with their body and sexuality. Just wanting it to be over is another reason.

Here are some signs that she actually did fake it.

If you had to ask, she probably didn’t.

If all hell doesn’t break loose for a split second, it’s not happening. A real woman’s "o" is like a man’s.

If she’s still making out with you, she didn’t because she can’t do two things at the same time when she’s about to. She may not even look you in the eye or even talk.

If she’s doing all sorts of crazy things like bouncing off the wall, she’s probably not. If she’s having one (just like a man’s), the body gets stiff and rigid.

If her ... doesn’t retract into her body, it’s fake.

If she ‘Kegels’ (boom boom boom), it’s not real.

If her breathing is regular and consistent, she’s probably not. She should be breathing short and quick just before it happens.

If she does at the same time as you, she’s probably not really having one.

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April Sullivan

I really love alot of your videos your great ???

Wrong Username

Still a virgin :'-(

Maggie Morejon

Good tips... not hurting a man's ego is hard though, you guys are more sensitive than you want to believe and sometimes faking it is required (and pulsating kegels IS possible). Bare in mind that sometimes friends also make comments that can ruin your O moments, like "have you ever wondered what happens if suddenly you remember this hilarious moment when you're doing it?" And when the time happens and there's no way the guy will believe you're not laughing of him or his, what's a girl to do?? Fake it to hide the laughter ??‍♀️

Vivek Shah

1:30 to 1:35 funniest part???


When you’re gay but you’re still watching it


Mostly it's faked because I wanna either get to sleep or unwind by reading or watching my subscribed channels... Lol

Maria Reyna

hahahaha i loved this too much...

saad jakati

1:30 when u want content but all u get is dumb ideas???
Just kidding dude

Kyle Stroia

Ill just go round 2! ?

Consoom media and lie

If you are watching this video, then you know she is faking it.

abraham nunez

Thank you now I know my girl does be faking it but that’s cuz her ex’s made her so not my fault cuz I know all my ex’s didn’t fake cuz they did everything that a real one does during sex?

Ewoma Peters

Aaron you are my role model most of your are awesome????? it
Love from Africa

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This man is hilarious ????.. thumbs up alpha.. ?

Dude Doing Stuff

Me: Virgin
Also me:wanting to know if she's faking.

Rahim Ssebi

This guy sounds like Barry Goldberg

John Saxton


its ann

The most simple position is the best that's real for us girls ?...

She fake it if it's your small lol

She don't if it's your huge ?

Mustafa Kocaemir

No homo, bro I live you you're awesome I wish I knew you in person we'd get along perfectly. You'd be my best friend. You'd be like an older brother. Keep doing what you're doing because I'm sure that others feel the same as me and you're helping a lot of people. ??


ive always wondered what that brown thing in his eye is anyone wanna tellme pls lol

Anthony Olson

Lmao you're funny alpha, I love ya big dawg, been watching your videos for like 4 years now ha ha.

Aaron Wright

Damnn Well Good Cuz After this vid I can Honestly Say I've Made A Few Girls orgasm?✌?


“Ohhh ohhh, it’s time to eat”?

Superrich Visuals

get you an aries, they will tell you if you suck in bed or not LOL

Vernon Eatwell

I think the biggest lie porn has taught you is "the bigger the better" or those fuckin faces that they make is telling us that she's liking it or when they say "if there are tears coming out and she's red on her face and she's literally crying, she's enjoying it"

Melissa Rusolo

Who taught you? Lol you're so right on & you're hysterical


“I tried multiple things like picturing my grandmother naked.” Aarons Grandma watching this video:?

Tashfique Umaer

7:15 when you see your first beard!!!

PEER #!m

7:09 funniest thing

Aaron Dean

1:20 wtf is happening

Mohamad Syakir

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What the!!? How old is you're grandma btw?

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Tiger Blood

9:12 - 9:19after that i was waiting for alpha to say link is in the description. Disappointed.

R.Javier Yepes De V.

Hilarious ass shit and informative!!!



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Grand Admiral Wolf 117


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When i and my girlfriend have sex she is moaning loud and alot.
But she really likes sex ?

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Shubham Bhattacharjee

Someone give him a morphine injection
He is out of control ??????????

Samar S

You r a genius. Alpha M


Have you ever seen a tiny dog being too excited.


OK I'll say it. Others are thinking the same as me so here goes. As a guy, you can take the attitude of as long as you're getting it, why worry if she's faking it or not? Insensitive I know, but most guys think this way. Sure, on one level you want your GF to get off just like you but you are going into a swamp. A lot of times she doesn't know what she wants, but then she expects you to still understand. It can be stressful.

Anthony J Moore

She is howling ??????????


Girl: That's one huge cockroach
Kid named roach: 1:30

Aurek Rung

1:23 got me tripin ?


BIG STUD MUFFIN...I jus clicked off and laughed

Mark Aplier

You know what else helps? Not thinking about sex, but about lovemaking. This idea that men are drills who just turn the thing on and go with it is not true. This is also a porn made myth


4:00 wait what..

Eraj Jayaweera

2:57 “picturing my grandmother”
Thats it I’m done ???


saved this in my watch later until i got a girlfriend, i’m here boys. we made it.


If you've ever been with a woman who actually has had an orgasm, you know when they're faking. There are some physical responses during female orgasm that cannot be faked. The truth is, if they fake it, it's OK with most of us. We don't care.

The ea specialist

The girls watching this video ?


1:29 it's weird to see a 40 year old man doing that
BTW love your vids❤️❤️??

LaDonna Lobo

Alpha not every women fakes it and I am here to prove you wrong papi. Te voy a decir una cosa you are right about older women enjoying sex better then younger ones. I am now ..years old and my bf is 39 boricua beside from me orgasming 20 times he also makes me climaxed all the time and that my first time in life reaching that point where my pelvic muscles moved and my bunda too. It a feeling that made me scared at first bc I didn't understand it at my age from a man 10 years younger then me. Yes few times I directed him but he broke me and brought that passion in bed I've always wanted in a man. The connection, chemistry and desire you know. He makes inside of my chocha do tornado I even discussed it with my primary care doc he was just smiling and say you are a princess! Now that I experience it and he experienced it with me he said mami me tiene enchulao babysita siempre chichar me asi..?? I am very sexual and when I do want it I make love even if it fucking I make sure it enjoyed it. I am glowing always smiling and stressed free and unbitch..a none bitch and enjoying suckkng the life out my new love. Fake orgasms not in my book I even had an orgasm on my obgyn table! Also you mentioned the best position to help reach that orgasm I study my body and experiment position to keep that meat (cock) inside lola right on the Gspot and let me tell you.. rain rain pee la leche rica nonestop and my body become weak and I am just happy moving slow pulling him towards me deseeinv that deep passionate penetration while he's fighting Togo back in..I talk too much..
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She's not responsible for our orgasm. Why should we be responsible for hers. She fakes it because she wants to move on with her day or night.

aNonYmOuS pErK

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Carlos Pineda


KaineSad YOLO

This is the funniest video i think i have ever seen from your production, even talking on this topic.

Miguel Ángel Orenday

To last longer I just jerk 30 minutes before

Natalie Miles

I didn’t know faking it was a thing until this video...

Raheem Genahsyde

You're the best ?️?️?️

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Me: 6M loading ?

Naturally Awesome Fitness

Lol!!! Aaron, what an accurate video- I can say this is true as a former faker ??.

Hemanth SG

Came here again

William Whitaker III

Who cares

Nabendu Hembram

That little thing is 'Clitoris'?

James Fortis

Kinda sad if u need some medicine to last longer, there is a natural way ya know


What about if she’s staring at the ceiling? I guess she’s not enjoying it?

Sethu Nt

He does realise that he just gave women advice on how to better actors right??


I wonder if his wife watches his videos ??


6:42 I had no idea about that ?? But now I learned something new. Thanks man!

How To Know If She Is Faking Her Orgasms

How To Know If She Is Faking Her Orgasms18 Nov. 2017
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Faking orgasms is a very common practice among women. Many of them are not aware of the problems this will bring to their sex life. She is sending the incorrect messages to him, as he will believe he is doing everything OK and she will never ever have any orgasms.


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These are some methods to know if your woman is faking orgasms. All these methods are reliable, but some more than others. When a woman orgasms all her pelvic floor muscles will contract involuntarily

When your woman is having the orgasms her vagina walls will squeeze your penis with the involuntarily contractions. feel it to know she is having the orgasms. In oral sex you can insert your finger to feel it.

The best way to know if she is faking her orgasms is put the tip of your finger on the anus entrance. her anus will contract involuntarily and that will prove she is having an orgasm.

Her body will most likely shake involuntarily when she has an orgasm. Feel her tummy or look at it to see if there is shaking or spasms going on during the orgasms.

Finally there is a great way to prove she is having an orgasm and that is giving her a squirting orgasm. This type of orgasm can't be fake so you will know she is having a female ejaculation orgasm.

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Thank you for following my channel and for your awesome support.

I am here to help you become the best lover you can be.


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Thank you so much.

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I'm so happy to learn about sex from a Spanish Master. Thats like learning Karate from a Japanese Master. All the Best.