How can i make my wife happy

7 Things to Do to Make Your Wife Happy | #MOMTRUTHS

7 Things to Do to Make Your Wife Happy | #MOMTRUTHS11 Nov. 2016
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Listen up, husbands,

Listen up, husbands, because this one's for you! Us women are really quite simple people. We don't need a lot...we just need these seven things from you to make us happy.

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Hi, guys! We’re Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer. Together we parent seven children under the age of seven, manage two husbands, and run Social Common. After hosting events and partnering with some amazing brands, we have unlocked the social media world of moms! We are ready to take it to the next level via our YouTube channel. Social Common is an online community that allows for women to come together to discuss, share, and learn about parenting and the journey of motherhood.

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Comments (100)

Do not sprinkle the toileeeeetttttttt ?????

Shahzaib Raza

I like this video.

Dr Matias

Bring home some weeed ????

Kacie Ramirez

YES if my husband did those seven things you said for one he would get laid EVERY night! lol

Viking Ghost

I just got out of work and was thinking of what I could do wife today because it's been a while... thanks for the ideas. They were all good :).

Bashir Rostom

Love this video thank you ladies

Karan baskota

just tell her "hey lets call ur mom its been a while..... I miss her

Joel Rogers


Russ Watson

Now that’s some funny shit!


SO needy


At the end of the day everyone is responsible for his or her own happiness.

Big Fish

2:00 Eye opener for me!!
I also try and fix stuff lol, going to try and just listen!!

Bob Davenport

As a man watching this and chuckling...a lot of men are real amateurs aren't they? This stuff all seems like "Women 101" to me. Sure glad I have it figured out!

Bayan Lababidi

Number5 is A golden tip ! thank you for the care.... make us some more 'talks' clips PLEASE :) !!

Bashir Rostom

My wife said stopped being fake what did you do lol


Right, as if men has nothing on their shoulder.

dan eli baez

My wife tells me “I know you deserve so much, and all you want is attention. I just don’t wanna give it to you.” I provide for my family, take her out, she says I’m a great father, bring roses to her job... what the fuck do I do?

me hi

Hi honey I am home? STFU, I've had a hard day with the kids. Honey you look wonderful. I hate it when you lie to me. Honey your sooo sexy. How many times have I told NOT to keep looking at the wedding photo's. Honey can we talk? Honey you awake? Honey want to go out for dinner? I've slaved over the stove all day and YOU NOW want to go out, get out. Honey, lets go out for the night? I told you I'm on my period, you could have asked last week?

Bashir Rostom

Haha a hug is a hug

Amber Sifford

New follower here! You two are the best, love your videos!

Laura Lee Originally

I know y'all hate it but "I am the luckiest wife in the world". My husband is logical though and probably read a book and is actualy incorporating it into our lives even 16 years later. lol Not me! I am so slack and do not deserve it! You got to reward it though and if you have chosen the right person, you will love to reward him...most of the time. ALso never let him make you feel forced into actual sexual rewards when you are not comfortable/a willing adult partner. obvious disclaimer is obvious


I'm getting married next week ❤?Really useful tips ..Thank you :) ?

Living the Cardenas Life

Sending this to my husband stat!

Chris Arnold

I love the blunt honesty, I can so relate to what they say as a dad.


I brought my wife home a weed and I got laid.

Joseph Horton

I say do more freakin housework! Unless you (the man) are a neat freak or something, otherwise do your share! If you don’t have the freakin time to help out, then put your sheeit where it belongs. Put your clothes in the closet or the laundry room. Screw Valentine’s Day! There is no Steak and Blowjob Day, so forget about it. Although you (men) don’t get off that easy, bring your wife flowers randomly every month or at least every other month. If you are making the larger sum of dough you better think about buying her a freakin car of her choice! If you even think that she is “the slightest” of a good mom and partner you better start showing some RESPECT! If you don’t respect her enough to do that, then take a hike and give her half of everything you own and continue your miserable life with someone who is going to put up with your act and half of your Half-salary job! Also, wether you need it or not, a check-up with a Couples Therapist is worth the bones now instead of unexpected emotional and financial disaster later. And ladies, remember what you asked for so you can recognize it when it comes. Then when it comes, don’t keep moving the goal post. RESPECT goes 2 ways. Once he starts his “changing ways” you have to start from the beginning ... a clean slate for the both of yas’

gina trimmer

Oh my goodness, listen without trying to problem solve. YES! Love it ladies


Thx, really needed advice my wife is depressed at the moment due to home schooling and quarantine.

Marie Rie

Best one!!


Ladies, I love you!


All of these are true, but you missed one. Husbands can't complain about how much money we spend. Like why did you buy clothes for the kids to wear?. Do we really have to pay for our kid to go to preschool?? Why did you have to go buy groceries? Husbands just don't get it. Thank you ladies for always making me laugh and feel like I'm not alone!!

Salvador Luna


Maxine Baines

yessss! you guys have made parenting sound like fun again...almost!!!At least a bit funnier!!you guys rock...all the way from Sao Paulo Brazil- keep it up gals!

Hamad Al Ali

you ladies are hilarious. I shall try and return with updates.

Gary Gutierrez

So take her on vacations and take the kids for the day? What if i work?

Bashir Rostom

When I walk in the door I smile she goes what did you do lol

zelynne vlog

"Without having to get naked for it." Love it.


What if you do all that and she still isnt happy?

Eric Black

I'm gonna ace this test !!!!!

chuck white

So why are the kids on your hands, that must be why you can"t get stuff done

Bashir Rostom

Hahahahahaha that is the best laugh ever when I complain don’t fix it hahahahaha I love it omg that is so funny


7 things? You're saying that's not complicated? Men only want two things.: a full belly and two empty nuts. That is it!


Pick your socks up off the floor. Underwear too. Put them in the hamper. Without me asking, bonus points!

Shiloh Benny

just let us bitch! sometimes we need to bitch! if my man said I want you to just unload and bitch you're little heart out and he actually meant it!? OMFG I would be so damn pleased and by the end of the night or the end of my bitching whatever comes first he would be more than pleased lol


I like these ladies but I can't relate to them not wanting sex. Do their husbands suck in bed? Or do I just not have enough kids yet?

Soulja4Christ WeAreAtWar

You two are delusional. No real man will ever do all of that not wanting the goal of sex. He won't be thinking I'm so glad I bagged this, if he was to work that hard to get some barely ever. He wants some appreciation too.

Bashir Rostom

I love the advice when you have a problem to fix it ha ha I love it love it love it

Big Fish

Love you guys, learnt loads hehe

Bashir Rostom

I asked her to let me have the kids she was like yeah and your will call me and complain and you will be out playing golf no thank you. I got that from everybody loves Raymond hahah

Daria Artsy

you made my day!))) ...or actually night... while i'm cooking those stupid "5 meals a day" thing for the next 3 days...

Rick n Morty

If women weren't so needy and self-centered you'd have all this shit naturally. Also why don't you open your mouth and tell your husband what you want. Then there's no guessing.

Roman Mironov

Thank you for the video!

Well, let me offer a man's perspective :)

Tip 1: Be an equal in the relationship. Don't view yourself as not deserving her.
Tip 2: Talk more to her. Always keep the lines of communication open.
Tip 3: Be present all the time. Listen attentively and care about what she says.
Tip 4: Fulfill her needs at a higher level. Make her light up and you'll feel happier yourself.
Tip 5: Make her remember happy moments. This will make her feel more love in the present moment.
Tip 6: Be more masculine for sexual polarity. Be calm, centered, and measured.
Tip 7: Never break her trust or compromise your principles.

Emily Farris

Y'all are my heroes!!!

Nate Del Valle

Im listening I want to make my wife happy ?

Sachin Singh

bhag bhisri ke

Genie Yess

tell her i love you every once in a while.

Rev Enge

Stumbled upon this video...and I am so thankful! By seeing what your husbands married into, I was inspired to show my beautiful bride how wonderful she is...

Pete DiCapua

where are your husbands and kids during this video....

Wholesome Livingston

Im here cause my wife is upset however, I literally do all of these things all the time. Seriously all of it. Is there another video that is beyond these everyday things?


I can't "thumbs up" this video enough.

Jon H

Only a strong man can take this advice. The shades and tone are hard to get over. But definitely good advice. Thank you!! Coming from a married man

kevin dotson99

I wish my wife was as easy to please as that I do all these things already I wouldn't say she's unhappy but I can feel the fire dying I want to feel like we did when we first met does anyone think that exist when you're in a relationship for 10 years

Trevor Hudson

Was this at 10 am over champagne or was it strait tequila at sunrise?

Rich Mandoza

You two women sound perfect for each other.. lol?

Bashir Rostom

Hahaha you are so funny don’t call for lunch don’t call for dinner. Call and say hi hahahahaha

Robert Chavez

But if the husband works 10 or 11 hours a day to keeps food on the table a roof over their head and keeps the family clothed so her and the kids never have want isn't that romantic and shouldn't the woman do more stuff for him some days I work 14 days straight with no day off Instead of dogging on men maybe you should appreciate that he is a real man that provides for his family it sounds to me like these women want a gay men a real man is the leader of the House

Mehdi Dah

Thanks ladies for advices

Ben Dover

This man you are describing already has a husband.

Matt Laws

Love this!

gabriel finn


Jolene Bird

Cat, totally thought this was you! Love y'all!!!

Mahmoud Ghamlouche

If you do those things your wife will leave you because you are "too nice".

Katie Hirsch

This is spot on!!!!!! You girls rock. Let's drink wine together! Cheers!

Dr Matias

Hmm maybe ill try these tips lol




You bitches clearly have too much time on your hands.

Hanna Kang

So Fn hilarious. So simple. Speakn truth!


Omg this was so bang on!! can you please send this to my husband so I don't have to?! ? Love you ladies!

Handling The Howard's

My husband works out of town Monday through Thursday. He doesn't get home until late Thursday evening so I have the kids all to myself Monday through Thursday plus on the days that he's home he has other things other groups and functions he does. I think Saturday should be my day off right my day to do whatever I want to do while he stays home with the kids. Give me a like if y'all think I'm right


I love my wife she is beautiful she deserves to be danced at a ball because all pretty girls deserve to be danced with at a ball

What the truck?!

While I understand the points you make in this video, these are all basic tenants of a healthy, happy relationship and should be the norm, the way these two old crows squawk about it makes them sound like two women just bitter at their husbands cause they feel jaded like they never got to go to Europe or some shit... And about the comment of not having to get naked... Lets be realistic here. We are still as much animals as we were when we lived in caves ladies, and while the irony of this cycle is lost in most women the ones that figure it out do well in life. Sex is power. Men are biologically programmed to mate, you want a man to take out the garbage? Flash him a smile and some tit and tell him he gets more when the kitchen gets cleaned. Feed our base instinct to feel like alpha males, and we will feed your instincts to feel like a princess all day. The only reason, and this is cold truth some women need to face, the only reason a man would not bend over backwards for a piece of pussy from his own wife, is if he has lost interest. So if you can stand in front of your man naked and he doesn't jump you like a piece of red meat, wake up and check the mirror ladies, call the gym, drink more water and get it back together.

Ignacio Rivera

Why is it that I do all this but still have no happy wife I cook, clean, take care kids, buy her massages because if I do it she complains that it leads to more. I compliment her, love her, and continues to be miserable. What should I do? Help me please.....

Sylvia Foo

To make your wife happy after having kids, you can help her with cleaning the house and giving her a break from that.

Melanie Kay

Small things often. That’s really all it takes

Bonitavlog Bonita

Hahaha just make your wife happy. I love you two ❤️ we are a great mom

Desmond Harvey

That's complicated


oh my i have just come across your channel i couldnt subscribe quickly enough thank you for being REAL ??????

Blackhawk 1977

Bull Shit! That is all!

Team Invictus

Ok....I'll start doing all that...But...she's definitely getting naked... 21 minutes / 7 days.

Stephanie R

If I could like this a thousand times, I would. Made my husband sit and watch. Plan on doing it monthly ?

Tyler Wright

Ladies, you are awesome. I'm a husband of 13 years & 3 kids, and I subscribed because of your energy, YOUR WILLINGNESS TO HELP, and, above all, your wisdom to ask & answer this topic. Thank you for your wisdom & concise answers that will make a difference in my marriage for the rest of my life.

Boot Strahps

You should make a video telling your viewers 7 ways to make your husband happy.

Chip Sammich

Unannounced anal. They always love that

Yar Narrutor

I'm a 'red pilled' man and even I cannot find fault in these. Men may look at this video and say "...Oh, but it's far from that simple" or "I can't do all these every time" and they'd be right, but doing these relatively simple things MORE of the time counts too.

Ray Zimmerman

Your not complicated? WTF? You need all those things, really. Men need two things, feed me then fuck me.......done

English with Ghassan

Listen but not try to solve.That is hard.

Makenzie Marsic

So true and so amazing! This is the best video ever created!

Beth McCullough

SOOOOO TRUE!!!!! I tell my husband ALL the time....any time you do the simplest things and take initiative with something I LOVE IT ! He went to the store the other day for groceries, knew exactly what kind of coffee AND creamer I loved and bought it cause he saw I was running low. He orders me my favorite kind of wine at a restaurant when we're out with friends, cause he knows what I drink. It's SUCH the little things in life guys!!! Such simple sweet things your partner or husband can do to show initiative and affection

Bashir Rostom

bring home a weed. I have to call my cuz to hook me up with that haha

Maxwell Bianco

I did all this and my wife still yelled at me.

Make Your Wife Happy - पत्नी को खुश कैसे करें - How to Make Wife Happy - Monica Gupta

Make Your Wife Happy - पत्नी को खुश कैसे करें - How to Make Wife Happy - Monica Gupta2 Nov. 2018
130 043
Monica GuptaSubscribe 438 721

How to Make Your Wife

How to Make Your Wife Happy - पत्नी को खुश कैसे करे - Patni Ko Khush Kaise Kare

Make Your Wife Happy - पत्नी को खुश कैसे करें - How to Make Wife Happy - Monica Gupta

Make Wife Happy - Biwi Ko Kaise Khush Kare - Tips for Husband

How to Keep Wife Happy - पत्नी को खुश कैसे रखें - Patni Ko Khush Kaise Rakhe

How to Keep Your Wife Happy - Ways to Make Your Wife Happy

Husband Wife Relationship - पति पत्नी का रिश्ता - Pati Patni Ka Rishta

How to Make Your Wife Happy - Husband Wife Relationship Tips

How to Make Wife Happy in Hindi - Marriage Tips for Husband

Husband and Wife Relationship - पति और पत्नी का रिश्ता

Husband Wife Relationship in Hindi - मोनिका गुप्ता - Monica Gupta Videos

How to Make Wife Happy in Hindi - Tips for Husband in Hindi

Tips for Husband to Make Wife Happy - Husband Tips for Marriage

Husband Wife Relationship Tips in Hindi - Motivational Videos in Hindi

#MonicaGupta #TipsForHusband



#HusbandWifeRelationship #RelationshipTipsInHindi

#HusbandWifeRelationshipTips #RelationshipTips

#HusbandAndWifeRelationship #HusbandWifeRelations

#HusbandWife #पतिपत्नी #PatiPatni

#HealthyRelationship #MotivationalVideosInHindi

Tips for Husbands - Marriage Tips for Husbands

Patni Ko Khush Kaise Kare Tips - Patni Ko Kaise Khush Rakhe Hindi

How to Make Your Wife Happy in Hindi - अच्छे पति और पत्नी बनें

How to Treat Your Wife - पत्नी से कैसा व्यवहार करें

Patni Ko Khush Kaise Kare in Hindi

How to Treat Your Wife Right - How to Treat Your Wife Better

How to be a better husband - How to love your wife better

How to love your wife - happy wife is a happy life

How you make your wife happy... what to do to make your wife happy...

How to understand your wife and maintain good relationship...

How to make your wife feel happy... things to make your wife happy...

This video will give you nine tips on how to treat your wife and be a better husband to make her happy!

रिश्‍ते और रास्‍ते तब खत्‍म हो जाते हैं, जब पांव नहीं दिल थक जाते हैं!

बहुत महिलाओं के मैसेज आते हैं कि हम पति का कितना सहयोग करते हैं पर वो हमें नहीं करते…

तो क्या करना चाहिए कि महिलाएं अपने पति से खुश रहें...

How to Make Your Wife Happy - पत्नी को खुश कैसे करे - Patni Ko Khush Kaise Kare

Make Your Wife Happy - पत्नी को खुश कैसे करें - How to Make Wife Happy - Monica Gupta

Make Wife Happy - Biwi Ko Kaise Khush Kare - Tips for Husband

How to Keep Wife Happy - पत्नी को खुश कैसे रखें - Patni Ko Khush Kaise Rakhe

How to Keep Your Wife Happy - Ways to Make Your Wife Happy

Husband Wife Relationship - पति पत्नी का रिश्ता - Pati Patni Ka Rishta

How to Make Your Wife Happy - Husband Wife Relationship Tips

How to Make Wife Happy in Hindi - Marriage Tips for Husband

Husband and Wife Relationship - पति और पत्नी का रिश्ता

Husband Wife Relationship in Hindi - मोनिका गुप्ता - Monica Gupta Videos

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Comments (100)
Bijay Shankar Domai

Thanks mem,,i will follow,,,,,,

Saleem Khan


Shabuddin Md

Tenk you

YPL Level & Instruments



Thank you mam , its a valuable lesson.

Siyaram Rathore

थैंक यू मैडम वेरी सुपर लेक्चर

Mohd Ali Ameer

aadmiyo se pehle insaan bano bhaiyon.



Sagar Shakya

Thanks a lot mam???

Kausar Khan

Good speech west of loke

Meghu Das

Nice bate


Your voice and video are awesome , thank you so much for this useful video

o_g_ gamer

Patni bevafai Karne lage to kya Karna chahia pl advise...!



Jg Kaneria

Apka dampty jivan bahut Khush Hoga ,, Medan Sahi Bat he na

Arjun Yadav


Mohd Arif

Ma'am meri jo hone wali wife hai bo mujhe bohat pyaar krti hai bohat trust krti hai mujh pr Ma'am kabhi kabhi hum baat krte hain to aesa ho jaata hai ke agr mujhe uski koi baat pinch ho jaati hai to mein ussey kehta nhi hun taaki bo pareshan na ho pr Ma'am agr mein uske jid krne pr keh bhi deta hun to bo bohat hurt ho jaati hai phir mein kya krun Ma'am

Sahil Pandey

Thank you mam

Ajish Thomas

thank u mam aapne jaisa kahaa hain main 110% waisa hi husband banuga apni pari jaisi wife ke liye thank u mam?

Santosh Parmar

Me apni wife ki bahut respect karta hu...
Meri wife bhi meri bahut respect karti h
Tnx god hamari jodi gajab h

Motu prajapati

Mam ,mere husband family k chakkar me mujhe bhul rhe h or meri respect nhi krte bilkul bhi ,mera sbk samne mjak bnate h
Mujhe abortion k karan physically prblms h pr vo mujhpe bilkul dhyan nhi dete kai bar mene unhe btaya h tab bhi nhi dete phle vo bhut pyar krte the but ab unki family n unhe imotionally apni side kr ly h me ky kruu plz tell

Suman Thakuri

Good morals u r talent madam

Tarun Zindal

Aapka contact number chahie kuchh chala karne ke liye

Mohd Rafi

No sab jhut h brabr ni

sp love sp love


Maya Jeena

It's true mam... ??

Sac Raharw

Meri wife bahut meri care karti hai! main wife se bhi utna hi pyar karta hu respect women

Kuldeep Singh

Very nice mam g

Adarsh Keshrwani

Bil kul apne jo kaha sahi kaha ?

Anju Somappa

hi mam bahut aacha lagha jab aap ye sab kuch bata rahe te thaku mere problem hai ki meri wife ko gussa bahut jaladi aata hai

Santosh Santosh Kumar gamali com

Mere weif mujhe taim nhi deti hei to Keya ke kbhi koi bat krte hei to wo kam ka bahana krti hei

swar Shakti

Mere husband kabhi mujhe time nai dete aur mere husband Ludhiana mai rehte hai mai yha Delhi mai

Rajkumar Nishad

Matlab Sab kuch hum hi log kare humare liye kuch nahi karegi

kk Bhai fitness adda gamer

Ye madam jinki wife hogi wo to duniya ka sabse khusnaseeb insaan hoga

Jyoti Shrivastava

App ka msg bahut acha laga kyki wife ki feeling ko husbend nhi samjty m bhi usi door se gujer rhi hu .

Mohammad Danish

Alsam-o-alikum sis i.need your help

jasbir thakur

Same condition agar husband ki life mai ho to ...?

Nidhi Soni

Mere husband bhi bahut acche h. Meri tarif karte hai.. Aur khane ki tarif karte hai. Muh maanga lakar dete h. Mai bhi unki khushiyo ka khayal rakhti hu. Thx

Raj Bahadur

Thanks mam

Amit Kumar

Doston ki yari

Nice speech madam

Pappu Gupta

Acha lga

Rajat Kumar

aap logo ko husband ko bata rhi ho apke huby kush rakhte hain apko

Karan Sain

मैडम जो आप बोल रही हो उसका मौका हि कहा मिलता है सभी मामले बीवी अपने आप ही सुलटा लेती हैं । फ़िर पता नहीं मारवाड़ के बार बीवीओ का सवभाव अलग हो। हमारे यहां बीवी सिर्फ सुबह कि चाय पिलाती है और उसी चाय के दस मिनट बाद कहती है
, पड़िया पडिया काई होई आज घर हि बैठा रहो के ठाकर बनियोड़ा,??

Sk Munna


monalisha panda

Madam please more videos for husbands

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☹️?soch rahahu sadi karlu

Surajbhan Surajsingh

Vary nice speech mam

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Kewal pati ki hi galti hoti hai kya....Patni hamesha apne bhai se hi tulna karti hai...Kich kich se achha marna hi thik hai....

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Nice video

hiteshthakor gochanad


Creative Study Point

Mam vidro me itna add mat lagao

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Good advice mam ❤️❤️???????

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Medam apne wife ko leke bohut porisan hu

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Very good

dhananjay kumar

Agr koe husband wife se dur ho to kese pyar de

Shakhawat Hossain

Monika Didi, Your video helps me very seriously, I am really great full to you, and thankful too. I did maximum as you said but only one thing was not done by me, that is I did not share something with my wife, that was my mistake, then my wife took very dangerous decision, that has been broken my heart. I love my wife and that was very clear to me, but she was not satisfied to me and that was unknown to me. I used to help her for cooking time, and all other works too. Anyway I am really thankful to you. Please help me if possible waht should I do anymore. Have a nice time.

kk Bhai fitness adda gamer


KKHind Mkhind

आपके कहने का मतलब ये है मैडम कि हम लोग केवल पत्नी भक्त बन जाये और माँ बाप कुछ भी नही है क्या

Munir Pathan

Muze tumari motivet bahut acche lage hai

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patni ko shak hai to mere uper mere ghr walo ke uper to kya kare.

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Madamji wife ko B's Bharpoor L chahiye

Raj chauhan

Love you maa


Love u mam

nag mani


vijay solanki

Nice advice....

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kishan patel nandwel

Yadi Ham Patni ko Jari Sukh vidhayak De Fir Bhi Hamen ignore Kare to Fir Ham ja rahe hain please answer me please



Ritu Jamodiya

Hello mem, me ye janti hu ki mere husband mujhse bhot pyar krte hai lekin importance ni dete sb unke dil me hai lekin kuch btate ni or isse kbhi me bhot hurt hoti hu mujhe kya krna chaiyee ki wo meri imortance smjhe life me

partho bhowmick

How can I mail u mam about my problem

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Help kardoon bolne se kabhi nahi kaarne degi.. Khudse karna chahiye.. Help karna chahiye puchke karoge to kaarne nahi degi.. ???

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KUDA GOOD????????❤??❤

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Nice information ?

Poornima Classes by Navratan Sharma

Mam maine apka video dekha.....mujhe kuch hope mile h....but mere kuch question h.....kyuki mere or meri wife ka divorce tak nobat aa chuki h.....agar apse baat ho paye aisa kuch option dijiye mam plzzz.....?

TikTok with Syed Abdul Basith

Ma'am Maine bhi aap ki batein kayi baar ki hai lekin voh har hamesha jhagdra karti rehti hai.. Hamari shadi huye hee sirf do mahine baad hamara jhagdra shuru hogya uski care ki polite baat kiya aur voh hamesha apne phone se chipki rehti hai aur bolti hai ke tumhre sath mujhe acha hee nhi lagta hai mujhe toh maine gusse mein bol bhi diya hum divorce le lenge uske kuch hafte baad ghar pe bhi boldiya sab batein toh voh aur bhi gussa hogyi aur abhi teesra mahina chal raha toh abb bilkul bhi baat hee nhi ho rahi hum do no ki aur maine uske mom dad ko bhi complaint kar diya abb baat bilkul bhi nhi ho rhi.. Toh please aap mere ko kuch suggest kijiye agar please ho sake toh call kar dijiye 70190810709... Main uske bina jee nahi sakta warna suicide kar loonga please...

Parmeshwar Khawal

Aur, Pura paise unpe kharch karana chahiye... Aur bhikari hone ke bad ? unone hame chodkar jana chahi ye, that's great?.... Sahi hai lage raho, use se aacha hotel me khao, nahi to mess lago

Pinky Khakhkhar

Mam agar husband apki sune but koi fly nahi ye bole ki kiya ans du

Monica Gupta

How to become a Good Husband - एक अच्छे पति कैसे बने -
How to Make Your Wife Value You - पत्नी से कैसे पाएं सम्मान -
What Wife Wants from Husband - पत्नी क्या चाहती है पति से -

Suneel Sahu


AMIT fitness training to childhood

Thanku very much mam

Punmnath Goswami Dantiya

अच्छी जानकारी देने के लिए आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद दीदी जी

Shiv Dayal

Wow right

Simple Life

Me sab karta hu khush rahta hu

Narendra Joshi

Bahut sunder tarike se samjaya aapne ham mardo ko

Pappi Nath

Mai toh thak gaye mam apne pati se ...woh toh mai kisi se baat karu koi meri ghar par rahe koi muje ph kare msg kare koi matlab nhi ...woh q mam ...thora boliye

Manoj pareek

भगवान आप जैसी वाइफ ओर माँ सबको दे।♥️♥️

Jagdish Od


Indo Tack

Mem me apne wife ke bahut care karta hu jaise ke aapne iss video me bataya vaise lekein vo bolti he ki muje ye sab pasand nahi aap mere care karo vo pasand nahi mere sath baat karna bahut kum pasand he kya aisa ho sakta he

nobin jojo

Tanq for advice

mukesh chandra

Very very good massage... Thanks a lot ?????

Damadol Nepal

Thank you mam for encourage

Punmnath Goswami Dantiya

मेने आपका चैनल पहली बार आज देखा है बहुत अच्छा लगा ओर चैनल को सब्सक्राईब कर दिया है ऑल का आप्शन भी दबा दिया है आप ऐसे अच्छे विडियो बनाकर हमे शेयर करे आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद जी दीदी ?????

Deepak Jain




How to Keep your wife around for 18 yrs (relationship advice from a game programmer)

How to Keep your wife around for 18 yrs (relationship advice from a game programmer)1 Oct. 2019
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Jason WeimannSubscribe 438 721

Check out the Course:

Check out the Course:


I don't normally talk much about relationships, but I've seen a lot of people struggling lately and wanted to share the tips and strategies I use to keep my wife happy and have a good strong relationship.

It's pretty simple, with a couple easy to follow steps (they're easy if you just make the choice to do them.. choosing the right thing is the hard part :)

If you've got a wife or husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whatever... and you wanna hear the best relationship advice and tips on how to make her a bit happier, watch it all now :)

Special Note: Obviously these wont work for everyone or every situation... I've seen it work for myself and most others I know w/ long term happy relationships though so had to share :) Hope it helps!

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Comments (68)
Philip Van Inting

the kindest nicest game dev I've ever heard

darsheel rathore

Just commit it on repo..

Peter Suwara

Nice video about techlead :) I’d say the biggest issue with his relationship is they lived with his parents and it was clear there was a schism between his wife and parents.

Bilgin Durmusali



don't call your wife names or else no sex tonight

Blue Rain01

Congrats on that Jason .
That's awesome.
Kudos to her as well.


Tip#0: Your wife suggests an idea and you take it seriously and actually do it. Props

jolly roger

But why would you get one?

Michael Berna

For the programmers out there, here's a routine. (Just a joke)

If(wife.emotion == angry)
short choice = Math.random(1,3);
case 1:

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ismet taha arslan

But where can i find* a ‘wife’?

Stephanie Duncan

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Christian Rosenlund

Best summation there in the end....: "Be nice to your wife" - and it should be the easiest thing in the world BTW

Dávid Molnár

The world needs more real men. This was your best tutorial so far. Thanks, Jason! :)

Ray Schwarz

21:22 Very important !
I do that nearly every day :)
And I did it again right now bcs of you Jason :)


Wait, first off, how do you even get one?

Rick Loyd

I knew about this video for months but never was able to find time to watch. Luckily I watched it today. I would say it's very good tips! They will save my time, so I will not reinvent the wheel =) I hope others will find it useful too! It's very difficult to be a good software developer and keep healthy relationship. Not every woman can live with IT guy, whose brain tend to thunk not like normal people used to think =)

Janusz Wedolowski

yeah i'm married over 20 years all that is true :)

Dalton Lima

Amazing video!
Hey Jason, say thanks to your wife for me! ?

Stephano Zurita

Unexpected but thanks


Im in the military,unhappy with aircraft maintenance, want to cross train into coding (computer systems programming), just to learn to make games...and im honestly alittle aware and scared of this topic.


Teach lead!? Exgoogle exfacebook!!


this is really cool that you said all this, and congratulations for keeping your marriage for 18 years !
i was hoping for some coder tricks .. you know ? :D

Jeremy Allen

Nah. If I have to keep paying for it after it's become "mine", it isn't mine, and if it isn't mine, I don't want it.

Ray Schwarz

Aww... cmon.. 20:21 - 20:33
Soooo #Sweet ❗️?❗️

Luke Aps

Good stuff Jason! Weldone.

A lot of this is in-theory quite simple stuff. I'm glad you made it clear.


I dont have a wife let alone someone to consider a lifepartner but this is still nice to watch.

Jackson K

I agree with "don't try to solve issues" on date night...

Michael Duxbury

Recently celebrated 11th anniversary with my wife. Cannot agree enough with what you've said, you're bang on the mark.

I was writing some things your could add whilst this video was still playing... but then you'd cover them, lol. You guys sound like a great couple. Give your wife a high five from me (and my wife who loved this Vid topic). All the best for your next 18 years together from UK ;)

P.s. The high five is because a hug from a stranger is generally frowned upon lol.

The Gooberverse

Its nice to hear some common sense advice. The stuff we don't usually think about. Thanks for this!

Kasun Lee

After watching your unity game tute, seeing this is so weird lol


Ex-google, ex-facebook tech lead.


some men tell those little lies or fibs in order to avoid an argument with their wives

Idego Game

"Offer to take the kids out."

Jesus christ man...

Beaver Joe

Next Episode: How to find one girlfriend from Unity3D College

Michael Berna

The Bible has basically the same relationship advice that a marriage counselor or psychologist would give but free.

Don't lie to people

Treat people how you want to be treated.

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous. It does not brag, does not get puffed up, does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury. It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails

Marlon anan

you should have gone into psychology or counselling

Роман Шамардин

Thanks. One of best pattern ever.


generally good advice, just recognize your dearest partner will s**t test you at times for no particularly good reason(be kind and loving anyway) and you never 'win' an argument with someone you care about, you just come to a hopefully better understanding about where you're at. also paying for a cleaning service can be less expensive than marriage therapy.

Andy Lockhart

Awesome advice! Made me stop and think. Cheers Jason and his wife!

I'm Dead

This didn't work. Karen took my kids!!!!! PLS SEND HELP!!!!!!!!!


16 years with my partner, yes. completely agree with all of that. I watch these vids for the clever programming, but all of these are excellent. Dont be mean, actively be nice, and look out for each other. random date nights!

Hossein Behdarvandi

you share very useful experience. thanks !!!

Jayy Ron

if( Wife != null)
print("you got a life");
} else
print("u a Loser");

Pixel Pete

what camera do you use

Ispit YoMama

are you sure its years not days?

ADSO BeaTracks

21:58 love this type of situational comedy ?

Anders Malmgren

I employed my wife and made her part of the team. Her work is very appreciated by our players, in fact the stuff she as done is the things that have gotten most attention. :D Plus she feels included :D

Sinis Me

First i need to find one


Tutorial on how to get rid of your wife????

GG Josh

10 Incels disliked this video... ?


Where do I download this "wife" asset?

Akira Toriyama

Dude you're fucking cute

Mantas Vaičiulis

You have a good wife

Chad Albright

}; /// Best and easy way to keep wife here's the best and easiest code...

ZerO OnE



keeping your wife sounds beta af though. If she's not happy, the door is right there. Girls will beta you up if you don't set boundaries.


Rockstar Games wants to know your location... .


You're wiser than you think Jason and I really look up to you.
I wish you well mate!


I'm sorry, but what does any of this have to do with programming? Unless you're going to teach how to get out of infinite loops when arguing with your wife, I don't care.

Virtual Rasta

Let me just quickly say "LOL" before the video even starts.
OK, let's go!

Tin C

good advice! Quick question : whats that blue lamp behind you?

Starlight Coder

8:20 "Everybody else is just an NPC" that made me laugh so hard. Very nice video though. Good job!

Bilgin Durmusali


Daniel Wolfson

Good points! Thanks for creating this video.

kobla nyomi

As a software engineer and a budding game dev, I can relate better to these nuggets of wisdom coming from another techie. I would appreciate if you can drop one of these every other month or so. Thanks

Ernesto Janebro

Man you really inspire my in a lot of things! Thanks for sharing your life with us! :D

Pro Gaming

I love this random stuff, excellent video bro!!!!!