How to deal with going bald

How To Deal with Going Bald

How To Deal with Going Bald22 Sep. 2020
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Learn how to deal with

Learn how to deal with going bald! Slowly going bald or your hairline receeding into oblivion, is something a majority of males will experience in their lifetime, so I wanted to do this video and talk a bit about how to deal with hair loss, and the insecurity that comes along with it for many men. Hope you enjoy and find the video useful!

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Bebos 01

Also, subscribed cuz this was just great advice just in general. Though I might be going bald ?


You looking amazing bald. More masculine, more confident, more sexy.

Mike M

Hey Samuel, I just saw your video with Harry on BaldCafe and I just wanted to say congrats on the new look. I just decided to shave mine too, and your testimony is great. I just subscribed to your channel too, I can't wait to check out some of your other videos. Keep it up and have a good one man!

Jay Jay

Love the video and love the shirt too! where did you get the shirt from?

Lukas Tux

I was told to be relieved by the fact that bold men appear wiser, more intelligent, successful and masculine according to studies...

Bad Bear Bad

Nice share man... From one bald head to another

Bebos 01

100 pushups
100 sit ups
100 squats
And a 10km run

Don MT

0:23 hit me right in the feels

Dealing With Going Bald Young

Dealing With Going Bald Young25 Jun. 2018
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'I felt much less

'I felt much less attractive, much less confident.' Read more:

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Justanother Dude

You look great dude!

Roarn' Styles

the shaved head looks great on you mate, very handsome indeed !

How To Deal With Going Bald / Hair Loss Advice

How To Deal With Going Bald / Hair Loss Advice26 Feb. 2018
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Kyle ThainSubscribe 438 721

It's time for a change, I

It's time for a change, I have been loosing my hair for a while now and I am going bald. Dealing with hair loss is not easy but this is my advice...

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Looks perfect!!??


You look amazing -- a decade younger, really.


I started going bald at 14. I struggled with it alot in high school, and it still sucks while being 21. It gets better and I get more compliments of being handsome now being bald than when i had hair

Stovie Wan Kenobi

Donald Trump has a shit ton more hair fool. Lol

Kim Sandoval

Looks great????


I would be able to deal with going bald better if I could grow facial hair... I’m 20 and only have chin hairs ...

sebastian langley

your married so your video is of no value. you can be bald and ugly you have a wife. ffs.

try being bald from 23 onwards with no wife,.


Hey dude just did a vid about this. Well done embracing it!


I always thought that a man who deliberately shaved his head was more impressive than a man who did a comb over.


Bro don’t trust in eomen being bald they will fuck a guy with hair any day, sorry, you are also pretty much not attractive at all and being bald makes a whole lot less attractive

D Stuart

You look great! The beard is also a huge compliment lol pun intended ? thanks for the broad message of embracing ourselves

Hardarshan Ruprai

You look better with the buzzed head and without the hat.

Joe Black

Lol you look 1000x better! You should've shaved it off way sooner. Looks great on you honestly. Makes you look like a UFC fighter or something. Props


You look good brother just think of this you will save money on haircuts

Keely Mendoza

Going bald can be difficult and hard to deal with. It is great to stay positive. There are treatments out there that can help however! I have found this page to be extremely beneficial to anyone struggling with hair loss

RJ Carter

Definitely a great decision. A shaved head with a full beard is an AWESOME look.


Good look Kyle! Hey, you see Black Panther yet? It was great!

kris swai

prp, minoxidil and trip to turkey fue you will have it back


This is fantastic. Love the beard and loved that you buzzed it off. Great positivity to send out to other guys.


You just hid it by shaving your hair.
Once it grows again you go shave it because you doesnt want to look awful like before,just tell the truth that its still there and you shave it because you doesnt want to look at it again.
You are dealing with ur emotion and upset feels about ur hair not dealing with how to fix it

A happy teacher - A true story

#teambald! It took me some time. And one day, I said ok, let's go for it! :) Well done!


i LIKE it!


Believe my bald head, you made the right decision. A buzzed head (or a shaved head) looks far better than a balding combover and it matches very well with a nice beard such as yours.
You should buzz or shave your head at least once a month to start with, and more and more often, as long as your remaining hair falls in coming years.
You should also give a try to a real headshave with lather and blade : it is very enjoyable and it provides a flawless look.


they are not gonna invent any pill in our lifetime guys, dont get fooled by this bluepilled bulpheads

Eduard Casellas Villalba

You made me nervous! If you only chilled out a bit in your entire life you would probably had more hair left by now. Jesus!


I'm only 20 yo and I'm balding, Baldness is getting me in a terrible depression ?please help!!!

Jack Michael

He’s 28. Let that sink in.

scarletmika - M Kate Greenaway

Always be yourself. On purpose. Bald looks fine. Cheers!


Takes a lot of confidence to put that out there, much respect. I say you look much better bald. The beard compliments the look even better!

Kevin Harte

Whoa!! You hit it on the nail!! I’ve been going bald since I was 23. Like you I wish I had long flowing locks of hair, but... that’s not in the cards. I give you some major props for staying true to yourself and for putting this out there. It definitely speaks volume to many of us that are going thru something; whether balding or such!
Keep up the great work!! And keep sharing your gift!


Also so many awesome bald dudes in the comment section. Well done to all of you.

AlphaMale Science

Bro, 20 and going bald. Help me :/ Check out my most recent vid to see my awful hairline :/

Cornelius Corny

Being Confident is key !! But it actually looks good man!!

Manuel Diaz

Thank you for letting us join you on this journey this has given me courage and hope.