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Gay Sexual Visualization ADULTS ONLY

Gay Sexual Visualization ADULTS ONLY7 Feb. 2015
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This gay sexual visualization will help you feel the shame often hidden to awareness. You will discover that most of the pleasure from sex is invented - or added via emotional associations or symbolism. Protect your relationships from sexual incompletion by doing this visualization and recognizing areas of difficulty.

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Dundee Keizer

It's ok I just read that it's a gay relaxation

Dundee Keizer

I love this i actually had a dream of a cute sexxy guy f***ing me and i didn't wanna wake up ?? gonna listen to it again

Louisville Slugger

Love this , using this while blowing clouds

Don't lie to me because I know you're.

For you my love


Whats the name of the music

Dundee Keizer

Is this for men or women gay men or lrsbians or bisexual women and men or every one

Dundee Keizer

Im listening to this again... I love you're accent very sexxy i hope its ok to visualise you ??

Daniel A. Septembre

How do you reconcile the fact that the guided meditation is based on anal sex, while this is something your philosophy is against? According to the law of identity, this is how you call it, a rectum is a rectum, not a vagina, it is not ment to receive but to excrete.
Just discovered your videos and find this confusing.

IceFalken Ace

Since I don't have a bf or even a lover, I hope it's okay I imagined you? It's the accent! ?