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My Prostate Cancer Journey

My Prostate Cancer Journey10 Jul. 2020
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This video is about My

This video is about My Prostate Cancer Journey

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Hope you are recovering well from those procedures. My father had prostate cancer. He is now 87 years old.

Amanda Arndt

Thanks for the informative video and we hope you are doing well!

Video 27 - Second Recurrence - My Prostate Cancer Story

Video 27 - Second Recurrence - My Prostate Cancer Story7 Jun. 2020
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I discuss my second

I discuss my second recurrence of prostate cancer following surgery.

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Lisa H

I found your video on accident, you seem like such a sweet man. I hope you get the best case scenario and beat cancer as fast as possible. Stay optimistic!

C Mohr

Thanks for the update Chris !
My doctor has decided to stop the Eligard treatments allowing my testosterone to rise.In August I go back for a PSA check. If it has risen then it’s either back to the Eligard or new experimental treatments like you mentioned. I’m just looking forward to maybe a few months of no hot flashes and not feeling like a Steer .You are a brave warrior ??


I took all my nerves out if he did this he might of avoided the metesates and could not have to go threw all this you needed to do ga-psma pet/ct this will show were it spread

Al Cheneler

Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration to many. Know that many are praying for you.

Anthony Cloy

I appreciate your keeping us up to date. Like several here, I am about a year out from robotic prostatectomy and thusfar have undetectable PSA. Always want to know the "what ifs" and you are so courageous and forthcoming with your story. Best wishes and Godspeed! Keep us posted on those PET scans.

Normand Charette

Chris, thank you for sharing. I am starting my journey and will take a different path from yours. I find your story a very courageous tale and admire your generosity. I know there are many treatments now available and highly recommend the following book: The key to Prostate Cancer for guidance. The videos from are outstanding to help those of us with PC. Good luck and keep sharing.


I just found your vlog. I am also recovering from prostate cancer surgery in early Dec. Hearing your positive attitude is encouraging. Best to you. Thanks.

William Grant

Hello Chris Same time-line.
Surgery then radiation.
Incontinence _ The first year saw gradual improvement then it started to get worse. Tried altering diet , no caffeine etc.
This last year has been a bit odd, now found out have kidney stones, so that might have been a factor re incontinence.
Intermittent pain followed by being quite normal.
Have a CT scan booked on the 1st Feb which is a relief.
Drinking lemon juice , apple cyder vinegar and a few other things. Lemon juice can dissolve some very small stones.
All the Best


Very courageous video. Thank you for your guidance. You are indeed a blessing. Just diagnosed with prostate cancer. Will probably have to go with the radical P. Gleason is 4+3, psa 3.8. Large family history. Scared as hell! Talking to Urologist on Monday . two days to go.

Gary Johnson

Chris, thanks for the update my surgery was 9/19. Praying for a complete recovery for you.


Chris I have been following all your videos and thank you for the invaluable information and inspiration. Just on my second week of radio for reoccurring psa with less than 3 month doubling time. Have you any info on Axumin used in PET scan for locating cells at very low psa levels.
Keep surviving.

sabine halfhill

Thank you for sharing . Have you considered a PSMA Gallium 68 scan? I think it’s the most advanced currently available. You can probably get it at MD Anderson. If not, UCLA does them... that’s where my hubby is being treated

Annie Ama

Hi..Chris thank you for sharing the video because my husband just got diagnosed with Prostate Cancer 3 months ago now he just waiting for the decide what is the best treatment for him...I hope you are feeling well and getting better ..

Tracie N Gardner

Hang in there! Hope you are doing well. Best wishes always and thanks for the update!

Guy Basile

Thanks for the update. Really hope things go better for you.

Victor Canete

Hi Chris, I am so sorry to heard this, you have been a warrior, an inspiration and a model on this journey we share, I am praying for you and for a full recovery. On a related note please look into taking high doses of vitamin C, there are some research done in this area with positive results, I saw a video on you tube about this patient with prostate cancer and thanks to the high doses of vitamin C he was taken (intravenous) he was keeping his PSA under control. FYI, I am on a similar path than yours, I finished my radiation the first week of April and received my first hormone suppression injection in May.

Vic Hui

Get into clinical trial PSMA scan. There are trials for psa recurrence. Some are free, others not and expensive BUT they do have a much higher chance of seeing the spot. I believe something like 65% chance with .29 psa.

Brian Liam

Hang in there Chris.....thank you so much for posting your journey...I am 2 years since prostectomy ...I'm 60. I've been at 0.13 since radiation yet. I hope for you. We all appreciate what you are sharing. I know for me personally, you have helped. Thank you and god bless.

Randy Griffin

Thanks Chris I just finished 39 radiation treatments. I had a RP before. Be well and keep fighting. You’re too young not to!

Frank Milo

I'm a believer Chris, therefore l pray for you, that you'll be healed in Jesus name. Amen.

Ann stewart

Thanks for sharing, hope you are well.

Prostate Cancer Strikes by Gogs Gagnon

I'm sorry to hear about your recurrence, Chris. Me and my fellow prostate cancer support group members are sending you positive energy and healing vibes. Thank you so much for posting. I'm currently 39-months NED after prostate cancer surgery and have a fear of recurrence. My next PSA test is in two weeks. Take care, my friend, and we are looking forward to an update. Gogs


Thank you for sharing this look are realistic...and compassionate to offer your story with others.
May I say...I hope tiny increases in psa represent "tiny" increases in danger..

serge goderie

Hi Chris, thank you for sharing your story. I'm 51 got diagnosed in the beginning of this year and underwent a prostatectomy in march. PSA is low but not undetectable after 7 months - and my doctor advised to wait a little bit more before passing on to radiation therapy. For now PSA is quite low but he would advise immediate action if it increases even a tiny bit. In the middle of this Corona virus crisis it's not easy to get in touch with other men to talk about all the issues, fears, hopes, ... even doctor's visits are kind of awkward in hospitals. Makes me feel a bit to be alone in this all. That's why watching your videos are a different approach for dealing with it to me - hearing you say all those things I don't always want talk about with family and friends - it helps. Wishing you all the best!!!!


Hi Chris, Thank you for sharing your story! You are a true hero and I wish you the best in your recovery. The frank and honest account of your story has helped me a great deal, I thank you! In 6 days I will have a biopsy to confirm what my very grim MRI showed. Through your story I learned that this is not the end of the world and that I can do this.

William Grant

Hope you have a good" New Year".

William Grant

Hello Chris.

I am more or less on the same timeline as yourself, but without the HT.

one study I read was"51% recurrence within eighteen months" for people in our situation.

Have been on the non-invasive route. 53 HBOT before the corrovnus stopped it, and three days since my last fast (19 days 15 hours) Lost a bit of muscle this time, but will work at building it up again.

PSADT is the marker!

My last radiation was 6Feb 19, my last PSA was 26April 20 @ 0.1 The area that I live in Scotland, if you are 0.1 or below, and no movement, they just leave it at 0.1, if it moves then they add a decimal place.

After Surgery my PSA was 0.16 then 0.22, went on 21day water fast brought it down to 0.17 then up to 0.29, then Radiation within six months of Surgery.

As I have got rid of surplus fat, cannot do another long fast, all is not lost!, I am on a simple Keto diet: Chicken, fish no carbs. Do not feel deprived, so all is OK.

Also am getting used to a form of OMAD, at the moment though and before the fast, it was more like a six-hour window.

I for one, and no doubt many others hope you continue to post.

All the Best

A bonus would be if the PSADT was yearly or so.

David er

Chris, thank you for this update and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

Doug V

Chris Thanks So Much for sharing. I have appreciated you sharing your story. I am just behind you on a similar journey. You are in my prayers


Hi Chris, thank you for sharing your story. How are you feeling now? Looking forward to the next update.

Mara Shaffer

Hi Chris, Thank you for your videos! My husband was diagnosed with advanced stage metastatic prostate cancer. His cancer dr, started him on hormone therapy, both shots and pills. Great news is that his PSA has come down a lot. This coming Tuesday he starts radiation. The dr said that because of his age and the advancement of the cancer, he was not a good candiate for surgery. He hasn't been feeling himself, get tired very easy. What can we expect out of the radiation?

Victor Canete

For those men who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer who are in their 40s, 50s or even 60s and has been advised to wait and monitor the cancer before deciding on treatment, based on my personal experience, I strongly advise you to get the surgery done ASAP, do not wait. In my opinion, based again on my personal experience, waiting just increase the chances of some cancer cells getting out of the prostate and moving to a different part of your body, the consequences of this most likely will be cancer recurrence and you may find your self in a similar situation than Chris and my self. I wish you all the best and the best of luck fighting this illness.


Chris, it’s been awhile since we last heard from you. I want you to know that you are in our prayers. Let us know how you are doing whenever you are ready.

Thomas La Monica

Hi Chris. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am also in my 40s (47) and was diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer in June. I have been on neoadjuvant hormone therapy with RP planned for January. I empathize with you given our similar age and I am also a Dad with two young kids. I found your videos and they are really helping me emotionally prepare for what is ahead... if you can do it, maybe I can too! My hope and prayers for you will finally beat this thing!

ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer

Chris, thank you for continuing to share you journey. We're so glad to have you as part of the ZERO family. We are here for you. #ZEROstrong

Michael Rone

Thank You so much! God Bless you! I had my prostatectomy in January. Went in for follow and PSA levels and after removal PSA was .074. So I am now waiting on a call from Radiologist to see what measures we should do next. Unfortunately the cancer may have breached the borders of the Prostate. Stay Strong and Stay Safe

Vincent Kowski

May God bless and heal.

Isla Skinner

Hi Chris we have been following your story for a while now and understand how disappointing these setbacks must be, and hope you confuse to get all the right help and treatment to knock this on the head. So far we have been counting our blessings as my husbands PSA has remained undetectable since soon after surgery but the ‘what if’ question never quite goes away. If you don’t mind us asking when you had your initial tests did they give you a ‘Gleason score’ and after surgery confirm they stage / grade of your cancer? It may be in one of your videos but we can’t recall. Sending you all our best wishes from across the Atlantic!

Life Love Song

Be Strong and keep fighting Chris??

Texasraz Kennels

How your symptoms start sir ?

Scott Dawson

Wow. Sorry to hear this, and hope for the best for you from here on out. You're videos were really helpful making it through some of the more difficult parts of this "journey". Post again soon, let us know how you're feeling, are you still running? all that. I'm 3 months post surgery, my next PSA is scheduled for August. Take care.

Bradley Livestreams

Hi Chris. Thank you for all of your videos as you were one of several YouTubers who I looked to for information and hope when I was diagnosed back in May 2019. I am a 53 year old man and had the robotic prostatectomy performed on July 31, 2019 and am, as of my last PSA test on Dec 31. 2019, cancer free. I am due for my next test and am hopeful to remain this way.

Let me just say that I admire your strength and I continue to pray for you and am confident that you will beat this once and for all!

Because of posts like yours I too took to sharing my journey and began a series of weekly livestreams which continue to this day. Here on my channel I have most of them posted if you or anyone are at all interested.

Cancer is a terrible thing for anyone to endure but posts like yours (and hopefully mine) give other men much needed information and often hope for their journey. Stay strong and I'll update you when I get my next PSA results shortly if you'd like.


Keep fighting brother! I head back to MD Anderson next month for my one year post surgery follow up. So far PSA is still 0.0 but I dread every damn blood test. Thank you for your videos. You helped me in my journey more than you know.

Di Cal

I am keeping you in my thoughts! STAY STRONG AND POSITIVE!

todd dixon

I am a survivor. I have watched your video blogs and have often thought how you were doing. I had my prostate removed and will soon have an operation to stop my incontinence. My prostate cancer is still undetectable after 18 months. Having cancer is a journey and I hope you will be cancer free soon.

Tracie N Gardner

Hi Chris!
Thanks for the update. As always, I wish you good luck. Hang in there.

Pat Mac

Hello Chris. I have followed your journey which made my own much easier. I'm 8 months post RP and got my 3 months results today, non detectable PSA. I greatly admire your strength and wish you well, keep fighting.


Hi Chris. I'm curious if you have an update after the radiation treatment. (I assume no video updates is good news) Your videos have been useful for me. Take care.