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Plastic Surgeon Reacts to MY 600 LB LIFE - One Man's Journey - Dr. Anthony Youn

Plastic Surgeon Reacts to MY 600 LB LIFE - One Man's Journey - Dr. Anthony Youn2 Sep. 2020
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How does a man who weighs

How does a man who weighs 715 lbs lose over 300 lbs? America's Holistic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn watches and reacts to MY 600 LB LIFE with you!

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Comments (100)
Brie’s Thoughts

It’s so sad that Henry passed away. He seemed like a really nice guy.

Rainey Mills

I need to come to you for surgery, where are you located

Mel Fegredo

I am having my Panas removed soon it is so heavy and I can't wait for it to go. Unfortunately the weight of it has caused my upper abdomen to open a little and I may have a hernia.

Katelan Stewart

Did they manage to do the excessive skin on his chest (boobs) ?

Allie Fabs

How old is Dr youn cause he said 20 years ago and like he doesn't look that old

Jacob Carrasco-iusethisplatform

12:12 you never think of the part about having to buy new clothes. It looks like he’s wearing the same clothes as he did when he was much larger, but now they look really baggy on him (which is a good sign LOL)


I think it's honesstly digusting people can manage to be lazy unhealthy and downright disrespectful to themselves for getting in this kind of shape... Like.... HOW!
EDIT: that make your stomach the size of an egg to eat less thing, not a good solution to put most on, since you can get really bad complications if you eat more than your strict diet allows. I'd know... I've known people who have either died to had to have surgery done via complications.

Sandi Murphy

Did... Did I just see a Dr use a teeny clip of SNLs parody add selling a bass-o-matic to help me visualize soft food? I mean... Cool? I got a giggle out of it

Corruption Labs

My man has the shiniest and sharpest teeth


Sometimes I wish I could be like these people, so that I had a chance to get better. I'm not overweight (used to be 20 kilo's underweight for a long time, not that doctors ever bothered with that). I have a connective tissue disorder, hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos, as well as severl comorbid conditions. It's hard. I can't get better; I only seem to get worse over time. Doctors have pretty much given up on helping me because they just don't know the disease. I have daily dislocations and subluxations (a lot of those especially). I can't even wash by myself anymore (my husband has to help with that). I'm 29, and sometimes I feel like I have the body of a 90 year old. I often feel envious watching these success stories, because these people are getting help and are able to change their lives and get better. Makes me feel bad for feeling jealous over it, but there it is. I also know what it's like to hate your body, I do too. I have so many scars and constant bruising and wounds, so ugly :( I wish I could find a doctor as nice and willing to help people as Dr. Youn (and even Dr. Now, he's amazing with how he helps his patients)

k. murphy

This gentleman did an amazing job turning around his life however he passed away shortly after the update in 2013, according to the show his cause of death is still unknown.

Mo Ree

Dr. Youn is so sweet.

Jesu Bobenrieth

I love the GIF reactions at the side, they are very cute and spot on

Raging Bath

Question; Would progressively eating less reduce the size of an expanded stomach? Or is it like skin; once stretched it will always have the capacity?

Alanna Reid

Why does the part of the stomach left behind not necrotize? It’s not being used by the body and the surgeon doesn’t remove it, so why doesn’t it die?

Natasha BenjaMin

It makes me so happy to see the success and how happy they are.

Tiffany Satterfield

How old are you

Orange Art Sovereign

I fear anesthesia too, I’ve been under it before and didn’t have a problem but my grandma has some kind of problem where it can kill her if she’s under and I’m always thinking “what if that happens”

Beck Haglund

I am always smiling when I watch your videos. You have such happy eyes.


The biggest thing I’m worried about isn’t not waking after, it’s waking up during and not being able to tell someone. My biggest fear is going into surgery and waking up while they are operating


It touches me how genuinely concerned he seems. He’s so compassionate. As an obese person I’m used to being treated like I’m a subhuman by average or fit people. I’ve been told many times that the world would be better if myself and everyone else who’s obese just died or stayed out of public sight. It’s hard feeling like people hate you so much that they’d rather see you dead just because you carry too much adipose. We’re people to and we’re just trying to live the best life we can.

ss Bmouse

He seems much better off now!

Girly Sheeny

I love the cartoon reactions Dr.Youn ?❤️

beverly fuller

Dr. Youn you are very kind in addition to being an excellent doctor. God bless you.

Mishell Namjoon

When I was in high school I couldn't eat a lot I like three plates full if I went to a buffet but nowadays is some reason I can't eat much like I used to and I am fat like fat fat like 300 or 400 lb

Soren Vale

I am a 115lbs 5'5" woman with chronic pain (from spinal surgery 10+ years ago) and the way he described his day at the beginning is how I feel.


You’re pretty cool, Dr. Youn!

Ona Ari

I am so happy for this guy ?

Leila ليلا


Angella Adams

This is the the first time l am watching this programme. I am impressed with this Doctor.

Michael Prinaris

Henry is sadly not among us anymore..

Vroxzz Roxz

Dr youn: back when I trained in general surgery, over 20yrs ago...

Me:? you're not 35?!?!

majda vlk

this bypass seems so unnecesary, wouldnt just eating less be enghout ? he would get similiar amount of food

Alien Bros

Can you react to Amber Lynn Reid and her daily diet?


Mental health therapy should be mandatory for any person getting any medical procedure for weight loss.

I mean gaining that much weight is a symptom of a problem rather than the problem itself.

My father had bariatric surgery to lose weight but he's gaining it back because he hasn't changed the bad habits which caused him to gain weight in the first place. Sure he can't eat as much per meal like he used to but now he's eating more often and he eats high carb and high calorie foods.

I've seen people who get liposuction only to gain the weight back.

If they do what they always did they're going to get what they always got. Losing weight requires a lifestyle change. Not too much different than dealing with addiction and substance abuse.

If they don't deal with what they did to cause that kind of weight gain then none of these easy fixes are going to work out in the long run.

Essence Cooper

New Subbie ! I love these videos you’re so kind & informative ❤️

Alicia Lorena Carvajal Cely

Dr Youn!
Yo lo amo

Rainey Mills

My favorite show, gutting them..leaves a bad scar

Raymond Chammas

I don't understand why they didn't just cut the old belly button out and sew it back on?

I mean, it is just on the belly button!

Marian Pizeno

Omg... I HATE the drains! They hurt, are a pain in the A** to deal with, and are just annoying... But, my drains saved my life! Because I could see the fluid from my chest (after bilateral mastectomy), I was able to catch an infection that had been brewing in my chest wall post opp before it got to bad! (Still indeed up in the hospital...AGAIN though)

Also, this video makes me so happy to see these people have their lives changed forever... For the better!

Sam Johnson

New to this channel. I absolutely love this dr!!


Seeing a slab of human skin doesn’t bother me (it probably should) but seeing a slab of skin that includes a belly button...makes me severely uncomfortable

Jeffrey Murdock

My old lady did the gastric bypass thing several years ago. She was up to about 375. She had the exact same surgery he had and is now down to about 180. Her health has improved but sadly her back is bad from the excess weight as well as other things so she has a hard time functioning in daily life. She has all that loose skin on her belly and arms but her insurance says she hasn't lost enough weight to qualify for them paying for it but if she had that skin removed she would be the weight she should be. Sadly she can't afford to pay for it because of her disability and her being over 65. She also had a stroke in 2011. That stroke was the thing that caused her to become so overweight as well as her lifestyle when she was younger having affected her health.


The gentleman is a pretty snappy dresser.

Nicole Fallwell

I can attest to the staple marks. After 5 years I still have the track marks on my knee and leg!

C Renee

I need help with my loose skin. I've lost 215lbs with gastric bypass in 2001and I HATE the way I look. My insurance will not help me. I've lost 215lbs but I'm more ashamed of what I look like now that at 375lbs. What do I do? The plastic surgeon said years ago he could cut 10-15lbs from me and I'm willing to donate....I just don't have the money. I've restructured my plumbing (gastric bypass) and have lost 215lbs but I'm still ashamed of my loose skin and fat pockets that I have not had a relationship since 2003. Plus, my body is misporpotioned that I can't buy "regular" sizes- nothing fits with the fat pockets and hanging skin. Imagine being obese all your life, going through surgery that has affected my health permanently, losing 215lbs and still hating and being ashamed of your body??! Can someone please help me??!!

Diane Sinnett

Congrats to this patient ✨✨✨✨

Jenny N

As soon as I saw it was Henry, I was instantly sad. He was so sweet and he did so well; I was heartbroken when it was revealed that he passed away.

Jennifer Cox

Would someone who had the procedure need to take supplements for the rest of their life if there is less absorption of food???

Haley McGinness

Awesome story

Dark Rainbow

I turned myself into a pickle.


He's half the man he used to be. Congrats to the man on his journey and will!

Punisher 268

I've had cancer since birth, so I had alot of belly surgeries over my life. I remember the day the doctor told me he had to take my belly button...didn't seem like a big deal till I saw it.. I cried I'm either an alien or was hatched. My dad told me to get one tattoed... was great idea actually but incase I had to get cut again (which I did) didn't want messed up tatt as well. I'm 38 now and losing my battle but I'll never give up... I never have before...

Sharon Kour

I wish you was my doctor can you please come here and open a doctor surgery can you emagin how lucky ur patience are tp have you as their doctor yoir wonderful amd we need doctors like you Than you


So let me ask a theoretical question Dr. Youn. suppose a overweight person was to eat the diet that was prescribed to a person who had gastric bypass...lets say that person actually had the determination to do that and they DID it......Would that person lose weight just as fast as the person who HAD the gastric bypass??

chetan gotad

He should start some excercise with it?

nia misou

2:49 can normal weight people do the surgery as well???

Megan Swanston

Speaking of the belly button, is it normal for belly buttons to be super sensitive? Its literally the most sensitive part of my whole body. If someone (or myself) touches the very middle of my belly button it feels like an electric shock goes through my entire body. Sometimes it even brings me to my knees. Normal or weird?

lc 4life

My aunt died 20 years ago from a surgery to loose weight. Her body couldn't handle the amount of weight she had lost is what I was told. Like it went into shock. Of course that was when I was like 10 so I could be getting the information wrong. She was the only person I had ever seen that was that big. Now I see it all the time. Maybe that's also why she died, it wasn't a surgery that had not been done alot. I really don't know but I do wonder about it alot when I watch these type of shows.



Sharon Ballinger

): those people


I'm sure they're tired of hearing the same thing over and over again, but why don't they just stop eating?

Essy Chilcutte

20 years ago... you were 12!

Jk but You look fantastic.


Found you through doctor mikes channel and absolutely love your explanations of what’s going on here! After losing roughly 85 Lbs. myself two years ago from my highest weight ever of 264 it’s been my dream to eventually remove all of the excess skin I have everywhere once I’m financially stable enough to do so. Not counting the plastic surgery I had to reattach my nose that I cut on a stamp box when I tripped as a toddler I’ve never had surgery before so it’s nice to see what I’ll be up against and what it actually entails (albeit on a much smaller scale than this of course). Great video!

Donnie Catalano

I am a bit over 200 at 5'9" and I know I'm overweight. Damn though how can these people be 3 times me!?!

Emanuel Yasheav

Doc. I have a question about the extra skin. I don't have that, but as a future caregiver, I am curious.
Can that be removed without surgery? I mean without cuts?
That is the same about access skim on the breasts as well?


There’s days my body feels like it’s one giant “Indian burn” (not meaning to be offensive but that’s what it was called in the 90s when I was a child and I never learned a new non mean name for it). All doctors say is it’s fibromyalgia and here’s pills


I cried watching this

DoMin Works

Is gastric bypass reversible? I can assume it wouldn't be practical but I'm just wondering.


so they inflate the torso.... do patients fart a lot afterward???

Michael Bennett


elizabeth hanna

My mom had to get a new belly button it looks amazing


Bla bla bla, these people should NOT have been allowed to get this big. If they insist on eating so much food - educate them and demand they have to walk to the store and back with the food they want to eat. Do not assist these people in getting in a worse condition.

vera H

I got a question. the skin they remove, is that thrown away or is that used for skin craft for burn victims??

Natasha Sharnee

As a woman that has given birth via c-section, I will say that the muscle tightening aspect of a tummy tuck is far from cosmetic. My diastasis recti causes me tons of pain and I can’t wait to get it fixed via a tummy tuck.

Aakash Saxena

Instead of surgery, self control is the key. Follow indian yoga and ayurvedic medicines..


8:20 he's showing us his what 0.0


It's been nine years since my father almost lost his leg and the staple marks still look fresh, they don't go away.

Wanda Greene

Dr. Youn you are intelligent interesting attractive and have such a great manner about you. I really enjoy your videos.

Rando Calrissian

I have an egg like stomach.. no I don't eat less! I just eat more meals in a day, they are just small.

I do have a condition but.. still, judge not least ye be judged


Who else initially misheard "He's showing us his pannus"?

Alexander Von Ehr

41! LBS omggg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???

Dave Blane

Henry died.

Joy Joy

Medicine technology this century is really unbelievable if your living in the past ..


I'd be like don't recreate a belly button if people are gonna look I want to confuse them haha


9:30 they fucking took his bellybutton

edit: lol didnt watch what he said after

Regina Lee

Dr. Youn, yo hair is a mess


People who try to get morbidly obese people to go out to eat or to a buffet are just shitty people. Hell, even trying to get them to eat home cooked food that’s really fattening. Like do you not care about your child/parent/sibling/cousin/friend/etc?? You should be so happy they are taking steps to save their own life and support them with that! You can spend time with someone without eating or just eating healthy and still have a good time.


Ay yo, check out my 35lb pannus.

Art blender

My biggest fear isn't "not waking up" it's "waking up" during surgery. Like my mom has COPD, smoked her whole life until last year when she got really sick and had to quit, she's now scheduled for a hip replacement sometime in the near future- which before id be terrified about because of her lungs capabilities under anesthesia but now we're excited to get it done. When she was sick she was immobile for 2 months and her arthritis basically destroyed her hip and it's just bone on bone now, almost completely crippling her, so this surgery has the potential to give her back her life and even go back to work which she's been desperately wanting for a year now, she's so bored. I know it's not the same but I felt it's similar in giving someone back their life through a dramatic surgery. You doctors change lives everyday you go to work, thank u

Jen Vieve

"...many years ago now" ? Doctor, how young are you now?

Rainey Mills

I would be so. Scared to get that surgery, everybody has different reactions after the surgery..some die..

My cozy MN Life

Watching this 38 weeks pregnant on a birthing ball as he explains how hard its can be to walk around with 25-35 extra pounds up front ? FELT.

Camila Rivera

You are my favorite doctor ❤️❤️

Stray Kids Enthusiast

the belly button?

A Rock

Key to weightloss : "I'm not going to no buffet "

Mishell Namjoon

I actually want help but I don't know how and how to go about it you know like what food am I allowed to eat and what food stimulates the body and makes you lose weight and how do I stop not I don't know how to say it but I can't drink bottled water without being cold because I can taste the minerals and to me the minerals just taste like Clorox I don't know it's just like that taste for me it's weird that's why I had to mask it with sugary water so yeah kind of need help

Alba Formiga

My brother has done a gastric surgery, it significantly improved his life

Miriam Cooper

I had back surgery in my early 20s. I woke up during the surgery and was pushing myself up off the table. I felt the nurses push me back down and heard him yell "put her back under NOW!!!" It makes me laugh now but was pretty scary at first.

Elayna Ryczak Harris

wow i really just told myself i was gonna eat less the morning of thanks giving......

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Comments (99)
Ronald Li

Why do I like the real versus the after surgery versions of all of them?

Muscle Pig

I love you zack or zach

Lori Missey

I think all you young men are perfectly fine the way you are. As a matter of fact, quite nice looking. Unfortunately we all look at things that we don’t have, we need to flip our perspectives and appreciate what we have......e.g. you are all tall, some would kill for that!! Remember, your insecurities led to where you are now, SUCCESS. Best revenge ever.

Courtney Z

Wide noses are gorgeous

Salita Maltita

The doctor kinda looks like Ryan Reynolds lol but with bigger nose lol

Piper Jenkins

ruh roh

Makenna Y

Getting Eurocentric features doesn’t make you beautiful Eugene, you are the best as you are :)

Chloe Abraham

Oh zachy we love you so much you look amazing no matter what❤️❤️ (I know I’m late to the video but) we love you!!!!!!❤️

Catherine Duffner

That’s not Zach. That’s Zeke?

Tiff Nidell

After Zach looks like he went to Yale on a Crew scholarship.

Ashley Mathena

This video kind of broke my heart because I think that it's something that everyone can relate to but no one really wants to talk about. There's a lot of pressure in today's day and age to become the most idealized version of yourself while still somehow maintaining your individuality, and those two things just don't really align. You really see in this video how bullshit of a concept it is because every single one of the Try Guys are attractive because of how unique they are and the very features the surgeon wanted to 'fix' are the ones that make them the most recognizable. Zach does have a soft face, but it's kind and inviting and makes him seem warm and trustworthy. Ned's nose has character and make his other features that are more common highlight his looks instead of over power and define them. Not even the surgeon could speak on Eugene. And Keith has beautiful lips and his slender face just allows for his bold and expressive features to stand out. All of the guys are handsome and wonderful and it sucks to see people that usually exude so much confidence express self doubt but it's important that these things are addressed. We love you guys the way you are.


okay but 1:31 had me dying. "you better moisturize boy"

Little Trickster


belle morgan

i'm so amazing at picking myself apart for my spots, forehead, smile lines and looking way younger than i am, but i think i'd only ever consider filler for my smile lines. not to fit any standards, just for my own personal happiness


Okay so I rewatched this video and seeing zack react to the photo shop version of him makes me so sad ?

Funny meme man

2:00 They are racist.


The white kids probably balding now and looks like 40 in their 20s while Eugene is living with his beautiful asian gene ???

Mommae Jay

20:12 he is the cutest <3

Sarah Kuder

The teeny accelerator meteorologically force because layer demographically knock unto a four frail router. unwieldy, vast herring


im someone who’s somewhat insecure about my face (chubby cheeks, big forehead, mild acne on chin, somewhat large nose, etc) and usually i look in the mirror and im like “ehhhhhh-“ but then there’s the times where i look at myself and i am fully satisfied with my looks. best feeling ever.

Francesco Schettino

Upper Eye Blepharoplasty, Eye surgery to remove the look of Frog eyes, rhinoplasty, cheek implants, jawimplants, otoplasty, coronal brow lift, lots of weight training and some anabolic steroids + growth hormone. Dude looks terrible but a very goos surgeon could make him into an alpha male. Forgot lasik of course, his face is terrible for glasses.

Hot and Cold Fry Games

What do you think of The Weekends plastic surgery

Linn Blom

WOW ? Ned aged more than a US president in like 2 years


The way that dr diamond talked about Keith face was like a flaccid penis

jinhit entertainment

im not even gonna sit here and lie, to me personally they all looked better before the photoshop fsdfjhdskfjskd

Dana Materi

“Someone poured a bunch of water in my mouth and said hold it there” ?


Keith's after photo definitely looks worse. They made him look like a knock off Jake Gyllenhaal or something. Keith, and every Try Guy, are beautiful just as they are.

•True Unus•

Let Zach know that the beauty WAS in him all along.

haha prime

Keith looks like toby Maguire

Simple_ Syrup

Me who needed a nose job for my broken nose: (・_・;)

Shylinrose Lewis

Dr. Diamond flexes : Eugene: “DAMN DR. DIAMOND!”

Kathy White

Each one of you are so perfect. Zach, changing your face that much, i wonder if you would recognize your self. I grew up being told I look like my dad. What girl want's to hear that. It took a long time to like myself. People can be so cruel. Don't be cruel to the person you are. Much love to all of you!!!

Campbell Colimore

why am i crying


Zach was so sad, it broke my heart

Mihaela Dulic

Zach,Eugene,Keith,Ned we love you all. I never thought a video about plastic surgery can be so emotional and even tho a video is not about humor or trying out some surgeries,it's a great video and it means a lot to your fans❤

Lori Missey

Zach you are beautiful! Hotter? Think about beautiful women getting them awful breast implants thinking they are hotter.

shoup luci

The crooked dressing rationally embarrass because basket peripherally sin qua a tedious apple. annoying, faded puma

Natalia Arambula

So today we learned that Eugene is perfect.


Yall let’s just talk to the people who installed the insecurities just talk ?

Occams Razor

‘Women are attracted to men who exude femininity’...

Erm, no they’re not !- Fact

Doom's Way



Ned says "I recommend photoshop" and then I immediately get a photoshop advert lol


16:02 Zach is cute, no one can change my mind.

Leah Crow

All I have ever wanted In life is plastic surgery, for my face and boobies, but there’s a part of me that knows it wouldn’t fix how I feel about myself, I would still loath who I am, and seeing Zack, I feel like if I was in that situation, I would not only react like that but also cry because, it would make anyone feel imperfect, its a really great thing to talk about. 10/10 , upset we didn’t see a wiener on Keith’s face tho.

Monica Hyland

Zach you are beautiful just the way you are

bigE Cheese

All of you are beautiful in your own way and never forget that!!??

Audrey Allen

Zach is beautiful all of them are the standard is way to high for women and men

Peter Wu

The ready pocket luckily play because margaret expectably ruin athwart a whispering mustard. clammy, omniscient description

christina pikalov

Ned 2.0 is honestly just Ned but his face was moved to the left-


The thumbnail looks like a Ju Ju Kaisen character

Renee Major

The most beautiful person can be the most insecure. Ive met a beautiful model who believed she was ugly.


I really can't stand plastic surgeons. They literally live to make you feel bad about yourself and then claim how they can make you better. NONE of these men need to fix anything about themselves. They have the SO's that they do just being them. And I do notice that beauty standards are pushed more towards women than men and it sucks but people continue to let it happen.

paola serrano

Zach literally broke my heart ?

tiara d’cruz

Eugene is literally perfect

Silly Little Rainbow Child

I don't like what this did to Zach. This was a bad idea. >:(

Harry Mack

I am 99% sure teenage Ned is Fred from Scooby Doo

verda keppler

The tame person surgically pause because danger phytochemically branch under a learned red. , rambunctious brazil

Ben Weiner

Eugene is scientifically proven to be beautiful

fran lawl

i got a plastic surgery ad for this video

Hope Mackenzie

okay everyone’s talking about Zach but no one’s talking about how keith’s after photo looks like jake gyllenhaal??


Ok but Zach's nose is just the prettiest thing I have seen in a long time ?

King Koror & King of Disappointment

Ned: There is a perfect male face and we're gonna find it
Dr. Diamond: Eugene you are basically perfect just a small part of your nose is imperfect but you are still perfect.


They honestly all look better in the before. A good bit of quirk is much more attractive than some plasticine "perfect" face.

Elsa Österberg

I want to see the alternate universe where the photoshop versions have their channel. Maybe by using deepfake? That would be weeeiiird.

Murray Robert

The tangible glove spatially wave because acknowledgment immediately obtain out a ratty seeder. smart, glistening glorious macrame


3:13 very handsome

Marcy K

Zach you are so adorable and your personality is awesome. I would take adorable personality over a hot but dull guy any day

Macey Mozingo

Ok but not me tearing up when Zach was talking?

Berlard s

I just want to give Zach and Eugene big hugs! ?

Renee Major

I've thought bout fixing my nose i have a huge pig like nose. But have accepted it.

Raul Vitor

The aberrant conga paradoxically inject because boundary interestingly harm without a ugly good-bye. equal, literate parade

Areeba Kauser

How much does it cost to get monolid eyes and a nose job in korea and uk

Jsy Y

Wooow after this video as an Asian I wouldn’t go to a white plastic surgeon for surgery. Lol we have very different aesthetic standard lol

I’m Squirtle

i dont think they all understand how attractive they are ?

Courtney Z

Eugene realizing how gorgeous his bone structure is. People would kill for it

Hayley French

Zach saying fuck and making jokes while slowly dying inside is very me and we don’t deserve such a sweet soft boi ?


I think that Ned look a lot like a bill from the mini series it when he was younger

Liliana Cruz

I am READY to throw some punches! Listening to them all I just wanna hug them and fight ANYONE that ever bullied them

Shamea Al Sarag

Everyone is beautiful all of us just have different beauties if we were all the same nothing is going to be beauty I don’t understand why people have to do those changes everyone is beautiful in different ways

moramao pellito

The misty broker namely frighten because computer biosynthetically attach unlike a motionless node. stupid, thundering ambulance

Shanell Reynolds

The adjoining engineering interestedly roll because station arguably pick following a vagabond distribution. chemical, thundering milkshake

daxter hunter

The kindly pen collaterally book because heart morphologically consist pro a zonked chalk. grouchy, decorous explanation

Holly Phillips

Anyone from the uk think the doctor looks like Angelos Epithemiou (actor Dan Skinner)????

Valentina Castro

Tell me I'm wrong:



"the other white guy" ???


am I the only one who see from no to fast no difference? what's the point to go through this, if there is no result to see? hte last guy is the only one you can see real results worth doing...

Shae-Lynn Schumacher

I'd fight to the death if anyone ever tried to "fix" my big crooked nose ?

Mindy Jacobsen

I like what Keith said at the beginning about how society demands more from women as far as appearances go. Women can be successful and intelligent and generally wonderful people, but no matter how many achievements and positive things she is, if a woman is considered falling short of beauty standards, it's just not good enough. Men aren't held to the same extent of that expectation and their overall value as a human being isn't dismissed if they aren't considered handsome.


I love how deep this was. Thanks for being so human guys. We need content like this out there. It's never necessary to change yourself for others.


My two favorite lines/points that come from this video is Ned’s “I’d rather look like myself than ‘perfect’” (because we need to celebrate our individuality) and Keith’s point about not changing yourself specifically to what you think others want you to look like, but rather what you want to be projecting to the world. Beauty is subjective, and the only person that should dictate how you feel about yourself is YOU. Everybody has insecurities and different preferences on what they find attractive...just keep in mind to stay in control of what makes YOU truly happy!...

Madeline Mirrione

I love how they make funny videos and serious videos

pretzel the pooch

Hi :)

Dana Materi

Wait zachs before was better I feel like....

Gehgw Gwtst

I thought zach was gunna CRY?

belle delphine

ok im gonna settle this before even watching
ned: yes
zach: yes
keith: yes
eugene: no

no need to watch the video i just told you


Zach looks like regular person like oh well lmaoooo

Yusuf Domun

Next episode 's title be like : " Should try guys try to suicide "

Emily H

Zach acknowledged the pain millions of girls go through throughout their lives and I love him for that.

Cole Kinzie

Zack is perfect he doesn’t need to change anything, we are all unique and different and that doesn’t define whether someone likes you better or not

One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Plastic Surgeons: I Got Work Done | One Star Reviews

One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Plastic Surgeons: I Got Work Done | One Star Reviews11 Apr. 2019
4 742 398
VICESubscribe 438 721

We found one of Yelp’s

We found one of Yelp’s worst rated plastic surgeons to work on Taji’s face.

Some reviews mention Dr. Mirza works out of gym bags, others say he works under different aliases at various locations. Either way, the reviews warned us to be very skeptical. But this show is all about giving fair chances and offering redemption, so we rolled the dice as usual.

Taji’s procedure involved Botox of the forehead, fillers between the eyes, and around the mouth. Can Taji keep his youthful glow?

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Comments (100)
James Sherrow

It seems that he is using the left over product on other customers. He uses filler.

Nate Torres

What the hell Taji you are crazy man

Henry Hahn

How can you sew an opinion tf does this guy think he is

Jayden Craig

Every bitcoin investor right now is just smiling at the price of bitcoin as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. More persons are gonna become millionaires and we have bitcoin thanks for that


he looks like a fucking ball

Brian Cronin

Love the idea of this show but after watching 3 episodes I’m done.
Everything gets a good review and he will try justifying everything..


those are just trademarks, not patents

Dromedaris en de Denker

Guessing he went for the discount


That's not how you do Botox on a younger person. Unless you're trying to fix deep wrinkles, you really want a sprinkling of microinjections. You don't want to do larger injections like that. Doing that looks super fake. I would be pissed if I spent money on that. One star is right.

Worapol Siripunya

This is not the usual procedure for Botulinum toxin, aka BOTOX, injection.


Taji thought his face was getting a little wrinkly (maybe it's all the stress), so naturally he went to Yelp's finest to get a second opinion.

Watch more One Star Reviews:

Cactus Green

Why does the doctor look like a fish who mutated legs?

Dominic Trujillo

Damn Vice just using this man for everything ???

Ryan Rodriguez

He definitely injects his face with botox

Jason Koplin

Ahhh, Vice.... Tackling the big issues.

Dana M

Did that say 40 units for $249?? I guess it's cheap for a reason. Even in nowhere KY it's 10 a unit.

Transit Fan Ontario

"Enjoy the ride"

A ride it is


Vice has to pay this guy mad money in for this video

Gabriel Martins

he is the neighbor kid that became a doctor

Singh Singh

Is this guy even a doctor?? They way he speaks, doctors are always calm, composed but not cynical or sarcastic as him! He threats to sue and send summon for bad reviews ?


oliver tree kinda looks different here ngl

Peyton Young

This is the type of dude that will knock you out and take your kidneys

Cameron None of your business

At least the man is honest and shook his head no when asked if you should store them like that

Robert Wlandowski

"DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT allow this man to touch your face"

Proceeds to allow this man to touch his face??

Big Bruh

He’s only being legit bc he’s in front of the camera knowing the fact that it will be published on the social media that’s the reason his character changed

Neon Black

4:29 can anyone actually tell me what he is doing here?? Like anyone versed in science or medical procedures? Physics? Medicine? Because to me it seems like... he was doing nothing at all, except shinning a colored light on his face?

Whisker Whippers ™️

What do call a doctor who graduated from medical school with a C- average?


Lucas Goodman

She looks quite perfect which I think is definitely a good sign

Jacob Ramirez

Dude my guy u look a ok I didn’t haft to go to a getto place

Nicole Karpluk

You can not store fillers/Botox without refrigeration. Not proper storage of products.

a Willson

Nerd doc.

Blythe Saunders

Be great if a real plastic surgeon would react to this video

Har Niti

Small pinch 2 ?????

Le Provokateur

« Beauty is painful, bloody and costly » he isn’t a scammer when he comes to that

Lucas Goodman

Can you say Narcissist? ?

David Cuh

This guy has to be 40 years old with all them grey hairs with not one single wrinkle in his face lol

Mary Beasley

How exactly is an opinion punishable by fine or jail time? We have deep pockets..... Yea right ... Only deep cus your a plastic surgeon who cant sow.


Trump said to Pence, “I need to tweet something”. Pence “your Twitter is blocked.” Trump “ let me use Facebook.” Pence “ your FB is blocked.” Trump “What can I use now?” Pence “ TikTok

Alex Trepakov

The doctor reminds me of Apu from quick-e-mart.

Mario Salinas

I don’t like that doctors personality or attitude

Clint Greggory

Taji , use only a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON who is off the charts the best. You're worth it.

Bigmindcreator TS

Any former clientele watching:
"And what do you know, there's the gym bag."
(Later on)
"Oh great there's the $50 off review deal"

David Murray

A law suit over calling botox fake this guy definitely did what everyone said on reviews as he’s protecting himself so much

J.S btw

Looks like a nice guy so if someone in 2021 hi

Chivo Sicko

Gonna write a 1 star review to dr.mirza just because i feel like arguing rn

Singh Singh

This doctors wife must be laughing when he says such... come home dear I will summon you ?


I don’t want to comment something bad about the surgeon and get a lawsuit against me?


Mark Zuckerberg for sure coded this doctor

Arjun Shergill

“Writing a review is like a Donald Trump tweet” not anymore lmao


The doctor speaks good English. Why did they add subtitles?

Vishal Kumar

He’s definitely Not Indian. He looks Pakistani to say the least

glacier boy

You are a brave, brave man my friend.

Tara Menjares

Almost 30?! Just like everybody else wondering if he's always like this or is he just really good actor but I'm addicted to the show!

ginger spice

I’ve had my boss call the yell at me about a Yelp reviews two minutes after they walked out smiling and happy from me fixing the issue that started with another coworker

Mike Alkhudair

This guys voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard


Car salesman meets backyard surgeon.

unfaithful Lebron

Did this guy voice gru?

Veniamin Yakshin

Hidden cameras please ..

Lucas Goodman

Most people at these places he goes to are highly narcissistic and it’s so obvious lmao

Neon Black

lol wow "we have deep pockets and deep resources to go after each and every bad review".... regardless of what they are doing is good or not that's a fucking terrifying statement, like something an evil genius would say

Yeah Im Psycho

Anyone else went on yelp and gave them a bad review to see if he would sue

Muhammad AH

Shoulda got the mole removed Imo


hes lecture is like when your teacher would tell your parents in 3rd grade


They should be stored in a fridge...

This Is Scripted

Lol he looks so much worse after!
...I'ma go leave a fake bad review for dr. Mirza too lmaaaao he cant sue random trolls online with made up names lol.


the way he uses the laser and shows "volume loss" sounds like call center scammers showing me how many viruses I have


Taji, you truly do not have to do some of these. This is literally walking into health risk.

Nico Molon

I literally imagined him looking like a sausage after getting the Botox lmao

Saara J

Hoooly crap those gym bags ?? what a way to ruin someones face..

"Botox must be in a cold enough environment before it is prepared from a powder to a liquid and thereafter at the proper temperatures (36° to 46° Fahrenheit). Most practices have no idea if their freezer and refrigerator are at the required temperatures set forth by the makers of Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport."
Oh and i friggin love Taji, he is totally using hes cute querkyness as an advantage for this show ♥


U look fatter now


0:13 when the manager at subway fires you

Narendra Prasad

Yo this guy is the Todd from BOJACK HORSEMAN

Jeremiah Rivera

he went to see he's future self


Lol the editing is great.

Juju B

Taji is super cute to me, he should just get rid of that mole on the side of his nose

Michelle Mendez

I can’t believe he put Botox on his face for a job lol I could never

Ami Tesler

Watching the elbow bump in 2020 LOLLL he was ahead of the curve

Ahmed 700r

The fact he's Indian makes it 12x shady.

Timothy Justus

Why does the doctor look like he is the ice age baby


“Easy to write reviews. But when I take them to the court the all cry”???

zeeshan muhammed

If “human trash” had a face and a strong Indian accent .


"beauty is painful bloody and costly" lmfaooo had me dead


He doesnt even behave like a doctor,looks like some sort of scam artist.

the boiz

I would never ever do that, A. I hate needles and B. I mean come on even if it’s a good rated person you letting people stick a needle into your face.

Nick Major

how are you? how are you? how are you?

Crystal A

*watch out hes gonna take all 9k of us to court!!*???


Defamation especially of a job like Botox, dude that’s fucked up. He should sue, reviews for a business like this can’t be bad.


That sketchy look, that hair, that horrible accent and on top of that, shitty word choices. He doesn't even use proper language as a medical professional. Why would anybody allow him to touch their face

Lori Elliott

I love Dr Mirza. He is a true professional and so very clean. I do believe that some people have very unrealistic expectations about fillers and other cosmetic services. It is not like plastic surgery, he can’t fix your overall genetic makeup.
Totally worth your money

NiCelyPlaYed GaMeR

Has deep pockets but operates out of a gym bag... makes sense

no u

Doctor Nick irl

Yaugzycookie Boi

I will make them cry


Paying for Yelp reviews is against the TOS for yelp

John Read

Hes weak just like vice

K1LD3R / CS:GO / Gaming

botox is fake
Cmon indian doctor guy

Alexander Nicholas

He has a degree from india.


Omg that noise at 0:15 !!!!


Guy genuinely gives off "I didn't want to become a doctor but was forced by my parents and relatives so now i'm doing a job in which I have no passion for" vibes. All of us coming from asian families can relate to various degrees lol.

ramenick patti

As part of the Indian community, we don't claim him

Christian Magaña

Omg the dr looks insane ?I’m sure he’s friends with the dr from the human centipede ?