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HEY GUYS it took me

HEY GUYS it took me literally 10 days to edit this vlog , I just kept stopping to either cry or try to get my mind of it . an advice I would give to young woman like me , is to trust no one and stay kind . ❤️

I love reading the comment section , so please leave some suggestions down below or some encouragement words thank you so much ??❤️

and we've reached 4000 subscribers ❤️?? wow thank you

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Maureen Kelly

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RayJ did the same thing to Kim Kardashian. He released bad pics and intimates videos of them that are still on porn sites today. Let's this be a lesson for you. If a man feels it's ok to bully you while he's with you. He will do worst when you guys break up. Why did he have to show you that pic when you were together to humble you? Nope, he used that pic to shame and bully you, not to humble you. If he was a "real man", a "secure man", he wouldn't do shit like that.

Rebecca B

The picture is not bad at all like I don’t get his point on doing that like that you in your natural state like all females look like that when we about to get a wig installed. I hate the social media standard of beauty ?


I’m also a woman and I understand your situation, but you don’t provoke someone like that, it could have been me or another person. I’m also glad you take your time to make this video, because I love to learn from mine and other people’s mistakes. My advice to you is to try to say less when they invite you to an interview, because you are a young lady and you are going to have a husband and kids , and you don’t want these stuffs to follow you or your kids. I understand you want to be famous and at the same time be you, pitit pa kite moun gade anba w, so many Haitians are not open minded people , once you let them know you in some ways , se kòmsi ou te vann tèt ou. You want to be famous? Be misterious! Know that if I’m talking to you that way is because I’m a woman too, and I have sisters; I don’t like when people are talking in a very bad way about other people. Learn from your mistakes and grow up ! What your ex did to you is not going to kill you, it’s going to make you even stronger, and be the best you! Just let him be , he can’t destroy you. After all you call yourself « Queen » , then act like it ! You will survive this trust me!

la belle niah

You have a beautiful family that support you so much you blessed. You see how your dad giving you advice

Kathleen's Life

turn a negative into a positive. Keep working to become a milionaire, surround yourself with a good crown and keep learning how to make more money ! Put God first always.

Rose Goldie

I don't see nothing wrong with the picture your in you natural look ? your beautiful with or without makeup .

venissa augustin

Sis we don’t always look our best 24-7 honestly sis, we are human with flaws and all. You look mad pretty Nd keep doing you boo , future millionaire ?

Pierre Ashoolie

Enttcas sel sa m ka di w Sucaina kom konsèy menm lè chaine ou an c an Anglais li ye mnm konn wap konpran , donc sak pase an gntan pase deja e ou pa tap ka stop li e sa te ka rive nenpòt nn nou sak pi meilleure la nn tout istwa mkontan le faite que ou just apran de li e menm pote konsey pou lot moun so move on kite sa dèyè se te just yon erreur.. Oui ou ka milyonè pa bay tèt ou limit epi toujou met Bondye anvn nn tt sa wap fè ou k nenpot bgy .Keep forwarding boo ✊??

Michelle Norton

Girl, don't feel embarrassed. You're pretty even in that pic. You're naturally pretty. You're hair wasn't done and your FACE is still pretty. Trust me. Besides, if he kept sending you pics of yourself during a fight to " humble" you that means he's mean spirited. Trust your instincts, it's in the little malicious behaviors that show ppls character. Remember that...


Maannn you aint lying !!!!!

Ana Do

Actually you can become whatever u want! Work for that !!!

Saneika Thermitus

Don’t trust no one ☝️


Mezanmi mpa konprann sa yap di non sam vin fè la???????

bianca v

I'm so sorry to hear you had to go through this. I hope things will get better from here. ❤

Bianca with a C

Tbh you still look beautiful regardless. Using your picture as revenge was whack af. Real men don’t do that, but at the end of the day, I’m glad you’re discussing it. Use it to your advantage, take control of the situation.

Wydline Moise

Oh no I hope this a prank

Pretty Sissie

Soucaina mwen ta renmen zanmiw plz????????si sa pap deranjew kite nimerow pou mw en prive sou IG??PrettySissie

Oud Gref

Baby girl it’s ok to look a certain way in a picture maybe u look like that it’s bcoz of the angle that he took it. don’t be a shame about it just take that as a lesson and learn from it to never let a bastard take ur picture or videos never again or if someone ask u in the future just let them take it on ur phone that’s all

la belle niah

Look at the bright side love at least is not a naked picture. It's just you without makeup and wig, we all look the same this without makeup and wigs ??‍♀️


I think it was funny.... it’s u in you natural form ??‍♂️ u should not be embarrassed ..

Claude O. Toussaint

That's crazy, sorry to hear that...
But like you said, you can use it to grow up and become that millionaire you feel coming.???❤❤❤

Life As Twinkk

Queen nan

Alexandre Gueshon

I’m sorry that your ex put you through this position but you beautiful and you will bounce back 10 x stronger

lorie Joseph

Ki melew lè moun lan pibliye foto a wap still moun ou ye an pa kite moun konn feblès ou one love

The Haitian Jawn

Gurl u wasn’t born with a wig on you’re perfect fuck his childish ass


Sucaina Marcellus you are crazy girl. You are beautiful with or without makeup and wig. What are you talking about? Don't you look at yourself in a mirror? Don't you see your natural beauty? Yes what he did was wrong but you don't look ugly in that picture.


Taking accountability is everything! Let's be real, you both were wrong. The interview went horribly and your response to the interviewer's question was based on emotion. Your ex is wrong as HELL for that and defaming your character and your brand! This whole situation is just a whole hot ass mess.


Anything you don't want to talk about in an interview just " I won't comment on that "

Belle Fire

I love you baby❤️❤️❤️❤️ u fine asf regardless

Ana Do

U both guys are wrong
But at the moment a supposed ''make fun of him'' get him on his nerves, and he leaks're right!


You got a lot of people that cares for you and me I only have 1. I messaged you on IG and YouTube but got no response I care for some reason.

Fabienne Gilot

Suca girl we been saw you without makeup dnt be embarass we love you regardless.. dnt change for anyone?

Maniolita Guerrier

Suca deblokem sou ig svp?

Chrichna Dacelien

idk why men do that shytt it's not fun at all that's childish yon gason pata dwe janm fe yon bagay konsa

Ana Do

Lemme tell u
This can happen to anyone!
Keep ain't perfect.
Neither the world nor you will stop moving forward for that!
It's just a shame, not for you, but generally for the ones who leak ppl (privacy),and for those talkin shit to the victim as they were saint and bad things could have never happened to them.

Appreciated Thankfull Gratefull

One thing that I can say is don't let them crush, Kim Kardashian became famous after that porn video got out. They thought that by sending that video in public was going to crush her soul but it didn't. After that porn video was sent out into public, where is she right now? Sometimes, God lets bad things happens so you can be in higher levels.

Melaine D

I am married and I am still a little Shy to let my husband Have pictures of me like that. If celebrities can do it to each other don't think that someone won’t do it to you especially if somethings not going their way and they’re jealous but keep your head up everything will be all right you will get through this. ???❤️

carl eazi257

Fanm zonyon an

Snaika Simon

You’re so strong girl

Cika Negress

Girlllll keep your head up, your ex was so wrong for doing this. But please going forward DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO VIDEOTAPE OR TAKE PICTURES OF YOU doing anything sexual. Prevention will always win. Unfortunately the internet is 4ever. This is one of those reality or reevaluating moment in your life.
In any given interview it is perfectly ok to remain private abt your personal life and talk abt your future professional endeavors instead. Stay strong: us women were built with serious strength.

Caribbean Beauty

Praying for you sissy . Let karma deal with them ❣️

Ana Do

Her dad being so supportive reminds me of my dada???


He's a very insecure, immature little boy. Let this be a lesson for you to do better next times when choosing a mate. Pick a man next times. Stop dating little boys in a man body. Just because they appear to be grown up don't mean that they are. A lot of them are stuck at 6 or 7 years old max. Bunch of insecure, little boys playing adults.

Ruth Claudine Noël


Jean M

Shame on you if you’re embarrassed for your own picture you need to be confident anyhow okay


Suca, I left a message for you at the time of the interview; I felt that your friend exploited with certain questions she shouldn't of ask and you being an open person she allowed you to flow freely. However; I left some information for you almost 2 weeks ago but I got no response so I deleted today. I wanted to speak with you still do; put it this way I do Artist Development this channel that is totally different from my what I do I work in the Hip Hop industry. Hopefully we can talk. Now the new guy if he really cares for you he'll stay if not use one of your favorite word. #fuckit

VaFaRi Family Strong

Strong Girl????

Ana Do

Nobody wants to be with a girl like that u sayin guuurl? Look Mia Khalifa got married( i think) if not she got a fiance
U just have to avoid ppl that can't deal with your past...if u have to stop datin your nationality do it! Don't let just 1 situation ruin your self esteem please

Shelove Etienne


davidson duperat

Mw jus like wew koz u se fanm direk

Ana Do

????but at the end of the day you have no excuse for talking like that bout the guy???it was fun but mixed with some high level of petiness???EVIL?????

Mrs Darius

It's sad because you trusted him at one point and things turned bad but he had no right to post your picturea like that si ete mwen fanm nan nippes mtap juje avel neg sa son chen

Ana Do

Nobody wants to be with a girl like that u sayin guuurl? Look Mia Khalifa got married( i think) if not she got a fiance
U just have to avoid ppl that can't deal with your past...if u have to stop datin your nationality do it! Don't let just 1 situation ruin your self esteem please

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Ellie-Mae Pavey

Does any body else hate the dress at 6:19

יובל ביאר

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My Li

Wonderful ??

Althafur Rahman Althaf

they show a hack every time

Stefan Brankovic


Inshirah Tahir

Wow amazing hack I will also try

Dhaneshori Elangbam


Tizita Ketema

Llove you

AMK channel

Lots of people seeing 5 minute crafts no comments

MariaHelena Jarvenpaa

Old hacks again.

Zannat Ansari

Omg 2nd like and 1st cmnt

kolagani venkateswari

First clip :Awww u too see zorro

Mokka Cooking

First comment

Nuthalapati Sivaramakrishna


Robloxian Girl

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Pranali Deshmukh

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Velumani S

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Enjoying these funny vids, thanks for sharing the hacks 5MC ????

Mahendra Kumar Dwivedi

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Arev Hayrapetyan

Hay ka


This girl is so beautiful

kids psr channel

Pls suggest my channel bro

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Awesome ?



Aditya Narayan Srivastava

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SsAaNnfOouRra merry

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Sagarika Selina

Fist comment

Freya Colpani

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The Magic CookBook

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~........stay safe_~
My dream is to hit 10k subs , Any help would be highly appreciated ♥️?

Chandhini Chandhu

6:49 she can put glue gun and stick that heals waste of putting 3 d pen to the heals

Dark Shadow ŸŤ

First view