How to get a hot girl to kiss you

How To Get A Woman To Kiss Me - Step By Step

How To Get A Woman To Kiss Me - Step By Step15 Sep. 2018
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Do you really want a girl

Do you really want a girl to kiss you but don’t know how to approach the situation? If so, follow our step to step on how to get a woman to kiss you. Become a queen of seduction and body language! If you want to see more tips on how to flirt and make a move, take a look at our other videos on oneHOWTO to learn about the language of love.

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catalina chandia


Diana Akanbi


Fuwozkvx Tsiwjzgxx

Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini

md mamun Chowdhury

brother and sisters i think there gay man a girl kissing a girl yak

गन वा तामाग:

इङलीस गीत

Erick Martins


shagufta mushtaq


Chirag Thakur

Thank you. I lost my friend, got blocked by her and now she thinks I am a pervert.

Minu Borah

I love your kiss

Erick Martins


Lolaaa -77

arc ?

Xzadria Spencer


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Ritu Adhikary

I was in love with my best friend since a long time ago and finally I proposed to her..... AND
She said YES. OMG I still can't believe it


I’m so 100x single by watching this?

Erick Martins



I'm a boy Please My place is 13/7 Piershill Square East

jorlin pamela vanegas


faded_alone _life

And here i am watching this "how to kiss a girl" but doesnt have one to do it??

TheEmpress YT


Jindie Falame Polinario


lady manly

Who is the girl with a tattoo???

steve peanut butter

Yummy delucious kiss

Prank Kiss


Dailey Remme

I wish be gay

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Angelica Rona

Nice Content
5:34 Pm

Mahima shree

I just wanted to see girls make out?

Eu'nice Marshall

That shit don’t work kinda this girl kissed me I did all this then she slapped me

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Isn't it a sporty channel?

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Swirl AndTwirl

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I loro stati di salute
de s'approcher trop
rispettivi prevenirli
per avvicinarsi troppo ?

Queer Cafe

Nicely done! Good tutorial. Classy presentation. Delightful to watch.

Charles Rogers

VERY HELPFUL!!! My GF of a year and half was giving me lots of signs but they were not visible to me until after I watched this! Just kissed her right on the lips! Will definitely try another one soon:)

Ashley Angel

Is this a gay video

محمد M



What if she has seen this video too??

Tech deck and Bottle flip channel

im not single im lezbian

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I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenisrli!hot

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jorlin pamela vanegas


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Love girls in six labels romantic...???

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I sear these two together are just HOT

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Are you gay??

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Love you guys.

Hayriye Kabacalı


How To Get Hot Girls To Kiss You ? ! ?

How To Get Hot Girls To Kiss You ? ! ?4 Jul. 2017
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Today we bring you a video

Today we bring you a video of how to kiss girls on the street in an original and easy way ... KISSING PRANK Baby: D

Hoy os traemos un video de como besar chicas por la calle de una manera original y facil... el juego de la adivinanza, digan el nombre que digan, me llamo de lo que quieran llamarme! KISSING PRANK Baby :D

please follow me

instagram: bakerztv

twitter: bakerztv

snapchat: bakerztv

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Bekir Krby

Türkçe alt yazı


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If I lose I get an std


3:55 what the first name she tell

Yogesh FIRE 7

Why do you keep uploading the same videos? This is the third time you uploaded this same video. Make new ones plz


Im so dead i wanna do that but I won’t post it ???????


What happened to your gf?

Maykol Delgado



channel dead

Yo Malik


thank me later

Ahmed Khairy

man do the old man kissing prank Bakerz TV

allah mujhe apse piyar hai

awesome nevar see bifore

Viper Angel

I just saw you

Tony Loomis

Great video bro keep up the amazing work!!!

Kk Kk

Did the girl in the maroon top have a wig


Ahahah that's awesome

Nasir Bhatti


Professor AkA

Lol why u gotta take these men's women's?????

lil fotu

What's the background song or music you used? can I have a link please.

Andres Maestas

yup he got aids

Pigeon Rocker

Good video

Bakerztv Arabic

That funny man!!!



My Hot Crush Locked Me in a Cage, I Have to Kiss Her to Escape - Episode 2

My Hot Crush Locked Me in a Cage, I Have to Kiss Her to Escape - Episode 219 Dec. 2020
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I was lying on the floor

I was lying on the floor unconscious.

I couldn’t remember how long I had been there like that.

I slowly opened my eyes.

Everything around me was blurred.

I got on my feet and started coming back to reality.

I was still inside that hotel where Skylar brought me.

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Amman Jordan

Just dance David

Rohan Verma

Overly attached girlfriend ?

Kent Vega

Hi can you make a ep 3 of this video


South Korea explains the BTS Hoodie

Rosetta Levy


Jojo Li

Bro who took the blindfold off of you and who untied you? Like you were the only one inside the cage ;-;

Hajra Anser

ayeee south korea take me with you

Rosetta Levy

More rnd

Safwan Y7

Love is heartbreaking I had a crush then one day I realised she hated me

Moses Hnamte

9:3 ad comes
ad finish
Haaaaaa....allll beter.

xD Gotenks

I rather kiss her dude

ALEX Nestor


Kaung Kaung

Cool he is do that

Faraz Ahmad

I want episode 3


Ayo this gurl is dedicated. She has a TATOO of David’s name on her. No wonder she ain’t gonna let him go

Gabriel Leonardo

Every anime plot in a nutshell

KING AMV Meli Melo

Yeah no I'm 50% sure people not this crazy right?

Rosetta Levy


Nancy Leah Cullen

You should make part 3 please


when he found out that shes a yandere thats when he knew he fu*kd up

madhan plays

you need to marrie skyler beacuse she is a nice girl

eric williams

My hot crush murdered means a homicide investigation

Dorvin rio Hernando

It's getting interesting!! Just like the others

Manuel Gallegos

4:56 yo who the hells fingers are those on her head both his arms are down?!?!?!?!?

Chef Fagon

My god do you see why you must not love someone ❤️ too long

Eduardo Jacinto III

I subscribed and hit the notification only because this looks so anime or the drawing looks like an anime

David Santana

What a demon lol XD


We Want Episode 3

Dmitry Dmitriev

She: Oh I just hacked your phone and traced your location
Him: Oh but I thought you were in South Korea
Me: Oh no you don't I am calling the police

Fadi Sabah

Ben ten tf you doing

Brayden Zhao


Arwindave Sarmiento


Izaac Shergold

I swear all these vids are for views , all the thumbnails and names of the vids are about getting locked with there crush

Something tells me this channel wants kids to watch :1

Rosetta Levy


Eswara Vardhan

Is they ep 3 or not

victor mui

welp if ur in north korea, look at the bright side, you can do a all u can eat buffet there, and in north korea u also could get some good vending machines


Wait why was there a cage in the hotel exactly?

max heartfilia

eps 3 huhu

Bhumi Ramchandani

I had a hard time sleeping Dude yr wearing a jacket

Rosetta Levy

men are not friends no oooooo

Jesse Jesse

The title of the video doesn’t make sense

Chinua Nwokedi

is that BEN 10 but older I think it is where is XLR8 OR UPGRADE

Eduardo Jacinto III

Ooooohhhhh Damnnnnnnnnn 10:10

Tamika Louis

I would be heartbroken but I just had to let it go like it just let your feelings go you can just move on like like me I had a tons of boyfriends and they always broke my heart then I grew up and then I got stronger than I got a new boyfriend you now like now I have a new boyfriend because I had this boyfriend named Eden right and then when I saw him he was with his third girlfriend my friend he was dating my sister me and my friend and then he always paid more attention to my friend and when I tried to get his attention he would say get out of my way I'm trying to pay attention to my girl and then I was like I'm your girl too what are you talking about and then he literally pushed me to the side and then one day he actually broke up with all of us and then my heart literally shattered and then after a few days I actually got a new boyfriend and then we started dating but what what what he doesn't know is that I already have a new boyfriend and I will never get back with him after what he did to me like some like when he first said that I couldn't like I couldn't get over it but then I felt the strength to get over him and then I just moved on got a new boyfriend named Duda and he's not my type but I feel like I'm in girl you need to learn to move on okay with me like move on right now this is why he's leaving the city because you need to learn how to move on girl probably learn how to move on move on and you will have that dream of your life of that boy that boy doesn't like you anymore you are his childhood girlfriend that broke when they moved he didn't have feeling for you anymore you had a feelings for Emma he he just moved on like like you should have did and I and I want you to do that now maybe you have more episodes and then I want to see you move on like in that episode when I see it move on you need to see that in your heart maybe your heart was broken but it's not just because of that it's just because your parents made you leave him that's when his heart broke from me and he learned to move on and got a new girlfriend named Emma and you can move on to and get a boyfriend named anyone you want but see that heart and make sure they the type of you that likes you I have to I have game trust with the boys and then they broke it like they just broke my heart just like that I'm really popular so I'll just get a boyfriend quick ??????????????

Aleksa Petrović

You crush ia creepy...

Thee Exposure

They need to stop showing the creep face it is creepy out

Nathanael Card

Will there be a part 3 to this?

lemon tree


Jenny boy Bg

No kill the girl fooool?

Amoor Smith

Seeing a gurl under my bed just stalking


playgmo roblox

The Girl into Just like from yandere simulator

Rosetta Levy


Ayden Taylor

Me wishing this would happen to me because my crush is hot and likes me to she tried kissing me today but she didn’t cause one her friends came up to her and she texted and said why she was so close to me and touching me cause she was gonna kiss me lol ?

Anna Cheng

wtf south kerria

Tour man is me skeptical about you yes

Typical yandere

Aryaman Jha

Is episode 3 out?

Diego Garcia

Is there going to be an episode 3?

MegaReaver MickeyBot

how sad their love story took such a dark turn

Jenny Maquilan

The cringe!!!!

Muhammad Abdul Mabood Siddiqui

Why who'd u do that to scayler why man that was so bad

beckbrocamera adeniji


itz_Gaming_ Girlz

what is the pattern behind the red hair girl back mean?


Wow hi ben 10

lemon tree

She is creepy AF


The story of ben10

sharan m

where is third ep
when will it come

Mrs Lewis



She looks like zero two lol

Ghost Shadow

More yandere Romance?

Terrnce Lim


Raymond Clouthier

I've barely made it past 1 minute and i have no idea how this can be possible

sanashia VLOGS


Mooncrystal Oh

Why you put a thumbnail of them kissing its 13+ content

Eduardo Jacinto III

I got confused when the flashback ends and i repeated what happened but i know now


You should've pretended to kiss her and kick her into the cage

Christian Luna

He looks like Ben ten

Granit Sylaj

Ju sus

GRP_FORD123 Roblox player

She looks like an oder

Night ops

Are you going to make more of this yandere story please do

Espion Heart

From what david had explained about how their relationship started, proves the fact 'that love makes us blind' since their was numerous red flags that made it clear that the relationship was going to end badly, espcially when ends up being kidnapped and caged by said ex, although I have to give david some credit for turning the tables on skyla like that trapping her in the cage intended for him let's just hope he's cleaver enough to get police to believe that a crazy yandere that needs to be locked up permanetly.

Eduardo Jacinto III

What your outro is good man


I love the anime style animation.



Ray Coco

At first I thought I was gonna hate the channel but I actually like it??

Apolinar Antonino


Bart Andrei

She is acused of animal. Kirby has found her sins ungorgivable



Mr Brick master

Ok now this is gross

R.I.P. Ple Gaming

She creepy-cute when she smiled

matt Henry

We want more miton and this story

Anthony Luiz V. Moyano

remember that lucky charm

Rio Shoka

my hot crush made me kiss her


Emanuel Sheng

Wow she got his name tattooed onto her chest, just WOW! That’s the worlds most dedication to love I’ve ever seen in meh life!

Jordan Reina

okay ben ten

Cars with Kai

Bruh why didn't you destroy the key lol

Ninja Alex

Hold up
Does she have DAVED tatted RITE above her BREB

Kutloano Tsima

Don't take Emaa

Cecil Tiatco

hey dude ur crush is a idiot she think ur telling a True

Moon.Ninja X

Are they going to finish this story about David? I would like to know how he and Emma left town, and sent his ex to prison.