Grey hair color formula

From Grey to Black Cherry [ hair color, trim, silk press and curl] FULL TRANSFORMATION

From Grey to Black Cherry [ hair color, trim, silk press and curl] FULL TRANSFORMATION4 Jul. 2020
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Hello everyone here is a

Hello everyone here is a video on how I colored my clients natural hair to this beautiful deep cherry red! I also added the full formula I used! we also did a good trim and she left with beautiful bouncy curls! what do you think about this transformation

please enjoy!

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thank you for watching


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BraidzBy Indigo


Janice Coulson

Beautiful colour makes her look so different

Surely Blessed


Francine Talbert

I love that color am going all Gray am trying to love it but I feel like a old woman can u give me some tip it look like dirty Gray please help me.

Beryl Robinson

Absolutely wonderful!!

Pamela Gavrity

Looks beautiful

Darna Gutter

Nice do and the color is stunning!

Yem X

What city are you in? Hopefully NYC and if you are how I book appointment. I dont have social media

Japple applej

Which flat iron did u used

Janet Day

Just beautiful ,you worked magic on that head of hair.

Jill Peacock

Beautiful color, curls and style. Indoor I like better. But outside is good too. Beautiful rich color.


Looks great!

Yvonne Delories


Cathline collesso

Very nice i love the look

Lezah Bell

Beautiful!! I love it.

BraidzBy Indigo


Barbara Bland

Love it

Brenda Collins

I love it I wish you can get a hold to my hair on a regular basis like every 4 weeks at the most

Jaxi O

Beautiful finish!

Donnica Bell

Absolutely gorgeous!?

Lois Mimi


Karan Rene'

Very nice...kinda liked it straight vs curly...but beauty ?

LaQuanna Williams

Her hair is beautiful ❤️

Marjorie Pope

Oh wow that’s gorgeous until humidity or rain hits that but I love it

nata lata


Ramsey Chef Rambo Jordan

Soooo beautiful ?

Ivan johnson

What formula did you use ?

Michele Thomas

Beautiful trim,hair color and style=pure bombshell!

Vernia Williams

Beautiful love it

Sarani Gaines

Love it. And I must try that curling technique.

Rosalyn Lee

Where are you located?

Cynthia Young


Yerac Mitchell



What a transformation! You did it all perfectly! You are very talented and I love what the cape says . God gave you a gift for doing hair!

Anita Edmonds

I like the color- but you got her hair looking old fashion because of her age- you should've did another hair style for her she has a gorgeous face and had very long hair-try not to cut so much of the hair off with ppl that have long hair?


You did absolutly great. Perfection. She might has good hair, but you did such a fine job with the colour and the curls, I'm speechless. If I wouldn't live so far away (Switzerland), I would love to have my hair done by you.

terry Olsson

Wow...her hair is a crowning glory. Love it.

Judy B

Damn! The color of her hair is everything! Just let me add she has the most beautiful skin! ???

Morganna Turcotte

Wow u r a magician. It is perfect. It was a richer looking color in the sunshine. Amazing.

AC PhiferRowe


Nsprd Jahz20E

Absolutely gwaargeous transformation & masterfully pleasant technique demonstrated!

Lorraine Roof

Absolutely & Totally Gorgeous!!! Love love love the color❤️

April Ezell

That Color Came Out Beautiful!

Vanessa Morton


Shamika Hankerson

Simply Beautiful!!!

Jimmie Anderson

The client has a beautiful, thick head of hair.

Dornell Young-Jones

Beautiful ?

Keshan & son Meshaq Frazier

I use to use koolaide... Old school!


I love the colour, alongside her hair, you’ve done a great style that looks amazing.

diana doolittle

She looks beautiful good job

Jim Ghg

Wow so nice I would like my hair like that

Mary Matias


Oneisha Eugene

Absolutely gorgeous, amazing job!!!

Euklin Richards


Yolanda Padilla

Wwwwaaawww K professional, felicidades.

You are divine Love Incarnate

Award ? winning job❣️??

Neachille McGee


Val Fullove Smith


Cindy Zentic

I think ? if I , got my hair done. I would go darker for me..darker brown with, like a deep purple... Where do you have your salon??

Latoya Sims



She looks beautiful

v G

She look younger with the color.


It looks beautiful I am 65 ready to dye my gray. I only had my hair dyed twice in my life.

Dianiri Esther

Love love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Beautiful before and after.
Healthy growth and style.


It looks Beautiful !! You* have That Touch

Adrienne J

Gurl you did that!! The color, the trim, simply amazing! Your client is beautiful!!

Wisa Priest

Fire? I love it i wish I know someone in my zip code that could deliver like that??

Dinah Harvey

Love it

Phyllis Irizarry

Love it!



Loretta Knox

I like the hair style but you cut too much off.


You did an amazing job. Grey can be super stubborn and you did beautifully! If you don't me asking, why the 2 different developer's?

Cindy Zentic

Looks great ?

Anthea De Villiers



Is the hair relaxer treated before color?

Angele Figueira

Love the color. Beautiful.?

Psalmist McCann


Candis Short

OMG!! Beautiful!!!

Donna Lawrence

Wow, what a excellent job. What kind of color did you use to color all her grey hair (semi, demi, or permanent)? She has a nice head of hair for her age, she does look 10 years younger.

JoJo Mama


Marjorie Pope

Wow and I’m impressed that she let her see how uneven it was before cutting. I have had the worst experiences with so many hair dressers who just cut even after I show them what I want and they cut it bald. I love how she works

Betty Marshall

That color look just right for her complexion! GOOD JOB!!

Annalisa James

Those curls are on point!


This is still hot. I wear my hair similar except different color. But this coor ad style looks amazing on the model. ??

Theresa West

So beautiful ❣️

Journeys In This Crazy World

Cool but too much work ? i done got sleepy watching it all. But covered up her grey. I'm a person that has always liked grey on ppl even younger i thought grey hair looked good on ppl but do want 2 change my hair color blue since I've really never colored my hair a non natural hair color.

Maria Davis

Hair care for gray and silver hair

Princess Johnsin

I love this color I have gray too .

alice mi

Well done! Great job!

Yolanda Walton

Beautiful color

Santras Smith

"EXCELLENT" job on hair color her hair is beautiful ?

Many Blessings

Beautiful job. God given gift for sure. Keep doing what you do!


I hate to be rude but I don’t have time to wait & find the formula. It’s stunning!!!!! can someone please tell me e time stamp for the formula!

Red W.

Love that native print mask and cut color was on point

Roberta Clemmons


Gold Aestheticcs

Make me wanna heat train/ be a blow dry natural. Lmao if there was a natural cream you could apply to bounce your curls back when you want them>>>>>>

Neci Eden

Great application, even tones excellent color. Looks fabulous?what did you spray on before flat iron? Nice shine??

bontu jimma

Good job sis..???

nnaturalheaven *

Finally! I found a video with the color I want on a woman with gray hair, I want this! I am thinking about purchasing a box dye by Garnier Olia in Dark Garnet but all the vids on YT I could find was all younger women with dark roots. So wondering if it would make my grays the darker garnet color or just a dk. pinkish, not what I want since they are all along my front edges. You may not have used a box but I don't have access to or know how to use salon dye. Do you think I can achieve similar with that product?

Ann Francis

Yeah! Lovely!

HAIRCOLOR formula; Red color to cover gray (must add something else to look good)

HAIRCOLOR formula; Red color to cover gray (must add something else to look good)2 Apr. 2012
96 038

When doing a red haircolor retouch, red alone will not completely cover the gray and will result with hot roots. You need to add neutral haircolor to the red to have successful gray coverage. The color mixing ration will depend on the amount of gray in the hair. if the hair is 25% gray, you will need to mix on ounce of red 6R Wella to half ounces of neutral 6N (or 611- the old number) and 3 ounces of 20 Volume Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), because Wella permanent haircolor recommends 1:2 ration of mxing the color with the developer. Apply haircolor on hair re-growth starting from the front of the hairline, where the hair is the grayest, for 35 minutes, or, with any other color; follow the manufacturer's instructions. NOTE; do not overlap the haircolor to the previously colored part; the mid-shaft and the porous ends; doing so will result in an undesirable dark red color that will not match the roots. That is the biggest mistake with red colors. Most women, who color their hair by themselves, apply the red color all over their hair from the start, instead of covering the roots first, and that is how they get light red roots and dark red ends, and then they ask the hairdresser to fix it, which results in paying more money instead of saving it by doing themselves. Do it first on the roots, wait 35 minutes, then apply the leftover color + shampoo on the ends for 5 minutes, wash the hair with warm water, towel dry, and blow-dry- style. You can also add a product called "Gray Magic) to the color to cover gray with red, but it is not always available in salons and schools, but the gray busters- the neutrals, are always available. All the salons and schools carry the neutral color. USE IT. This is a how-to video for cosmetologists, beauty school students, barbers, educators, salon professionals to make more money by successfully coloring hair, and for general public and women who like to color their own hair to save money to successfully do the job. Video produced and uploaded by BeautyHealthTravel Channel on YouTube.

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sochlarga rang berish, để màu tóc, צו קאָליר האָר, i liwio gwallt, om hier te kleurjen, ukufaka umbala weenwele, ukufaka izinwele umbala, si irun awọ,

Comments (61)

ok the red with neutral brown for roots then the last 5 minutes red only. Is that enough time the very first time I change from brown to red color? Hair will pick up red color that fast? Remember this is not a refresh. Thank you

Engels Alhambra

Hi can anyone explain to me what is the meaning or how to read those label number on coloring cream box? like 6/3 5/3 8/2 etc. thanks.

Willow Wind

Thank u for getting back to me..much appreciated..


I thought any color with an N is a neutral base so Im confused. I have used the 3/4 n brown with 1/4 red and it does cover my roots but the problem is eventually my entire head is back to medium brown. I think you you might of misunderstood what i was trying to say. My hair now is a medium brown because of using 3/4 brown. I want to become a medium redhead/auburn again but don't know what color would make my hair auburn/red. Sally's tells me I have to use One N ONly to stripe my hair first.


This time my roots are done so how long should I put auburn/red on the rest of my medium brown hair, only 5 minutes or 45? thank you

Doseok Kim

thank so much. If the client ha 50%gray hair, how can i mix the color please?


thank you for all your videos, love you. you teach me lots, you are my hero.

Willow Wind

Hello..I would like to color my hair black/dark burgundy..I hve 90% grey hair.. Right now I dye it darkest brown/black ..boring ..How to achieve deep burgundy with out my roots coming out purple..Should I do a neutral protein filler first then d dark/brown black color..rinse, dry then apply a dark burgundy frm the ends up? Thank u?


someone told me a NW neutral warm like 6nw covers the gray better than just a neutral 6n. Is that true? If true why did you not add it to the client's video with the 6r and 6n. thank you


Is there a brand of hair color that will cover my white roots better than others? At sally's i see Wella, Ion, Clariol, Loreal. How much neutral color to add to red for 100% white roots?

Edward Munster

Do you say to mix red half and a neutral
Half but only use the neautral
On roots ? So
We're not
Mixing both colors ?!!


How would I get a nice red on an all over color hair is dark brown


You need to use a red filler first if she has lighter hair, and then add your copper color with some neutral mixed to it to help cover gray; the red filler will turn to a shocking orange color; warn the client that it is the first phase from start so she would not jump out of your chair before you move onto the second phase of applying the red+neutral color (that goes right after you applied the filler and right over it, but if it), you can do a strand test of the whole procedure to be sure.

Cindy Martinez

Your videos have helped me with everything thank you so Much. Thanks to your videos I was able to pass my cosmetology test last year and I got my license right away. Thank you so much.

Amy Doolan

I needed 5 bottles of dye for my hair


35 minutes on the roots when they grow out, 5 minutes on the ends (the leftover color mixed with shampoo) for soap cap. If you leave the color longer on the ends, the ends will turn dark and even black; that is the most common mistake when coloring the hair at home, especially red shades; if it gets overlapped a couple of times, it turns very dark.


We add shampoo to the leftover color used on the hair roots to soap cap on the ends for the last 5-10 minutes of the color service to refresh the existing color: it will not do much but if used on virgin hair; it will act as semi-permanent color or even less; like temporary hair color. 10 volume will deposit color to your hair, but it will hardly make it lighter than the existing color. Level 4 golden brown (your color) is a pretty safe color; do a strand test before coloring the whole hair.

Phoenix Wings

I have long hair and sometimes when I color my hair I don't have enough to finish my ends . If I put some shampoo and water in it like you did will the hair color be okay? Is it okay to dye hair when its wet with 10 volume developer? I dye my hair level 4 golden brown

bellabeautymakeup 35



As for going back to hair dresser, my finances will not allow that now. what shade of red would you suggest?does one brand work better than others especially for white roots? I hear Ion hair color and l"oreal preference or excellence I understand now what to do for white roots but for rest of hair do I put only the red on and for how long? I used the boxed L;oreal preference for years medium auburn and loved it until it no longer covered my roots. You have been a god sent. Thank you


i went to a cosmetology school but they didnt teach us the way you teach in your video thank you so much and your student is very lucky to have teacher like you i will be always waiting for your new video


you are one awesome teacher! :) Do you know if high lift browns lift dark coloured hair too? like the ones from l'oreal preference?


Thank you for your kind words; my subscribers are the ones that inspire me to upload more videos!



Harmony Nae

I love your channel... You very precise instructions & rapid response answers to questions.. Thanks you are a gifted teacher & qualified professional.. God's bless


does this method works with other colour brands so if example i make copper and the number is 7.5 i have to ad 7n (neutral to cover the white


Thank you!


Oh, you are right, put the red on on the ends, then bring the ends up to the roots and see if it matches the roots, once ends match, it is time to wash the hair.

Jackie Perez

I just tried this and it came out PERFECT!


Very nice. I have to do a color similar to this client wants a medium coppery red but right now she is ash blonde with about 50% grey how would I achieve this? Thx for all your help.


How would I get it burgundy red

Alex Bisou

Oh my i almost lost ur link. Let me tell you what happened to me lol I had highlighted my hair just a store bought box. then I saw your video and I thought well I can hide a few hairs. But when I was doing it I got distracted and did my whole head with this mix. My hair looks amazing lol looks caramel reddish blondish omg everyone loves it. TY!!!


Thank you! I am sure it will look beautiful!


If the hair is natural brown, then use any red color, but, first do a strand test. Different hair react differently to red color; it all depends on the client's hair's natural color. Another thing is the natural colors level and the level of he desired hair color. If the hair is too dark to begin with, you might want to go up a level or to on your red. Strand test first.

I Desi

I can't afford to go to a professional to get my roots touched up. Will red hair dye from a box work and what brand and color do you recommend? I have light olive skin and dark brown (almost black hair).


That's unusual, because the brown and red should cover. Try neural base and red: same proportion 3/4 neutral and 1/4 red. Neutral base color is a gray buster and will help cover white hair while the red will give you your red/auburn. If that does not work, use the same formula with neutral and red and add 15 drops of gray magic from a beauty supply; that helps the color to stay, too. It is amazing that you have white hair at 15. Hope the color will come out OK this time.

bellabeautymakeup 35

Can you show me a video with a client with red hair with high and lowlights I would appreciate it thanks

Kathy DiOrio

this was the best tutorial i have ever seen.. the people in the beauty supply stores do not know anything and you explained everything perfectly.. Thank you for helping those who can't afford to go to a hair salon


There are many bases: red, gold, blue and their mixtures; ash/neutral, orange and violet, and their mixtures; blue/green, red/gold, red/violet, yellow/green, blue/violet; and lastly, there are the mixture of all of those colors that makes brown, or even red+gold+blue make a shade of brown. If your hair is brown, you have used too many shades or bases. Yes, they are right at Sally's, you need to strip some of that brown, but, my advice; do highlights, the whole hair would not be even.


I ran out of characters, also please read the other messages, but, seems like you need to highlight your hair and add auburn toner; if it is OK with you, go to a hairdresser, who would do it. That is the easiest way without having different shades of red, orange and auburn if you bleach the whole thing yourself. A hairdresser will analyze your hair and check for porosity and damage and will assess your existing hair color and fix it and also will condition it: add protein, etc. Hope it works.


Yes, since both bleached and grey hair lost their primary colors, so we have to replace them when going darker.


Wish I could have this colour again. Sadly, I'm all grey/white now. I so miss this colour.


This is what the problem is and where Im confused. If my hair is medium brown now and I only leave auburn/red on for 5 minutes, is that enough time to make my hair auburn? I do understand now thanks to you, once I do get my hair the right color, to only do roots and refresh the rest for 5 mins. Yes I have been leaving on hair for 45 minutes thinking I need to do that in the beginning to get my hair auburn. I think also Im buying the wrong shades of red.


L'oreal doesn't make medium auburn in separate bottles from Sallys, and mixing the light and dark auburn didn't get me the same color, for some reason. I know I have to buy the bottles separate since I have to buy the 5N. neutral medium brown to mix for my roots.

pearly james

I have a rainbow peekaboo. Will Auburn cover the rainbow color


Because the haircolor formulas are specifically catered for each person, like prescription; based on their color preference, the hair texture, porosity, amount of gray and the natural color level. The NW is a suitable hair color for gray, because it is part Neutral and part warm; like the one in the video 6N is neutral and 6R is warm; the neutral one is the gray coverer, warm is there as preference. If you are not sure that your color will work, use it on a small strand before coloring all hair

Phoenix Wings

I use 1oz of 4N with 1oz of 4G Sometimes my hair pulls red. Is it okay to add in 1/2 oz of ash to calm the redness down? Thank you for answering my questions.


With 50% gray you mix half of the desired color you want to use with half of the neutral color at the same level as the original desired color: example; your client wants red, like 6R (level 6 base red); with 50% gray, you will mix 1 oz of 6R and 1 oz of 6N (level 6 base neutral).


Perhaps it is the method of application that makes your hair not how you would like. The roots turn red and the hair shaft is more brown when the color is applied all over from the start. When the hair has been previously colored, the haircolor needs to cover the root area at first mixed with the N to cover gray, and then the leftover color is mixed with soap to cover the shaft and ends for the last 5 minutes. Seems like you have covered the ends with colors with different bases; turned brown

Che Aswegui

Help me please, I used 8N and 8.33GYellow with 20v..the problem is it works for almost 15hrs in the greyhair...does the ddeveloper I used maybe the problem?


Haircolor is so hard to assess over the phone or online; some guidelines are possible, but when there are too many underlying pigments, the hairdresser needs to see, feel, test the hair to give you the right answer for your hair; like a prescription. I am trying to help, but even if you send a picture of yourself, it is still hard. We need to analyze the hair before coloring it. Believe me, I am trying to help; if I put a single color on ten clients; each client will have a different result ;))



Steven Michael

Soap cap? No, no, no. Not with today's technology. A no-lift, non-ammoniated, deposit only Demi color is the correct way to refreshen mid-shaft and ends. The number one reason hair color fades too quickly, and Reds are the most sensitive to this, is incorrect processing timing (rinsed off too soon) and porosity. You keep doing soap caps and you'll be creating more and more porosity during each touch-up visit. No lie.

Elizabeth Lee

I like it, but can you add shine and softness.


The red is too strong to be diminished with the neutral base we used to help cover gray; alone, red would have taken well for the dark hair, but not the gray hair, since the gray needs ash to be covered well and without ash in red the gray would have taken an orange tone. Gray hair need all 3 primary pigments to take a dark color; red, blue and yellow; we had the red that the client chose and the neutral was made of blue and yellow. Also watch the haircolor theory classes in the color playlist.


I truly do appreciate your help & you have helped. I'm learning alot from you. Thank you Everytime I go to hairdresser they do talk me into highlights but now I just want back my auburn hair. Yes, I was put the entire color on hair for 45 mins and ended up like you said. Does auburn hair color have brown already mixed in? or best to get red and brown and mix myself to make auburn?Ok put on roots first, with 100% white, 1/2 red and 1/2 neutral brown? What color red to make a pretty medium auburn?


Is there a brand that works better than another? Everytime I go into Sally's they tell me something different. I have used several auburn/red and my hair basically stays the same color except my roots will turn bright red. once i do find a shade, how long do I leave on my medium brown hair for it to become auburn? as you can tell im confused and any help is greatly appreciating since I have been trying for 5 years to become a med natural looking auburn/red again without light roots


I have dyed medium brown with reddish tones hair. My hair would probably be totally white if grown out. White hair at age 15. I want to be a natural looking medium red/auburn again. What color & brand would you suggest? How do I color my 100% white roots, not gray, all white? In the past I would use a medium auburn but my roots wouldn't cover so on roots 3/4 med brown neutral and 1/4 red but what happens my entire hair evenually comes out brown, like it is now. Thank you so much


Add a red violet base color for burgundy red. If your client's hair is stubborn, you can add a red filler to the hair first.


It turned out brwn


Thanks and good luck with your color.

Silver Blonde | Best Silver Color Formula | The journey to Silver Hair Color

Silver Blonde | Best Silver Color Formula | The journey to Silver Hair Color11 Oct. 2020
2 136

Journey to Silver - We had

Journey to Silver - We had a limited amount of time today to make a big change. Since we didn't have time to remove all the darker blonde pieces, I wanted to give my client as much silver and white as possible. Follow along on the journey to see what we do next.

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Heloisa Tiveron

Always a great job . Beautiful

Cin Ma

I didn’t want the blonde anymore. So I got a pixie and am slowly growing out the natural color. Wish I could have kept my length and went this route. Your work is beautiful and the ladies are so lucky. I am on month 9 of my Grey natural grow out. But I got my pixie 3 months ago Bc I was tired of the demarcation line. And it’s grown out some but I have a ways to go. I literally got a super short buzz cut pixie. Stay safe and keep working your Magic.

Penny Coffey

Her hair looks awesome, kinda like when you did my hair. Your are the Hair color guru! ❤️

SuZan Morton

Looks like I’m going to have to drive to Austin!

robert björnesjö

What a difference that toner did! I dont this u need to bleach it anymore if i just keep toning it regurlarly and keep cutting it ???

paula copley

Love the depth of colour you have created in what could have been a flat look x