Father passed away

?Bride's father passed away, she writes him a letter on her wedding day ?Mayo Hotel Wedding Video

?Bride's father passed away, she writes him a letter on her wedding day ?Mayo Hotel Wedding Video28 Sep. 2018
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*We encourage you to

*We encourage you to watch this film when you have a few minutes to yourself, and you have a tissue handy.

Cynthia and Jaremy’s wedding day was filled with so many emotions. We couldn’t help but shed a few tears ourselves on the wedding day (as well as editing this film). You see, Cynthia’s father has passed away. Her love for her dad was evident throughout the day. When we were talking with her, she asked if she could write a letter to her dad, and read it on camera. Although we knew that would be quite difficult, we told her it would be something that we’d be glad to film for her. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. As a father myself, I couldn’t help but to think about my little girls, and how they would be if I weren’t able to make it to their wedding day. It tore me up. Needless to say, it was quite the emotional moment. Cynthia is so strong, and poised. She read her letter to her dad, and we were all in tears. Such raw emotion, for a man that was truly loved by his family.

What we do isn’t just making fun movies for you to enjoy. It is much more than that. We are there to help you preserve your memories. To preserve the memory of your loved ones. Sometimes this job can be quite difficult, and to be honest, it was hard to make it through these moments. But I am so happy we were able to capture it for them.

During their first look, Cynthia gave Jaremy a handkerchief with a letter to her dad on it. Jaremy kept this with him all day long. During the reception, without Cynthia knowing it, Jaremy had written a letter to Cynthia’s dad vowing to take care of his little girl. He had one of his groomsmen read the letter for everyone to hear, and let’s just say we were all left speechless.

So was the day sad? Not at all. Were there difficult moments. Of course. But here’s the thing. This is their story, this is their life. We are so thankful that they were willing to be vulnerable with us to the point of letting us in on these moments. The day itself was actually a blast. Definitely their were sad tears, but mainly the day was so light and fun. The couple was so kind to us, for the last year of knowing them. Since the wedding, we have been texting each other almost daily. I truly am getting to a point in my career where my couples are becoming friends. It is a huge honor that I don’t take lightly.

Cynthia and Jaremy,

You are my people. You are the reason I do what I do. We love the two of you, and feel like a part of your family. I thank you for your vulnerability with us. I thank you for treating us so well. Thank you for trusting in what we do. Thank you for so many things. If you need us, we are here. I only hope this film helps bring you back to that day. That perfect day. Know that he is looking down on you both, and proud. Know that you will see each other face to face again. This pain is temporary.


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I don't want to dance at my wedding do you have to ??


I didn’t get to ask my dad if he would walk me down the isle. He died 5 months ago, 11 months before my wedding. On my wedding day it will be exactly 11 months since he died.

Peggy Martin

Best & most favorite neighbors I ever had. God bless you both, keep you safe, and walk with you every step of your lives. Jaremy and Cynthia as a couple are the definition of what REAL love is. Sorry for the loss of Cynthia's father & glad she was blessed to have Jaremy to support her and stay by her side in her time of grief and beyond. The two of you will always have a place in my heart.

Heather Rodgers

Wow the liars post this to my account family members family friends with message

massiel de leon

I love decoration , execellent video


What a lovely couple, that look so well suited .Having lost my father in 2008 to a stoke, and my mother to cancer in 2018,the loss of a parent hits us like nothing else, but please believe me when i say your dad will always be walking beside you and remain in your hearts forever.

And a big well done to "redeemed productions" for the excellent filming,for what must have been a very difficult time for you aswell.

Sending best wishes from the united kingdom

ms janinecastillo

I can say I know the pain of loosing your own father, I can’t wait for my wedding day, but it will be one heck of an emotional one. I miss you dad.

Guido Pasquale

Yes.. it makes me cry... all the best from Germany

Mr.M1Garand 25

These videos make me wonder where my life is going and if I'll ever marry a woman to give all the love I have to

Heather A

Wow oh Wow this one just tugs right at those right heart strings ! By the end you are definitely crying (a mixture of happy and sad ones).

Daniel R.

I am so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing, yet your day was beautiful, may God's word bring you comfort and your marriage be blessed, Revelation 21:4, Mark 10:9.

Cass R

I'm a mess - Beautiful video

Rainee Aroha

Watching from New Zealand...This is so beautiful and sad at the same time ....The Letter to Dear Dad...got me...

Kylene Barker

I was afraid to watch this because I knew it would make me cry.....and I was right. Cynthia is a beautiful lady. So happy for the both of you! You made your daddy smile up there. Sorry I missed the wedding, but it looked amazing. Bless you both.

Carinne Lilac

This is a heartwarming wedding video ?

John Bunn - Redeemed Productions

Wow! This one made us cry! Where are you watching from? Take 2 seconds and let us know. Pretty please! What did you like about the video?


I'm watching from taxes and I was crying and I'm still crying and I been crying all night tonight


My Dad passed away 6 years ago and I‘m so afraid of my wedding. I‘ll only cry on this day

Carinne Lilac

I have been married for 2 weeks now ☺️

Carolyn Kor

My Dad was in ICU dying on my wedding day. We thought he was going to be able to have the strength to walk me down the isle, it did not happen. I truly was my Daddy's little girl. Even though I did not have my Dad I had the Lord, that is all I had to hang on to and the love of my husband of 44 years. My wedding felt more like a wake because all over two hundred guest and family were already grieving my Dad. Our families surprised us with a beautiful, joyful wedding renewing our vows on our 25th wedding anniversary.we had canceled the reception after the wedding to go down to the hospital to be with my Dad, so we did have a reception twenty five years later.
I truly know how you feel.


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The Corpse SquadSubscribe 438 721

This is really upsetting.

This is really upsetting. I'm posting this here for the people who don't have Twitter. Jack posted on his Twitter to tell everyone that he'll be taking a break from streaming as his dad passed away recently.

Wishing him all the best. My condolences to him and his family

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Mohammed Al farsi

Jack is a good person and I’m not a Stan or anything but he was a part of my childhood and millions of other people if he needs months off I think we should respect that and not push him to upload I hope he gets better soon

Emily Rotando

But in all seriousness, my condolences to Seán and his loved ones

Abigail Lautzenheiser

oh.. poor Jack :(

Eli A

I'm sorry but I can't be the only one who absolutely HATES when people unnecessarily bring god into the conversation... Especially since Jack has stated multiple times he is atheist. Let the poor man grieve without bombarding him with your religious beliefs
(this is regarding quite a few comments replying to his tweet. I understand they are well-intentioned but as someone who is also atheist and has faced loss, it feels shitty hearing about 'God' and his 'reason' for taking your loved one as if it makes it better)

RaNdomboi 2000

And then there’s the 3 year old that said his dad was not the impostor...

Callum Johnston

I usually don’t get very emotional about thing that don’t have anything to do with me, but the thought of Seán, someone who i look up to and is always smiling and laughing going through this is just breaking my heart. Please take as much time off as you need and know that there are millions of people out there who love you.

Zachary Valdez

I know it’s sad but what is the songs name?


You didn’t even show jacks comment


It's so weird to see Seth Everman be serious.
That's so awful. ?

Shimmer Sabre

This made me cry...
Poor jack ;w;

Rodwil Estrellanes

The "edgy" kids and middle-aged patriotic white guys in that reply section saying "F in the chat", "His dad was sus so we ejected him", "That's sad but can you shoutout my soundcloud though?", and "If you wanted privacy, why post this? It just shows how much of an unintelligent attention seeker you are" kinda shit makes my blood boil. Absolute brainlet degenerates. This is what brainlets do when they're not in their coomcaves and middle aged patriotic white guys when they're not being racist.

Edgar Rios

My condolences to you and your family. Can't even imagine what you are going through. Will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Kelly Jones

Sorry to hear about your father Jack. We all love you, take the time that you need to heal from this Seán, we love you lots. ??

Jackie Miller

When I heard that Jack's father passed away I immediately started crying. It's very hard loosing a friend but even harder loosing a family member. If his fans could hug him right now we would, but since we can't we can all show our love and condolences to him and his family. I'm not good at writing about this, all I can say is that I hope Jack and his family find lots of comfort and support during their time of grieving. Take as much time as you need Jack, we all love you and understand what you and your family are going through.

mercedes lauv

I'm sorry for him his such a beautiful soul,is dad must be proud ?✨?
And his friends are so sweet giving him support and time for himself.


did this really need to be a video let alone with a bright happy thumbnail.....?

W4rr10r8 Gamer

So sorry Sean. Sending my prayers to you and your family.

lyla gold

i wish we could do something for him


Where’s pewdiepie

Ik he deleted Twitter or whatever either way he probably knows

Yherz TV

I can understand it

Lonely Childz

I hope the father that raised one of my major childhood father figures is happy in the afterlife. I hope Jack will be okay soon, I know how it feels :(

Envis Flames

Thanks for making this video. A lot of people don't have Twitter (or are taking a break from the insanity recently) and this is a good way to let everyone know so he doesn't get bombarded with "where did you go" messages, or at least prevent them from piling on too much via youtube.


im not crying, you are

Steven Hellsing

Poor Seán, my condolences for him and his family. Im happy that he has so many friends to look after him at this hard time and he doesnt have to go through it alone. He can take his time and everyone will support him whenever he comes back. As a person who lost my dad when i was 5, it took me a decade to move on from it. I know he would do better than i did he has such an amazing partner and friends.


his dad was not the impostor


If I posted “my dad died” I’d get harassed lol

stitch bro

I straight up cried when seán said his dad passed away ?

Andrew Clarkkk

song name?


❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? hope he feels better :(


Losing a family member can be quite devastating. To this day I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that my grandmother is gone. I send hope and love to him and his family:,(

TenkoYai Shiro

I Know the feeling, take all the time you need cuz we're here for you and we're not going anywhere ( ◜‿◝ )♡


This honestly sucks so much. I feel genuinely bad for Jack and his family and I hope they can stay strong together during this tough time. Sending my condolences and well wishes.

Mc Davyn Lane

Sean could take years if he needs too as long as he needs to get past the trauma of losing a loved one I've been following seans work since mid 2014 he has brought so much joy to my life its only right we return the favour and give him as much time as he needs I love u Sean hope your doing well♥️


this is so sad...its never easy to lose a loved one, especially a close family member.. I pray that him and his family find some peace during this time and that he takes as much time as he needs to heal and that he wont feel pressured to come back before then.

Ruby R

So incredibly sad,
May his father rest in peace?
I'm sending jack and his love, support, strength and anything else they may need?

Jonathan Baker

This is so sad ?

Kirsten Fisher

It’s always hard when a family member passes.

David Rhoton

Sorry for your loss jack we are here for you 24-7-365. My uncle died recent also. Stay strong buddy?????????‍??‍??‍??‍?

Cameron Fucinari69

This week has been so tough for so many people already......2021 isn't looking like a bright future...but we can overcome anything if we stay positive

Trystan Minor

We're all here for ya lad down at you need to do and keep being you


My heart goes out to this man hes such a legend

Joe Fryer

So sorry to hear about that wish you the best may he rest in peice

ᑌᘜᕼ !

I am so sorry for your loss jack I hope you feel better and you completely deserve this break and we completely understand your fathers in a better place now we love you❤️

Thomas Nguyen

Give him privacy and he’ll come back once ready no matter how long

• Scorpius Malfoy•

I’m so sorry Sean ???

He can rest now. He is with the other angels ?


this seems so insensitive to click bait. imagine if jack saw this. bad taste

Hexic 60FPS

When I was little I lost my dad and didn’t really have much jack has all of his friends and family and fans to try cheer him up so what I’m trying to say I know what he is going through and I could never wish for that pain to fall upon anybody rip

Python 9100

I know how that feels my dad died when I was 17 and just felt so down and broken, much love and hope everything is okay with him

Okami Rain

Aww.. lose a loved one is never easy.. take the time ya need. And dont forget we all love ya and here for ya! Best wishes to you and prays ♥️


I was litteralu crying when i saw the tweet and all the love?


I recently lost my great grandpa so I know how bad it is to lose someone you've known for your entire life and having it be a father is extremely saddening

Winstoper321 •_•

Damn, Seán lost his father 2 days ago and I just found out about it now...


rest in peace . my grand father died recently too so he can take a year long break if necessairy.

Spencer Hyde

Truly heartbreaking. I couldn't imagine what he's going through. All my love, condolences and thoughts are with him and the Mcloughlin family ❤❤❤

Sea Crescent

Jack has already suffered enough. He doesn't need this. I just wish him well.

Valrumi i

sorry for your loss jack. we will be here for you. take care of yourself. everything's going to be alright and everybody's here for you ❤ it will be hard but it will get better. he will be with you. and so will we. we will wait. we love you jack!


I can't believe in this Dnxity If he really wanted to help he wouldn't even mention God

Fiona Coyne

Thank you for letting us know ?

GamerFan :D



His dads presence is still with him, wherever he might be right now after this.
May he Rest in Peace.

Scott Marquis

Prayers up for jack and his family ?????? take your time jack, we will always stand by you, you lifted me up through hard times last summer, I’m so grateful to have someone to go to such as Jack, who is such a good friend to his viewers and even his non- viewers. He is a great person. Side note: I edited it because I miss spelt something



Charles Suiza

And then there are comments on Jack's tweet saying "lol noob" and "Jack's dad was not inpostor"... Like WTF

Yoboy Odyssey

Jack we got you take all the time you want ?

Sky C

Oh, my condolences, Jack. I hope you find all the comfort you need. I know you will take all the time you need and that is very very good. Please dont hessitate to. Sending love to your family and loved ones and you.

Fiona Coyne

I said a prayer for him and his family ??

Detjon_ Gjonaj

Wait what ? His dad just passed away? Thats so sad ??. My condolences to you , jack . Take your time man .


I can't imagine how hard that must be for Jack bless him I know exactly how hard it is to lose someone you love. Let alone someone who raised you and always been there for you every step of the way. I will stay by he's side and support him can't imagine how he feels ??


Jack's father will always love him he is not in the flesh but he is in his heart rest in peace Sean's dad

Lacey Delfino

I give u my strength jack! Stay strong and remember he hasnt left, he is still in ur heart.

vero van de giessen

its ok i know how you feel mine dad also just past away fuw days ago

Vaggos Tsoumeleas

When I lost both of my grandpa’s I was literally depressed for a month I can’t even imagine how jack is felling

Kostas Gamer

Noooo nooooo jackkkkk whyyyyyy I’m so sorry for your loss ??????????????????????????????☹️☹️☹️????


My boy has been going through a lot recently with all that mental health issues, breathing problems, hearing problems and digestion issues too, and now this. I hope he gets well soon and take his time to recover from all of this. All love and support to one and only jack-a-boy.❤

The Corpse Squad

I don't really know what to say. There's just been a lot of unfortunate things happening this week, I feel devasted for everyone who received bad news. Jack, all I can say I'm sorry, it must be really hard, especially during this time where we haven't really been able to see family. My condolences

Kole L

Corpse: I'm sorry for your loss. If you need anything I'm a call away.
Milo:.... Not the time

Zoey Nicole



Oh no this is such a heartbreaking thing to hear. My prayers goes out to Jack and his family I pray god shine his light in their sorrows ???

Domestic Cat

Condolence Jacksepticeye, much love and support to you and your family! ???

Lafarna XD

three letters RIP

jane nantambi

Bad start to 2021... Rip Jack's Father

Zachri A. Klehm

I am sorry to hear your lose hugs and loves sent to you and your family

Alyssa Dowdy

Man I almost cried I’m sorry for his loss and he doesn’t know how much he means to us


I hope he feels better soon. Life is tough.

Daddy Wonka

My dad died a couple years back, i’m sorry man :(

Funny Bunny

I can’t imagine what that must feel like my condolences go to Sèan and his family

Wilkie Equine

Ima go binge watch all his vids now

Doses of Mimosas

My condolences jack ? sending love to you and your family ❤

Pastel Hot Mess


Kaya Vondráková

Losing someone close is extremely hard. And learning how to live with it is even worse. I’m sorry for your loss Mr. Jack.


Awww... I feel really bad for jack... It's really hard to lose a family member

Big Chungus


Brooklyn D

I knew some dumb fuck would have to make a video abt bc ppl have nothing better to do except post drama

Skwish 6952

Sean my condolences and my love to you brother. We will see you when you are back.

Adam Killian

: """"""""""""" (

Tay Potato 1301

I cried when I saw this in my recommended :,(

Eastyn Mead

I'm sorry Jack. Take all the time you need. We will still be here waiting for you when you are ready to return.

Itswild II

I remember him saying I never really heard my parents say I love you this was years ago I always think about it and this hurts me god bless him sorry for your loss Jackie boy

Cryptic Niketime

that's so sad

The Tormentor

Our poor dirty bean water man has been through so much over that last year☹️ he should take as much time as he needs to heal from this.

Groom’s Father Passes Away | Story of Love and Loss | Chicago, IL

Groom’s Father Passes Away | Story of Love and Loss | Chicago, IL31 Jul. 2019
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Anchored FilmsSubscribe 438 721

The groom's father passed

The groom's father passed away before the wedding and the groom gives one incredible, emotional speech to his bride.

So.. get the tissues. These two have one incredible story. Like... legit out of a movie.


They met while at Alex's grandparents bar on November night. He waltzed in and she couldn't keep her eyes off of him - apparently the feeling was mutual. Not too much later, Taylor approached Alex and began talking, laughing and connecting right away. She knew there was something special about him. Their groups split up and went different directions.. but later in the night, they found each other AGAIN at another bar. Taylor took his chance, pulled her in and started dancing with her. She immediately felt those butterflies, which scared her enough to sneak out and leave when he wasn't looking... Cinderella anyone?!

Not long after, they re-connected. Alex said she knew it was love when one night while they each were at different weddings, Taylor drove 30 minutes to her because he just couldn't wait to see her. Then he brought her back to meet his friends and family and the rest is history.


The real beauty of the story, though, is that Alex came into Taylor's life "at the most important time" as Taylor says. Sadly, his dad passed away not long after...

Alex was there to support Taylor, and be there for him during one of the hardest moments of his life. His life was so beautifully remembered and celebrated during their wedding and the start of THEIR new life together. He may not have been there in body, but he was there in spirit.

We felt beyond blessed to share in these sweet moments and craft a film based on their incredible story... and we still get emotional watching!


Venue: Lee County 4H Center

Wedding Planner: Jordan Williams from Ever After Planning

Make-up Artist(s): Tasha O’Malley & Terri Leffleman

Florist: Pollen & Pastry

Photography: Rachael Osborn Photography

Catering Company: El Jacalito

Bakery: Pollen & Pastry

DJ or Band: Eisenberg Productions

Jeweler: Kay Jeweler

Invitations/Stationery: MMD creative (Mary Mahan-Deatherage)

Cameras we used:

- Sony a7sii

- Canon 5Dmiii


► https://kit.com/anchored/our-current-...

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– Canon 50mm 1.8 - https://amzn.to/2GUZGzI

– Canon 24-70mm 2.8 ii - https://amzn.to/2BMC2ls

– Sony 35mm 2.8 - https://amzn.to/2BJ0mog

Song: "It’s Always Been You (instrumental)" by Marie Hines

(Licensed via MusicBed)

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