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Histology of Tongue and Thyroid gland

Histology of Tongue and Thyroid gland27 Nov. 2020
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video by dr Smita

video by dr Smita Sudarshana

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Drex's Tech Poi Blog #88: Stall chases with split-time opposites stalls

Drex's Tech Poi Blog #88: Stall chases with split-time opposites stalls19 May. 2010
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Another move from this

Another move from this year's Firedrums. Kate from Florida came up with this one (thought it actually appears that Mel first demoed it in his "Me and my shadow" vid last year), that takes the old stall chase exercise and adds a twist to it by switching between the stall chase and a split-time opposites stall. It reminds me a bit of another variant on the stall chasing that Mel does, but has a rather unique flair that I dig. Enjoy! :)

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Melissa Rounds

@TrippWaLk no hippy this year, but yes, it's the same kate. he was with her at FD in 08. she's from cincinnati, ohio originally, and moving back in 2 weeks. (and holy gods are we glad about it!)

DrexFactor Poi

@AlienJon That wouldn't shock reminds me a lot of some stuff I've seen Mel do as well.

The Spinsterz

That's some pretty cool stuff. I can't wait to finish eating so I can grab my poi and try. I did find it confusing when you refer to your left hand as your right and your right as your left, kinda boggled my brain a bit.

DrexFactor Poi

@Mireneye Yeah, this clearly needed some kind of name and you'd already vetoed the whole hybrid stall label ;)

Alien Jon

Cyrille has been playing this one for a wile too.


@TheLatexfrog Been working on that, with only the classic type for a few weeks, still have some issues with it, will catch it on video when it's done =) Awesome work Drex! I especially like the name "Stall chase" finally I have a name for it haha.

DrexFactor Poi

@TheLatexfrog Ooh! Good call! I hadn't thought of that :)


Very cool, I'm gonna have fun playing with this. Very nice work on breaking it down, clear and simple :D


@hexhoops she's moving back?! AWESOME! I haven't seen her since last season! It's gonna be fun seein her an hippy again. =P

Leo 'flow attack

This is not the end of that move, there's some more funky variations and patterns and combos you can make if you start to play with all the points where you can link hands and split them in all the directions. Also, if you do the wheelplane version where you stall behind your head and in front of you looks really nice.



DrexFactor Poi

@hexhoops Wicked!!!! That's great news :) I've gotta come out and visit you guys.

San Estu

you can also do something like a floater with your left hand instead of the second stall...its easier but it looks great..

DrexFactor Poi

@leospoi Yeah, I've seen the one behind the head and it does look awesome...unfortunately I'm just not flexible enough to pull it off :-P I'll play with the plane-bending variant and see where that takes me. I'm curious how one keeps the momentum up to finish the stall chase with the poi going up if one is switching the plane. Do you have video of this?

DrexFactor Poi

@NathanielEverist Right you are! It's been so long since I'd seen it that I'd totally forgotten. Good memory, mate! I'll update the written description to reflect this.

Tori Johnson

interesting, pretty simple too, i like!


wait, did this kate have a guy named hippy with her?


As Leo said, this is only the beginning :] This video is a great learning tool. PS: I was at the vulcan for spinjam last night and Greg was doing the behind the head stall variation into plane-changes as Leo mentioned :D No video as of yet though.

DrexFactor Poi

@TrippWaLk Last year she did, yeah. This year Hippy couldn't make it.


OOOohhhhohoho dude... You are going to LOVE what I have to show you at WF regarding stally-switchies!

David & Sonali

@TaoAvatar20 Everyone I know refers to it as the "everyone and their mom" move, which i think is a pretty accurate description :P

David & Sonali

ive seen this move, i'd like to see the wheelplane over the head version demoed though! can't wrap my mind around how it's supposed to work.. :/


I like stalling poi to handle, then isolating to the other side and pulling out of the poi to handle stall position on the other side.


i tried it and it's kinda tricky at first until you get the feeling of it.. nice one!

Jay Rowe

Noel taught me a variant of that on Friday at Fire Drums. It's basically the same thing exect half of it is in the plane behind you depending on which side you do it on.


It looks a LOT cleaner if you incorporate the Thomas (Nevisoul) & Ronan clapping of the hands while doing the stall-chase. I don't remember whom I saw use it first while doing various weaves. Thomas' class at FD had us practicing various moves where you would gradually lengthen the time keeping your hands clasped or on top of each other while doing the body-tracing. In the stall-chase you're tracing the diameter of the circle with the poi tangent as long as possible to maintain the effect.

[Vinesauce] Vinny & GPM - Vinesauce Games Repainted

[Vinesauce] Vinny & GPM - Vinesauce Games Repainted17 Jan. 2016
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The Vinesauce community

The Vinesauce community made record-breaking donations to charity, and as a result, they were rewarded with ALL of the memes. Streamed live on Vinesauce. Check out my other youtube channel for full streams. ► My twitter: ►

Video editing by Captain Southbird. ►

Bee art by FrangoDango, kooopa, Most, and ohmyemi!

Here are some of my most viewed videos if you for some astonishing reason want to watch more of my crap. ►

Subscribing is appreciated! ►

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HentaiBro 69

Is it still hip to fuck bees?

Damek Braxton

Only Sponge is allowed into this meme hell, and he's the reason why the game isn't usually.


Nice new Huey Lewis song, "It's Hip To F*ck Bees"


where's the cum song

Andrew Layton

What if they put this in 3D All Stars instead of the actual Mario Galaxy?

Emma G

Do your best

ledgends of cam

OK I know it’s a joke but the Undertale music joke is killing me and not in the Goodway like a laughing I’m sorry I love your Content

Tyler Joseph

Whats the anime music name?


7:05 the wario apparition

Super Epic Miner



Vinesauce is one of the Internet lords and I fucking love that

Irishfleebaag 777

9:30 I apologize on behalf of the degenerate side of our fandom as not all furry porn or art for that matter is this shit.


Still no download link nearly 5 years later.

griffyn is a literal sociopath

6:26 betrayal


do your best


you can tell this has aged somewhat because vinny completely and utterly ignored the highlighted "spin" at 2:18

Gee Buttersnaps


The Alchemist King

A lot of the songs are legit genuinely from ut


4 years old and never stale.


what song is that at 0:24

Ryaquaza 1

6:29 the reason I keep coming back to this video

Egbert de Zee

Fun fact:
The hub world and the first grand star place have undertale music
Dogsong and core to be chosen exact

Cal's Calzones

sometimes ill have a laughing fit in public because i remember how fucking excited vinny was to see a jpeg of riker

the who

every vinesauce meme is personalized

Speedy Souza

Core theme from undertale, that was the song in the first gland stall room


Can i have a link to the fox thing?





Glizzy With Bev

right here

Sonicfan 246810

I'm dying XD!

pretty specxy

Code geyass lol


0:18 Years later I realized that Charlie Brown was watching the end of evangelion

Google Demonetization

4:35 where the heck is that background from? I can’t find the video for the life of me

Conn Toons

This is too damn funny
I’m done ?


5:32 What's the name of the song/meme? XD


Do your Best Vinny

Alex Pawlowski

More work was put into this than Super Mario 3D All Stars.


If this hack was updated, I imagine one of the songs would be replaced with REM Lezarrrrrrrrr!

Marco Dracono

What anime is the song at 2:40 from? It kinda sounds like Eureka 7

The Doom Master

Always do your best, Vinny

AffectiveCorn21 Crashunter684

So Long GAY Bowser


I always associate Mario Galaxy with "Do Your Best" now thanks to this video.

Neon Dream

"Nice of Rosalina to invite us over to her Comet Observatory, Eh Luigi?"

Luca The Loser

You remember when these were memes and there wasn’t any trendy memes that would die in like a week?


When I first watched this in 2016 I had never heard of Undertale and assumed Undertale was an anime.


Because if this video I now play "do your best" at least twice a day on discord and almost every time I get muted


Its hip to fuck bees

Sonicfan 246810

Missed opportunity for the spin would be Vinny saying SPEEN!

Bingles Praise

What is the song at 11:56?

Alto Clef

"Yep, nope, fuck this."



Blue Sky



The honeycomb galaxy bit will always be my favorite

elliot rat

so long gay bowser :(


2:17 speen before the spheen

Wiffy Wiffy

4:31 I think I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t find out where that background picture is from. Please if anyone knows tell me because I do sort of know what it’s about but don’t know the name of the video.

Kyle Varady

I’ve watched this video ever since it came out, and I only just noticed “You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Go Fast” at 2:30

Nathan Arsenault


Shooter McCray

On the one hand, this is really crusty and kind of cringe.

On the other, you found a way to make Rosalina hotter.


GPM is a damn legend.

The Leafeon

Everyone, please go watch the Do your best video, its surreal and amazing


This was ahead of its time i swear to god. Its just beautiful. Could make a grown man cry.

Leon S. Kennedy

Super Mario 3D All Stars is looking good.

dead channel


Zuzu Mailbox

I hope that one day, when all of humanity crumbles down from time and our own hubris, this is the only hope of showing the next sapient lifeforms that we used to exist. Decades, they try to recover this video, from one small file on an ancient USB drive, making slow and steady progress so they don't damage the last bit of proof of humanity. Then, it's recovered, and it is shown live to the extraterrestrial beings that found it. And, as millions hold their breath, crossing their fingers, and prepare for the reveal, the sounds and visuals hit them.
"Always do your best. Do your best! Do your best! Do it every day." Their smiles break, the tension in their body now replaced with sorrow. Echoes of this past, confusing colors and sounds, conversations jumping from one topic to another. Disturbing comments about fornicating with creatures. No one understands what had just happened.
And that's when they realized it. How it's all connected; the universe, the past, the present, the future, the alternate realities and timelines that collide with one another.

Ryan D

Imagine getting the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection and this is what you see when you play Galaxy



AffectiveCorn21 Crashunter684

the bowser face with the vine one and the others is laterly edited or its on the game actually?

pretty specxy

Code geass screws over vinny


I hope that vinny is still doing his best.


this is such a legendary video. this stream spawned so many memes, and will go down in history

Kristiane Maia

What about Pretzel's Mansion

Iam francis

This made me laugh so hard 4:17 5:27

Bruh Moment

The goombas are sans

Isaac Reser

Do ye best do ye best do eet eveyday

Lack toast And tolerence

Do your best do your best do it everyday


5:30 is an ancient meme!
6:47 ah so thats why I was redirected here

Charles-Olivier Marchand



Even after more than 4 whole years... this fucking vid NEVER gets old haha.

Fun Fact... this was my very first introduction to Vinesauce... needless to say that I subscribed right after I was done watching this.

El Ess Toy


Temporal Toast

I knew that the choicest voice bowser noise would reappear one day


9:27 Get the fuck out with that "Incontinent Student Bodies" shit.

I think that bought that for a friend of mine at a furry convention, only because he paid me. I hate that I kind of know what that is.

Why must you do that to me???


If Super Mario Galaxy repainted was so great why isnt there Super Mario Galaxy repainted 2?




Who would not want to copulate with human sized bees?



Splat Tim

God the fucking cutscene edits though

Kimg Komg

Do your best might be my favorite meme, it's so positive

Antimeme TM

Holy shit i found it




god i miss 2015


I don’t know why but vinnys mii laugh at 1:04 fits so well


This Whole game feels like my old Geocities or Angelfire page.

Johann Orozco

I wish you could install this and play it for yourself. :(

Elfie Branford

Vinesauce videos are no longer on "The Hub" because they got rid of all unverified content today. RIP.

Evancanopener Terra

when I looked up beesex, it was for this, pls don't report me


6:50 Vinny is played like a damn fiddle

Cyrus PL

3:59 lmao


RIP to the fact that this repainting was never finished


one of the edits reminds me of Terraria