Grapefruit sex technique

Grapefruit Technique

Grapefruit Technique25 Jan. 2018
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A Trick To Learn

A Trick To Learn

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Kanna The Dragon

Im dying?????

I'm already tracer


Cristina Dimofte

It s a movie?


Brown man brought me...




That noise

Konsistency -_-


Kostandin Patoku



Is this female comedy

Xxx Edgar6

This movie was funny!!!

R.J.J. O

That cough on the banana was so funny somehow.

Kandi Koko

.....I have no words but these?

0_0 0_0


Bonny Cake

I show this to my brother and he said girls are weird this day

mr_man45 _

I'm done??

DBF Phoenix

Wow better than the original

C0La's_ Bike



She actually did it LOL

Landon Lick

I cumed in my pants

Kira Helton

I'm fucking dead omg



Reacting to "Grape Fruit Technique"

Reacting to "Grape Fruit Technique"2 Jan. 2016
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me reacting with my cousin

me reacting with my cousin to the grape fruit technique xD

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Alyssa Moore

Dobbiamo partire dal fatto che la comprensione dell'essenza delle tecnologie di risparmio delle risorse definisce in modo univoco ogni partecipante come capace di prendere le proprie decisioni in merito al ritiro delle attività correnti. A proposito, possono essere resi pubblici chiari segni della vittoria dell'istituzionalizzazione.
È piacevole, cittadini, osservare come le conclusioni tratte sulla base dell'analisi di Internet, che sono un vivido esempio del tipo di cultura politica dell'Europa continentale, saranno trasformate in uno zimbello, sebbene la loro stessa esistenza porti indubbi benefici alla società. Tenuto conto dell'attuale situazione internazionale, l'ulteriore sviluppo di diverse forme di attività consente di valutare la significatività del modello di sviluppo.?


the fucking background music does not fit with this video

Raqayyah H

Grafton Cayce....I got one word..RSA. ??

Fabian Tamas

Én aki a Trió Podcast után jött!

Antonin Liens

pas mal

Cinematic Addict

U looked like u enjoyed that video too much.

Faye King

I'm Jewish, I do this with a bagel and cream cheese. Under the desk, in the oval office to my man Bill. He loves it, the only problem is that I end up eating the sandwich and it makes me fat.


She. Is. A. Pro.?
Be careful. Certain medication reacts badly with grapefruit juice.

Blake Gracia

That sound must be the sound when Cthulu devours the human beings.

pouya s

This was such a turn off to watch ????? amazingly funny though ?

Jack Cole

WTF Algorithm


I am just here because of a Fallout 4 reference. Lol.

Clubman Gaming

Bro I screamed when I watched certain parts of this ??

Rhett Morgan

We did not like the video



laugh•able• Operation

this is why we can't have nice things..

Sam Cabrera

As JFJ would say


Mikayla Aspeslet

I'm sad now.

Calamity In Action

I remember seeing the meme like at least 5 years ago, maybe more. I remembered it very differently, and the whole thing feels like I imagined it. Wack

Jack Cole

WTF Algorithm



Dying pig: 2:57


I couldn't delete this video in my brain all these years. I always remembered at some point.

ATX Badge Buster

My wives did this and it's amazing af

Ally Ally


jacob Fletcher

Are you winning son?

Fire Folf 'The Bayonetta God'

In definitely going to do this to my Husband

Andres Perez

I love how there’s a kid friendly song in the background

Artiom Grigoriev

My friends showed me this



Miguel Dorantes

This fucking bitch bro ??

Rick Astley

The girl be like????????