How to take care of mustache

How to take care of your mustache

How to take care of your mustache2 Dec. 2015
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If you have ever decided

If you have ever decided on growing a mustache for movember here is a good place to start. if you have never grown a beard or mustache this page is not for you. For starters be ready for all that extra attention you plan on getting but remember you're creating awareness for cancers common in men all your efforts of growing a greasy lip broom are worth it so hang along with me and give me some props in my short video thanks

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Comments (2)

u r awsome bud

Leandro Avi

i love your video ?????good job ???

7 moustache tips you need-to-know now

7 moustache tips you need-to-know now20 Sep. 2016
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Grooming expert and The

Grooming expert and The Great British Grooming Co. brand ambassador Joth shares his top moustache styling tips that you need to know now!

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Comments (18)
khem khanal

Like it

Jim Toroman

I thought the guy on that chair was nearly dead..then he blinked his eyes

Vor Ernie


riyaz ahmad

So goooOood

Buzz ard

Hair spray works good to hold it too.

tree blue



I wish I had seen this vid two week ago. Trimmed my handle bars wet. Cut a good amount off. Now I have to wear an English mustache for time being..... oh well. Will grow back soon enough. Now I know!

Fake Name


Stan The Man

Damn, I'd love touching one.
I've always wanted one, it's just taking its sweet ass time

Brian Carpenter

too hipster for me


What's the soundtrack


For a fuller, dramatic handlebar, let the center grow and only trim the ends. Wax will tame split ends.

Storm Zone

My moustache is wirery

Jack Daly

Cool vid

Klepto Bismol

it was good to see the fella smile at the end. he did not look like he was having fun for most of it

Esco Pablobar

that guy has a brilliant mustache


I dont agree with tip 3. If you want to have massive moustache which isnt irritating you, you need to grow it without trimming. Coz if you trim it, you will always have some issues with hairs in your mouth. So, just dont. Leave it alone and dont touch it :D

Pat Grab

Hi, how much time it took to get a moustache like that?

How to Train and Style your First Mustache

How to Train and Style your First Mustache1 Sep. 2017
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Comments (100)
Luke Scroggins

Good stuff!


Robbie Savage

Allan White

I came across an alternative to this method. I call it the 'get the fuck over how pretty your moustache is and get on with more important things' method. It's deadly!

Thushan Wickramasinghe

Hey Scott, Small question. Been growing out my beard since November and got good volume, the cheeks are nicely filling in and stache is coming out solid ( All thanks to you and beard brand videos <3) but my soul patch area seems to be thin. It looks like theres a crater above my chin. Which sucks!!! But upon closer inspection i noticed its not that theres a bald spot but rather have the hair strands had a weird mid hair wave that makes it look like that. I've been trying your straightening techniques on that area but doesn't seem to work. Any tips?

Jerry C

4:48 Lego City Undercover - Farm Theme / Pig Theme

Mateusz Nawrocki

Thanks. Will try hair pomade as you say.

Abdelali Kahn

And now we re training

Mortimer Snurd

This video recommended by Snidely Whiplash

Ram Kumar

My beard grows perpendicular to my skin instead of growing downwards. What should I do?


I used Old Spice Pomade and Honest Amish Beard Wax to train mine. At just a little over a month old mine already stays in trained place after sleeping all night. The BEARD wax doesn’t have any hold and I used mainly to keep hairs soft. The sticky pomade does a good job controlling the wild hairs as you train. It’s never to early to start training and it pays off after a month


Intense tunes brother


Jeah thanks man! just what i was looking for


2019 moustache in the works ! thank you !

Paul Buchanan

Can you do a video on shaping a circular beard


I’ve made it to week 3 for the first time. I usually get fed up and shave but I’m toughing it out. It’s just barely long enough to make tiny little tips on the ends I’ve always wanted a Wild West gunfighter type mustache so hopefully I make it all the way. I couldn’t find mustache wax anywhere so I got some honest Amish beard wax from wal Mart. Hopefully that will work ok??


just started growing mine out on a whim a few weeks ago but it still looks shit. going to shave it off cause I can't represent.

Alberto Bello

Love your hair long ?

Hi There


Marijuana Guy

Awesome video! I like to train my moustache with 10 lb plates. 5 sets of 5.

Brennon Ryan

Really important important I get this mustache right. Mine sticks out to far, not even dreadlock wax holds it. The other firemen are laughing at me


I never let my stache grow more than 3 weeks it would always drive me insane and I'd shave it off. Didn't know there was an awkward I'm ready!

Stagey Cosine

I'm ten days into my first tash, so tempted to shave.

pineapple guy

See I wanna keep mine whenever the hell I get a thick enough mustache I wanna keep it trimmed not hairs going everywhere like most people but for now I'm 18 and beard gsme ok and mustache game kinds bad

TomB Stone

Couple more months it could be tombstone cool

camera man celtic

ooooh GOD what have we become.. i blame covid lol


What if your mustache grow straight up


Sure, straight hair...easy peasy!

Destrudo Alexandros

I think you are short

David Ramirez

I can't stop watching at your beard

Nick Campbell

Very helpful. My beard grows fast but that first month or month and a half...surviving it can be a challenge. Most helpful was having suggested we not trim the mustache because what you say is true, "little hairs" will always be there and the look is disappointing the result more disappointing because, at least in my case, I grow weary and shave. Once again, I am growing the full beard. You length and style of beard is what I prefer, nothing long but a moderate growth. I don't wish to look like Dave Letterman or Grisly Adams, nor even good old Walt Whitman. I have lines I wish to hide at 70 years of age; also, our "salt patch," as you have described the lip goatee part of a beard, I assume that is what you mean by salt patch, well...all of the beard when you are my age is salty. I have some brown and red still present in my beard and I rather like that. The challenge is always to let the beard grow. At my age I have also to be careful about how I dress. When I was a teenager I could wear anything and get away with it: jeans with a hole were fashionable, as they are today, especially when worn by attractive young women; I don't see older women in them, and men appear to be homeless; while growing the beard i have lived in fear of someone reaching out with a dollar in his or her hand. If humorous, and it is, it is also part of why some of us older guys don't grow beards. Okay, you have feedback and I complement you for not being long-winded about it but personal. Your comment on growing the mustache is of particular interest. I have no difficulty growing one; it is fashioning it, being patient, maintaining it, and not trimming it. Best to you, and yes, I have subscribed.

Peace and good wishes, Nick Campbell, Atascadero, California.

Greg Crabb

I'm taking advantage of the COVID mask requirements and letting mine grow longer than I'm used to wearing it. It's been on my lip since I was 15 and I'm 49 now. I've almost enough to handlebar it....Within the next couple of weeks it should have a nice flip to it.

Joe Young

Looks like Dennis the menace and Brad shitt had a kid

Chris Hernandez

I was like "Fucking Thor!!" Lmao


Can you use a beard wax instead?


the gay clapping and next: it's the first step to become a real mean


kinda tiring listening to all the talking. then again it's his video. then again the video is for the viewers. need to forward few seconds after another. but oh well

Fox In Socks


Nigel Dallas

Growing the horseshoe moustache , getting funny looks downtown , people like it , others say get rid of it , but im not!! Part of my identity now! Seems to be a stigma against moustaches/ beards here in Ireland. Great video Scott ! BTW seems you have the Viking/Scandinavian DNA genepool , here in Ireland it's common for men to have brown hair with ginger colouring facial hair. Though i have the medium brown hair and facial hair with blue eyes.


why does this give me anxiety?

Guille Rdgz

thanks very helpful

Gary Duxbury

This is the truth !!!!! If people like your facial hair ,deep down they think your UGLY ,if they hate it ,they think you are good looking and spoiling your good looks and diffidently think you are aging your self .

Brian pennick

I know im late to this vid but can anyone recommend good wax for beginners ?

Anthony Siano

I'm glad I found this my girlfriend loves my beard and moustache but she hates it when my hairs are going into my mouth or near my mouth

William Ramirez

Thank you for the tips. It's my first letting my facial hair grow out. I'm not sure how long I'm going to let it all grow out. I'm going to give it a shot though. Thanks once again your video helped me.

josh mac

Captain Fawcett's expedition strength wax is a good one

Marius Perminas

What is qrong with white balance...


Take the fake beard off

N word Scissor Hands

when chris evans and chris hemsworth have a child together

Tob Raham

No Shave August = Successful Movember. My man!

Alberto Bello

Gorgeous ?

Scott Poling

What a great video!! It helped me realize using a hair pomade would work better than stiffer mustache wax.

Schimiya Saturn

Who’s here for their Quarantine stache lol

Vaman Kumar

Scott, I'm a beginner. I was looking for video just like this and got it today. Thanks a lot man

Giorgos Samou

that's 2 weeks?

Alexander Bell

I never knew being a man involved so much product

Chris Biagi

Have had and abused stache for years. It was "just there" but it was never really a good looking stache because well have never been bothered. Wanna change that.


Your video was super helpful for me. Ever since I was able to grow facial hair I have been in the military and now that I am out I am catching up on how to do all this stuff. My facial hair I feel is super scraggly and I have been trying to figure out how to tame it. I use beard balm and oil I also have a stubble balm and beard shampoo and conditioner that I have been using to try and promote healthy growth. Yet my beard is still wild and uncontrollable. Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.

Achilles Morales

This was really helpful. Thanks.

Jorge Sanchez

Good tips , Thanks


Gor some stuff from badass beard care online. They have samples that are free you just pay for shilling. Grown it out off and on but this will be the first time i have actually styled it. Monday to be exact lol thanks for the tips Odin Son. ?

Pb 207.2

I suppose I’m not exactly a newb as regards facial hair, but I definitely am as regards anything other than the “wildman” look. I’m going to try out this training “jazz”. Up until a month or so ago I just trimmed my stache to keep it out of my mouth.

John Smith

Thanks, man. The video I was looking for. For some reason the green screen bug actually made the video feel more hanmade and personal)


Hopefully I can train mine. The ends naturally sweep outwards but everything under my bose grows down and curves to the middle.

Billy Canterbury

Could you recommend some beard and stash products?

Jonathan MacMillan

How about Murray's for my stache?. ?

Seal Mclovin

Obi Wan, Thor and Jesus had a baby and its you

Mungo Kidogo

From the nose up: Ryan Gosling
From the nose down: Petyr Baelish?

Southern College Football Weekly Review

scott -- thanks for your advice to emphasize the strong spots. my cheeks are really patchy and I don't think growth stimulators are going to do much -- but I try them anyway. I do however have a really strong growing chin that extends toward my neck and what I think will be a strong stache. im looking for more styling tips (ideas) for how to style just a chin beard and mustache.

Chuckie Finster

please don't wear so much makeup

The Physicaltherapy Centre

Useful. Thanks scotty, onya mate!


Man out here looking like Alex from Call of Duty

Shankar Travdan

Thanks, I got what I was looking for ??

F Ar

You sure make it easy on the eyes. Love the bluegrass banjo in the background.

Brent Marshall

When you talk about using palm aide in your mustache, are you talking about the same stuff that people use in their hair on the top of their head?

Doug Harlow

I’m 71 years old and have a coarse curly white beard and mustache. I would love to have it straight and manageable. I’m trying to grow a beard with a heavy wide mustache. I started my mustache a month before starting my beard. I like the mustache to be the accent on top of my beard. I don’t have the heaviest or fullest of mustaches. I have a curly, coarse and wiry mustache the hairs stick straight up curly. I’ve tried wetting my moustache then use a hairdryer to straighten, also tried uppercut easy hold and Clubman Pinaud mustache wax, nothing seems to work. What would you recommend?
I really like your videos. Thanks

Bobby Hempel

What about your second mustache?


Holy shit what a difference

Jack Hixon

Oh hey Thor

Jerald Konkel

Nice tip, thank you.

Eros Shepherd Neff

You look like “Arthur” from Red Dead Redemption 2 ?

Eric Fay

starts at 2:17


are his eyes purple


Anybody else keeps having nightmares about having accidentally shaved their beard and mustache?

Barrie Hellon-Warwick

When did facial hair get so gay??

Tob Raham

At 38, I finally have enough facial hair to grow one. Facial hair like your brother in law at this point. Watched this video 6 weeks ago right when I started growing my first real mustache and helped. I 'trained' the hair with the tips and I think it worked. My hair lays to the side pretty well for the most part. I use a soft vegan pomade cut with a little bit of hot water rubbed in my hand to hold it. Nice. THANK YOU for the tips!

Charles Owens

I'm into the styling phase, because I didn't know there were phases. I'm starting here, though, because I'm sick of chewing on my damn stache.

Jay Silver

Love this hillbilly music, killer stache bro

Afzal Shaikh

Thank you its really helpfull to me ?

Kevin Hoeg

I'm glad I stumbled on your video Scott....I'm in the process of growing out my stache and goatee. Cheers and thanks!

iiimugio kkk

first mustache styling! right here! thanks!

Emir Overt

Hillbilly Music & WesternCowboyMustache????Great Video.

Gerald Reynosa

Cool video, very simple steps. Thank you for the great instructions. Happy November!!!

rameke ali

Go to 4.05

Michael Gonzales

Lol why are girls here

Lito Lito

It’s my first time growing my mustache out and you’re right about it being difficult. Thanks for the advise ??


Close your eyes and listen, you will hear Tony Stark.

jose Cruz

Nice tips man


Shezzzz, this guy talks way to much, doesn't even start until about 3:49 and then chatters on and on, ugh.

Anonymous Guy

Damn you look hot!


I really enjoy your content man!