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Tim McGraw - It's Your Love (Official Music Video)

Tim McGraw - It's Your Love (Official Music Video)16 Sep. 2013
24 395 632

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Comments (100)

Love is the most powerful force on the planet

Drew Glisson

2021 1st comment. Like if your reading this

Jennifer De Leon Delk

I am naming my kids after them

Loyce Nderitu

2021 here again..

Little Bit

I am still listening because Tim McGraw and Faith Hill is the Best Couple in the world.Me and my wonderful husband are of course my favorite.But Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are so awesome i mean the meaning of TRUE LOVE.Hugs my HEART and i love it when they sing together ⚘?


Tim and Faith were the baddest couple back in the day and still going strong as I listen on Christmas Eve 2020 ?

Daniella Garcia

Still listening to this in 2021!!!!

Sandrina muna

Who's here 2021

Mike Horsely

Martha I will always Love you

Pamela Goff

Same as me and my man

Darren Oxford

Who i am now is who i wanted to be!! You brought out the best version of myself, came into my life when i was in the darkest place i could possibly be in not knowing where i was going or if i even wanted to i love you more than words could ever explain i would be sooo lost without you baby love 12-12-2020 best day of my life and the beginning of our life together as a married couple i will always love you Mrs.Oxford


I will always love this song! ?

Kimberly I Sue Potter Bushong Jackson

kimmyssong to sozeb

Kara Ubriaco


jose lopez

Listening with my wife December 2020, she’s pregnant and we’re so happy. Our first baby.

Anthony Davis

2021 vibes ??

Blowing Bubbelswolf

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Apii Jessie

2021 still listening.?

Sassy Su

Anyone here after his Inauguration Day performance? ????Biden

Betty Ann Simnovec

Robert m..why I send you these songs expressing my feelings for you I will never understand...
Listen to this song as you are always in my mind, my fantasies, my dreams....
It's your love that does something to me and you put me under a spell that I have grown to hate myself for it because you made a choice that I hate...truth...


I love you Rolando ????

Shauna Lyttleton

January 23,2021 ? ❤️ ?

Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY


Jeremy Richards

Our wedding song, 17 and 1/2 years strong!!

Berna Q

2021..still listening ?

Rain Puddles

<3 <3 <3

Trey Dunlap

Listening to it January 23rd 2021

Georgia Baldwin

My sons getting murdered and I am homeless oops

Heather Goforth

2021 anybody

Beth Williams

I'm still listening January 11. 2021

Chris Kottrill


Wanda Deaton

This is a great song that says the best thing at a wedding my freand had it at hers and I wanted at my wedding but my love was a dieting and I took I swear

Trista Chandler

This was mine and my husband's wedding song. We were married 5yrs. He passed away thursday due to covid-19 and i miss him more than anything

William Ruston

Tim and faiths love is amazing and unique I'm so glad I finally found mine on the 20/08/2011 or 08/20/2011 for the Americans I love my fiancé like there's no tomorrow there's nothing I wouldn't do for her my whole world

Nevaeh Peterson

2021 listeners

Ylianna. 1989



Aloha All,

It’s now January 1, 2021 and I am still in Love with this song who else is listening to this song in 2021

Linda Abraham

Who's still listening to this song in 2021

Rebecca Davis

Im pr......

Blowing Bubbelswolf

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Amanda D

I bet they performed at their own wedding. ??

Les Emery

Thinking about my lost love ..
Passed away April 30th 2020 ..
Nearly 2am .. can’t sleep .. xx

Mark Dapuyen

Back when country songs still great.

geri Kalumata

Desember 2020 indonesia masih hadir dari jakarta timur.?

JoAnn Bush

Now 2021 who's still listening?? Love

vonnie torraville

I loved this song

Jill Jeffrey

This song NEVER it...

Tammy Tremont

So Nice To C Them Still ❤...

Theresa Brown

I am and will always


Anyone still here in January 2021?

Robert Harvey

tedx music ? ❤ TimMcGraw


Such a beautiful song. Wish I could find a love like that.

Victoria Atkins

Paying. back. is. starting. To. Be. A. Job. In it Self

Venance Gilbert

it's January 8, 2021 my girlfriend has dedicated me this song


I hope I find a love like this in my next life. I didn't experience it this time around . . .

Little Jason

Who is still listening in January & February of 2021

Tim Wellman

Still listening in December 2020 here

Mr. Ghost

Love This Song ?

Kevin McGaughy

Good one

Shelly Rae Moore

It's your love that will get us through this and get to where we belong

Catherine Rowe

2021 and still love listening to them

A Doglover_viral


Robin Nangu R

01/01/2021 ❤?

Aiden Rogers

I am listening to this in February of 2021


still listening to It, Reminds Me of My Woman

Rebecca Lee

What about in 2021 this song will play in my heart forever

Lisa Sonrisa

2021?? ????

99551 bike

Oh my God. I ❤ this song ? so's feels so fenomenal words....and this amazing voice ? ❤ ? ?

Elisa Granados

January 2021??? listening ?

Leticia Roman

I love this song always have. I just here you on pandora talking about the little milkshake on Faith's dress had to see it makes this song even more meaningful. Love you guys.

Montserrat Alvarado

2021 and I am still listening!

YLK xoox

To my sexy, amazing MC....I love you more than life, more than anything in the are my heart, my life, my family, my home, my everything....and your love means everything to me baby...."It's a beautiful thing, don't think I can keep it all in, I've just gotta let you know. What it is that won't let me go, It's your love. It just does something to me, it sends a shock right through me. I can't get enough; And if you wonder, about the spell I'm under, oh it's your love. Better than I was. More than I am. And all of this happened. By taking your hand...And who I am now, is who I wanted to be. And now that we're together. I'm stronger than ever, I'm happy and free...Oh, it's a beautiful thing, Don't think I can keep it all in, And if you ask me why I've changed. All I gotta do is say your sweet name. It's your love. Oh, it's a beautiful thing. Don't think I can keep it all in. I've just gotta let you know...What it is that won't let me go
It's your love my MC...and I am more grateful for you than you will ever know my perfect, sexy, amazing boy....all my love for all of my life, me xooxoxoxox

Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY


Luis Sarinana


Andrew Lalhungchhunga

Who still listening in 2021???


This song and “Clover Cage - Better in Time” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...❤️

fazzy flea

they had the sweetest love story

Chaos is Order yet Undeciphered

I just ? her voice ..u can just FEEL the love

pumudu Fernando

2020 Dec still in love with this song ?

Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY


Gary Cardinal

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill the greatest celebrity couple ever and been together since the beginning

Nevaeh G


Blowing Bubbelswolf

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Loyce Nderitu

2021 here again..

Mr. Ghost

Beautiful Song ?


I wanted to make sure "everybody" that is "something" got my message. So, I left the message in all your homes. enjoy. But more than anything, have fun with it ...

Apii Jessie

This will be my wedding song one day.❤❤

Nevaeh G

It's your love that just does somethin to me it sends a shock right through me i can't get enough.

TO : Tim Mc Graw

FROM : Nevaeh G

That's all I really know right now but I'll learn the whole thing

Blowing Bubbelswolf

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Susan TheSweet

December 2020

Carl Harris

This really takes me way way back! These two never cease too AMAZE me.

Beatrice Nkundwa

What love is.

Eva Martinez-Garza

#FaithHill looks so beautiful pregnant ? of her first daughter Grace. After 21 years being together, their love between them 2 is still intact. Love you ? so much #FaithAndTim may God continue blessing your beautiful marriage together along with your beautiful girls #Grace, #Audrey, & #Maggie


2021 someone ask me to listen to this beautiful song....He is far from me...we talk everyday...but never seen him...

Cynthia's Channel

I wonder what's it like to be loved like that ?


Such a gorgeous song . . .

Charles Shogren

Two great singers

Cheyanne Lovitt

Jan 2021! Anyone else?

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Vickie Edwards

Still on replay in December 2020

Keith Sweat - I'll Give All My Love To You (Official Music Video)

Keith Sweat - I'll Give All My Love To You (Official Music Video)27 Oct. 2009
35 974 166
Keith SweatSubscribe 438 721

Official music video for

Official music video for Keith Sweat - "I'll Give All My Love To You" from 'I'll Give All My Love To You' (1990)

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Watch all of Keith Sweat’s official videos here ?

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Stay In Touch with Keith Sweat…

? Website

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? The Sweat Hotel

? Facebook

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? Twitter

? Soundcloud


The Keith Sweat channel is the official YouTube home of multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter, and producer Keith Sweat. While signed to Elektra Records in the 1980s and 1990s, Keith Sweat helped define the New Jack Swing sound with a string of irresistible hits like “Twisted”, “Make It Last Forever”, “Make You Sweat”, “I’ll Give All My Love To You,” “Keep It Comin’” and “Nobody,” a platinum single that features singer Athena Cage. Sweat also discovered the Atlanta-based vocal quintet Silk, for whom he co-wrote and co-produced “Freak Me,” which hit #1 on Billboard’s “Hot 100” in May 1993.

A remarkably prolific artist, Sweat has released more than 15 albums over the course of his career – 6 of which were awarded platinum status by the RIAA. Since 2007, Sweat has hosted ‘The Sweat Hotel,’ a nighttime show on iHeart radio that blends a grown & sexy R&B playlist with relationship advice from Sweat himself.

And when he’s not on the air, he’s on the road. Sweat continues to perform his music live for fans across the United States week in and week out. Visit to find a date near you.

Comments (100)
Jazzy Rodriguez

Omg here I am 2021 3:35 am jamming to Keith Sweat music is not like it use to be back in the 80’s early 90’s this that music ? you can chill too dam Keith take me back boo!! ???

zalisile zele

apparently its bob mabena who introduced keith sweat to south african DJs back in 1988 ;whilst he was doing morning show on radio bop.

Iapologise TU

Even though Trump had me kicked off youtube he can't keep me away from great music. If more of his supporters listened a little more them to can make America Great. God's Blessings an Happy New Year's ???

Jones njoroge

Back in the days..was in high school guys..

Marrita Prince

Come on now shit Keith.. I’m here for it n 2021

Mark Walker

No matter what!! I will never stop listening to this. S.k.

Willie Mamonwa

These are real wayback jams

Double Up Playboy

Still playing 2021 never gets old

kemmer Mathurin

who is listening in 2021

Chocolate Thunder Cherry

I love him and the era he brought to music yesss king !!!!

sasha bullock

Still listen in 2021 this Corona, the President, the attack on the White House music takes me back to a time when life was so simple

Sikira Crockett

This is the perfect making love music for years

Gwendolyn Jack

Keith sweat still the man

J. Parsley

COME ON 2021!!


Thats a wedding song there. Won't be a dry in the place.
First dance ?.

rika johnson


David Foster

Real niggas know how to understand playa music ??

Davi Ricardo da Silva Perreira

Algum brasileiro contemplando essa maravilha de música ? ?

Sarah Branum

I remember being 17. And calling our local radio station requesting this song lol. And once the Dj had me say “100.3 jamz is, Dallas Fort Worth’s #1 hit station !!!”
And he played it all week like every other commercial LOL I got a cassette tape and recorded it on the radio. I still have that cassette tape omg LMAO at home well good memories

Jennifer Coggins

Wonderful Song ? ? ? (Tay) Taylor George ❤

Miguel Valadez

This song takes me back to my youth without a care in the world goodtimes


Keith getting them skins

DMGee SavageBound

I listen to this everyday 2021

Sikira Crockett

This is the best music ever i could be going thru something and it really helps i swear ❤❤❤

Monica Hirmiz

Fun fact. This song turned 30 in 2020.
Just like fine wine, it gets better with age ?

76 Legend

High school years early 90s great memories. Still some of the best music till this day! 1/9/2021


Those phones

Desean Jackson Out of cal

I’m 20 and bumping this late at night... I feel trapped in the streets, I’m not living right but I pray I make it out this city so I can play this song for my future woman if I ever get one? thanks Keith for this masterpiece ‼️

Reka Phillips

Who still listen 2021??

Derrick Meadows

Grew up bumping this in my car at the park. This was real music.

Joshua Washington

1.31.21 shout this song to shannon bowl i still love u & wish we can work things out sorry about our pass..??

Robert Rodriguez

Years And Party Force Video , Go Keith Sweat 2021 DJ - ROBERT

Official Mizzswank

I'm still still single 2021. Where're you husband? Let's dance to Keith Sweat and make sweet love. I Love you already. Lord, I pray that You would bless my husband’s work. That he would be diligent and prosperous. That You would give him wisdom and discernment. God, I pray You would give him strength to walk the opportunities you provide. Thank you, Lord.❤️❤️❤️

A Tothetop

Is this true love?


What a way to start 2021. Happy new year .. be blessed?.

bruce sanders

JAB Sr say to Diamonds N purles N Sunshine N Roubies N Toepez N Morningstar LADIES I am watching movies TONIGHT ok N if U LADIES dont mine joining ME N THE kids N watching THESE movies it would B a pleasure to HAVE U LADIES watch it with ME N it is a ONER TOO MUMMIES ok i luv U LADIES luv JAB Sr. Ps the kids movie starts at 6Pm nd when the kids movies is over then grown peoples MOVIES ok. So tell my little ones DADIE GOT ANOTHER MOVIE FOR them to watch ok N tell them that i said i luv them N Miss them Nd cant wait to spend time with them . this hurts when it comes to my little ONES to my HART my eyes feel with TEARS when it comes them my KIDS. I havent spent no time with them. WOW YALL LADIES if it wasnt for REALLIE REALLIE GOOD MOTHER'S LIKE U LADIES THATS VERRIE VERRIE UNDERSTANDING N KNOW DEEP DOWN IN MY HART I REALLIE Been Bizzie but i reallie reallie do care N luv my CHILDREN'S. LADIES im going to RETIRE FROM MY JOB OK Then my KIDS N U LADIES will have me all the time U wont ok. Ladies thank U from my HART i reallie thank U LADIES for taking care of my childrens like U have been DOING N still is DOING. My hat goes OFF to U LADIES. I cant wait . LADIES i am readie to go HOME now please believe THAT N JESUS NAME. LUV JAB SR YOUR BETTER HALF ALWAYS...........

naymire Gaines

I remember calling my self being in love when I was younger ???? now l'm married with with children ???

Chanell Brandon

The real love music

Ambitious Ambitious

I bet Keith was a smooth operator?


Wish I lived in New york back in the 80s so I could experience this type of vibe!!!

Angela VanDunk

Damn they don't make slow jam Makin love to your woman music like this anymore smdh.wish I could make a time machine to take me back to those magical years of the late 80's and early to mid 90's best years of my days the music is shit just like everything else smdh.

bwalya kampamba

Just pulled my wife from the kitchen to get a quick hug while listening to this well and a kiss too?

Pauline Mitchell


Angel Johnson

Does anyone know what kind of car mr keith is driving at 00:24-00:29? This video is from 1991 right?


Babys where made this this song. Real music

C Patrick

Me listening to this song and imagining myself walking down the aisle to my forever day lol

Pauline Mitchell

I will never do anything to hurt you LOVE

Pauline Mitchell


James castillo

It’s definitely sad foo hours ?

Jude porter

This song hurts me to listen to only because I lost the only woman I have loved for the past we eighteen years. She left me because I was diagnosed with cancer. Breaks my heart.

Gopolang Phiri


Pauline Mitchell

I can't wait to see YOU next weekend LOVE


It sure does !!!! Welcome to 2021 it has to be better god bless!!!!

Jordan White

2021 anyone?

Ivan Previlon

Why Keith look like he should've been in the movie paid in full

Pauline Mitchell


Pauline Mitchell


Dennis Kimbrough

Still listening in 2021, this song is a classic, will never get old...

John Sullivan

This was the era of great R&B music the 90s ruled music and movies



Sonia Hawkins


laurent gouitta

2021...... j'adore

Micah Harkins

Every time I hear this song it reminds me of Jennifer. I would give anything to go back to these days!!

Jerry Navarro

7th grade dances trying to get the digits and try to get to second base ! Back when guys actually talk to women , it's not like today.

Billy Jones

Wish I was a better begging than this guy ???

Nomaswazi Nkosi

I hope people are still here in 2021✨

Christy Shepherd



Fun fact:I was made to this song?2002?

Forbes A

classic, who's still listening in 2021?

Rica Morales

2021 still bumping Keith Sweat

Kathy S

Such a beautiful song, his voice, his passion can be heard through the lyrics..makes me cry..He's definitely one of the best


2021 ♥️

Pauline Mitchell


Mashell Bailey

Real love Music

Andy Macedo

I like that commercial LA musicians come together all around the world and that's as far as I need to hear it - to conspire to commit the most heinous crimes on American history - sure wouldn't be advertising what your doing and your intentions ! The character test coming up right now !

Pauline Mitchell

One of my favorite songs by KEITH SWEAT ???????

Tamika leadon

This song tho

Yasmin Reid

I’ll give all my love to you..

Adonika Hernandez

I'm in love with his music growing up

Freddie Watkins


Pauline Mitchell



Those 3/4 leather coats with the fur collar were the sh*t. Damn. Loved dressing up for the ladies. ??

Raw Cobb


Ooh Nana


Pauline Mitchell



Baby making music ?

Vic Mwansa

Lockdown is easier with best music ????????

Sonia Hawkins

My Boo

Travis Turner

The fashion was on point bro

Yuvan Baldwine W

Old school texting for your number a note

Chynna Burwell

This all the ppl who's still listening Jan 26 2021

Wayyne Kirtsey

I surely agree with you tube service

Curious K

Who’s listening in 2021

Nikki Berries

I listening to this song everyday I don't know if it because I'm n love

Earline Johnson

This is for my sister ❤️?? Elaine ?

Pauline Mitchell

I will give all my love to ONLY YOU KEITH DOUGLAS SWEAT


I love Ma. Del Carmen Delgado Meléndez, I´m Germán

How To Show Love And Affection To Your Husband

How To Show Love And Affection To Your Husband29 Jan. 2019
17 637
3 Key ElementsSubscribe 438 721

Looking for simple,

Looking for simple, practical tips to improve your life every single month? Join world-class mentor, Kirk Duncan, to learn leading-edge techniques that will assist you to overcome struggles and achieve your goals.

Part of being a wife is attending to your husband. I'm sharing with you what I personally do to make my husband feel special with the hopes that it could help your marriage too.

Watch and Enjoy!

Kirk & Kim Duncan



Kirk Duncan – President/Founder of 3 Key Elements, provides contemporary training and a greater perspective for fine-tuning personal, family, and business communications. He trains you how to implement these techniques, and experience improved relationships, increased awareness, and more productivity and effectiveness in your life.

Kim Duncan – Vice President of 3 Key Elements, loves to teach others about the abundant power that a woman has when she embraces her feminine energy—in the home, in the workplace, in the community, and in the world.



The Art of Mentoring:

Master Your Influence:

Present Yourself:

Queen of the Kinddom:

Royalty & Romance:

The Body Language Show:



Building a Mind of Steel:

Audio Training:





Video by:

Nate Woodbury - YouTube Producer

Comments (20)
Odogun Moni

Contact him on WhatsApp

K z

Face it till you make it.

Odogun Moni



I am appreciative to what you are saying. You can do that well if your touch and talk is recieved and listened to. If not you yourself gets discouraged. What do you do?

Odogun Moni

I recommend you to this powerful love spell caster that help me attract my ex partner back after separation

estyle329 *

Great advice


Good tips. Thank you for sharing. My husband has been expressing some insecurities in our marriage lately and I want to make sure he knows I am all in this! I think these are good things to incorporate into our daily lives that will help him to know how much I love and appreciate him.

Tanven Nazrul Islam

I love my husband a lot and wanna to be a great wife of him. Your vedio will help me to be the good one. lovely advice


This is so great wow!
You know I just realized how you know we can be insecure as women it tends to be more common and it's not really a nice thing to go through but when it comes to men feeling insecure that's where it gets really tricky and sad but it's doesn't have to be that way. They may act being confident but it's not always the case so we have to be there for them so they learn to trust their power again. Good job! :)

Elvine Lisanza

Thank you!


What to do if your wife said she didn't love you from the beginning of your relationship...what?

Ruchi Sona

hello doston...ajj main apko ek aise guru ji ka number dena chahti hunn jinhone meri help ki hai....+91-8146316175......ji ha doston mera pati meri bilkul bhi batt nhi sunta hi achhe se mujhe batt krta ji ki help se abb woh meri hrr batt sunta hai....thnkuuu sooo much guru ji meri help krne k liye bhi guru ji se help ji ka number hai +91-8146316175

Ruchi Sona

hello doston...ajj main apko ek aise guru ji ka number dena chahti hunn jinhone meri help ki hai....+91-8146316175......ji ha doston mera pati meri bilkul bhi batt nhi sunta hi achhe se mujhe batt krta ji ki help se abb woh meri hrr batt sunta hai....thnkuuu sooo much guru ji meri help krne k liye bhi guru ji se help ji ka number hai +91-8146316175

Andria Jones

I love that by changing the language you spoke to him you changed the story

Amy Qalam

Is it just one way ?
Hope he does the same for you

Destiny Knudsen

Thank you I needed this.

Amy Pein

Right on time . I love my fiancé so much . Thanks for the lovely advice. I missed these connections. ? practice makes perfect ☺️

Sophia Chick

Thank you for your wise words, my future husband works hard every day for our future I don’t know how he does it but he keeps going regardless if I express my appreciation...he deserves all that I can give him and more. I will take you advice and verbally express my appreciation and love for him.

zakia hardison

This was amazing thank you. ?

Rakesh Sharma

Great. You are real woman who study a lot human especially husband. Thanks