Funny bad date stories

THE WORST DATE!!...Storytime

THE WORST DATE!!...Storytime15 Dec. 2020
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Today I am sharing a

Today I am sharing a funny story about the worst date I went on ! #storytime




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Comments (33)
Nicholas Cameron Rogers

Hi Nicolette! My name is Nicholas Cameron Rogers! I sent you an email and followed you Instagram! Keep being awesome

Jenna Palmer

i absolutely love these storytimes.!!! and the shower routines :)

momma of kenny

Thats way to funny!

Am jean

I love your story times so much! You are so beautiful I love watching your videos :) ? I hope you're having a great week

Lyla Faith

I’m not trying to be mean in any shape or form whatsoever but why are your views down lately :( is YouTube shadow banning you or something?


Wow this story is funny and sweet and well ???I would like more story like this??


Happy to see another story time from you..very engaging . It held my attention all the way to the end.loved it

stxpid astrid

hi can you please say hi? it would make my day i had a bad day at school ?

Daphnée Robichaud

Your storytimes are always the greatest!!?

O Kejverski

Seriously wondering how she has so many subscribers and low view count

Naoshin Alam


teuku Umri

great success and steady enthusiasm

Jeannette Bailey

For another funny bat video, youtube “catch em derry”

jen lobbins

heyyy gorgeous ❤️ i mostly definitely L0VEEEEE your story times, they ALWAYS seems soo genuine. thank you for another laugh i soo needed it after being in bed sick ????????

Imran Shaikh


Stephanie Mohan

I love your videos so much your amazing ???

Thr ow

Continue ??

Nicoletta xo

Hey Loves finally another story time!!
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Great videos and like the shirt

Katxen Katxen

This is not the worst date it's the worst sneak out

Melissa Deniz

Love you

Phoebe Tonkin

I love bats

Gianfranco La Rotta


Juhi Mehta

I still remember I was 15 when I started watching you . I think you had a purple room at that time lol . Then I kinda got busy and stopped watching you but I'm glad you came again into my recommendation ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I lost it when you said you let a ? in. ????

Soccer Skillz




Maddi Scott


Lauren Blink

Yayayyay I was waiting for you to post

Analytical Chick

That's not the actual date that was bad. It was post date.

Kathryn West

I snuck out with my cousin one night, and lied to both of our parents about it, and no one ever found out until we brought it up to my sisters. My parents still don’t know that we snuck out and got drunk at 17 and slept at some random guys apartment

Elisa Massi

the best story ever!

tati shatty

you should do more. i love it ??????? xxxxxx

3 Totally Cringeworthy Date Stories

3 Totally Cringeworthy Date Stories8 Jan. 2015
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We took the worst dating

We took the worst dating stories we knew… and animated them. (Presented by FXX's Man Seeking Woman)

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Comments (100)

My parents sauce story:

Ok, so they were at this buffet and they come across a sauce. My mom was like, oH leTs bUy iT, And, IT WAS SO HOT, they had to sign a waiver saying they wouldn’t sue the restaurant for it being so hot. It came in a tiny dropper bottle. Fast forward like a month, and my mom and dad are cleaning the pantry out. They come across the bottle, and guess what. IT BURNED THROUGH THE BOTTLE, that’s how hot it was.


the second story reminded me of a story my dad told me where he rubbed hot sauce on his lips to prank his GF but he couldn't take it


Seriously? That last guys said his mighty was terrible but what about the two girls??

Rafael Franco

Ahahah 311 - All mixed up, that was certainly back in the day

Phoenix&Co. boop

ConAir triumphs over any girl.

Studpid Guy

“Because it was her cousin”


Alex Isada

I got ditched at my date..........

Ella Greensmith

Lol When I was 15 I had a full blown one sided conversation about my period to my first crush at Pizza Hut, surrounded by other couples who also had to listen to me talking about my nightmare episodes with my period

Ghost_Anna _Reads

The moment she said that she didn’t want to see con air, the date should have been over.


Yea 311!

Da Shoob

You can't have a terrible date if you dont have dates at all, just like me, ahahahahahahahaha

End me please..

Éamon De Valera

Omg poor last guy.... he got what was coming to him tho..

Martin Leon

The first one doesn't seem cringy to me. It's selfish, low, dishonest and straight up heartbreaking.

kaitlynn wells

i thought he said 60 yrs in the firsst one i was like


Mrvin yee

the first one is just really mean and I bet the two hot guy friends aren't really friends and one of them is the boyfriend for the girl

taylor the tatypus

wanna hear a bad date story?

this kid shoved the guy into me into a locker. and he said im a good friend but he doesn’t like me. so uh yeah

The Juggling Cuber

This first guy is a real as simp



Jamir Gordon

Number 1 made me think of r/niceguys.


"Nice guys always win."

-R/NiceGuys. + A neckbeard boi.

Simp_for_ alastor

Video idea: Charlie and the peta factory

Big Bonede

water makes spicy worse lmao

Isabella Tornabene

The last guy deserved it...

lautaro fernández

Neckbeard lmao

EVIL Duck lips

The first one HE IS SO CUTE

Another 90 days

At least they got to go on a date amirite, up high!


Naofumi Shield hero

That first one is just cruel

BTeam Gleem LLC

I went on a date with a girl and ended up making up with a little person after she made out with my friend.

aka ringo

When i was in high school i had a date with a guy, we want to watch a movie in a theater near my school, he was a college students. He was late that day and when he arrived he wear a full formal suit and even wear a tie and leather shoes and all of that was white from the suit to the shoes, and i was wearing my school uniform because i was just went to the teather after school. When we watched the movie he's not watching the movie but instead he watching me the whole time and mumbling something that i can't hear because the sound of the movie was too loud and giggling. When the movie was end i told him that i need to go to the toilet but instead going to the toilet, i was went back to my home. It's turn out that i had a friend who know him and he told me that he is a weird guy and he always flirt with every girls in his class.

void of dread


Arcades and Tech

That last guy kinda deserved the bad night tho... Seeing two girls you have romantic intentions with at the same time is what's called a dick move.


whoppppp 311


First stores was your fault being a punk sucka ?

Gaying Instrument

never had one.

King CC

2 Date: the guy was too hot for her ?

Spirit Flame

The first guy accidently said he was 6 at the start. That threw me for a loop.

Cringe Cakes

Nice guys never win sadly ?

Noah Boah

I'm uncut because I'm native American

Bioluminescent Bro

Ok that third one was really clever


damn that sucks


A guy invited me to the cinema and I didnt realise it was a date until he asked to get coffee after, I've never left somewhere so quickly ? does that count???

Darren Skjoelsvold

I feel sorta left out. I don't have any good stories. I had bad dates but nothing noteworthy.

martin levesque

Weight watchers...

Longest Schlong

The comments are
90% “I nEvEr HaD a DaTe”
9% Fake stories from people who also never had a date
1% girls

Asombro 103

Take it from a nice guy myself we always finish las- I MEAN FIRST we always finish first.



Serenity Silvermillinuim

I remember dating this guy from Walmart and he tried to lose me in Walmart in his home town, afterwards he dumped me and told everyone I cheated on him with 3 guys. I later found out he used me to get with a fatter and less attractive chick who worked at the deli

Phil Dees

Was on my second date with a girl. I fingered her and she came. Long story short she vomited twice(kitchen floor and toilet). She just left me with blue balls for the second time. The sad part is I'm thinking about seeing her again.


The guy should contact vat 19 and he would be heard for that hot sauce

king of games and anime

two timers get whats coming to them.

Warfstash King

damn that last guy tho...Jesus players will always loose

2024: Andrew Michael Boucaud

For the second one, your both white, and no offense, but that sauce might as well have been unseasoned avocado sauce.


0:38 do you mind taking us to the party?


fried water

At least you got a date...

Fit Me

You blast that 311 sweetie
Blast that beautiful disaster uwu

Noah James

That over 6 ppl say they like me in one months,

John LeBay

You know, I wonder if it really wasn't the sauce that was spicy, but rather the quail.


“Do you mind...” “Yes!” *Takes her to the party. But the correct response was “No” because ...he took her to the party. I used to have a difficult time answering “Do you mind...” questions.

Hey It's Me

I was on a date.... Who am I kidding hahahahahaga

Rad Rose

Omfg how sad

Ozzylad 123

My worst date was when I spilt beer all over the table and everyone.

Liya Kassa

Maybe the chicken was already spicy

Jacob Tiscareno

the last one lol dude wtf

X Dokkaebi X

1:02 I went to a restaurant that had the exact same dish, and I did the same mistake trapp did...Spicy quail is like if you made sauce out of satan himself.

Fox Perez

1:30 if he’s saying it then its probably mayonnaise


Well, the last guy deserved it. I feel bad for the cousins, imagine to find out that you both are dating the same guy. I think this story should actually be told by his girlfriend as a terrible date story.

Peter Callaghan

My man had new cargo shorts and still got rejected that’s sad

Apples and Pears Productions

I was on a date and the bitch didn't want the d so i cut her throat

Katsu Miyasaki

1:53 when did sunstone appear? she wouldn't exist for another 4 years and 13 days.

Madyson Buck

I was seeing this guy for about 4 months and after a date we went back to my place we started getting heated and we didn't here the door open to my apartment and my mom saw my boyfriend put his hand on my boob while we both naked fml

Mac Anderson

First dude was simping

Bobby Avitia

I'm I the only one who thinks quail sounds like a fish?

Senator Poopypants

No offense but swoozie rip off

Sweed e

Me and this cute girl whent to sleep in a tent, it was cool like we where friends but she said "I have a bad sleeping bag, so can you like sleep close to that I don't freeze to death?" I said "sure." And then we spooned and in like the middel of the night or more like 3 am i get a elbow in my stomach so i took my arm of her, and moved so i did not touch her but still close enough to know i was there, then like 30 min later she moves closer i taught "oh well look who changed her mind?" Time goes by around 6 am I get a elbow in the jaw and that was it so i moved away more like 30 cm and turned my back to her, in the morning (8 am) she wakes up and am on my phone and she says "so how did you sleep?" i was lying and saying "I sleept fine." and then she says "oh, yeah i did not sleep to well, i was cold." In my head i was like "bitch, dont elbow me if you want me to stay close!"

Sebastian Lugo

I was at a gay bar maybe a few months ago and was having this awesome conversation with a guy. He was funny, sweet, really just seemed like a really cool guy that I wanted to get to know and maybe even date. I don't drink, so I was having a soda and he told a dumb joke that I found utterly hilarious...problem, I had just taken a sip of soda. If you've never had soda come out of your nose, it is extremely painful. I got soda all over the bar counter and myself while groaning in pain, likely RUINING my chances with this cute guy. I ended up just paying for my soda and fucking bolting, I was so embarrassed.

Alyssa Baney

It wasn't a date but it's a story. When I was in 8th, my friend asked me out after gym class and I said yes. That night he asked me to send a nude and I said no. I "broke up with him" the next day and didn't talk with him for the rest of the year.

tom ryan

Asked me if I was a pillow-biter (her former flame...was a 'closet flamer', came out of the closet), VVVEEEERRRYYY awkward 10 minutes of silence. Weird!!!

Skully Bats

"Because Nice guys always win" Yeah, cause anyone that claims themselves to be "Nice" is actually nice right....


My worst date stories involve people being violent with me. These are just generally assholes.


Spicy quail is my next challenge

almost 30

i was the a second date with a cute looking girl. We had started the date at 8 pm and it was now midnight when she sugested that it wasn't so safe for me to drive tired, so we should go to my apartment and make some coffee. after living in my apartment for 6-8 months i finally took a girl to my apartment. So we were having some pillow talk about who was the last people we slept with. I was telling her that the last girl that I slept with "worked at a IHOP on I-20 in Arlin-" she quickly cut me off in mid sentence and asked "does she live with her dad in a two story house, have a broken mustang and is her name kara?". I was shocked, I didn't know what to tell her so I said yes, it turned out that was her cousin. There is no way to come back from that. So she got all her things and asked me to go drop her off at her house at 3am.

Bald headed lil Nail tech



Your lips are out synch


Anyone else sick of those double adverts

Itsme Crofty

I love this yt channel i accidentaly clicked on a video and i love it so muchhh!

Mehmet Jinadu

Nice guys always finish last


I think the worst thing I've ever done on a date is I went out with this girl who seemed really nice she asked me out for a drink now I told her I don't drink at all but i don't mind that she does now I thought when she said a few drinks and a chat she meant just that instead she gets drunk legless and is throwing herself at me at this point I've lost all interest in her the only thing I found out about her in the time we met up is that she loves wine so needless to say I don't want a second date but I'm a nice guy so I drove her home she was sick on me in my car when we got to her house her sister who obviously I've not met as it was a first date comes out to help get her inside we carried her to her bed she's passed out at this point so I ask her sister if I could clean myself up so I do and am about to leave when her sister asks me if I'd like a quick coffee before I drive home she had already made it so I said yeah we start talking all of sudden I check my watch we had been talking for about 3 hours it's like 4 in the morning I say I better get going when her sister kisses me and one thing leads to another and I stay in her bed I wake up in the morning we get dressed go downstairs for a coffee when her sister my original date is there drinking coffee in the kitchen me thinking this is bad she says to her sister who I slept with who's this guy did you meet him last night she completely forgot who I was and that we even went on a date when I left her sister told her what had happened leaving out the us sleeping together part I then dated her sister for 9 months and when we broke up her sister my original date still didn't know about it I felt bad about it but at the same time I thought she didn't even remember my name the next day so it's not like it was meant to be.

Christian Nguyen


Connor Parsons

what a coincidence 4 that 3rd 1

Ranieri Groppi

Is grant gay ?

Saru Thilageswaran

My cringey experience was when she didn't know we dating... Things got awkward

Plusserninja 471



I'd smash the first guy right at the mention of Con Air

Super Cooper Star



I did not see that sponsorship coming


oh, tons. they're all with the same girlfriend, enough said about me, this is the internet, blah blah blah. anyway, my mom just makes me ashamed of everything because she dances all the time. the other times, I cringe because i have almost no self-esteem and think that every single think I do is cringy


0:39 woulda legit said "no" drove back home and go to the movie the next day with some friends


Damn that sauce sounds like it violated the Geneva convention

Shay Nguyen

I understand the first guys situation and feelings tbh, and oof that shit hurts like a bitch

trash is my middle name

Your date didnt know wgat she missed.



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In todays story time video

In todays story time video I tell you all about a very random date that I went on a while back when I was in LA! I've never been one to go on dates especially with guys I don't know, but this experience was a very interesting one for sure and I thought why not share it with you all! I hope you enjoy watching and I'll see you all very soon! (Ps don't forget to thumbs up!)

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Comments (100)

One word - Pingazzzz


Club going up on a Tuesday!!! I can’t be the only one who was thinking, that when she said she went to the club. On a Tuesday night.

Dolan twats who?

Hasan Khan

Again interesting story!! Dont know if true or not
Lahore, Pakistan


Tuesday nights in Melbourne used to be really popular in the Hawthorn area. I went out in LA on a Tuesday night back in 2008. We went to Cinespace, was that the club you went to? It's an old cinema that they converted into a nightclub on Hollywood Blvd up the eastern end. Steve Aoki' s record label were running it at the time, it was called "Dim Mak Tuesday's". The night I went the Crookers were playing. Not sure if things have changed since then but at least 2am all the licensed venues closed and people got kicked out.


I’m sorry! I was ordering dominos! ???

Susan Coon

Your eye shadow ???

Mauricio Leos

thank you.

Oriana Olivares

Lmaoo this guy reminds me of a few guys here in Toronto ???

Mariah Glenn

This story is a prime example of when things seem too good to be true, they probably are lol.

Sheila Szabo

Are you kidding? You're gorgeous? Who was this guy, Adonis?


jakerose07 is the instagram account

Karen Kusse

He was saying I love you cause he wanted to sleep with you!!! Hence why he needed to get you alone. Trying everything

Aila H

Wow I haven't heard peace out doggies in a while

BBoy Loretto

I think i know what happened at the club, he proba ly had some type of instrest for you but around his friends he couldnt because yes he probably has a girl and or is a player, but yea he is kind of strange of what he did after oh well it was an entertaining one but your pretty so spme guy will sweep you off your feet one day. Aloha ?

Maryam Asadi

Brittttt pls show us this guy I'm really curios gosh cuz ur so damn pretty and when u compare urself with him like that way I'm like hmmmm then how he was?

Aspen Santoro

Weren’t you with AJ at the time? Xx

Ashley Leigh

Lol.. I found him and you were not wrong about him being really really good looking haha what a funny story! Thanks for sharing ?

LonelyRainbow WolfUnicorn


I Is awesome

“Matt I told them”
“Sorry I was ordering dominos” lmao ?

Lindsay Tucker


Glad you got away from that ?

Nuh uh

Your a lot like joey Graceffa :edit OMG OSANA

Ainsley Carter

I just searched him up on Instagram! Holy Jesus he is so hot!!!! ?? but I can’t believe he is a fuckboy ???


club goin up on a Tuesday

Erica Arriann


Pinkjesus Pk

Aussie mate

Jordan Bone

This is brilliant ?

Zoe Watts

''sorry i was ordering dominos'' hahhahaha meeee

Adriana Roso

Hahahaha wow wasn't expecting that ?


Lol that's what they all the chicks say every one night stand I've had "ooooh I never normally do this it's so unlike me"

His Presence

you got dumped

Rebecca fox

He was just trying to get laid.

Zu Nor

Wow he does sound like the dream guy in the beginning.. still a cool night lol

Christian Matos

You’re so pretty

bhaby hawaii

I live in Australia

Talisa Embelton

wait.. so this guy was drink driving?


Sighhh that took a turn ?


I lived for the fact you called him a tosser! Thank fuck you haven't lost or even toned down your Aussie quirks since the beginning because otherwise I'd probably feel betrayed as a fellow Aussie :P

Samantha Louise

100000000000% fuck boy

Steph M

Lmao that’s the type of stuff that would happen in a movie except the girl would probably stay ?

Melissa Sorbello

Hahaha had a great laugh too ???
He sounds like the biggest jerk.

julie Chaytor

yeah he was on drugs---douch bag druggo cant believe u asked him back====random and why would you do that---sheer desperation !!! Brtt.... wake up....

Nafela Charawani

Guys in case you wanna see what this guy looks like. I found him and he looks exactly like she described him ???

Alannah Gomes

Lmao love how chill you are and didn't stress him doing him

Am y

How tall r u:) u look kinda tall and ur gorgeous

Chloe B

Idk why, but the way u say wtf at 13:05 makes me laugh so damn hard

Ali V

Typical fuck boi ?

Shannon Jarvis

no one else notice she slipped up and called him aaron? 10:20

Ryleigh Boice

What is this place called

Ari B

I didnt wanna comment but i kinda had to come back to this page after randomly stumbled on and ended up hearing ur whole story,, it kinda got me thinking if i relate myself to this guy and as much as i would hate to accept it i actually do fair a bit!! May be he had a lot of friend but somehow he was still lonely..may be he experienced serendipity wen he met u. How do u know??u never gave it a chance for u to figure it out..but it surely triggered u tho,
otherwise why would u even remember this let alone make a whole video about it!!loll Point is as basic as u are..some of us are also complex, confused and most importantly fucked in the head and desperately need help but too proud to ask.btw next time some guy ask u to come home with him dont just think its all about sex,,trust me they all feel the u said CHEMISTRY or connection.. we feel that too!!

Jack Bagnall

You're probably the weirdest date someone else ever been on. Or more Realistic the most boring date someone ever had.




Mauricio Leos

hi I'm Mauricio bye

Diana Lay

That was not a date as he pretty much brought you alcohol to drink all day. And you were stupid to show your wreckless behaviour and immaturity, stupidity its not how you get a guy by drinking with him throughout the date. He was treating you like a drinking buddy then treating you respect that he is really into wanting a relationship or seeing you a wife and a soul mate to be with forever and you drinking with him then telling him you will not put up with his bad behaviour and show him your values and ethics and you rather give in your values off for him he saw the desperation in you so it confirmed to him that you are not the women his looking for in this life. Its why he didn't really care about you. You pretty much showed this guy that you were willing to put your values off for him because how good looking he was, you didn't show him your strength that you would not put him on a pedestal regardless his beautiful you would just let him get away with anything. That was pretty stupid of you its why you got what you got at this what you called a date. You didn't show him you valued yourself so he didn't value you too and set you apart from other women and you just only encouraged him to treat you like he thinks he can treat you anyway he liked and what was convenient to him.

Trishan Francis

Those Jeff clips has me dead dwl

sabz bet

Hahaha loved it! #snapfam


Those eyes u have r mesmerising

Julia Isabelle

That was absolutely amazing???

Fiona Jeminaj

I found himmmm jakerose07

Lady Bug


Davves Gameplays


Jams C

Please do more like daily or weekend vlogs


Can someone find the rooftop place she was at... find their Instagram... THEN FIND JEFF #findjeff

cate o’shannassy

If u liked 1 of my comments Britt I swear I would be sooo excited I would scream so loud u would be able to hear it and I live down in NSW!!

Lilli Beth

who else wants to see a freakin picture?? hahaha

Network entertainment

join Ebuyclub and make your purchase

Abbey McCann

“Sorry I was ordering dominos” hahahaha

Bodhi Sattva

Haha great story....dudes like that make dating and connecting with high quality women easier for guys like me. Thanks for the laughs.

Julia Williams

I never say its my birthday when it is online cause I dont see the point to comment it lol but u filmed this on my birthday.How cool.?

Munkhjargal Nymsuren

how much money do you get paid making youtube videos?

Kristen Sorensen

Beautiful men are the biggest pigs, this one was totally whipped, too! Glad you laughed him off! Great story!! LOL!

Cori Bailey

I think the saying is a "180" not 360, isn't it? Cause 360 would mean it went back to exactly how it was... But he was acting the opposite as earlier so that would be a 180 haha

Sunny Del Sol

I love these videos!!!!


You're so pretty, I heard from you through crazy uber stories, now I'm binge watching your channel.


So you gave a guy that didn't have the balls to approach you, and had security do it, your number? What does that say about you?

Kelly Cardenas

i love this so much, I was smiling the whole time.


?had the club going up, on a Tuesday! got ya girl in the club and she choosin? ??

Bella Anselmo

Sounds like a typical L.A. guy. Super into you, runs off with another girl, next thing you know its ' I LOVE YOU, please be the mother of my spawn child'.

Matthew Gilliard

Hi this is bob he is lonely
One sub=one friend


This guy sounds like a textbook sociopath


Please do more story time videos!!!

LonelyRainbow WolfUnicorn

How about...u thought u were dating this boy...but he DOESN'T even text u or anything and then u find out he has a new gf who is prego (his baby) and then is having another AND u just ask u r self(aka me self) what u did wrong....or ask why you(aka me) are soo dumb and ugly...

Samantha Claire

Hey Brit, great video! Was just wondering if you could do a quick video/tutorial for people who are just starting out their channel on how to see whether or not the music they want to use is royalty/copyright free? This would help me out so much! haha. xx

Chiara Supernova

omg what is up with these fickle dudes whose moods change every other minute! I just went out with a guy like that (cept he wasn't a rich hollywood dude so he didn't even have that going for him lol) but it was like he would invite me out places then ditch me then invite me to his place and I'd be like cool i'll be there in an hour then when the time came he'd be like never mind I'm tired. Like he only wanted me when it was convenient to him I guess? I dunno I don't get it. Not seeing his ass again. Love your stories Brittney!

Girl Let Me Tell You

lol love it


What a Jerk!

Tara Marie

Baby girl - as a VIP hostess in "hotspots" I'll tell ya a huge bet that he "disappeared" to go do drugs. Usually owners know one another and they party VERY hard. You're better off without that. Friend maybe, never more ❤️??.

Rebecca Barnes

This made me laugh so much. ???

Maryam Ebrahimi

ohhhhh Britney i love youuu its 1:30 am and im pissing myself watching this video lmaooo

Jams C


Raquel L

That’s how I felt about my now x husband lol
He was beautiful as he was psycho lol ???
This sounds like my first date with my x husband ? lol
Sounds like my x husband lol psycho lol dodged a bullet


dude sounds like he was high af

molly tervo

Lmao her expressions and the way she said certain words was tooo funny ahahahah ??

Teurihei Palmer

Sees a guy in the restaurant, gives number to the random guy, stalks him on instagram, then agrees to go on a date with him. Gets picked up from random guy, feels "chemistry", drinks margaritas with random guy (even though you don't like tequila but "fuck it" right?), flirts and continues to drink with random guy, starts kissing random guy, you feel like you're "into him" already. Drag friend (Georgia) to the club with you and the random guy, random guy completely forgets about you, goes with another girl, then comes back to you and asks to come back to your hotel room with you and keep drinking, and brittney says sorry Britt but you shouldn't have told this story, it has completely changed my perception of you as a person. I always saw you as someone who was a very strong and independent woman, but it honestly just sounds like youre a little bit selfish and just love attention from guys and would put yourself AND you friends in potential danger, just to go and be with a random guy. I get that you wanna have fun and stuff, but this could've honestly turned out so bad for you if this guy was a crazy person. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, all I'm trying to say though is just look after yourself next time - girls from overseas get sucked into these situations from these "amazing looking guys", and bad things end up happening...

jordyn mcdowell

did anyone else get some hardcore 50 shades of grey vibes or is that just me?

Noah Hayes

S. O many words!

Isabella Cobo


Josey Salhab

Name of the outro song?

Ghala Al Harthi

Pleeeeeeeeez change ur music background


yewg this makeup make your eyes look like two vaginas with eyes in them!