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What is normal sperm count for a male to be fertile? - Dr. Vasan S S

What is normal sperm count for a male to be fertile? - Dr. Vasan S S6 Jun. 2016
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I keep saying this to lot

I keep saying this to lot of people who meet me. You can have 20 people in the room. Intelligence is what matters to get a job done and not the number of people you have. So consequently the count is a measure of the numbers. It not important to have only count. You need to have the number of moving sperms which has to be in proportion which is roughly 40 % of whatever count you have. In some men, a lower count may have a higher number and similarly they should be as normal as possible, because more the abnormality, the sperm will not fertilize or create defects in the future child. So it is the quality of production than the numbers which matters and the second thing is how badly the quality is affected. You can fail by, you can get a first class.

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kashif choudary

Sir my live cont 1 and my sperm 4 please advise me in which tablet use

Md Sajid

Hindi video sir

I. Casper

Something which can change your life forever is definitely checking out what Jan Venstaker has to state in his website. Unless of course you experience a grave illness it's super effective to raise your count and amount by 700% within days.

yasin oumer

Dr . thanks a lot for ur valuable explanation.
my sperm count is 204million/ ml how is this number
is it nirmal?

Abdul Sattar Kamalpuri

Total count -100millian/ml
progressive (active)PR -30
Non-progressive NP -15
No Motile NM -55
Puss Cell 6-8
volume -3.0
PH -9.0
Normal forms -40
sir, is that normal for normal pregnant? can I conceive natural pregnancy?
or I need treatment? plz reply sir

What Makes a Healthy Sperm Count Medical Course

What Makes a Healthy Sperm Count Medical Course20 Dec. 2013
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For Educational Use Only -

For Educational Use Only - Fair Use - Only one sperm is needed to fertilize an egg. But while it only takes one to conceive doctors do look for 20 million sperm per millimeter of semen as a normal count.rn

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