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Barely Legal Hot Tub Confession From Republican

Barely Legal Hot Tub Confession From Republican12 Mar. 2010
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Comments (100)

How old is his wife? 14



Daniel Luna

CENK R U drunk in this one?

Michael Holt

You're no kid? Hmm.. I'll say differently..


@alrod666 woooot 420!


It has to be something more than sitting in a hot tub with no sexual interaction. If it was really just that he could just deny it or say I don't remember. In fact, if it really was nothing, and it happened 25 years ago, I'm pretty suprised anyone remembers it. People don't remember non-sexual interactions that long.

Adam J

If they had consensual sex 25 years ago, I doubt it was against the law then. For her to be in "pain" My guess would be that he actually raped her? (no consent?) that would put him up shit creek


2010 the year of awkward confessions: - Tiger Woods - That anti-gay, gay republican - Hot tub - .... - profit?


ugh republicans.....lover's apparently of potential rape, lies, corruption, and sucking the fat dick of the corporate machine.

Heather Pressed Between the Pages

I didn't get the impressions that they were applauding his actions. It sounded to me like they were just aknowledging his apology.

Gaylord Hancock

i also bet over 90% of republicans are closet homosexuals, the republican party is a good place for gays to hide cause its supposed to be such a manly party


@MoneysnHoneys- Ok there is something really wrong with you its sound to me like your going to be picking up 15 year olds when you 28 yrs old yea 15 years olds are grown up right..WRONG you idiot your not even allowed to smoke at that age let along date a person going on 30 yrs shit man its common sense 18 is the age when teenagers can actually make decision with sense... thats why there called TEENAGERS because they are teen not adults ok get it right.


Let me get this straight, they sat there naked in a hot tub and nothing sexual happened? LOL, who would be that stupid to believe that.


The standing ovation is a necessary part of the American puritan ethic. Sexual 'sins' HAVE to recognized as sins by the poor lost sheep who stray from the path of righteousness. Otherwise how can all those hypocrites who wished they'd got more, feel good about themselves instead of just jealous? So the 'mea culpa' ritual is essential to keep the whole charade on track. Also guilt adds spice to sex in many ways. Garn & his House probably all got off on the confession. Everybody wins!


4:20 Calm down Genk, you're bustin up your studio.


Yes, in some ways you continue to physically grow until you're in your 30s but scientists consider 17-22 to be the demarcation of "adult". Adult growth is different from sub-adult/teenage growth. As for adults who have sex with 15 year olds I don't know if they're a "child molester" in the strictest sense of the word but they're still morally and legally reprehensible because they're still having sex with someone who is not an adult. Adults should only have sex with other adults. Period.


You get a standing ovation for talking about your sexual illegal life? What about Clinton? Why didn't you give him a standing ovation and try to impeach him? What about normal folk? We go to jail for that and he is still getting away for free because he paid some hush money? Seriously... someone send him to jail


I tottally understand man


@MoneysnHoneys Not a child perhaps, but still naive and impressionable yes.



S0far S0G00d

Each week a Repunlican falls... TIMBER!!!


I was saying boys reach maturity around 21. More specifically in the 19-22 year range whereas girls hit adulthood in the 17-19 year range. This has nothing to do with being uptight, it's just a medical fact. Boys' bodies mature slower than girls' bodies. Though boys are still treated legally as adults at 18, which I think is fair.


Same as saying, "I smoked the joint, but didn't inhale". Not probable.


He paid her $150,000 even though there was no court trial. That means something inappropriate definitely happened if he's giving her money when no trial happened.


How many republicans is that so far involved in some kind of sex scandel in the passed 2 months? 3...4?

Phil Rose

@xspartanX3x Murdered in an instinct. Ha!

Patrick Lam

lol background falling apart XD


What you said about 15 year olds is true. Especially these days as people seem to mature faster in the US. Maybe it's all the hormones in our food or something. But this guy probably knew, him giving her hush money suggests that. I agree with you about 12 year olds when it comes to adults but preteens aren't as unappealing to teenagers, especially younger teens, as they are to most adults. Just like a 12 year old can be attracted to a 9 or 10 year old but most adults won't be.


Favored for the "working under him" comment. Where can I get a "I Denounce and Reject Myself" T-Shirt?

2cap tutanchamun

He is innocent....


@harr77 - Don't be too sure until you've looked up her skirt. $150,000 is a lot of hush money.




A hottub it from a republican? OF COURRRRSE! Like you would report a democrat? That'll be the day. Cenk is a hypocrit who took a hypocritical oath to new high hypothetical level of hypocrisy.


Well since it's a republican it's refreshing to hear about illicit sex with a female.


Money talks. And this one hundred and fifty thousand dollars is saying something loud and clear.


Did anyone else see the back panel fall at 4:19 ?


To be attracted to a 15 year old is one thing. To actually go through with those thoughts is another thing. Some 16 year old guys are attracted to 12 year old girls. Doesn't mean they should bang 'em.


Kevin Garn is a fart butt. There, I said it!


Another republican in a sex scandal. I'm surprised it wasnt with a guy for once.


"I did not have sexual relations with that woman - Ms. Lewinsky."


What did he smoke to Confess???


haha. In America, people sit and relax with friends in "Jacuzzis". If you hear the words"hot tub" or "cuzzi" and opposite sex, usually foreplay will be involved.

Michael Staley

Couldnt the same be said for a twelve year old?


cuz denmark is fucked atleast it aint vatican state the legal age ther is 12

Michael Holt


Bryan Newton

4:22 LOL!!!!!!

Michael Holt

Why is it nasty? Couldn't care less..


RAMKING61 I believe these guys were Democrats watch?v=7DA8SnJxaaw watch?v=vkGALEtiGE0 watch?v=4Jc4U4ugi_4 I Don't see where all the democrat sex scandals are that he should report. The Republicans seem to have the monopoly on that.


"she was workin' underneath him." LMFAO

Josh Chamberlin

but he was 30 thats adulthood my friend


what if being in a hot tub and 'hottubbing' is like being in a cottage and 'cottaging'? Also, he boned her. No doubt.


If this guy had just set up the hot tub meeting on "To Catch A Predator" he would be arrested at the very least. Instead his colleagues applaud. One word here, no actually two. UTAH MORMONS Nuff said


I completely get where you're coming from. I've had, er, less than pure thoughts about high school girls I've seen before and I'm 23 years old. Going on 24 this year. I understand being attracted to a girl who is that age, especially when you're just in your 20s or early 30s but crossing the line and boning them is a definite no-no. A guy can just wait until they're legal. I have no sympathy for this Republican because had a Democrat done this he'd crucify them.


Let him go, it could have happened to any body. the girl is the bad one here.

Quantum Entanglement

Nope because a twelve year olds brain is fully developed.


"Foolishly went 'Hot tubing' with a girl half my age"? What? There is clearly more to this story! Did he and the girl get naked? If they did, there is NO way 'nothing happened'! He paid her $150K for what? Something DEFIANTLY HAPPENED! "I once paid an underage girl to get me a cheese burger (she was the cashier at McDs)"?


Can't blame him for being in the hot tub. that's forgivable. His real screw up was the hush money.


Standing ovation for this? What would they do if they had found a dead boy in his bed? Give him a medal?


The only reason I'd say it's more than a misdemeanor, IMO, is that sexual intimacy between adults and non-adults is a pretty serious violation. Yes, some teenagers may enjoy the experiences but generally it has negative psychosexual and psychological impacts on the subjects later in life. Even in many cases where they "consented" at the time. That's why it's better to treat it as a more serious offense because it's something that can fuck a person's mind and self-identity up.

James Brown

LMAO "a hunnit an fiddy"


1:43 "she wa working underneath him" LOOL


Lol. Reminds me of Dave Chappelle's argument about R. Kelly.


But, fuck that bitch though, after watching this whole video i finally understood it. That bitch wanted just money, and why wait so fucking long?


"Heal her pain"? Please. This woman is just trying to get paid. That Republican is still a kiddie fiddling fuck but this woman should drop this act. If it bothered her so much she would have come forward years ago.


'Hot tubbin' sounds like something old swingers would do in the 70's.


I pretty much agree when it comes to, say, an 18 or 19 year old having sex with a 16 year old. But a guy who's damn near 30 is a different story. If a person is 16 no one older than 20 or 21 should be having sex with them. Until they're 18. Some people would say "What difference is 2 years?" but humans grow quite a bit in just 2 years during the teenage phase. 2 years is nothing to someone in their 30s but the difference between a 12 year old and a 14 year is pretty big.


It is 16 in most places. Though a person over 18 can still get in trouble legally for having sex with 18 year olds because they're still in the parent(s)' custody. Probably also because 18 is the demarcation for humans when a person is pretty much indisputably an adult in all ways arguable.


Very well said.

Karl Brander



@A86 and what was that argument?


Thats the legal age. Bitch all you want, but it usually when its like a 16 year old and a 20 year old it isn't punishable unless the parents prosecute to the extreme. But 15 and 29 is pretty extreme.


Ok they make look older but that does not mean they are its like I may look like I am 21 but when I go to the register to buy liquer they check my ID and find out I am not why won't they sell me the liquor. just because someone may look older does not mean they are in my book that's still called a child molester not to even mention its illegal but thats not why I care its just morally wrong Everyone should know that.

sheebop dublah

@bakedpootetoo Yes they do. *i love that movie*


"Extortion" is a very good word that needs to become part of the American lexicon, instead of Lobbying. Crimes are being committed by both sides, and the Conservatives are still leading........... It's like a sports contest .... WHO's going to win? :P


I'm 25 and I find myself checking out highschool girls all the time. I'm not sick, it's just my balls giving me a natural attraction to girls who if we were all cavemen, would be fair game. I would never break the law and sleep with a chick who's 15, but telling me I'm sick for thinking it is like telling someone they're a criminal for thinking how great it would be to get away with robbing a bank.

Richard William Guilmette


Poor King Haggard

At the end, they summed-up exactly what I thought. Why would this guy need to say "nothing happened" if nothing happened? I've shared a hottub with adults when I was younger at a hotel; it was made to hold many people. Were we "hottubbing", and was it inappropriate?!


How do we know they didn't have sex?


A 28 would most likely not seek a relationship in partnership with a 15 year old. However, a 28 year old certainly, given the correct specimen, would want to tap it. And I'm ok with this. If my daughter allowed such a thing to happen to her I would accept the fact that I had failed as a father. So I suppose I'm fine with it. I won't promote it, but if it happens, you know, c'est la vie.


I'm 19, and I go hot tubbin'. I guess I'm just old school.

Quantum Entanglement

Well you would be wrong then. Some men can't. Does that make them right? Hell no, just pathetic. But if the girl is trying to seduce him then she is to blame just as much as he is. If he goes to jail than she should too. Plus the little bitch doesn't care! She just wants MONEY!!!

Vincent Phil

Why is that even a confession?? Do you have to confess gowing in a swimming pool with an underage too?


Since it happened a long time ago and even if he boned her I think the payoff is still worse.


As an uber-Republican classmate of mine used to say, "Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed!"

Goog lesucksnow

Moneysnhoney is right, espwcially since a 15 year old can be treated as an adult when found guilty of a serious, pedophile is an attraction to prepubescents (spell?) not teens, however that is not really acceptable in our culture so dont be surprised if you get bothered for it. but 15 year olds aint saints cuz i just graduated highschool man, by 15 we def aint kids, btw my age is wrong cuz i wanted to watch flagged videos :P

Molly Cole

Cenk always says it best




a lot of defendants acquitted in the tyt court this week.


Let him go! So what if a 28 year old go hot tubbing with a jailbait? Since when is that illegal? You will be FOOLISH for NOT getting into a hottub with a 15 year old.


MoneysnHoneys : Yes I understand that and he certainly did better than turning it into a he said/she said battle and trying to destroy her. However, admitting his past only when he was faced with accusations is hardly the most glorious human behavior. The hypocrisy that gets a lot of us is that same Republicans will grab onto someone who is not on their side of the issues like a pitbull and do everything they can to destroy them. They just seem far more understanding of their own team.


They're not children but they're not adults either. Scientifically a person is not an adult until they're 18. Around 21 for boys. That's when the human body finishes developing.


what is so wrong with paying people to sit in the hot tub with you ? i mean as long as you don't shart in it...


"If you think it's okay to give him [a 15 year old boy] life in jail then it should be legal to peen on him." Lol. Though his argument also dealt with race issues. But I don't think people under 17 or 18 should be charged as adults unless it's an extreme case. I think the original judgment in the case Dave was referring to was ridiculous.


You're legally allowed to join the military until you're at least 18.


a pedophile is attracted to prepubescent children, not teens. you're not sick for being attracted to teens, that said you're probably a sleazebag if you try to get in bed with them.


Welcome to Boner Town.

That's What Xi Said

Of course the reasonable ppl won't go crazy over this story, but the unreasonable ppl go crazy if their political rivals... get a bj from an intern when they are both clearly of age.

Michael Staley

Thats my point. A twelve year old could get out of a pool and walk away. Its a matter of where you draw the line, and society has drawn it over the age of fifteen. This man knew this. He should have know better, regardless of how slutty a fifteen year old was.


what the hell was the girl doing, naked on a hot tub ????? how did she got there ??? he shouldn't indulge it, but 15yo girls know how it goes..... there are 18yo teens who are inocent and childish but there are 15yo ones who are total bitches, just go to any club and see them half-naked scrubing against every man in the room....


It should be all about mental capacity and the ability to think for ones self. That obviously varies from person to person, so maybe for the average person 18 is a safe age. Many mature way before that age, historically we've had 16 year old lead whole armies to battle, doesn't mean all 16 year olds are capable of doing it.

Celine Dion Hot for Harper & Conservatives

Celine Dion Hot for Harper & Conservatives20 Apr. 2011
2 650
OperationMapleSubscribe 438 721!/operationmaple

Comments (3)
George Pawluk

Justin Trudeau for PM. Harper has left the building! Somehow my heart will go on. LOL.


hahhaah love it.... ABC


Awesome! hahahaha!!

A message to liberal feminists from a conservative woman

A message to liberal feminists from a conservative woman30 Oct. 2017
788 038
Fox NewsSubscribe 438 721

Lauren Debellis Appell

Lauren Debellis Appell blasts the left's 'elitist' political agenda.

Comments (100)

the interviewee, she probably a great lady, but the way how her eyes move like she reading off a cue card :X

Ace - Avdhut

I love all women leaving feminist's,karen's,vegan's (I'm not sexually harassing you for feminists)

Feral Mob

If more women don't stand up against the morally bankrupt feminists they will wake up in a world where men don't want anything to do with them. MGTOW is a short term answer to a long term problem.


I believe everyone is equal, not women are greater. Of course if needed women can be put above men, but deep inside we are all equal.

boim boim


Sean Saunders

"WHO" was telling you that you had to vote for Hillary? I dont understand...but boy is she angry.

Joddy Leaks

That's how you know feminism is bs and a Marxist ideology because it only apply if you are a leftist nobody defend our women on the right.

Matthew Sheffield

Feminist need to read the The Bible

Jeffrey Williams

I Hate

jess sohi

trump loves women more than hillary lol


This was 3 years ago. Wow.

John Spurlock

How can these haters call themselves feminists without being sexist. Lol Nazism in any form is not. O. K

King Davey B.

“I am a supporter of true gender equality. I am not afraid of doling out a dropkick to a woman the same way I would a man...” -Kazuma, 2019


Yas girl. P R E A C H

I am Ian

Funny how people are allowed to vote for whoever they want, and it doesn’t matter if your male or female

Alex 9101

is the lady is black reading something? look at her eye while she speaks

Just a Potato

Just noticed Hillary's got a Karen hair cut

Joshua Robles

Feminism was going to ruin my life


We had an General election here in Ireland recently and the vast majority of the female candidates that were fighting for re election lost their seats in Government. They are now out of jobs. And it wasn't men that just voted them out, it was women. It has been proven time and time again that women do not make good leaders in Government. Like in the UK Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May, US Hillary clinton, Angela Merkel, Winnie Mandela, etc.


Woman... man, same thing

Martell Tha Cool

Nobody respect feminazis aka traitors to society who betraying their own men. Outlawed feminism immediately

Seattle Man

Now there is a Lady who has a brain in her head and a heart in her chest!!!

Justin Likewise

Hillary Clinton is such a scumbag.


Feminism is not about freedom and equality, it is about power and greediness

Richies Quest

Captin marvel feminist crap movie Alita non feminist great movie.

tawnee hicks

You can see her reading her queue cards. What a load of bs

Roanova 2817

thank the lord she didn't win

Mr. Positive

If you say your a feminist you shouldn’t support trump because he doesn’t support woman. Your not intelligent if you vote for trump

andy bluewater

Thank God I stopped watching Hollywood movies a decade ago. And still don't.. Boycott Hollywood..

Maddison Hart

Worms for brains


I am a woman and I am an anti-feminist :)


Feminists are mostly lonely and unhappy people! F A C T..........


She claims to be conservative, but she hyphenates her last name and she works outside the house.....

george ghazal



The moment the guest started speaking facts, I saw an aura envelope around her which was strong beautiful and worthy of respect. Usually most of the other times u just wana power bomb them into the abyss.

Alyssa Jones

Having a blast reading the comments, while being quarantined. ??

Robert Palin

HIllary has probably used more anti-women rhetoric than any man ever has. She just has the presence of mind to say it outside the presence of a microphone or any reporter

Cool Granddad

So, if you're a woman and you didn't vote for a woman, you're disrespecting yourself. Really? Because Michelle Obama has said a very similar thought with the same meaning would it be fair to call Michelle Obama a liar? Is she really going to try and tell me that when she voted back in 2008 she chose Hillary over a man I think she knows fairly well, oh yeah, his name is Barack Obama. Really Michelle? Sorry, Michelle and Hillary, I'm not buying your nonsense! Hey, how about this novel concept; let each person as an INDIVIDUAL vote for THEIR choice, NOT yours Hillary and Michelle. How about Hillary and Michelle show some respect for other women that they can think for THEMSELVES!


I had to bring this same point up to some friends and family members.

Aaron Vasquez

Couldn't put it any better

Brolo Jay

Reminds me of that Aristophanes play, the one where they give women the right to vote and then athens devolves into a socialist hellhole.... Except it's real life lmao.

Ken Baker

Lauren is so beautiful and smart, I am going to hire her. Take THAT feminists.

Barna De

She is tired of being told to vote for someone bc they are woman

And yet we never had a female president in our country.

Ironically we are the oldest democracy.


Vito g fir someone JUST because of their gender seems a form of political affirmative action

Modasar Shaffiq

Feminism is for white women only...

Arrow Boy

Feminism is nothing but an ideological hate on men. Men and women are awesome and they have to be polite and respectful to each other.


The fact that people agree with fix news is insane lmao

Michael Abuelsaad

Definition of Feminists
Lazy Women who believe they are entitled to getting special treatment just because of their gender

Natalie Roberts

Trump is a horrible person, so no one with comment sense would vote for him

John Lopez

I got pressed by a female the other day when I entering Starbucks ( wasn’t for me it was for my coworker) & she started rambling on how she’s independent & doesn’t need a man to open a door for her. I only practice chivalry with my partner but not with random women. To me it’s simple common courtesy. If it was a dude I would’ve done the same exact thing & that’s what I was trying to explain to her but she just didn’t want to hear it because she believes that every single men is out to get her which is hilarious to me

Hk Tk

Feminist are just girls who are jealous of other girls America was a paradise when the conservative Republicans were the majority the leftist destroyed our country

That One Kid

I am definitely not a trump supporter. But at least this makes sense, it actually has a sense of respect. The reason why a lot of people dis like trump is because he doesn’t gain a lot of respect for him self, and he’s kinda just an idiot. But I respect anything that gives me reason to respect it. The woman talking in the video give reason and actually make sense, just cause your a female, and a candidate is also a female, doesn’t mean you have to vote for that you baby exact person because they meet some stupid criteria

Killme Madame

This is basically a woman saying that she gets to vote for a sexist without anyone calling her out for it because she's a woman.

Feminism is not here to protect conservative women from criticism.

Alex Hicks

She said that she didn’t vote for Hillary because she was a woman but then she had the nerve to say that they need to support each other

Nate Iverson

What she says makes perfect sense. The extremist "section" of the feminists have a hive mentality. A hive mentality is toxic because of the all or nothing stance . Its more like a cult at this point. And cults only cause disorder society. Men and woman both have free will. I'm a moderate democrat. And as much as I don't agree with a lot of Trump's policies. She made an excellent point.

Dylan Gayle

Literally feminism is just the belief that women and men are equal and deserve equal opportunity. Trump shits on that.

Dr Bee

Hillary is a horrible feminist. Her husband cheats on her and she doesn’t declare her independence from him. Thats when I had no further respect for her.

Joe Banana

So first feminists say they don’t wanna be judged by their gender now Hillary a feminist wants them to support her because of gender

Big Smoke

Feminist are reason why i don’t want to have a girlfriend or just touch a girl or a freandly hug becuse for feminist that counts as sexual harasment

Chris Mowry


Kaushik Srinivasan

I see at many places that "men's rights activism" is slowly cropping up. As a honest man I don't need such activists to speak or act on behalf of me. I don't want men to do the same mistake as women are doing and they did.


Conservative woman


Everyone’s so mad at trump for what he said about women. I mean come on like you women haven’t said worse about men.

Amy Erwin

The definition of Feminism is always evolving. For my great/grandmothers it meant the right to vote, receive higher education and employment, have access to birth control, the ability to divorce their philandering husbands without social ostracism and still have a means to raise their children etc. Today leans more towards equal wages for equal work, representation in politics, genital mutilations in Sedan etc. These women wouldn’t be allowed on TV voicing their opinions without the advent of Feminism. Seems silly most of these posted comments are by men about how it affects men.


Feminists say that men are the problem and that positions oppress women when in reality they are oppressing women that voted for trump. Oh The irony and Karma

Cambria Inouye


Erika Bell

As much as I dislike Trump, he's preferable to the politically correct identity politics of liberals like Clinton.

John Spurlock

How can these haters call themselves feminists without being sexist. Lol Nazism in any form is not. O. K

Keith Dixon

Zero pies were baked in the making of this video.

Mademoiselle Awkward

Guys, you're not clowns, you're the whole circus.

Casey Harden

I as a feminist think that this is wrong. I will admit that there are feminists that aren’t accepting but I don’t think that’s what feminism truly is. I am a feminist and I am not conservative but I still would accept any woman even if she has different beliefs than me because I believe we should be building women up not tearing them down

Mullet McTazer

Hillary Clinton gots a weiner. I seent it

jack frost

why am i so attracted to conservative women

Grote_Kaffee _

“Think independently..”’re reading from a script.

Humboldt Harry

If the basic philosophy that defines and guides you defines the opposite gender as an opposing enemy, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your beliefs. I can tell you for certainty that if a men’s group of “masculinity’s” spouted the hate filled false narrative of the feminists they would be marginalized and derided by the majority of men. Feminism is immature, destructive and is patently false.


What do you want? We make a feminist film starring the woman for historical or religious inspiration??

Phil EK23

Oh come on - she voted for Trump because her husband/boyfriend told her to - just like Hillary got told to ignore Monica

rebeka talebi

Feminism has been successful in annihilating families, ruining women’s’ identity, motherhood etc. Men actually disrespect women more. Depression among females is at all time high. Birthrates have gone down. There is more inequality & hatred between men & women. Etc etc etc

Reptile With Depression

If a woman is a pro female they are a feminist
Buuuuuuuutttt if a man is a pro male they are sexist waoh woah

Cactus Jack

I’m a liberal u guys are just super stupid

mohamed rafrafi

Pointless war between man and women. At the end we need each other


Hillary doesn’t have any moral stand to criticize or to tell other women what their star should be. Specially when she, herself stayed with and supported a lying womanizer?‍♀️ has she forgotten? Stay no matter what as long as that helps you to reach your goals and stay in power...?‍♀️ yes! so honorable and dignifying.? wait.. what does that reminds me of? ?? oh yea?

Beau Truex

I see you feminists Scissoring me with your eyes.

Thomas Jordan

Dumbass, the definition of feminism is equality. Know what your arguing against


if you looks closely, you'll see no women in the comment section.

ريماز Noor

Feminism is essentially fair to men and women yes each movement has its radicals yes the majority of feminists now are radical feminists but that doesn’t mean feminism should end the world need human rights activists who are focused on women rights and the world need human rights activists who are focused on men rights feminism (need to be reformed )

Souhardya Malakar

I hate both Trump and Feminism...what should I do ...???

Talia Varela

I'm a feminist and I love being one. I think beyond political beliefs, feminism to me has evolved into something that all women can celebrate. I know Donald Trump has said some disgusting things about women and his family which is the reason why I wouldn't vote for him, but to put down another woman for their political beliefs is disgusting. My definition of feminism is the empowerment of all women, because all women aren't the same. I love being a feminist, it's something that makes me proud to be a woman. Without feminism, women wouldn't be where we are today. ♀️?


She is speaking straight facts

Kenneth Tarr

The guest is right but she still conflates feminine women with feminists. The latter are a small group of anti-male radicals.


Women, If you’re anger because your dogmatic propaganda told you to be, than you’re the one with the problem.

Robert Palin

Liberals: We're tolerant, except for__________ (fill in blank with appropriate conservative idea or person)

Zoi Velazquez

Hillary I'm not a democat, please shut up.

Homosexual Giraffe

Fox News on free speech ?


“You’re not a real woman less you vote Democrat” —Josephine Biden.


Hillary MARRIED a womanizer because he was good-looking and smart. What a hypocrite.


these comments are horrible?? feminists are women working for women rights, trump is misogynistic, racist, transphobic and homophobic... i think EVERYONE deserves equal rights, and i mean everyone, so when women vote for trump they are voting against people of color, people in the LGBTQIA+ community and WOMEN, the people your fighting for?????

carlos guzman

That girl is very smart

Mug Beer

Liberals want people to be different but think the same

Neal's Adventures

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is naturally feminine(the opposite of a feminist, in my opinion) like this woman.