Excessive smegma

Cremloynes - Greg Ginn's Excessive Smegma

Cremloynes - Greg Ginn's Excessive Smegma12 Oct. 2012
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access to the excess

access to the excess

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juan de la cal


How Not To Be Seen Monty Python's Flying Circus

How Not To Be Seen Monty Python's Flying Circus13 Jul. 2017
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Coral Roper

And now for something completely different


You know Monty Python were skilled at comedy when they could make 3 minutes of explosions and people falling over in otherwise empty fields hilarious.

Vincent Poirier

The American military have funded a sequel.

Fire In The House

Monty Python, always relevant.


Mr. Nesbitt has learned the first lesson of not being seen: not to stand up. However, he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover. ?

Kal. T.

Can't see it, can't shoot it, can't bury it, can't put it on fire,
TNT it is then.

Martin H

https://youtu.be/ayDWlNqQyJg. Too right Trevor - we are changed when we are seen ?

David Williamson

Sometimes it helps to not be seen.


But could they see the Spanish Inquisition?

Magnus Guglius Vuglius

2:15 is that the beach where Pewdiepie made videos?


So... I get the "B.J. Smegma" part, but what's so funny about E.R. Brads(h)aw?

Louis Felix

Hito Steyerl brought me here


And now Beirut.

William Johnson

Ell Ohh Ell, That is M.A.D.-ness !!!1



Jason Worth

Michael Bay must be engaging in a form of pleasure after watching this.

Magnus Guglius Vuglius

2:12 hey congratulations?

Schplien Home Video

"... And now for something completely different."

Marius J. MacGyver

Dear reader of this comment, will you stand up please?

Congratulations, you too have learned the first rule of not being seen.


Fucking brilliant!

Étienne CHANAY

Mrs B.J. Smegma ? lmao

Jochen Amos Hansen

????????Be Bristish☝️???✌☻✌


This is even funnier if you play World of Tanks. Thumbs up if you're here because of Jingles.

William Crowe

Well, I'm afraid we must stop the film here, as the scenes that followed are of a graphic nature and may be upsetting to our viewers. Though not to me, I can tell you.

Michael Tutnichts-ZurSache

"Smith...I didn't see you at the camouflage practice today!" --- "Thank you, sir!"


BJ Smegma. Never gets old

Evan Ivosevic

2:12 is how the Stalin purges started


This reminds me of Viet Nam.

Tommy Lynch

If you do not want to wear a face mask.


“Stand up please”
* BANG *

“Stand up”



I can't believe they nuked Spain just for this one sketch

Brett Middleton

Funny as flaming poop!

Luke Fallon

One of the advantages that Monty Python had was full access to whatever the BBC had - which is to say a LOT! Props, archival film, sound effects and even explosives were always close at hand. This was long before those silly safety laws, of course.

layla grant

How funny ?

Daniel Lopez

Jingles Brought me here.

David Williamson

Mr. Nesbit learned what not to do from watching what happened to the first two people.

Brodie Larson


Takeshi Nakazato1

I just realized something uncomforting.

I can be seen right now.


And the champion is Osama Bin Laden

ceri nolancerinolan

That gumby is a flamin grass.

Larry Lurker



Blowing up trees isn't really funny.

Brandon Morris

Music at 2:46?

juan david vargas amezquita


long w lenguyen

It's like Where's Waldo with dynamite

Jon Goltz

Monty Python: Before incredibly rude and semi-obscene was in style...

Emma Hamilton

One of my favorite Monty Python sketches, along with the bored airplane pilots and the Black Knight

Martin Putt

Yes, it was, the middle one


Blows up the West Midlands

Sylvester Birchem

And now for something completley different.

Retro_Style 80

takes notes for area 51


This is like a tutorial for DayZ. The mod i mean

Of Wolves and Men

“Ah, well I’m afraid we have to stop that film now. Some of the scenes which were to follow were of a violent nature which may have proved, distressing to some of our viewers. . . . . . .
Though not to me I can assure you.”
— Michael Palin

Tommy Lynch

How not to be seen breaking the C Word rules.


I live near that beach shot, it's in Paignton, Devon

Brian Runyon

For me, it's John Cleese's deadpan sounding performance that cells it.

Daniel Zakgaim

This is what would happen if you gave Yoshikage Kira from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure a reality TV show

A Smith

Will there ever be anything as brilliant as Monty Python?


"Yes, it was the MIDDLE one." XD!!!!


bouta pull this on my this on my therapist


Would you stand up please?

Elad Lavi

I haven't been seen for 2 years now,and its totally worth it,I have all my limbs,great tutorial

Rob R

Love it


This video = pretty much any Battlefield game.

Vaylon Kenadell

Nobody likes a clever dick!


I expected this sketch to go a different direction: A 2-minute shot of an empty grassland, with a commentator explaining how not to be seen as a demonstrator (presumably) demonstrates.

Neil Sapre

When I went through the Houston Police Department academy in 1990 this clip was used to introduce us to the concept of cover and concealment. I have to admit it was very effective in teaching us a lesson on where to hide if we didn't want to be seen.

Mc Water



This is not comedy, this is an operations manual.

אסף שני

From now on, everytime I play hide and seek, I'm afraid I'm part of a documentary about not being seen.


And This is the neighbour who told us where they were. BOOM
pause Nobody likes a Benedict.


Nobody likes a what?


It's not a fucking season, it was a series.

I hate CCP,天安门大屠杀1989年6月4日,共匪,五毛,光復香港,時代革命

This makes me think of Communist China and East Turkestan (Xin Jiang)

moses .d.

IT WAS THE MIDDLE ONE. cant get any bettter


steyerl brought me here

Matthew Hill

oh I couldnt walk for 5 minuets after lol

Mr Nisbet will you stand up please

never gets old

Smegma - Fragrance for men

Smegma - Fragrance for men26 Aug. 2017
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100% Guaranteed to get you

100% Guaranteed to get you laid within the hour. Warning for heterosexuals - may also attract other men.

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Handy Alley


Shaun Hayes

what inspired this glorious creation


I absolutely love you, and I don't care what drugs you were on when you made this, I think you are un genio <3