Girls doing sexy thing

T Shirt - You Sexy Thing

T Shirt - You Sexy Thing7 Jul. 2015
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Salesi Taulepa

I know this Music Video was shown on Australia’s Number one Music Video Show Video Hits On Channel Ten


Can anyone tell me the names of the girls? did they release other music?

Mox Girl

I legit thought I was the only person who actually remembered this song for awhile xD Always loved their version xD

Rebecca kuraRautahi Te Ngongotahamaia

Who listening to this song in 2020

Lochana Karunathilaka Pasyala

i all most forget this song. After few years i came here to listen this song ! Nice

Birgit von der Burg



Only 40,000 views? Seriously? This song was so insanely popular in Australia that I expected it would have 40 million views. The girl in the black is gorgeous!



Kiumars Pdm


Peter Piper

Did they ever find that 3rd angel?

Troy S

Definitely came out after if you wanna be my lover ?


Я их помню, 2000 год был...


From Australia and I literally thought this was the original hahaha

Ripe Banana

They're not bisexual.


she was drivin' in a right-hand Vee-hickle


I totally thought spice gals sang this lol


Is it me, or am I hearing them sing "wubba lubba dub dub"?

trizzy tee

This song was actually big here in Australia when it first came out. Loved it. Still have a soft spot for the song.


I don't... i don't even know what a speedy butt is let alone if i should want a lover with one.

Kristina Lauss

This song rocks

Ozdave McGee

This was my parners and my song in the 90's. Damn I miss her

Maggie 92

Sophisticated lady in red suit did she dress up like a giant strawberry on purpose


loved it too - have it on cd single, or cassette - go Betty Boo

Liz Munro

This song isn’t available in Australia, THANKS for posting this

سعيد before the year 0 الصومالي الهاشمي

There's nothing quite as sexy as a look of passionate determination on someone's face.


Wish I wasn't listening to this in 2019?

Richard Palmer

Shelley this was our song in 1997/1998, I will never forget you.I miss and love you always.♥️


Chloe is the girl of my dreams :)

my wheelhouse

This still slaps in 2020 quarantine.

Micks A

Totally forgot about this version. Then 2day FM played it. Took me back. Those outfits and choreography though ?‍♂️?

TJK Sports Media

Brings back good memories... this song is way too cool :)

Zelão Maneba


DJ São - Flash Back

Hot Chocolate


The blazer and pants have came back


blond name is miranda

Rebecca kuraRautahi Te Ngongotahamaia

Hot chocolate owe this song


That's a damn handsome man 1:39

Peter Piper

But did they ever find the 3rd angel?

James Higham

Blonde went onto bigger things in the music industry. Dark hair was the real dancer in the clip.

Lochana Karunathilaka Pasyala

what is the music band name ?


Find you

Nathan Lewis

3:00 Just me and the boys playing some shirtless grab ass in an alley by the docks.

Nykolas Reded

When I was a kid I could swear this song was performed by the spice girls. Especially at 2:09, when I was sure it was Victoria singing.


is that MIami ?? I thought they were Ossie chix

dave marks

Why do Aussies allway claim stars as their own

Chrombopulus the great

Its ok, but i like hot chocolate's original version better

Ripe Banana

Bet their boyfriends know how to speak spanish.

Falcon Powerful

Nice touch with Errol Brown at the end.
I had the nuts big time for the dark haired chick back when this came out.


both girls sang back up vocals for Gina G Ooooaaaaah at the 1996 eurovision song contest

Hot Chocolate ~ You Sexy Thing 1975 Disco Purrfection Version

Hot Chocolate ~ You Sexy Thing 1975 Disco Purrfection Version28 Nov. 2013
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More Hot Chocolate? check

More Hot Chocolate? check out my remix of Every 1's A Winner 1978 Disco Purrfection Version

When Brit Pop is this good, its really hard to stop wanting more! The I first heard of Hot Chocolate was from the mini-drama weeper "Emma". The stark production with the steady beat and a lot of minor notes evoked the despair of the heroine who only wanted to be a star. Around that time Connie Stevens had done a TV movie "The Sex Symbol" a racy 70's re-visioning of the life of Marilyn Monroe. It was not Grammy material, but I felt sad when Connie Stevens died in the last scene. Haven't seen it since. I have always equated the two, and I was a big fan of "Emma".

Then the band recorded a parable about an interracial relationship called "Brother Louie" which became a #1 UK hit for them, but a cover of that song done by The Stories took the same honors in the US. Bird-dogged once, Errol did not give up and continued to write and then in 1975 put out "You Sexy Thing" which became an instant disco classic. Placing at #3 on the Hot 100 it was released in 1975, but ended up peaking in 1976. Cover upon cover of "You Sexy Thing" have been issued and a remix of the original produced by Ben Liebrand was released in 1987. It has also been featured on soundtracks of the following films; "Reservoir Dogs", "Dude, Where Is My Car", "Legally Blonde", and "Boogie Nights" among other films.

Comments (100)
Dylan Bale

who else is thinking of coach from south park?

Joel Viveros

Quien se acuerda de esta?? pues reguetoneros!

Fred Dupre

The full monty brought me here , this song is just amazing

summer night

I love this song, still listening in 2021 ❤

Adrian Cozad


Matheus Ravicz

Muito boa essa música, incrível, tirei até minha camisa

Marcelo Alves


martin bubbels

for a moment i tought i had my ownplaylist on

Brock Olsen

Are there still goats out there listening in 2021?

Mafia Moscoloni

De pronto me acordé que..No tengo paciencia para hacer caramelo


Can I buy this? Youtube download usually looses some quality.

Pureza Duarte Ferreira


Influencer Hulk

Te amo YouTube recomendaciones yo desde niño escuchaba esta canción en películas y nunca supe como se llamaba!????

Iris Sowada

Musik geil! Heiß!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Yep, she knows, so do I, says it all...

vatsal mavani

Difficult to find such music today

Cyril Anthony Palejo

A year with corona virus now .
Nov 2020.

Chris Justus

26. 62. 26. 62. 26. 62. 26. BOOMERANG BENJAMIN BUTTONS

Michael Dolan

Brilliant band!

Kriti Khadka

Goodbye 2020 with this uplifting upbeat ❤️

Khalifa Alajeel

i believe in miracles you sexy thang what we doin




Supernatural 6S 19E and 02:31 please watch same sound

Manny Mancuso

Pretty sure this is the cure for depression. One full dose of this and you CAN'T be in a bad mood.

Sonja Krsmanovic

And in 2020 definitely the best song of all time

clifford adams

Great cover

David Patterson

Still have this 45. Bought it brand new when it came out.

Gloria Angélica Luna

I born 10 years after this hit
I like it so much... still listening in 2021

Alexander Stollznow

One of the enduringly brilliant aspects of english music, is that it has been the norm for decades to have black and white english in bands together. Just as you get in NYC, the mix of different attitudes to making music really adds to their richness. In the britain, everyone is just british.

Mark Cookoobird

Chocolate helps you go to sleep doesn't it, Def need a nap my eyes are going through a difficult period

Bianca Vanwersch

Hmmm disco dancing in the own living room. At least thats still allowed.

Teresa de pizzol

Fun fun fun!

Cookie Monster


Michael Dolan

Deep as well! Made a social comment! Check brother loie and emmalline

Malik Gurbanov

Hello from Azerbaijan

Ladyhawk Von Altenburg

Time for Happines and Feel just so Awsome?????????

The_cody _wolf

I love listening to old songs like this. Reminds me how amazing the music from older generations are.

pipi MM rdc

Hot up ???????

Sonja Krsmanovic

Apsolutely timeless in 2020 and beyond.


Great workout song

Chris Whitby

CG in rubbish


DJ DiscoCat - wish you would do a purrfection of Dee Clark - Ride A Wild Horse

Jesse H

Better yet who's enjoying this in 2020. I sure am. ??



Johanna P.

How did you know I give my heart gladly?
YES, I do ❤

Vilmar Alves

Very Very good

marvin waters

One. Of favorites in the disco Era

Rudolf Abelin

Me 16 years old.
Now 61, still twitching...............................


Im 13 but still love this music.

Z N5333

I used to think this song was about a cat. "I've been leaving milk out..."


2021 ?

Ronald Nestor

The disco music where the best of time
This they don't make more this music to bad cos you dance on it

T Man

Your tell me! @ TMan☠

Nicky Coetzer

I love this music

Curties Williams

2021 and still jamming...Mr. West Coast ?

Balqees Suleiman

ROUEN BABY 2018 & 2020 ?????☝

eric bubbles

Nice you can sip on some Hot Coco☕️☕️ While listening to Hot Chocolate.????????✅?✅

sacha bois

Love it Love it

Robert ca


Cleusamendoncasanntos Mendonça

Nem tinha nascido, mais é linda essa música.

Kir Rich

I am having a cup of Hot Chocolate while listening to...

Andrew Carl Elliott

if you don't dance to these songs...
you just can't dance.
the people who hated disco just couldn't dance period.
they were square then,
they're still square now.


This song could actually end war.


Pointless fact. Mickey Most died from studio dust. But he left a ton of the best pop tunes ever recorded.

Skye M

Even in a depressed funk this gets me groovin'! ?

Suzy Cat

Who else danced round their handbags when this came out in the '70s? ?
What a great band , they don't make them like this anymore ?♏♌♉☯️????????

Frantisek Svatos


Lulu Granouille

I believe in miracles
Je crois aux miracles
Where you from ?
D'où viens tu ?
You sexy thing (you sexy thing-you)
Toi chose sexy
I believe in miracles since you came along
Je crois aux miracles depuis que tu es arrivée
You sexy thing.
Toi chose sexy

Where did you come from baby ?
D'où viens-tu chérie ?
How did you know I needed you ?
Comment savais-tu que j'avais besoin de toi ?
How did you know I needed you so badly ?
Comment savais-tu que j'avais tant besoin de toi ?
How did you know I'd give my heart gladly ?
Comment savais-tu que je donnerais mon coeur avec tant de plaisir ?
Yesterday I was one of the lonely people
Hier je faisais partie de ces gens seuls
Now you're Iying close to me makin' love to me.
Maintenant tu es allongée à côté de moi me faisant l'amour


Where did you come from angel ?
D'où viens-tu mon ange ?
How did you know I'd be the one ?
Comment savais-tu que je serais le bon ?
Did you know you're ev'ry thing I prayed for ?
Savais-tu que tu étais celle pour qui j'avais prié ?
Did you know ev'ry night and day for ev'ry day ?
Le savais-tu nuit et jour pour tous les jours ?
Givin' love and satisfaction
Me donnant amour et satisfaction
Now you're Iying next to me givin' it to me.
Maintenant tu es allongée à côté de moi me donnant tout ça


Kiss me you sexy thing.
Embrasse-moi toi chose sexy
Touch me baby you sexy thing.
Touche-moi chérie toi chose sexy
I love the way you touch me darling.
J'adore la façon dont tu me touches chérie
You sexy thing (x3)
Toi chose sexy (x3)

Yesterday I was one of the lonely people
Hier je faisais partie de ces gens seuls
Now you're Iying close to me givin' it to me.
Maintenant tu es allongée près de moi me donnant tout ça


Touch me, kiss me darling
Touche-moi, embrasse-moi chérie
I love the way you hold me baby
J'aime la façon dont tu me tiens chérie
You sexy you sexy thing
Toi sexy toi chose sexy
I love the way you kiss me darling...
J'aime la façon dont tu m'embrasses chérie...

Alberto Lizarazo

Único en género


My mum fancied the lead singer Errol Brown. She use to write into the radio station requesting this record.

Adrian Cozad

Reminisce :..everyone jealousy ..Clear,Clear,Music..(Class of 71)FSIS,Lawton OKLAHOMA.

Birgit Hösterey

Auf jeden Fall hammer klasse, ich liebe dieses Lied und natürlich auch die Band. ????????????????✨✨✨❤️


Flashbacks of RollerRama skating as I pantomimed singing this...painter pants...Hawaiian beads, feathered hair..... man...put me out to pasture

Rita Pedersen

hot chokolate festlig plade god danse musik.rita ?‍♀️???.

Mick Conlon

firsttime 1975 till now im fucking old but this is timeless ?

Silvio Lico

Congrats. Thanks for this.

Jeffrey Hancock

If you are listening to this in 2021, and were around to actually dance to this floor filler from 75', be rest assured of one thing.... You ARE STILL sexy!

Marlene Mendez-clarke

2020 n still rockin????????

Stacy Cleland

can yall dance if so get off youre ass and jam!!

michael wray



David Dobrik anyone else?

Aaron Kearns

Damn you oldies had some fine tuned in the day!. 28 years young and jamming like I wrote it ??

George Almonte

I love being a teenager, discogoer in 70's the best times, best disco music in manila ,I'll like it....

Robert Riedel

2021 immernoch geil

Dave Kaptein

2021 ?

Priscilla Turpin

Amen to the tunes

Max Perdue

I swear I requested this months ago and just now found out that you did it 7 years ago

moira thompson

Who is here listening january 16, 2021! I believe in Miracles!!!!Yeah! those were the days my friend, yeah we thought they'd never end.

LoveCat 4everxxx

Yeah! :D <3 I believe in miracles * X)

Felicia Joe

Ok I this must be for me ?❤️❤️❤️

Niggaz Rule

Yes we're still listening to it and no you dont have to comment what year

Emma MacLachlan

Too right mate!
We all need some good vibes even more so now at the beginning of 2021! Peace man!!

Katherine Welton

2021????? still listening!??????????????

stacy cleland

you sexy thing

YAM Honda

Encore un monument du songe
Oui nous somme bien dans l'écoute d'un top
Une seule possibilité fait un transfert à la nouvelle génération
Oui nous sommes du passé mais ont veut vous faire découvrir une mélodie qui peut changer le monde

John Pennings

???go with the flow???

Wankl •

I believe in Merkel


Man this is such a great song


I am hearing "I believe in Merkel"... guess i've spent way too much time in Germany....

Heather Fox

I'm the 1st to comment in 2021!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles) by Hot Chocolate

You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles) by Hot Chocolate16 Sep. 2009
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Lyrics and song.

Lyrics and song.

Comments (100)
Bear Lover

Yes! Brings back memories from the 70's and HS days! Love it!

Dichter van Zuid

Sometimes songs are timeless...
I am from 1980... the song from 1975...
And in 2020...
I annoy my fiance with it...
And bring laughs on the faces of my 2 sons age 11 and almost 13...
Hot chocolate thank you for this song that always makes me smile.

Greetings from Holland,


I always thought he said: I believe in malcos

Geniux Guy

After 15 + years I finally found this song

Isabella Bothwell

this is the funniest song

Jewl is Kewl

For the past 4 years I thought he said “I don’t even know”

Sandra Iglesias

This song is putting me to dance!!!! ?

Brandon Bosco

I believe in narcos


Sr red

Toya Hill

i literally just played this song just to have a theme song to eating my burger. i just got off work and was starving the first bite deserved some music

chatty cat

I believe in KNUCKLES!!!!

Laruna X

POV: Ihr seit wegen Unsympathisch hier

Barbara Richmond

I'm into eyes and mouths...... The sexier the better. You have have always been a sexy thing.
Your eyes hold me captive..... Just can't say No.... You sexy thing.


Miracle are real yayyy

Daniel Davis

Always makes me think about the don and mike show intro ?

Tizio Patrizio ----> ritrovarsi qui é Facile ! ?

Corey Gervais

I believe in probation and parole officer girls ????

Caroline Coleman

I believe in marigolds ?


0:00 Wakeing up after a long rough night of partying on a Sunday, open my curtains let the sunshine on me half naked with a stripper in bed lol about to smoke some dope hehe Good life

Anna Ferguson


West Afrikan Kaftan

I used to think it was “I believe in Elmo” a

renso musni

Rat race brought me here??

Ghetto Preacha

When I was doing 55 in a 35 mile zone and passed a cop. He did not come after me.

Shannan Teegarden

Well there ya go and I really do I wish oral the family rip but he is so cool them towels and that stuff it's real ya know I swear I

yusra Zaeem

Eye bin eevin irkles!

Norwegian Lundehund

Jesus Christ will amp it up


? heisser Song immer noch

Lorenzo Martino


King Boy

When Luigi sets the whole Castle on fire

azxctby galumbo

God bless our fearless leader, POTUS Donald Trump. Death to globalists and tyrants everywhere. God bless America and the free world.


I love women. Women don't love me.

Cutie 164

me every time I see my crush in the hallway aka food

puch maxi

Sascha ehrenmann

Sonny Legette 3

Hot chocolate still a good song in 2021 believe it or not



Sawyer Daniell

1.5x sounds best

t0xicx babe

does anyone know that one movie this is from lmfao i forgot the nameee.

Mc Lovin

I thought it was "mail call"

Ahron Richards

Heard this in Malcolm in the middle pilot when Lois was shaving

Normal Imposter

Came here from Boogie Nights

Shmokter Resner Approves!


ileripp 4tw

Jemand wegen Sascha?

mike powers

I believe in mail call...... Right

Retos De Among Us



here from lego pokemon


Boogie nights.


i belive in Merkel


Michael scott brought me here


Alle lieben Marco!

SiNz Spades

I Remove Umbilicals


Play on 1.5x speed for best results.

V Slonim

My little black kitty swaggers when he hears this.


Danke Sascha

Joseph Q

promesa y invitación de un Ángel
⌚YouTube: Millennium-Lance and the Open Scroll
manteniendo la Fe
honrando a San Martín de Porres


2k people don't believe in miracles

Jonathan Labelle

The Full Monty

Laury Valente

Listened to this before Liverpool beat Barca 4-0

Chef Boyardee

when i was a kid i thought it said “mix and match-o!!” don’t ask why...?


I came here from smg4


SMG4 brought me here

Olivia ._.

Er sagt zu 100% alle Lieben Mirko ☹️?


Raymond and his cheese

Judge_Mental D3v1Ls


Gavin ._.


Frederik Schmidt

Everyone in Germany:
I believe in Merkel...

Fc B

Alle lieben Mirko

Ethan Leary

Who else first heard this in the Simpsons?


Tofiga: “I believe in america” BAHAHA iykyk

Claudio Andrei


MemeDealer Son of God

Eat pant Conor


So idk how but its 02:36 and i ended Hering this Song for 2 hours and its still freakin beautiful #quarantine

all tailed beast gang

Friend: do you believe in god?

You: no....

Your friend: wha-

You again: I bELiVe In MIRaClEs


why does everyone know this song at 1.5x

ultra Slye

the video is from 2009, but youtube says that the song is the 2011 remaster. uhhh...


Ahh, muzska. ?

Aries Havard

TeamTrump!! 2020 ??✨??

Seth Carlow

this song is Kinky.
and that's all i am going to say and good bye.


This is the embodiment of swag

ChieHo 005ZS


Kevin Oellers

Ich komme von unsympathisch viele grüße an sascha

Buckel Hund

CDU Wähler: I believe in Merkel!


Raymond the dancing mouse will always be a legend of YouTube

Dessert Girl

I thought it was I believe in meltdowns...

Gustavgans 180

I always understood do you even Mirko?

Babygirl 24

Try putting on lip stick to this song without dancing. ?


I came here from Ultimate Naruto Fan Flash 1

Just an Awkward DDLC Fan

came here from simply nailogical covering her face with multichrome


Hi. (Sorry for my bad English)

Anna Ferguson

I'm here from the disco, you sexy thing you.

Meme Lord


poop gamzee

i had a breakdown to this song

Alfredo P

this a vibe in 2021

ΑΝΤΕ ΓΕΙΑ Official

Είναι κανείς εδώ από το "Γιάννης ο όμορφος";

Cathy Lyons

I can see my junior high, lunch hour sock hop dance and nobody danced with me...sad eh? High School got better!

mirajane -gwenda

Im here bc in youtube music its word of the song "i kissed girl" ?

Someone unimportant

I always thought it was “you sassy thang” and I always sang the somg

omena pomena

Me and my sister have misheard this like this:
"I believe in uncles, knuckles, Hunkules and ankles"


I believe in merry coles

Sherry Menifee

Election over listening 2020

Joseph Q

an Angel's promise & invitation
⌚YouTube: Millennium-Lance and the Open Scroll
keeping the Faith
honoring St. Martin de Porres