Foreskin face cream

Sandra Bullock and her Korean baby foreskin rejuvenation treatment

Sandra Bullock and her Korean baby foreskin rejuvenation treatment5 Jun. 2018
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Sandra Bullock is as

Sandra Bullock is as twisted, narcissistic and disgusting as the comically extreme (and FICTIONAL) Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone.

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Helena Brookes

Fucking pedo raping cunts

8bitflower :


Carolina Rey

May be the disposable circumcised extra skin?? Because that's so bizarre!... o.O


Did anyone notice how Sandra said to Ellen, “and why didn’t we come up with that? ?” so gross ?

Lizzy Tan

Welcome to adrenochrome folks......missing children.....

Just Done

I can not take these pieces of shit anymore

Last Place

Gross cunts.

Foefoe -

Jesus sickening


At least she be honest about her facials

J Casti

SARA...aka SRA.... Satanic Ritual Abuse...this is why Ellen was taken down. Every actress/actor is shitty towards their help, but Ellen was labeled difficult and toxic. Ellen was publicly cancelled, made an example other celebs to not joke or even mention SRA publicly.

deborah Daniel

Cannot believe this I’m absolutely horrified what the fuck??? I used to love watching Sandra Bollocks but no more you evil bitch!!!?

Bosanski Ljiljan


jesuslove God

I speak about that #chungha #northkorea



Isabelle Rocks

These bitches outing themselves one by one. Disgusting and criminal. Jail them all.

Rose DeWitt Bukater

If this is NOT comedy, it´s simply disgusting!


so gross

The Shape

Ha ha ha ha! "so funny"


If you've ever wondered what they look like.

Jeff Szczypinski

Hollywood is sick

Kerri Modla


Amanda Urnberg

These people are sick and still hideous. All who terrorized innocence will be judge accordingly

nooshin roostaee

I don't think in Korea ppl circumcise! So babies skin is literally cut and collected so that thrz a freaking new facial in town!

Marwa. N

The laughters are fake. The audience is barely clapping.
They're just trying to normalize such practices. Ppl must wake up at some point. Otherwise human race is doomed.


Why is Ellen sitting there acting like she didnt do the same exact thing and much worse and to think I used to have respect for these people ?‍♀️

Agenia Fanvids


John Hodson

Sarcasm, that is all it is !! please stop believing things that are meant as comedy are real!!! If for one second it was true, do you think that Sandra Bullock would say it infront of millions of people!!! Have a laugh and live life, stop thinking everyone is out to get you!! life is to short x

Wout Moerman

Don't you recognize a bunch of jokes? Please lighten up?

Vito Ltr TV

This is absolutely DISGUSTING! How stupid can be the audience in the studio? Some of you, dear American friends, have a terrible immorality

Robin Lennon

You people are scaring me what our society has become and how Guillaume it is.


They laugh and applaud.. Not cool! SICK!!

Deanna Poe

You people What kids are agreeing to this sick

Loco Sane


mohamed nasser

They could have used stem cells from adipose tissue a instead of foreskins!

Talon T

Why is Sandra shitting herself if it’s a humane thing.....sip on that for a sec


what you expect? from Hollywood? from the beginning to now 100% violence from the movies to cartoons... 100% violence since always... you feed them with your TV... for you... is THAT BIGGER... now enjoy ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

Kai Campbell


Devilz Adversary

What a low life she is!!!


Miss Congealeality ... a real life Leech Woman. Circumcision (and all forms of infant genital mutilation) ought be obsolete, outlawed. An infant boy had to be tortured, involuntarily to donate a veneer of fake youth to this neo Dorian Gray.

Nikita •-•

They talk so casually cause no one actually believes it. And Sandra laughs about hell maybe for the same reason

Rick Coombs

Are these two the Aunts from James and the Giant Peach??

Miss_tree Liv

You are right Sarah, your going straight to hell. She says it and she says it was worth it. Well lets see when you are there for eternity and see if it was still worth it.

Glenda Brammer

How disgusting

Shirley Frank

Notice at 3:29 Bullock or in England we call it bollocks, and her big ole Adams Apple sticking out. What a he-she!!!


YOU people need to
WAKE tf UP ! ! !

Charmaine Rowlands

Wtf !!!!!

Lori Cox


Rebecca D

yeah and degeneres with her Epstein background studio photo is a good actrice as well.

Jess Hickey

Why are they laughing

Priti Tayade

I think it's so fine to intake something from a person who is willing to give

Mark Laumond

Jessie James you knew congrats to get away from this thing

Cândida Batista

Its not funny!

Love2 Love

Ellen was dry snitching that why she getting so much hate now, think about if she was down with them she wouldn't be getting so much back lash.



Just Done

Disgusting bitch

Sukhiaya Cato

This is absolutely DISGUSTING. Evil


These people are fucking evil sick bastards and if you don’t recognize that youre just as asleep as that audience!
They torture kids to get their blood and organs and foreskin so they can look youthful!
Evil lives within them WAKE UP

Tanaka R Muvezwa

This is fucked up

Tim Cameron

Wow - how about that self awareness

Jill Venus

People were not awake

london alexis

I've had a microneedling facial and they didn't pump any skin into me. The tool had no injection just rapid acupuncture. Wtf kind of facial is she getting? Because that's not the microneedling facial

Mrsmoon Moon


Luke Cellulare

I am really surprised by comments. You don't need to be a biochemist. You just need to google.

EGF serum (a bunch of small proteins) used for the treatment is produced by human fibroblasts in a lab. And these human fibroblasts can be harvested from skin. You need neither "baby foreskin", nor a Korean. Just skin. By the way, in the EU, human cell-derived ingredients are illegal, so EGF products available in the EU usually use plant source (e.g. barley). In the US, human-derived EGFs are all OK, and they use human fibroblast cells.

Do you want to buy it? Here it is with the list of its ingredients: a bunch of small proteins (polypeptides).

Much Ado about nothing.

All comes from the intriguing nickname, "Penis facial", Sandra Bullock gave to this "Hollywood EGF facial" treatment, because of the white color and the smell of the EGF serum, and the bold claims the NY Beauty Center providing it stated in its own website and on FASHION magazines, now rectified in "biochemical EGF". NY "Atelier" wanted people to talk about them and they managed it.

Mauri Kocherscheidt

Adrenochromo bro... Do you believe in that? I do

S Flolife

? what.....

Stripes Code

Disgusting! Whats wrong with this fucking audience. The is daylight human/Child trafficking (Adrenochrome)

Maria Del Valle


james hanger

does this not prove how sick hollywood is.........

Yop Glo

And if it was the clitoral hood of a newborn baby victim to genital mutilation? I don't think that would be so laughed about.


What the fuck

John Smith

This isn’t funny . Fuck Hollywood and the elites


The Korean culture is really weird and so is Hollywood.

Mila Cruz

"Why didn't we come up with that?" Wow, disgusting

Logan Dahlquist

1:50 disgusted. So sad. Ellen’s show looks like Epstein’s Island.

Warrior Of God

Well Miss Sandra Bullock you're right about one thing that's for sure!

Emily C Carroll

“You look like a burnt victim for a day” the black eye club! Google that!

Rosa Aleman is this funny God have Mercy on them ..!!

vj gaur

I appreciate Ellen to make her tell and accept it


So they say the Inquirer lies about what they publish it's no joke.

suri soledad

Psychological Dynamics experiments this is what is called,people followed ! link with normality if they see it on TV ,this is how you become HERD !

Queen Dobs

What the Hell!!!??

Robin Lennon you think they kill the you know what a circumcision is..parents give extra piece to sciece.stem cells save lives in cancer


God sees everything they will have to pay the price .

lio lef


Suny O

Disgusting both of them, and the people laugh at this. Omg ?

Ma Aldana

Sandra Bullock is less than a piece of shet


That's why they promote planned parent hood


hell is hot

Taylor Wachacha

At 1:42, Ellen gives Sandra a look like she’s trying to signal “shut up”


this made me so nauseous



kendrick moore


Edward Black

No worries, everything is totally ok, because it was just a dead child far far far away... I wonder why people like her are allowed to live

Steevie Keys

So if they process the Hymen from baby girls I guess Ellen would be having a hissy fit meltdown. Little boys? No big deal. Ellen degenerous used to make me vomit now she makes me projectile vomit. Bullock is disgusting as well. And all the women in the background laughing. This makes women look evil and horrible.

Sons of the Edelweiss

Shame on you Sandra!!!

Kitty Beck

Many male babies are circumcised when they are born. If they are getting this tissue from hospitals, then no babies are actually being hurt, except by the doctors that circumcised them! (horrible practice)


This is fricking disturbing ???

Julie Taylor

I never want to watch another Sandra Bullock movie again!

Kaitlyn Kat


10 Beauty Products You’ll NEVER Buy Again Knowing How They Are Made

10 Beauty Products You’ll NEVER Buy Again Knowing How They Are Made25 Aug. 2017
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This is what makeup is

This is what makeup is made out of!

Check out this video: 10 Products You’ll Never Buy Again Knowing How They Are Made!



If you are a lover of makeup, there’s a pretty good chance you might ignore their ingredient list. Because of this, beauty brands have gotten away with hiding some disturbing substances in their products. From lipstick with boiled animal fat to mascara containing crushed fish scales, these are ten beauty products you’ll never buy again knowing how they are made.

Women and men all over the world have used lipstick for centuries. And why shouldn’t they? It makes lips really stand out and totally brings a look together. Sadly, there is one thing your favorite lipstick brand isn’t telling you, and it’s the fact that it may have a substance called tallow in it. Make sure to watch the video, and we will show you exactly how tallow is made. And, believe us; it isn’t pretty.

If that isn’t enough to make you rethink the beauty industry, may be there is something else that will do the trick. Did you know that beauty staples like eyeshadow and mascara have ground fish scales in them? This ingredient is commonly used to give makeup a lustrous shine, but all it is doing is grossing us out. Another thing that will gross you out is a common substance that is found in perfumes, watch the video to see what it is!

Check out the video to see what else is lurking in these products and even more like, deodorant, shampoo, face creams, and shaving cream! While you are there, don’t forget to subscribe to “TheTalko!”


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For more videos and articles visit:

Comments (100)

I’m not sure they got reliable sources for this video

B Abdullah

In England there's The Body Shop whos products are totally vegan. From now on I'll only buy from them.

Caffinna's Creations

I use deodorant but most people use antidepressants. Antiperspirants will over time clog and can damage the pores. It will clog and collect in pores and then must be manually expressed to remove. Alot of the ingredients you mentioned I am allergic to.

While everything you mentioned sounded unnerving ( by your design), the information has been easily available for anyone who checked. I know because I checked. We are each responsible for our own education on these matters.

Carmen Yang

Estrogen is made in the body... so it’s not a whole entire bad thing.

Marina Warren

Makeup is made out of aborted babys

a a

I had real and fake mac

Mazwati Mat

Better used the original..but who's care they want beauty more than healty

Priya John

What ??I can't take a bath without soaP

rim shivdasni

what nonsense!!!!!!!

• itz_Cherry Bxmbs •

right i'll never ever use a deoderant again in my life

Bushra begum


Nina -

What's wrong with animal fat? It's great for skin.

YETIFILMZ [#TheRealLilYeti]

They lie about scientific evidence for things like this but NOT for paternity test ?

Long dinh hoang

Mineral oil, paraben are safe

Besseva Raven your research stupid. This video is pure fear mongering . Most of the info is wrong. Grow up idiots

Sehr Zeb

"Don't use Vaseline its made of car fuel" this is on par with "Dont eat mustard, think of mustard gas". What a crock of ignorant shit.

Tiffany Cardenas Zuniga

Pacifica and Elf are the only make up products I use. It wasn’t hard transitioning since from the mainstream brands since I don’t like wearing heavy makeup everyday.

masayang masaya sa buhay

I'm not gonna throw my make up

Jakaria Sahin

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sajjad ahmad shah

Hey all makeup products are harmful then also I am not going to throw it away

Kz t


DSP Even darker

So much misinformation

SK - 07BA 760987 Sir William Gage MS

Alternative title- TheTalko trying to make you get rid of your products.

Building Master King


Sunaina Barua

I'm not wearing lipstick ever again

Geethanjali balaji

I use only vegan products and i don't use deodorant and mascara i use only

Aubrey Ocean22

Crying now humans are scary then animals

Skincare Queen TV

Most of the stuff in this video is just an awareness campaign of the danger of synthetic chemicals. It is not fearmongering. It is the truth. I work in the cosmetic industry.
Thank God for the natural skincare industry. In years to come, a lot of you will come to the fact that the pharmaceutical companies are the richest in the world and they use too much synthetic chemicals in our products. Be careful what you put on your body. Most of these toxic chemicals end up in your bloodstream. I have been there guys. I'm talking as an authority in this field.

Yassim Leslyn

Well I'm lucky I don't use any of these products ??????????????

Kenzie Danielle

Me as a jazz dancer and HAVE to wear makeup ?

ramjan khan

No you are not true beacause makeup product made by natural ingredients then mascara made by charcoal powder and deodorant from flower and lipstick from flower and coconut oil and you also know its not camical ingredients OK

Dark Prince

The girls can die but they are not living makeup


Tallow is literally just animal fat and is often used to make lye, the main ingredient in soap that makes it lather lol and people eat meat... why not use every part of the animal??
And as for the whale vomit... honey is bee vomit and people eat that so... ??‍♀️Lol

Yon Park

CHEMIKILLZ!!! They didn't even mention dihydrogen monoxide that is in EVERY single moisturizer and cleanser: it can kill you! All of this video anti-science BS.

Klay Exterior

Ambergris is banned in the United States because wells are an endangered species

I do Not know

Instead of perfume use fabreez


OMG so much toxic and animals stuff in our beauty products ??

Emma’s Birdtopian Account

Any food or drink that you eat that’s colored red is made with crushed up bugs so think about that -it’s not just your lipstick. *cherry Icee anyone??

Moe hafiz

Very horrible and misleading, this video script was written by a google nerd not knowing how the raw materials in the industry are actually made !!

Zain-ul-abdien Ninja

So why you use make up ohhh because you ugly without make up

Bloxburg 4life

Well they say animal throw up is cleaner than humans throw up and most people get towed up on by family members or freinds so oh well I dont care!

i_bleed_ makeup

TONS of misinformation!!!!!!!! Most skincare that includes squalene comes from plants.

Edit: The end of this video - "is anyone else rethinking their beauty routine?"
Beauty lovers - NOPE!!!!! ??

Berglund Family

I doubt this is ligit

Rashmi Bhatt

Cruelty free and paraben free products are available nowadays

Shanji Hasan

That's why I am using organic beauty products.... now my skin is better ....I used too much expensive product ,than I tired...???


Was that Debby Ryan saying gross? ?

Sarah C

These chemicals are not dangerous, you consume much more dangerous chemicals on a daily, maybe don’t make a video on chemicals with no percentages on said ingredients.

This is misleading and false.

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

As long as no person or animal was harmed in the making of my beauty products and they work I'm buying them. The biggest issue here is the fact that you said that we don't need deodorant. Yeah I suppose we don't need it to survive but ain't nobody coming up and wanting you if you smell like greasy underpits. I mean you guys find this disgusting but I have always found it disgusting that tomatoes grow in shit but I still eat tomatoes so?

Autumn Kaye

Have a great day

Ashlyn Gordon

The talko: deodorant contains harmful ingredients
deodorant ad pops up
Me: do y’all want me to use it or not

yashasvi singhi

This video is not truely accurate to blame products as of now since are a 100 of brands that are certified as cruelty free n vegan..that says it all


10 products that you will still buy after watching this.

Vani Vlogs

I even take fish liver oil , and by the way shark is also a fish, what will happen if shark liver oil is used is moisturizer. everything in this world is made from something else even your food , clothes, shoes , etc ?

Yfydydhdhdhdhhdh Hdhfgbhddhd

Not angry birds. Perfuim


Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake video

JezIRa Vals

I command you all to watch this when you can't sleep at night?

Aghil Sadeghi

Now I have more facts to annoy people with than before, thank you!


3 months for a mascara
I ain't that rich


So y’all just want me to stop using soap and then tell me that I stank?? I’d rather die clean than filthy. And that’s on hair lice ?

Sabrina Vong

I have a lip balm with gem oil is it the same as mineral oil

Wannabe 1 Me

....almost anything has oils. And there’s all types

Autumn Kaye

I think if you go to a makeup store you will be fine with the products and just do your research

Berta Andrade


amarnadh Last

Nonsense you are just scaring people away if the product is harmful the FDA would never allow it in the market.

Child Of God


Ashley Cruz

That picture of the video is a bowl of pozole next to makeup I mean c'mon

Alt Dimas

That is why I use cruelty free and vegan make-up

TomatoSouppp _

Honestly tho, urea in small amounts isn’t bad for your skin. Urea is actually made naturally in our bodies through excess amino acids that cause nitrogen atoms to be excreted. It can also be made artificially through chemicals as proven by Friedrich Wohler. Horse urea is commonly used in cosmetics and it can truly moisturize the skin and calm eczema. It has been prescribed to many eczema patients through recent years. Lmao where u getting your information??

Virginia Varble

Well none of it has killed me yet. So I'm just gonna keep using it!!



Bloxburg 4life

And lipstick is made out of wax , color, and sent , and coconut or some type of vegetable or nut oils so these stuff are fake


Yes it is creepy but the world can’t leave beauty products ??


What do you think of Arbonne products? They are vegan face/beauty product line that claims to use less harmful ingredients?

ɪᴛsᴍᴇ ᴍᴀʀʏᴀᴍ

Why I can’t believe that about perfume ? I see that is made by the flowers not animals? And lepstik haw!?

Cyborg Basumatary

I'm lucky on one thing, I'm not a girl.

Promisedforever !

Mica is in here?

sajjad ahmad shah

One minute u said lipstick never and also no need of this vid

Give 200 like s if agree,,
No one belives u

Karine Buinier

♥️ ?
? ? ? ?
? ??
Petition against animal testing:
?? ????❤️
4 the puppies & kittens in the labs ect.
98% of the money given to medical research goes to animal testing
2% to the alternatives which are already available but scarcely used

Polykinetics Fitness

Try essential oils mixed with a talc-free powder to keep fresh.....just saying.

Hari V

So, thank god I just use soap and nothing else xD


Its amazing how far human civilization has progressed through deception and by showing a big middle finger to ethics.

Hafsa Mohamed

Just leave lipstick and use beetroot


That's the why I LIVE & DIE *VEGAN*
#VeganLife #VeganComestics

Caroline Victory

Squalene can also be derived from the olive- that's the only kind I use!!!?

Cashmera Fresca

Thank goodness I stopped wearing makeup last year! I make my own makeup at home with natural products I know what’s going on to my face and wear or came from.

Tanvi sharma

Can you also mention which beauty products are safe to use in your next video plzzzzzz?.....

C. Shadou

Nothing’s more important than my obsession with lipsticks. Also, aside from the cruel animal abuse things, I literally don’t mind any of the “gross” stuff they mentioned... like do people really not expect things like that to go into everyday manufacturing?

Beastboi Mc

Ahh women they need make up and other stuff there girls its hard to understand them sometimes

itz me aaiqa


Pick Tok

Buy new branded cosmetics and equipment now on

SK - 07BA 760987 Sir William Gage MS

To me, a powder can last up to 6-12 months. Liquids is 6-8 months. I would not throw a 3 month old mascara in the trash.


No amount of mercury is safe it should be avoided completely.

Smol Nugget

iNhAlE oK oK lets get this straight- People fish out sharks- take liver oil from them meaning they have to go INSIDE the sharks body and then just YEET it inside the oceon- Bis say buh bye to the ocean-

SK - 07BA 760987 Sir William Gage MS

Humans- Take sharks for Squalane and throw them back in the lake.

Shark- Fights back

Human- How dare you!


Alrighty I doubt you will find ambergris in your perfume unless it is very expensive like over 100$ since not only is ambergris expensive it’s rare too

vanilamochi ;-;

im still sad with animal cruelty

Damia Rassam

there is plant based squaline as well

Welcome's House

U can get squalane from plants too

be yourself

OMG! if anyone thinks that this video was really a disaster and of no use please like my comment.....

Navneet Kaur

Do u have proofs for what u said