Flaccid and erect

Do penis enlargement injections increase penis size both flaccid and erect? | Moorgate Andrology

Do penis enlargement injections increase penis size both flaccid and erect? | Moorgate Andrology14 Sep. 2018

Dr Greta Peciulyte and

Dr Greta Peciulyte and David Mills speak about whether penis girth injections increase the flaccid and erect penis size.

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Juan Wick

Dr. Greta can enlarge my penis without injections for sure!

An Explanation of Hard Flaccid | Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center

An Explanation of Hard Flaccid | Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center10 Sep. 2020
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Expert Pelvic Floor

Expert Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Liz Akindilar is back to give the facts on a seldom researched but widely experienced syndrome called Hard Flaccid. Many men who have a physical injury to their groin can experience this issue in their lifetime - so Liz is here to explain what Hard Flaccid is, how you may have got it, and what you need to know to get better.

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Desmond Diamond

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Hi folks, I had this from 2013 to 2015. Destroyed my mental health at the time. I went to doctors, they had never heard of it back then, I went to pelvic floor physiotherapists, a urologist and a psychotherapist. It was terrible, truly terrible. I have had a full recovery. I took cialis for a bit to calm muscles in that area. This then regained my confidence as I had just started a new relationship. It turned out that I had/have anxiety disorder and spent years sending stress to my pelvic area and clenched that whole area since a child in any time of stress and anxiety. I am fully cured now, never take any cialis or any medication anymore and have my first kid on the way. It comes back every now and then in times of stress but I know what it is now so don't panic about it and it goes away. I look at it as a body re-set. I was locked in anxiety without knowing it. Just to let you know fellas.

Ej 2

I’ve had Hf since this February after an injury... it’s so terrible.


hello I am 17 years old and I have the same problem but I speak French so I did not understand your video can you help me


I've had hard flaccid for over 5 years now , it won't go away, one of the worst things ever ?

It's Always Sunny Dennis Reynolds - "Flaccid, Erect"

It's Always Sunny Dennis Reynolds - "Flaccid, Erect"2 Feb. 2017
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Noel TolosaSubscribe 438 721

Dennis compromising the

Dennis compromising the quarantine. Clip taken from S09E07 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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Annairo Rc

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Puddin Pie

One of his finest moments


that little smirk at the end lmao


Oh yeah it’s me the Evil villain, with the perfect voice.

Clayton Z.

Fuckin Dennis