First date signs she likes you

How to tell if a guy likes you after a date.

How to tell if a guy likes you after a date.22 Sep. 2020
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How to tell if a guy

How to tell if a guy likes you after a date. You you go out with a guy and have a great time the expectation is that he will make additional plans to meet up again. If he seems to like you on the date but hasn’t made any further plans what does the mean? Found out in this video. How to tell if a guy likes you can be a question most women ask themselves at some point after a date. Likes you and likes you enough are so much different. Does he like you enough is a better question. Does he like you enough to focus on you? If he’s not making further plans probably not.

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mi aa

Please kev keep the camera far from your face i couldn't concentrate on the subject i was the hole time focusing on your eyes and lips :-D you re so hot :-*

Ruben Botha

I'm watching this trying to figure out if I actually like her..

Beauty Amor

Yes I went on a great date ...I thought He just not that into you. He called wanted to talk Gift of gab.. so I moved on a d he got quite upset. I hope he found what he was looking for because it's not me

Sika R.

You’re so good looking as well

Serpil C

I needed to hear this baaaaaaaddddddd

Juana Jefferson

Good shit

Beatriz Fonseca

After the date, you disconnect girls. Wait for him to text. Give him some space! I Just start texting him First after he had started doing this for one month, everyday. Then I thought: well, I think should be Nice If I text him first sometimes too. Let Men put work and effort. Let them pay for the dinner, let them buy you gifts. You are the prize!!

Brittney White

Have a date with a guy this weekend. I was forward and suggested we meet soon(something I never do) and he jumped at the idea and wanted to know when. So, like Kev said, for me this is a reconnaissance date for me to figure out if I even like the dude. His behavior and actions will determine if he's worthy of anymore of my time. I'm done chasing men. Periodt.


Thank you Kev for all your work. I really appreciate it!

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Kendra Riedel Real Estate Professional

I have always done all the work. I thought that was my job. ?



BarBEE Presents

Thank you!!

Karine Alexander

I just thought what if the guy is shy that’s his reason for not being assertive in facilitating another date. Is that a good excuse.

Nichole Hill

Hell yeah, I loved this video! Sooo eye opening! I feel really fucking empowered right now.


So hard to find a nice guy ?


Thank you big brother! I needed this reminder.

Shanda J

Ok this one was probably the most helpful advice for me yet!! Thank you.

Béllà Mirna

me watching this after having a first date yesterday with a guy?? cant be more dramatic.

Michele Cruz

I’m obsessed with your channel! Amen I can’t tell you how much your videos have helped me grow and taught me to take my time and heart seriously! My worth isn’t defined by a man


Love this


It’s crazy how I’ve heard this before but now finally fully comprehending and applying it in my life. Growth.

Oh Keh

Assertive is a good word. Ladies let go of men who linger and are low effort.

Gabriela Burcea

You worry too much kev. I hear you, i don't care about the camera or your face being too close to it.

Tylin Foster

Really good advice❤

Cherese Council

??you a real one for that intro Kev!

Music Music

Yup that's The plan
I'm miss moving on
I'm done trying
I asked a guy to hangout, he said he would get back to me with his work schedule
2 weeks later no word from him ?


Great advice! Agree 100%! ❤

Sebron Toney

My first time watching your videos and I'm loving the way you speak ??

Pamela Kromer

It cracked me up when you noticed the camera issue!???

Serenity Clay

This video came right on time ??. Thank you Kev! ?

Lala Thyravong

I’ve been dating this guy for 3 months, I need long distance relationship advice. How to know if he’s serious or playing me. I don’t call him because his work schedule plus he lives in France so the time difference. He text everyday but doesn’t call. I think he is a introvert like me. He calls twice a week or when he feels like it. We are in a committed relationship. How do I know if he’s playing me. He’s just so hard to read. Help

Silverest, call me Silv

Wayment ? feels like dejavu


This video tho! ??❤️

Luyanda Nkohla

Thank you so much Kev....your videos are so helpful. My late father used to so what u do in my life.Am glad I have your videos to stand in my father's gap.This means alot!!!

cindee D

If women are always on a man’s roster... Then there’s way too many teams out there...

Abigail Jimenez

Ladies men just want one thing n no relationship. Don’t give it away. Make sure he puts a ring on it first.

Emmet Dwyer

You wise as fuck bro

Tatiana Madden

Kev I’m so happy to hear from you.

Elaine Rebelle

You do lives on weekends right? Any week days?


Appreciate you soooooo much man!

Melissa Tobin


Flower Girl

I don’t understand why they dm me, message me for months and pretend they are in love with me. Only for them not to properly pursue me and make me 3rd on the roster, like why did you bother me ?

Abigail Jimenez

Women from the Middle East don’t give it away n the men marry them. Know your worth.

cindee D

Men used to like the thrill of the chase...Now they like to watch women chase them for the thrill...


A man will always state his intentions . You just have to listen . If you feel like you have to question anything they are not for you. You are a king and queen don’t settle . ? ?

Terri Smith


icysnow57 cold

How do men and women romantically bond with each other? I don't see how men and women can bond (especially romantically) with each other. Women can build incredible friendships and become very close to each other in a way men can't bond, and science shows that women can bond very well with each other. Generally, women are even more social than men are. After something bad happens, a woman quickly rushes to talk to all of her female friends to get support, whereas a man can isolate himself and grief alone.

Women tend to be more emotional, more caring, more empathic, more compassionate, more affectionate, more loyal, more nurturing, more understanding, more sympathetic, more sensitive, more kind hearted, more peaceful, more calmer, more gentle, more expressive, and more outward than men are, and thus bond more with other women in a special way that they can’t with men. Men, on the other hand, are not that emotional, and thus can’t bond with other men in a special way.

Women are more comfortable being around with other women than they are with men. They have a type of bond that usually men with women won’t really have, or with men and men.

Most women like to do affectionate things with their female friends like cuddling with them and holding their hands, while most men would never do affectionate things with their male friends (especially not cuddling with them or holding their hands). Men are usually much lonelier than women are. Men don't often talk about their personal problems with their male friends like how women do with their female friends.

Females produce a lot more oxytocin than males do. And that's a reason why women tend to hug a lot more and be a lot more physically affectionate than men do.

Women are very unique creatures, and women feel a lot safer in general with other women than they do with men if either is alone with each other, and it is easier for women to trust other women more than it is to trust a man.

Women are very sociable with each other, so if something goes wrong, they like to speak about it to each other. This is a way to develop trust among women. Women often relate their problems with other women, which makes them feel more connected in a way.

Most daughters have a very strong bond with their mother, while they don’t have one with their father, and most sons don’t have that strong of a bond with neither their mother nor their father.

Most females have a very strong bond with their sisters, while they don’t have one with their brothers, and most males don’t have that strong of a bond with neither their sisters nor their brothers.

The bond that two females have with each other is the strongest bond of them all, and that's one of the reasons why sayings like “girls always have to stick together” exist. The friendship of males and females can hardly be as good as a female to a female relationship from a woman’s point of view.

How can a man and woman have a special strong type of bond with each other if women have a special strong type of bond with each other while men don’t have one with each other? Also, males and females are both mentally and physically different from each other, and that would effect the bonding between them.

KlickingKay ASMR

Welp, no guy has ever liked me. Oof

Connie Chung

Love this, causes me to do deep thinking :)


his time he spend with you

Monica the Beautiful

This is different. I'm used to the white background.


Awesome ?

Flower Girl

Why can’t guys just be like you omg ??

Seemj Jack

So true. Love your frankness. Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen Kathleen

"If he doesn't like you enough to make plans, then he doesn't like you enough."

Monica Roebuck

Why do men move so slowly? They don't seem to ever know exactly what they want. Its frustrating dating out here, especially if you have standards and aren't going to put up with their crap.


What does the timeline of follow up look like? We spoke this Saturday long time, he told me I am cute and attractive. Sunday he texted me that he enjoyed speaking to me to which I said "was fun" then he said, "it was for me too." I left it there thinking he would follow up a call. It is monday and i haven't heard from him

Weekend Nomad

Had a great first date trying not to fck it up. I sent a voice message after I left thanking him and that’s it left it alone(damn he didn’t ask if I made it home ok but he was a complete gentleman during the date)

Tanecia Davis

I kinda like the up and close Kev. ?

AmajA lex

Thats why I been celibate for one year next month. Im not playing dumb. I know what I want. A man knows what he wants. And trust me it shows. Im ready for love ? I ?

Gabriela Burcea

The problem is kev, i am smart, beautiful, young, a good person and only one or two three guys were ever really interested judging by their actions. That is SAD. Especially as I could't choose any of them for reasons like totally lacking basic personal hygene and being very dependent, feminine and needy. Like one guy would suffocate me at the table cutting my bread... Geez, I am not a 5 year old...

Flower Girl

Yikes we needed this brutal honesty

Kristen Ivory

Luv u Kev

Debbie Doll

Perfect timing
I went on a date on Sunday and I’ve been eager to find out?

Edit: he likes me...that’s the vibes I’m getting from this video ✨??

A few days prior to the days I was drowning in your videos trying to understand more about men and I’m glad❤️

s w

I know this guy like me. We went on a date he wants another date this coming weekend. He is so into me. Hes consistant with everything. He changed his work hours for me, he rented a car to see me. (He has a car but he is a trucker so he was 4 hours away when he was off work) he dont talk about nothing sexual he is very respectful "he got that healthy fear"he took me out and drove 4 hours back to start his job the next day lol. I told him I'm going to my cousins wedding and was looking at dresses he told me send the dresses to his phone because he wanted to see what dress I wanted so he can buy it for me... Kev I been following you for a while and I've learned so much. One thing I do know is he likes me lol he is working hard and yes I'm letting him chase me because I really like him to. I throw compliments at him he loves it. Hes so perfect that I think something is wrong lol... even tho I feel he is the one I'm moving slowly and he dont mind thank you for you tips you're dope asf lol I dodge hella f*ck boys because of you and meet mr. right. ❤?

Zine Sobane Sigonya

Don't take a man seriously unless he gives you a reason to take him seriously ??? noted!

Christine Wind

What if the guy I’m dating always sends me model pics of himself but seems shy in person? He’s hard to read ?

Tatiana Madden

You the best Kevin


You are amazing. So glad to find you

agnesa agnesa

This video just saved my life.

Emerald Eyes

Kev this behavior of not being assertive seems to be an epidemic in today’s dating culture. I blame online dating sites. So many options, why commit to one? It’s frustrating as hell. ?

Jane Chan

Do you think online dating lasts long?

Nigga it’s the Kidd

Yup this was the one that was deleted lol

Country Chola

K-Hi! I think it would cool to hear from ur wife... Having insight from her perspective would be cool... I notice u bring many examples of a quality relationship and woman using examples from how ur wife is and how yalls marriage is and dating history! Do a tag team! So interested in meeting ur Queen! God bless and take care!

Jaclyn Monique

I went on a date with a guy who made future plans but didn't say he had a good time. The next day when I told him that I wasn't interested he got upset with me & said he dissed me first because he didn't text me saying he had a good time but he was so salty when I told him I wasn't interested lol dude was 45 years old.


I hope you all meet someone who doesn't make you question stuff like this. Kev is right, a guy who likes you will wanna fill up your free time so no one else can.

Matilda Madlala


Tik Tok Compilations Saucy

You said it??

KlickingKay ASMR

Early! Hey Kevin!

Sebron Toney

Jesus ??? ? Awesome Food Brother Yahudah

Dana Raquel

If he don’t set up the second date on the first then he ain’t sure
And btw, who cares? I bring my best self to the table, what’s for me will be for me - next ! ????

Tammy Williams

I absolutely love your wisdom and guidance ? I' have been a fan / freeloader for 2 years lol. I send you many blessings to continue to grow & build.?

Shahnaz Naaz

Hello sir!
Please can you make a video like when it's right time to propose a guy?. What things to keep in mind while proposing? Is it okay if a woman proposes first? Ths chasing game really frustratin. Kindly make a video please. Grateful as always.


Did they really need you to explain if a guy doesn't attempt to see them anymore means he's not interested ??

Natachia Negron

kev hick I can definitely take this message and use it for the future.


Date coming up soon. This was post right on time. You all the way in the camera though, made me sit back from my computer lol.

Urban Legend

Did he enjoy the date? Did I GAF? How to not GA Single F**k about what he likes?lol

Ashley Williams


5 Signs She LIKES You 2020 | Quarantine Edition | Negeen Dargahi

5 Signs She LIKES You 2020 | Quarantine Edition | Negeen Dargahi22 Apr. 2020
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5 Signs She LIKES You 2020 | Quarantine Edition | Negeen Dargahi

Negeen Dargahi

Comments (100)
Donjae Bailey

i can not get a gf

annoying games


ethio dude

still she doesn't like or comment any photo of mine... any advice? for a 39 year old guy

Traveller in You: Vacation Vibes

The thing I do not like about these kind of videos is that how do these people come up with a specific formula for success with relationships when every girl and guy is so different from each other! Moreover your psyche is more like a Persian girl I believe am I wrong @Negeen? There are like 3-4 Persian girls I have seen liking almost every photo I post, does that mean they want to talk to me? One of my friends told me that girls in Iran are so bored thats why this unusual online behaviour which usually happens the opposite way around! However pls tell me what it is?

Madden Menace

Now I'm really confused she was inconsistent but she agreed to meet up


My crush is using music on instagram stories. If you know what i mean reply.

ht Capone

Beautiful and beautiful advice...

lil Tijerasss

These vids don’t work this girl was showing the same what she said and she still said no

يوسف كريم

hi hi hi .how are you ,NEGEEN today ? you are so nice star ..i want to see you every week with sweet smiles..thank you

Big Jag Off

A Woman on social media is a giant red flag to a man. Your information is incorrect on that one. Women have been ruined by social media and feminism. Just saying. A fish doesn't teach a fisherman how to fish. A man is to get dating advise from another man, not a woman.

Lloydee Lloyd



Ghorl, that is unattractive. Please don't do those things ever again! Kinda creepy and needy. ?

Fallcartoon9806 mc


Paul CG21

Umm, she just has 1 instagram picture posted 10 weeks ago....

Hamedoyo Syiemlieh

How will we know that she's checking our social media

Michelle m.m.bubblegum train Marck

why have I actually not done any of these. I am a really shy person and a lot of times I'm too shy to even talk to a guy. a lot is true but overall it depends on the girl no two girls are really the same and I feel like each girl has her own way of dropping hints that she likes someone.

Fallcartoon9806 mc

This video is bs

Jassi Singh

Now I know i don't have a crush

Steven Dahn

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NewMatt0099 88


Manty Lancer

This girl from my workplace at different floor, whenever she notices I am around looks at me when I am not looking at her for a second and turns towards her computer monitor and doesn't look again, but when I look at her I feel her eyes are a bit dull . Is it a sign of hate?? Moreover when we come across while walking she doesn't look at me and always looks down.

Spencer Strickland

My God you are so Beautiful??

Bradley Atcheson

I don’t have social media... Do I light myself on fire?! If she comes to the rescue, she’s the one! Right?!

carlos diaz

Dude it worked! I got from text to phone calls to face time recently


Fun fact shy guys like bold girls like AF

Ch Harris

U r sxy urself.

Mohammad King


James Davies

So... what happens then if you are friends on her social media FB/IG but she doesn't read her messages?


she blocked me cuz i spammed her


The first day back to school I was sitting on a table with my friends and a girl on the table behind me said “he’s cute” then all of the girls started smiling at me, the next day a girl was about to call my name and her friend said shut up, today a girl touched my arm but I didn’t turn around because I thought it was awkward, then a group of girls started whistling at me like they were calling me but I didn’t go to them, idk what to do because I’m kinda shy.


But some girls hidding their friendship her friends why?

man of steel Goodmanll

Your really gorgeous and very smart to be honest I feel that my super visor named charyel May like me.l I usually work harder at my job at a janitorial facility. She's very helpful accountable for her employees i would kinda notice her trying to grab my attention.some times i could sense that she flirts with me i figure because she likes me. And adores me even stares at me with big eye contacts. Especially since i work hard an gets leveled up for the ammunition in every work duty challenge.others times dhe teases me and laughs at things i say even cares about me a lot to acknowledge me for how i improve in my work by keeping up speed and multitasking skills.Some times she treats me just like others get as a reward for hard work but i don't think anything of it at all.I just think she's just being polite and charismatic to me.Not to mention she mentors me a lot when i need it but ultimately i just laugh it off.While her an others are very proud of me of showing dedication an aspiration as I'm applying my self a lot an how i help encourage others at my job.Some of my mangers adore me and ,respect me too especially since I'm super naturally autistically gifted mainly.I don't always expect that attention at all really.I just keep to myself more but it just happens some times,so I just go with it.I know some are like...boy you are so lucky to be getting all attention ....and I'd say yeah lol true that for sure.


Yeah ... he doesn't have social media looked him everywhere ????

Vikas Roka

Ur eyes so beautiful ??❤️..l love ur eyes..

R5 Gaming

Hi I have a huge crush on a girl but I’m single and I’ve watched some of you’re vids so I’m telling her tomorrow her name is Esmay and mine rio

walter bass

hangup calls for 2 yrs. n 3 ph. number changes state worker stalking police blow it off!

Bradley Atcheson

If I like 3 posts in a row... She then likes two posts back! Word?! She then sends me a Post Malone music video! I then immediately quote Post Malone! The next obvious step is to ask for her hand right?!?!


These tips are stupid and not at all real world, and what's with this little chubby girl acting like she's the sht?

faster faster

when your crush wants to do face times and voice chats with you during breaks in online classes and texts you during those classes too and she also asks me a bunch of questions about your life o_0, i just hope i dont screw this up, in the words of juice wrld, I dont wanna ruin this one bit this kinda love don't come and go!

ATS Invoker

After watching this video of you i came to a conclusion i.e No one like me or love me ?

* Squaks * 69

She blocked me does that mean she likes me [email protected]?!


Of course the entire thing is targeted to everyone born after 1995 you need an old account with my space, Twitter, instagram, snapchat, Skype, Facebook, pinterest, etsy account and oh yeah you have to be gorgeous to get her to DM you out of nowhere?

dono is toxic

Damn I’m blocked by her on all socials


I thought that this meant we’re friends

ARMAN 13gdr

اصلا فکر نمی کردم یه ایرانی بیاد یه همچین ویدیویی بزاره???

Wyatt The Gryffindor

Or we could get rid of the double standard of men having to chase her and ask her out!


Consistency, I have that one. She consistently leaves me on open.

Block Legends

I like this girl and we are both introverts but still seem to Snapchat each other every day and she sends me a message about everything I post on there. She also sends me memes and videos she liked. I think that means she likes me but I’m not sure I’m too nervous to see if she is interested in calling ;-;

Bradley Atcheson

If she likes you, she will give you her number... Not, if she likes you, she will like one of your friends posts, instantly letting you know she is into you! Duh!

Gsusb Gshhxjc

Where is the summeryguy?


Hey cuty , i just love you

ARMAN 13gdr

فک نکنم این چیزا تو ایران جواب بده. ?لطفا یکیم برای هموطنات بساز??

miles f

Well looks like I am going to be lonely. Like wtf

Gavin Payne

Guys dont bother approaching women just ignore them if a woman wants you like really wants you she will make all the first moves to get you if she dont then be indifferent to it and dont give a F it's a much less stressful life.

ice berg 1 chain coop

So that means if she never like your picture she does not like you ?

Sterling Lucas

What if she doesn’t have social media?!

Weeb Rally

When your a girl watching this :3

Kayden Marlow

I'll just share all the info about my crush
I knew her in grade 5, right after I moved I ended up meeting her for the first time at my new school. but at the time I was a girl as I'm transgender and hadn't transitioned yet :) she was the leader of a group of bullies, but she herself was not a bully. I was sooooo intimidated by her and scared of her, but she's just so pretty I couldn't feel anything other than having a crush on her.
When we started grade 6, I went to a new school without her as I had moved again, although many of my classmates knew her and loved her. They all told me my crush HATES me, and I felt very sad. Untill the summer (a couple weeks after grade 6 ended.) I came out on Instagram as transgender. My crush texted me and was extremely friendly and used my old name saying she never knew I was trans. I then explained that I'm only starting to transition, to a male. Not that I transitioned years ago to a trans girl. Anyway, she was very understanding when I explained and told her my new name and pronouns, but I didn't believe or trust her. I thought she was tricking me. I said "I thought you hated me, you never liked me in grade 5 and your friend (won't say the name) said you hate me. She said "nooo! I never hated you! I don't know why (her friends name) would say that! Tell me if she says that again."
I was shocked, and I thought maybe she doesn't hate me.
She posted something about OCD in grade 7 on her Instagram story and I got excited, because I thought maybe there's something we have in common, and I always got the vibe that she had perfect mental health. I texted her and asked if she actually has OCD, not just the thing people say when they like markers in order.. she said she does have OCD, and I said same and she said cool. I still had a feeling she hated me, though. I don't think we texted much between them except the occasional happy birthday. Flash forward to 2020; late grade 7 and early grade 8. We've become friends and bonded a bit over our political opinions. She posts things about feminism, black lives matter, anti trump, gender and sexuality and supporting everything. Mostly talking about BLM, because that's most of her stories. We have many opinions change together due to research and info from me.
She's said I'm really smart, she laughs when I have a funny autocorrect mistake, we comment on eachothers posts (I usually have random funny stuff) she said to do what makes me happy when I mostly want to post my cats and she loves the posts. And the biggest thing that I'm SO excited about.. so I'm thinking of going to the high school that matches my grade 5 school, so it's the same people, PLUS the people I've been with for all of grade 6-8. I told her I'm not sure yet but I'll probably go there, and I'll copy what she said:
"Ok! Well if you do go, I’ll be super excited to see you!" And I responded but she hasn't answered yet. I just don't know if she likes me in that way or as a friend, and I want to ask her out, but I don't want to ruin our new friendship and the next 4 years of high school if she rejects me.

Carson Donavon

This helped me a lot the girl I liked liked me back

Game Changer

Hey neegeen make a video on how to text my crush during this quarantine?

Spencer Strickland

Your Eyes are absolutely Mesmerizing

Alex Hernandez

I dont have social media and i Barly talk to people

Timmy Dacheese

I never thought girls try to slide into guys DMs, I guess I better check the 759 notifications I have

Arav Godwin

She liked my all the posts in a row

Arthur finnegan

Ur hot

Ali Qazxsw

نگین جون
دستت درد نکنه !!


Any girls watching this?!!!

Ruben E Hernandez

Please do so

Darknight 7661987

Ok so I am 13 and my crush has been texting me and I have a feeling she likes me. I talked to her in class and we talked about our intrests and we have the same interests. I at one point she even wrapped her legs around mine. I accidentally stepped on her shoe and I said you can step on mine I’m sorry. She said I know you have pride in sneakers s no. I want to tell her, but I am not afraid of being rejected, I am afraid that she will post it on her story. PLease help me and tell me what i should do, you are my guide and thank you

Stewman milner

Funny, very cute, good advice.. what's not to like✔️

Aesthetichours101 Tutorials

Okay I know I’m not a men but I’m apart of the lgbtq community I’m a stem and my crush is always calling me out of nowhere but we hardly text and we always have Long hour calls but in school I see random sings from her, does that mean she can still like me?

New Alfa

5:09 "The answer is in the confusion" that makes sense great job! That's how man and women should behave and community!! Beautiful!!??...??‍♂️this is why I hate dating lol people lack communication with one another.

Change ma mind tho?

Kenny ng hongwan

I have nothing most is money inposible the girl will love the guy no have anything.

Fakebba N Ceesay

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Sister Squad

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Do you know where I can find a condo for 200,000 thats 3 bedroom tryna start real estate in different states just kinda a airbnb type thing

Cyber Swiper

I remember I fancied a girl in my secondary school for a long time like most of the time I was at secondary I had so many butterflies whenever I saw her, and when I finished school and went to start college (induction) I sat down in the reception with most of the people I know and suddenly she came over to sit next to me in the empty seat and we had a little chat for like 5 minutes about what we are going to do in college and other stuff, I was a bit confused and had a lot of butterflies when she just came over to me even though she was with her friends at the time before she came over and after we talked for a bit we both departed ways we didn’t see each other after that, maybe she just wanted to talk to me before we won’t see each other again I’ll always remember that because that was the last time I had a crush on a girl I’ll miss those days now...

Galaxy and beyond

No love in these streets.

Fabian F.

Still believe that taking advice from women about women doesn’t work...

Maurice drew

If she ask for all your money and for you to buy her stuff... She LIKES you.

Adhityo Prathama Adji

3:33 i like girl like you that so bold and direct to ask some random question like that. its better than someone who playing mind games to get attention or do lame act play hard to get.i alwayas avoiding thos girl who do that because is so lame

Frank Gomez

I need advice I really like this girl in my zoom class but I don’t know if she likes me back what should I do?

nikhil kuttamath

Negeen superb advice.. Sweet voice and gorgeous?❤❤ love to talk?

Zoey William

exposing me all the wayyy :0

annoying games

This is absolute pain. I'm ugly, I have a bad face. I'm an extremely ugly person. I'll be alone forever like it should be. I'm a horrible person and I deserve nothing special.


I have a question, I'm the only boy she follows so what does that mean

Tami hamman

I'm a boy hopefully aylia loves me


Hey negeen it been 2 years can you make a video on the girl im ina relationship with how to know that she's no more into a guy

Tami hamman

I'm a boy I love Aaliyah she is my girlfriend for one year

Game Changer

Neegeen help me to text my crush?

Aaron Brown

Good video. Made me think back.

Ethan Mejia

I don’t have social media anymore I’m in trouble ?

Mohammad King


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I love this

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Gekko koala man

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Tumi Kekae

What are pro and cons of dating a guy that is younger then you? For example the girlfriend is 2 years older than then her boyfriend.

Albert John

Hey sexy, your video is amazing and I like to see your new update u look prettier then your words

7thpain G

Hello... i have a crush on a girl but i font know if shes interested every time i walk on her way she walks away and hide...
And when were walking id noticed her friend look at me then she look at my direction but a short time and they walk slowly because i am behind them...
Is there any meaning on that???

6 Signs She Likes You | She Likes You If She Does This!

6 Signs She Likes You | She Likes You If She Does This!6 Aug. 2018
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6 signs she likes you!

6 signs she likes you! This video is a video where I give you signs of different women! Shy women and not so shy women! Depending on the type of girl you have your eye on you will see which sign speaks to you. Let's be honest some women aren't always the easiest to read and it's hard to tell if a girl likes you. You probably asking yourself "does she like me"?

If so you found the right place to be! She likes you signs are always pretty spot on so that's why it's important that you pay close attention to these signs so you're not wondering "is she into me"?.

Shy Women:

Tip#1 - she might not give you eye contact and when she does its brief and she turns red and sometimes gets a little fidgety. When a shy girl has a crush she sometimes does not know how to react.

Tip #2- she primps herself with lipstick and always wants to look her best in front of you.

Tip # 3- She looks down and giggles a lot. She might giggle even when you say something that's not funny. It's because she feels uncomfortable.

Extrovert Women

Tip #1 She complements you. She tells you that you are handsome or cute and you catch her looking at you and smiling a lot.

Tip #2 She says "yes" to do something else after the date.

Tip #3 She tells you she had fun after the date. She might message you and say that she enjoyed her day or night with you and she would like to see you again.

What tips did I share with you today that's happened to you with a woman?











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tasmaiy upadhyay

well, i can't say that the girl i like is shy, or not shy, but i can definitely say that she is very impressed with my life goals and my knowledge level. and i feel she feels safe around me. anything about that Apollonia?

Just sum Dude

Is.. her texting me and me leaving her on read and her texting me again enough ????

Don Aguila

This woman is so true, We man need to be more of a leader and compassion and lots of love towards a woman and together in CHRIST you will be HAPPY.

watching failure

If a girl likes you she will make it easy for you to be in her life. If she makes it extremely difficult, she doesn't like you.

Jason VanRoekel

Alright also for point 3 shy girls - they can be a lot trickier to understand but they will be mentally testing you so a big reason they watch you when your interacting with others especially not shy females is to see how you react to them, this can make or break it for a lot of guys

Vishal Thakkar

Awesome very nice really thank ?? you so much but what are the signs for long distance relationship? ❓❓


WOOHOO !!! LOVE IT !!! ???

Donald Cook

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Bull shit ...????


Hello Apollonia can you do a video on what it means when she want you to move out but you have kids together but she is also talking to someone else


Everything you said is bullshit you forgot to talk about the money more money more bitchez

mwau lallall

Why if she mad because you didn't talk you her

karl abrahams

At the end of this video " when she texts after the date that she had a really great time, that means it's the key that she likes you?

Here I am waiting to meet up again when she suggested seeing each other again... these women seriously don't know what they want

Maurice Holden

I never had a woman who like me.  Maybe because of my looks.  I'm a real out going nice guy.


What if a girl sees you from her side eye when she passes by ?
Plus if a girl has many guy friends how to know that you are the one who she is attracted to ? Can her sharing confidential information with you be a sign especially if she says that she hasnt shared it with anyone else ? Also Lets say you ask a girl out & she agrees will that be considered a date or just 02 friends catching up. Apart from that what if you compliment her things lets says you talk about her headsets & she makes you try it & get happy when I compliment does it mean anything?


When she "likes you" Yet she ghosts you, and then you want to know why she does it and if she doesn't want to talk to you anymore and you ask her and she ignores your texts. Mmmhmm she likes you alright. Lol

scott blackula

I get it to want to go somewhere like get coffee after a date. But don't keep on going other places because you don't want to get bored by spending too much time together

#Limited edition

You are my crash ♥️♥️♥️

Dembo Kanteh

It's very educative and interesting story

Shravan Kumar


The Emperor

Love the crystal buddha in the background. Very zen like /|\?

Jairon Bueno

I need help I made a big mistake by telling a girl I like that I like her how do I fix this ?

Ronald Benally

They all like me. I need and want someone who loves me as much as I love her.

J. Fraley

Ok, so this is no joke.. I was playing music at a bar in Phoenix and the band was staying in a nearby hotel. The man and woman managing the place liked our band, so they decided that they would bring one of their daughters, who was a model in NY, down for a 2 week vacation. Of course, they failed to tell me this, and before I knew it her and I were having lunch and talking and the whole time we were talking, she was stroking up and down on her drink glass. I tried to not let it distract my eyes, but that went out the window pretty quick and when I looked at her doing it, she stopped and laughed so hard and she kind of literally flung her head onto my shoulders. She said it was something she does all the time, but I'm not that naive and I knew exactly what she was doing.

Anthony l Anderson the Great

This is very interesting but I respect the facts at the same time you should split it in categories because now in the minor generation women are categorized and split up in States because now we have to trim in every state has a different variety of women that have a different understanding of men and a different aspect of intelligence towards dating so now you may have to change your knowledge and philosophies and facts on dating they have to be separated

Paris Frantz

These aren’t tips this is like DUH basic common sense stuff. Lol

chill like flint

yeah right 6 signs she likes you? how about 6 ways of making her obey when you want to be served crawl back like good woman lol.

Raven One

I get distracted by her beauty and don't know what to say next

Apollonia Ponti

What signs have you seen before?


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td jones

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Dwayne Harris Afram jnr

Apllonia Ponti you real...keep the updating. thank you


womens are unpredictable!!!cant understand them on this!!!

Blast Orange

If a woman isn’t shy around you when she likes you she a hoe plain and simple


Why can't women be more straightforward? Why the poker faces and the "catch-me-if-you-can" attitude?

Jang Lee

She likes me. I like her. We will move in go boxing now

Kai man

After 3 weeks of the any girls figured them out , they became very boring


What I noticed from experience, is if a girl "accidentally" touches you or on purpose, like when she laughs she touches your arm, or shoulder or something else, she is into you guys. Also about the last tip. Do you think a guy should be the one who should text her after the date telling he enjoyed the time together? and when to do it, after an hour I suppose?

Rene De La Vina

Your beautiful Apollonia. With all due respect.

Michael Humble

Your gorgeous of a woman


Nice to hear from you

Maurice drew

No. One sign ..she lets you spend all your money on her!

colin mccarthy

It is nice to know if a woman likes you.The question is do I like her.❤️.

Cory Green

Apollonia are you married?

Vibha Tiwari

After some conversation with the lady tell her that I wanted to serve from the bottom of my heart. Agrees, than proceeds. Or else bbye. It's a formula One race. Always be fast, means practical not theoretical.


I feel like girls also do this to manipulate you ?

emilio vivar

You talk a lot lies and fantasy trying to confuse the young kids
the only thing woman care is if you're wealthy o no that's all it matter s .Don't miss inform people you just the same shame on you.

Andrew Boothe

The click funnel links no longer work, any alternatives to find resources?

Chuck Norris

My girl is shy but appears confident and im hella confused.

Kurt Graham

Dont waste your fucking time,
Juice aint worth the squeeze now,



Dallas to the vine. Morgan him divine.


Beautiful life

You gota style lady.

Varun Rode

Brilliant message

Christina Scism

I have anxiety sometimes so if I don't know you ill giggle a little it doesn't mean I like them

Dean Humphreys

i asked a girl I went on a date if she had a good time. and she said I SURE DID!! is that a good response?

Hermann Russian

It is hard to beleive in the last one. Because I do it always to make a girl feel comfortable and I'm a very positive person.

pistol grip

Your so beautiful to me I wish u were showing me the signs lol

Keith Santana

In my experience women fake interest in me in order to see how I would react. Based on my reaction she would make fun of me to her friends. It seems all I am there for is their amusement, or if they want something. It is never for any other reason. They will have to do a lot more than those things mentioned in your video to prove to me that they are interested in me. Those actions can be faked.

Ravi singh

shy girls ! They still exist?

Harry Iglesias

mas que por el contenido de los videos, vengo es a mirar a Apollonia...

Taggy Reggae

Girls don't check guys out anymore when they can go home and hide behind the computer n go on dating site

Tucker Lovoy

She’s a real homie if she just flat at tells you she likes you


And...if you are watching this video its because girls dont like you...and you wouldn't know what to look for b/c they dont like

Good boi123

We had sex, still not sure tho so i’m going to play it safe.

Dave Aaron

#APOLLONIA You’re Very Cleaver ?❤️

S. Ramirez

Shut the Fuck up with the Bull Shit.?

Tumelo Dikobe

Hi Apollonia
Thanks for the video. I am seeing this girl that really likes me, all the above signs are there but she's afraid of intimacy or like she said "I'm afraid of relationships" and she tends to always pull back. I'm confused should I walk away or continue to pursue.

Rick Bolt

Hi Apollonia, liking your videos, can you answer this for me, earlier this year I dropped and broke the pot of my slow cooker, I was seeing a female friend of mine, who I have known for a long time and told her, then a few days after my birthday we met up and she gave me a brand new one as a gift and apologised for it being late, she has also recently said that once this Lockdown is over that I should go over to hers for a bbq to meet her kids. I know I like her but not sure if she thinks the same, your advice would be really appreciated!

James Newton

What cards do you play, when a woman does show interest, but she is extremely busy? ie... business owner!!!

Brendan Tran

This girl I liked started wearing cherry ear rings when I started talking to her at my local tea shop. I complimented them but ut I lied cause they did not look good on her so I dont wanna feel akward next time like a white-lie, Am I overreacting?


As always good sensible advice. So happy you are on our side Apollonia


In my case in terms of the not shy girl, after one of my gigs, she walked up to me, grabbed me and basically stuck her tongue down my throat while a bunch of us were having a cigarette before teardown. I got the message.

David Loma

Ponti! Why so hot....

Christopher Keenan

how do I download the questions book?

Cip Pc

Plis show demo tapes when explaining so that it is clear

Ricardo Milos The legend

Girls after see me, going to bathroom and after that when they come back faces clean from makeup

Noel Rios

What if she's sending u mixed signals but is not ready for a relationship?

Hcchhf Hcf

She does know nothing

Chilly Willy

I asked her out to breakfast. Girl says okay. She then proceeded to tell me that she had recently survived stomach cancer and had low self esteem and that she would not give out her phone number to a guy for a while because her most recent relationship hadn't worked out. Never seemed to have time for breakfast. Asked, again, a few day's later. She then tells me she is dating someone else; all whilst playing with her phone, which she never seemed to put down. Guess she wasn't interested in me.??? Would have been nice to have heard that she was already involved with someone else, upfront; whether it was true or not. I dont like having my time on earth wasted by silly, immature people.

Wajahat Siddiqui

A girl that I like, makes eye contact several times a day and smiles at me. I also noticed that whenever I talk to her she turns her body towards me and leans a little. However she is very shy and not talkative so she can't keep the conversation going properly and just ask me whatever I ask her by saying, "and you?". We work at a grocery store so whenever she buys something, she checks out with me despite me having a long line (waits in the line). I need your advice on what should I do?

Paul Jacobs

I can't open the question link.

dattaguru M sawardekar

Channel coco brown

Omar Simental

I love your eyebrows miss ponti?


Your links don't work :(

James Johnson

The number one sign is she acts like she likes you.

Shahil Sha

I have a friend with whom i had crush.We met online.We were getting along good then i spit out my feelings and she got mad and stopped chatting.
She is a shy type person.
But she still trying to talk to me and get to know how i feels through another account in which she acts like its her close friend.And i pretend like i didnt found that its her.So does she LIKE me?

Christopher Mcdaid

Never be second best nd when they throw ya out house go partying them kinda girls yeah dont need

Roy Derouin

Sign number 1....she's overweight

Keith Barnhart

Look, lets talk turkey. I used to be a straight-forward guy with women, until they revealed their true intentions. My mother taught me to respect women, and I honestly do, but the respect is tested until I discover the truth: When women discovered (not by anything I said) I had a large penis, and was financially secure, their attitude about me COMPLETELY CHANGED.So, this poster MAY be on point about some things, but I am living the reality. I didn't create this scenario. IM just an average guy looking for a real relationship.

Kingsly Verghis

I like the way she speaks....

Richard Serkyere97

I think you are one of the best I have ever watch it seems all you said is right ?

Keith Santana

I have never seen any of those signs. I never get compliments. I immediately get friend zoned. It doesn't matter how I dress, or whether I have good posture, or when I show confidence. If I were taller it would be different. If they giggle they are just making fun of me. That usually happens to me. If you don't have money, there is no point in dealing with them. That is my experience.

Django Pipo

You are very attractive ?????


She farts in your presence.

vaibhav Kavilkar

Wat should be done... She dnt wann be in touch with me..

Donald Davis

These women want child support and alimony and everything the man work for.Make sure she does not have borderline personality disorder or BI-POLAR ANXIETY OR DEPRESSION.DO NOT GET THEM PREGNANT because the court or system favors women.Do not move with women because they can get you on palimony.

Andre Bennett

I'm not going to remember all that

Dime Baby

After the date. What if she leaves you a voicemail message saying I had a lovely date and i’ll talk to you soon ? Is she interested ?

abdirahman ahmed

What if she doesn't do anything of these
is that means no more time to wast