Friends avoiding me

What To Do When Someone Ignores You

What To Do When Someone Ignores You11 Sep. 2019
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Motivational Video on the

Motivational Video on the topic What To Do When Someone Ignores You

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Just copy and send it to her-

"I am feeling like you are ignoring me for the last few days. Unintentionally if I have hurt you in anyway then I am really sorry for that. If I have done something wrong with you then please let me know. So that I can at least try to make up for my mistake. Because to me, our relationship is very much important."

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Comments (100)
Praveen manasa

sir i can't concenrate on my work because my husband hates I haveore possesiveness l don't nu you if someone carry him I can't accecpt that please reply solution?????

Encho maN

Thank you it help me very much ???? ????

Mavin John

Hello friends I know of a spell doctor who
Can help you get back your ex no streets
All you need now is to message Dr mavin
Now WhatsApp him now on +234(7041271746) and get back your ex

Sarthak Mande

Thank you sir you really helped me



licks n kicks

I am trying to tell myself that just because someone doesn’t txt you back DON’T base your self worth on this. I have been a mess for 3 days and I don’t know what I did wrong. This is eating at my whole being. I am worth more then this. Time to stop obsessing.

Darkshade 0718

This is what I needed thank you so much I been depressed of like this for my whole life

Asad Kureshi

You didn't give a solution of married relationship.

salen yadav


Kshitij Singh

Spend your time in learning something new like try to learn foreign languages , cooking , diary writing because if will write your sentiments in diary you will feel better .... It's my personal experience I have learnt after getting off my relationship with my best friend.... And most important thing keep your self busy .....???

Asma Saragih

It is so useful...cuz my gf is also ignoring me too but it's finne

Ahanger Junaid

When you give more importance to someone you can lose your value in there lives so ignore them more


My BFF who was the only person there for me when everything was going wrong in my life and was the only source of relief and support started ignoring me all of a sudden .. I really don't know what I've done to her... I tried to ask her but she never replied... I'm pretty sure I haven't done anything that worse to ignore me like this for about a month... Recently when I had a very worse mental breakdown due to family issues ..i texted her and even tried to call her as she was the only person I trust and turn to every single time in such situations... She usually calls me right after she receives the text or pick my calls right away... But this time she blocked my calls which left me totally broken and lifeless.. I never in my life expected her to do something like that... I felt like I'm such a disappointment and worthless... I thought she would be there for me no matter whoever leaves me but Ig I was wrong.. I think I was not a good friend for her like she was to me..
I'm now in so much pain realizing I'm all alone now in this misery... I'm so done with this life!



Aseem Gulati

Bhai girls k liye she use krte hai

Mithun M

It was really happened to me especially your 2 tip cases. I did nothing but that person ignored ? me and now I am not loosing self respect. I think that person needs me no more. Your video ? related to me

Amna Amin

what if HE ignores? its all about when a girl ignores him :/

Stephen Gabriel

bro my Gf love someone else what to do

Gopal Tandi

Very nice

Karthikeyan Muthukumar

literally i cried on seeing this video
bcz i felt and feeling it right now

Ar Roz

I was too deep interested in a girl but she was rude because of her beauty. Within a year she sent me a friend request in fb which I accepted. Then she saw me walking with my female friends which I shared in fb that she shall to watch. Four months were friends on fb but when she saw me with my female friends then she blocked me. On those four months I even didn't ask that why she added me in her fb.
In the moment I still love her soul as before but hate her beauty as even her mother and sister are my class fellows and even they have been hating me for ignoring them.
I'll care for her when she lost her beauty then she'll find me in her feet but now she has to accept my enemity. That's it.

Rudrani Sinha

That's the tragedy ..., people change not even thinking even once, what consequences could it bring to someone else's life... and mean while there are some emotional Fools like us who finds it so very difficult to get over the situation. By the way, thanks for such a wonderful video??


this video is how to be a simp EW

This is a joke obviously

Beauty Heaven

I lose myself respect... My bf don't even say anything...

K. Rashmitha

?? Actually i'm here bcuz my brother didn't reply me!!


Beautiful very well explained and whatever you said is very true.If someone is not interested in you then don't bother just move on. And if you don't do that then the consequences would be very bad

massive knowledge


joe gongora

Very cool info thanks for sharing this sharing. The thing is computers, smartphones, tablets, and Y-Tube didn't exist in 1980. In those days one did things by trial and error and by reading. I liked what you said about not losing your dignity and respect. One needs to control one's emotions but no doubt cool info.



Aindrila Rudra Mandol

Thank you so much.. This helps me...
2nd tip helps me ?

val encia

Honestly I just randomly searched these videos cuz my sister and I haven’t talked to each other since last week I just want her to talk to me ?

Abhin Av

സാധനം കയ്യിൽ ഉണ്ടോ

rumana sultana


jeffrey driessen

If someone ingores me like my gf i that the same to her

Piyali Sen Gupta

Best solution... don't fall for anyone

Anita Aripin

Pray for them

Rimal Yogesh Kumar

It really hurts?

zach kun

last time i did this i got blocked

Bindass_girl_ somya

Really superb you are geinus ❤️❤️❤️

Sai Prasad

Look sir if they don't want to approch then why not they are not leaving still why are they hanging

Crazy one

I don't care

Deleted ASMR Videos

My captions are off and the captions on the video are on did someone upload from the channel that actually uploaded it I don’t care I was just wondering

Dayna kyonka

Well said???

Kerrigan Long

I will talk to her and ft her one day then the following week she ingnores me.......

Musical Journey

I tried to find the problem but he keeps ignoring me. Without reason our good friendship ended.?

Ama Saeed

When someone ignore uh that's mean he/she iz not interested wd uh anymore...???


At this point i know i haven't done anything wrong,my friend just hates me


For truth no one is ingroring me. I just want to forget my crush.


thanks... i guess

Praba Vagitha

My brother is not at all talking to me what i do ?

Super Fan

Ek hi baat bolunga...Sakht bano, nothing is bigger than your self ignore kar rha h, uski jaake chaatne mt lago...agar unhe parvaah hogi toh woh khud aaenge


But I'm a boy & I love he not she now still agnore me always I love him so much ??

Khunu shiu

Thank you...


I think i know how to move on i need it's time to me to unfriend my selfish friend

f a y e

Man, I cried watching this video, my best friend ignored me for days, with no replies even though I know she is online and the message have been sent to her. I even tried to call her but I got nothing. I don't know what I did wrong to her, we just made up and the last time she was with me, she apologized to me and I thought we're gonna be okay. I guess my gut instinct are right, I should have leave her first because I think she was not good for me even though I really love her so much but I know shouldn't stay anymore. I also realize that im the only one who's trying to do anything even if it really hurts me so much. I guess she changed.


me studying this after my bestie saw my message and then took over 5 minutes to reply

Extreme Wizarder

I'm subscribing you ??

Annalise Marie

I’ve known my bestie since I was born
Idk what happened. She doesn’t text me anymore, maybe every five months...

Idk If she prefers her other friends more, or if I did something
I rlly miss her, we used to have so much fun. It’s so hard, we used to talk every day and have sleepovers every week

Sooraj Suresh

Imagine A person who is closest to you once and suddenly she ignored you and become a stranger.and talking to others very closely in front you . . How does it feels? Thats happening to me everyday now



Shikha P

Now your example of school friend is different. Not related to this issue. Because we don't do sex with our friends but we do it with our boyfriend. So it is very difficult to understand that bf priorities has been changed even after announcing the engagement dates.

Remote Network

The trick is sleep with her friend.


Kya baat boli mere bhai

Daksha Savla

Really tooo good i liked it very much ty sooooooo much

samaira mali

When someone ignored u ignored him\her double??

Danica Liu

My dad ingore me and broke two bowls and I don’t know why is he mad

sunil kumar

Hi bro I loved a girl she's my close relative due family problems her uncle he washed her braine and she's not with me and evry day am thinking that girl only but she's not care about me but I am even single mint also I cant able be silent to think about her but she's completely ignored me but I cant be silent what to do bro on daily am going to dipresttion can u suggest me what to do...

daily fresh mahesh

Love poor

Z Amal Nadhz

Same things i have done

Ryâñ Chãkrâbørty

If you have done nothing wrong but she's ignoring you ..never asking yourself whatcha did .. never ask her what happened .. just ignore her block her move on... trust me she won't even care ✌️

Fire Plays

My situation was the 1st great advice thanks mate

Jivan Dongarjal

Thanks sir for this video

Ashean Kavidu

This means alot to me.. thnks for the video❤?

Prothoma Das

Thank you my friends ignore me but not now

Deva dev

Thank you so much bro

Annalise Marie

This is happening to me with three friends, not just one THREE

krystal ordaz

The fact they he immediately assumes it’s a “her”


So basically, be direct with them instead of getting ulcers by making yourself upset over this alll day. Makes sense tbh. Our minds can come up with soo many situations that may not be true. Thanks for this video and showing me how un complicated this can be!!!!

Nikki Pineda

Yoo u just summarized some of my therapy sessions about losing a best friend. Nice video really honestly great to come across this and realize that we should never lose our self respect even after we have put ego and pride aside and even took the time to find out what was wrong. Def on the right track. People's priorities change, so should we ?


The number 3 happens most of the time.

360 editzz

If someone ignores you; leave them and work hard hard hard as much you can and everything will follow U back ???

Swagatika Patro

I really like ur motivational speech.... Srsly I have inspired from you

its me

What if i am a one side lover and she ignores me??

ULTRA Kazukî蘇智

There are so many problems in relationship somtimes even sucide though will come ..
That why stay single ☺️and keep a best friend that all

Sammy Lane

No my Hindi friend.... Love doesn't mean "I want whats best for you", "Love means never having to say you're sorry"-. The line is spoken twice in the film: once in the middle of the film "Love Story", by Jennifer Cavalleri (Ali MacGraw's character). Kaaboom! mic drop! Haha!!??.


Sometimes being tough really helps..

Sharath Qodesh

Why the hell you gotta keep asking someone what's wrong? Someone has a problem with me, they need to come and tell me what the problem is. The hell?

all in One

Exactly happened to me looks like this video is done for me

Destiny y2j

Thank you bro

Fun Angel TV

Already i did all mistake... Now i dnt hv any option.... I hipe this video would have been suggested before

Rudra Garg

A very thnx to u bro, now i know what should i do ?


Thanks man you help me alot..... The last one was related to me and you help me alot. Thanks again

Mr la grille ❼

Bsf?? hope not

Game Girl cosplayer

I glad you found this video

ivy UvU

will i have a Best friend I met her in real life we were talk every day but only the first time she ignored me I thought it was nothing I'm just overreacting but then she didn't reply to my text for almost a week and I was worried about her and then when I told her why she finally responded back she said I was out eating ice cream I was really confused because eating ice cream would not take a week right now she did not reply to my text for almost 2 months..

Sheik Abdullah

I did ignored some persons in my life but for the first time someone is ignoring me now i realize how much pain that is

Rina Roy

Thank you

Paarkavi G

Thank you

Aesthetics Charm

Me watching this because one of my best friend is ignoring me?.

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My friends ignoring me for 24 hours/gone wrong?\\ ▪️prank wars▪️

My friends ignoring me for 24 hours/gone wrong?\\ ▪️prank wars▪️21 Dec. 2019
909 153
「Kamekuu 」Subscribe 438 721

Comments (100)
janice bombon

uhhhhh.... is you alive is wrong. are u still alive is right....

Your_ichigo _Fucker

:,) that’s why my friends are ignoring we’ll I’ll give them a slap UwU


I like when she was mad cuz I was DYING


Hello, I loved this series. Can I translate this series if there is no problem?

Zyra Lana


XxKatsumi _soloxX

My phone fell on my face

..its hurts?

Terry Schlotthauer

Can you prank your friends( dead for a week)

「Kamekuu 」

Welp, I finally finished the video and it’s 5:30 AM ;-;.

Sooo tired ಥ_ಥ

Shoto Todoroki._.

You : am bored
Me : Hi bored I'm Foxcheetah :) nice to meet u :)


This is how I lost my friend group...

Joedam Tanaid

if i was you i will ignore them to even the prank is over ?

Kent Craven

Nothing went wrong

Ananya Bhattacharya

Yo girl you took the detective name "Shameron" from Jumanji movie ?? That was my favorite movie dude!!??

XxIiasthiquexX YT

ignores sister

Lee Hanson

Bad grammar-

Isabel Laureano

I laughed when you said Is You Alve??

Corona Virus

How weak everyday i got ignore

Jackie Embry

Me thinking that the prank was gonna go wrong and she was gonna jump off a building?‍♀️??

haley price

ello UwU ._.

Haenna Fides Tolentino

Ah so sad

River Lavilla

Do you know whythey ignored you!? I know cuz YoU HaVE De BeSt Yt On DE WorlD cauSe Their ViDs SUCks MorE liKe Ya Ur ViDs NeVER SUCk

Londen Wild

He's like where did she come from so you stupid

Graced Hadassah


maica talon

This why I have no friends your friends always gonna prank you~

Susan Acedillo

My lips hurt me ?????????????????

HannahB Playz

ya need grammarrly but it was still funny

avie trasemita

I mean gone wrong

Kelsey Harris

me: when she said something is off i said the dog >:3

sheenie ashia cabuenas

what kind of gacha is this gacha though what pls. anwers

*Winter Pirxte*

Me:yes she is alive what else do you think? ;-;
Also I'm a new sub :D

izuku midoriya


Cookies World plays

No but i wanted like when he said good morning like the guy she should of said nothing and like do the same thing:(????


Ok react to this comment. I’m not being mean or anything but what kind of “friends” do that sort of prank by ignoring her that’s gonna make her feel unloved and neglected I hope your all proud of yourselves

Haenna Fides Tolentino

Hmm i know to make you not ignoring just prank yours friends for ignoring you thats your revenge

Марина Лейменова


Rich Vergara

SLEEPING IS THE BEST IDEA TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: wakes up 12:00 AM
Some person addicted to sleeping: SLEEP!!!!!

the mysterious channel

I laughed because the girl went link fairy mode and was like HEY HEY HEY HEY MY EARS

Mercy Hernandez

That was stupid video I have seen in my life??????



Iloveschoolplusmath Iloveschooliamlawyer

It’s just a game don’t need boys

izuku midoriya


Gacha Rose


your local potato :D

Lol love your intro

Êlîzäbëth Røsîë Chän

How about you take a revenge pls

Mary ann Josol

This stupid friends

Emma Loonan

Is you alive!??

Xxsaireet raixX

My fav weapon - SliPeRrS


If my friends did this since it’s quarantine I would have to do it on roblox I would be like “okay what kinda thing did you do to get banned for a day guys-

Nikko Paolo Alcanices

Oh wow???

•violet_ bobax•

If i was u im going to sream at her/ him ears so loud so he/she can hear me?

ChiChi Chan

This why I love ur content 1:great roasts
2:good name calling like (Moron fool would u ever shut up
3:them couples looking ThIcC

farjana afsar

that didnt even gone wrong :\

Londen Wild

The girl who said nobody cares it's like the secret life of pets two

Maria socorro Regacion

You should ignore them too

Its Renchelle Gaming

What the gone wrong

Emily Arthur

Alex is a bubble but head and I,m crazy? and I’m right about the bubble butt head thing and I love your videos but something is missing explosions because I really love explosions so can you add that in and Butthead he’s going to need some radish Elsie even though I’m a tomboy.

Pop Cat


Ashlyn Robin

Wait she was mad- then completely fine no issues the next day.

Ericka Veneno

It says gone wrong but how ?


Me in this situation

Me: I'm calling the cops..

yan master

my friends always ignore me

Shahd Baba

Her head is so big ?

Please send her help?

Suyin Eraya S. Shiimin

If I was ignored like this everyone will get the ultimate price and to let them know what it is, is just by saying this phrase..." If no one's getting my belt for me then I will use my chancla" and they'd flinched running away to the emergency room

Rock & Roll


CrazySora TheDemon

Honestly, if my friends ignored me(sadly already happening), I would ignore their existence until my mind reconsider them as "real human beings" and not my imaginary friend

It gets hard to recognize what is real and wat is just my imagination when im sad and confused, don't know why that happens ?‍♀️

duaa salah


Violet UvU

F a t
R a t

Adriana Sienkiewicz

How is it even gone wrong nothing went wrong like tf

avie trasemita

You said wend wrong

Jayden Chalabi

GONE WRONG.......???‼️⁉️❓❓❓❓❓

Moldyfamily _sisters

Can you tell me all your name pls

Christopher Lee

Wow I like this

Hacker girl

Umm does anybody realise this is not a prank it's rude to ignore somebody they can feel so bad about themselves if they did something wrong


Nooo we are not hoomans we are humans lol


Me:what u have friends
I feel like a moron

HelloImMauriah heh

Ok this is me and my friend when all the other kids was in the car and we was left out :P

Wolfxx Playz

My name is hind!!!!!

As̸hley Cʜan

when Alex said in the beginning ''were did she came from'' I was like ''FROM THE DOOR''

Athina Teteri

The girl Hair Brown Look like the ultima wolf he have tail black Red look like

Maira Ditma

I feel bad for you???

Hacker girl

"She's to annoying

Excuse me you did this prank and your being mean and annoying to her so your fault not hers

lizel dularza


Jasmine Carter

Are they dating cause if not shipppp~


Just don’t do that to my fav Gacha life creator just don’t- she didn’t do anything!!

Sienna Cabellon

Guys I saw everything but you make him sad and she will lose her sparkle and she will lose her emotional too whatever that word

Iciclelhxa X

I would be like:

ehh nobody sadly

I only see love story On Gacha Life TvTbI need help Asp

Lalrindiki Chinzah

Well of i was her i would be like meh dont care imma move out


Id say we not friends no more

Cotton Candy

I just noticed that I already watched like all your videos before we became friends Uwu XD

Tv_ Gamer1

Why some video say bootiful but the word is beautiful

Ashok Chandekar

Alex : where did she come from
Me : she come comes from her
Mummy 's tummy ???

Londen Wild

Alex is really stupid because

Terrie viado

Pls pin meh if u fall for dis trick

Read more

Rin Gacha


I ask my self that question every day.

• FloofYT •

I think I is chunky

Saripah Sardi



guys shes fine shes dramatic

Jayant Meshram

i think you drop these....
gives pupils

Sara-Belle Enari

Alex: if u dont know me-

well if thats even the lyrics .-. ._.

Nobody: My friend:avoiding me and my every move

Nobody: My friend:avoiding me and my every move15 Oct. 2020
SleepyNotFoundSubscribe 438 721

Of course I didn’t put

Of course I didn’t put the name for....R e a s o n s—

Comments (2)

Hello! Mind taking my test?
To ya know
See how good you know me!


She really said:"Oh no we gotta go"

"flip flop sounds"