How old is andy garcia

Andy Garcia, Will There Be a Godfather 4?

Andy Garcia, Will There Be a Godfather 4?18 Mar. 2014
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Andy Garcia answers your

Andy Garcia answers your questions, including the one every fan wants to know.

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Comments (100)
Wayson Shikiya

i hope nor

OsoHolley Jay

i will cry if “the godfather part 4” never comes out ?


We really need a Godfather 4!!!

John Gullo

Godfather 4. A sure sign of the Apocalypse.

taylor josh

Godfather 4 staring Robert dinero & Andy Garcia as the father & Leo That would be amazing ???

B. Frost

His answers: 1."Who knows?" 2. "It's really Francis (Ford Coppola), you know, he has to want to revisit that world, and ah he's never really wanted to do that." There. I saved you three minutes of life.

Tee 3

no godfather without michael corleone

Tony Lawlor

If he is in it No Thank You. Godfather 3 was easily the worst movie in the trilogy, make up your own mind but I have a good idea why 1 and 2 were better.

Mike Paige

Godfather is still my favorite movie of all time I'd love to see a godfather 4 let's make this happen please the fans want it ?if u feel the same

Jacobo Arca

Hispanic is not an etnia, is a culture, in Spain people are white and they are hispanic as well. Andy Garcia is a white man, and he is hispanic. The racism and the love to put brands to people in USA does not have a limit.

verydumb • 27 years ago • edited

Godfather Part IV with 2001 flashbacks


The Godfather 4: Fartherer Than Ever Before


ridiculous idea. stop ruining the past. part 3 is bad enough. 4 could only be worse. the Mafia is a dead thing in the 21 century.


I LOVE you Andy Garcia. You Cubano hottie!!! He played his character well in Godfather 3. Much love & respect to him??????

Marcelle Ratafia

Not with Andres Garcia please


Haha this ain’t age well


Run...and hide...

Biagio Farina

I JUST SAW Andy Garcia ..he would not be good for Godfather 4. my opinion..He doesnt have the imagine and the characteristic like AL PACINO.. You need someone like pacino or better which will be very hard to find..So NO GF 4.


i would really like to see a godfather 4, but it would have to be exceptional

Mikey Lejan

Make part 4 please!

Bernal Del Castillo

Francis Coppola is not the same director of fifty years ago, he is an old tired man, but his daughter Sophia could make Godfather 4

Mr nobody

his the godfather....michael pass it to him..

Nina Pejić

There will be no Al Pacino'less Godfather,I will protest to that!No Al Pacino, no Godfather!

JJ Blake

Godfather 4 - They all go to jail for wearing tracksuits

Otniel Mikes

A new movie aside the trilogy "in the same story" would be great

Nikola Ritopecki

No no nono nooo please stop with that movie :(((((( please dont make that movie :(
GadFather is not comic

Lord Of The World

Everybody wants the God Father 4 movie with Andy Garcia. Make it already!

Wayne Marshall

They completely ruined number 3 with seriously bad miscasting. The only way to save the Godfather brand is by setting it the eighties Michael is still alive at this point and reeling from the loss of his daughter, he goes into complete psycho mode wiping out everybody in his path with the aid of Vincent. We will get more of an outlook on the mafia as a whole and Michael gets sent to jail by the end of it. He’s so old when he dies in 3 we can presume that’s in the 2000s. Pacino is at the right age to play the role as he is basically the same age as his character in 1990. Coppola would need to stay the heck away from the movie ? and give it to Scorsese, or a real real wild card Tarrantino! Now that could be epic with the heavy dialogue and violence and Tarrantino knows how to finish a movie ?

Cameron Williams

After seeing the re-edited Part III - Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone, there could well be a Part IV on the horizon.

Al From Windsor

This can only be made if it cooperates with the timeline. 1948 is the year Vincent is born, as well as his father (Sonny), gets murdered. In 1955 - Vito Dies, Mike becomes the new Don, Mike wipes out all the families in New York and moves to Las Vegas. In 1959, Fredo gets killed by Al. In 1976, Michael sells the Casinos and moves back to New York. The majority of Godfather 3 is in the year 1979. in 1980, Vincent becomes the new Don, Aswell as Mary gets shot and dies. Michael dies 17 years later in the year 1997.

mike korzek

chicken and rice...

He Is

Vincent will you SHUT UP!!!!


Loved part 3, I thought Garcia was awesome.

mike korzek

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Vincenzo Ridente

They should do part 4 to finish Vincent's story

Lorenzo Doesn't Exist

He's like the Rodimus Prime of The Godfather. If you don't know what I mean, The Transformers starts with Optimus Prime as the leader, but his predecessor--Sentinel Prime or Alpha Trion, depending on whether you followed the comic or cartoon--was a legend. After Optimus, the leadership ultimately passes to a reckless young Autobot called Hot Rod, who later earns the title of Prime. When Rodimus Prime was first introduced, people had mixed feelings, but he's an essential part of Transformers legacy. That's what I think of Vincent Corleone. I'd love a Godfather Part IV.

Jude Nance


j vqnn

we need a quarter of the godfather

Go Far

thank you larry king...

Jason Lee in Taiwan - 李源生在臺灣

Realistically, there won't be a GF4 while FFC is the decision maker.

Angelo Burdo

Godfather 7 sonny’s revenge

Brien Luck

The Cuban ?? dish he mentioned sounds good.

A fourth masterpiece sounds nice.

K Kundera

OMG, could you imagine how horrible a Godfather 4 would be with Leo DiCaprio.. ?

David Chiles

Don't do it, leave it as a beautiful memory

Slawek Struski

If there is Godfather 4 who would Andy Garcia be???? Give me a break.. How that question went through Larry and how Andy remeind so calm..


?? Cuba literacy rate is 99.89 %..


Don't do that!

Taze Maydanoz

Noo, It must be Sylvester Stallone


i think Vito's lost grandson should will be Brad Pitt. Because Brad Pitt is same Marlon Brando. The story continues Andy is aganist to Brad

Gg Ggg

I wish pesci and deniro could play in godfather part 4 garcia is don now

Rod Poncedelrosario

I love andy Garcia in line with Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, Gene Hackman... the great ones.


Larry just blew by The Godfather question.

dfy goh

no to Godfather 4,, never should of been #3,, your just hurting 2 great movies

Denilson Silvério Pedro

I dream With


No, thanks. Part III was bad enough. They stained a near-perfect duology with an awful sequel. Sure, Part III is a decent enough film when judged on its own merits, yes, but it is not fit to be called the third part of The Godfather considering the superlative quality of what preceded it.

With that said, I am looking forward to seeing Coda, though I have no doubt that it will not change my opinion of the film in any meaningful way.

Charles Wagner

The lost city is such an amazing movie.

pl 3238

Joaquin Phoenix or Leandro do caprio should play the older Vincent the God father-4

Don Corleone

Godfather 4 make it happen

Thomas Prince

Show me da money paramount to Coppola and he will do 4
It’s always about the dollars

Alberto Rodriguez

In short,no but if it did happen it’d be dope

Jersey LTD

3rd was really bad. Lol.. they had coppalas daughter star as mary..she was sooo dryyy...beautiful but dryy ..just killed the vibes

Big Gamer1

So godfather 4 was just going to be another godfather 2


I’ve been thinking about gf4

corleone cke

Interesting Scene! "Santino - Carlo - Genco"


Frank Sivero (Genco Abbandando), who was among the audience during the fight with Santino in the first screening of The Godfather, appears as Genco Abbandando (Frank Sivero) in the second screening of The Godfather.

"The Corleone Restoration"


what's up with Larry's shoulders?

Pablo Izurieta

"That's great, when you forget"


Whoever asked the question wondering which character Andy would play clearly forgot that Vincent was named Don Corleone at the end of Godfather. Andy was right - he'd be "The Godfather." Great actor and has aged well.

Splatter Fodder

Desperate Measures is an underrated gem!

Maja Š

Would be nice to see Don Vincent get a movie...with a good script. Let Scorsese take over if Coppola is not interested.


Copolla, Scorsese and Terrance Winter: Godfather 4 will be something else with the new technology.

Maria Dolores


Cody Jorgenson

We should make Godfather 4 it be dope the 2K or 4K movies it will be on ??

Nomine Cognomen

How can you interrupt a guy like Andy Garcia when he is going into details about the godfather sequel?

Go Far

very true... andy garcia is the genuinely true "3rd godfather"... it is his destiny... after more than a decade of hibernation... of "godfather"... naturally understandably, viewers would like to watch the struggles of vincent corleone... in the then emergence of druglords and "mafia" labelling... that could TAINT the dignity of italian americans as good citizens of america... that michael corleone started in his drafting in the military and staying away from illegal drug activities... how could the vincent corleone(andy garcia)... face all the "mafia" bosses while making a way out for his italian families to go on normal lives... waiting for coppola to release a film to answer the unanswered curiosity of the global audience...

Christian Soldier

A new Godfather will be just like a Star Wars Sequel. DONT DO IT !!!!

Dario Espino

A Cuban born head of the most powerful mobster in America...

G. W.

Peasant food what a freaking joke.

Kevin Bull

Michael died and the Trilogy was primarily about him! They can try a spin off film in that universe I guess with Vincent but wouldnt be the same. They cant name it Godfather 4. Like Garcia said Coppola may not be interested anymore and this Coda: Death of Michael.Corleone (recut Godfather III) is truly Coppola's way of saying goodbye to the film series cause it was recut his way. Not helping their love and respect to Puzo his death in 1999 shut down all plans for a Part 4 for good.

Linda Adams

Please make a good father 4 i love the god father please

Hridoy ahmed

I want to see Godfather 4 , please do it

Jamie Park

I got Nothing but Respect for Andy Garcia he is a magnificent Actor

Joe McKim

I think about 2000 until 2004 was the window to doing Godfather 4 but time has elapsed now. Garcia is just way too old to be playing Vincent in the age that would've fit that story of flashing back between Sonny and Vincent. And Leo is too old to play a young Sonny now so you would have to cast a different actor in that role ande not sure who that would be at this point.

The Triumph of the Thrill

Nice eccentric guy with that Latin passion and fire brimming underneath the surface. ☺

A "Godfather 4" won't work. The trilogy is just right and as far as it should go.

Formerly Paul

It'll happen. How can Paramount, in this day and age of 6-9 film franchises and cinematic universes, not to mention old classics revisited/rebooted, not feel the itch to return to this? I wouldn't be surprised (though I would be disappointed, no doubt) if we got another trilogy.

Sn Net

Vincent corleone

Jihed Medini

I dont think It's good idea to do an other part where alpatcino not in, unless maybe if he comes back as a fictional illutional caracter inside vincient's head like Mr robot.

Daniel Folk



It’s not happening

beetle juice

Andy Garcia you are brilliant as the godfather we need part 4



B_side 86

They should do The Godfather 4 in honor of puzo they should look at his script then look to his book of the family Corleone just to get a little bit more of what puzo would’ve wanted in the movie

Luis Gomez

His career was on fire in the 90s definitely won't be a 4.

Kijung Paik

wow, a movie about Vincent as Godfather, and flashbacks of young Sonny, played by Leonardo Dicaprio.. one could only wish


Mr. Benedict, will There Be a Godfather 4?


please no more..godfather 3 was bad we don't need a politically correct godfather 4

Rourke Productions

Scorsese could do it

Paul Holland

I would love to see a Godfather 4 but please don’t cast Leonardo DiCraprio in it, he’s a completely overrated actor.


This movie will never be made. Unfortunately.

Dennis Wassill

Ocean 13 = Godfather IV

Mark Guerrero

Wouldnt have mario puzo, but would be great to have godfather 4. Would probably be a better ending to the series than godfather 3

2019 Ryan Garcia Best Knockouts (15-0)

2019 Ryan Garcia Best Knockouts (15-0)1 Apr. 2019
8 912 328
BOXING ChannelSubscribe 438 721

Best knockouts of the

Best knockouts of the future star Ryan Garcia.

Comments (100)
Moises Cardenas

I read comments about Garcia being cocky but even that it may not look good to everyone it gives the athletes the confidence to overcome fear, it also gives them the extra bit of energy that makes a big difference. Talent In sports is not about how nice of a person you are, is about being the best in what you do.


Anak muda berbakat

Romeo Perez

Te falta mucho abrasabas agervota te falta mucho

El de la siera

He probably went to Silverado high school

Praym Maps


bruxellois debxl

Machaalah what a great young fighter
Ryan has a very dangerous strong right hand.
? Thanks little Bro ??


Who’s here for Paquiao vs Garcia ?!! ?


I swear this dude didn’t go through puberty lmao mans looks 12

Vincent Foronda

the Gen Z version of oscar dela hoya..

Main Man

: what's my name?
: referee..

Marlon Navas

Quiero verlo contra gerbonta

Joseph Percila

Hindi pa to pwede kay Pacquiao.

Brandon Sanders

awesome baby!


After watching Ryan ko and tank ko I can definitely say that Ryan has a bigger chance in winning

She’s Vi

He packs a super powerful punch

Arvin B

I’ll admit he is fast.. makes you wonder how fast pacquiao was in his prime

D B Cooper

Simple. Jorge linardes couldn't put Campbell away and some even say Campbell was robbed PLUS Campbell had just lost his father to Cancer . Would you fancy Garcia against Linardes?? No way he'd get his ass whooped . Campbell win for me as he'll take Garcia deep

Imran Akram

Wow this school boy has got potential to be great

Jaymie Cordero

Anyone watching this during oandet

Manuel De Jesus

Shit if i was tank i get all my rockets ready because this jet is fast ?

Tonald Drump

Every decent guy he's stopped has been previously stopped. I think Luke Campbell will box rings around him.

Амир Салибаев

Саперники слабые

Сергей Шаталов

А зачем колготки одевать если выходите с достойным противником


Boxing is ass now most of the fights were stopped too early I feel like

PrinceJustineTv Lao

Strong Upper body Best Counter puncher he need to improve his lower body .. Proud Filipino here and Fan boxing

rey roca

Pelea con david apestoso

Ricardo S

Jaja le ponen puro costal, con solo ver como tienen la guardia como tiran golpes se nota que solo son bultos para que el nene practique y le crezca la confianza

Super Sonico

Referee: what’s my name
Boxer: Michelle?
Referee: fight on!

Tri Nuryani

Ref : " Say my Name "
Boxer : " Gabr..."


Ito ba yung naghamon kai pacquiao ???tulog to sa ring kung ganyan lang laban nya

Keith Thomas

He is definitely fighting some bums for sure lol but the speed and power is legendary! I see a bright future for him ?

Swag Away

And many more to come amen ?



Samuel David

Referee: whats my name?
Boxer:Chupapi munano
Referee: Fight!!!

native 1

I think once someone really rocks this pretty boy hes gonna fall apart...

Chris Salas

Garcia’s fighting chumps that’s why it’s too easy , put his bitch ass against a good boxer .

Ruben Mejias

Pac Man got his hands full. Even though he beat. De.La Hoya and Margarito. Two very tall fighters. This Kids got Youth. A big factor.


Well from what I can see
He's talented fights with a lot of nervous energy,he needs to tighten up his defence if he wants to fight top tier,I didn't see one opponent a half descent fighter we will have to wait to see what happens when he fights a proper boxer??

•Rb 0971•

Ryan is so fast that even in slow motion it’s still fast

Indigo Dragon

I had to .25 the slomo replay cus he's that fucking fast


Yes he’s got speed, yes he’s got power.
But he’s fought some serious scrubs in these matches. We need to see him vs someone w talent and then see how he looks.


It should be Garcia vs Cab driver 1, cab driver 2, cab driver 3.... ha ha ha!

Caden Oh

imagine paying for tickets, and wait for an eternity for the fight day to come and the fight ends in 2 minutes

Edvard von Knorring

Why is this shot on an iphone 4

Apache rouge

Speeed fast rapide...

Abdul Rasyid

@4:51 the knockout was so fast that he was tryna find ryan garcia

Miggz kyut

Comment- for Ryan Garcia.
Like- for Manny Pacquiao.

Guja Studios 2.0

Ref: What's my name?
Boxer: fluggaenkoecchicebolsen
Ref: Can't hear you, Fight!

TCR TachankaYEET

Carrizoza looks so innocent

Bot Vibes


Hector Wade

Lets see him fighting Manny Pacquiao

Okorie Ogba

I was a doubter, but now a convert?


my fav is when he knocked him out

l SwerVy_FreZo l

He needs some worthy opponents

Renzo Manalo

ka match ni casemero toh .. agre??



Kahil Davis

Not impressed if Garcia fights tank this summer I have tank winning

Krump Lee

He is the new Bruce Lee

Mr. Big Dick

The old/current Manny Pacquiao would DESTROY THIS BUM GARCIA and a 27 years old/prime Manny Pacquiao would DEMOLISH RYAN GARCIA INSIDE 21 SECONDS IN ROUND 1 AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

mark jeffers

Garcia future world champ he's brutal

Red Mc

I hold my hands up ?? well done garcia


Super speed... and super rigged as well

huricane threeonesix

luke cambell will turn him into silly putty


Yooooo the reaction time at 1:49

Abigail H

5:52 actually made me rewind just to watch it again ?

Ahmad Suwarkono

Akan lebih seru bIla ketemu paqiao

Ethan Winghao Ng Ng

Me when people say Ryan Garcia: HMP SHHHH

Mazlum Aslan

Ref : whats’s my name
Boxer: bella ciao bella ciao
Ref: okey health 100% continue !

Modern Talking

All of his opponents do not look like boxers, but like some street kids. All this looks like a big fat frame up and promotion. Let us see what happens when this "Flash" comes across someone who looks like a real boxer. So far it is one prolongated mismatch to grow a "star".


He’s a great boxer but he’s definitely an asshole

Michael Angelo Lao

What about inouie versus garcia? Is it possible?


todos paquetes

Gara ngapi

Second Muhammad Ali

Luis Torres

Sólo escogidos sus rivales , que desgracia el organismo de boxeo .. otro canelo

Rob G

Who did he fight again???

C Mor

Thank god he’s actually found an opponent worth mentioning. Ex Olympic champion Campbell who went 12 rounds with Linares and Lomachenko (and has big reach, crippling body shots, and excellent footwork) will be a big challenge for the up and coming fast, powerful Jan 2nd.

Alexandre Castelo

Esse moleque é muito bom ,rápido, esquiva, entra na hora certa e tem uma pancada do Forte!

Mitch Trubisky

Imagine Jack Paul wanting to fight this kid. Idc is Jake weighs prolly 70 pounds more than, ryan is a professional. If this fight happens logan will be filming his second dead body

El de la siera

Ryan the only thing holding the high desert together

Duke Cally

Why is a dude that’s born and taught in the us wearing Mexican flag shorts? Pretty sad

Wilma Shorty

Just imagine him and Mike tyson going at it but he is younger but bro doesn't care who he go's up against

benny s

Ryan's got them hands boy ahhh man we ain't seen nothing yet mark my words this dude will be a big big champ and yo wtf ryan would absolutely destroy Jake paul he dont want none of that smoke.


literally if you blink, when your eye opens up your bleeding on the floor knocked out. can i please get ryan garcias attention. if i do get his attention, garcia, whos your trainer and when did you start boxing


When all your skills points are in dexterity, strength, and speed

TRUTH The poet Thomas

This is funny... everyone he fights in this highlight film is slow rockem sockem type fighters.. I see why he kept ducking G Russell

axel8 rpg

Who'a here after he signed his contract with jake paul?

Scott t

He hasn't fought anyone good tho...hype job


when you learn something from childhood and keep at it, you will likely become not only good, but one of the best or THE best. There is no replacement for such. Garcia started boxing at about 7.5 yrs. old. By 22, he had 14.5 yrs. experience and training.
--He is really fast, but also accurate. He also has burst power when needed. Great fighter.

Red Mc

Luke is going to finish Ryan

Jaymie Cordero


Joseph Barboza

If he don’t win he always gets a knock out

Sebsesc37 esc101493

The referee stops most of the fights way to early to the point were it looks sketchy real talk nd ryan right hook is fast but nothing to fear if he leaves his left. Hand at his waistline. Every single damn time he throws it but every to flinchy nd scard to get hit they dont notice there chances lol

Mc Lk Da Vc

ref; qual meu nome?
him: qual o meu nome?
ref: lutem!!!


No doubt he's talented but I wanna see him fight better apponents, I've never heard of these guys before


Ref: what’s my name?
Boxer: daddy
Ref: you goddamn right! FIGHT!

Arvin B

I’ll admit he is fast.. makes you wonder how fast pacquiao was in his prime

Rahman Yusuf

I want to see Ryan Garcia vs Teofimo Lofez


Carrizoza tho, look like he woke up and wondered why he's in a boxing ring XD


2:22 Jones that was funny!!!

Carlo Agua

They are all patsy opponent

"The Godfather 3" Best Scene HD

"The Godfather 3" Best Scene HD10 Nov. 2014
1 426 023
BlackView HDSubscribe 438 721

"The Godfather Part III"

"The Godfather Part III" is a 1990 American crime film directed by "Francis Ford Coppola". It completes the story of Michael Corleone, a Mafia kingpin who tries to legitimize his criminal empire. The film stars "Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire & Andy García", and features "Eli Wallach, Joe Mantegna, George Hamilton, Bridget Fonda & Sofia Coppola".

Part III received mixed to positive reviews compared to the critical acclaim of the first two films. It grossed $136,766,062 and was nominated for seven Academy Awards including the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Comments (100)

Godfather 3 was a good movie, more cosmopolitan than the previous two, but it does not carry the same consistent tone. Michael Corleone's character developments seem superimposed. A great movie all around though, I really enjoyed seeing Francis Ford Coppola's daughter in the movie too added a very nice personal touch.

Frank Maitland

Garcia is Great in this role

A#R EvNogu

One way to.impress the Don, just bite some blokes ear half off and then ask for a job

jameson crocker

You know there are a bunch of good scenes in godfather 3. Everybody hates it but the apartment scene with the two killers, the scene with tbe bishop, this one... As a whole,the weakest of the 3, but still an enjoyable movie.

Nabhiii Singh


Same Old Fit Up - The Cost of Insanity

"At the most we gaze at it in wonder, a kind of wonder which in itself is a form of dawning horror, for somehow we know by instinct that outsize buildings cast the shadow of their own destruction before them, and are designed from the first with an eye to their later existence as ruins."----- W. G. Sebald.

Príncipe Vegeta

I'm gangster ? Kkkkkkkj

Adrian Lemarchal

I wonder if anyone told Pacino that this was the third part of a master piece saga and not a parody sketch on Saturday Night Live. He really fucked up this movie big time, it's a real shame.

Cool O Comedy

Andy Garcia ruins every movie he's in...

Peter Gonzalez

Am I the only one that walks around all the time saying SAY IT ONE TIME?


this guy would have been don eventually if sonny wasn’t killed crazy how everything played out


Looks and sounds like the 30s Hollywood gangster films the Godfather I replaced- a step backwards.

Lord Clarke

Scarface had an Italian play a Cuban and The Godfather 3 has a Cuban play a Italian both did amazing jobs

Vito Corleone

That's right grandson....bite his damn ears off. Never mess with a Corleone.


0:40 Al pacino never likes someone who's not wearing a suit to a party or a meeting that's for sure nd he was late for more than 10 mins haha

Vegeta Solo

Coppola has said that Vincent is an amalgamation of the five Corleone family males, having Vito's logical mind, Michael's duplicity, Fredo's vulnerability, Sonny's quick-temper and Tom Hagen's courage.

Maximilian P

Horrible. Why didn’t the director stop Al from making himself a mess. Wouldn’t Michael be very cynical and say very little at this point of his life. Be just as deadly as ever, master of the underworld. Movie plot, script and acting horrible. Bite another ear for a mob interview, dummy.

Nemesys XR01

Pacino is an OG by this movie. All the nostalgia when seeing this movie

Henrique Fernandes

It is NOT the best scene of the movie. See the confession scene or the final scene of the movie..


Man this movie is pure fictional garbage! Have a no title no nothing street guy go to a sitdown with an acting boss of a family? Then on top of that, the street guy assaults and bites the acting boss' ear off?
Um....yeah that would never happen! The unmade street guy would be dead before the doctors got done sewing the stitches!!!

This film is the absolute worst depiction of La Cosa Nostra in history.

Edit- Oh btw, Vincent tells Michael that Joey hates Michael because he prevents him from rising up in The Commission. What? There are no positions within the Commission itself. If you as a boss of a family, are allowed on the Commission then that's it. Its like the United Nations. Every family represented gets a voice. Now yeah it could be that some boss claims the title "Boss of all Bosses" but its because of the power and wealth that family has achieved. But that title is not recognized officially in the Commission (except one time under Vito Genovese) . it just shows more errors in this film. Gosh, this movie sucks!!!

Waq 123

Godfather 3 never had the makings of a varsity athlete.

Laure Mehrkens

God I love this movie. And Andy Garcia. In my eyes. Is the sexiest man alive ???!!!

Çağlar Toptaş

04:30 birileri için zaten tamamsınızdır ama dur çaktırmayayım bakışları...

Stephen Ray

they should’ve stopped at 2

Northern Creatives

I didn't know there are a lot filmmakers in the comment section

Ashley Baran

one of Andy Garcia's (Vincent) best scenes bitting joey zazas ear..such a great trilogy movie...there will never be another Al Pacino!!!

John K

Mary single handily ruined God father 3!!!

jack sparrow

Brilliant Movie For The Godfather


"What am I gonna do with this guy?!"

Carlos Turner

Did anybody see the picture of Fredo and Sonny on Michael's desk? ?

Stazia Kibera

Sinister cause and the den of thieves present girls and boys on YouTube

Rob Jackson

Talia, also, aside from all that ghettoness, seems like she has a lil of Connie Corleone. I would not be surprised if growing up the Coppolas have had friends in the Mafia, and she has seen some shit. Seems like she has experience with that life. And she took Bridget and Selma Blair into her arms :)

Adam Daniel

Just like his father ?


That's Sonny's boy all right. In real life such a person would come to a bad end just like his father. Of course, they didn't have anger management classes in Sonny's day.

Keegan Crichlow

The movie is having changes made to it, FFC has been rearranging some scenes and shots as well as music cues and changing the beginning and ending.

John Doe

I love how Al puts his hand on the door the moment Vincent starts talking that "stuff", a real gangster moment.


2:57 that long stare just conveyed the message.. never say fuck Micheal again



Totally unconvincing, unrealistic character of Andy Garcia...

Donald Makalintal

Michael made them eat their balls. Truly a negotiator but not compromising.

H Raa

Garcia does a tremendous job capturing Sonny’s hot anger and charisma, but also Michael’s intelligence and cunning.

Doctor Pablo

Its a great movie. But when compared to the other two, its a hot steaming pile of crap FF Coppola left in a dirty back door Vietnamese restaurant bathroom.

danni ragu

Misundetstood film i like it


Vincent has channeled Sonny's energy in this scene PERFECTLY!!!!!

Celebrity Truck Driver



Andy Garcia made Mike move on him lol.


Just like his father ;-)

Mr. Leiduowen

Looks like the only reason for this sequel to come to being was $$$. I am not gonna watch it anyway.


Good film nowhere hear 1 and 2 but good film

Jonah Friedman

If only this wasn’t a godfather movie it’d be good. But the two first movies are two of the best ever

Tri Aris Wibowo

0:48 WTF he doing ???

Leoguide Leoguide

Vincent is like Dominic Placi from Godfather 2 only part 3 and a movie

Andrew Reed

Legendary scene top 5 in theater ? ? history

Gabriel Zayas

Godfather part 3, it's a better movie than part 2. I don't part 2 works as prequel and a sequel. I like part 3 because it works as a total sequel. I know that part 3 was not part of Puzo's novel, but I never read the book, and I'm totally fine with that as a movieperson.

Pertama Kedua

Young Vito and Old Vito are played by two different actors, but I can feel that they are the same person ..
Young Michael and Old Michael are played by the same actor, but I really don't see them as the same person


2:00 is that from Jerry Capeci’s book, “Mob Star”? Written in 1988. This came out in 1990.

As (Michael) Franzese rose to leave, John Gotti told him: “There is a guy running around the city saying, ‘Fuck John Gotti.’ What do we do with a piece of shit like that? Should we beat him up? Kill him? He’s a dog, right?”

“Yes, anybody who said that wouldn’t be a friend, they would be a dog,” Franzese replied.


Dude what is even happening in this scene? Zaza starts ranting about Shakespeare and then out of nowhere Mike just screams even though it didn't seem like he was anywhere NEAR those emotions. I feel like watching this movie just to laugh.


And then when they are watching the opera vincent smiles watching the guys ear get bit


At 0:23 You can see on the wall picture of al pacino and Marlon Brando together in the godfather 1972

Matt Pope

Some fans have noted that Michael Corleone seems different in III- not as cool and collected as he is in I and II, but we do see glimpses of Michael’s temper in the previous Godfathers- especially II when he shouts at Pentangeli (“In my HOME! In my bedroom, where my wife sleeps and my children come and play with their toys.”) and after Kate tells him she had the pregnancy terminated and she’s leaving him (“BITCH! You won’t take my children!”) It’s not hard to believe that as he gets older, wearier, and more burdened with stress and regrets that he can’t always reign in his temper as much as he used to.

Brady Davis

The biggest let down in movie sequel history, as far as I'm concerned. I'm still as disappointed in this film today as I was when it was released.

Eray Diyar Köylü 8D Hedelyskolen


Hasan Alakus

Amona bak sen

Rob Jackson

Connie acting all broish and hanging out with the guys, like "Hey bro!" Literally I'm sure Connie has said "bro" and Michael has said "sis" in canon, and Talia has in real life no doubt.
Hispanics are like that :)
Nuyoricans and Italians - Hispanic non-white peoples with Latin English accent haha

Victor Iraheta

“What do we do? With a piece of shit like that.” Love the way he delivers that

Ryan Smith

WHAT AM I gonna do with this GUY?!”

William Valenti

If number 3 had the killer Michael Corleone from the first two films and not pity me Mike, remove the romance involving his daughter and replace Coppola’s daughter as the lead actress the movie would have worked.

Niko Kääpä

Andy Garcias "temper" is so fake to me. It's like he watched the Santino scenes in 1 and 2 and his notes where: "Scream, Repeat scream". He doesn't react to the expressions of anyone on set, he just sticks to his notes. He was nominated for "best actor in a supporting role" for this. How?

Imants Brutāns

Best scene is where Vincent handling those 2 fckers and the last scene where daughter dies

paul may

Worst movie ever made.

Master Ruseman

shit movie

Shahriar Romani

1:00 he like his father sanny ?


When Michael knows Zaza's true character and makes Zaza call himself not a true friend, but a dog. Epic

Gumshoe Beaumont

i would like to say that 1 & 2 were so good that 3 could never hit that plateau again, but the truth is that 1) the acting is really bad from some world class actors; 2) i dont know what the fuck is going on with al pacino as it seems hes lost his love for his craft, or maybe just this sequel, i dunno; and 3) all things considered, i have seen better film on teeth

Wyatt Russell

This scene feels like it was meant to have Tom Hagen instead of Connie.

Victor Iraheta

I hate Zaza. Mostly the actor

Andrew Weise

A Cuban playing a Sicilian. Andy did a FANTASTIC job. Great actor.

Max Muetzel

Joey Zasa should have had more of a presence in this movie. He had potential to be the key villian in this film. The new young leader vs the old leader. If they focused on Zasa more, this movie could have been a bit better.

Punk Slapper

All bastards are liars...

C Laird

Oh Jesus Christ ??

Shafiq Ahmad

Godfather 1 Marlan Brando ?
Godfather 2 Robert de nero ?
Godfathrt 3 No Brando No De Nero ??
Although pacino is great actor but brando and de nero were ?

Frank Montez

Vincent is like Trump -tells it like it is . No BS . Dems are the other guy totally weasel

King Leonidas

Love this movie , my favorite of all the Godfather movies

Marco Ulloa

Damn all them fuckin cigarettes ruined his beautiful voice he had in the first 2 Godfather Films

Mohammad Salem

Vincent looks so much like Di Niro


Vincent: "my father died before I was born"

Also Vincent: copies his dad's mannerisms exactly

Naruto Corleone

Godfather 1 is better..


I don't know why they used make-up to age Al Pacino in this movie, since the actor aged about the same number of years as the character did.

Rachel Hunth

No puede ser??????????????????????
Solo tengo 18 pesos en la tarjeta bancaria hasta aquí llegué??‍♀️??‍♀️
Me quedaré con las ganas
Hasta la otra semana ??‍♀️

Chevy camaro

3:54 some things like his dad (Sonny Corleone)

Kain Stellitano

It’s great Francis still managed to get 2 more good actors in it

Daniel Smith

I just came for the party I don't need no help he need the help I can just kill this basterd


When I first saw Andy Garcia I thought he was Al Pacino. He really looks remarkably like Al Pacino. I can’t be the only person that thinks that.

JR 214

So Kill Him What Does All this Have to Do With Me
Am I A Gangster
*Shot Sollozzo a Cop and had his brother whacked

Neil Tipton

Andy took a lot of the "Anger acting" from Pachino and made it a little less controllable but just as menacing because of the unpredictability of it.

Gabriel Coronado

One of the two major failures of this movie was the choice of Joe Mantegna for the role of Zaza. He doesn’t have Pacino’s or García level. The second failure was, of course, Sophia Coppola.

Boody Jacob

I bet every time Michael looks at him, he just gets images of his brother's disfigured corpse.

Romy Bobby Arana

Love you Brother Jason #Mafia only ?????☠

Dawson Djodvorj

Can someone please explain how did Al Pacino dint even get nominated? the academy is a fucking joke.


Honestly i didn't like how they changed the emotion of michael corleon.
He was badass,calm,intelligent.
Here he looks completely different.
I mean he ordered the death of he's brother and of soo many peoples...
He changed completely and i don't like that

chris guz

This scene is so out of character for Michale just for the fact that he curses in it.