How to respond to a booty text

Booty Call: How To Not Be His Booty Call

Booty Call: How To Not Be His Booty Call15 Aug. 2016
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Want to make sure you DON'T become his booty call?

Being a guy's booty call (when you don't want to be) is litereally the worst position to be in with a guy you like. It means you're being disrespected, used for sex, and will never get what you want out of the relationship.

I've talked to many woman who've been through the pain of being head over heels for a guy, only to realise, heartbreakingly (through his late-night texts and low levels of effort) that she's ended up as a booty call.

If you've ended up a guy's booty call before, it's important to know what might have got you there so it doesn't happen again. The next guy you meet could be perfect for you - so you don't want history to repeat!

In today's video, I discuss four of the most common behaviours that lead men to putting women in the 'booty call' zone. You'll understand exactly why men put women in the booty call zone and how to avoid it in the future in your own life.

Once he sees you as a booty call, it's hard to ever get back his respect and have him wanting more with you. Watch the video and make sure you don't end up his booty call!

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Comments (9)
Emily Rose Dawson

Hey mark! Me and the guy I'm seeing have gotten "intimate" over FaceTime once or twice which includes showing some skin, is that the same thing as sending nude pics? We're both getting enjoyment out of it just like regular intimacy and he doesn't get photos from it.

Maddi Page

Thank you for this! College f** me up as far as dating and I got caught up in this BS ready to be more serious

Jackey Alvarado

What if I already sent him nudes :( is there a way to reverse ? Or still get respected ?

Angie May

What if he actually CAN take you or leave you at his convenience? Lile, what if you want him to CHOOSE to want to be with you naturally? My pare ts have been married almost 50 years now, and thats how it was done for them, my grand parents, and their parents before them


Is it possible to go from a booty call to a relationship?

jam penales

This pulls a trigger on me. Shoot! That hurt. Makes me wanna ask a question but i'm afraid to ask. Tss. ?

Tonia Gilliam

So what if we work completely opposite schedules he works day and I work nights and we both work 6 days and our days off aren't the same.... We see each other after I get off work which is late at night and he is losing sleep to see me but it's late so he just comes over..... I am pretty keen on body language and know signs of affection and feelings... Could I be wrong??? I even straight up said i couldn't see him anymore because I won't just be that in his life and he said he had feelings for me too but I'm still not sure... What do I do? I can't see a time that we can get together outside of what we are doing now.... I'm so confused

Mark Rosenfeld

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56 it's official i'm booty 30 years celibacy.

What He Really Means: Decoding Texts

What He Really Means: Decoding Texts12 Sep. 2018
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Sometimes texting isn’t

Sometimes texting isn’t the best way to communicate. Thank goodness Steve is here to help figure things out.

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Comments (100)
Dean kwari

I feel like most women are out here lowkey desperate

Jennifer Jane manoj

But she still doesn't look like she hate him she sounds heartbroken ? I hate men who make women feel this way for his pleasure

Carol D

That whole text thread is a red flag. Not just him, she needs to learn how to text.

Bella Grace

I wish I could go on a shopping spree and let Steve pick out all my clothes, I'd be the best dressed woman in North Carolina.

Elhadji Ousmane Sam

Please what does Friends with a little bit on top stand for ? ,,??


If you feel games have started, move on

Princess Sophia Wise

Funny how she sounded strict at the beginning but texts shows something different ??‍♀️
When a guy says ‘something came up’ and can’t tell you what ‘something’ is, even though you’ve known each other for weeks... he can’t be trusted

Denise Siddon

What a rat. Seems like a nice girl deserves better

Tahni C

“Boy byyye!” Girl, you are worth it!!


You ladies wanna know if a guy really loves you or just wants to sleep with you? Simple: don't sleep with him. You'll find out soon enough.

Auri Xoxo

He is not into you.

Sheleza Reid

So...whats does she need help deciphering? He sees you as a friend with benefits. He straight up told her that. So she can either accept that or move on.

Glitzful Femininity

All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.
2 Timothy 3:16 NLT

jghtuyiyi jrtshgfdbeds

The scrawny eggplant gergely memorise because sea overwhelmingly form save a calculating jump. nutty, lazy dust

Rusty Garren

And I'm a guy who doesn't need to change. Take me as I am or hit the curb on your way out! ?% ???

manoj X

man friendzoning a woman
Things have changed pals

Kai Ballo

It's good to know what men really think. Men have a slick way of saying things and think we don't know what's really going on.

michael amegatcher

This Sister is fine. I love her Already

Hannah Scott

Guys don’t change for anybody what you talkin about

Scott Wallace

Why shouldn't men behave like this?  Liberated women created the situation.


He only do this because she settled for sex. She's a little round so I assume no many men are interested in her so she's hooked on this one that gives only his D. She should stop giving him the P, because in work hours it cost 200 bucks for a session. He hasn't even taken her out and paid for her tea even. Stop accepting hookups as "dates". Don't come to a man's home in a first year, nor let him to go to your place.

Pamela evm

10:30 p.m. is a booty call


Confusion is the DEAD GIVEAWAY a guy is not into you! If you're confused, My away now and Fast! ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Avi B

how it is that she needed steve to decode the text messages?
she is not serious!!!


He had no respect for her. He was basically telling her that he didn’t care one way or the other wether she was disappointed. In fact, he’s basically saying “you’re just a hookup,” because she dared to say his time didnt work for her

Tameka Robinson

Hi Steve!! Keep up the good work...God Bless

Dawn Byrne

Hes using you


Lol whats the confusion he only wants friends with benefits? If that's not what you want you can't knock him just move on

lisa Lisa

I love her hair! Beautiful

Appropriately Complex

Women ... DO NOT listen to other womens advice , its NOT universal . If you want to know what a MAN means ,


The guy did not respect her. You can’t expect a man to treat you with respect if you don’t stick to standards and recognize your value!!

Juicie Nyad

That was a very hard truth... " gurl. Do not make it seem like i cannot cancel and come get it when i want too..." Punch in the 8 month face!?

Greyah Marie

Man these men are jokes treat em as such ladies KNOW UR WORTH!!!

Funky Monk

I'm looking for a youtube creator

Egyptian Queen

Anyone else bothered by the fact that she is looking at the audience and not Steve?

Catherine Mccann

Throw him to the dogs girl hes married

Richelle TV For You

A man who is really into you won't go 8 days without saying he's excited about dating and certainly won't go 8 weeks without trying to keep the great woman he found from other men. Hes not a villain just not ready or not interested. She was hopeful but invested way too much time already on a closed door.


Wow, I understood that loud and clear.

Katarina J.

Sometimes I doubt the women on the show are genuine,, they seem like actresses or just a set up, an act. Only to keep the show going with some questions and men topics


Its a fling to him and a serious thing to her.

The man has an abundance mindset and clearly, he is just having fun. In today's sexual market, this is the way guys will continue to operate. Since sex is easy to get why would he take anything serious??

A by product of the women's sexual liberation movement. She is still young though... Its not the end of the world

Ang Ro

He is already attached & you are his side chick. You're welcome.

Mwai Lawrence

Steve a snitch


What she confused about!? Shes in denial lol

Dejurne McCall

I find it funny because she still talking to him.....I don’t get it

Avi B

how could u DECLARE that you are not into foolishness, but are still even talking to a man who can come at you this way, with you responding lol. he feels your insecurity and desperation, and knows that he got you, because you are all talk.
this cannot be the first time in 8 months he spoke to her in this manner.
teach her steve. please. men listen to what you say, and observe what you do. they do.

Stephanie Mwadime

You don't have time for foolishness but you've been talking to him 8 months. Lol, okay girl

Sequoyah Burton

Right place, right time ?

Phyllis Wurm

She reminds me of Sherry Shepard. Complicated situation.

Red Saxx Mike

The only reason she is going through this is she plump, and needy.

Robert Blue

She ain't have to come on here to decode that one lol. There wasn't a code


Y’all need to Listen to TONY GASKINS !!! She look so sorry and don’t know her worth .....I pray she gets real, healed and get her confidence back. Such a beautiful lady.

ann gichuhi

Do I know you from somewhere?

Shandra Newell

A lil bit on top??..BUT DUDE I MET YOU WHEN YOU WERE ON THE I'm always on top..figutrively and literally

Hannah Scott

That guy isn’t ready for commitment

Mildred Kimberly Dawn Lee

He was really clear and she was too

Rousimary Santos

Hmmm , what about a guy calling ????

Amna Tanveer

If a guy would send me that first message he would never get a reply from but if Im in a playing mood, I’ll drag him down and if Im angry Im gonna write a big ass text where I insult him and get all my anger out. Ladies he should be the one who is more invested in you. We are used to of those teenage stingy relationships but now we have grown up. The man are going to work but if he is not with you in his free time, he ain’t your man. Okay. Specially listen to your intuition. You will get the answer with in first meetup or chat. Just throw these guys away like used tissue paper if you don’t get the right feeling. You should be a shopper and not a seller. Do you pick up dirty tissue from road and keep it with you for months and get hurt by it? No. Its same with men and humans over all. Relationships are not struggle. They are the place where you actually blossom. ❤️

Edit: Listen to SheraSeven on youtube. She gives the best relationship advices. Yes listening to men is good but we need a woman role model who knows actually in depth what we want. Steve can only make you aware of men but you need inner work from a female role model. So find females.

Scooby doo

I love you steve. Love watching your shows. Very funny.

Trina-Ramona Jackson

She is too cute and seems too intelligent for that BS. She didn't deserve that, and didn't ask for that.


I just love Steve ❤️

Anie Daniel

Thanks guys, it's so sweet to see you're invested in my wellbeing. I love when a man listens to me. You do that beautifully.

Love Life

He let her know they are just friends. She let it happen to herself. We as lady's have more power than we think. The little bit on top is because she gave away too much. That sucks.

Debora Wright

He tells me he i can have him as long as I want him I love you this was his last response to me please help with the response Steve

M Love Spring

Hey Steave.....believe what a man said? Most men lie all the can you tell the different?

Waka Waka Abby


Sandra Mullen

What sickens me is, we know they are lying. But even when caught out doing it, they don't admit it and move on. Kick his ass to the kerb girl. Don't waste your time.

Mrs. H

Deep down she knew she just didn't want to actually believe it .. He has been charming her and stringing her along.. She is a VERY trusting person by nature and gives people the benefit of the doubt ...He played on those qualities ...
Streve broke it down to her square in the face so she finally had to face the cold hard truth ...
I recognize that in her because I was the same way for years after my divorce..

ann gichuhi



The First Lady “I have no time to waste on foolishness”, yet, wastes her time to be on a tv show for the whole world to see about her wanting to decode his messages ??‍♀️ people these days.

love faith

Booty text, friends with benefits and she is chasing because he has made himself a challenge by telling het where he stands with her. If she wants to commit run don't hit and quit if you ain't down with it.


This woman crazy? Trying a to claim a man that made it very clear that he doesn't want her the same way she wants him? I mean... Come on... You had to see that one coming...

ben oscar

I was having real life problems when my friend recommended Alvin to me. I contacted him because my business partner was shaking me, stealing money from the business and also my spouse was always up at odd hours talking to some, clearly he was cheating. so the hacker remotely hacked into their devices and granted me total access to their devices without their knowledge. I was overwhelmed that i could see their hidden finances that were off records, read their old and new texts messages, see new and deleted pictures, emails, call logs, Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, emails passwords among other things. Now it’s not just suspicion I have facts and evidences against them.. IT FELT LIKE HAVING THEIR PHONE IN MY HAND... His email is [email protected] com and WhatsApp +1(707) 267-7873. I recommend him to everyone reading this post. He is the best man for the job. Thank me later

Tameka Robinson

Hi Steve!! Keep up the good work...God Bless

Scott Wallace

Who's on top?

Mabel Wong

this is dumb. even if woman does everything right. most men are not great husband material and wants marriage


This is how a woman who lacks self esteem, self respect and too much tolerance. Never let anyone do this to you!!!! We women have to stop expecting a man to make us complete We are enough!

Cleopas Modiba

Haha Steve funny man

Damian Whindleton

Steve kill y'all still trying to mack??

Ladenna Young

Who in the world is only available at 10 or 10:30 at night? They have to be creeping. Smh.

Suyoung Hwang

I don't answer after 11pm.. I'm changing it to 10pm lol

jeupshaw Last

omg, the audience hates him because he told the TRUTH.

Hannah Scott

So what about the guys who tell their friends that you’re dating, don’t want to have sex with you,

But cuddle and take you on dates and actually call them dates
Smell your shoes
Call you pumpkin muffin
Pick you up when they hug you
pay for a couple food things you order

But later say you were never dating

Queen 85

He's with in a relationship or married

Stephanie Bracey

Steve no no no you no nothing about 2000 generation of sex addicted singles...and he'll if you not married why check his texts keep dating in this over populated world...stuckville?

Chrissy Rocco

I’m glad I’m not that young any more. Don’t waste your time.

Nina R

I call it friend with benefits

Bossman kb Awesome

Wait are we gonna deny that the guy was being honest he said we only Freinds looool
He didn’t sell no dreams

Casey Morris

A little bit on top huh??

Damali greatness

He is married


She says she is confused, but how can she be confused when he is telling her straight up that they are just friends?


And that's the confusion of the FWB stupid idea, he's fine with that and she's confused. Thanks lady for being brave and show us what this man was doing so we can all learn to watch out for the signs ?

amy yellowrose

He's a jerk. I've blocked my ex boyfriend for 2 years when he did not deliver. We have to be selective. We deserve good men.

Super Nova

That man lives with his wife/ girlfriend.

michelle richardson

What was there to decode? He told her he didnt want her and she was just a booty call. And apparently not even one hes excited about cause he canceled

Charles Merchant

No time for foolishness.....but spends ALL of her time IN FOOLISHNESS.

Translation: "I gave it up fast because I was really attracted to him.....and now he treats me like a yoyo"

Hannah Scott

And with that I’d be out of there

I’m seeing someone now but he wants to take things slow. But he at least texts me nearly every day and he wants to see me during the day.

SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim

lol i say lol in the beginning of every sentence and i also end my sentences with lol

Christy Marshall

When he said he is only available at night is telling me he just want some ass and he is already in a relationship with somebody women have to start reading in between the lines cus if he is interested he is gonna go out his way to see u period

Ms Nobody

When he said 10pm?
Run lady.

Why you giving him anything for free. This guy is going to give you dieseas.


After the first text, her reply should have been "Ok." Why are you telling this man you want to see him and making plans for you two to meet? Let the man plan when you meet up..let him chase you. She is coming off too eager. And then accepting his 10/10:30 pm offer was desperate. She is too pretty for that.

Omarion Ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko - Post To Be (Official Music Video)

Omarion Ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko - Post To Be (Official Music Video)18 Feb. 2015
763 835 902
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Omarion Ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko - Post To Be (Official Music Video)

Comments (100)
Jairaj Vartak

Feb 2021 Lit as F**K




Who’s still sayin eating booty like groceries?

lit like crazie


You Know

2021 like i post be


Why did Jhene look so bored the whole video? ? I love this song this song though. Omarion is underrated.

adreen muchini


Calvin duane

You ain't got no name at the end you just make um do it. She so stiff

AyeYahTrin e


Zyasia Moore

Lmfao who’s still listening in 2021???

Lou Cuzz

3:22 to 3:27 that shit is so true

Nat SaidThat

What a cute trio, very talented group, love this song!!!!

Lou Cuzz

Dont be mad about it these chicks be for everybody yeeeey

Ashleigh Williams

This is my ring tone

Quae Campbell

5 years ago I listen to christ brown and Janae but the good Dancer I don't know him ??

Esau Appana

She came down like she knewwwww mee ??


I Thought That He Was Drake.

nature roses

Don't say who still watching this after 5 years because we never left??❤

Emmanuel Gebeyehu

imagine if those 3 were to make another colba in 20201???????
bruhhhh that would be crazy???????????????????

Chandler Jackson

I don’t think it’s talked about enough how this man moonwalked in timbs

dolo davis

Anyone else here in 2021

Monae Turner

I can't believe this song was in 2015. It's now 2021...Time really does fly

Gameboy Robinson Robinson Squad

This is feat by Chris brown

Wesley Nyandoro

We never left since 15', 2021 we still here!

DoNaLd CiS.

Almost 7 years ago, OMG

AmirEathan Lindo

Me to

Atung Sonam

Any old listener


Gild chich m m..ppD

4pf_clampgodyt Yt

This song bring back memories

Andres Media Tv

Who is here 2021?

Aiden Berry

Let’s see how many people are listening to this song in 2021


My type of song

Lil morel dy

29-1-2021 post to be

Treyvonne Carter

It's weird that I didn't realize her name was there until she got her Grammy nomination. Love this ??


Chris Brown and Omarion wanna know how they know what they know but I kno dam well dam teachers know how they know what they know??

Patrick Morales

time flies so fast shit!

PerzS ツ nz

Tbh Chris brown , nicki Minaj and Rihanna was my whole childhood:p

Danielle Banks

6 years later now if ur watching ur ultimate legend

Joy M.Kanzira

I only came for her part?? 2:07

Дияна Димитрова

Tik Tok 2020-2021. TREND

Leya Kafukwilwa

Who's listening to this with me in 2021

Jason Winn

The whole song is masterpiece and Chris Brown's verse is on fire.??

Lindo Ndlovu

Hola ppl of 2021????u guys are legends

Shannon Jones

Si got cash lefted on book ? and cods

Jonelle Ellis

I wish ppl would stfu about being a legend by listening to a song. Ppl just always go for throwbacks because we need good music in our soul.

Niyah Gang

dang bro 5 years ago I miss that ??


I actually miss these days


Still love this song

echooo mission

4th year days <3

Tina Johnpier

That song this song this very that me get money that is davon hill song this song this song very good song

Ana Ocampo

I love the song

Special Dinara

If you here in 2021 like this comment

Jeremy U's ReevU

I have unironically jammed to this song multiple times.

TrueKing Gamer

C Breezy ✌??


Who here in 2021?

Tina Johnpier

Get money use it grilfriend he talk you take it with ex gril went play games with davonhilli

Black Queen Melanin

Jhene just pretty for no reason????


I remember watching this when it came out and couldn’t find it for 5 freaking years now I find it!

Pisces Libra

Love this song but eatin booty is NASTY! ? SHE TOO FINE BE THAT NASTY

Strawberry Moo

6 years later and its still fire

Tymiya Johnson

Fun fact I was 5 when this song came out now I am 10 and I know every lyric to this song

God's Favorite

I'm just here for the dance moves.

working Orange

guys my mom said she might let me go to the tour on April 9 because she work there and my bday April 4 wish me luck i love this song its been 5 years

Cristy C

This song just makes me so...........????


This dead used to be that shit ??



niyy niyy

when this song came out i did not know who Jhene Aiko was, now i love her ?.

GreenGorilla Games

Life was good when this came out

archibald meatpants

Imagine losing your b*tch to Omarion. ☠️☠️

Jessie Romero

For real this will be remembered for life

Way Back

It only took one line.

Saige Alleyne

see is yall can pause at 0:33 lol


Only people who did not see this from tic tok can like

Aaliyah Garcia

2021 of january 28 still here am i a lagendd HAHAH jk

Park Rośe

Why does this feel like it just came yesterday


Po f m

Andrea Rego

Anybody still hoping to this in 2021?

Leeandran Naidoo

A lot people became single after this song ?

Krd_Kay - 9


Rosario Reyes

damn this song is my favvv beforee so.muchh nostalgia

tee shanell

Please don’t read this. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Now you’ve started reading this. Don’t stop. This is so freaky. 1. Say your name 10 times. 2. Say your moms name 5 times. 3. say your crushes name 3 times. 4. Paste this to 4 other songs. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday. but if you read this and do not paste this, then you will have very bad luck. Paste this to 10 songs in 143 minutes. When your dorm press F6 and your crushes name will appear in big letters.

Takeoff 2Raw

2021 baby




And your chick
Your chick

If your chick come close to me
She ain't going home where she post to be
I'm getting money like I'm post to be
I'm getting money like I'm post to be
Ooh, all my niggas close to me
And all them other niggas where they post to be
Ooh, the hoes go for me
Have your chick send a pic like pose for me
That's how it post to be
That's how it post to be
That's how it post to be
Everything good like it post to be

Pull up to the club and it go up
Make your girl fall in love when I show up
It's not my fault she wanna know me
She told me you were just a homie

She came down like she knew me
Gave it up like a groupie
And that's facts, no printer
Cold nigga turn the summer to the winter
She save me in her phone as bestie
But I had her screaming, oohh
Yo girl wasn't supposed to text me
You wanna know how I know what I know

If your chick come close to me
She ain't going home when she post to be
I'm getting money like I'm post to be
I'm getting money like I'm post to be
Ooh, all my niggas close to me
And all them other niggas where the post to be
Ooh, the hoes go for me
Have your chick send a pic like pose for me
That's how it post to be
That's how it post to be
That's how it post to be
Everything good like it post to be

Got your girl in my section finna blow up
And nigga smoking loud, I'm 'bout to roll up
She ain't never got high like this with a guy like this
When she pop it tell her hold up
Better believe she gon' leave with a real nigga
I dick her down can't put it down like I do
I get to bussin' no discussin', gotta deal with it
Team us, we ain't worried about you
Murder she wrote
Yeah, yeah, when I hit it, I'm a kill it, I'm a get it like
Murder she wrote
You wanna know how I know what I know

If your dude come close to me
He gon' wanna ride off in a ghost with me (I'll make him do it)
I might let your boy chauffeur me
But he gotta eat the booty like groceries
But he gotta get rid of these hoes for me
I might have that nigga selling his soul for me
Ooh, that's how it post to be
If he wants me to expose the freak
Ooh, that's how it post to be
Ooh, that's how it post to be
Ooh, that's how it post to be
Everything good like it post to be

If your chick come close to me
She ain't going home when she post to be
I'm getting money like I'm post to be
I'm getting money like I'm post to be
Ooh, all my niggas close to me
And all them other niggas where the post to be
Ooh, the hoes go for me
Have your chick send a pic like pose for me
That's how it post to be
That's how it post to be
That's how it post to be
Everything good like it post to be

She 'bout to ride with me
And I don't even know her name
But I know that she your girl
She chose up, are you mad, or nah, bruh
Don't be mad about it
These chicks be for everybody


C Breezy

I'll make him do it
I'll make him do it

Extra Weird

5 years ago are u fucking kidding me ?


you know this song still active because people liking this comment...

iiam._. veve

All This Time &&’ I Never Knew This Was Jhene Aiko Until I Listened To This ??? 5 Years Later....





Cutie Savage Savvy


lilHentai oof

Aaron and Calilou Jeffy CRTY

J Boy

808 ruined the whole tune?

Veve Nana

LOL I posted a lyric from the song ??‍♀️ on my fb when it came out .. I soooo regret it now ?


Can't Wait 2Dance i t again in the Clubs after ?✌?

Alexis sky Webb

Nostalgia strong on this one.

Bella Bella Bella Bella Castillo





Such a classic nothing can really replace these kind of songs..

Victor Macharia

IB views soon

Choke Me Yuri

To this day, Omarion looks like Coryxkenshin


I miss this era of music. The chunky west coast beats made mainstream and poppy. R&b and hip hop and pop started blending together more and more too.