How to break up with a guy without hurting him


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Sienna The Grub

First bro

How to Break up with your Boyfriend | Without hurting him

How to Break up with your Boyfriend | Without hurting him19 Feb. 2020
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how to break up with your

how to break up with your boyfriend | 5 steps

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S Valentine

Thanks girl , great advice!!!

Raquelle Lynnette

This is some tea sis!!!

Call Me Tash

GREAAT VIDEO ‼️???? Strongly agree on step 2!!

How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend Without Hurting Him - Breaking Up Tips And Advice

How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend Without Hurting Him - Breaking Up Tips And Advice21 May. 2012
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Breaking up tips and advice, tips on how to break up with your boyfriend without hurting him. In our journey through life, we change and grow in totally unexpected ways. Sometimes we start out seeking something only to end up wanting something else. Sometimes we pursue one dream and wind up in a totally different direction. This can be confusing and hurtful. Nowhere is the confusion and hurt more pronounced than in the breakup of a relationship. But it does happen. If you feel you've moved on, or you're not getting what you want from your present relationship, or that your future lies elsewhere, you may need to use some of these tips on how to break up with your boyfriend without hurting him. Waysandhow.


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Comments (100)
Megan MR

I'm really stressed I have a boyfriend and my best friend (he's a boy) asked me to be his girlfriend, I feel like I don't like my boyfriend anymore because I feel like he doesn't love me

taylor fan

I feel the exact same way! It feels awkward and stuff. like one of my best friends is kissing me!

|Rainbow Dash|

I know, I understand. My boyfriend is really sweet, but I just don't have feelings for him, anymore. I've tried talking to my best guy friends, but no one can help me out either...

xxx ooo

IM READY TO BE SINGLE..hhaha..that stupid line?.. I cant do it..i think my boyfriend have someone better than me so..tata titu tutu

Paulina Aguirre

I want to break up with my boyfriend bc everything changed ..he isnt the same one i met 2 years agoo..every night i cry and pray and think about him i really need help ?I just don't want to hurt him bc he loves me very much and plus we do everything together, and even his whole family loves me for treating him right, i cant imagine what they would say ! If they all find out that i wanna break up with him ?im so scared
a day without talking to him is like a living hell bc he's my everything but everything feel into pieces all of a sudden ?

Paneeta Chamling

I really hope it will work .......


I'm a guy and trying to help my friend get out of a relationship. This video help out a ton.

Jett Lynn

This video sadly didn’t help I want to break up but he is a very emotional guy and I’m scared to hurt him???

Polite Q

It's gonna hurt no matter what silly girls

Stephanie Pudaite

I want to break up with my boyfriend. He loves me alot more than anything, n he also proved it in many ways. I also do love him but I'm the problem, its just that i always make a mistake. I keep on hurting him n make him angry. I feel bad. Its my false for having a bad gf like me. I hope he got a better gf.

Jamill Fan Ahu Ahu

why am i watching this? i don’t even have a boyfriend?

Arun Mohan

@vgnaikc It didnt take long for us to get back together. You just need the right technique. Check out this video and learn how >>>

Brianna Rogers

i am in 8th grade and he is in a grade behind me and i buy him alot of stuff and i dont want to but i do and he bought me this neckless for 1 and its from a yard sale and his friend bought it and he is talking about love wuen we just started datin no w i want to break up with him but i feel gilty

Willow Lunn

He y can any one help me with my problem? So my bf lives in new York and I never see him any more. I just started muddle school and one of the cutest boys in the school just asked me out..I had yo say know because I have a bf...but its not just because the cute guy asked me its because he is so far from me...I don't love him anymore either...I don't know what to do. He just texted me HALP

Charlee Munoz

I really hope this helps me tomorrow ? I'm scared but... I have to get it over with.. I'm gonna comment when I break up with him ????❤️

Karshana Bhandari

I have been in a relationship scince 5 yrs,bt i don't want to be with him anymore bcz i don't feel independent bt he loves me a lot,and i tried to tell him several times about our breakup bt he just overreacts every time and makes me feel guilty..
I know he will be hurt bt i just don't want to stay in this relationship,my life feels so breathless and I just can't live like that,pls help ,bt i don't want to hurt him as well..I jst want a breakup without hurting him??

riss papaya

i wanna cheat on him so bad with out saying anything like i did with my old boyfriend and people told him that i was cheating so he kinda new i don't cheat so he just probably thought we broke but my bf now really has feeling about me so i think i should tell him straight up i'm only 8 and why should i start a dating thing i should be wild and free i made a poem that just stay on your swing wait for love to run to you don't let him / her sit on you just hold hands <3


I know the feeling

Unlock Experiences

trust me he wont kill himself, he is just saying that to control you and make you stay with him. he wont do that. you can't live your life with a person like this. try talking to him about your feelings. but I dont know him or you so I might be wrong.

ingrid martinez

i feel bad but this really worked

Dimond armor

My boyfriend is in AEP

fas dasc

Just a male passing through...


I still want to be friends with my boyfriend because he's a great person and we share a lot of common interests. He makes my days so much better, but I can't have this kind of relationship with him. I'm just not comfortable... How do I make this work? I doubt it's possible, I just feel greedy.


Idk what to do. I have a boyfriend, but I really like another guy. I feel like my relationship with him is awkward. But I feel as if I might really hurt his feelings. Why mushy feelings, ughhhh

Vicky Evans

I hope this will work for me

Lisa jo VonAllmen

OMG this better work. After my break up, i will come back and tell the details

Alyssa Gabriel

I don't know how to break up with my bf,we've been 2gether for almost 15months and he still loves me but he hasn't been th kind of bf i wanted since th start and my feelings for him faded since 2months ago and i think i like my bestfriend zz.. whud should i do?

Jessica Richards

what if the guy didn't do it do something but you did

tashia shosha

@BuzziMuzzi you are exactly in my shoes. we started dating like two weeks ago and i dont love him like i also dont have time to 'relationship' especially if its a long distance. i feel so bad i dont want to hurt him but my best friend said i need to stop leading him on and do it. But i feel sooo bad

Agwma Hina

Even me I want to breakup

Indrani Sur Roy

I dnt know it is love or sympathy with love with him as he has no one else me..But it is impossible for me to stay with him forever

sanjana mun

I used to love him, he doesn't even care about my existance... Im so done with this relationships

YurioPlisetski 25815

It almost Valentine's Day and I just don't love love my boyfriend anymore but it's almost valentines. What should I do. He said "this will be the first Valentine's Day that I'm not alone" so what do I do, should I wait until afterwards or dreak up before.

Nicolle Interior

I don't know the reasons. Its just like its not that compatible or something is missing. I am missing something when I'm with him

أسماستازيا/ Asmastazia

i break up with my boyfriend ?

Kat Davis

I hope this helps me later today....

Nur Addlyemma

my boyfriend is crazy. i don't like him anymore,bcz he always ask me about my little sister. wht the hell...i really don't like him anymore...ugh...he act like "oh...nothing happen..hahaha" he always talk about our relationship...he doesn't talk about anything else like "hmmm...i don't want to found another girl....all i wanna say is i love you...i hope our relationship will go better than yesterday"...he likes me but i don't like i know why my friend just break up with him....omg...i got an advice from my friend and she said "don't reply his message for a day and look what his reaction" tq for the advice friend...i will try

90 go

hey guys.......i want to break up with my bf 4 some personal i dnt want him to b hurt coz i really love my parents dsnt accept us....n more than him i love my family, my can any1 plz tell me wt shud i do ?


I think that it's over and we need to move on

Aino Kankaanpää

that voice is annoying but the tips were helpful

christian torres

Kc ?

My boyfriend has a medical condition and recently I have seen the side of him that I don't like and that I don't love him anymore, he is also staring to get controlling but I don't know what to do xx

MinSuga Fan

I just got a boyfriend and I feel I only said yes because I felt bad :( I'm not ready for a boyfriend!!! I feel horrible I can't even sleep!!

Sydnie Robinson

I think my boyfriend likes other girls because he is always hitting on other girls

Swarnankita Pati

Mam I'm Bengali l couldn't understand your some words, but your speaking quality is really very geltle, ☺


My boyfriend threatens to kill himself everytime I try to break up with him and just become friends again.... He's super controlling and I hate how we fight everyday... Help!!! What can I do! I don't want him to kill himself but I don't want to be in this relationship with him... Can someone please help!

Lola DuBrul

ok so my relationship has been the same for the past year! we have never kisseed just hugged...and his family loves me..also his dad is the school photographer and i feel like it will be so awkward if we broke up :( i just dont know what to do!he is really nice but as i said this hasnt gone anywhere! i need help

koopa bee

The communication is not there Im losing interest

Manjula Sethuraj

I want to breakup with my boyfrnd.. Becoz for my career... He said don't go for job and don't talk to my frnds... But how it is possible... And i wanna go to job.. Its my career... And he is too possessive... So only...

Jacky Jacqueline

He ignores me and talks to other girls .. ?

Vivian Howell

My boyfriend now is the most loving person I've met. He gives me all his attention and he brags about having me. It's really cute! But, I miss my ex. I don't know how to tell him that and I can't lie. My ex wants me back also. Does anyone know what I should do?


I recently got together with one of my best friends. Now it just feels weird. Like when he says I love you I just feel sick. When we skype we act like normal friends but when we text he acts different I want my friend back, but I am afraid that if I brake up with him we will end up feeling too akward around each other and I will lose him as a friend life SUX.

Tiril A.

I don't know what to say... I liked it much better when we were just buddies. Just when we started being together together, everything was very cute and nice...but now, when he hugs or kisses me, I don't feel....ANYTHING. Nothing like I did before.... I don't ..know..what to do .


look up Psychopathy


@dezz lane I have to do the same thing

lea Taylor

it's hard I don't ever get to see my boyfriend. I don't want to hurt him but I like someone else and I don't know how to break it to him I just can't do it???

x xXShadowWolfieXx x

He CHEATED on me and i was somehow okay with it forgot it and moved on.... now he is not lettimg me be friends with my best mate (who is a boy) but i dont want to hurt him...

Gracey _ Grace

hi so can you help me with this so,me and my Boyfriend met each other the first time at residential then after resi we text each other and become bf gf till one day I don't want to be with him anymore with a reason that there's one guy live in England that I love him before my boyfriend and I am going to England soon which I have to break up with him and not just that he believed in rumors that my friends told him I like other guy in my school that's not even true if it is about the guy in England then I'll be fine and although I already told him it's not true that's why I feel uncomfortable to stay with him.... so can you help me with this

Douaa Sneep

Get "Text Your Ex Back" At A Special Discounted Price Today!

Critical Thinker

It'll hurt him if you leave him lol


My boyfriend deserves someone better than me.
That feeling of "he's too pure"

Z i i r o . . .

idk what to do. my bf said to me that if I got heart he would cry, and I got hert plenty of times.... he did nothing, once we where walking in the park and all of a sudden this woman grabed me and started punching me, he just stood there and wached, then one of my gfs came and helped me up, and we walked to her house and I got an ice pack, some stiches, and a few bruses. then my bf came up to me and kissed me, and ran away, he moved to miami and I stay here. should I start a new life? should I get a new bf? idk what to do. plz help its been 2 years since it hqppened

Mayra Rivera

Wish me luck im going to break up wit my bf on monday! I just dont like him anymore. i cant keep pretending! oh well...??

Icyy Chić

Wish me luck breaking up with my bf tomorrow??I'm so scared 2 bruh


i had a similiar relationship. tell him you can be fiends

Nicolle Interior

I love him but its not enough to be with him

Natalia Kariotis

Well, you just said it all honey. That's all you HAVE to say! Be honest! If you don't feel the sparks let him know! "I love you, I just had ore fun when we were friends." That's it Hun! Honesty makes a lot.I know you posted this 3 weeks ago but I hope this helps :) Natalie Source: Experience baby.

Aspen Van

Ok I ment this dude on Xbox he was being really nice he told me is 10 and we started dating and he wanted to kill himself because thay all called him a rapist and I did not get it he is 10 I am 9 and I got a text for my friend saying he is 14!What do I do?HELP!!!!

Coco Hall

My bf said we had sex when we never and talks to other gals he went out with my cousin after me and come running bk to me only found out that people asked him out and he said he docent know cos of me ?

shiboan perez

Ok i been wth my daughters father for 12years. In those 12years he been playing me. This year he trying to change, but im not in love with him any more and there is someone else. Wat should i do? Can someone help me???

Rosie Getchell

I wanna break up with him right now but i think i still love him i just think that he dont love me and done care about me and i think our relationship is not working??


Either way the person still end up hurt.
Of course, the dumper not going to be honest why they are leaving you.
They will be very short and try to sugar coat the reason. After all is done you realize later they probably never loved you. Life goes on, right ?! yeah.....


Please be careful. Some boys can be very unpredictable even if you think you know them. My best friends sister was nearly hurt when she broke up with her boyfriend, he had his hand around her neck and everything.

|Rainbow Dash|

You're eight, wow.

norah gwizo

Oh y

Alannah Rutherford

Wow I changed my mind
I don't want to break up with my boyfriend I love him

Simran Jahan

i want to break up because we dnt have a future..we r of different religion

bt i m very happy with him..

Prakash Sinha

Was just going through comments .. saw ladies are desperately wants to break up and are in fix how to do it cool .. Don't worry just tell him straight .. don't care much. But take care of yourself.. tomorrow you would also get same. There is no perfect men or women ..


When it comes to deciding whether you should leave a toxic relationship or not you gotta ask yourself do i want to die once from the breakup or die everyday staying with them.


I JUST CANT DO IT I feel so guilty but I really want to break up I just don't love him

Kianni Marie Vlogs

I want to break up with my bf but i feel like he will hate me I dont want him hating me and his family loves me..there is one reason i like someone and he goes to my school i hang out with him everyday during my lunch break and i dont want to be in a long distance relationship i cant be patience and not see him everyday :( dont know what to do

Srijita pal

1.he has no respect at all for me
2. he tries to dominate me each n evevry moment just bcz he is a male...
3. he tries to control my friend circle according to his desire..
4. he uses obnoxious words...
5. he does not know how to care for his partner..
6. he is too violent
7. he wont break up with me but would continue to torture me mentally??
still now m struggling with myself n my mind..pls give me a proper suggestion!! i wanna live happily..not under his rules...???


I want to break up with my boyfriend because we don't ever act like we're going out. All we've done is hugged and been one date and our last date was September/October but I have terrible social anxiety, so I don't know what should I do. I texted my friend about it, but I don't know what her reaction will be either.


Someone help! I have a boyfriend who brags about me and texts me sweet things. I was going to break up with him tonight but, it's our first year together and he texted me saying he can't wait until Valentines Day. So now I feel guilty, but I'm not comfortable in this relationship. What do I do??

Laazzyy Chiicckk

I want to break up with my boyfriend bcuz I don't like him anymore, but he keeps sending me like love songs and he say nice things to me but I don't like him anymore, I like someone else and he asked me out and I said yes, so I told him that I'm still going out with the other, so I wanna break up with him bcuz I like the other person

Angela Z

I'm 12 and lol ever since I broke up with him and he got rlly sad but I feel really bad


To see just how fucked this generation is, just scroll down the comments page!!!

Isabella Smith

I'm going to break up with my boyfriend tomorrow because I'm not happy. He is really caring and a great person it's just I don't like him anymore. He really loves me but I don't feel the same way. I can't pretend anymore so I'm going to end it. I feel really bad about doing this but I'd rather be happy then be miserable.

Dezz Lane

When he gets on today! im gunna message him and say we need to talk!. this is gunna be very hard for meh! ugh :( wish meh luck.

Imogen Fearon

Or just send him the link to this video...

Sabina Kmc

We've been together only for 2 weeks and now i want to break up with him but what should i say because we've been talking for like 2 years and i wasn't ready at the First time he asked me out (2 years back) and now that i said yes to him i just want to break up again.

Giselle G. Garcia

i have the same problem.... :/


I’ve dated this guy for the shortest amount of time I only said yes bc I felt bad ahhh what am I doing

o k

guys, I've made my decision. im going to break up with him. I'll tell you what he says


I like two boys what should I do

Sara wilk

Well i hope this works , i don't love my bf but he loves me , i am in love with someone else but my bf and the one i love are enemies and im worry if he would do something bad to him.

Lunar Flare

I am Breaking Up with my boyfriend right now. Wish me luck, I feel awful, but he has hurt me in more ways than one. Worst part I can't do it in person, he doesn't              go to school he home schooled, I have to do it over the computer. Ugh....



Miss Heera



I want to break up with him because i don't know.. I just don't like him anymore. He is so nice and I don't want to hurt him. I just don't want to be in a relationship anymore. He loves me but I don't. We didn't see each other 2 years and I've just been texting him and face timing. I just don't feel the same way.. Help..