How to stay wet during sex

Get Wet For Sex - Say Goodbye to Vaginal Dryness

Get Wet For Sex - Say Goodbye to Vaginal Dryness13 Jul. 2020
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Do you want to be wetter

Do you want to be wetter "down there"? Do you wish your partner would lubricate more for lovemaking? In this video, you'll learn 5 tips to be wet for sex.



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Stephen Charity

Thank you for sharing this, Celine.

Sufiyan Khan

Good helping video

Partha Gokarn

U r looking very hot

How To Lubricate Naturally

How To Lubricate Naturally9 Jul. 2019
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Clean Eat JunkySubscribe 438 721

what's going on clean eat

what's going on clean eat fam ?? In this video I share with you a couple tips that may be able to help you on your journey to healing when it comes to vagina dryness. many females deal with lack of lubrication and fail to speak out about it. Maybe if more of us were open we could help each other out and there be less females waking around dry;







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Yania Amber

Your amazing love your style I'm pretty sure your Haitian like me queen your funny n real I will definitely follow you that part about God Trina tell us something ??????????


I loved this video!! Thank you

Kasimu Kasirye

How do u pronounce coconut oil

Nanee Simms


This Curvi Yogi

Girl I don't understand the douche thing either. If you know that your vagina can clean itself, why put unnecessary chemicals up there??

Tanya's PrimeTime TV/Media Reviews

Thanks for sharing. I'm sure there are a lot of ladies who doesn't understand how our body is made to self clean itself.

Jasmine LaRae

Ok I'm here for this!! I just learned some new thangs girl!!

Gerald Smith


Umesh Jain

Wet dreem


Appreciate Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched - Biyriaalon Marvelous Bulldozer (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is an awesome one off product for lasting longer in bed and impressing your partner minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work colleague at very last got excellent results with it.

Kick'in It With Tea

Yea I ❤ how open you are with this discussion! Everything you stated was so true and on point! Keep up the great work!!

Isaro Sandy

What do I do when it is always wet?

Clean Eat Junky

how long have you been dealing with vaginal dryness ????


Can you or someone show me how I should be properly cleaning myself down there? I use my detachable showerhead to rinse my folds, and depending on how "dirty" I feel, I'll use Dr. Bronner's unscented baby castile soap, and I try to be careful not to spray INSIDE, but I still feel this is almost too harsh on my vagina. But everyday I get this whiteish, smegma like build up on my lips & folds, so I feel like I HAVE to spray this away to be clean. :( I am trying to work on my diet and staying hydrated now, so that could also be it, but I just don't feel as moist down there as I used to and it's uncomfortable. Someone please help... I just want to feel normal....

Hello 1020

How did I get how?

Apple Fields

How to get rid of ovarian cysts

Jazzmyn Nicole

Dropping gems thanks for being comfortable enough to talk about this

Action Jackson

What’s the tip on “How to have Great Sex”?


you are so entertaining ? I didn't even know I needed this video but I'm glad I found it! and what's douching ???

Destiny Osayawe

Nice one

mary queen

Please my friend is facing some problem in her Virginia she use to wet and her pant will be full of white water on her pants

Dani Jessant ?

Yea the aloe vera gel is perfect. This was such a good video - sharing with others - there should have classes like this in school

Hadassah Israel Tv

I don’t know how I stumbled across this video i’m not even a subscriber and I certainly wasn’t looking for any tips on personal hygiene or odor or how to keep my vagina lubricated LOLbut great tips hopefully this will help some people out there that’s having difficulties with that area.... this was very informative I don’t know if your channel is based upon physical Or feminine hygiene but you just getting the subscriber awesome video

Antisocial Socialite

YESSSSSS good ole H2O keeps it nice and wet! I gotta try the coconut oil thing. I used to be addicted to douching in my super young yrs. My coworker told she cleans her Vijayjay with boric acid?

C. Tucker

Continue to educate and inform others...

Monique Connors

Great video

Keunna Monae'

This is great especially for younger ladies because some really don’t know! Love it!


??? you are to funny!! But you are speaking the truth tho!!

Makidah Wyse

About the coconut oil can I use it every after I shower or just before I have sex?

JA' Mushin87

Good video going to use that idea using coconut ? oil during sex. My girl told me the lubrication from the condom irritates her down there. Ladies check out I found and researched this product before I purchased it for my girl. They use natural herbs ? to detox and increase wetness in y’all vaginal area and it did my girl stayed moist. Anyway it also helped her decrease pain during her menstrual cycle. Another product I recommend is Bionatal black seed oil thank me later. Take care we only live once Stay healthy good people ?

Jasmine LaRae

That aloe vera gel have some great slip ??

Genoveva Rivera López

I loved the idea of: maybe it's a message and you shouldn't get wet for that person, or stress, yeah there are other things that impact, sadness etc.

lulu parks

how do you use the aloe Vera?

MoonShine GodIs

Ladies if you're suffering from bartholin cyst, there nothing you can do to get wet. Bartholin glands are located at the opening of your vagina, we have two of them. For some reason, these glands becomes blocked causing pain and swelling as big a golf ball If infected it will abscess. Ladies there no way to prevent these, just count your lucky star if you don't. Check your vaginas, if one side seems more bigger than the other side, see a doctor. Blessings

زينب تلمسانة

Whatapps *00212679620248**أحــصــل عــلــيــهــا الآن عـــلــــــــى
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Marshall Mathers

I needed this? I used to didnt have dryness until I got on birth control

Dark Orchid

Saucy...juicy..... and importantly informative..thank you

On The Loc Journey

water! water water water water water!

bridget Nelson

Can vaginal dryness be cured or just keep under control

Jorge Villarreal

how silly!! i was waiting for you to really show me how you lubricate right there! in other words... ok, fill in the blank


I read the title of this all wrong. I thought it was about hair. Don’t ask me why ?. But definitely informative and interesting tips I’ll definitely consider!

Casey Joe

Yessss! Diet plays a huge role! Also birth control. The birth control I was on literally made it impossible for me to be lubricated. I’m off of it now and it’s kind of going back to normal. You talked about your feminine care products like your pads & tampons I nearly screamed. I am a huge advocate of organic feminine care products.

Fiona I Am

I WAS A VAGINA A$$AULTER TOO- I made the switch from summers eve to honest company and I am so happy. They're products are plant-based and are acidic so they match the acidity of a vagina. Although I don't wash my canal, I need to get the labias and folds all of that. I think that people need more education on douching because they're people who shame you if you don't.

Riana Anaïs

Love this so glad you said something about the douche it’s not healthy

Karylt1qqwwwy Cox

Facts?...ask for guidance..listen to your will not fail you. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

Looks By Naheemah

Are you Haitian sis? I felt a connection. This is great advice because I am absolutely clueless about all this stuff

Mr. Rice

Teach em, all these improper learned life skills are killing us because they are being passed down to the children without question and the excuse is always circumstances.

Eunice Etochie Charles

You are glowing dear


I love your energy, you are so pure and cute??☀️☺️❤️ I just subscriebed you, nice advices sister✌???


This was my first time watching your channel and it's so entertaining and informative. I think well balanced diet and water is key. I never thought to use coconut oil.. I like how you said without condoms, I guess you can do it with the pull out method and be VERY careful.. Maybe I can try it with my husband. Although, we usually don't need anything but foreplay. I love how you spoke on spirituality!! Sometimes the vibe is off so you're not into "it" for a reason, so we need to reflect on what our body is telling us.

Nikita Mathieu

Are u Haitian

Sneiko the Diva

Save it again with that douching I’m seeing them less and less on the market tho ...hydration is key tho


Yes water, staying active, and diet you definitley cant go wrong! Everyone should definitely listen to their body. I mastered this in my early 20's.

Kitty Hacks : Extra Slippery + Increased Excitement

Kitty Hacks : Extra Slippery + Increased Excitement29 Aug. 2019
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Tattiana SforzaSubscribe 438 721

I love me some slippery

I love me some slippery elm! This stuff is the bomb. Don't sleep on the Ashwagandha or Damiana tho, they help relieve anxiety/depression, menstrual cramps, and of course stimulate you.

Slippery Elm Pills:

Slippery Elm Liquid:



All of the Supplements I'm using (International viewers scroll to the bottom for more info on where to buy):

Glutathione Nebulizer:

Rectal Applicator For Glutathione:

Glutathione Bulk:

Opti MSM flakes:

Liquid Chlorophyll :

Liposomal Vitamin C :

Collagen Powder:

Hyaluronic Acid:

Cheap Enemas:

International Viewers:

Glutathione Nebulizer:

Koji San Kojic Soap:

Glutathione Powder (6 mo Supply) :

Liposomal Vitamin C:

MSM Flakes:

Aloe Vera Gel:

Licorice Root:

Liquid Chlorophyll:



Hyaluronic Acid:

Rectal Implant (syringe):

Comments (41)
Lizzie Bellace

Can this be taken with birth control?


I was looking videos on all of these herbs lol. Glad you made a video with all 3. How many pills did you take for each and how many times a day?


How many pills do you take with the slippery elm ?

432Hz Heals

Reply and drop yall snap???

Markella Sims

For the Slippery Elm how many do you take a day per meal

Will Hamkin

Works for men too

yngsmooveee baby

Are you supposed to take 4 capsules 3 times a day ?


how much water do you mix the liquid with?

Thelisa Love

Wait so Maca root and don quai is bad to use ?? I watched another video that said it was awesome for extreme wetness ???

Sensei’s Diaries

All ima say is that I ordered these same day shipping and they arrived by 7:30. My dude was coming over at 11. I had been struggling with vaginal dryness and since it was 4 capsules 3x a day I just took all 12.(Idk if that healthy or not but?? I did it anyways) HONEY in 4 hours my vagina was an ocean!! My man was highly highly satisfied with the change.

Happy Camper

Drippin' so moist it's got me leaving snail tracks! ☔ ?

Naeee R

How many pills do u take a day?

Queen Moves Willis Jr

Can you use this while breastfeeding? ??‍♀️

Latesha Renee

Never made me horny but definitely lubricated


Did any of the pills cause any weight gain


Those herbs didn’t work for me lol I took them for like years I’ll try again one at a time

Thelisa Love

Why does it say not to take if trying to conceive ????

angel walker

So you would take the last two together at the same time right

Amy Dickson

anyone know if the slippery elm powder will have the same effect? x

Jekiah Young

hey does ashwagandha help with wetness or only arousal?

Kashh Glockz

if im on Birth control will theese still work???

Rocky Roads

New subbie doll. Are the slippery elm pills better? Or the drops

maddie walker

can you buy these from the store if you’re under 18?

Exquisite xo

Thanks for the video. Loved it! Can you do a video on all the supplements your current taking ?

Tattiana Sforza

Subscribe to the daily mailing list by emailing me at [email protected]

shane Naidoo

Would you know if any of these affect the contraceptive pill? Like would the pill still work if taken correctly with these supplements?

Vickie W

Can we use the major curves pills with the slippery elm? I read slippery elm prevents absorption of other meds not sure if that applies to other herbs or not. Has any one done both at the same time with results

Georgette Davis

Do you only take it before intercourse?

inner beauty

Boric acid too... great for Bv ?

Telayla Walker

The wetter you get, the higher chance you have at queefing ?

yngsmooveee baby

If i used the slippery elm alone will it still make you wetter??

Princess K

Thank you so much !! ?? *runs to amazon. I noticed low libido once I stopped using Maca Root as well.

Love Rose

Thank you for slippery elm recommendation it’s like a staple supplement for me now!

AshleyQ Talks

I clicked on this video so fast ?

Keyasha Rucker

Is it okay to take this while on period?

angel walker

Hey I got a quick question I never heard of your other video but will look into this but with glutathione when we mix it for the rectal how long can it sit before using for potency do you know thx in advance

Marisa Farquharson

how many did yu take a day?

Anne Gachanja

You've really lightened up!

Joy Leath

I have this same brand for the slippery elm. Do you take it 4 pills three times a day as it’s instructed???


Thanks ? girl

Maira Akhtar

Can you please link the name of that red cream that you use on groin area??