How to get a girl to grind on you

How to get girls on the dance floor

How to get girls on the dance floor31 Oct. 2019
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Getting girls on the

Getting girls on the dancefloor can be tricky and most guys look even more ridiculous than I do demonstrating how to do it in this video. If you're a guy who wants to know how I pick up girls on the dancefloor then watch all the way till the end and you should have an idea.

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Bloom - Dye

Run Your Way - Divine

Comments (39)
matthew monsees

"Between two lamps" needs to become a playlist

Britt Byler

dude doing a world wide tour on how to dance

Sockie Phommachanh

You're a popper!?! That's fucking dope. (Well used to be) . im also a popper and a big fan of your channel. I broke off an engagement a year ago and have been brushing up on my game. Your channel has been awesome and a great help to fix some things that i never noticed before. Thanks bro!

Ian Arnold

Too loud! Can’t talk! ......Dance up behind her with your hard on!....

Samson Whitemoon

Man! I was just thinking of some advice like this lately too lol.

Rentaro Satomi

You are a god lloyd

Gabriel Alexander Pride

Bruh your advice is fire

Domenic Lavigna

Should you ever ask a girl to dance

Herr Heisenberg

thank nice breakdown! Question 3:43 What do you do if there seems to only shy or uninterested girls. Is there a chance to break the icy by more engaging dancing or would you rather not approach?. Last night it seemed for me, that everybody is in its own space and it is hard to get eye contact.... and only bitchy faces.

Vatroslav Morbidović

That grinding part was quite funny. Anyways, did you make that video on how to take her to her place instead of yours? I am curious about that.


“Let’s say these two lamps are hot girls” ???

anthony rodriguez

Just go up to her and tell her “lemme teach you how to dance”

John Pender

I find this the easiest way because you don’t even have to talk to them! I’m good looking so it’s easy for me but I’m terrible at talking that’s my problem haha but I’ve brought girls home before without talking to them by picking them from the dance floor, I get phone numbers all the time aswell from dancing without talking, but maybe this is just because I’m 19 and I’m still young


Pro tip: don't go to club with the mentallity of wanting to pick a girl. Never.

Alexander Caceres Gerasymlyuk

I need more of these exact videos on dis subject please


I'll get some girls in on this next time guys. Just wanted to bust this one out quick because tons of people have been asking me. Probably will be better than dancing with two lamps lol

Zoo Zoo

those moves though ??, pull thru to Michigan my guy

Ramsey Royden

I love how you crack up over your own jokes lol. You're a funny guy though XD

Hugh Mathews

Perfect for this weekend boss

Sean Burns

Can you do a video on how to talk to shy girls?


Always coming up with the most practical advices. I love the content of your videos. Best channel hands down!


As long as you have the trinity or arent sub5, anything is possible.

Hemza Mjidila

fuck i should been watch this last night.. i was in club and some girls giving me eye but i don’t usually dance so i screw it so bad ?. it doesn’t matters it takes many fuck ups before learning ?


Post a dance video of you popping. It’s bad ass


on the other hand... if she IS actually good at this stuff you really should do the crazy movements because ... it's getting hot in here so take off... ;-)


Those lamps are so nervous in front of him
Look at them there twisted


Im always there in my wheelchair even if im the only one, it's easy to me n just fun.... Also if you are dancing with a girl, lift her arm so she can do a little twirl or spin her yourself her heart will melt.

spartanmindset 49

I just sit in a booth and girls come to me and they just say :" lemme suck you off" ???


0:46 bootcamp program
1:06 moves like jagger
2:18 don't pop moves (god dammit why am I such an idiot, it makes sense now)
3:04 moovin to the groovin
3:48 long distance fist pump - look for immitation of your moves
4:09 lamp pickup - approaching girls that are close to you
5:00 be comfortable being silly and non-judgemental
6:17 H A N D O F G O D ?
6:51 LMAO
8:00 building comfort

Lorenzo Di Matteo

After a bit of dancing if you wanna get sexual I usually straight up ask her: "hey dyou mind if I kiss you?" That works 95% of the times ??

Epico Batman

Your dancing is epic my man, gonna copy those moves lol

Monkey Camdaykid

If u come to denver im definitely doing a bootcamp with u man


I like more girl on the left. :3

ThatGuyCalled ART

That grind thing is DEAD on. Literally explained my situation to a T a month or so back

ThatGuyCalled ART

Friday tomorrow dude keep these going !!

J Ck

Man thoes girls got curves and would definitely light up my evening but I think they are to bright for me.


I pick up one single thing from most of your videos. Maybe I’m not comfortable enough with everything else, but it definitely changes my game


Is it normal for everyone on the dancefloor to already be in their own circle? Do I need to go to another club?

Pablo Acevedo

Fire tips

That one friend who is ALWAYS trying to grind..

That one friend who is ALWAYS trying to grind..23 Aug. 2017
6 277 493
DeestroyingSubscribe 438 721

We all have that friend.

We all have that friend.







Comments (100)
Very Rare

If you take showers with your friend you gay bruh

Jared Anderson


Sisters words for Christ! Blanchard sisters


Owen Arthur

He’s just pooping in the toilet

Clayko Finesse

Me he's so annoying won't let nobody do nothing but go to the gym

Rockett Enterprise


Sisters words for Christ! Blanchard sisters


Sisters words for Christ! Blanchard sisters

I'm a boy

Lacy Zo

All tht guy on guy personal moments idk I hope they brothers. But other then tht it was funny.????


Who else face went ? or ? when they saw the thumbnail

Eric Butler

I don't like wen he seen him on the tolit

Landeno LLC

this is 1000000 percent me lol

Courtez Daughtry

Every friend group has that always wanna work out

Kristy Thomas

he was so annoying to you huh

Mayson Sasnett

Friend tryna grind nah more like tryna be gay af lmao

Litt Wavvy

He’s always mad and always watching eww

Darrell Strong

When you got that one stalker

Alexis Jones

What the fuck

Levi Bass

That be me bro

Owen Arthur

And he slept for two hours to work out

Lessie Dennison


Maria Diaz

ugly ugh

Huriya Rehman

Brooooo you went to far Y IN THE FLIPPING BATHROOM MENNNN well I still love you vids but not this one it to far looking ok

Schaphant Charles



He just tryna grind:/

TyTee Cummings

Your friend so mean and we all get to the gym he going to do the same thing

Scott Badaszewski


January Washington

But I do feel bad for him ??

Cameron McKen

What happened to king Troy now that I think about it

tenishia thurmond

and why he walk like a girl at the gmy


The able soprano phenotypically harass because stranger decisively slap amid a ugliest opinion. wholesale, noiseless capricorn

Mirna Arnaout

Did you start the game today or tomorrow ok


he is every where

Angel Simpson


Tammy R


Ray Vf


Alyssa Hinds


January Washington

I don't get it ??

Shazeila Niyamat

No your ABC’s of loud funny don’t bite your friend as long as your ABC’s and be a kid


That thumbnail?

Lonygre Cham31

Where gay oooooooooooooooooooo

Meme Wilson


Adam Gouribera

Who came because of the thumbnail

Prince Wiggins

He sus


1:01 um...


nah yall sus dude whole ass and meat was out sittin on the toilet



Debbie Barbone

Your a savage

SSM -Mighty

Gov can bbxx


this popping up on my reccommened 4 years ltr

bald so in the building

1:05 ayo cmon

DkMetcalfOfficial God

“That one friend who is ALWAYS trying to grind...” NAH THAT ONE FRIEND WHO IS ALWAYS GAY ?

Samuel Griffin

He dropped a deuce naked LOL ?

Merary Castillo

Hahahahahahaha fane

Jared Anderson

It makes me laugh

BaconLegendOfAimBot Yt

0:50 that toilet paper is a rare to find now a days

Rondel Gillis

Thrift store you always have to be at my mom I am going yyuoknk???

Tricia Phillip


J and k 4l

I’m I’m the only one who saw he had the lotion the laptop and the computer??,SUSSS!!!, like if agree

Jabri Willis


Shekita Armstead


WWE fan 98 WWE title

OBJ vs chase vs destroying


Why people seeing de la haya pooping


This dude with the lotion

Aiden T

Title and thumbnail do not go well together?

Leon Boyer

Bro what the what is he doing to his brother what is he trying to do to his brother is he 30 years old or something is he a baby or something 1000 years old or something can't do this

Lequient Jr Lee

Lol he's taking a dump

Rock Lion Records



1:13 i validate that

Julius Thomas


Sophia the Lazy girl

My dude got the soap ????????XD

Moses Brown


Jamiya Jones

He’s at the GYM at the end and he still bothering him if I I was that guy at the GYM I would slap him until his mouth was shut!

Jeanne van Tonder

This is probably my favorite video

Torlesha Carnell

? and the kids are going to go to the doctor and they are going to be there at six and I have a doctors appointments and ?? me off at work I can

Ronesha Ratliff


tenishia thurmond

bruh i use to be like this you at the gmy you work

Zyion Wilson


Peggy McCormack

I broke my arm but I still can tell you something I think you need a little bit more time than you can think about that

thatz_ naim

funny has shit

Rondel Gillis

Because I am not using you know that guy is the ??????

Maliq and Damari


April Tweed

2:06slams his phone

Tricia Phillip


Dakota Wagoner

Who is that in the shower with you

Mean Bean


Cole Bell


Nyakume Deng


Shxft YT

Its that 1 friend that always try to make you grind

Litt Wavvy


Korey Griffith

God bless you all

Giselle Ruiz


kso gaming

The computer part got me rollin

tone drugz

The dog looking like dam I saw this to many times

Cr0ss0v3r Maj

y was Dee butt ass naked on the toilet fam? lol

Alexis Jones

Bruh they gay

Elijah Santiago

haha so funny

exotic_qxty K

1:03 ????

Tonya Cameron

Umm. Weried

Tracy Satchwell


Riddick - Did you know you grind your teeth at night?

Riddick - Did you know you grind your teeth at night?12 Nov. 2008
1 632 247
R TromboneSubscribe 438 721

Sexy. From the Director's

Sexy. From the Director's Cut of Chronicles of Riddick.

Comments (100)
Nero Bruno

This scene was a great Coca Cola advert: "Thirst is a Real Thing."


a bitch in heat looking for an alpha male

Jeremy Akan

which can form into anything

Sidney Harris

Is it bad that I was rooting for Riddick and the Chick to get it on that entire scene lol like they could've made him say

"Wanna know what I can do at night"

One Shot

riddick with goggles on: ._.
riddick when she takes them off: -_- (O)_(O)

Wayne Filkins

chronicles of riddick was so badass, such an insane movie. IDK why so many people bitched about it. I liked it way more than pitch black or the newer riddick movie


She had wasted suuch an opportunity.

Jonathan Vang

his only greatest movie ever made


Well, this is fucking disturbing. It’s rare to see a depiction of a woman sexually assaulting a man where it isn’t a joke. And that makes it all the more disturbing for me.

rude boi

Vin Diesel is the only actor who could pull off playing as a guy who wears black swimming goggles and make him a badass

Retta L

I wish Riddick would tell me that. ??????

Samantha Dolcine



Watch out girl you wear your ovaries around your neck!


Body obsessed America. They see a dude with muscles and they assumed ''Aplha'' bahahahaha. I've never seen so many ''behavioral'' and ''social'' experts in one comment section. Bahahahaha, with all due respect shut the front door.
One of the rare scenes with a female having anti-social disorders and y'all assume she does it because hes ''Alpha'' and she can't control herself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, holy balls, get over yourselves.


She wanted some of that Space D.

Sonny boy

She knew it, that's way she came to you

craig schointuch

Why is this scene cut out.

Animation Engineer

Christina Cox .... so f-ing hot!!!

itz orbiess

Whats her name tho

Phil Boardman

Meanwhile Toones is dreaming of himself ln riddicks position and still doesn’t get laid even when he has a 5 man team..LoL


This girl played a crooked cop on Dexter as well. He killed her :}


it would have been funnier if his eyes were open when she removed his goggles lmao


If what they say about Vin backstage is true, this counts as a girl on girl scene.

GG TBrooks

This is probably not her first time doing this, she clearly has a fetish for dominance and probably convinced past convicts she would kill them if they made a sound and say it was self defense or something lol


Pity the video quality is poor.

Mfundo Ntoyi

I don't remember this part. Is this like an uncut version of the film?

Augusto César

ITs not New, We all knows the Girls Prefer the Bad Guys(Criminals)


She is sexy as hell. I think I remember her from something else but can't recall.
Maybe FX the series...


Oh fuck yes I would let Christina Cox pleasure herself on me lol. She was an absolute babe in her prime. Still not bad looking even now tbh. Props to Riddick for resisting that. xD

Nitesh Aru

Is she from movie pitch dark where in last part that lady was taken by creatures.


did she think he wasn't going to wake up? I find this so funny, like you just jump on that man lap and you shocked he wake.


She is fit and in great shape


It's funny how this actress has some kind of fascination with rape. If you don't get what I'm talking about. She was a cop on Dexter. On there, she asked if Dexter was going to rape her on the table.

Youtube Clip:


When I was younger, I thought she was just stealing his goggles.. ? Now I see she wanted more

Definitely not the Question

Ship was out of fuel, so she tried to get some Diesel.


she wanted some D


Do you know you have wet farts at night?


wtf was she doing anyway, why sniff someone??

Yannae DC

so ehm the rapist did she die?>

Rocket Power

My nigga.

Александр Северянин

а зачем она вплотную к нему подошла? нахера на него села? сначала всего обнюхала, уселась на него, дышит ему прямо в ухо, ну короче все сделала, чтобы он проснулся, в итоге он просыпается и она удивляется. Логика пздц.

Dávid Király

What is the name of the actress playing her?

King Bobbie

If he had just only closed his eyes a bit longer, damn

James Simon

Damn... when I saw the film years ago I thought she was just trying to see his eyes. Glad I read the comments

Johnnatan Da Cruz

a hungry female

Marc Messenger

Shame vin diesels such a creepy scumbag in real life, really throws off any of the meaning you guys are trying to imply..


Are we sure she's not a Furian?

Jordan Brawley

Did anyone notice this is from the movie, “ chronicles of riddick” not just the movie riddick?


The Predator Becomes The Prey

Cereal Killa

This is similar to the scene with Keri Hilson in the third riddick... rapey mercs

Trezz Person

I dont remember this scene

David Story

She so hot

Talos 620

I've seen this movie a few times. I don't remember this scene. Is this on bluray or something?

Anthony Hodges

It's a cool scene, but all these comments about alpha male stuff are so stupid, holy crap.

Nari Was Here

Christina Cox ??

Andi H

I love her abs.

Edward Roy

Believable scene (women gravitate to alphas)

Brother Nathaniel

Riddick just does not give a fuck


what is this scene? people in the comments acting like she was trying to have sex/rape him... Like she would do that with the whole crew right there. lol


Who’s this actress?

Sam Rahmati

I guess feminist girls do t like it when they can’t control or dominate the guy ???

Jayna Shipman

The way he says sexy is sexy, hehe :P

Blias Treb

Once he pins her legs, we know who is in charge

Steve Waddle

He just boinked her and she didn't even know it. The man


Well, someone's horny

Georgia Anderton

If I played this part at 0:36 I would have kisses Riddick

Just The Highlights

Why did she pull away?
I mean she was the one on some freaky shit.

John Blackbasel

Girl about to riddick, litteraly



Donde Merlin

As long as she doesn't grind her teeth on his............

My Name

She does it, sexy. He does it, rape.

You know it’s true... equality though right?

Ara Dubyah

Let her know she not the only one creepin

Phoenix Flamesburn

I love that part. It's so fun.

qt J

If she grinding her teeth, baby girl got worms

jon beams

Sarah shahi, played shaw in person of interest.

pengersic 1

I didn't realize how stupid this line was until I read it. She grinds her teeth at night. In space. Really?

Paweł T.

That noise of heavy painting... My god...


deyumm she's hungry AF

Ристу Георгиев

Why are they not in cryo sleep? What does he mean by "night"? There is no "night" in space.

MCS Marcus

999k views, damn youtube hoeing??

Elite Knight

Women are just as perverted as men but don't like to mention it

Doc eb

I wud hav pretended to be asleep for the rest of my life...

Edmund Au



What I first viewed this, I was like "What is this weird bitch doing?"

Truth Power



Christina Cox... sexy as ...

pablo campa

Damm woman

Jeremy Akan

its actually liquid metal attached to ur body from me

daveed israel

Just gotta break the "666" comments in light of the Mark of the Beast being implemented soon upon the earth.

Based Gamer

Once when I was at my friend's birthday party/sleepover we all slept in his living room and I was woken up to his cousin grabbing my wrists and breathing on me.

I got scared and accidentally pressed my cheek onto her face, and she just licked my face for two seconds and let go. I didn't know what to say or do and so I laughed cause it kind of tickled and she just crawled back to her spot and went to sleep I guess.

My dad came to pick me up in the morning and I told him, and his exact words were, "son, get used to that, girls would put your entire body in their mouths if they could."

Scott Phillips

Damn her muscles are as sexy as hell.

Setsuna F. Seiei




When he said "Sexy" I was like really. She was just on you, and in the end you say Sexy. Not gonna lie though. Sexy Voice and She has some Great Damn abs

Shomari Monroe

Great video

Arkham Knight

she want some of riddick ?

Alec Trost

He wanted her to know that in a room full of predators he’s the alpha even strapped to a chair


Maaaaan she was bodacious.

Ann costa

Yes thats what i want my dream man to say instead you snore in ur sleep???sooooo damnnn hottttt

Baraing Kim


Did she really sniffed him out. Wat da fak.