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Gay Ex-Boyfriend Sex...

Gay Ex-Boyfriend Sex...21 Nov. 2018
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Getting over an

Getting over an ex-boyfriend can be difficult. So, we decided to make an erotic film about it called "Calvin's Dream" for

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Comments (52)
Warren W

I thought Calvin's ex is Troy?? ?

Carlos Caraballo

We need this and much more. ty

Ethan Duncan

You're turning porn into art


Lesson learned: Burn that damn trailer to the ground.

Kev Mequet

That's the ancient story of Narcissus!

Jude S

I'm gay lol

Treyvon Cooper

Lol i love this guy

hazel Spectra

Calvin is handsome, i like his hair, not lucky im girl


I am such gay shipper trash. I immediately thought of Mark and Ethan when I read the title. Mark is “Calvin.”



Sunny Low

I never thought porn could have so much intricacies and connotations to it

damian garcia

What are the models names?

Aaron Chambers

Any sex In these? Or just hot kissing and commentary? Lol asking for a FWB?????

Martha Ramirez



Reasons to love Davey #63928472927

Ashish Nand

Awesome work .....buddy i would love to see some brown gays too...South Asian to be specific....

Cindy Manit

wow...... I really love this...

Arianna Bg

Beautiful video

Taber Feltner

literally the stupidest thing ever lmao

Dave The Psycho

This is actually great concept and brings this kind of porn to a next level. I love that it's so different and unique comparing to the other common studio productions, good job Davey (and actors too obv).

Francis Mastro

I love this omg!!!!

Martha Ramirez


Charels Gunn

I like David as well

Trey Miller

The passion I can feel it all the way from here

Muhammad Raffi

I am gay

Jandira Zagatto


Syd M

I'm the 5th

sithlord Caster

I love the desert scene good choice davey??

Victor 'Simar

I swear Davey is changing the world of porn. I love what he's doing

Devan Jones

Omg the Oscar nomination of porn ?

sol carpio

Sex someone

Trey Miller

Oh my gosh that is so amazing??❤️

April Bland

I love sex

Mattia Labarile

I'm the first ?


God damn... Calvin Banks Is hot af!

don rob777

I can’t feel it, I don’t have any exes

Govind Singh


Akash Shukla


arulmani arul

Love this

Ermah Gerd

The thing I don't like about the whole thing (other than the fact that you literally never make videos about anything else) is that you're up on your high horse acting like people don't want to see normal porn. Sometimes I just want to see two guys fucking without it having some profound deeper meaning.

Jared Flury

When porn penetrates the heart ?

Chris m

Davey You are cute. Do you have a boyfriend. If not I would like to be your boyfriend!

Kevin Leemon

Lesson learned: this was really cheesy no offence

Anurag Tiwari

Modelling is all about recruitment of beautiful thoughts, presentation, securing, important manuvre and mensutra. That how to preserve nature, beautifully and secure the world with limited manure. Marshall and Marital conjugation are only a part of distortion and extortion mushroom under shadow by powerful corrupt politically powered menforce.

Angel artist

Let get kinky ;)


Changing the world of porn? You guys are so full of shit. NextDoorStudios has done the scene where some dude watches his ex get fucked, or sometimes joins, in like 30 different permutations. :P

KenTrayshionna Tyler

I like to watch inappropriate things like this

Kellyann Biggs



I got murdered in my trailer. ^^


Dammit Davey, you have me all up in my feels, I'm sitting here contemplating what's on the other side of my 'trailer door'. Something to ponder as I enter my 4th day in the hospital, good thing I brought a notebook. Can't wait to watch "Calvin's Dream".
Happy Thanksgiving

mohamed giire official

Go to the hell

Novo Eduardo AC

Calvin looks like a greek demigod!

The Gay Bottom Bible

The Gay Bottom Bible26 Jan. 2016
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Comments (100)

BOTTOM PUT DOWNS SUCK! I can get behind a good joke...teeeheee...but the very first time I went to the baths in Indianapolis I got a room and this guy came in my room, my door was ajar, and he just took control of me thinking he was gonna wear me out but we ended-up having amazing butt-sex for HOURS. Certainly the drugs helped, and this was like 25 years ago so I do not recommend party drugs anymore BUT I DIGRESS...ANYWAY before he left in the morning after fucking for about five hours, we made a date to meet the next Saturday at a club where I worked at closing time to have a rematch. He was there with some friends and we were chatting as we left when I mentioned I was a member of a group with the word "Men" in the name and he was like, "YOU?! In that "MEN" thing?!": And he laughed uproariously. And that was the first part of the last 30 seconds I ever laid eyes on him. I am ALWAYS A MAN motherfucker!
He was the best sex I ever had, also partly the drugs, but THAT was NOT worth setting aside my self-worth for! So I sent him on his way.

Claudia A

"it may give you cancer..." shrugs "but it does get rid of your hair" whofuwnef

James Robinson

I like Colby very much!!! I'd love to meet him physically!!!

Aaron Kirk

Well damn that's just putting it bluntly


Using numbing cream sounds like terrible advice. Everything else seems valid.

Wayne Smith

Colby has beautiful eyes

Mary Poppins-Dèm-Pills

Omg I can't wait to try your lavender oil tip!!! Thank you so much Davey ?

Isaias Ramos Garcia

use cream, stupid! The bearded guy is very cute



John Jameson

I like the pain of bottoming, I like it to hurt as much as possible because of the feeling of submission. it feels good when its rough.

Courtney LeCount

Does magic shave burn like nair?

Sean Shimamoto

This was such a fun video!!! I did laugh to myself while I was watching the poop part and I was licking my fingers while eating fried chicken! LOL. Anyways, as someone who primarily likes to bottom, this was a very empowering video...and I’m so happy that Davey and Co. helps to normalize gay sex. I’ve always been very comfortable with my body, but society hasn’t always been welcoming with regard to gay now that I’m 45 years old, I’m glad to see that our society is moving forward, and we owe a thanks to peeps like Davey! ?

Prranjal will Nuke U all

My feminist girlfriend hates the idea of being a bottom (at times). But I keep telling her that it's not gender specific.

James Gannon

Thank you for your opinions they will definitely help me in th future

abi gail

wow. I post a clip from a critically-acclaimed HBO series and it gets deleted. A video demonstrating what to shove up your rectum gets applauded. It's a strange world.

Lazuli Winters

I'm mostly a bottom ?

Nico Las

Dont know why everyone is like "there are no tops anymore". There are tons of great tops out there!, its just a preference for sex, but i think most of yous want not just a top, but a "top/man/boyfriend" kind of guy. Thats a dif thing.. Cheers!

danisa 0104



This was a great video. You two should do more. Good chemistry

Mohamed Nofal

i really enjoy your videos but i sometimes find it a bit awkward to be so open about sexual experiences maybe because i am still a virgin anyway your videos usually leaves me with a boner XD

Jon Clarkson

If you are truly gay you would be both. A tops and a bottom. And love it.

Lord Adams

Aaand it bleeds


Colby Melvin is a cutie... first saw him on the Romney song he did with those other hot guys and then on the underwear commercial with cutie Brian Crum singing

Margie Jones

I love this. Thanks guys.

Don Z Dryver

Why tf would someone want to numb their butthole before getting slammed? That would kill all sensation ...

Logan Murphy

Literally my ex boyfriend refused to let me anywhere near his ass and it was honestly sad because he had a really nice ass. Needless to say, we didn't work out...


I'd lick his hair?


What about the role that poppers can play?

Dwi Aldi Febriyansa

I with bottom yu

Mark Williams

U can not have a silent fart with out hair!


Okay I’m bi and the only time I use bottom jokes are in private... for one I’m vers so I’ll bottom and top but for example : if my friend (he’s like a lil homophobic, he’s just not always comfortable with talking about homosexuality) says something homophobic, I call him a bottom ... or if I see a really hot guy that I want to top I’ll call them a bottom (not to their face but in my head I’ll be like “what a twink” “what a bottom”) so there’s no shame as a bottom for me but I understand why the joke is kinda iffy


"I want the teacher to fxxk the sudent, I'm very traditional" lmfao

Pekka Laurila

Swamp ass


I can explain bottom shaming:

During Ancient Times and the Middle-Ages before the invention of homophobia in the 14th century, sex wasn't seen as an act between people of different genders but rather as two people interacting: one being the penetrator and the other one being the penetrated. It was seen as shameful for a man to be the penetrated (nowadays: "bottom" / passive) because people wanted men to use their penis for penetration. The only exception for men bottoming were Greek pederastian relationships in Ancient Times because the younger men - who were taken care of by the older men - weren't seen as being a full adult/'man'.
Another explanantion could be that bottoming guys are sometimes seen as 'the woman in the relationship/intercourse' so their male gender is questioned negatively.


Y'all are a hoot & a half!!! Great information!!


I just purchased magic shave (mild) as i'm not overly keen on having my ass waxed - looking forward to it, thanks for the heads-up!

Claudia A

"have u been embracing........ is your ass hairy?" lmfao!!!!

Chantell Jones


Donnie Lopez

I dunno, I like that musky smells form a guy. Nothing too gross, but I enjoy smells.

Phil Phil

Can’t wait to get home and fuck my toys deep

Cameron Hersey

Orajel does the same thing as anal ease and it’s 10 times cheaper.


I have to disagree on the subject of bottom jokes. I am a total, unapologetic bottom, and I will have words for anyone who tries to make me feel bad about it, but I find most of those jokes hilarious. Humor shouldn't be shut down just for playing into stereotypes. Humor is an important part of coping with social struggle, and closing off a whole category of jokes like that unnecessarily limits your options.
The key is realizing that the stereotypes used in the jokes aren't an accurate representation of reality. That's why heavy racial or gay jokes shouldn't be made in the company of people you don't know very well; you run the risk of reinforcing actual belief in the stereotype. But it's extremely important not to shy away from those issues, especially in humor, because just ignoring or suppressing racism and homophobia won't make them go away.

Neil Horner

I always learn something from your videos. Thanks.


Province of Canada. ?

Anne Pickard

Info I never though existed. Sick

Derrick P

FYI Pure has changed my fucking life ???!!!! It cuts the prep time in like half!!!!!!!!!

David Blegen

Your Guest is soooo HOT! Great Vid!

Ashley P

Way better than the Christian Bible.

Syrie Caestar

7:19 Alls he wanted to do was Dance Fucker Wickydkewl gets higher viewers than ANDerson Cooper congrats bud, this IS a step above Fake News

anthony cazarez

Omg I actually have that same douche ?

Lynx Fang

Would Nair be okay to use for anal hair removal?


Ouch can never use a razor to trim. Prefer just to trim with beard razor! Cuts off the excess without getting too close

ash S



Did you say typical Tuesday???? LOL!!

Federico Peter

My boyfriend must be gay and He r eally Love me

Travis Marshall Signo

"am I a bottom" good way to start a video

Charles Williams

I see Colby Melvin, I click.

Jorge Soriano

You guys r awesome thanks 4 all the tips... # power bottom

Ahmad Rafi Raffi Algivari

Tidakboleh dicontoh

Y. Guy

what do you mean "province of Canada" you wish you were living in our great Canada!!!


3.5 years on OMG now you have the professional shave! wow technology yeah!!


I give this video a thumbs up and Colby a something else up...

Kevin V.B.

haha I was 6:15 in and just noticed your Province of Canada shirt - love IT

James Robinson

Wonderful video! I'd love to meet Colby too!!!

Johnnie Patrick

Omg I accidently got here disgusting.

Shaun Lydon

I am so happy that you talked about the adverse effects of douching too!

Ivan James Mitchell Catcheway

My gaydar says you're a bottom & you have a little bic... ?

Kyle Noe

Is that like Nair?


this thing its actually called, the gay bottom quran.

Yahya Zouine

that the girls fell pain

I review everything

i love ass hair.

Jan Zataj

i wont let my bf bottom cuz i dont want to be topping and im scared he might like it and im keeping my power bottom name tag

Eugene Clignett

there is no shame in being bottom


For me anyone can be sexy as a bottom but you need to be neutral or masculine to top, taller to.

pawan kumar

Agar kisi Ko land Lena h to 8 inc ka h 9728934628 my WhatsApp no


I. Miss. You. Baby

John Gil


Emma Frost

I agree with Davey's traditional method. SORRAY!

Kyle Noe

That's heteronormativs to shame a bottom buy congratulate the top. Toxic masculinity at its finest.

Meir Wise

If an action hurts then one shouldn't be doing it. And if you have to use numbing cream you could be doing serious damage without knowing it. And if the place is numbed then you can't be getting pleasure anyway.

Michael Leedy

You are hysterical! Interesting lavender tip :)

Javi Ruiz

Have no idea what you are saying

Kyle Noe

Santorum....yasss keep the meme going!fuck Rick Santorum!

Junk Tim


Rudyspective 1

Yeah Colby Melvin!! XOXO

Luke Fred Downe

colby melvin is something of god...want to f**k with him all through the night


Do a in depth video about douching!!! Like dos donts good time to do it before the big S...theres actually no in depth helpful videos out there on how to actually do it correctly ?


So afraid of the first time pain! that numbing cream sounds like something I any need lol

Amber K

I love the bigger guy getting fucked


ugh! I have the biggest crush on Colby and his Lisp lol


Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another

the telemarketer goof

I'm straight, but find this interesting ??????.


Yeah guys always assume I’m a bottom because I’m they’re right but still ?

Mohini x

I'm pure bottom... Who will fuck my ass hole

Προκοπία Πέτρου


Joel Rabone

love this!!!


very informative
will use on dad later <3

Zachariah Persol

Story time

My boyfriend, Travis, and I were smoking and after we were higher then the sun, we went out to eat at Applebee’s. And idk why but when Travis is high he just wants food and sex. Anyways, we were sitting in a booth and Travis kept rubbing my cheeks and pulling my chin closer to him so I can kiss him. Anyways were kissing and blah blah when I got up to go to the restroom some guy was like “can you go be his bitch somewhere else” so I really don’t care and laughed it off cuz i was buzzed asf. But Travis was angry he hates when ppl say stuff like that to me so he gets up like “his bitch?!” “You don’t know my SEX LIFE sex means 2 ppl who love each other” and I’m in the background like “yEa…YeA”
Moral of the story, don’t go Applebee’s with your buzzer horny boyfriend bc you’re going to prolly run into a homophobe


The numbing cream and relaxing anal cream make you lose your erection too. They are a waste of money.

GAY SEX ശ്രദ്ധിക്കേണ്ട കാര്യങ്ങൾ | GAY MAN'S GOOD SEX GUIDE

GAY SEX ശ്രദ്ധിക്കേണ്ട കാര്യങ്ങൾ | GAY MAN'S GOOD SEX GUIDE21 Mar. 2019
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Comments (4)
Achu vinayak

ഗേ സെക്സിന് മാത്രമായി പ്രത്യേക രോഗങ്ങൾ ഒന്നുമില്ല..ഗേ സെക്സിന് മാത്രമല്ല... എല്ലാത്തരം സെക്സിനും ഇതൊക്കെ ബാധകമാണ്. ഒന്നിലധികം പങ്കാളികൾ ഉള്ള എല്ലാവരും സേഫ് ആയിരിക്കുക.. !

Abe Jacqueline

സിഫിലിസ് വന്നാൽ പൂർണമായും ട്രീറ്റ്‌മെന്റ് ചെയ്ത് മാറ്റാൻ പറ്റുമോ


Dislike അടിക്കുന്നവർ അടിക്കട്ടെ. ശരിയായ ബോധവത്കരണം ഈ നാട്ടിൽ എന്നും വിമർശിക്കപ്പെട്ടിട്ടേ ഉള്ളൂ.

Sanil Sankar

Sir.... 3 month kazhinjal aano test chythapol Negative aanu ini test chyano... Plz Reply