Having sex everyday

30 Days of Sex: Did We Make It?

30 Days of Sex: Did We Make It?13 Nov. 2018
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How often are married

How often are married couples supposed to have sex?

And, maybe you're like me: your first year of marriage was easy - no kids, lots of rest, and yes - LOTS of sex.

But then what happens when you get a little older, you have a few kids, and then soccer practice, homework, bedtime, and repeat.

How is anyone supposed to have time for sex, right?

Today on the show, Chris and I talk about why we started this challenge, if we passed the test, and what we learned about it in the end.

Thanks so much for watching!

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Comments (18)
Oneway's Pickin's

Glad you have a guys perspective. A little tip. A little two long to watch but that is only my opinion. Interesting topic. I agree we need to talk about these taboo subjects. Thanks I have a suggestion on a topic. How do i send it?

Jennifer Saucier

Y’all, only one time did I ever EVER have sex more than twice a week. That was for about 5 years, the passion OMG. We were doing it like it was the last time. Since then, before... Shit 3 times a year.. Even when I WAS married. I’m 1. Broke 2. Sexless 3. Have grandkids... ROFL.. Totally failing at this life thing!

Brittany Breinholt

Omg this is everything!! You guys have the same relationship as like me and my husband. Totally sharing this video with him! You guys are the best!!

Missy Vasquez

Looking forward to the next episode!! Happy clap!!

Daniel Bybee

Appreciate your honesty. Very engaging. The EverNote list and love languages are helpful.

Vikki W

I loved this episode! Great job!!

Lauren Exton

Yay, you guys! On a couch together talking about REAL stuff! This is amazing! You are both tops!


She needs to acknowledge her sexy husband more and also not be so dominant towards him. Otherwise, great video.

Kathrin Hester


Mercedes Cartagena

5k ???...props for trying this and talking about it.

Sarah R.

I love this!! ? yayy!! Andrea!

somebody who exists

I feel like the only thing I noticed here was his button


???loved this and the button is so cool ...its real!!...abd i literally couldn't wait for this channel..great job Andrea!


Roid dude

Danny Garcia

Can't wait for my wife to watch this. With so much realty TV these day you never know what is real or fake... Mostly fake but you guys seem so real. Looking forward to the next episode.

Jessica Rodriguez

Ok just being real. Lol I absolutely hate when my hubby comes in when I’m taking my shower. There’s no bigger turn off for me. I need SOME privacy. Don’t women deserve to have a little bit of privacy anymore after marriage? I don’t know, it may just be me, but in my mind there’s nothing sexy about me scrubbing my body with soap and water getting the grit and grime of the day off.The “sexy” part for me is my “clean” self AFTER the shower. Like, “Tada! Now I’m ready.” ??‍♀️

Lynn Lantz

Lol, your husband is so funny....


Lol this is Great!? self confidence is still hard for me working on THAT! Been married almost 4 years! My first marriage guess im doing ok lol

Sex Every Day for a Year?!

Sex Every Day for a Year?!8 Dec. 2020
70 534
The Real DaytimeSubscribe 438 721

The year of sex? A blogger

The year of sex? A blogger who wanted to fix her marriage committed to having sex with her husband every day for an entire year. We weigh in! Plus, we discuss whether women should change their last name when they get married.

Comments (69)
Elena Moreno

Im keeping my name idc I’ll hyphenate but not getting rid of my name. I also didn’t know I’ve been saying tameras last name wrong

Sassy Gurl

I don’t know what’s the deal with changing your last name... her mom’s family is from Puerto Rico and we don’t to that here sooo?



luna d

Taking husbands last name is romanticized patriarchy, becoming one has a deeper meaning and it’s not women losing their identity.

Jayyyg Jayyyg

My question is she talking about the man having an orgasm every day for a year... Never tried this, I don't this is physically possible..

Lesego Nkoana

Been married for 12 yrs, I’m not changing my surname


I changed my last name when I got married that was no issue for me

Rebekah Duvall

When I signed up for a marriage license, I had the choice to make my maiden name into my middle name.


Sex Everyday? My boyfriend has high testosterone and so do I.. so that's easy ?

Zhi Bell

Gorgeous gifted& generous Goddesses

Îris Wilson

Lonnie, you have,no kids. You not,married

Harley Quinn

I think Jeannie was being kind of lowkey rude when Tamera mentioned her hyphenated name and when Loni said you should take your husband's name. I totally understand what Jeannie was getting at saying that her name represents her roots and I'm here for it, but don't judge someone because they decided to drop their completely for their husband. It's their choice. No one is judging you for not taking your husband's name.
Also, how many damn sacrifices did she ask of Freddie? That's my main question.

Paige Z

My friend combined both if their last names so both of them changed their last names. She said they are both becoming 1 unit so combining last names and making a whole new last name is what they both did. Love it! A

Teana ThatsAll

Every time Tamera talks, she talks like she speaking to a kindergarten class.

Sharon Hampton

Hello ladies,
Lonnie, please stop telling people there is help. Which is not true! The government gives agencies money to assist people in need. But, there are people in the agency that decide if you are in need. More than once have I had to make a decision to do things that are not favorable for my family!

Janica Ross

I miss this!!!

Tell Jaleel

Sex everyday? What about the cycle? ?

Blessing Plenty

Everyday ???? ??? ???...ok lovers ?


Something I don't understand is when a child does something wrong some will say "they just kids". Huh? If they are doing something bad they should be corrected immediately. It's just as toxic as saying "boy will be boys"

Michael M

Why are there a lot of black people in the audience?

_2valid2 100

Early ?


I honestly think that lady was lying about having sex everyday for shock value. Nobody is screwing every day for a year. Folks get busy, have days that they're tired, or just plain don't feel like doing it. Your body needs a break. Too much sex weakens the body and causes tiredness. It's good and all but everyday? Girl please. Like Loni said there were night where they just hugged and kissed. I would say maybe even dry humped????

Emma Watsons


Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??21

Gabriel Paropa

I took my wife's last name, Paropa. Times are changing. I had nothing against my last name, but her and I aren't traditional. My original name was Gabriel Woodstock, and now it's Gabriel Paropa and I'm good with that.

Minh Phung

in many culture there is no such thing as changing your name when u get married;


Miss you ladies ?Anybody used to get popcorn balls in their Christmas stockings.... #feelingnostalgic ? https://youtu.be/pNZkUrXnVsg

Jaede H

I love this

Jay Parrilla

If you raise your kids right you know it doesn't matter the age you could teach them what's wrong and right and the kids should have gotten punished

Mrs Wimberly

I am with you Loni!!! One NAME!!!!!

Lisa Lashington

Sounds good and all, but what about that one week every month when your period is on? He's gonna have to take a raincheck!

Oppo A1k

God bless you

Naomie J

Wow I am surprised Tamera didn't legally change her last name by now.

Tawakalt Oseni

Loni is crazy ??? why she pointing??

Rachel Jones

I miss THIS Loni.


I was watching cat videos

How did I get here?

River Prophet

Maybe if Jennie got Freddy's name they would still be married!

Sophia Pierre

Wedding dress rings Sophia church ⛪️. Emmanuel a very Pierre

ezgy ozkan

I miss this so much

Brittney Renea


Name Less

Loni the bible saying that you become one "means spiritually" not that you need to share the same last name?. In many Christian cultures women don't change their last names anyway so it's nothing new.

Jorge Kimberlaula

Wawww I really like girl chat and bot off u doing amazing job and keep doing it and temara she is my favorite and she is more cute and hop sorry sayn that but all off the girls chat the wonderful and period bless up nuff respect all off them?????

Lili-fleur Pre


Ritah Nabunje

"...sometimes you gotta just force yourself"

Gabriela Lyra

i’m so sick of people saying that when you get married you become one, people are not a half that’s honestly so old fashioned

Skhumbuzo Thwala

TEMERA is the most beautiful in the table


we lesbians be gettin’ it in 3x a day MINIMUM... everyday ?

Name Less

These kids need to be punished period.

The Creative Mess K



What's the lady in red called? I think she's great.

Ronnie Lodge

Nope no no it becomes a chore ..now that I have to do it ..I don’t wanna

Sheba Shuler-Rivera

I have two last names


Loni is extra on the opposite side in this episode..... and Im about it

Phillips Watson


Tiegan Robertson

I will change my last name but I sure hope my future husband has a nice last name

Jeevendra Rama

OMG its Marge the luch lady from Kickin it

ImranKhan Kulkarni

https://youtu.be/rBqrZWWgDRY ?

camila Cuadros

Mochken you are so beautiful ?

Ranita Gadling

Along with being physically challenged and not wanting to be some man's permanent financial burden I love my last name way too much to ever change it.


I’m definitely keeping my last name, I’m also very sentimental about it. My partner and I both have foreign names (relative to where we live), so it doesn’t matter anyway ?

Ie Pe

Ugh, like the show, and topics discussed, but Loni is too tiring for me!
Remind me of people I know. Everything is about them. Loud voice, trying to talk over people, their opinion is the right and only one.
Probably thinks she like “the leadsinger of the band”.

Mgmt Girlyeah

I would keep my last name professionally, but take my husband's last name in my personal life.

isabella momodu

How is sex everyday possible? Don't you menstruate? Do u have sex on ur period?


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If you prayed with me, plz type amen!

God bless!?

Don't believe in God?? ?
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I agree that intimacy everyday is great but sex everyday sounds exhausting. ?

Maya F

Not everyday Chile ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

BritBrit Nicole

Jeannie clearly doesn’t read the Bible because what Loni said it is in the Bible


everyday sounds like torture to me lol

Daily sex for a year? Here's what she learned

Daily sex for a year? Here's what she learned26 Aug. 2013
3 431

What happens when you have

What happens when you have sex every day for a year? Brittany Gibbons wrote about her experience doing just thaton her blog "Brittany Herself."

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